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Reviewed: 10/16/06

It has it's flaws, but it's still a very overlooked platformer

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos was a highly hyped platformer released by Ubi-Soft (Which was known as Argonaut back then) in 1997. It was a very hyped game, Croc was even dubbed as "The next Super Mario" when Croc came out. Croc is basically about a crocodile named....Croc, who is found on an island full of strange little creatues named Gobbos. The Gobbos take Croc in and raise him like one of their own, the king of the Gobbos teaches Croc how to walk, run and perform a tail spin as shown in the introductory. But all is not well. In some land far away, some giant green guy named Baron Dante plans to terrorize and capture the Gobbos with his army of Dantinis. Why Dante wants to do this, I dont know but it's up to Croc to save the day.

Graphics: 5/10

Croc came out after Crash Bandicoot, which was a wonderful game in terms of graphics, the graphics in this game are very choppy and blocky, a lot of the backgrounds look like paint. The game is very unimpressive graphically, Croc himself looks like a green line with twigs for arms and a block head with a cylinder like tooth popping out. The Gobbos are basically little brown furballs with giant eyes that look too big for their heads.

Music and sound: 10/10

The music is very good. There are tons of catchy tunes in the game and all they come off fantasically. The sound effects are great too, when your in a cave, you hear sound effects you'd expect to hear from a cave. When fireballs pop out of lava, they make the sound you'd expect them to. The jingles of the bells in the second world come off perfectly. Everyone was well done here.

Controls: 8/10

Controls for the most part, are solid. There are a couple of flaws though. For instance, it's very difficult to jump diagonally, in fact it seems the game doesn't want you to. The camera can get irritating too, sometimes it just acts on it's own when your in a corner or looking diagonally. To jump, you have to turn in that direction, it's not like Crash Bandicoot where if say, you jump straight you can aim Crash wherever you want with ease. In Croc, if you jump straight, it's very difficult to make a turn during your jump.

Gameplay: 9/10

Croc is a platformer. You'll find yourself jumping from platform to platform so you don't fall to your death. There's also environments like lava, icy water, desert mud (You'll know when you get there). Crocs main functions are jumping and using a tail spin, which is Crocs main form of attack. In Croc, your goal is to enter a level and find as many Gobbos as you can before you use a tail spin on the goal gong and move on. There are six levels Gobbos in each level. Your enemies mainly consist of Dantinis, who come in various colors, but the different their color, the different kind of attack they'll have (Like the kremlings in DKC). The game consists of crystals, if Croc has at least one in his possession, he can't die (Ala Sonic). When you hit a goal gong, the current crystals you have will be deposited into your total. Have 100 in your total and these get exchanged for an extra life. The game also has hearts, which are basically extra lifes. Gobbos will usually be in a box, which you have to use a ground pound to break open. Gobbos will sometimes be on a lone platform which you'll have to jump to. Some Gobbos are also locked in a cage, so you must find a silver key to unlock. In addition to keys and Gobbos, each level has five colored crystals (Red, blue, green, yellow and purple). Finding all five will open the door with the colored crystals on it, which is usually next to the goal gong. In this room, you'll find your sixth Gobbo. But you'll have to face some kind of obstacle to get that final Gobbo, whether it be guiding crystals in a pot or racing a ghost.

Several levels also have a locked door, so you must find a gold key to unlock the door. This game has often been dubbed "kiddy" but it quites challenging as you move on and can be pretty frustrating at times, as you move on you'll have deeper gaps to jump across, so you'll have to time your jumps better. There are four worlds in the game, each world has a different theme. Each world has three normal levels, a boss level in which you must fight a normal creature that the Baron mutated, a secret level if you rescued all six Gobbos in the first three levels, three more levels, another boss and another secret level. Each secret level has a jigsaw piece in it, there are eight in total. Finding all eight will unlock the games biggest secret.

I like the gameplay, this game really is a great platformer. In addition to jumping and using his tail spin, Croc can climb and swim as well. Croc offers a lot, since you'll be looking for at least eleven things in each level. The game never goes overboard though, it's not one of these games where finding things becomes a chore, it mixes in smoothly and keeps the game fun and entertaining.

Replay value: 7/10

You have Gobbos, crystals and keys to find. The game offers a bit if your looking to beat it with 100% completion. But it's still as much as other games offer. The game still does a nice job with replay value though. Some of the levels are very fun and may keep you coming back for more.


If you find this game, it isn't going to be expensive unless the people running the store are idiots. It's a very solid platformer, it lacks in graphics and the controls are a little stiff, but it's still one of the best platformers of the 90's in my opinion.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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