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Ayane by ATadeo

Version: Final | Updated: 02/17/01

                                  A Y A N E
                      Ayane Character Guide Final Version
                      Dead or Alive for Sony Playstation
                              Japanese Version
                                By: "A" Tadeo
                          Created: December 14, 2000
                       Final Release: February 17, 2001
                     Mail me at: aaron20@edsamail.com.ph
                               ICQ#: 12218741


This FAQ is created for personal use only. You must not use it for anything 
that gains profit. Specifically Magazines, Game Guides, Commercial Web Sites. 
You’re also not allowed to rip off part/s of this FAQ and put it on your own 
FAQ. Anyone doing this is guilty of "plagiarism", the act of stealing and 
passing off of ideas and words of another as one’s own without crediting the 

You also cannot use this FAQ as a guide for you to make your own FAQ, you 
must do everything there is to do in the game yourself or have others give 
info about your game and give them proper credit. You can copy the layout 

You can put this FAQ on your non-commercial or non-profit web site provided 
that not a single character has been edited or removed and you MUST have 
permission from me in order to do so. You can also, print a copy of the 
entire FAQ or a part of it, provided you only use it for personal purposes. 
Remember "You don’t have to steal, just ask." - B.O.F.III


Hello everyone! Some of you might know me as an RPG game writer. Now, I’ll be 
trying to move on to other types of games. This will be the first time that 
I’ll be writing a guide for a fighting game so please understand. If you see 
something wrong, just tell me. They’re more than welcome. :) 

Now, Dead or Alive has been one of the most innovative 3D fighting games for 
the Playstation. It has this cool danger zone that when you fall there from 
an attack, you’ll bounce off which allows your opponent to do more damage to 
you. It’s really cool especially the girls. Although the animation of the, 
"you know what", is somewhat exaggerated, it’s cool to see them in different 
costumes. Now, each of the character has his/her own fighting styles and I 
personally chose Ayane as my favorite. Now, I present to you my Ayane 
character guide.

                     I.     Updates/Revisions
                     II.    Guide Info
                     III.   Ayane’s Special Moves
                     IV.    Throws/Holds
                     V.     Combos
                     VI.    Individual Character Guide
                            a. Kasumi
                            b. Tina
                            c. Lei Fang
                            d. Ayane
                            e. Hayabusa
                            f. Jann Lee
                            g. Bayman
                            h. Zack
                            i. Raidou
                            j. Gen-Fu
                            k. Bass
                     VII.   Costumes
                     VIII.  FAQs
                     IX.    Gameplay Tips
                     X.     Credits


Final Version Update (Started: February 12, 2000)
        - Corrected few grammar mistakes (as well as typos)
        - Credits Section Update

Final Version (Started: December 28, 2000)
Finally, I finished my first fighting game FAQ. I hope this guide can help.
        - New Moves and Combos
        - Costumes
        - FAQ Section update
        - Gameplay Tips Update
        - Fixed a few glitches

Version 1.2 (Started: December 18, 2000)
This is near completion already. :) Contributions are welcome before I 
release the Final Version of the guide.
        - Finished the Individual character guide
        - Costumes Section
        - New Site

Version 1.1 (Started: December 16, 2000)
        - More Combos and Moves!
        - Started the Individual Character guide

                                 GUIDE INFO
For this guide, I’ll be using these to represent the different movements or 
positions for the moves.

u  = Up                   BT = Your back turned (facing away from opponent)
uf = Up and Forward       OC = Opponent is Crouching
f  = Forward              P  = Punch
df = Down and Forward     K  = Kick 
d  = Down                 H  = Hold
db = Down and Backward    OD = Opponent is Down
b  = Backward
ub = Up and Backward

Now, I’ll try to explain the difference between uf+P,P and uf,P,P. In the 
first one, uf and Punch should be pushed at the same time then press another 
punch. For the second one, push uf first then press Punch, and then Punch 

                                SPECIAL MOVES

For the description of the moves (as well as the other sections of this guide 
that has a description column in it), I just invented the names, as of now, 
because I have a Japanese Version. Although, I do know how to 
read/write/speak Japanese (Hiragana and Katakana), I’m not knowledgeable to 
most of the Kanji. 

Note: Juggle means to attack you opponent continuously while he/she is still 
in the air. This is nice to look at and very damaging.

Motion                 | Damage | Description
uf+K                   |   45   | Spinning roundhouse kick
ub+K                   |   40   | Flip Kick
H+K                    |   35   | Spin Kick
df+H+K                 |   30   | Spin Kick
d+H+K                  |   25   | Low roundhouse kick
d,df,f+K               |   38   | Spinning Charge Kick
H+P+K                  |   42   | Side Swipe
U+H                    |    0   | Face Away / Turn back at opponent
(BT)ub+K               |   40   | Flip Kick
(BT)b+P                |   20   | Backhand
(BT)u+P                |   22   | Backhand Slap
(BT)d+H+K              |   30   | Leg Sweep
(BT)u+K                |   35   | Reverse Flip
ub+H                   |    0   | Blackflip
u+K                    |   25   | Kick Up
uf,K                   |   30   | Jumping Spinning Kick
df+P                   |   18   | Short Backhand 
df,df+P                |   20   | Palm Attack
(OD)d+P                |   10   | Chop
(OD)u+K                |   20   | Stomp 
uf,P                   |   20   | Stun (you can do lots of combo after this)
f,b,f+H+P+K            |    0   | Taunt
f,f+P                  |   24   | Double Low Uppercut
b+P                    |   20   | Spinning Backhand


To be able to pull off the throws and holds, you must be right beside and as 
close as possible to your opponents. Remember that, you cannot use the throws 
without the (OC) if the opponent is crouching and vice versa.

Motion                 | Damage | Description
H+P                    |   50   | Overhead Throw
d,db,b+H+K             |   60   | Head Kick
df+P+K                 |    0   | Switch
d,df,f+P               |   55   | Neck Grab
(OC)d+H+P              |    0   | Switch
(OC)df+H               |   35   | Switch and Slap
f+H                    |   30   | Switch and Slap
f,df,d+H               |   35   | Overhead Turning Throw
d,df,f+H               |   50   | Power Bomb


Combos are a series of moves/special moves that when successfully pulled off, 
will deal a big amount of damage. Also, it’s very fun to watch. Some combos, 
require skill as some requires only the knowledge of pushing buttons. Some 
needs timing while some doesn’t need. 

Motion                 | Damage | Description
P,K                    |   35   | Simple Punch Kick Combo
P,P,P                  |   40   | Simple 3 Punch Combo
P,P,K                  |   52   | Simple 2 Punch and Kick Combo
P,K,d+K                |   47   | Simple Punch, 2 Kick Combo
b+P,b+P                |   40   | Double Backhand 
df,df+P,d+K            |   45   | Low Punch Kick Combo
d,db,b+P,K             |   48   | Slap and Kick Combo
d,db,b+P,d+K           |   45   | Slap and Leg Sweep Combo
f+K,K                  |   50   | 2 Kick Combo
f+K,d+K                |   47   | 2 Kick Combo
P+K,P,P                |   60   | Triple Backhand Combo
P+K,P,ub+K             |   65   | Double Backhand plus Flip Kick
P+K,P,d+K              |   60   | Double Backhand plus Leg Sweep
(BT)P,P,P              |   45   | Simple Punch Combo
(BT)P,P,b+P,P,P        |   65   | Power 5 Punch Backhand Combo
(BT)P,P,b+P,P,ub+K     |   70   | Power 4 Punch Backhand and Flip Kick Combo
(BT)P,P,b+P,P,d+K      |   60   | Power 4 Punch Backhand and Leg Sweep Combo
(BT)P,P,f+P,K          |   73   | Power 3 Punch, Kick Combo
(BT)P,P,f+P,d+K        |   73   | Power 3 Punch, Kick Combo
(BT)db+P,d+K           |   43   | Punch and Sweep Combo
df+P,K                 |   43   | Slap and High Kick Combo
K,K                    |   49   | Ultra Simple 2 Kick Combo
uf+P,P,P               |   40   | Charging Punch Combo
uf+P,P,K               |   52   | Charging 2 Punch and Kick Combo
uf+P,K,K               |   57   | Charging Punch and 2 Kick Combo
uf+P,K,d+K             |   57   | Charging Punch and 2 Kick Combo
df+P,P                 |   48   | Double Face Slap
uf,P,K,K               |   63   | Powerful Punch, 2 Kick Combo
df+P,K,d+K             |   48   | Punch, 2 Kick Combo
df+P,K,u+K             |   63   | Punch, 2 Kick Combo
df+P,K,d+P             |   73   | Power 3 Punch Combo
df+P,K,f,f+P           |   60   | Punch, 2 Kick Combo
P,K,K,d+K              |   62   | Punch, 3 Kick Combo
P,K,K,d+P              |   62   | Simple, PKKP Combo
u+K,d+K                |   30   | High and Low Kick
uf,P,u+K,P,P,P         |   73   | Power Combo
uf,P,u+K,u+K           |   65   | High Kick, Stomp
uf,P,u+K,d+P           |   50   | High Kick, Chop
uf,P,u+K,d,df,f+K      |   73   | Spin Kick Combo
uf,P,f,f+P,f+K         |   61   | Low Punch, Kick Combo
uf,P,b+P,b+P           |   60   | Double Backhand
uf,P,ub+K              |   60   | Power Flip Kick
u+K,d+P                |   30   | High Kick, Chop
u+K,u+K                |   45   | High Kick, Stomp
u+K,f,f+P              |   37   | High Kick, Double Low Uppercut
u+K,b+P                |   35   | High Kick, Spinning Backhand
u+K,b+P,b+P            |   45   | High Kick, Spinning Backhand combo
u+K,d+H+K              |   37   | High Kick, Low Roundhouse

Throw/Hold Combos:
d,df,f+H > u,u+H+P+K   |   80   | Power Bomb and Body Drop
f,f+H > uf+K           |   50   | Switch the Flip Kick
uf,P > df,f+H          |   80   | Power Bomb and Body Drop
> u,u+H+P+K            |        | 

some Danger Zone Combos:
1. uf,P,P,K,K (bounce),P,P,P             |  107   |   
2. uf+K,ub+K                             |   75   |
3. uf,P,P+K,P,ub+K (bounce), uf+K        |  112   |
4. (BT)u+K (bounce), ub+K                |   65   |
* Practically, you can do almost ANY combo from the Danger Zone. I can’t 
possibly list them all but I’m sure that you can use the Punch, Kick combos 
when the opponent bounces from the Danger Zone.

                         INDIVIDUAL CHARCATER GUIDE

These are my observations for the different characters while I’m playing as 
Ayane. I’ll be included some strategies that I’ve seen that is most preferred 
against a particular character. If you have some very helpful strategies, you 
may tell me about it.


Kasumi is a rather aggressive fighter. One thing you must do is to block 
efficiently. If you’re quite good at blocking, you have an advantage. Some 
good counters for Kasumi’s move are the H+P+K and the d+H+K moves. These will 
catch Kasumi off guard most of the time. Also, you can confuse her by using 
the K,d+K or K,K combos. You just have to think also what you should do next.


She’s a rather unpredictable opponent. She likes to come close to you and 
throw you and most of the time, she uses throw combos. A great counter 
against her moves is the H+P+K. Try also to stay a bit far from her so that 
you won't have troubles from her throws. 

For her kicks and punches, try to block them and counter them with f+K,K or 
f+P. You can catch her off guard too by using the d+H+K move. Now, after you 
recover from being thrown (I mean right after you stand up from a fall), use 
the sweep kick at once and f+P. It connects most of the time. 

One thing you need to remember when fighting Tina, is that when she counters 
you or when she switches position, duck or stay away from her as she will 
most likely to throw you again.


Lei-Fang is one of the hardest opponents that Ayane can face. There are some 
attacks that can be easily countered by Lei-Fang, like the uf+K, which will 
either be just kicked or punched. Lei-Fang is also fond of throwing so keep 
your distance and use the d,df,f+K. Time it right that Lei-Fang is attacking 
so that you can counter her. Lei-Fang also likes to crouch down so try to 
master the Holds that affect a crouching opponent like the d+H+P. 

Most of the time, u+K will work. Not only will this damage Lei-Fang a lot, it 
will lift her up, giving you opportunity to Juggle. There are all my 
observations and strategies for Lei-Fang. Remember that she is also a good 


She is one great fighter! It’s quite hard to fight her with Ayane as your 
character. Beware when her back is turned, she will confuse you as to what 
move she will do next. She may do a flip kick a punch or a leg sweep while 
her back is turned. So, stay away from here during this time. 

Try also your best to block her moves. Once she does the u+K, you can easily 
counter a u+K of your own or a throw. She also likes to the drill kick when 
you’re far away from here. Block it and counter with a throw or a combo. 


For Hayabusa, one of the most effective tactics that I used was to keep 
crouching and attack his lower extremities. Also, I suggest that you stay a 
few steps away from him and counter attack every time. The H+P+K of Ayane 
will be 90+% effective as a counter, I even consider it as a cheat as I 
haven’t seen any move of Hayabusa that can counter that move (except the 
Hold, of course). Another good counter attack for Hayabusa is the uf+K, or 
the uf,K (jumping drill Kick). 

If you want to use punches and kicks, be prepared to be countered and thrown 
afterwards. Counter his moves with the H button for a change. :)


Jann-Lee will be pathetic before Ayane! It’s very easy to Hold his attacks. 
Just stand and once you see him move, press the Hold Button and you’ll have a 
very big change of Holding him, giving you a chance to counter attack. You 
can also easily pull off a throw. After his combos, which are mostly 
predictable, you can easily counter with the d,df,f+H and use u,u+H+P+K 
afterwards. You can also confuse him with the K,K and the K,d+K.


He is very annoying, especially his throws. He’ll do everything just to be 
able to come close to you and then throw you. You can use f+P to counter him. 
It works most of the time. Don’t plan on throwing him, except if you’re a 
master in the art of throwing, because he may even counter evade your throw 
or pull off a throw before you do. This one’s a cheater, you’ll need good 
skills to be able to beat him easily.


Zack is pretty much an average opponent. Poking him (i.e. Quick Punches) is 
one good strategy to prevent him from doing a combo. Another thing to keep in 
mind is to master using the Hold button while crouching. He oftentimes kick 
or punch while crouching.

You can also do these. After successfully blocking his combos, use the ub+K 
(Flip Kick), I observed that Zack is the most vulnerable character to this 
particular move. You can also use the u+K, to put him in the air and do some 
other combos to him. 


Contrary to what most of you are thinking, Raidou isn’t hard at all, with 
practice. Just stay a few steps back and try to counter his punches and 
kicks. You can also easily throw him afterwards. Another effective 
attack/counter is the f+P. This will throw Raidou out of his feet.

One thing to remember about Raidou is that, when you perform a combo on him 
and he successfully blocked it, he will try to throw you. So, after that 
unsuccessful combo, try to move back/or poke him with punches.


Gen-Fu loves to punch and kick from far away and when you’re close, he’ll 
throw you. All you have to do is to counter him with punches and kicks of 
your own. It’s pretty hard to hold or throw him as his punches and kicks are 
fast. One good attack is the f+K,K combo that will lift him up in the first 
kick and the second kick will connect.

One thing to remember is that when you see Gen-Fu run at you, it is most 
likely that he will throw you.  


Talking about throws, Bass will surely annoy you with his throws. So stay 
back and do any these, df+P,P / P,K,d+K / u+K. I’ve observed that they are 
effective. Also, he will be confused if Ayane’s back is turned. If you 
mastered how to attack while you’re facing away from the opponent, you’ll 
have a good chance against him. 

To prevent his throws, you can just stay low as most of his throws are for 
standing opponents. Just be careful also when you perform combos because if 
it doesn’t connect, most like you’ll be thrown and I bet you won’t like it. 


These are just some brief descriptions of Ayane’s Costumes.

#1:  Black Headband, Shirt, Stockings and a Red Ribbon
     - acquired when you get Ayane
#2:  Same as #1 except that the color is Pink and the Ribbon is Blue
     - acquired when you get Ayane
#3:  Purple Mini Skirt, Stockings, Headband and shoes, Pink Ribbon  
     - acquired when you get Ayane
#4:  Casual Wear. Red Sweatshirt, Pink Skirt, Green Pants
     - acquired when you get Ayane
#5:  Typical Japanese Student Uniform, which is colored blue
     - acquired when you get Ayane
#6:  Same as #4 except that the color if the sweatshirt is Pink
     - Defeat the game using costume #5
#7:  Revealing Mini-Skirt, Blue Ribbon on the head. Pink Motif
     - Defeat the game using costume #6
#8:  Same as #7 except that the color is Pink and Red
     - Defeat the game using costume #7
#9:  Same as #4 except that the color is Black and Purple
     - Defeat the game using costume #8
#10: 2-piece blue Swimsuit. Red Ribbon behind her
     - Defeat the game using costume #9
#11: 2-piece Green Swimsuit. Yellow Ribbon behind her
     - Defeat the game using costume #10
#12: 2-piece black Swimsuit. Black Ribbon behind her
     - Defeat the game using costume #11
#13: Black futuristic Outfit. Light Blue Markings and Red goggles
     - Defeat the game using costume #12
#14: White futuristic Outfit. Red Markings and Blue goggles
     - Defeat the game using costume #12

                     FAQs - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

1. Where can I find this FAQ?

   This FAQ will be updated and posted mainly at http://WWW.GAMEFAQS.COM and 
at vgstrategies.about.com. Both sites are the 2 BEST FAQ sites I’ve ever 
seen. Their webmasters are really very responsible and are dedicated to their 
web site.

2. How often do you update the FAQ?

Well, this FAQ is already finished and reached its Final Version. No more 
updates should be expected. But if there are MAJOR corrections, maybe, just 
maybe, this guide will be updated.

3. Ayane isn’t selectable. How can I get her?

All you have to do is to get everyone else’s costumes including Raidou’s. 
They must be complete to make Ayane Selectable.


                             GAMEPLAY TIPS

1. Try to master the Hold Button. Countering an opponent is always a key to 
winning the battle.  

2. Master also the throws. These give off a very big amount of damage to the 

3. If a punch or a kick of an enemy can’t reach you, try to counter it with a 
punch or kick of your own. 

4. Ayane’s H+P throw is very effective against most enemies. Use it as a 
counter or as an offensive attack.

5. Master Ayane’s u+K move. It can be used in many ways such as a counter and 
a combo starter/launcher.


- Thanks to Tecmo for a very innovative and excellent fighting game. The 
girls are gorgeous!

- Thanks to the readers of this FAQ. This won’t be called such without anyone 
using it. Thanks very much!

- Special thanks to Al Amaloo of VGStrategies!

- Special thanks to Deathspork for his criticism on the guide. I appreciate
it very much. =)

- Thanks to my Sis for waiting patiently for me while I’m typing.  

- And last but absolutely not the least, thanks to GameFAQs where you can 
view and download this FAQ. CjayC deserves all the credits given to him. 

                             Dead or Alive (tm)
                   is a registered trademark of Tecmo (tm)

                     Playstation and its accessories
        are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment, inc.

                          The Ayane Character Guide
                          (c)Copyright December 2000
                                 "A"  Tadeo

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