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Everything you like about cart racing games and more! 01/13/01 Brian L.
Best cart game ever...Great game. Worth a rent. 12/01/99 Catscan
A superb reincarnation of Mario Kart. 11/01/99 Cliq
The best kart racing game ever! 05/27/01 DayoftheRhodes
I really wanted to give this game a 10... 02/10/00 fduboo
Great game, but pretty easy. 02/11/01 Fireblade
Crash Team Racing Sticks Mario Kart In the Back Seat 01/27/00 Goober
Want a fun game, here is 12/11/01 Harvman 85
Racing Penquins and Polar Bears! Who doesn't love that? 06/11/01 jerbils
Crash delivers the fourth in a great series, this with kart-racing 02/01/05 kaptainkirby
This game will instantly make your life that little bit more enjoyable. 05/02/00 KingBroccoli
Mario Kart or 3... 2... 1... Smurf? 09/22/02 Lagunathemoron
A Mario Kart clone, but still a lot of fun 02/09/01 Last Avenger
Eat this Mario Kart! 11/22/99 LordOfLemmings
Crash or Mario? 08/20/03 Mystical Vortex
Move over Mario and Diddy, Crash is comming to town!! 06/06/00 Nivla
Impressive...Naughty Dog IS amazing!! 11/21/99 PEVAlution
Good? Yeah. Diddy Kong? No. 07/20/00 SDMonkey
Crash fans won't be disappointed. 12/01/01 siegfriedmaster
Quite Simply, The Perfect Game 07/27/05 Speedy Boris
Heaven...I'm in heaven.....and my kart beats so that...*Runs from the rotton Tomatoes* 11/01/99 TheFreak
My Faith in Mascot-Racing Games is Renewed! 01/31/01 Timmy Big Hands
The Bandicoot is back in a high speed racing adventure 04/06/09 vgmasterRicardo
If games were given medals, this would be 1st place 09/29/01 Wild Gunman

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