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Guide and Walkthrough by JThompson

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/30/2001


           -- Of Might and Magic <Playstation version>
                        V 1.0

FAQ/Walkthrough created January 30th, 2001 by Jesse Thompson.
If you wish to contact me, email Turkey6158@aol.com

The only website this should be a part of is GameFaqs
http://www.gamefaqs.com. If you should discover this
elsewhere, please email me at Turkey6158@aol.com. Thank you.
I scrounge around the web a <lot> so think about that if you
ever decide to put it up without permission.

List of Substance (Table of Contents is so cliche)

  --- FAQ ---
Game Questions _____________________________ 1]
Document Questions _________________________ 2]

  --- GAME  INFO ---
[Item List _________________________________ 3]
[Magic List ________________________________ 4]
[Element Table _____________________________ 5]
[Enemy Weaknesses __________________________ 6]

[Necros' Castle (1)  _______________________ 7]
[The Citadel (1)  __________________________ 8]
[Corantha Caves (1)                          9]
[Darkwood Forest __________________________ 10]
[Corantha Caves (2)                         11]
[The Citadel (2) __________________________ 12]
[Ice Fields _______________________________ 13]
[Cave of Ickies ___________________________ 14]

       Frequently Asked Questions:1:
       Game Questions

1)  What do talismans do?
1a) There are two of each element you can have at the same time. One 
goes on your armor, the other your shield. As far as I know, they do the
same things. That is raising your resistance to damage from enemies of
that element.

2)  What are runes?
2a) They are the way of putting elements on your weapons in this game. 
From the item screen after pressing select, press X. Now if you have any
you can choose one to put on your weapon. What use are they? Scroll down
to my element table(5) to find out.

3)  What is rank and level?
3a) Rank goes up as you use spells or weapons. Each spell/weapon has 
nine ranks. For weapons it increases the speed and (I think) strength of
your hits. For Magic it does various things depending on the magic. See 
my magic list(4) for details. Levels are what you get for killing things
and collecting enough experience points. Different enemies give 
different amounts of it, and when you have enough ( you can tell by 
pressing start, character information) your level will go up. You get 
more Hp, mana and sometimes more damage with melee weapons.

4)  How do I beat the boss?
4a) You aren't alone. Scroll down to near the bottom of the faq for the

Got a question? Email me at Turkey6158@aol.com.

        Frequently Asked Questions:2:
        Document Questions

1)  Can I use your FAQ on my website?
1a) E-mail me to ask.  Chances are that I'll let you.

2)  Why write about this game?
2a) Because contrary to popular belief, this game IS semi-decent. I 
think it deserved a complete Walkthrough. Besides, people kept asking me
how to beat the boss anyway.

3a) This is my first, so tell me why it sucked and I'll remember if I 
ever make another.  And don't type like that.

          GAME INFO
     Item List:

Gems: Come in Light, Dark, Mind, Body, Water, Spirit, Earth, Air and 
Fire. In conjunction with money, they allow you to buy runes for your 
equipment. You can get water and earth gems by killing their respective 
elementals. You can also get Dark gems by picking off the guards in the 
Citadel. You can also get Spirit or Light gems off the Yeti's, I kind of
forgot which. I don't know where to get the others.

Potions: Come in Healing, Mana and Restore. Healing recovers HP, Mana 
gives you back (derr) mana, and Restores restore you HP and Mana.

Dasher Nuts: Make you very fast for a short duration. Useful in a 
couple instances, but generally not needed.

Vanish Dust: Don't do drugs.  I never use it, it seems kind of pointless
to me. If you have to be invisible to get through an area, you should 
stick around and kill for a while. Oh, it makes you vanish by the way.

     Magic List:

Firestorm:       You start out with it, I never use it. It shoots more 
balls with rank.

Regeneration:    Refills your HP with time. Increases in duration and 
potency with rank.

Snap Freeze:     You get it in the Citadel. Freezes enemies, duration 
and range goes up with rank.

Lightning:       Hits with lightning.. Rank adds arcs.

Mana Shield:     Defends against magic. Duration/defense goes up with 

Deadly Swarm:    Shoots dozens of small green balls at enemies which 
continue to hurt them. Rank increases duration and strength.

Heroism:         Increases your level. Duration and level go up with 

Holy Wrath:      Shoots a circle of holy stuff around you. Rank adds 
strength and range.

     Element Chart:

Sorry, this isn't very useful.  I tried to make it as correct as 
possible, using only common sense and deductive reasoning..

 Element:  |      Weapon Rune |    Strength  |         Addl. Effect |
| Ice   |   Ice Claw       |  Earth                |                   |
| Body  |   Bonemender     |  Mind                 |  +~10% HP         |
| Dark  |   Nightbringer   |  Spirit ?             |                   |
| Light |   Star of Et..   |  Dark                 |burns spider webs. |
| Earth |   Oakheart       |Works slightly on ogres|                   |
| Fire  |   Flamefang      |  Water/ice            |                   |
| Mind  |   Razor's Edge   |  Air                  | +~15% mana, 5% HP |
| Air   |   Thunder..      |  Mind                 | + Speed           |
| Spirit|   Soul Bastion   |  Body                 | N/A               |

Half of these are guesses. Good luck.

Here, this may be more useful:

     Enemy Weaknesses:

Dwarves: Ice Claw (I got it through a secret at the end, dunno how to 
get it in game)
Ogres:   Oakheart until you get Soul Bastion.
Ice/Glacier elementals: Flamefang
Undead things: Star of whatever
Yetis : Nightbringer
Boss : Exploding gems?

7)      Necros' Castle:1:

Follow the witch's directions to nuke the Shambler and get your weapon.
Go through the door, run into the sarcophagus for a potion. Kill the 
enemies, run up and take  the right door. Push the block near the potion
up on the ledge, jump and get it. Go back straight  through the door and
into the next room. Get the shield, avoid the mine.  Go through the door
save if you wish. Turn around, go straight and keep killing everything 
you see. Just follow the path - pretty straightforward.  When you get 
to the lightning room, wait for it to strike.  Right afterwards, run 
through to get the lightning rune.

Run ahead. You'll see the regeneration spell (red coin). Pick it up, go 
into the room. After talking with Necros, run to the right. Two strikes 
from him will kill you, don't goof off. Go straight if you want potions,
otherwise turn right. Go up the elevator and kill the shamblers. Up 
another elevator, kill the Twice-born and shambler, run up the ramp. At 
the top, do some killin' then jump up onto the ledge by the top of the 
ramp (It's hard to see). You can save here. Keep going down that 
corridor to find .. outside! Jump down a few times, kill the Sentry. 
You should get your mace raised to rank 2 from this.

Jump onto the right wall and onto the block. Jump across the crevice. 
If you happen to fall, kill the shambler and climb back up to try again.
Now just continue along the ledge, killing the baddies. Watch out for 
the twice-born's axes. Eventually you'll get to a beach where you follow
the path to a fortress kinda thing. You can turn right to save if you 
really want, but there's save spots everywhere up there.

8)     THE CITADEL:1:
       Talk to Celestia for a job

Take a right that leads you into a big room with a ramp. Go up there and
straight when you have a choice. Be sure a guard talks to you on the way
to the throne room. When you get there, talk to the queen or whoever she
is. Run backwards 'til you can go right. Follow that to the store room 
to get some goodies.

Now go back to the big room but take the other door here -- not the one 
you came in from first. When you get to the room with cannons, destroy 
the crates and barrels to get some various stones. Go in either of the 
new doors. If you went straight, you'll find the guard's brother, 
Johnathan. He'll give you money for the guard that talked to you before. 
Go back to the cannon room, turn left. Keep going to find a room
with flying platforms. Jump onto the middle one when it's low, then 
..well, make your way up to the top. There you'll find Snap Freeze, one
of my favorite spells by the way. It freezes enemies. It becomes next to
useless later since a lot of them just shrug it off, but it's very 
useful for now. Now, take the money back to the guard near the store. 
He'll give you a fire gem to take to his brother, who is right next to
the storeroom. He'll give you something neat. Oh, if you happen to hit
the shopkeeper.. run like mad. So, with the picking up of the new gear,
it's time to go talk to the dwarves...


       Calm rebel uprising

Well, first you're in some forest. Just go straight through it, no 

Enter the cave at the end. There's a bridge in front, save to the right,
some barrels to your left. Do what you will and then cross the bridge. 
Two dwarves will be standing there, and when you get close enough two 
more will come out and kill them. These two want to fight, your choice.
I fight them. If you do, use snap freeze. Afterwards, run inside and 
down the corridors. You'll pass two rocks off to the side. Once you go 
beyond the far arch, they'll come alive (surprise!) and attack. So turn 
around and kill them. Snap doesn't hold them for long, so good luck. 
Anyway, run ahead now and turn left and head straight into the throne 
room. Talk to Dain and do an about face. Unless you want to buy things,
go right after exiting the throne room. 

There'll be a rebel in this room. Kill it or run, your choice. I like 
killing  everything for the experience. If you decide to kill them, I 
suggest the warhammer you just picked up. Snap freeze them and hammer 
away, or whack, back- off, repeat. Now, go through the corridors to find 
new enemies.  They're very much easier than the shielded rebels and even
the other ones. They throw exploding gems at you and when you're close, 
switch to a mace. These are where I got most of my money for the tower 
shield and plate mail. Onward! Keep going and eventually you'll find a 
dwarf near where a bridge was. He'll tell you some junk, then you're off
to destroy some rebel explosiony stuff.

Jump down onto the platform below, then onto the ledge in front of you. 
Run through until you find a room. If you take the door on the right you
can save it. If you'd rather not, just go the other way. Avoid the 
crushy things. You've played Super Mario World, haven't you? Right. 
Draw your agility from that and you will have no problems. So, after 
going through there, go up the corridor to find a giant boring machine
which looks like something from Journey to the Center of the Earth ram 
through. Do you really want to go where that thing came from? Well.. 
all right. Continue on, dispatching rebels on your way. You'll find a room
with a big pillar in the middle, a hole to your right and an elevator to
your left. Take the elevator. Go straight and you'll see a dwarf in a 
cell to your right. He'll tell you to open it up, so go forewords and 
hit the switch on the right just outside of the room.

He'll "thank ye right" later on. Now go down the hallway and through the
gate to be mauled by millions of rebels.. Well, it's not that bad. After
somehow compacting them into various trinkets, turn to your right (from 
where you came from) to discovery... THE REBEL DWARVES' HORDE OF EXPLODY
STUFF. Well, make use of it. Go on, blow her up!

You should be upbeat from that pretty explosion, so skip through into a 
new room. Kill the rebel here and climb up either pillar on the sides. 
There'll be another dwarf up here to smack. There's an opening up here, 
also. Find the small square and jump through into the fan room. Avoid 
them by.. well, do I really have to tell you? After two horrific, 
grueling rooms of them you'll be on the ledge of a peep hole. Tor will 
be talking to Necros, the traitorous little.. Calm down! It's just a 
game. When they're finished you can hop down. Go through the door, gate
and climb again. In the corridor, you can turn left to save. Resume your
journey to find the pillar/elevator room again. Jump down twice and run
through. You'll be back to the bridge room except on the opposite side. 
So, jump onto the now familiar platform then onto the climbing surface 
on the wall. Climb up and run back to the throne room. He'll go blah 
blah blah, staff of something, blah. That means he wants you to go back
into the forest to get yourself killed by walking vats of fat. He's the 
prince, don't keep him waiting! On your way out visit the smithy.

10)          DARKWOOD FOREST:
             Scepter of Regency

When you're in the forest, take a right. As you stroll along the woods 
you'll no doubt wonder why it's so quiet. Then out of nowhere.. grunt! 
Big, fat ogre coming your way.  These are hard, try to beat them if you
like. Use the earth warhammer for now.  When you find a crossroads, 
don't be curious. Go straight.

Run ahead and you'll see an ogre and shortly after, a pit. If you'd like
to save you can jump down there. Fight your way through to a new "room"
(we all know this engine just can't do outdoor environments) and 
there'll be a new spell by some mushrooms. Jump onto a 'shroom, then the
pillar to pick it up.  I never use this one, really. It's Mana Shield, 
it blocks magic attacks.

Go the only way possible at the moment. Watch out for the nasty ogres. 
Go left when you have a choice. You'll see another clearing up ahead. 
Kill the ogre to to enter the cave. First ogre gives you a dasher nut 
which should be useful later on. When you see a cell up ahead, there's 
an ogre mage around the corner. He'll try to blast you with fireballs, 
so dodge them and crush 'em. Talk to the dasher in the cell then head 
out of the cave. In the clearing after the shrooms, take a right, and do
it again later on. You'll find the "tri-marked tree" with Djad in front 
of it. Talk to the dying Dasher, pick up deadly swarm. Don't use this 
either. Make your way into the tree hole and save. Run straight through
the spitter-room. You'll run into some dashers, which are killed 
relatively easily although they can hurt you lots in a short time, so 
watch your life. There should be a pit coming up, jump from platform to
platform. If you fall, find the climbing surface and make your way up 
while getting pelted by exploding gems.  In the next spitter room, run 
left.  Smoke some more dashers on your way to yet another spit-room. Run
straight through it. Dashers are abundant, first one here being on your
right. You'll see a hole in the ground soon.

Fall down and kill the dasher there for a new spell, Heroism. It 
basically raises your level. Useful if you practice it to a good rank. 
Climb back up and talk to the dashers. Jump in the tree straight ahead. 
Follow the winding corridor to the dasher king, Tamris. He'll tell you 
you have to become a dasher for them to help. Go inside the hole behind 
the throne to find the wood-spirit or something. When he's done yapping,
jump off and then onto the mushroom directly in the back. From there 
jump to the red mushroom which is to the left if you're facing the 
middle pillar. Then onto that pillar. Jump around a bit if it hasn't 
triggered an event yet. Now, go back grabbing the body shield on the 
way. Be ready for a tough fight, now. Tamris is being an ass so fight 
him. Freeze won't work on this one. Use heroism and lots of potions to 
pound the dasher prime.  

When he's done for, head back out to the entrance of that tree then jump
into the hole of the tree to your right. Load up on supplies then hop to
the hole you didn't come from. You should find a clearing with a tree in
the middle, and you'll receive the Soul Bastion, a very useful weapon 
rune. Equip it to beat up the ogres that you'll fight now.  So, back 
outside then straight to the green diamond across the way. It'll warp 
you to the first room of the dasher's gauntlet. Jump to the tree on your
right and try out your new soul bastion on the next ogre you see. 
Backtrack to the mushroom clearing -- straight then left. Go up to the 
stone and smash it to pieces.

You'll come to a pit with a log across it and exploding gems flying 
across I recommend using that dasher nut you picked up to run across 
it. Kill some ogre to find yourself by another pit, you know what to do
by now. Kill the ogre guarding the cave then enter it. Save and continue
futher into the cave. You'll see a dasher fighting an ogre. Kill the 
ogre if you choose but be careful. You don't want an angry dasher after 
you through this whole cave. Go left at the crossroads of it. Keep going
straight whilst killing ugly brutes. You'll come to a MEAN looking ogre 
with a fancy suit of armor and everything. Just freeze/slam him, very 
easy. He'll try to run away.. don't let him. He drops some goodies. 
Remember to get the scepter from the room he was in. Now back to the 
crossroads in the cave, and go left this time. Hit the switch with 
something (throwing axes, perhaps?) and out of the caveyou go. Run your 
way back to the dwarven caves...

       Find Prince Dain

Run towards the throne room. You'll run into a new enemy on the way, a 
lava elemental!  They really are quite easy. Five or six warhammer hits 
should take them down, so one snap freeze and they're gone. Anyway, stop
by the smithies first to pick up a gift. Now to the throne room, where 
Martel is waiting for you. He'll tell you that someone took the King's 
body and Dain (and Tor?) went to go look for it. So just go outside the 
throne room hang a right. Save if ya like. Just keep going until you get
to the throne room. You remember this place good enough, right? Plus, 
it's so very much easier than before. Now you wonder why you ever had 
problems here. Are you there yet? Good. Jump across as before. Keep 
going until the room that used to have those smashy things. It's a 
straight line, can't mess it up. There's a lava elemental in there this 
time. When you get out of there, you'll be in the room where the big 
drilly thing came through earlier. Now it's gone further in the cave so
you can go where it went. So, go in there and left when you have to.  
Run through this next room, don't want to burn your feet. Take out the 
two earth elementals in the next room then jump across the center of the
room. Take out the lava elemental, continue through. You can save now.

Kill the elementals, go wherever you have to.. have you noticed this 
game is very linear? Err, yeah. You should come to a place with "new" 
enemies. You'll recognize them if you have a photographic memory and 
discount the red lights around here.  That's right, they're Twice-Borns!
Except they're a bit stronger. Nothing to worry about though. So go 
through the door and you'll notice something familiar. Yep, it's the old
hallways from Necros' fortress. They've been mirrored and colors have 
changed, but it's them. At the bottom of these is a room with about four
elementals. These are easily taken down with your handy snap freeze.  
Pick a direction, it doesn't matter.

You'll find yourself in a room with three purple ..shapes and a GIANT
ELEMENTAL APPEARING!!  Put on your Heroism and have Snap ready. This guy
has more hit points than a convict bus. Freeze/pound on him. That's what
I did because it doesn't give him a chance to recast his annoyingly 
powerful regen spell.  So finish him up, and you're finished...

.. or not.  Seems King Aiden is displeased with you. His supernatural
form will now attempt to eat your soul. This guy hits very hard. I hope
you have a good heroism rank and lots of healing potions. Just be 
persistant. He won't be frozen, don't try. I used what I've been using
forever -- Earth warhammer. Good luck.

When he's through, you ARE done for now. Grab the Nightbringer and head
into the portal.  Talk with the dwarves about your favor, then leave.
Celestia will summon you. You'll appear in the throne room in the Ci'del.

12)   THE CITADEL:2:
      Not worth it's own section

Err, talk to her. Save game. Take off on airship. Not the one you 
usually use. Okay.

13)   ICE FIELD:
      Retrieve the Star of Et..Etr..?

Drop off the front of the airship, across the gap then onto the
transparent ice floating things. You'll get some pretty air armor if
you can do this without dying.  Onward. Save your game here, then slide
down like a fireman in Poland. Two new enemies in one room! Yay. Let's
see. We've got the Yeti (tall bluish thing, looks like androids from
7th Saga) and Ice Elementals.. look like blocks of ice. Get used to
fighting these guys, you'll be here a while.

First of all, equip the flame..fire.. the deadly hot fire weapon
talisman thing you got in the last dungeon.  Next, equip the 50 healing
potions I told you to buy. What? I didn't? Oh..

There isn't much room for tactics in this game. Hit them. Don't use
snap freeze in this area, it simply doesn't work (duh). Heroism is
your best friend. Let's continue. You'll run into countless yeti's
and elementals I'm not going to list most of them. A bit pointless,
don't you think? Get to the clearing which has the rump of an airship
with a door and a fake glacial rock over to your right. Go into the
ship for now.

Turn around, break the board. Go in and keep going straight
until further notice.. okay. There's a metal looking building enclosing
a switch. First push the metal block over to the ledge you just jumped
off of into here. Then hit the switch, and jump over to that door
you couldn't open before.

Kill the yeti on the way to the weather machine(?). Drop down, murder
the tough Yeti. Be careful around him, he hurts quite a bit. Pick up
the Holy Wrath spell, very useful later on. Now climb onto the elevator
to go up to the second floor here. Kill the yeti, run around the peri-
meter and across the bridge. Jump onto the platform. It should trigger
a message and make some noise.  Drop back down and go through the door.
Run through the exploding gems fly across the way into a room with a
Glacial Elemental and lightning maker. They can freeze you, by the way.

Go through the green thing to fight another Glacial thing. Through the
next door, hit the switch near the door up here.  Dispatch the shaman,
you'll find yourself back where you hit the first switch in this area.
Just turn left and head back out of the ship and by the fake ice wall
thing to your left. Smash it, fight a Glacier, Yeti and Ice elemental.
Save now if you wish.

Take a right here and avoid the lightning crystals.  At the dead end
smash the crystals here for some goodies, then it's back to the room
you just saved in. Take a right and drop off the cliff. It'll load
another area when you try to go.

Save and  beat up the Glacier and Yeti ahead. Keep going and find
another Glacier. You'll run into a log over a ravine, be careful while
you try to drop onto it then run across.  Now these ghosts, the only
way I could find to beat them reasonably is to nuke them with Holy
Wrath. So get your mana potions ready and start casting away. It'll
take a while now but your rank will go up quickly.  Now equip your
ranged weapon (axes, exploding gems) and hit the board on the floor
of the ship. Drop down and push the box by the closest stack of metal
crates. Jump up onto it, then throw an axe or something at the crystal
you can see from up there. It will destroy a box allowing you to go
through.  Jump out and get rid of the Glacier here. Continue straight.

My notes are a little foggy here. Run into black?  Ah, the black knight
dude. Exorcise him and his buddies. This may take a bit of mana potions.
Go right and save. Go and you'll find three ugly undeads that need to
be nuked. Keep going to find (yay) two more. It's almost over, don't
worry. Now you can smash the block then climb onto the little snow hill.
Jump onto the mast then the main part of the ship and drop down. Run
through, nuking on the way. You'll find a room of boxes, smash them
and read the scroll.  Drop down and push the boxes into the white
portal-looking thing. After they're both against it and it's shooting
lightning at them, run into it. Persist until it breaks then kill the
Captain's last friend. Now equip your Firestorm magic.

You'll see a door on your left. Run up to the outside of it, face in
and press R2 to aim at the corpse on the ground. Shoot it, it may take
a couple tries. The captain will be hitting you, watch the HP. Pick up
the Star of something, then run out of the ship and board the floaty
platform from the Citadel.

14)    BUG CAVE:
       Kill the ickies.

You'll find yourself not in the Citadel, but in the Darkwood forest.
Run along a bit and at the first clearing, equip the Star on your
weapon and smash the spider web. If you want, you can run ahead a bit
to save your game.  Enter the hole.

The purple Hive Warriors in this area are very annoying. I hit them when
they give me the chance. They'll run away, so I let them. You can kill
them later on. Well, break up the giant egg looking things, then go
straight.  The rest of this area is a tunnel until you get to a hole.
Jump down it, cast Heroism and run up to the giant bug. Start whaling
on it. It shouldn't be able to hurt you much (I was on Normal, it may
be different for you) so just keep at it until he finally dies. You'll
see Quest Completed when he's done for.  Now climb out and run down the
tunnel. You'll end up in a room with a door and a bunch of egg things.
Smash them then go through the door. Take the left route. Make your way
to the glowing green save thing. Save there, then go out and turn left
sharply. You'll be back in the woods. From here go left and board the
airship. The driver will take you to the Beach..

15)    WARZONE:
       Spy on Necros

Jump down from the ship and onto the elevator. When you're down take a
left and you can save up here if you like. Go into the fray when you're

In the new screen Celestia will talk to you and send you to go spy on
Necros to see what they're up against.  Run straight and jump down the
hole the guard is guarding.  Turn right, save. Continue through the left
door.  Kill the sentry and homunculus (VERY ANNOYING). The next room
houses a magical sentry with lightning and a mana shield. Take care of
him and climb out.  There'll be more homunculus'. Fight your way into
the lightning room up ahead. Run through to get some new armor then
bash your way into the hole behind the crates.  You'll be outside now,
go left. Take the first right here, killing the undead monkies on the
way.  When you get to a dead end kill the homunculus here to get a
shield talisman.  Back out and take a right. There is a seemingly 
endless stream of homunculus' here, so I just skip through it. Avoid
the mines up here, then go left. Continue straight, save, turn around.
Climb up the pillar by jumping onto it.  Kill some heroes now and head
right.  You'll meet Necros up here. He'll leave some goons to kill you
(HAH!) so take care of them. Another will come and after dispatching
him, it's into the portal.  Go left onto the mast protruding out. Wait
for the airship to come down then it's onto it. When it reaches the
Citadel jump off. 

Now just make your way to the Store house, except before you get there 
take the road that was always blocked off.  You'll find a white crystal 
and a bunch of baddies. Smash the crystal, kill the baddies. There's a 
switch in here, so to be safe hit it. NOW you can go down by the 
storehouse to the other way that was closed off to you. Again, hit the 
crystal and switch. Make your way to the throne room.

When you get there (after killing some black guards and saving your
game) go right. The lady's security will be activated so be ready with
the Star on your weapon and Heroism as your spell. When you reach her
bedroom the statues will start to come alive, two at a time, to attack
you. Take them down then hit the statue that's still there. Run down
the path it makes, jump onto the elevator.  You'll see an FMV with
Necros yapping and Drake taunting. When they're finished equip your
exploding gems, cast Heroism, press R2 to aim at where the lightning
is coming from. Shoot those, healing when necessary. Once the 
lightning from one stops hitting the center, aim at a different one.
After disabling three, action should stop and you get to watch an

Sit back and enjoy. You've completed the action-adventure game ever!

I'll leave you to find out the surprise that awaits, but if you're
reading this you've probably already read about it.

    ----> THE END <----
Crusaders of Might and Magic property of 3DO

And with that, I have new found respect for the people who write
these.  This game was very short and it didn't take me long, but
it truly isn't very fun to do this. At least, not for me.

Have a good one!

-Jesse Thompson

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