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    Quest List by RAvedon

    Updated: 01/18/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: Roger Avedon <avedon@rescomp.stanford.edu>
    Newsgroups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.rpg
    Subject: List of Diablo Quests (SPOILERS!)
    Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 13:18:13 -0800
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    I'm interested in compiling a list of quests, largely out of curiosity
    to see what I've missed.  The following list is intended to present just
    enough info to tell you how to start a quest, and when you've finished
    without providing any information on what the quest entails or how 
    to achieve it.  If you have corrections or other quests to add, 
    please e-mail me at avedon@stanford.edu
    Note that some quests have multiple parts, e.g., the Mushroom
    quest.  In such cases, the "secondary" quest(s) aren't on the
    list.  I saw mention of 30 quests somewhere.  My list includes
    13 main quests, of which 2 have secondaries, making 15 total.
    I'm particularly interested in anything regarding Wirt, Farrnham
    or Gillian.
    -- Roger (Variously "Warlock", 28th level Sorceror, "Beowulf", 18th
    level Warrior, or "Suvranyn", 16th level Sorceror/Multi)
    Quest			Initiating Event		Reward 
    ___________ 		___________________		________________
    The Butcher		Talk to dying townsman 		Butcher's weapon
    Poisoned Water Supply	Talk to Pepin			From Pepin
    King Leoric		Talk to Ogden			Skeleton's King's loot
    Stolen Inn Sign		Talk to Ogden			Goblin leader's weapon
    Magic Stone		Talk to Griswold		Emperi-something Ring
    Gharbad the Weak	Talk to Gharbad			Unique Club
    Valor			Read Tome on Level 5(?)		Valor (Unique Armor)
    Anvil of Fury		Talk to Griswold		Griswold's Edge (Unique Sword)	
    Black Mushroom		Sell Fungal Tome to Adria	Spectral Elixir
    Chamber of Bone		Read Tome on Level ???		Chamber's loot
    Lachdanen		Talk to Lachdanen		Lachdanen's weapon?
    Lazarus			Bring news of Leoric to Cain	Lazarus' loot
    Diablo			Brings news of Lazarus to Cain	End of game

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