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This game was originally going to be a Nintendo 64 game where you played as Yoshi. Nintendo rejected the idea due to the fact that Nintendo did not want third-party companies to use their characters. Argonaut was so angry they instead made the game on rival consoles such as the PlayStation and Sega Saturn.

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Croc is a vegetarian. According to the game's instruction booklet, his favorite food is peas.

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All the character voices in this game and Croc 2 were done by one person. According to Argonaut, the voice of Croc, his friends and his enemies is able to pitch his voice very high and very low, resulting in only one voice talent being needed for all characters in both games.

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The boss battle background from Fight Night with Flibby is different between the PlayStation and Saturn versions. In the PlayStation version the background is the same as the rest of the level. In the Saturn version, the castle background from the later levels can be seen.

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