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Reviewed: 04/03/03 | Updated: 04/03/03

Chunky, Superior game

Die Hard Trilogy was an ambitious attempt to roll three Bruce Willis films all into one, and to be fair; all three games could have been sold separately. What we’ve got here is a disc, which contains three games with 3 distinct styles. Unlike Alien Trilogy, Die Hard Trilogy does combine all three films into three games and genres.

I’ll review all three games separately.

Die Hard
I’ll be frank. I liked Die Hard the best. Die Hard is a third person action adventure, reminiscent of Syphon Filter. It takes place at the Nakatomi Tower block in Downtown Los Angeles. Terrorists led by Alan Rickman take over the tower, in an attempt to secure what’s in the vault. McClane does his best barefooted in a string vest to re-claim the building and save the hostages. Die Hard is 20 levels of fun. Gameplay is perfectly balanced, as you start each level with the objective of ridding it of terrorists, and then the lift will take you to the next floor. Each level is nicely varied; they include the Car Park, Construction levels, Computer Rooms, Vaults, The Ballroom, The Roof and Reception. Each level has completely destructible scenery, so if you start throwing grenades around, be prepared to see glass flying, people dying, cars exploding and doors falling off. You get a superb arsenal to choose from, beginning with the Bog-Standard Pistol, upgrading to Shotguns, MP5’s, Steyr Machine Gun’s and even an Explosive Shotgun. McClane begins with only a couple of lives. Extra Lives can be gained by saving hostages. Certain Levels are harder than others, with many terrorists to kill. It can take quite a while to complete all the levels. Sadly, there are no real other characters. Where is McClane’s Wife? Who is the terrorist leader? There is no main guy in Die Hard Trilogy, only several characters (The same generic enemies) with “Boss” hovering over their heads, which is a shame. These Bosses take a while to take down, however. The Difficulty is pitched at a perfect level. Another thing, which, although ridiculous makes the game more enjoyable, is the fact that walls, become transparent when McClane gets near them. Its also a little glitchy, with certain characters disappearing. The sound effects from enemy screams, to explosions to gunfire is all to a good standard. The graphics are usually good, yet the characters themselves appear a little grainy.
Overall. Die Hard is an enjoyable game that has a large lifespan.

Die Hard 2
Die Hard 2 was the weakest film in the franchise, and thus is the poorest game IMHO. Maybe its because they used it as a light gun game. Die Hard 2 is a lightgun shooter. To set the scene, Terrorists take over an airport, and McClane strides in all guns blazing to save the day. Its an extremely violent gun game, with enemies spilling a barrel load of blood when they keel over. There are also plenty of weapons for McClane to use, from Double Beretta Pistols, to AK47’s and Rocket Launchers. I would advise though, that you use the lightgun as the alternate crosshair has a very jerky and slow animation.
Gameplay is again a little linear as all lightgun games are. You follow usually a predisposed route to your goal, blowing away most enemies. You have plenty of life and live though with which to do this, and although its not too difficult, you will have t start the level over if killed. Die Hard 2 takes you from one scene of the film to another as McClane struts the airport. Key scenes including the Church, New Annex and the final Aeroplane scene make an appearance, as well as a few fictitious ones. There are only about 12 levels this time around, but doesn’t really detract from the appeal. The graphics are very good, with polygonal backgrounds looking fine. The 3D engine used was utilised very well, and was probably one of the best looking games when it was released. Even the characters look marginally better than in Die Hard. Overall, it’s a game that would struggle if sold separately, but is good enough to still make this an excellent game.

With a Vengeance
Thankfully John McTiernan stepped back into the director’s chair for what is bound to be the final adventure for John McClane. Here is probably the most fun Game, which is all about driving. Here, McClane must run around in vehicles driving into and thus deactivating bombs that are set to blow up New York. Gameplay then is very simple and also very fun. You do have a limited amount of time to find these bombs and deactivate them, but you can pick up power ups which give some more time which helps a great deal (Some tasks are very irritating), some are Nitro’s which make your car super fast. Best to save these near the home stretch. Whilst it may seem difficult to find these bombs, the radar orks efficiently, telling you where to drive. A red indicator points to the bomb, whilst a blue indicator points to a new car. Bombs also come in the form of cars, so you’ll have some car chases on your hands at times. I’d still like to know why they don’t stop, but there you go. It can be frustrating at times, but the gameplay is very good. And yes, you do have voice actors in the roles of Samuel L Jackson as he complains incessantly to McClane and Jeremy Irons who taunts McClane Mercilessly. As Driving game, I think that Die Hard Trilogy was probably a forerunner to driver and GTAIII/Vice City. It takes place in a large polygonal 3D City in Polygonal cars. It may look a little “Boxy” and grainy at times, but until Driver came out this was as good as it gets to getting a 3D Car game on the PSX. Each level is a different district of New York, and all look Very Good, as you’d expect from the film. You can go from Harlem to the Park, To Wall Street To China Town and Finally to The Quayside for a showdown with Simon. Also, there are two different views, and you can run people over and not be penalised. As I’ve said the graphics are very good, if a little boxy. The people on the streets are quite poor, but you’ll be going too fast not to notice. The city and each level is very finely detailed, which is very nice. There are also a fair amount of levels to complete so it will also take quite a while to complete. A very interesting feature enables you to change vehicles. You initially start out in a bog standard taxi, but can upgrade finally to Ferraris, Porsches, Dumper Trucks, Hotdog Vans and a Police Car. Again it’s a fun, fast paced superb game.

In Conclusion, Die Hard is a great game, as is Die Hard 3. Die Hard 2 is weaker but is still a good game. What a super idea. Three games, three styles- each game is good, with good graphics, very fun gameplay and great last ability (About 45 levels). It’s a game that’s good in all areas and is an absolute bargain even at full price. It my shows its age now, but is still a superb retro blast. And in the context of a PSX Game, its one of the best, with negligible disadvantages.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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