Review by Uvula Walrus

Reviewed: 03/08/03 | Updated: 03/29/03

You'd figure , with all this croc mania, there'd be ONE elk to annihlate.

Crocodiles are great animals. There’s nothing like watching The Discovery Channel and seeing an unsuspecting gazelle hop over a river and then WHAM, a crocodile rips the innocent gazelle, limb from limb, and drags him to his watery grave.
Unfortunately, Croc isn’t that kind of crocodile. You see, the Gobbos, a small tribe of furry friendly hamsters, raised Croc. Instead of being a vicious warrior of the water, Croc is a friendly vegetarian. But one day, Croc’s village was invaded by some mean, evil creatures who kidnapped King Gobbo and all of the villagers, and now it’s up to Croc to save his friends.

Croc controls like any normal platform hero: Jump, butt-whomp, swim… it’s all there.
Unfortunately, it’s not flawless. Croc turns rather slowly, often you’ll get hit while trying to turn around, and while running, he makes long arched turns instead of short rotations. Playing with the Dual Shock controller is recommended, because it will often help with Croc’s long turns.
Thankfully, a quick-turn button was included, and if you need to make a 180 degree turn, it’s there for a quick access.
The swimming areas are totally painful: Croc has to turn, not only left and right, but up and down also. Fighting the enemies and dodging the electric currents can be very painful. Thankfully, the underwater levels are usually played horizontally, meaning you won’t need too much adjustment during fights.
Much like Sonic the Hedgehog, Croc needs to pick up small icons throughout each level to keep himself alive. If Croc is hit, his jewels are dropped and Croc should quickly collect them, because if Croc is injured without any Jewels, he will die.

The level design is great. Tons of puzzles and action sequences are spaced apart just right so you will likely never get bored, except for some levels, such as the underwater levels and the desert levels, which look too drab and get boring too quickly. Thankfully, Fox included bonus rounds and secret areas in each level. One bonus round, for instance, has you hopping on buttons to blow up sheep, and while that does sounds bizarre, keep in mind you’re playing a game about a friendly crocodile.

Croc has great music, even though most of the songs are just remixes of one another, each one has a different flow to it and never strays from the area of tension/humor of each level. The snow levels, in particular, stand out in my head. Each one contains the same melody, but the arrangement and percussion is entirely different in each version.

So…are the graphics good?
Yes, actually, by today’s standards, they’re still very good. The water effects are nice, and the characters are neither blocky or pixilated. Not to mention the frames of animation, Croc’s moves are like butter: Smooth and silky, yet deep. Or…something like that. I don’t know, butter isn’t my strong subject.
The areas in Croc are quite large as well, oddly enough, they are all separated by doors, which is strange considering you’re always outside. But the object of Croc is not being politically correct any ways, so why am I complaining?

Croc is worth a purchase.
Despite the frustrating controls, Croc is more than the controls. You will likely never bore of Croc, due to the large levels and abundance of secrets in each one.
The characters all look great, and you will always be compelled to see what’s around the next corner.
Buy this game now.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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