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Reviewed: 05/26/00 | Updated: 05/26/00

Best arcade racer on PS, and it has very long lasting appeal too.

Demolition racer is a FUN arcade racer with a different approach to racing. A must have if you still haven't got any of the destruction derby series. This is what racing game is all about, for FUN, not for some pity desire to drive a race car that you can't afford in real life.

Graphics: 8/10
Demolition Racer has a very distinctive look to it's graphic. Any still screen shot just won't do this game's graphic any justice, you'll have to see it in action to appreciate its true beauty. For anyone who is just passing by and happens to give it a glimpse, they'll probably give it a 6 or 7 over 10. But for someone who stick around for one full lap of the race will likely to give it a 8 over 10 score for its graphic. One aspect that make it look cool is how the car deformed after slamming into each other. The burning engine part is the most glorious visual in this game. Apart from these, it has the best physic in any racing game when it comes to crashes and spins. Besides displaying visual damage, the car in DR also accumulate dirt. This game also allows you to change the look of your vehicle with thousands of color to choose from, with 2 combination of colors customizable for every car. You can even choose a little funny logo to place on the roof of your car, cool! There're 16 cars on the same track in very race, and the racing speed is very fast, yet with no slowdown noticeable. When played in 2 players mode, the total number of cars on track are reduce to 12 cars. Even so, I believe that there's no other racers out there with such large number of cars on track at the same time.

Game play and control: 8/10
What can be more fun than slamming your vehicle into other contestants on track and keep on crushing them until they blow up and can not finish the race? Slam them by the door side, slam into their rear bumper, crush them by falling directly on their car's roof and gain points for doing all these crazy stunts. It's so cool and exciting. You'll rarely run out of cars to slam into cause there're all together 16 cars on track at the same time. The control is easy to learn and the race is very fast (the racing part is actually done better than many of the pure racing titles out there). But what really makes this game different from other racers is the inclusion of strategy in the race it self. Every race is make up of 3 laps, you'll spend your first 2 laps crashing into other contestants to gain point, and then trying to place ahead only in the last lap. You can be never be 100% sure that you'll win the race no matter how good you are with the track. It's more of a ''luck plus skill'' factor that will determine the end results since this game determine the race winner by multiplying race position point with crash damage point. And this adds a lot of lasting appeal cause who wants to play a game that you're sure to win every time. What other racing game out there that'll start a race with 16 cars on track and then ended the race with less than 10 cars that'll successfully make it to the finishing line? None other than Demolition Racer. Besides racing, there's also the demolition arena for pure demolition mayhem, be it in single player mode or 2 players mode, it rocks!

Music and sound effects: 7/10
I like most of the music in this game. The sound effect is good, but I certainly believe it can be done better.

Overall: 9/10
Demolition Racer is the BEST arcade racer out there on PS, and this comment comes from someone (me ^_^) who has played almost every arcade racing titles on PS that's worth playing (R4, Sled Storm, Gran Turismo (it has an arcade mode too), CTR, Speed Punks, NFS: Porsche Unleashed, NASCAR Rumble... you name it). DR is very entertaining to be played alone or with a friend or a family member cause it's easy to learn. It has very high lasting appeal. I've owned this game for about 6 months now, and it's still that entertaining to play with, you'll keep on playing it even after you've unlock every bonus (now how many games out there that have this kind of lasting appeal?) DR keeps your interest with pure genius game play that is FUN- the one and only reason why people invented video game in the first place. A must have title! Best value for your money (or is it some one else $?). What more can I say? Just go out there and get it.

Rating: 9

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