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FAQ/Move List by JMurray

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/21/98

From: "Angel of Death" <tenshinoshi@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 19:24:43 PDT

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                            v 1.1

1 - Release Information
2 - Game Information
3 - Character Bios
4 - Outfits and Methods to Obtain Outfits
5 - Game Secrets
6 - Move List
7 - Credits
1 - Release Information
This FAQ is written by and copyright to Josh Murray.  All 
information contained within is from my own personal knowledge 
of the game.  Therefore two important things must be noted: 
1) All information is given to the best of my knowledge and if 
any errors are found, I will correct them.  I will say, 
however, I have played through the game, from start to finish, 
four times to verify everything.  All play was done on the US 
version of Dead or Alive.
2) No part of this FAQ may be copied in whole or in part unless 
permission is gained directly from me and I recieve full credit 
for my work.  This goes double for those magizines out there 
(you know who you are) who are too lazy to do the work for 
themselves.  Try to give us credit for our work, the fans that 
write these FAQs are true gamers and deserve credit for the 
hard work they put into their work :)

v 1.0 - April 13th - Began to write this FAQ.
v 1.1 - April 14th - Added more costume info and secrets.
v 1.2 - April 21st - All moves added.
2 - Game Information
~A girl sighed when she saw warrior gods gathering and 
 celebrating their strength.  She felt darkness rather than a 
 sacred light.  "Finally...finally, I made it through..." 
 memories of the past passes in her mind.  "For a long time I 
 was searching for my opponent to avenge my brother, and I know 
 I will soon confront him."  Men sought for power...They 
 gathered their wisdom and technology they developed to gain 
 more power.  Their endless desire led into a dark and fierce 
 warfare.  And now again the dark age has come.  The fierce 
 fight by fierce warrior creating numbers of death to outlive 
 another has began.  The girl closed her eyes.  She felt strong 
 heart beats.  How she longed for this battle.  For a moment 
 she thought numbers of battle field she may pass through and 
 numbers of warrior she may face with.  There was a breeze, as 
 if to soothe her tension.  Then she was gone.  Nothing but the 
 hallow sound of wind is left...~ 
                           - Quoted from the PSX Dead or Alive.

This is all the story that is given about the history of the 
tournement, though individual fighters have their reasons to be 
in the tournement.

This game uses a Sega Model 2 board (the same as Virtua 
Fighter 2) and though I personally don't like any of the Virtua 
Fighter series, I love this game!!!
The only downside to this game is the play mechanics are a bit 
dated, most notable is the lack of side-stepping.  

Information about basic moves and game mechanics can be found 
in Section Six.
3 - Chartacter Bios
Nationality - Japanese
Age - No Data (I'm guessing 17)
Measurments - Height 5'6"  Weight 114 lbs.  
              B 37"  W 21"  H 34"
Fighting Style - Ninjutsu
Profession - Ninja
Stage - Carpet ground, marble pillars, statues and walls with 
        huge windows in background.  The view of the windows 
        shows this stage is under-water.
Story - No story line that I could find.  She is a bonus 
        character designed for Dead or Alive 2 that they threw 
        in to the PSX version.  

Nationality - American
Age - 46
Measurments - Height 6'6"  Weight 345 lbs.
	      B 57"  W 54"  H 54"
Fighting Style - Wrestling
Profession - Pro-Wrestler
Stage - Stone ground, near a river with a cityscape in 
Story - Bass enters the tourtnement to support his daughter, 
        Tina, who is one of DOA's most lethal competitors.  
        Bass trained Tina, and has convinced her to enter the 
        tournemnt to show the world her the greatness she can 

Nationality - Russian
Age - 31
Measurments - Height 6'6"  Weight 231 lbs.
              B 47" W 38" H 40"
Fighting Style - Commando Sambo
Profession - Assassin
Stage - Concrete ground, war-torn building and tank in 
        background with a sunset.
Story - Bayman witnessed the assasination of his parents as a 
        young boy.  He was later trained as a special agent 
        in the Russian military but was exiled when he became 
        involved with the Kremlin's daughter.  Now he lives 
        in New York, working as an assasin.  He enters the 
        tournement posing as a fighter, but his real mission 
        is to execute Fame Douglas the leader of the Dead or 
        Alive Tournament Execution Committee.

Gen Fu
Nationality - Chinese
Age - 65
Measurments - Height 5'5"  Weight 135 lbs.
              B 37" W 40" H 38"
Fighting Style - Shin-I Rokugo Ken
Profession - Used Book Store Owner
Stage - Wooden ground, near a river with mountain range and 
        villages in the background.
Story - His story-line is shrouded in mystery, though it is 
        suspected he came out of retirement and entered the
        tournement because of the tragic fate that occured 
        with his granddaughter Mei-Linn.

Jann Lee
Nationality - Chinese
Age - 20
Measurments - Height 5'8"  Weight 165 lbs.
              B 38"  W 31"  H 36"
Fighting Style - Ji Kun Do (or Jeet Kune Do)
Profession - Body Guard
Stage - Stone ground, sunset with outline of industrial 
        building in the background.
Story - Jann Lee enters the tournement for the sake of the 
        fight.  His parents died when he was young, so he 
        concentrated on martial arts to hide the pain.  
        Now the master of his chosen form, he seeks the 
        thrill of battle whenever he can, which is why he 
        works as a body guard for political figures that 
        have a high potentional to be the target of 

Nationality - Japanese
Age - 17
Measurments - Height 5'5"  Weight 106 lbs.
              B 34"  W 20"  H 35"
Fighting Style - Mugen Tenjin-Ryu Ninjitsu
Profession - Ninja
Stage - Gravel ground, Grafitti covered, crumbling walls 
        with city in the background.
Story - Kasumi enters the tournement seeking revenge 
        against the assassin that crippled her brother, 
        Hayate, who was next in line to become master of 
        the Mugen Tenjin Academy.  She also wants to 
        prove her worthiness to become the next master.

Lei Fang
Nationality - Chinese
Age - 19
Measurments - Height 5'5"  Weight 110 lbs.
              B 34"  W 21"  H 33"
Fighting Style - Tai Kyoku Ken
Profession - Student
Stage - Ice ground, snow covered platue near palace admist 
        mountains in the background.
Story - Lei Fang enters the tournement to prove herself.  
        Years ago, she was attacked by a gang of thugs. 
        Before she could defend herself, a young boy named
        Gi jumped to her rescue.  Now she seeks out Gi to
        defeat him and prove her strength.

Nationality - Japanese
Age - 48 
Measurments - Height 5'11"  Weight 172 lbs.
              B 38"  W 40"  H 39"
Fighting Style - Mugen-Tenshin-Ryu Karate
Profession - None
Stage - Dirt ground, stone walls and pillars with computer 
        equipment buried beneath in the background.
Story - Raidou's participation in the tournement is unknown, 
        though it is assumed he is the champion of previous 

Ryu Hayabusa
Nationality - Japanese
Age - 23
Measurments - Height 5'9"  Weight 154 lbs.
	      B 41"  W 32"  H 36"
Fighting Style - Hayabusa Ninjitsu
Profession - Antique Shop Owner
Stage - Wooden ground, low sunset behind the outlined shadow 
        of a field of reeds.
Story - Ryu receives an invitation to enter the Dead or Alive 
        tournement.  Since settling down, he was going to 
        refuse his entry, until he learns that his best 
        friend's sister, Kasumi, has disappeared.  Now the 
        lust for battle rages within as he enters the DOA.

Nationality - American
Age - 22
Measurments - Height 5'5"  Weight 126 lbs.
              B 35"  W 22"  H 35"
Fighting Style - Wrestling
Profession - Pro-Wrestler
Stage - Blue grid ground, concert stadium lighting and big 
        screens of Tina in the background.
Story - Tina enters the tournement to please her father's 
        wishes, but her real goal is to be discovered by 

Nationality - American
Age - 25
Measurments - Height 6'0"  Weight 172 lbs.
	      B 41"  W 33"  H 37"
Fighting Style - Muetai Kick Boxing
Profession - DJ
Stage - Concrete ground, beach with ocean and islands in 
        the background.
Story - Zack enters the tournement to seek his fame and 
4 - Outfits and Methods To Obtain Outfits
The outfits are listed in the order you recieve them.  I tried 
to describe each outfit in as much detail as possible.  Beside 
each number of outfit, you will see either a '*' or '+'.  
The '*' means you can get this outfit by keeping the game 
difficulty on normal, but change all the other settings on the 
game, such as Set Time, Match Point, ect.  These are the first 
costumes you will recieve.  The '+' means all the setting in 
Game Config must be at default to obtain these costumes.  If 
neither symbol is beside the number, the character starts with 
these outfits.

+P14 - White Rubber Body Suit, Red Trim, White Helmet
+P13 - Black Rubber Body Suit, Blue Trim, Black Helmet
+P12 - Black Strapless Bikini, Head band and Bow
+P11 - Green Strapless Bikini, Head Band and Bow
+P10 - Light Blue Strapless Bikini and Head Band, Pink Bow]
 +P9 - Transparent Skirt and Top, Black Bra, Panties and Thigh 
 +P8 - Transparnet Skirt and Top, White Bra and Panties, Pink 
       Thigh Highs
 +P7 - Transparent Skirt and Top, Purple Bra, Panties and 
       Thigh Highs
 +P6 - School Girl Outfit, Pink Jacket, Light Pink Skirt, Black 
 +P5 - School Girl Outfit, Blue Jacket and Skirt, Blue Socks
 +P4 - School Girl Outfit, Red Jacket, Grey Skirt, Navy 
  P3 - Purple Strapless Dress, Pink Bow, Blue Head Band
  P2 - White Strapless Dress, Blue Bow and Trim
  P1 - Navy Strapless Dress and Head Band, Red Bow and Trim

 *P5 - Blue Jacket, Blue Green Tight-Shorts, Light Blue 
 *P4 - Black Jacket, Tight-Shorts and Bandanna
  P3 - Green Jacket and Bandanna, Black Tight-Shorts
  P2 - Red Jacket, Blue Tight-Shorts and Bandanna
  P1 - Black Jacket, Red Tight-Shorts and Bandanna

 *P5 - Yellow Diver Suit, Green Trim
 *P4 - Black Diver Suit, Purple Trim
  P3 - Grey Shirt, Green Camo Pants, Blue/Green Vest, Light 
       Blue Hat
  P2 - Brown Shirt, Brown Camo Pants, Green Hat
  P1 - Green Shirt, Grey Camo Pants, Red Vest and Hat

Gen Fu
 *P5 - Green and Orange Hawaiian Shirt, Orange Shorts
 *P4 - Red and Yellow Hawiian Shirt, White Shorts
  P3 - Light Green Shirt with Tails, Gold Trim, Dark Green 
       Sleeves and Pants
  P2 - Tan Shirt with Tails, Red Sleeves and Trim, Brown 
  P1 - Blue Shirt with Tails, Darker Blue Pants, Gold Trim

Jann Lee
 *P5 - White Slacks, Sports Jacket and Tie, Black Shirt
 *P4 - Black Slacks, White Shirt, Black Vest
  P3 - Tan Pants, Black Long-Sleeved Shirt
  P2 - Blue Pants, White Belt
  P1 - Red Sleevless Shirt and Pants, Purple Belt

+P14 - White Angel Costume With Wings and Halo, Light 
       Blue Trim
+P13 - Dark Blue, One-Piece Swimming Suit, White Swimmer's 
+P12 - Gym Outfit, Blue Shorts, White T-Shirt with Blue 
+P11 - Gym Outfit, Red Shorts, White T-Shirt with Red Shirt
*P10 - Blue Over-alls, Red Hat with Hair Tucked into Hat
 *P9 - White Cut-off Over-alls, Black Sports Bra and Hat
 *P8 - Pink Bunny Costume, White Tights
 *P7 - School Girl Outfit, Navy Blue Shirt and Skirt
 *P6 - School Girl Outfit, White Shirt, Red Trim and Skirt
 *P5 - School Girl Outfit, White Shirt, Light Blue Trim and 
 *P4 - Black Leather Armor and Baggy Pants
  P3 - White Leather Armor, Red Baggy Pants
  P2 - Tan Outfit, Orange Trim and Work-out Shorts
  P1 - Blue outfit, Yellow Trim, White Thigh-Highs

Lei Fang
+P14 - Magenta Demoness Outfit with Wings and Tail, Blue 
+P13 - White Nurse Outfit, Black Pantyhose
+P12 - Pink Waitress Outfit, Red Trim
+P11 - Blue Chinese Dress, Sleeves Cut-off, Yellow Trim, 
       Pink Panties
+P10 - Red Chinese Dress with Long Sleeves and Tails, Yellow 
       Trim, Red Panties
 *P9 - Blue, One-Piece Bathing Suit
 *P8 - Dark Blue Jeans with One Leg Cut, Light Purple Bikini 
 *P7 - Blue Sleeveless Shirt, Blues Pants, Gold Trim
 *P6 - Red Maid Outfit with White Trim, Blue Panties
 *P5 - Blue Maid Outfit with White Trim
 *P4 - Red Shirt and Shorts with Black Trim
  P3 - Black Shirt and Shorts
  P2 - Pink Sleeveless Shirt, Gold Pants, Red Trim
  P1 - Green Sleeveless Shirt, White Pants with Green Trim

 *P3 - Black Gi, Red Lettering
  P2 - Brown Gi, White Lettering
  P1 - Tan Gi, Red, Lettering

Ryu Hayabusa
 *P5 - No Mask, White Armor, Red Pants
 *P4 - No Mask, White Armor, Blue Pants
  P3 - White Ninja Outfit, Grey Trim
  P2 - Red Ninja Outfit, Yellow Trim
  P1 - Black Ninja Outfit, Red Trim
+P14 - Red Playboy Bunny Costume, Red Shoes
+P13 - Black Playboy Bunny Costume, Red Shoes
+P12 - One Piece American Flag Bathing Suit
+P11 - Black Meter Maid Outfit, Black Boots
+P10 - Navy Meter Maid Outfit, White Boots
 +P9 - Cave Girl Outfit, Leopard Skirt and Bikini Top
 +P8 - Cave Girl Outfit, White Skirt and Bikini Top 
       with One Strap
 *P7 - Red Lingerie Cat Suit
 *P6 - Black Lingerie Cat Suit
 *P5 - Cowgirl Outfit with Brown Pants, Tan Shirt, Brown 
 *P4 - Cowgirl Outfit with Red Pants, Pink Shirt, Tan Hat
  P3 - Light Blue Full-Body Leptard, Orange Shin Guards
  P2 - Blue Workout Shorts, Blue Tank Top, Blue and White 
  P1 - Black Leotard Pants, Red Tank Top, Red and Black 

 *P5 - Gold Superhero Outfit, Black Trim, Green Goggles
 *P4 - White Superhero Outfit, Green Trim, Red Goggles
  P3 - Blue Hat, Brown Pants, White Muscle Shirt
  P2 - Yellow Hair, White Pants, Green Muscle Shirt
  P1 - Red Hair, Brown Pants, Orange Muscle Shirt
5 - Game Secrets
Fight Against Ayane - You must beat whoever is on the Stage 
                      before Raidou (Kasumi's Stage) in under 6 
                      minutes using no more than 7 credits.  
                      (You can view your stats at the top, 
                      right corner of the screen 'Time Passed/
                      Credits Used')

Play As Raidou - Get everyone's first set of costumes (all the 
                 '*' ones listed above).

Play As Ayane - Get all the costumes in the game.

Control Camera - After you win a round, press up and down to 
                 move camera up or down and left and right to 
                 rotate left and right.  L and R zoom in and

Select Win Pose - To select win pose, hold down H+P, P+K, or 
                  H+P+K after you beat your opponent.

Danger Mode - Hold H+P+K while starting your game and turn the 
              entire arena into a danger zone.

Wallpaper - If you put your Dead Or Alive CD into a computer 
            and open the folder called "Omake", you can use 
            the pictures as wallpaper on your computer since 
            they are in bmp format.

Music - Put the Dead or Alive CD into a regular music player 
        and you can listen to music and voice samples from the 
        Tracks 2,3 - Intro Music and Selections
        Tracks 4-13 - Each Characters losing quote
        Tracks 14-17 - Misc. Selection Music
	Tracks 18-27 - Stage Music
        Track 28 - Voice
	Track 29 - Ending Music

Extra Options - Under the Option Menu, you will see a mode 
                labeled Extra Options.  These are special 
                options you earn by meeting certain requirments 
                through play of the game.  Below is a list of 
                these options and the requirments needed to open 
                them. For any of the requirments that need to 
                meet a time requirment, you must reach that time 
                mark, then enter Tournement Mode and either win 
                or lose to unlock.  If more than one way to unlock 
                the option exsists, I will list them all, listing 
                the easiest first.

1 - Fighting Order	(Default/Random/Manual)
    Requirments - Beat the game with any character and at any 
             or - In game timer passes 3 hours

2 - Safety Zone Size	(Normal/Nothing/All)
    Requirments - In game timer passes 6 hours
             or - Beat Time Attack Mode in under 5' on normal 

3 - Danger Damage	(No Damage/Small/Normal/Large/Critical)
    Requirments - Beat game with original nine characters on 
                  normal setting
             or - In game timer passes 9 hours
             or - Beat at least 10 characters in Survival Mode

4 - Danger Bounce	(No Bound/Normal/High)
    Requirments - In game timer passes 12 hours
             or - Beat Kumite Mode with an 80% success rate or 

5 - System Voice 	(Normal/Kasumi/Ayane)
    Requirments - Kasumi : Get all of Kasumi's Normal '*' 
                      or : In game timer passes 15 hours
                - Ayane : Get Ayane as a playable character

6 - Extra Voice		(Each Character Gets More Voice)
    Requirments - In Training Mode, turn on the Command Mode 
                  option.  Perfect all the moves for each 
                  character and you will unlock that characters 
                  extra voice.

7 - CG Gallery 		(This opens up a picture Gallery that 
                         allows you to view all the bitmap 
                         images found in the Omake folder)
    Requirments - Get all of the costumes for everyone 
                  (including Ayane)
6 - Move List
-->Part One - Basics
First I will list the key commands you will need to use this 

H - Hold
P - Punch
K - Kick
U - Up on the Directional Pad
D - Down on the Directional Pad
F - Foward, or Towards your Opponent on the Directional Pad
B - Back, or Away from your Opponent on the Directional Pad
UF, DF, DB, UB - Press Diagonally in the Directions indicated
< > - Any of the above commands found within the '< >' means 
      that you are to hold the Directional Pad in that 
+ - Press the Commands that the '+' link together
! - Do this move during the move that is above it
(Bh) - Do move indicated while behind your Opponent
(Cr) - Do move indicated while your Opponent is crouching
(Dn) - Do move indicated while you Opponent is down
(Mk) - Do move indicated while your Opponent is performing a
(Bt) - Do move indicated while turned away from opponent

Default Controller Layout:

  L1 = H+P
  L2 = P+K
  R1 = H+P+K
  R2 = H+K
  Square = H
  Triangle = P
  Circle = K
  X = P

Note : I personally found it easier to change 'X' to a Kick


  R1+R2 = Lunge Forward
  L1+L2 = Lunge Backward
  F, F = Dash
  F, <F> = Run
  B = Guard
  R1 or H+P+K = Danger Zone defense.  Press the second before 
                you land
  H + P = Throw
  U = While being thrown, this will sometimes cancel the fall
  R1 or H+P+K = While being thrown in combination, this will 
                sometimes allow you to escape

While Down:
  U+H = Will roll and get up towards background
  U+K = Will get up and low kick
  K = Will get up and kick
  D+H = Will roll and get up towards foreground
  H = Press rapidly to get up quicker
  D = Rise into crouch
  B = Roll backwards and rise

-->Part Two - Individual Moves List
Jab				P
Elbow				F,P
Upper Slap			DF,P
Low Jab				D,P
Backflip			UB,P
Roundhouse			K
Knee				F,K
Gut kick			DF,K
Ankle Kick			D,K
Twin Upper Combo		P,P,P
Round Slicer Combo		P,P,K
Heaven's Combo			P,K,K
Earth's Combo			P,K,D,K
Dart Shot			F,F,P,F,K
Dragon Lance			B,P,B,P
Land Mine			DF,DF,P,<D>,K
Spiral Axe			D,DB,B,P,K
Spiral Cutter			D,DB,B,P,D,K
Double Spear			F,K,K
Double Arrow			F,K,D,K
Dragon Tail			UF,K
Cresent Edge			UB,K
Round Slicer			H+K
Rolling Breeze			DF,H+K
Ground Arrow			D,H+K
Gale Knife			P+K,P,P
Gale Edge			P+K,P,UB,K
Gale Cutter			P+K,P,D,K
Air Drill			D,DF,F,K
Ayane Cyclone			H+P+K
Mirror Image			U,H
Gale Knife Dance		(Bt)P,P,B,P,P,P
Gale Edge Dance			(Bt)P,P,B,P,P,UB,K
Gale Cutter Dance		(Bt)P,P,B,P,P,D,K
Spiral Axe Dance		(Bt)P,P,F,P,K
Spiral Cutter Dance		(Bt)P,P,F,P,D,K
Shadow Edge			(Bt)UB,K
Spinning Knife			(BT)B,P
Spinning Cutter			(Bt)DB,P,D,P
Spiral Knife			(Bt)U,P
Ripple Cutter			(Bt)D,H+K
Maple Drop			H+P
Butterfly Dream			D,DB,B,H+K
Misty Illusion			DF,P+K
Air-Stream			D,DF,F,P
Dark Swallow			D,H+P
Snow Knife			F,H
Brocade				F,DF,D,H
Snowslide			D,DF,F,H
 ! Dropping Icicle		U,U,H+P+K
Frost Knife			DF,H
Stomp				(Dn)U,K
Palm Slam			(Dn)DF,P
Wind Circle			D,DB,B,H
Taunt				F,B,F,H+P+K
 -or-				B,F,B,H+P+K

Palm Hit			P
Gut Punch			F,P
Elbow				UF,P
Upper Elbow			DF,P
Low Punch			D,P
Heel Kick			K
Knee Thrust			F,K
Hop Kick			UF,K
Low Heel Kick			DF,K
Ankle Kick			D,K
Combo Rising Elbow		P,P,P
Combo High Kick			P,P,K
Combo Kick Rush			P,K,K
Hell Stab			P+K
Elbow Rush			UF,P,P
Stun Gun Combo			B,P,P,P+K
Knee Hammer			F,K,P
Rising Elbow			F,F,P
Kick Rush			DF,K,K
One hand Hammer			U,P
Buffalo Crush			DF,DF,P
Drop Kick			D,DF,F,K
Flying Crosschop		F,F,P+K
Kenka Kick			F,F,K
Hell Scissors			UB,P,P
Rolling Axe			B,F,P
Bass Lariat			B,H+P
Front Roll Kick			B,F,K
Low Drop Kick			D,H+K
Backward Drop			B,H+P
Bass Tornado			D,DF,F,H+K
Super Freak			B,DB,D,DF,F,P
T F B B				<D>,F,B,P+K
Kitchen Sink			D,DB,B,P+K
 ! Stretch Plum			D,D,H+P+K
  ! Manhattan Driver		U,U,H+P+K
Bass Bomb			D,H+P
Double Arm DDT    		DF,H+P+K
Dangerous Backdrop		H+P
Atomic Drop			H+P+K
 ! Face Crusher			F,F,P
Holding Headbutt		F,H
Flying Body Scissors		F,F,H
Dynamite Lariat			F,B,H
Power Slam			D,DF,F,H
 ! Oklahoma Stampede		B,DB,D,DF,F,H
Wild Chop			DF,H
Reverse Power Bomb		F,F,H
Iron Claw			D,DF,F,H
 ! Grizzly Launcher		B,DB,D,DF,F,H
Calf Branding			DF,H
Spine Buster			D,DB,B,H
Taunt				F,B,F,H+P+K
 -or-				B,F,B,H+P+K

Punch				P
Gut Punch			F,P
Crouching Uppercut		DF,P
Low Punch			D,P
High Kick			K
Side Kick			DF,K
Low Kick			D,K
Spinning Back Knuckle		B,P
Leg Spike			DB,K
Smash				DF,P
Sliding Kick			D,H+K
Palm Arrow			UB,P
Reverse Double Hammer		F,<F>,P,P
Smash Hook			U,P
Storm Hook			P,P,P
Shoulder Tackle			B,F,P
Storm Back Knuckle		P,P,B,P
Knee Lift			F,K
Storm Sabot			P,P,K
Heel Hammer			B,K
Rush Sabot			P,F,P,K
Javelin Kick			U,K
Crash Leg Spike			F,P,P,D,K
Drop Kick			UF,K
Trap Heel Hammer		K,K
Thrust Kick (While Rising)	K
Trap Reverse Hammer		K,P,P
Rolling Sabot			H+K
Head Bat			P+K
Giant Uppercut			D,DB,B,P
Belly To Belly			H+P
Neck Hanging Tree		B,H+P
Ghost Buster			(Cr)D,H+P
Quebradora Congiro		B,BD,D,DF,F,P
Flying Arm Bar			(Bh)H+P
Victor Cross Hold		D,DF,F,H+K
Swing Hold			F,H
Choke Slam			F,B,H
Jumping Elbow Crush		F,DF,D,H
Side Arm Lock			(Cr)DF,H
 ! Arm Bar			D,DB,B,H
Standing Arm Lock		F,F,H
 ! Standing Neck Lock		F,DF,D,DB,B,H
  ! DDT				D,DB,B,P
Sleep Hold			(Bh)D,DF,F,H
 ! Swing Neck Hold		F,DF,D,DB,B,H
Leg Trip			D,DF,F,H
 ! Arhilles Hold		F,DF,D,DB,B,H
  ! Half Boston Crab		B,DB,D,K
Catching Cross Hold		(Mk)D,DB,B,H
Stomp				(Dn)U,K
Foot Stomp			(Dn)DF,K
Taunt				F,B,F,H+P+K
 -or-			        B,F,B,H+P+K

Gen Fu
Punch				P
Elbow				F,P
Lunging Upper-Cut		DF,P
Low Punch			D,P
Roundhouse Kick			K
Mid Roundhouse			DF,K
Low Roundhouse			D,K
Qi-Gong Palm			F,<F>,P
Phoenix Punch			F,P,P
Sweeping Chop			<DF>,P
Qi-Gong Kick			F,K
Short Palm Jab			U,P
Cat Smash			UB,K
Tiger Elbow			UF,P
Blade Kick			UF,K
Tiger Claw			DF,<DF>,P
Flying Reverse Kick		U,K
Falcon Hammer			F,B,P
Gen Fu Special			U,K,D,K
Bull Horn			DB,F,P
Snake Attack			DF,K,P
Falcon Hammer Special Kick	B,P,P
Rooster Knee			<F>,K
Gen Fu Special			B,P,F,P,P+K
Jumping Blade Kick		<F>,K,K
Slient Kiaing			DF,P,P
Iron Toe			DB, K
Kiaing Combo			P,P,F,P
Iron Bull Horn			DB,K,DB,F,P
God's Step			F,<F>,H,P
Rooster Special			D,P+K,B,F,P
Tiger Head Bat			P+K
Rabbit Kick			H+P
God's Hand Push			F,P+K
God's Sweep			D,H+K
Double Bomber			D,P+K
Wind Blast 			H+P+K
Spine Attack			H+P
God's Hand			D,F,H+P+K
Stomach Shock			B,H+P
Tiger Tail			(Bh)H+P
King's Punch			B,D,DB,P
Palm Attack			F,H
Peacock Sweep			F,B,H
Monkey Hands			(Cr)DF,H
Monkey Hold			D,DF,F,H
 ! Monkey			D,DF,F,P
Gen Fu Shield 			F,F,H
Side Turn			UB,P
Shoulder Tackle			(Mk)D,DB,B,H
Stomp				(Dn)U,K
Downward Palm			(Dn)DF,P
Taunt				F,B,F,H+P+K
 -or-				B,F,B,H+P+K

Jann Lee
Jab				P
Uppercut			DF,P
Low Knuckle			D,P
High Kick			K
Side Kick			DF,K
Low Kick			D,K
Dragon Blow			D,DF,F,P
Sonic Uppercut			P,D,P,P
Dragon Knuckle			<D>,B,F,P
Combo Low Spin Kick		P,D,P,D,K
Sekken-Chop			B,P
Body Uppecut			F,P,P
Upper Knuckle			F,P
Body Low Spin Kick		F,P,D,K
Rear High Kick			U,K
Flash Spin Kick			F,<F>,P,K	
High Shin-Knee Kick		UB,K
Flash Low Spin Kick		F,<F>,P,D,K
Dragon Kick			D,DF,F,K
Flash Turn Knuckle		B,B,P
Dragon Rush			P,P,P,K
Blind Elbow			(Bt)P+K
Blind Knuckle			(Bt)DB,P
Sonic Spin Kick			P,F,P,K
High Spin Kick			K,K
Sonic Low Spin Kick		P,F,P,D,K
Double Hook Kick		B,K,K
Double Upper Kick		UF,K,K			
Snap Spin Kick			F,K,F,K
Middle Spin Kick		DF,K,F,K
Dragon Elbow			P+K
Thrust Middle Spin Kick		DB,K,F,K
Shin-Knee Kick			H+K
Thrust Low Spin Kick		DB,K,D,K
Low Spin Kick			D,H+K
Hell Drive			H+P
Fireman's Carry			D,DB,B,P
Side Buster			B,H+P+K
Hell Crash			(Bh)H+P
Counter Knuckle			F,H
Head Lock			D,DF,F,H
 ! Bulldogging Head Lock	B,B,H
Front Face Lock			F,F,H
Rear Counter Knuckle		(Bh)F,H
Low Front Face Lock		(Cr)DF,H
Sekkan Punch			(Bh)F,F,H
Low Sekkan Punch		(Bh,Cr)DF,H
Stomp				(Dn)U,K
Snap Kick			(Dn)DF,K
Enter The Dragon		(Dn)U,H+P+K
Taunt				F,B,F,H+P+K
 -or-				B,F,B,H+P+K		

Jab				P
Uppercut			DF,P
Low Knuckle			D,P
High Kick			K
Side Kick			DF,K
Low Kick			D,K
Shadow Sword			F,F,P
Silver Flamingo			F,B,K
Float Sword			U,P
Air's Kick Combo		P,P,P,K
Round Sword			B,P
Ground Tornado Combo		P,P,P,D,K
Illusion Sword			DF,<DF>,P
Double Tornado Combo		P,P,K,K
Deep Mist			DF,P,P
Moon Flash Combo		P,P,UF,K
Wind Fang			DF,P,K
Lightning Spin Combo		P,P,F,P,D,K
Rising Cutter			U,K
Lightning Dirk Combo		P,P,F,P,K,K
Heaven's Arrow			UF,K
Ground Tornado			D,H+K
Moonsault Kick			UB,K
Windmill Kick			DF,H+K
Ground Lance			D,DF,F,K
Kasumi Cyclone			H+P+K
Heaven's Kick			K,K
Whirlwind			P+K
Air's Kick			K,DF,K
Rising Swallow			F,F,P+K
Earth's Kick			K,D,K
Moon Darkness			(Bt),U,K
Rainbow Throw			H+K
Roundabout			D,DF,F,K
Go To Heaven			B,K
Shadow Swallow			(Cr)D,H+P
Hawk's Phantom			D,DB,B,H+K
Broken Wings 			(Bh)H+P
Misty Moon			DF,<DF>,P+K
Give-You-Cherry			F,H
Flaming Candle			F,F,H
 ! Thorny Path			D,K
Flying Swallow			F,F,H+K
 ! Falling Swallow		B,H
Spinning Fall			D,DF,F,H
Pick-Up-Cherry			(Cr)DF,H
Angel Wheel			UB,P
Stomp				(Dn)U,K
Press Kick			(Dn)DF,K
Taunt				F,B,F,H+P+K
 -or-				B,F,B,H+P+K

Lei Fang
Jab				P
Elbow				F,P
Backhand			DF,P
Palm Strike			D,P
High Kick			K
Front Kick			DF,K
Low Kick			D,K
Shotei				UF,P
Double Fist			F,P
Upper Elbow			U,P
Double Smash Kick		K,K
Palm Attack			UB,P
Front Screw Kick		K,D,K
Lei's Attack			B,P
Rolling Sobat			UB,K
Upper Palm Smash		B,P,P
Low Joint Kick			DB,K
Back Fist			DB,P
Swirling Face Kick		B,K
Back Fist Punch			DB,P,P
Chiki Screw Back Kick		B,K,K
Palm Spring Kick		F,P,K
Triple Screw Kick		B,K,K,D,K
Double Hands			F,F,P
Double Jump Kick		UF,K,K
Knuckle Part			F,B,P
Split Kick			D,<D>,K
Shoulder Bash			B,F,P
Fair Lady Attack		P,P,F,P
Phoenix Combo			P,P,F,P,K
Defending Palm			P,DF,P,P
Taiqi Combo			P,P,B,P,P
Knee Attack			P+K
Palm Split Kick			P,P,D,K
Palm Splash			H+P+K
Palm and Fist			P,DF,P
Arm Bar Throw			D,DB,B,P
Chest Hold Bash			H+P
Atomic Punch			F,B,P
Reverse Parallel Chop		B,H+P+K
Lotus Throw			(Bh)H+P
Sannei				F,H
Knee Grab Attack		(Cr)DF,H
Front Kick Bomb			F,F,H
Jaw Crusher			(Bh)F,H
Stomach Hold Punch		D,DF,F,H
 ! Back Spine Elbow		DF,D,DB,D,H+P
  ! Neck Lariat			F,F,H+P+K
Shoulder Thrust			(Bh)F,F,H
Reverse Karate Chop 		(Cr,Bh)DF,H
Stomp				(Dn)U,K
Crouch Stomp			(Dn)DF,K
Taunt				F,B,F,H+P+K
 -or-				B,F,B,H+P+K

Punch				P
Elbow				F,P
Lunging Uppercut		DF,P
Low Punch			D,P
High Kick			K
Middle Kick			DF,K
Low Kick			D,K
Stomach Crash			F,P,P
Spinning Knuckle		B,P
Gen Fu Form			B,P,F,P
Low Spinning Knuckle		DB,P
Heel Hammer			B,K
Leg Spike			DB,K
Lunging Palm			UB,P
Shoulder Bash			B,F,P
Swing Reverse Hammer		F,B,P,P
God's Hand Push			F,P+K
Punt Kick			U,K
Flip Kick			UB,K
Front Snap Kick			DF,K
Palm Strike			F,F,P
Upper Palm Strike		UF,P
Land Slide			F,F,K
Palm Kick			D,H+K
Shadow Strike			P,P,K
Solar Cyclone			UF,K
Jumping Knee			F,K
Cross Bar Throw			H+P
Neck Break			D,DF,F,K
Spinning Back Break		B,DB,D,DF,F,P
Turning Side Throw		(Bh)H+P
Shoulder Thrust			(Bh)F,F,H
Splash Bomb			(Cr)DF,H+P+K
Crouching Knee Strike		(Cr)DF,H
Standing Knee Strike		F,H
Head Lock			D,DF,F,H
 ! Bull Dogging Lock		B,B,H
Shadow Flip			F,F,H
Grab and Punch			F,H
Jumping Punch			(Dn)U,P
Stomp				(Dn)DF,P
Taunt				F,B,F,H+P+K
 -or-				B,F,B,H+P+K			

Ryu Hayabusa
Punch				P
Elbow				F,P
Backhand			DF,P
Low Punch			D,P
High Kick			K
Middle Kick			DF,K
Low Kick			D,K
Shadow Blade			UB,P
Short Slide Kick		D,H+K
Rising Palm			U,P
Wind Blade			P+K
Low Spin Blade			DB,P
Rapid Blade			P,P,B,P
Slash Kick			B,P,K
Shower Bows 			P,P,B,P,F,P
Double Spin Blade		DB,P,<D>,K
Triple Impact			P,P,K
Palm Straight			F,<F>,P
Sonic Bomb			B,P,F,P
Upper Knee			F,K
Bullet Kick			F,F,K
Moon Sault Kick			UB,K
Ground Cutter			DB,<DB>,K
Rising Axe			U,K
Ground Stake			DB,<DB>,K,<D>,K
Rainbow Kick			UF,K
Trick Heel			F,B,K
Upper Spin Kick			H+K
Rising Dragon Kick		<D>,B,K
Cross Arm Suplex		H+P
Demon Buster			F,F,B,P+K
Northern Light Suplex		B,H+P+K
Falcon Wing			D,DF,F,P
Swing DDT			D,DB,B,P+K
Neck Breaker			(Cr)D,K+P
Skyward Shot			B,DB,D,DF,F,H+P+K
 ! Dive Bomber			D,DF,F,UF,U,H+P
  ! Izuna Drop			B,UB,U,UF,F,DF,D,H+K
Reverse DDT			(Bh)H+P+K
Ura-Nage			(Bh)H+P
Shadow Hunting			F,H
Mirage				F,<F>,H
Thunder Bolt			(Bh)F,<F>,H
Shooting Star			D,DF,F,H
Demon Strike			(Cr)DF,H
Vision				(Bh,Cr)DF,H
Captured			(Mk)D,DB,B,H
Evil Hunting			(Bh)F,H
Hand Stand			DF,P+K
Fake Rainbow			UF,P
Stomp				U,K
Press Kick			DF,K
Taunt				F,B,F,H+P+K
 -or-				B,F,B,H+P+K

Punch				P
Elbow				F,P
Lunging Uppercut		DF,P
Low Punch			D,P
High Kick			K
Middle Kick			DF,K
Low Kick			D,K
Double Hammer			B,P
Double Uppercut			F,<F>,P
Low Spin Knuckle		DB,P
Vertical Chop Hammer		<DF>,P,B,P
Knuckle Arrow			UB,P
Jumping Hip Attack		H+P+K
Elbow Smash			U,P
Machine Gun Kick		P,P,K
Shoulder Tackle			B,F,P
Machine Gun Rush		P,P,P
Lariat				F,H+P
Ultimate Combo			F,P,P,K
Neck Cut kick			U,K
Spin Knuckle Combo		F,P,P,DB,P
Kenka Kick			F,<F>,K
Knee Hammer			F,K,B,P
Rolling Sobat			H+K
Combo Rolling Sobat		D,K,K
Low Spin Kick			D,H+K
Double Low Kick			D,K,<D>,K
Death Valley Bomb		H+P
Body Slam			F,H+P+K
Fisherman's Buster		B,DB,D,DF,F,P
Frankensteiner			D,DF,F,H+K
J O Cyclone			D,F,P+K
Bass Bomb			(Cr)D,H+P
Flying Major			D,DB,B,P+K
 ! Surf Board Stretch		B,F,H+P
  ! J O S			D,U,H+P
J O B				(Cr)DF,H+P+K
German Suplex			(Bh)H+P
German Suplex Whip		(Bh)H+P+K
Hammer Throw			F,H
Tackle				F,DF,D,H
 ! Giant Swing			B,DB,D,DF,F,H
Knee Bomber			(Cr)DF,H
Reverse Wing Lock		D,DF,F,H
 ! Flying Wing Lock		F,DF,D,DB,B,DB,D,DF,F,H
Full Nelson			(Bh)F,H
 ! Dragon Suplex		F,UF,U,UB,B,H+P
Dragon Screw			(Mk)D,DB,B,H
Roll				D,P+K
Stomp				U,K
Elbow Drop			DF,P
Taunt				F,B,F,H+P+K
 -or-				B,F,B,H+P+K

Punch				P
Elbow				F,P
Lunging Uppercut		DF,P
Low Punch			D,P
Roundhouse Kick			K
Mid Turn Kick			DF,K
Sweep Kick			D,K
Down Elbow			B,P
Spinning Kick			H+K
Hell Needle			U,P
Half Spin High Kick		B,K
Upper Elbow			F,<F>,P
Half Spin Rolling Elbow		B,K,P
Sway Blow			UB,P
Half Spin Heel Kick		B,K,K
Devil's Uppercut		DF,<DF>,P
Double Kick			K,K
Rolling Elbow			D,DF,F,P
Gatling Knee			F,K,K
Double Impact			D,DF,F,P,P
Double Low Spin Kick		DB,K,<D>,K
Double Elbow			F,P,P
Volcanic Elbow			P,P,P
Rising Heel Kick		U,K
Volcanic Mid-Kick		P,P,K
Rising Knee			F,<F>,K
Dancing Rush			P,P,K,K
Heel Kick			D,DF,F,K
Volcanic Knee			P,P,F,K
Devil's Rush			P,P,F,P,P
Twister Uppercut		D,DF,F,H+P+K
Genocide Rush			P,P,F,P,K
Flying Knee Kick		F,<F>,P+K
Low Spin Rush			P,P,D,K,<D>,K
Turn Rolling Elbow		(Bt)B,P
Inferno Rush			F,P,K,K,K
Turn Heel Kick			(Bt)B,K
Heaven Smash			DF,P,<DF>,P,<DF>,P
Wild Throw			H+P
Knee Storm			F,B,P+K
Neck Hunting			(Bh)H+P
Beast Fang			DF,<DF>,P+K
Knee Strike			F,H
Forward Trap			F,F,H
Hook Elbow			(Bh)F,H
Backward trap			F,B,H
Head Crash			(Bh)F,F,H
Lift Nape			(Cr)DF,H
Burst Elbow			(Bh,Cr)DF,H
Fake Roll			D,DF,F,H
Stomp				U,K
Foot Stomp			DF,K
Taunt				F,B,F,H+P+K
 -or-				B,F,B,H+P+K
7 - Credits
Dead or Alive is Copyright to Tecmo.  All characters and logos
trademark to Tecmo.
This FAQ was written by Tenshi No Shi.
I would like to thank my girlfriend for putting up with my 
insanity as I tried to find everything in this game...and for
helping me get a few of the costumes (ain't she sweet?).
This FAQ may not be reproduced in any way, shape or form 
without my express permission.
Email me at _tenshinoshi_@yahoo.com

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