Review by Robbie Kennedy

Reviewed: 10/24/05

FInally, a game that kids can enjoy

This was one of the first Playstation games that all the family could play. Mum, Dad, Little Girl, Little Boy, Gran and Grampa could all play this. It is easy for most people but for the young children, it presents quite a big challenge.

Basically, you are a green crocodile called Croc, who is a orphan who never knew his real parents. The Gobbo people, a bunch of tiny furballs, adopted him. He grew up with them and grew up with the Gobbo ways and never really knew that he was an orphan, he just thought that he was, different than all the rest. But good times do not last forever. One day, a huge hole to hell opened up and out came The Baron. He then proceeded to wreck havoc, before running away. This is where you can start playing.

You have to go through loads of different levels, saving the Gobbo's and eventually getting to The Baron's Castle. Each level is different and has it's own puzzles and enemies. One level takes place completely on ice whereas another level takes place right in the heart of a volcano.

The controls are easy enough to use. X to jump, XX to ground pound, O to tail spin and the rest are easy enough as well. Each of the attacks work better on different opponents. For example, for little enemies, tail spin is best whereas for big enemies, ground pound works better.

Graphically, this game could be better. It is quite good but it could be a lot better but it is understandable seeing as it is on a console that does not have great graphical capabilities.

The sounds in this game are adorable. Hearing Croc doing Kung Fu noises while attacking leaves a smile on any persons face and the terrain sounds really make you feel that you are in an ice storm, or in the middle of a volcano.

I recommend this game to anyone. Any age group will enjoy this. It also is quite cheap right now, last I saw, it was under £4 which is about $6 or so so buy it if you find it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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