Review by Mykas0

Reviewed: 09/06/05

Apart from breasts, what does this game have?

Ok, they made a fighting game in which the girl's breasts move just like in real life, but at least they could have added a good gameplay, hum?

Basically what you will find in here is a fighting game that does not contain any story of any type, has basic controls, features a fair amount of characters (each of them having a lot of clothes to choose yours from) and a huge amount of things to unlock.

As you may imagine, one of the most important things in fighting games are the controls. In this 3D fighting game, your basic controls will be punching, kicking and holding, and each character has a lot of different combos for you to choose from, but playing in the lower difficulty levels you can easily beat any opponents just by holding and countering any moves your are thrown at, turning this into a way too easy game.

Concerning modes, in this game you will be confronted with 7 different ones: Tournament (which is the main mode, kinda like a story mode but without any story at all), Time Attack (like Tournament, but in which you must try beating the game with the lowest possible time), Versus (only used to play against a friend), Survival (where you must keep on playing until your life is depleted), Kumite (where you must try to defeat a set number of opponents), Training and Team Battle (5 against 5, 1 versus 1 battle at each time).

About the battles, the two characters will confront each other inside an arena, but if one of them throws the other one the ground outside of it, a huge explosion will be heard (no idea why) and extra damage will be inflicted. This seems like an innovative feature, but how do you explain this to happen? Magic? Is the arena surrounded by mines or what?

Characters, this game seems to feature a good amount of them, and along with the many clothes you can choose from, you will be happy with them. Also, each of them have lots of different moves, despite being performed in almost the same way for different characters.

Well, about the replay value, as said before, this game has a lot of things to unlock, which may vary from new modes to new options, passing by new characters and new costumes. There are also things that are unlocked by playing the game for a certain amount of hours, making you play this a lot of time to see what will be unlocked next.

Talking about the graphics, the character's design is quite good in almost all of their details, but when using certain moves the game will look slightly poorer, but it's one of those things that you have to see in order to understand. The scenario, being seen surrounding your battle, is quite poor considering not only this console 's standards but also the quality of the game they were adapted from.

Checking the sound, I would have to consider it among the best I've heard in this console, with each moment being fully heard as clearly and as nicely as possible. However, not even this can save this game, as a great sound not always makes a game great.

So, who should get this game? Mainly, people who are just interested in seeing breasts moving. If you are a fan of fighting games, this console has some better products for you to pick, like the Street Fighter series or the Tekken one.

Rating: 4

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