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How to use a cheat code on Time Trial ? Build 2 1 month ago
HELP game freezes? General 4 1 year ago
I wanted Nitros Oxide be unlocking character for ntsc or pal ps1 game ? Enemy/Boss 1 1 year ago
How Do I unlock all the characters the way your supposed to? Side Quest 2 1 year ago
Do you hear someone saying something in the back round? Tech Support 3 1 year ago
how get Nitros Oxide ? Enemy/Boss 1 3 years ago
Platinum Relic Trouble? General 1 4 years ago
Dr. Nitrus Brio be in CTR game ? General 3 4 years ago
Oxide? General 2 4 years ago
Nefarious Tropy be a cpu racer be in arcade mode and vs mode? General 2 4 years ago

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