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Reviewed: 10/12/09 | Updated: 11/16/09

Croc...perfect name for it

What may seem like a basic 3D platform game is really not worth the trouble after you have played it a little and compared it to other 3D platform games.

Story 2/10

Well, this game made an effort at least. The main character is a one tooth alligator thing that was raised by a bunch of tiny puffballs they call Gobbos. Well one day the king of the Gobbos gets abducted by an evil magician and it is up to Croc to save him. Off hand I would say that the story sounds a little basic and kind of like they tacked in on at the last minute so I have no idea to how much of an effort however.

Graphics/Sound 5/10

This is also a real drag even for the time of its release the graphics looked kind of rough, but it is tolerable. As for the sound it seems to be really repetitive. The music can get uneven with the area of the game. Another big problem is every time you attack Croc makes a kind of kid karate noise in a high pitch whinny tone that at first is kind of interesting by easily becomes tiresome.

Gameplay 3/10

This game has a control scheme that is terrible and some times very unresponsive like in areas when you need to make a certain jump it is almost guaranteed to mess up or delay thus causing you to have to try again and again. This avoided to use of the life bar by trying to employ the same damage system Sonic used but instead of rings it was diamonds that once you are hit you loose them all and if you are hit again you die period. The thing was after you got hit the first time the diamonds disappeared to quickly so you had practically no time to respond and pick them back up so basically if you got hit once you where in for it. Croc was ably to employ one of two attacks the tail whip and the ground pound both of which failed by be anything helpful the ground pound required the enemy to be directly below you, and the tail whip had a very short range. All in all these factors did not help this game one bit.

Play Time/ Replayablity 1/10

I have no clue who would want to play this game a second time because it took almost forever to get through it the first time and not because the game was long but because they would have to do things over and over again. The player is most-likely to get sick to their stomach long before they even get close to the end much less to the first boss.

Overall Score 3/10

So yes, this game is a real let down, and looking back on it now the biggest let down was that it could have been a good game I don’t know if the designers rushed or something, but as it is now stay away from any game that has a the title Croc because you will not believe the irony of that.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (US, 09/29/97)

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