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Reviewed: 06/18/02 | Updated: 06/18/02

The Playstation's Answer to Virtua Fighter

The 3D fighting game craze all started with a wonderful little title called Virua Fighter from Sega. Since then, many contenders and pretenders have graced the presence of the Playstation, Saturn, Dreamcast, etc. Many had a few quirks here and there to get people to play, but few had the staying power to spawn multiple sequals.

Dead or Alive didn't fall into the curse of making a cheap rip off game. No, this game was designed by the venerable Team Ninja, creators of the Ninja Gaiden series. This game was exceptionally fun in the arcades (though not widely available in America), and on the PSX, it was quite nice. So, is this the Tekken killer? Let's find out!

Story: 5/10

This story is your typical ''who-is-the-best-fighter-in-the-world'' story. Nothing original until you see the character line up.

The characters all have an intersting backstory to them, as well as some pretty nifty character designs. All of them are quite fun, ranging from a Dennis Rodman wanna-be to Ryu Hayabusa, hero of te Ninja Gaiden games (Kinda nice they resurected such a beloved and forgotten character if you ask me). The only bad thing is that there are no endings at all after you beat the final boss. Though this is dissapointing, there is much more than story to get excited about.

Graphics: 10/10

Breath taking. The characters are all well animated and there isn't any blocky look about them. They are smooth (Well... as smooth as it gets on the Playstation) and look some-what life like.

The characters all give off the Anime vibe design wise due to the ample boobs on the girls and the ultra toned bodies of the guys. This game is dripping with sex appeal (except for Gen-Fu, unless old guys float your boat). Not even Laura Croft can accomplish that. Add to that the different costumes you get for the characters that range from the sexy (Tina in a cat-suit... MEOW!) to super goofy (Zack's alien outfit... just too wierd for words) to just plain bizzare (Bayman's Scuba outfit... how the heck does he fight on that getup?). Needless to say, Team Ninja had fun witht he graphics, and it pays off.

Oh, did I meantion ''Babe Physics?'' Heh, it's kinda perverted, but ask any one who has played it to enlighten you. It's more funny than anything else, but enough of that!

Sound/Music: 9/10

The music for this game is quite nice. It is mostly some techno tunes with a few rock techno tunes. Its all good. In fact, it was so good that some of the tunes got remixed for DoA2! That tells ya how good some of it was.

The sound effects were all good and sounded like they should. They had a cool sound for Bayman cracking his neck, a sound that I have never heard before or since. It was kinda neat.

The voice work was all done in Japanese, but that doesn't mean that it was crap. They got Sakura Tange, a well known actress in Japan, to be the voice of Kasumi. The other voices are all right on and fit in quite well. What's even cooler still is that all the characters have an extra set of voices if you do all their moves in practice mode, a nice incentive to learn the moves.

Gameplay: 10/10

The controls are crisp and very responsive. You get three buttons: Punch, Kick and Guard (sound familiar? Same as Virtua Fighter!). Throws are doen by pressing punch and guard, as well as other thengs can be done. THe set up is simple, yet it opens the door to many complexities in the fighting engine. The sequence of buttons opens new moes and combo possibilities. The best part are the combo throws. These throw combos can be done by certain characters and tend to be easy to pull off. no more button jagging like in Tekken. like I said, simple, elegant and complex.

Overall: 9/10

DoA has many secrets for you to unlock. Some are easily attained while others take a long time. Add the Kumite, time attack and versus modes and you will be playing for quite a while.

i liked this game a lot. It is sad that it was overlooked by so many thinking it was a ''pixilated porn fighting game''. Not true. Come for the ladies, and stay for the fun gaming experience.

Great game to buy if you are into the 3D fighting game craze, but rent if you are a casual gamer. It's hard to find, unless you scour Ebay, or Have fun!

Rating: 9

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