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Reviewed: 11/27/00 | Updated: 11/27/00

It's very much alive!

This fighting game is fabulous! I've never enjoyed a fighting game like this one. This made me forget the likes of Tekken and Virtua fighter. This is truly a classic. You'll never get bored and it is very pleasing to the eyes. As the basis for my judgement, here's the criteria I used.

Gameplay/Controls (10 pts): This one is a major blowout! you'll really enjoy playing due to the variety of moves that a single character can do. Each one of them has a unique style of fighting and a unique strategy against all the other characters. You'll also enjoy custom combos that you can discover by yourself. Their movements and reactions are like real persons too, they're very much realistic and you'll feel that it is you who is fighting. For the controls, the mapping of the buttons is very good. You can easily pull off combos and special moves. The characters will follow you at once, the instant that you push the button.

Storyline (N/A): There's no story in the game at all. It's pure fighting. So don't expect to see an ending for each of the characters. I'll not include this in the scoring.

Graphics and Sounds (10 pts): I'm not being biased as I'm a male and the girls in the game are very very gorgeous. But, it's true. The graphics of this game is excellent. It's smooth and well-rendered. The characters move smoothly like a real-person and they re-act when attacked or while attacking. The background is also nicely done as it is very smooth and does not distract you while fighting. As a proof, check out the girls in this game. The developers concentrated on the graphics to impress the gamers. For the Sound, the voices and the sounds of the moves are impressive. They are very well coordinated with the moves of the characters and they are very lifelike.

Replay Value (9 pts): Basically, you'll keep on playing until you get all the menu options and obtain all the secrets. The good thing here is that you can change the way how the computer thinks. How hard it is to defeat. You can also experiment a lot of things about the battle field, you can change it's size and it's style and it will dramatically change the way you battle your opponents.

As a conclusion, if you want a fighting game that you'll want to play again and again, w/ great graphics and controls, this one is the game for you baby! Try it and you'll never regret it. And don't forget to check out the babes.

Rating: 10

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