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    Belt Item Duplication FAQ by DragonSquallZ

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/06/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                              D  I  A  B  L  O
                Belt Item Duplication FAQ v1.0 (PSX Version)
                              By DragonSquallZ
                            Created: 06 May 2002
    Hello there everyone! This faq covers a glitch that I discovered by 
    accident a few years ago. Some people have already posted this 
    'duplication cheat' on the net but haven't really gone into the 
    detail well enough.
    This faq will cover how to use the glitch to temporarily create 
    duplicate potions, elixers and scrolls. I've tested this cheat 
    rigorously on my copy of Diablo but not on other copies (but then 
    again it's not like my game is any different from yours). Feel free 
    to e-mail me to tell me if this glitch works or if you're unable to 
    get this to work.
    The reason why this FAQ is only for the Playstation version is 
    because the user interface in the PC version differs from the 
    Playstation one, making it impossible to do this glitch on a PC.
          - Disclaimer
          - Contacts
          - Updates
         1. Getting Started
             - What does this thing do?
             - Why Bother?
             - Preparing Your Character(s)
         2. The Process
             - General Notes
             - How To Do It
         3. Miscellaneous
             - Q&A
          - Credits
    This FAQ belongs to me, DragonSquallZ and was created for personal 
    use only. It should not be used to make any profit. Don't rip off 
    parts of this FAQ and use them in your own or use this FAQ as a 
    guide for your own FAQ. You may print a copy of the entire 
    FAQ or a part of it, provided you only use it for personal purposes.
    Currently this FAQ is available for use on these sites only
    Feel free to ask if you want to use this FAQ. Drop me a message and 
    I'll consider it.
    Feel free to contact me with mistakes/suggestions/help. If you ask a 
    question don't expect an answer right away. I'm not online very much.
    There's two ways you can contact me:
     E-Mail - dragonsquallz@yahoo.co.nz
     ICQ - 71741337
    Only message me on ICQ, don't ask for authorisation because I won't 
    give it to you.
       06 May 2002 (v1.0)
         - Initial Release
     Part 1 - Getting Started
    What does this thing do?
    This game glitch will allow your character to duplicate ANY item 
    which fits in your character belt. What is the character belt? This 
    is the set of 8 single slot items which holds potions, elixers and 
    scrolls for quick use. The belt is located along the botton of the 
    screen underneath your health bars.
    The belt is woefully less useful in the Playstation version of the 
    game as in the PC version where the belt was for quick item useage 
    (The items were numbered 1-8 for quick use). The Playstation version 
    has replaced quick belt use with quick mana/potion buttons instead. 
    Why Bother?
    You're probably asking yourself why you'd want to duplicate belt 
    items anyway. The main answer is for buffing up your characters 
    stats. It is possible to duplicate as many special elixers (the 
    elixers of strength, magic, dexterity and vitality) as you want.
    Using these duplicate elixers lots will let you boost your 
    characters to their absolute max stats.
    As well as duplicating elixers you can duplicate all those 
    powerful magic scrolls like Apocalypse. But take note that all 
    these doubles are temporary. I'll explain later...
    Preparing your Character(s)
    You can use this glitch almost anytime you want in the game but 
    there are a couple of prerequisites. All eight of your belt slots 
    must be used and you must have another set of nine items which need 
    to be dropped all around you. 
    You'll also need the one item you want to duplicate.
    Got all that? Hope you did.  :P
     Part 2 - The Process
    General Notes
    The process in general is fairly slow and tedious because of the load 
    times in between your inventory and the field screen. It helps if you 
    use two characters in the game. One person to duplicate the item and 
    the second, who is the person who gets their stats buffed should pick 
    this duplicate item up.
    DON'T SAVE your character holding these duplicate items. Reason why 
    is because when you reload this character all the duplicate items as 
    well as the original will disappear. Same applies to saving whole 
    games. Duplicate and original items lying on the ground as well as 
    those held by a character will vanish. So in short, these duplicate 
    items are only temporary and have a lifespan of one game.
    How To Do It
    I'm no expert at ascii art but in order for you to understand how it 
    works i'll have to draw some of it out.
    * Start off by finding a fairly large clearing. About enough space to 
      drop a block of items 4x4 in size.
    * Next, drop off nine items in a square, keeping the item for 
      duplication in one of the belt slots. None of the nine items in the 
      square are allowed to be cash lumps. 
    * Stand in the centre of the square of nine items. Like so.
         -o-o-                 Key
         o-x-o                o - An item on the ground
         -o-o-                x - Your character standing over an item
    * Go into your inventory screen. Fill your belt up completely with 
      eight items. One of which, will be the item you are copying.
    * Hightlight the item you want to copy and select it. The item will 
      hover slightly up above the others. 
    * Press the cancel button while the item is hovering above the belt.
      (default cancel button is triangle)
    * A tenth item will drop underneath the block of nine shown below.
         -o-o-                 Key
         o-x-o                o - An item on the ground
         -o-o-                x - Your character standing over an item
         --o--                O - The tenth item
    Wait a moment! You'll see that the tenth item you dropped on the 
    ground is still in your belt. That's because you've just duplicated 
    that item in your belt. Well done! 
    Pick up the tenth item and then repeat this process as much as you 
    want but remember that you can't save these copies or you'll lose 
    them as well as the original when you reload the character/game.
     Part 4 - Miscellaneous
    Any questions? I'll answer here.
    * Blizzard Entertainment for this entertaining game
    * CjayC for putting this on GameFAQs

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