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FAQ/Walkthrough by TheBlackMamba

Version: 0.50 | Updated: 09/09/10

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Walkthrough by: Sheepman23
Creator of Game: Naughty Dog
Date Started: 7/29/10


Table of Contents
About This Walkthrough
Update History
The Story
The World of Crash
The Basics
Advanced Moves, Combos, and Powers
Crystals, Gems, and Relics
The Table of Gems and Gem Paths
  Warp Room #1
    Level 1: Toad Village
    Level 2: Under Pressure
    Level 3: Orient Express
    Level 4: Bone Yard
    Level 5: Makin’ Waves
    Boss Battle: Tiny Tiger
  Warp Room #2
    Level 6: Gee Wiz
    Level 7: Hang ‘Em High
    Level 8: Hog Ride
    Level 9: Tomb Time
    Level 10: Midnight Run
    Boss Battle: Dingodile
  Warp Room #3
    Level 11: Dino Might!
    Level 12: Deep Trouble
    Level 13: High Time
    Level 14: Road Crash
    Level 15: Double Header
    Boss Battle: N. Tropy
  Warp Room #4
    Level 16: Sphynxinator
    Level 17: Bye-Bye Blimps
    Level 18: Tell No Tales
    Level 19: Future Frenzy
    Level 20: Tomb Wader
    Boss Battle: N. Gin
  Warp Room #5
    Level 21: Gone Tomorrow
    Level 22: Orange Asphalt
    Level 23: Flaming Passion
    Level 24: Mad Bombers
    Level 25: Bug Lite
    Boss Battle: N. Cortex
  Secret Warp Room
    Level 26: Ski Crazed
    Level 27: Hang ‘Em High
    Level 28: Area 51?
    Level 29: Future Frenzy
    Level 30: Rings of Power
  Super Secret Levels
    Level 31: Hot Coco
    Level 32: Eggipus Rex
Relic Tips
Closing and Credits


Welcome to my guide for Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. I must say that I’m 
a huge fan of the Crash series, and this could be my favorite game out 
of them – it’s in a close tie with Cortex Strikes Back.

Well... let’s get started with the game already!

First things first, I don’t give out my e-mail, so there’s no way of 
contacting me about this walkthrough, and that’s a good thing, because 
I don’t necessarily want to be contacted personally about it. If you 
have anything you’d like to say about it, post it in a new topic on the 
board for Crash Bandicoot: Warped, as I check out the board every once 
in a while.

This walkthrough covers almost everything about the game. To be 
perfectly honest, however, the relics are the section that I cannot 
vouch for, as I have not retrieved very many platinum relics, and I 
only know the basic tips and tricks for the levels in time trial mode. 
The other walkthroughs give better hints and tips for them, so try 
looking there if you don’t have luck here.

7/29/10 – started the walkthrough.
9/8/10 – walkthrough sent to GameFAQs. Levels 1 – 15 complete, 16 – 32 
to go.

If you’ve played Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, and you’ve 
gotten 100% with all of the gems, then you’ll know what happens at the 
end of that game, and the beginning picks up where it left off. Pieces 
of Cortex’s space station go flying to Earth, and one of them flies 
into a temple structure. The structure is demolished, and a new god-
like creature is set free...

A horrible laugh sounds across Wumpa island... we see Crash, Coco, 
Polar, Pura, and Aku Aku outside of the Bandicoot house, and they rush 
inside after the sound occurs. Aku Aku explains to Crash and Coco that 
Uka Uka has been freed, and ironically enough, Uka Uka is Aku Aku’s 
evil brother. The Bandicoots, Pura, and Aku Aku rush out of the house, 
headed for an unknown destination.

We then see Cortex, who pleads to Uka Uka (a new bad guy) that the 
wretched Bandicoot is the reason that Cortex has failed in world 
domination twice. Uka Uka doesn’t fear another loss, however, as he has 
recruited an old friend, N. Tropy, to help them recover the crystals 
from their original places in time. Tropy has created a time machine 
that will take them to those locations.

Crash and Coco arrive afterwards, and Cortex and Uka Uka are nowhere to 
be found. Aku Aku tells them how to enter the time traveling portals, 
and tells them good luck. The Bandicoots are on another adventure...


The Warp Room
The Warp Room consists of five different sections, and at the beginning 
of the game, only one section is available for you to enter. In each 
section, there are five numbered pads that, when stepped on, create a 
time portal above the central platform of the hub. Stepping into this 
portal brings you the desired level. Once you collect 5 relics, a 
platform will appear in the very center that transports you to the 
secret warp room. Inside of here, there are five more levels that are 
unlocked by collecting a certain amount of relics for each.

When all five crystals are collected within a hub (except in the secret 
warp room), the pads will disappear and be replaced by a single pad, 
and the portal that this creates is a boss battle. Once you defeat the 
boss, the other five pads will reappear, along with the boss battle 

The Load/Save screen is located in the central section of the five 
hubs, and you can come here at any time to save your progress in your 
adventure, or load a different adventure.

Between Levels
While traveling through the time portals to the different levels, you 
may encounter Cortex, Uka Uka, or one of their minions. Often times 
they will provide you with unimportant information. Aku Aku sometimes 
shows up to provide you with more important stuff, like things about 
time trials when you reenter a level for the first time.

The Level
A simple level in the Crash universe consists of a direct path from the 
start of the level to the exit warp at the end. This direct path, of 
course, can twist and turn and be littered with tons of traps, enemies, 
crates, and whatnot, but it will always lead you to the warp. In a few 
levels of the game, there are detours, but these detours always lead 
back together. There are also platforms in some of the levels that 
brings you from one location along the path to another – however, the 
path it brings you to is always the same one that leads to the exit 

Platforms that have an ? on them, a skull and crossbones, or are in the 
shape of gem, however, take you to a different section of the level. ? 
are Bonus Level platforms, and can be accessed in any level that has 
them. Skull & crossbones, or “Death Route” platforms, are only filled 
in if you reach that point in the level without dying – if you don’t, 
then it’s just an outline. For gem platforms, you must have retrieved 
the gem of that color in order for the platform to be filled in.

Some levels of the game are very much free-roaming, however, and allow 
you to turn the camera in the same direction that your vehicle is 
pointing. These levels include the Coco jet ski levels and the airplane 
levels for both Crash and Coco. In the jet ski levels, there is a 
direct path ahead, but you can turn in any direction and drive.

Other levels do not allow you to backtrack at all, like the Great Wall 
and Motorcycle levels. In these, you cannot turn back at any type, and 
in the Great Wall levels, there is no way that you can stop, either.

Bonus Levels
A bonus level is a branch of the main path of a level where Crash can 
collect extra crates located along a short side-scrolling area. These 
crates are required for getting the Box Gem, so you should always hop 
on the Bonus Level elevator. Once you complete the Bonus Level whether 
or not you collected all the boxes within, the Bonus platform will be 
inactive unless you come back into the level on a different run.

There usually are no hazards on the Bonus Level platform besides pits, 
TNTs, and Nitro boxes. If you die during the Bonus Level, you will not 
lose a life, and will be transported right next to the Bonus Level 
platform so you can try it again if you’d like.

Death Routes
Three levels of the game consist of a platform nearly halfway through 
the level that has a skull & crossbones on it. In order for this 
platform to be filled in you must reach that point in the level without 
dying. The platform will take you to a different branch of the level, 
and sometimes this branch leads to an exit portal of it’s own, and 
sometimes there is another platform at the end to take you back to the 
regular level.

The Death Routes are usually generally harder than the basic level. If 
you die within the Death Route, you are transported back to the last 
Checkpoint you hit. If the checkpoint is outside of the Death Route, 
then the platform will still be filled if you return to it.

All three of the game’s Death Routes yield a colored gem at the end.

Gem Paths
Gem Paths are much like Death Routes, only you must have a specific 
colored gem to enter them, and if you die within the regular level, the 
platform will remain filled in. Gem paths also sometimes have an exit 
portal of their own at the other end, rejoin with the main level at the 
end, or have a platform that brings you back to the main level.

Much like the Death Routes, Gem Paths are normally more challenging 
than the regular level, and at the end of every one there is a Clear 
Gem. It should be noted that some gem paths also have boxes located 
along them, ones that need to be broken in order to obtain the level’s 
Box Gem.

Boss Battles
There are five boss battles in the game, and each one is opened up by 
completing five levels within a hub. In the boss battle, the general 
idea is to sink the boss’s health meter down until it’s gone, and there 
are varied ways to do this. In the first three battles, you must strike 
the boss three times. In the fourth and fifth boss battles, there are 
different ways to drain the health.

Once you defeat a boss, you’ll receive a new power. These powers are 
sometimes ideal for completing the next set of levels, or are simply 
nice to have and make things easier. The other result of completing a 
boss is that the next warp hub will be open for Crash and Coco.

After you defeat a boss, you can reenter the boss battle at any time by 
using the pad with the boss’s face on it in the warp hub.

Time Trial Mode
Several elements of a level change when you hit the time trial clock at 
the beginning. First of all, all of the Wumpa fruit in plain sight 
within the level vanishes, and many of the level’s boxes are changed to 
either Aku Aku Boxes or Clock-Stopper Boxes, while many are simply 
changed to regular boxes.

In time trial mode, the Bonus Level becomes off-limits, but Death 
Routes and Gem Paths are still available if you want to use them. Other 
than this, everything else in the level remains the same.

Completing the Game
I’m not going to spoil anything, but I will say that there are two 
endings. One is gotten for doing the easy thing – getting all 25 
crystals and beating the final boss. The other (the “real” ending) is 
gotten for completing the game with 100%. Although they say that 
getting there is half the fun, I think that it’s nearly all of the 

The basic moves in the Crash world. If you can’t contend with these 
simple things, then this is not the game for you. Here are the 
abbreviations for some of the controls:

Cross – X
Square – S
Circle – O
Triangle – T
L3 – Left Analog Stick
(r) – tap button repeatedly

Move/Action             Control(s)
Walk                    L3 (lightly)
Run                     L3 or D-Pad controls
Jump                    X
Directional Jump		X + L3/D-Pad controls
Spin                    S
Crouch                  O
Crawl                   O (hold) + L3/D-Pad controls
Body Slam			X + O
Pause Screen		Start

These moves are a bit trickier, but are pretty easy to work out. Most 
of these moves are simply a combination of two or more different moves, 
while the ones with the * mark are super moves that require the power 
token to perform. The same abbreviations apply here that did with the 
Basic Moves.

Move/Combo                Control(s)                Requirements
High Jump                 O + X
Slide                     L3/D-Pad + O
Slide Jump                L3/D-Pad + O + X
Super Body Slam           X + O                     Super Body Slam
Double Jump               X + X                     Double Jump
Double High Jump          O + X + X                 Double Jump
Death Tornado Spin        S (r)                     Tornado Spin
Long Distance Air Combo   L3 + O + X + X + S (r)    Double Jump,
                                                    Tornado Spin
Aim Fruit Bazooka         L2 (hold) + L3/D-Pad      Fruit Bazooka
Fire Fruit Bazooka        L2 (hold) + O             Fruit Bazooka
Crash Dash                R2 (hold)                 Crash Dash

Every Crash level is littered with an amount of boxes. If you break all 
of the breakable boxes within a level, you’ll receive a Box Gem at the 
very end for your hard effort.

There are many types of boxes, both breakable (boxes/crates) and 
unbreakable (iron). All of these are shown below, along with what they 
contain or do.

Box Type             Features
Regular Box          always contains Wumpa fruit(s)

? Crate              a surprise is inside, usually Wumpa fruit
Crash Crate          a Crash life is inside every one

Aku Aku Box          with an Aku Aku mask, you won’t die if you get hit
                     by an enemy or trap (besides deep pits). If you
                     collect three in a row without using any, you’ll
                     become temporarily invincible!

Bouncy Box           gives you a certain amount of Wumpa fruit by 
                     jumping on it (or hitting it from underneath)
                     until it breaks. Breaking it by other means gives
                     you nothing.

Checkpoint Box       if you die, you’ll return to the nearest
                     Checkpoint box that you hit.

Slot Box             this box changes what’s inside of it, and whatever
                     is on it when you hit it is what the box becomes.
                     Watch out, though, because if you leave it sit
                     long enough, it changes into a Steel Crate.

Arrow Crate          these allow Crash to bounce up high with them, but
                     can also be broken. Make sure that you don’t spin
                     them until you’ve used them.

Steel Crate          these can only be broken with a Body Slam (or
                     Super Body Slam), and always contain Wumpa fruit.

TNT Box              never spin these, as they explode with a spin or
                     slide impact. If you jump on them, they’ll start a
                     countdown to 1, and after that, they explode, thus
                     exploding any crates except iron ones around them.

Nitro Box            never, EVER touch a Nitro box. In the first 20
                     levels of the game, you have no means of
                     destroying them, so just leave them alone and
                     sometimes they’ll explode from something else in
                     the environment. The Iron Nitro Switch at the end
                     of the level will take care of all of them.

Iron Crate           an unbreakable, stable crate. Usually serves as a
                     path in some Bonus Levels.

Iron Bouncy Box      exactly like the regular Bouncy Boxes, only

Iron Switch          these can be struck to fill in outline crates (see
                     below) or activate something in the environment.

Outline Box          these are outlines of boxes that are filled in
                     when you hit an Iron Switch.

Nitro Switch         like the regular Iron Switch, only this destroys
                     every single Nitro box in the level, and is
                     usually located near the very end of the level.

Clock-Stopper Box    in Time Trial Mode, many of the boxes within the
                     level will change into this. There are three types
                     of these – 1 second, 2 seconds, and 3 seconds. Hit
                     one to stop the time trial clock for however many
                     seconds the box is worth.


Of course, Crash has an objective as he goes through all of these 
perilous levels – to collect all three of the items that are shown 
above. Every one of the first 25 levels in the game has all three, and 
all of the other seven have atleast the gem and the relic. Some levels 
have two gems: one is a box gem, the other a clear or colored gem.

Crystals are generally located in obvious spots within the level, 
usually towards the end. In the racing and flying levels, the crystal 
is collected for winning the race or destroying all of the 
blimps/aircrafts, respectively. Collect five crystals in a hub to open 
up the boss level for that hub.

There are three types of gems – box, clear, and colored. Every level in 
the game has a box gem, except for Level 32. A Box Gem is retrieved for 
breaking every box in the level, and if you don’t break every box, then 
there is simply a box counter at the end that shows how many you 
missed. In some levels it is impossible to get the Box Gem on the first 
time through, as sometimes boxes are located on a path within the level 
that cannot be accessed at the time. Also, in the flying levels, the 
gem is awarded immediately after you break all of the boxes.

The second type of gem is the Clear Gem. Clear Gems are usually in 
plain sight at the end of a path opened up by a colored gem, or in 
secret areas, like at the end of the path in Level 29. In Levels 28 and 
30, the gem is awarded for winning the race.

The last type of gem is the Colored Gem. Three of the colored gems in 
the game are located at the end of a Death Route. One is accessible 
through the secret warp room, and the other is located in a secret area 
of a level. Colored Gems are like Clear Gems, but when you collect one, 
it fills in a gem path in a different level, making it accessible. For 
instance, by collecting the Purple Gem in Level 13, you’ll make the 
Purple Gem door in Level 9 openable.

Relics can only be retrieved by entering the Time Trial Mode of a level 
and making it to the end before the time of the desired relic. Sapphire 
relics are the easiest relic to retrieve, and this type of relic is 
really all it takes to collect the official “relic” of the level. Gold 
and Platinum relics are simply for a greater challenge. If you get a 
Sapphire or Gold relic, and you retry the level and get a better relic, 
it will automatically change in the hub stats.

Whenever you collect a certain crystal, gem, or relic, it will 
automatically switch over to Crash/Coco’s face in the hub stats (to see 
this, step on the pad of the desired level, and the stats will be on 
the left side).

This is a table showing all of the gems within a level besides Box 
Gems, as well as any paths that are opened up by certain color gems. 
For good measure, I also threw in if the level has a Bonus Level or 

#   Level                 Bonus?    Extra Gem?        Gem Path?
1   Toad Village          Yes       
2   Under Pressure        No  
3   Orient Express        No
4   Bone Yard             Yes       Clear Gem         Red Path
5   Makin’ Waves          No
6   Gee Wiz               Yes
7   Hang ‘Em High         Yes       Yellow Gem*
8   Hog Ride              No
9   Tomb Time             Yes       Clear Gem         Purple Path
10  Midnight Run          No
11  Dino Might!           Yes       Clear Gem         Yellow Path
12  Deep Trouble          No        Red Gem
13  High Time             Yes       Purple Gem        Death Route
14  Road Crash            No
15  Double Header         Yes
16  Sphynxinator          Yes       Clear Gem         Blue Path
17  Bye-Bye Blimps        No
18  Tell No Tales         No
19  Future Frenzy         Yes       Clear Gem**
20  Tomb Wader            Yes       Blue Gem          Death Route
21  Gone Tomorrow         Yes       Clear Gem         Green Path
22  Orange Asphalt        No
23  Flaming Passion       Yes       Green Gem         Death Route
24  Mad Bombers           No
25  Bug Lite              Yes       Clear Gem         All Gems
26  Ski Crazed            No
27  Hang ‘Em High         No        Yellow Gem*
28  Area 51?              No        Clear Gem***
29  Future Frenzy         No        Clear Gem**
30  Rings of Power        No        Clear Gem***
31  Hot Coco              No
32  Eggipus Rex           No        Clear Gem****


* The Yellow Gem is located in Level 7, but is only accessed through 
Level 27.

** Future Frenzy’s Clear Gem is located in Level 19, but is only 
accessed through Level 29.

*** Both of these Clear Gems are gotten by winning the race.

**** Eggipus Rex has no boxes, so you receive a Clear Gem near the 
level’s end in place of the Box Gem.

Well, here’s the main part of the guide, the walkthrough. This 
walkthrough covers all of the most important stuff in every level of 
the game, so hopefully that should be enough to get you through. There 
are tips on every death route and gem path, as well as the bonus 
levels. The boss battles are also described in detail for you.

Warp Room #1
Level 1: Toad Village
Level 2: Under Pressure
Level 3: Orient Express
Level 4: Bone Yard
Level 5: Makin’ Waves
Boss 1: Tiny Tiger

Level 1: Toad Village
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Relic
Paths - Bonus Level 
Boxes - 42
Sapphire Relic - 1:03:00
Gold Relic - 00:57:53
Platinum Relic - 00:44:06

The Toad Village should not be of much trouble to you. If you’re a 
newcomer to the Crash series, there are only a few things you really 
need to know. First, every level in this enemy can be spun, as well as 
slid into or jumped on. In later levels, that may not be the case, but 
here it is. In the case of the guys swinging the swords, make sure that 
they’ve swung it around before you run up and hit them. Break all of 
the boxes in sight, and be SURE that you hit the Slot Boxes before they 
turn into Iron Crates, which are unbreakable.

Be careful around the frogs. Although they’re very easy to kill and 
really are pretty slow, they jump very quickly from one spot to 
another, so try to go at them right after they jump to a spot. Don’t 
fall in any of the pits (although the water is fine), and you’ll make 
it through OK.


BOX GEM: There are no hidden boxes at all, just make sure you get all 
of the ones on the bonus level.

BONUS LEVEL: Extremely easy, I don’t think there’s any pointers to give 
here. Just get off the Bonus platform, get all seven boxes, and jump 
onto the one at the other end.


TIME TRIAL: The sapphire relic can be achieved without the Crash Dash 
power (which you obtain at the end of the fifth warp room, so you still 
have a long ways to go if this is your first time through), but you’ll 
probably need them for the gold and platinum relics. A couple of tips 
regarding this time trial:

- I know this sounds incredibly stupid, but running on the walls (the 
outer boundaries of the path) makes you go faster than running on the 
sand. Just be careful, because some sections will make you stop 
abruptly. Jump frequently to avoid these.

- Ignore the Aku Aku masks. Yet again this sounds stupid, but if you’re 
running on the walls you don’t want to have to stop your run to get 
one, which you’ll never have to use (and there’s no invincibility, 

- I have passed the platinum relic by maybe a whole second, and that 
was it. Some people have found it to be easier... I didn’t, though.

Level 2: Under Pressure
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Relic 
Boxes - 51
Sapphire Relic - 1:46:00
Gold Relic - 1:17:93
Platinum Relic - 1:10:50

Your first of two Atlantean levels in the game shouldn’t be too much 
trouble, but it can take some work to master the scuba gear with Crash. 
Practice swimming around and spinning at the beginning of the level to 
get an idea of what it’s like.

Two major things about this level: never EVER touch one of the chained 
mines, and stay away from the electrical paddles inside of the tubes. 
Any other enemies that you encounter here can be spun, but if it’s a 
pufferfish, make sure that they’re not puffed up when you do so. Watch 
out for some slot boxes in this level, too, as sometimes you get so 
caught up in doing something else that you forget completely about it.

Once you get aboard the jet in the lower section of the level, realize 
that you can shoot torpedoes and do speed boosts with it. The torpedoes 
will destroy the red corals at the bottom of the screen, so make sure 
you destroy all of those, since there are hidden crates inside of them. 
They also take out mines, which is very useful.

Inside of the tubes, you’ll have to follow the paddles around, or Crash 
will be electrified. When you go in time trial mode, you may find out 
that sometimes you can dart below a paddle before it comes around over 
the tube hole, but on your first run through, just follow it around and 
DON’T TOUCH IT. Also, below the paddle areas, there are often eels in 
the sides of the reef, so watch very carefully for them.


BOX GEM: Make sure you blast open all of the corals with your 
underwater jet to collect all of the boxes inside. Other than that, all 
of the boxes are very noticeable.


TIME TRIAL: First things first – if you’re having trouble with this 
time trial after reading my tips, do not panic. Scuba diving levels 
have very challenging time trials, where the littlest things make the 
biggest difference. Here are the tips I will provide for you.

- Ignore the first Aku Aku mask at the bottom of the screen. It wastes 
time to go after it.

- Be awfully careful when exiting those circular tubes while going 
down. Eels are lurking here, and it’s terribly annoying to lose a mask 
with one, or die altogether.

- In the horizontal tube at the second tier of the level, you should 
have a time of around 18:00.

- When you reach the bottom of the long vertical tube, you should be 
around 29:00.

- When you’re on the underwater jet, constantly use the speed burst to 
get through the opening section. Be more cautious when you get to the 
area with the sharks and mines, and once here, constantly fire 
torpedoes to take things out. There is also a 3-second box inside of 
one of the corals.

- Here is the trickiest part. When you reach the second rotating fin in 
the double chamber, the method that saves time it to dart down and to 
the right to the exit tube. If you succeed without the fin closing your 
path, it saves an awful lot of time. If you hit the fin and lose a 
mask... you might as well restart, unless you’re going for a simple 
sapphire or possibly even gold.

- The last area is also tricky. On the jet sub, you need to use the 
speed burst up until the raised section with the shark. From there on 
out, blast everything away until you’re past the pair of pufferfish. 
Speed boost at the top of the screen to avoid the mine, and shoot the 
final shark before bursting through to the exit.

Level 3: Orient Express
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Relic 
Boxes - 51
Sapphire Relic - 00:41:00
Gold Relic - 00:27:80
Platinum Relic - 00:18:00

I’m sure that you’ll find this level to be lots of fun, and it’s a 
great opener for Coco as well. In my opinion, she gets all of the 
coolest levels in this game...

Here’s the basics of the level: you hop on the tiger at the start, and 
race your way to the very end of the Great Wall. Of course, this is no 
easy feat. There are various construction guys along the way, pitfalls, 
flying dragons, rolling barrels, and even some parts where you get the 
option of going on or through a building. At these sections, you either 
must jump onto a springboard being held by a guy, or jump over the 
springboard and go through the building’s tunnel. To get all of the 
boxes in the level, you must go through the first one, on top of the 
second, and through the third one.

When you ride Pura along the wall, it’s nonstop, much like the polar 
bear levels from CB2 and the hog levels from the original. You can’t 
brake at all, either, so just go with it and dodge everything in your 
path. You’ll be weaving all over the place – left, right, over and 
under. Speaking of over and under, you’ll have to do this with the 
dragons in the level. Most of them fly low, so you’ll have to jump over 
them, but a few towards the end fly higher off the ground. Be careful 
with the low-flying ones, because jumping too soon means you’re going 
to crash on top of it, and jumping too late means that Pura will trip 
over it.

Boxes. You may find yourself getting frustrated with some of the crates 
in this level, especially in one section toward the end, where you must 
weave left and right along the path to get every box, but you have to 
in order to get the Box Gem. Just hit everything, and if you fail to 
get something, don’t panic too much. I suppose that you could kill 
yourself to try and get the box again, but you can also simply replay 
the level and try to get it again.


BOX GEM: Hit every box here, and like I said above, you must go through 
the first guardhouse, over the second one, and through the last one to 
get all of the boxes. Be careful with the stacks of boxes, because you 
have to go through the center to get them all.


TIME TRIAL: If you mash your finger down on the Square button 
throughout this level, not only will Pura run very fast, but it’s 
enough power to get you by the dragons before they even fly across, 
smash through the rolling barrels, and smack every clock-stopper box in 
the path. The platinum relic here is awfully steep, but with 
perfection, you can get it. I’ve gotten a time of 17:73, so I didn’t 
pass it by that much, but enough is enough. Here are some tips:

- At the first time box, you should have 1:63 or somewhere VERY close 
to it, as in milliseconds. If you don’t, try it again.

- The first construction guy can be jumped if you’re mashing down the 
Square button.

- Like I said above, going fast enough often allows you to bypass 
dragon kites. Do this with the very first one.

- Underneath the first guardhouse, ignore the Aku Aku box. Chances are 
that you’ll end up missing one of the one second boxes if you do try to 
get it.

- You should be at about 5:50 when you bypass the third dragon kite.

- Near the second Aku Aku box (which you should hit), you should be 
somewhere near 6:00.

- At the spot with the two dragon kites that fly overhead, jump the pit 
near the second one and crash into it. You’ll lose your Aku Aku mask, 
but if you continue to run with the Square button mashed down, you can 
actually run across the pit ahead and bounce up on the board without 
even jumping onto it. You’ll see how it works. At the top of the 
guardhouse, hit both clock-stopper boxes and use a long jump on the 
other side to save some time.

- The rest of the level should be running like the wind. Hit every 
time-stopper box, and make sure you go underneath the last guardhouse 
for a much-needed three second box. Sprint to the finish, and you’ll 
make it.

- Like I said, it’s a run that requires extreme perfection... practice 
makes perfect.

Level 4: Bone Yard
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Clear Gem, Relic
Paths - Bonus Level, Red Gem Path 
Boxes - 66 (! Nitro Switch)
Sapphire Relic - 1:45:00
Gold Relic - 1:40:21
Platinum Relic - 1:21:00

Ah, I love the prehistoric levels. However, the triceratops chases are 
rather tricky, so pay attention.

After jumping down from the beginning area and getting all the boxes, 
it’s a backwards chase, and you’re running from a giant triceratops. 
Don’t ever stop for anything, not even boxes, as the dino will destroy 
them for you. Go around the pits of lava, unless they’re blocking the 
whole path – jump over them if they are. After the first resting spot 
and the first checkpoint, the chase continues, but this time there are 
flying pterodactyls in your path. Go around them or jump and spin them. 
At the end of the second chase, you’ll be safe for good, so run towards 
the screen to the next checkpoint.

The next area is pretty easy-going, but you come across two new (and 
very dangerous!) boxes. The first is the TNT. Hop on a TNT, and then 
back away, as after three seconds, it’ll explode and Crash will go with 
it if he’s too close. There’s also the Nitro Crate, which will simply 
explode upon touch, so stay away from it completely. Also in this area 
you’ll come across four guys that are slogging through the swamp water. 
These guys will jump up and try to hurt Crash, so spin them when they 
get close. Stay out of the lava, and spin the grass away if you’d like. 
The bonus level lies over here, as well as another side-scrolling area. 
Hit the exclamation box (!) to fill in all of the outline boxes, and 
then jump and hit all of them. Use the high jump to reach the highest 

Then comes the final section of the level, which is another triceratops 
chase. This time, you’ve got some VERY annoying grass to contend with. 
Do not ever spin this grass, just jump through it as fast as you can. 
Avoid the lava once again. The end part is a little tricky – you need 
to hit the box, the green Nitro switch (!), and then grab the gem 
before you jump down. Fail to do this quickly, and the triceratops will 
nail you. Of course, if you’ve missed a box for whatever reason, then 
you can’t the gem anyway, so simply jump down to the warp.’


RED GEM PATH: About halfway through the level you’ll see a red wire-
frame platform on the ground. This is the red gem path, but you can’t 
access it until you come back with the red gem from Level 12. Once you 
have that, return to this level and hop on for a ride.

This path is tough. It’s another triceratops chase, but the journey is 
trickier than ever. There’s a lot of grass, a lot of lava, and an awful 
lot of steam vents. I actually don’t have a lot of trouble with it now, 
but first-timers may find it very tough. The good news is that halfway 
through there is a steel checkpoint box, and there’s also one at the 
very beginning. Stock up on lives before you come through, and if you 
die during the path, try to memorize the layout so you can make it 
through easier the next time. At the end is a Clear Gem and an 
alternate level exit.


BOX GEM: There really aren’t any hidden boxes in this level... remember 
to hop on the two sets of TNTs in the first side-scrolling area to 
detonate all of them. As for the one Nitro, you’ll rid of it once you 
hit the Nitro Switch at the end of the level.

BONUS LEVEL: This isn’t very tricky. You’ll come across a bounce crate 
here – jump on it to give you a big jumping boost which will allow you 
to reach the top of the steel structure, where boxes await you. When 
you jump back down, MAKE SURE that you spin the bounce crate before you 
leave the level. Sometimes when I play this level I forget to spin it.


TIME TRIAL: This time trial isn’t very tough. The platinum relic takes 
hard work, but in comparison to others, it won’t test you too much. 
Here are the best tips I can give you.

- OK, if you have the fruit bazooka, jump down at the beginning without 
getting the clock. Go as far back as you can without triggering the 
triceratops (if he comes out, kill yourself and remember not to go so 
far the next time). Now turn around and pull out your Bazooka. Aim and 
shoot the clock, and once you shoot in that direction, take off. It 
won’t actually start until the Wumpa makes it to the clock. You’ll 
notice that an Aku Aku box appears on one of the nearby crates – ignore 
this, you don’t need the invincibility in this level.

- With the Speed Shoes, your first time box should be around 6:00.

- After the second chase with the first triceratops, your time should 
be near 22:00, or something like that (I have trouble remembering 

- Ignore the second Aku Aku mask, and jump swiftly over the TNTs.

- Since it’s in your direct path, you might as well hit the third mask, 
since it may be useful coming up.

- Try to jump around the grass, not through it.

- Right before the side-scrolling lava area, there’s a field of grass, 
a lava pit, and a geyser guy. Try jumping the grass and losing your 
mask in the lava so you can jump across with no trouble.

- In the side-scrolling area, ignore the Iron Switch, none of the 
outline boxes reveal time boxes.

- In the triceratops chase, let the big guy destroy all of the time 
boxes – you just focus on getting to the end as fast as possible. When 
you reach the very end, fall right into the warp to save time.

Level 5: Makin’ Waves
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Relic 
Boxes - 37
Sapphire Relic - 1:08:00
Gold Relic - 00:58:23
Platinum Relic - 00:53:26

I really love these levels, especially their music. Alas, I have not 
gotten the platinum relic on either of the three, not counting Hot 
Coco. The time trials for these are extremely tough...

The main level, however, is pretty easy. One big rule here: don’t hit 
anything that’s floating in the water besides boxes and ramps. Floating 
bombs, cannonballs, and rowing pirates are the main things here. Watch 
the pattern of the pirate rowers carefully. One big thing in this 
level, however, is using the floating ramps to reach boxes in the air. 
Some of these require precise movement in the air. There’s a ramp near 
the end with three boxes above it, going forward. You need to jump with 
the ramp, and while in midair, press down to do a backwards flip and 
gain the extra height to get the last box.

There’s also a tricky seagull in this level, right after the second 
rowing pirate. If he’s sitting on a box, don’t hit the box! Wait for 
him to fly up, and then get it. The seagull will attack you if you hit 
the box while he’s on it.

Other than that, have fun!


BOX GEM: No hidden boxes here – just ones that are tricky to reach. 
Make sure you don’t leave anything behind. The nice thing about this 
level, though, is that you can easily backtrack to get any, thanks to 
the 3-D camera view.


TIME TRIAL: Yikes, this is one heck of a time trial. My best time is 
only a tiny bit better than platinum. The best tips I can give you are 

- Right before you reach the first side of the pirate ship, you should 
have a time of around 16:00, maybe even less.

- You can hit both Aku Aku masks in this level, and once you have one, 
don’t hesitate on using it to blast through a floating bomb that is in 
your way. This is key for getting a good time in this level.

- Try to hit every time box. Sometimes the tide screws up your jumping 
ability, and disables you from getting a time box. This REALLY stinks, 
but getting a perfect run where the tide doesn’t effect you only 
happens with some luck.

- Right after the pirate ship, there’s a ramp, a pirate in a boat, and 
a seagull that flies into view. At this ramp, there’s a 2-second box. 
To save time, hit it and flip to the right so that you can go around 
the island. This saves actually a good chunk of time.

- It’s crucial that you hit all three of those final time boxes (above 
the final ramp). Remember, use your backward flip to get the last 3-
second one.

Boss 1: Tiny Tiger

Once you collect all five crystals in the first warp hub, the warp pads 
for levels 1 – 5 will vanish, and a pad with Tiny’s head on it will 
appear instead. Go into the portal to face Tiny in Ancient Rome...

With Emperor Cortex watching overhead, Tiny’s first method of attack is 
jumping around, trying to stomp on Crash. Although it seems rather easy 
to avoid him, if you don’t pay attention, Crash will get crushed. The 
first time he does this, he’ll stop on the fifth jump. When he does, 
run up and spin him to knock him out.

Then comes something a little trickier. A group of lions will be 
released from the five openings below the upper ledge. While it’s 
possible to spin these guys, I’ve found it rather difficult to do it 
and avoid all of the others at the same time. Just jump around rapidly 
and stay towards the back of the arena so that you have a chance to get 
out of the way.

Then Tiny will come back with another jumping attack, only this time he 
does it six times. Take care of him with this, avoid the lions once 
more, and then avoid Tiny’s jumping attack for the final time (seven 
jumps). Once you hit him the last time, you win, and your first Power 
appears – the Super Body Slam! Grab it to get directions for it (it’s 
the same as a regular body slam), and then you’ll exit the boss battle.

Warp Room #2
Level 6: Gee Wiz
Level 7: Hang ‘Em High
Level 8: Hog Ride
Level 9: Tomb Time
Level 10: Midnight Run
Boss 2: Dingodile

Level 6: Gee Wiz
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Relic
Paths - Bonus Level 
Boxes - 100 (!)
Sapphire Relic - 1:35:00
Gold Relic - 1:22:73
Platinum Relic - 1:05:93

Here’s a level very similar to Level 1, “Toad Village.” The only 
difference is that it’s sunset, the layout is different, and the water 
is a funny color of purple. Whatever, man. :)

Really, though, not much is different here. Yes, the enemies are little 
more abundant and placed more trickily, but nothing is too difficult. 
You’ll get a chance to use your Super Body Slam skill here, as they’ve 
got excited and placed a ton of Steel Crates for you to slam upon.

This level introduces a new enemy, the wizard (the level name might 
indicate this). He shoots magical orbs at Crash from a distance... jump 
over them, and spin the ol’ wiz to kingdom come. Simple as that. Just 
watch those magical orbs, or it’s Toad Village for Crash.

The Nitro are abundant here... watch your step, and hit the Nitro 
Switch (!) at the end of the level to wipe ‘em all out.


BOX GEM: No hidden boxes to speak of. The steel crates do need broken 
to finish with all boxes, so don’t leave one behind.

BONUS LEVEL: Here’s a bit of a trick. When you reach the spot with the 
Iron Switch off the ground, you can probably guess that it fills in the 
stairway of outlined boxes with steel crates, right? Well, there’s a 
surprise box down here to get. Without the double jump, this may be a 
little tricky, but you need to jump down on it and then jump back to 
the platform BEFORE hitting the switch. Get that, then hit the switch 
to go across and make your way to the other end.


TIME TRIAL: This is about like “Toad Village.” Run on the walls, jump 
repeatedly, and hit as many time boxes as you can. The only major 
difference is that you should try to hit the Aku Aku boxes, as you may 
find that you’ll need them to blast your way at the level’s end, 
especially with that final sword guy and the wall of Nitro. I don’t 
really have any other tips, so just try your best and you’ll get it.

Level 7: Hang ‘Em High
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Yellow Gem, Relic 
Paths - Bonus Level 
Boxes - 81 (!)
Sapphire Relic - 1:24:00
Gold Relic - 00:52:66
Platinum Relic - 00:43:80

This is one of my favorite time trials, as there are so many “little” 
shortcuts that are really pleasing to get right. You’ll see what I 

Getting the actual crystal is a different experience than previous 
levels. Basically, we’re overlooking a desert city from above... one 
wrong step and it’s down, down, down for Crash. There’s also some 
hanging sections with clever little scorpions running across them. Spin 
them before they get too near to you...

Other enemies include swordsmen, genies, and monkeys that are obsessed 
with pottery. The sword guys (and there are only two of them) should be 
hit when they’re walking away from Crash, NOT when they’re swishing 
those swords about. The floating genies are tricky, as jumping on them 
is risky and spinning them requires precision. Sometimes they also show 
up on the hanging grates, so treat them like scorpions.

One new (and particularly annoying) feature are the bouncy awnings 
throughout this path. They basically allow you to jump up high, much 
like a bounce crate. Always watch for hidden boxes when you’re near 
them, there are two of them located in this level.

This level is a little trickier than previous ones, but you can make it 
out pretty easily. Oh, if you’re wondering where the Yellow Gem is, 
you’ll need to get 10 relics and then enter this level through the 
Level 27 portal in the secret warp room. Yes, it’s complicated, but 
that’s the way it goes.


BOX GEM: Lots of boxes here. Some of them are hidden, so beware – one 
of them is right above the second bouncy awning past the jar monkey and 
the floating genie. Don’t miss it up there. The second one is at the 
very end of the level, above one of the awnings. Hit the Nitro Switch 
at the end to blow up all the Nitro, and the Box Gem is yours.

BONUS LEVEL: These just get trickier and trickier. Near the end, you’ll 
come across another Slot Box. This one, however, has a TNT within the 
slots. Make sure that you hit that when it’s on the TNT, as you need 
the TNT to explode and hit the Iron switch below it. This will fill in 
a bouncy crate that enables you to reach four boxes higher up.


TIME TRIAL: First you need to jump up the trio of awnings to reach the 
clock. Spin the boxes, take out the swordsman, and then stand a little 
ways ahead of the clock, so that you can turn around and target it with 
the Bazooka, assuming that you have it. Shoot the clock and go. Here 
are a few tricks for the journey:

- The first genie of the level can be jumped up to reach the upper 
ledge. This is a risky move, however, as you could end up sacrificing 
your Aku Aku mask in the ordeal, which you DON’T want to do. If the 
genie isn’t close enough, don’t even attempt it.

- This is very tricky, but at the first overhead grate, hit the 2-
second box, and then run to the edge of the platform, jump very shortly 
and then Death Tornado Spin to the other side. Believe it or not, this 
saves a good second or two of time if you can succeed at it, and 
believe me, it’s tough.

- Slide into the first pot carrier, and it may take out the genie 
floating behind it.

- There’s a hidden 3-second box above one of the awnings past these two 
enemies. Make sure you don’t miss it.

- When you reach the overhead grate, you’ll get the final Aku Aku mask. 
This is the first level where it’s completely essential to have 
invincibility for a good chunk of the level, so if you’ve missed any up 
until here, restart. If you get the invincibility, SLAM your way 
through the swinging section in a snap. Leave no time boxes behind, but 
swing like Tarzan.

- With enough speed and luck, you can make this mask last all the way 
up to the swordsman at the side-scrolling area. This is tricky, but you 
can do it. With the double awnings past the third pot carrier, you can 
leap to the first one and then high jump over to the balcony section.

- The second hidden box lies beyond the swordsman and above an awning. 
If you’ve squeezed every possible second out of your mask, this box may 
be reachable with your invincibility... if not, get it anyway.

Level 8: Hog Ride
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Relic 
Boxes - 13
Sapphire Relic - 00:46:00
Gold Relic - 00:41:46
Platinum Relic - 00:35:06

OK, here’s the idea. In this level, you’re racing a group of hogs 
across a desert road. Put very simply, you need to come in first place. 
Your motorcycle is faster than the hogs, but if you get too close to 
the hogs, they’ll knock you off the road. If you end up too far away 
from the road, you’ll slow down considerably, and if you end up way 
outside the road, you’ll teleport back to the main road and lose an 
awful lot of time.

There are police cars scattered throughout your path... avoid running 
into them at all costs. There are also ramps that will allow you to get 
boxes in the air. Note that using the ramps slow you down, so only use 
them when you absolutely need to, or when there are boxes you need to 

When you go through this level the first time, aim only for getting the 
crystal (winning the race). Use the turbo pads to gain extra speed, 
especially that first one – the speed burst you get from it can last 
you all the way to the end of the level, so with enough practice, you 
can make it this way. If you do hit the turbo, you can probably let off 
of it once you make it into 1st place, and then just finish the race 


BOX GEM: On your second run through, get the box gem. There aren’t any 
gems that are in odd places, just take your time and don’t worry about 
getting in first place. The hogs can actually knock you off the road 
and away from a box you needed to get (and you can’t return to get ones 
you missed). Make sure you hit all the ramps to get all of them.


TIME TRIAL: OK, this level’s platinum relic is another one of those 
where complete perfection is required to make it. I’ll give the general 
tips you need to make it through.

- OK, with any race level, the first thing you need to do in this level 
is nothing. At the beginning, go forwards until the time trial clock is 
within your view, and then brake and stop. Wait a good 30 – 45 seconds 
before you take off, and hit the clock. This will get all of the other 
hog traffic out of your way for your time trial. You don’t want them 
pushing you off the road, do you?

- The first turbo pad is the most important thing in the whole level. 
Hit it, and once you do, you need to keep this speed for the entire 
level. Yes, you need to also hit every time box on the road, and never 
crash with anything or go off the road the slightest (maybe a tiny bit, 
but not to where it slows you down). If you can go all of the way with 
the turbo to the next turbo pad, then you’re in the clear.

- Hit every time box. There’s a particularly tricky one right in front 
of a police car near the end, but it’s worth 3 seconds. To get it, run 
over it and go around the police car on the left, but don’t venture too 
far off the edge of the road.

- Although using ramps slows you down, you have to use the final ramp 
to make it to the end.

- A very, very steep time trial this is. No mistakes can be made 
here... keep trying, and you’ll get that platinum relic. I promise.

Level 9: Tomb Time
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Clear Gem, Relic 
Boxes - 95
Paths - Purple Gem Path, Bonus Level
Sapphire Relic - 1:42:00
Gold Relic - 1:10:00
Platinum Relic - 00:53:93

An interesting level this is, for two reasons. The first is that you 
cannot get the Clear Gem OR the Box Gem until you come back with the 
Purple Gem from Level 13, and the second is that the platinum relic is 
very, very hard, and it’s the last platinum relic for a platformer 
level that I needed when I was on my relic hunt.

The level itself, however, I really do enjoy. It’s set around the 
construction of the Great Pyramids, and the music is some of the best 
in the game. Anyway, you start this level out lightly – just spin the 
snake and continue into the tomb. This level is filled with pits, so 
don’t fall in any, and you’ll do fine. Also, beware on the second pit 
of the level, as there is an alligator that jumps out of it. Wait for 
it to fall back down and then jump across. You can also spin it.

Another tricky part of the level is the black grease on the floor. In a 
few instances you’ll find this, one of them right after the doors that 
you open with the tile. To go fast across the grease, try sliding 
across it, but don’t slide into a pit. If you’re going too fast on the 
grease, you can also stop yourself by body slamming.

Here’s some notes on all of the enemies and traps in the level:

- In two sections of the level you’ll come across falling tiles over a 
large room. The NEO tiles are safe to walk on, but the red scarab ones 
will fall. You can step on them, but quickly run off or jump off to 
safe ground.

- Slamming doors either open automatically (which only two of them in 
this level do) or require you to walk on a button to get through. No 
matter which one it is, run through them quickly so you don’t get 
smashed between them.

- There are some groups of monkeys in this level that pop up out of 
pots. They basically throw white stones at you, so quickly spin their 
pots to defeat them.

- Watch out for greasy floors with blocks sliding across them. These 
will push you into a pit, so jump over them, and at the other end, 
don’t stand where the blocks fall down if the construction guy is 
pulling the lever. The second time you see these blocks, there are some 
boxes up high. These can be reached from the top of the blocks, so if 
you rid of the construction guy, just spin the lever with Crash to get 
a block sliding so you can reach them.

- Spotlights are particularly annoying, but are easy to overcome. 
Basically if you slide or crawl through them, you’re safe. If you jump 
high enough to avoid the darts, you’re safe. If you sprint past them on 
the right side, you’re safe. Just avoid the darts and you’ll do fine.

- The last foe is the flamethrower guy, which only appears once on the 
main path and once on the Purple Gem Path. Although it seems easy to 
spin him away from the flames, it’s probably better to simply run past 


PUPRLE GEM PATH: At the detour in the level, the hallway on the right 
is accessible on your first visit, but the left hallway has a wall with 
a purple gem that is blocking you. When you return with the Purple Gem, 
jump the pit, get the Aku Aku crate (which you could actually get on 
your first time through the level), and when you approach the wall, 
it’ll open up, revealing the left hallway path.

Your first (and hardest) issue are the two spotlights in front of you 
and the pit. With the double jump ability you can make it past the 
first spotlight, but you need to remain on the right side and shoot 
your way past the second. You cannot crawl, as the pit separates the 
two spotlights.

The rest of it is trickier than the main level, but nothing too hard. 
Watch very carefully at the first grease section, as some pointed 
arrows will pop out of the ground, and they’re obscured in the black. 
The final area is also a bit tricky – first get rid of the blasted 
monkeys, and then wait for the spears to raise up to full height, and 
then run onto the button that opens the far doors. Run and slide your 
way over here, and quickly run through before they close or the spears 
get you. Over here you’ll find a Clear Gem, an Iron Switch that leads 
you to more boxes, and a path over to the right side of the hallway and 
the end of the level. If you’re also after the Box Gem, you need to go 
back down the right hallway. You could also probably go back down the 
left, but it’s easier to go down the right side.


BOX GEM: On your first time through, hit as many boxes as you’d like, 
but you can probably skip the Bonus Level and any other boxes you don’t 
feel like getting (like the two above the hallway with the sliding 
blocks near the level’s end).

When you return with the Purple Gem, get all of the boxes up to the 
detour (there aren’t any hidden ones, just make sure you hit the Bonus 
Area this time). Go down the Purple Gem path, and get all of the boxes 
here. Then you need to retrace your steps down the other hallway. Get 
all of the boxes here, and when you reach the beginning, go back to the 
end of the hallway. You should earn yourself a shiny Box Gem.

BONUS LEVEL: Nothing very tricky here, except for reaching the Crash 
box on the upper tier near the end. If you have your Double Jump 
ability, though, you can reach it with this.


TIME TRIAL: This may not be the toughest platinum relic in the game, 
but it’s definitely the toughest platforming platinum relic. There’s no 
time mechanism for this level, so here is a lowdown of the main time-
savers in this level.

- Spin through the wall of boxes before hitting the clock, and then 
turn around with your Bazooka (assuming you have it) and shoot the 
clock from a distance. You’ll figure out how far away you can go.

- That first jumping gator is tricky. When you reach that pit, he’ll 
always jump right when you’re crossing, so you have to spin him. 
Chances are he may hit the box behind the pit while he goes flying. 
After the gator, jump over the grease, run across the button, and jump 
through the door. Your time when you hit the 1-second box should be 
around 8:00.

- That next patch of grease NEEDS to be slid across. Just don’t fall in 
the pit.

- In the large room with the falling tiles, you can save a little time 
by cutting the corners. Jump from one walkway to the next by cutting 
through the corner. You can do this twice in a row.

- When you enter the hallway with the monkeys, your time should be 
around 19:00. Remember, this is all assuming that you have the Speed 

- For the first sliding block hallway, jump to the grease and slide 
jump over the sliding block. Slide to the end and continue on.

- When you hit the final Aku Aku mask, your time should be under 28 
seconds. By the way, you NEED the invincibility for this next section, 
so don’t lose any of your masks up to here.

- With the invincibility, the doors will stay open for you. Take the 
right hallway, the left one doesn’t save you any time. By sprinting 
constantly, you should be able to make it to the second sliding block 
hallway, where the 3-second box is up top. However, depending on how 
fast you go down the path, you may not be able to reach that 3-second 
box. It all depends on how you jump across the gaps, which varies since 
the moving platforms are always in different spots. In order to get 
platinum, though, you have to use your mask to hit that 3-second box. 
If you do make it that far, use a slide jump on the grease to nail it 
before your invincibility runs out.

- No need to hit the Iron Switch near the very end of the level to 
start up the moving platforms – just jump to the one on the left and 
then use a double jump to get to the last one. Run up the stairs and 
hopefully you’ll have a good time. This time trial took me ages to get 
the platinum, but I’ve done it, and I’m proud.

Level 10: Midnight Run
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Relic 
Boxes - 35
Sapphire Relic - 00:53:00
Gold Relic - 00:38:23
Platinum Relic - 00:18:20

Ah, the second Great Wall level. This one is at night, and there’s more 
enemies and a more complicated layout, but it’s still a lot of fun.

Two new things to watch for here. The first one are guys carrying 
buckets of water. They basically run along the path and all you need to 
do is move around them. Towards the end of the level they get to be 
tricky, but you can make it past them. The second are the flying kite 
dragons, which don’t always move in a linear way. Some will fly down 
(so you must jump them), some will fly above (run underneath them), but 
in this level some have a jagged up-and-down path. You have to go left 
or right around them, but you’ll figure that out.

For the guardhouses, you need to go under the first one, on top of the 
second one, and under the third one to get all of the boxes. It should 
be noted that there are some boxes in this level that will require you 
to use the speed burst (Square) to reach them, as they are hanging on 
kites higher up in the air. From the top of the second guardhouse, you 
need to perform a burst of speed and a high jump off of the ledge so 
that you can nail two free life boxes. It’s tricky, but with practice 
you can get both of them cleanly.

Other than that, have fun riding the tiger again! After two levels of 
the Orient, I wish that they would’ve replaced Level 17 with another 


BOX GEM: Like I said above, there are a few tricky boxes to reach in 
this level. The first one is higher up after the first guardhouse at 
the corner. You need to speed burst off the right side of the wall, 
high into the air to hit the box. The second and third ones are located 
beyond the second guardhouse, very high in the air. Like I mentioned, 
you need a massive burst of speed to nail both of them. The end also 
has some boxes that you need repeated movements to get all of them. 
Don’t miss a thing and you’ll get this box gem pretty easily.


TIME TRIAL: This was actually the first ever platinum I got in a Crash 
game. Of course, that was when I was 9 or 10 years old, but I was so 
proud of myself at the time. Now I’ve figured out a way to use your Aku 
Aku masks well and get a respectable time. I must say, though, that I 
have no idea how the developer’s time was managed to reach. These are 
the best tips I can give you.

- As with the previous Orient level, mash down the Square button at all 

- Underneath the first guardhouse, you need to nail the time boxes. You 
can also probably jump the stack of barrels, although this may require 
a little more work.

- That first 3-second box is essential, don’t miss it.

- Blast through the barrels.

- Under the first guardhouse, over the second (so you can get the pair 
of 3-second boxes!), and under the third.

- When you make the gigantic leap from the edge of the second 
guardhouse, you’ll land in a spot that requires an extremely quick 
movement in order to dodge the dragon and water carrier in front of 
you. It may be easier to simply use an Aku Aku mask here, assuming you 
still have the one from earlier.

- For the best time, you NEED every time box, including all three of 
the one-second boxes near the end.

Boss 2: Dingodile

Headed back to the ice age, are we? Dingodile is a tricky boss at 
first, but like Tiny, his methods remain the same the entire course of 
the boss battle.

He’ll start by shooting fireballs at you with his flamethrower. The 
simplest way to avoid these is to slide jump to the right continuously. 
The fireballs should be falling a good ways behind you, and if you just 
keep doing this, none of them will hit you.

After the fireball launching, he’ll shoot jets of flames through the 
circular wall of crystals surrounding him. Two things about this jet of 
flames – if you’re hit by the jet, you’re toast. However, the jet also 
breaks apart some of the crystals guarding Dingodile, so when enough of 
these crystals are gone, you can run up to him and spin him. When this 
happens, his flamethrower will explode in about five or so seconds, so 
quickly get to the edge of the arena before it goes boom.

For the second round, there are simply more fireballs than before. Keep 
using your slide jump tactic, only this time to the left. If the 
fireballs do get to close to you, watch the shadows for when you can 
run past a fireball before it lands. This is a risky thing to do, but 
the fireballs may get too close to you if you don’t slide and jump fast 
enough. Then comes a second round of flame jets. Let him destroy a good 
amount of the crystals so that you have a path in and back out, and 
then go up and nail him... and back off, of course.

One last round. The last round consists of double fireballs; this is 
exactly like the first round as long as you constantly slide jump. 
Another round of jet flames... once you can spin him, go for it. After 
a final explosion, Dingodile has been trashed. Penta Penguin goes up 
and jumps on him, and in the process, you obtain the Double Jump power! 

Warp Room #3
Level 11: Dino Might!
Level 12: Under Pressure
Level 13: High Time
Level 14: Road Crash
Level 15: Double Header

Level 11: Dino Might!
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Clear Gem, Relic
Paths - Bonus Level, Yellow Gem Path 
Boxes - 112 (!)
Sapphire Relic - 1:34:00
Gold Relic - 1:25:76
Platinum Relic - 1:03:00

Alright, it’s the third warp room, and you’ll notice starting with this 
level that things are getting trickier. If you’d like, go ahead and get 
the yellow gem before you enter this level. To get it, collect 10 
relics, go to the secret warp room, and go into Level 27. This will 
transport you to “Hang ‘Em High,” where the yellow gem lies. Once you 
have this, you’ll open up the yellow gem path in this level. To get the 
Box Gem, you need to go down this path, too. If you don’t have it yet, 
then simply go through this level like normal. If you are going after 
the Box Gem, I’ll show you the method you need for getting all of the 
level’s boxes.

The level starts out pretty interesting. First we have a steam vent – 
if it’s steaming gas, don’t touch it. Then there’s four iron boxes 
stacked up on eachother with a free life box at the top. You need to 
use your new double jump skill to reach this box. And last we have a 
brand new enemy in this level, the spinning fish. Despite the fact that 
this bugger looks a lot like our Bandicoot friend (I’ve always wondered 
where Bandicoots evolved from...), don’t spin him while he’s spinning.

Go through the level up to the Yellow Gem Path. If you have the yellow 
gem, ignore this for now, we’ll come back to it later.

A little ways past the yellow gem path you’ll come across an egg 
sitting in a nest. Break open the egg to reveal a baby t-rex. You can 
ride this little guy by jumping on him. He controls very easily, and he 
can take out the geyser guys by jumping on them, and make really high 
jumps that allow you to clear lava pits and even the steam vents. Just 
realize that if he gets hit once by something, he’ll go back to his 
nest or to the checkpoint box that lies down the next path.

Ride the baby rex to the end of this path, and he’ll drop you off near 
a lava-filled side-scrolling area. IF YOU ARE COLLECTING THE BOX GEM, 
you can jump back on the baby rex and ride your way back to the yellow 
gem platform. The reason for this is that the end of the yellow gem 
path will drop you off here, and you needed all of the boxes between 
the first platform and this area. If you’re not after the box gem, 
continue on.

Go through the side-scrolling area and hit every box. At the end, go 
backwards and do the bonus level if you’d like (you don’t need to if 
you’re not after the box gem). Drop down to the next area, hit the 
checkpoint, and although you’ve gotten off easy for the first part of 
the level, now it’s time to run from the big triceratops. Don’t 
hesitate, and realize that many of the boxes in your path can be hit by 
your big friend. It’s only a little more difficult than the one from 
Level 4, so it should be a big problem. At the end, make sure you grab 
the Box Gem (if it’s there) before jumping down into the portal.


YELLOW GEM PATH: First things first (if you are collecting the box gem) 
– don’t jump on this platform until you have gotten all of the boxes 
between it and the lava area down the path. Once you have, return here 
and do this area to get the rest of the level’s boxes.

The first part of the path is just more of the same. Watch out for the 
blue currents, because sometimes they lead you to an enemy, like the 
first geyser guy. Watch your jumping, and you’ll do fine. Once you 
reach the side-scrolling area, remember the rule about steel crates – 
you don’t have to body slam directly on top of them for them to break. 
Back off a few feet, and try body slamming there. It’ll destroy the 
steel crates but leave the TNT to detonate itself.

After that comes another triceratops chase. Once again, there’s not 
much to say but run, run, run. Jump through the grass – never run. Find 
out where all the lava pits are, and realize that although the blue 
currents get you moving faster, sometimes they bring you to a hazard, 
like a nitro or steam vent. Also avoid the pterodactyls... or don’t 
avoid them... (see the “Level 32” section for more details).

At the end of the chase, you’ll be in an area with the Clear Gem, a 
nitro switch, and a yellow gem platform that takes you back to the lava 
area on the main path. Before hopping on, double jump over the 
platform, and you’ll reach a stack of five iron crates. High jump and 
then jump again to get over all five of them. On the other side you’ll 
find five free lives! Unfortunately, this wall of crates is not 
passable, so double high-jump your way back over the first wall and hop 
on the platform.


BOX GEM: The main walkthrough pretty much tells you the trick you need 
to get all of the boxes – go up to the lava area and smack every crate, 
and then return to the Yellow Gem platform. Go through that area and 
get every box, and hit the nitro switch at the end. The platform brings 
you back to the lava area, where you can continue on to the end of the 
level for the gem. Don’t forget the bonus level!

BONUS LEVEL: Almost every crate requires you to body slam it here. As I 
said in the yellow gem path section, you don’t need to be right on top 
of a steel crate for it to break with a body slam... if it’s over a 
pit, stand right next to it and body slam. The shockwave on the ground 
will smash it apart.


TIME TRIAL: This is actually a pretty easy platinum relic in comparison 
to others. Here are some tips for you.

- Get that 3-second box on the stack of iron crates to start the level 
off. Just be careful when jumping off, you don’t want to land in the 

- The spinning fish are annoying. Try double-jumping them, but realize 
that you may have to sacrifice a mask if things don’t work out.

- Riding the baby rex is optional – if you don’t have speed shoes, ride 
him, but if you do, it’s probably quickest to just not ride him.

- If you aren’t riding the baby rex, when you reach the stack of crates 
with three 2-second boxes, use a (little, not a big) Death Tornado Spin 
to get all of ‘em.

- Remember: don’t hit any of the time boxes in the triceratops chase, 
as he’ll get them for you. The only one you may want to get is the very 
last 3-second box, as it’s possible to reach the warp while the clock 
is still frozen if you let the big guy hit it. This will waste time.

Level 12: Deep Trouble
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Red Gem, Relic 
Boxes - 88 (!)
Sapphire Relic - 1:47:00
Gold Relic - 1:25:16
Platinum Relic - 1:18:36

This level is downright annoying with the relic. Not hard, but very 
annoying. You’ll see what I mean.

Basically, everything is the same as Level 2, only in a completely 
different layout. Well, strike that – there are a few different things, 
but not that much. The biggest thing are the whirlpools. Despite being 
pretty easy to avoid, they’re very annoying, as you have to stop in 
your path and let them stop sucking before you can pass. The other 
thing is that there’s a lot of Nitro around in this level, so if you’re 
riding the jet sub, make sure you constantly fire the torpedoes to rid 
of any in the path. Also make sure that you watch out for the undersea 
life: sharks, pufferfish, and eels primarily, as well as those blasted 

One more thing – about halfway through the level, you’ll come across a 
wall of iron crates and an outline box. At this point, you have to swim 
upward to make it to the end of the level. However, there is an iron 
switch at the end of the level that fills in this outline box with a 
TNT. For the Box Gem, you need to hit that switch, come back, and TOUCH 
(don’t spin!) the TNT lightly. Back off, and let it explode the boxes 
on the other side of the wall. Voila, a new path is opened.

Not only are there boxes down this path, but there’s also a sacred red 
gem! This path is trickier, though, so be very careful and WATCH FOR 
THE NITRO. It’s ridiculous here, and some careful swimming will be 
required to make it past some of it. There’s also plenty of whirlpools 
to contend with. But what do you get for all of your troubles? A nitro 
switch, a box gem, a red gem, and a beautiful level exit!


BOX GEM: Not much really tough about this. Do everything that the main 
walkthrough says, and you’ll be fine. Go to the very end, and hit the 
Iron Switch. Retrace your path to the now-filled-in TNT crate, detonate 
it, and go down that path to get the rest of the boxes and a nitro 
switch. Voila, the box gem is yours.


TIME TRIAL: OK, this is a very tricky time trial. While it’s not really 
that hard, it’s tough to get everything to work the way you want it to 
in one run. Here’s some tips to get you started, the rest is up to you.

- Before hitting the clock, grab the jet sub and destroy the wall of 
TNT crates ahead. Quickly come back to the clock before it disappears 
and go through it to begin the time trial. Don’t miss the first Aku Aku 
at the bottom of the screen.

- With two Aku Aku masks, you can get rid of one and keep the other, 
because a little later on you’re going to need to charge through the 
underwater whirlpools. There’s actually four masks in the level, but 
since you can’t have more than two at once, you might as use one or two 
so you can get one at the next box.

- As with Level 2, use the downward charge method to slip past the 
electric fins. Watch for eels on your way down.

- Whirlpools are extremely annoying. Like I said above, don’t be afraid 
to use your Aku Aku masks on them. You get four in this level, so use 
atleast three of them on the whirlpools if you’re going to have to wait 
a while for it to stop.

- There’s not a whole lot left to say about the level... if you make it 
to the upper section with the second jet sub, chances are that you’ll 
be out of Aku Aku masks. So (carefully but quickly) make your way 
through this section, and when you reach the final double whirlpools 
and the pufferfish, dart straight through them, and you’ll lose the jet 
sub. However, you can swim directly over to the exit.

- My best time is 1:14:46. These levels are rather annoying, but once 
you figure out the perfect method past everything, you can do the 
relics fairly easily.

Level 13: High Time
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Purple Gem, Relic
Paths - Bonus Level, Death Route 
Boxes - 89
Sapphire Relic - 2:12:00
Gold Relic - 1:04:12
Platinum Relic - 00:56:96

This is the game’s hardest gold relic, but if you can figure out the 
correct way to do things, and THEN manage to actually do it, you’ll get 
it pretty easily.

Another Arabian level this is, and right off the bat we’re faced with a 
new enemy, the fire bomber. This guy stands in a window and throws a 
Molotov cocktail at the wooden walkway so that it bursts into flames. 
You can’t rid of him unless you’ve got a bazooka, so wait for the 
flames to disperse and then run past the boiling spot. There are two of 
these in the opening area.

Next you need to make your way up the building, but watch carefully for 
a floating genie at the top. Destroy the stack of boxes up top, and use 
the floating carpet to get over to the opposite side of the gap. More 
boxes, a jar carrier, and more bombers until you reach the grating.

Really, the rest of the level is just more of the same. There is one 
particularly tricky enemy you’ll come across, and that’s a guy throwing 
swords. After the third checkpoint, you can drop off onto a walkway on 
the right. However, swords will come from the right, so jump over them 
when you see them and spin the swordsman when you get close enough.


DEATH ROUTE: A little over halfway through this level is the Death 
Route platform. For the quickest way to achieve the crystal and both 
gems in one run is to go up to the Death Route platform and complete 
it. At the end, jump off the edge of the building to kill yourself. 
You’ll go back to the previous checkpoint and be able to carry on with 
the regular level.

This is a tough Death Route for the less advanced player. Precision, 
precision, precision is key. Those first two fire bombers require 
precise timing – the jumps from the magic carpets to the ledges require 
precision, and taking out the scorpions on the hanging section require 

Likely the toughest part of the whole path is the part where there are 
two fire bombers on two sides of a gap, and a floating genie in 
between. To make things easier, try sliding into the jar carrier right 
before the gap, and chances are that it’ll take out the genie in the 
process. This makes the leap a tad easier.

What do you get for your sweat and tears? A shiny purple gem! Now take 
it to Level 9 and go get that Box Gem that we couldn’t get before!


BOX GEM: Nothing out of the ordinary here. Make sure you hit the Bonus 
Level, and make sure every TNT is detonated.

BONUS LEVEL: This is getting a little trickier. At the section with the 
triple sets of bouncy crates, you can try bouncing on them to get them 
all, but the smarter method is to simply take them out by the likes of 
double jumping, spinning, and body slamming. If you body slam, the 
force can take out all three of the crates on the bottom, and if you 
use your double jump skill, you can get all of ‘em on top.


TIME TRIAL: OK, here’s the toughest gold relic in the game... if you 
don’t know the correct method! If you can do the very first step 
correctly, the entire level will play out in your favor. I would not 
advise trying gold before you have atleast the Bazooka, so the first 
part will play out as if you have it.

- First, hit the clock and kill yourself. Yes, it sounds stupid, but 
you need to in order to set the timer for the level.

- When you arrive, quickly spin all of the first four boxes and then 
target and shoot the first fire bomber. Now turn around to where you 
can just barely see the clock, and target it with your Bazooka. When 
the carpet in the background reaches its lowest point, fire and get 
moving! NOTE: You have to shoot the clock when the carpet reaches its 
lowest point, but you also need to do it the FIRST time that it does.

- To save a few seconds, use the row of four crates just before the 
bouncy iron boxes to leap up to the bouncy rug, and then up to the 
short wooden walkway. You may want to practice this a few times before 
attempting it in time trial mode.

- On that first short walkway, you need to slide double jump to go up 
THROUGH the floating carpet and land on it from the top. Now double 
jump again to the left, and land on the bouncy rug. One more double 
jump nets you to the top of the building.

- Hit all three Aku Aku masks in this level, and DO NOT LOSE either of 
the first two. That stack of boxes on the rooftop contains a mask and a 
few other time boxes. At this point, your time should be around 7:00, 
although I could be off.

- After the magic carpet going across the gap, things are a tad tricky. 
You can do one of two things – either use a little spin to get the time 
box and then another jump spin to knock over the jar carrier, or you 
can use a death tornado spin to get both the time box and the carrier 
in one spin. The tornado spin is a little more time consuming.

- You should have about 9:00 when you are nearly to the first overhead 

- Blast your way along the grate. When the next wooden walkway is below 
you, drop down and death tornado spin your way through the boxes, 
including the 3-second one. The next part is tricky. You need to jump 
up ever-so shortly and then death tornado spin in the air to the 
floating carpet to your right. You could try swinging on the grate over 
there, but this saves a bit of time.

- When you reach the next jar carrier, slide into it while on the right 
side of the walkway, and it may take out the Aku Aku box a ways away. 
This saves you from hitting it on your way past.

- Ah, this next building requires that precision I talk about so often. 
Every jump needs to be correct, no faults. Past the TNT crate, double 
jump up to the floating carpet and then up to the walkway. Then use the 
two carpets (there are many methods of quick ways to do this) to reach 
the next bouncy rug, and then you’re up on the rooftop.

- Smack the Aku Aku crate for invincibility, and it’ll take out both 
the TNT and the time boxes safely.

- Now you’re on a crazy run. Blast your way past everything, and if you 
need to, death tornado spin your way across the gap with the floating 
carpet and the floating genie.

- If you still have invincibility by the part with the overhead grate, 
be VERY CAREFUL about how you jump up to it. Don’t use a flying leap to 
get to it, use a simple jump up and quickly go across. I’ve found that 
by using a long jump you’re more apt to let go.

Level 14: Road Crash
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Relic 
Boxes - 29
Sapphire Relic - 1:25:00
Gold Relic - 1:20:73
Platinum Relic - 1:17:10

OK, this level is very similar to Level 8, except for two things – A, 
there are deep holes in the road, and B, the track is longer.

Really, winning the race is not that difficult if you simply hold your 
speed bursts for as long as you can. Don’t hold them incredibly long if 
you can’t manage it, though you will need to in time trial mode. Do not 
fall into any holes. If you do, it’ll make a delay of four to five 
seconds, and then you have to get back to your normal speed once you’re 
out of the pit. This is very time consuming and almost always costs you 
the race. If you can see that there is a pit covering the whole road, 
use a ramp to get over it. Speaking of ramps, don’t use them in the 
regular race unless, like said above, you need to jump a pit. They will 
slow you down a little bit.

Other than that, it’s not too hard. You may even “stumble” upon a 
little secret if you pay REALLY close attention in this level... (see 
the “Level 31” section for more details)


BOX GEM: No hidden crates to speak of, just make sure you grab all of 
them on the ramps. Like in Level 8, it’s probably a good idea to go 
through this level on one separate run to get the Box Gem so that you 
don’t interfere with your ability to finish in first.


TIME TRIAL: The rules for Level 8 apply here – hold your speed bursts 
for as long as you can, NEVER EVER fall in a pit, hit every time box, 
and for goodness sakes, wait for the traffic to clear at the beginning 
of the level. If it takes you numerous times to get a certain relic, 
though, you may find it easier to simply go with it at the beginning, 
but it may cost you the relic if you accidentally bump into one of the 

The turbos don’t come until about the halfway point of the race, so 
keep an eye out for every one of them and make sure that you HIT every 
one of them. One final tip: if you’ve got max speed and you need to 
turn a corner fairly sharp, but don’t want to totally decrease your 
speed, try tapping X right before you hit the corner and you’ll slow 
down a little bit, but not too much. It will allow you to go around the 
corner without skidding and also keep a decent speed.

I will tell you that the gold and platinum relics are frustrating here. 
No mistakes can be made, and all I can tell you is to try, try and try 

Level 15: Double Header
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Relic
Paths - Bonus Level 
Boxes - 91 (!)
Sapphire Relic - 1:27:00
Gold Relic - 1:21:16
Platinum Relic - 00:59:43

Ah, another medieval level! I love these, and this one’s my favorite, 
because there’s two-headed trolls and it’s storming outside!

Speaking of those two-headed guys – they look rather intimidating, but 
they’re very easy to overcome. Stay as far away from them as possible 
if you’re simply passing them, and if you’d like, use a good double 
high jump to land on their heads and knock them over on their back. 
Simple as that. Just watch so that you don’t get hit by a club.

Everything is else is much familiar to the previous two medieval 
levels. Wizards, toads, swordsmen, and goats are all standing in your 
way. This level has a few tough spots. The first one is right after the 
first checkpoint. You’ll find a free life box in between two TNT crates 
in a stack. You need to lightly jump up and smack the good box with a 
spin, and then quickly run away from the TNT before they explode. Spin 
at the wrong time, and Crash goes boom.

On the last bridge at the end of the level, there’s a pair of pits with 
a goat between them, and a wizard standing at the opposite side of the 
bridge. For beginners, this could be tricky. When the goat walks to one 
side of the path, jump to the other, and when the energy bolt from the 
wizard comes your way, double jump the pit and the fireball, and then 
jump one more spell before spinning the wizard.


BOX GEM: Like every other platforming level, there are barely any 
hidden boxes. Just make sure you hit the bonus level.

BONUS LEVEL: OK, things are getting more complicated. This bonus level 
will require you to THINK before you ACT. At one point, there are two 
TNT crates within a stack of crates, and on the other side is a bounce 
crate. You need to double jump over the TNT stack, because the TNT’s 
explosion will wipe out the bounce crate, and as you can see, there’s 
outline boxes above it. Go over further and hit the iron switch, and 
then go back and use the bounce crate to reach these, and then jump on 
the TNT.

Near the end of the bonus there is a situation with a bounce crate on 
top of a TNT, which is on top of a few regular crates. Smack the few 
crates and quickly jump up to the bounce crate. Get all of the boxes up 
here before the TNT explodes. If it explodes, not only could Crash go 
with it, but it will destroy the bounce crate and render you enable 
from getting the boxes up high.


TIME TRIAL: Unlike the previous two medieval levels, running on the 
walls isn’t as helpful, as there are so many time boxes on the regular 
path that running on the walls almost wastes time. Here are some tips 
for your run:

- Shoot your Bazooka at the first double header, and then use the 
Bazooka again to hit the time clock from a little ways up ahead.

- Don’t lose an Aku Aku mask: there’s invincibility in this level!

- The two guys swinging the swords are tricky. Often times they’re 
swinging them right as you pass, so try to run on the walls to avoid 

- Right beyond the second sword guy is a 2-second and 3-second box. 
Unfortunately, the latter is between the two TNT. For the best results, 
you need to hit both crates in one spin (and not a tornado spin, a 
regular one). One wrong move with the TNT, and it’s back to the start 
for Crash.

- Another 3-second box lies on top of a stack with TNT. Double jump up 
to reach it, and make it a smooth jump-and-spin combo.

- The rest of the level is pretty easy, as soon you’ll have 
invincibility. This will last you right up to the part with the goat 
and the wizard on the bridge, unfortunately. At this point, you have 
two Aku Aku’s left: use them! Feel free to use one on the goat-and-
wizard bridge, and another with the final double header of the level. 
Voila, the relic is yours.

Boss 3: N. Tropy

Here’s the first big antagonist of the game, Dr. Nefarious Tropy. If we 
can wipe him out, it’ll send Cortex and Uka Uka in some distress...

The thing about N. Tropy is that he’s an easy boss... once you figure 
out HOW to dodge him. This takes some work. Basically, if you get hit 
by anything he shoots at you, you’re dead. Simple as that. The first 
thing he launches is a sort of fireball. Double jump over this easily. 
Then come a series of fiery lasers. This is the pattern from where the 
lasers start – front, right, left. Now he’ll rest for a second and 
reveal a series of platforms over the gap separating you (very 
stupidly, I might add). Jump across these carefully, and spin him at 
the other side.

Round #2... and it’s exactly the same as before, with a few added 
difficulties. Now he fires two fireballs, and the second one needs to 
be ducked underneath (just crouching is fine). He’ll fire four lasers 
this time – the pattern is front, front, right, front. Then comes a 
series of platforms across the gap, only less to work with. Carefully 
(but quickly) make your way across and spin him.

The final round is just another notch up. Three fireballs this time, 
the first needs to be double jumped, the second needs to be crouched 
underneath, and the third also needs to be double-jumped. Then the 
lasers, with another pattern – left, right, front, left, left. One last 
series of platforms – and this is the hardest, too. Get across it 
safely and spin him for the last time. The clock freak’s time is up. 
Grab the Death Tornado Spin power-up and we’re finished here!

Warp Room #4
Level 16: Sphynxinator
Level 17: Bye-Bye Blimps
Level 18: Tell No Tales
Level 19: Future Frenzy
Level 20: Tomb Wader

Level 16: Sphynxinator
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Clear Gem, Relic
Paths - Bonus Level, Blue Gem Path 
Boxes - 104 (!)
Sapphire Relic - 1:42:00
Gold Relic - 1:22:66
Platinum Relic - 00:56:70

Level 17: Bye-Bye Blimps
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Relic 
Boxes - 11
Sapphire Relic - 1:09:00
Gold Relic - 00:58:43
Platinum Relic - 00:51:50

Level 18: Tell No Tales
Collectables - Crystal, Box Gem, Relic 
Boxes: 61
Sapphire Relic - 1:42:00
Gold Relic - 1:25:66
Platinum Relic - 1:05:26

Level 19: Future Frenzy
Collectables – Crystal, Box Gem, Clear Gem, Relic
Paths – Bonus Level 
Boxes – 134 (!)
Sapphire Relic – 2:01:00
Gold Relic – 1:34:00
Platinum Relic – 1:19:66

Level 20: Tomb Wader
Collectables – Crystal, Box Gem, Blue Gem, Relic
Paths – Bonus Level, Death Route 
Boxes - 88 (!)
Sapphire Relic – 2:44:00
Gold Relic – 1:45:06
Platinum Relic – 1:24:00

Boss 4: N. Gin

Warp Room #5
Level 21: Gone Tomorrow
Level 22: Orange Asphalt
Level 23: Flaming Passion
Level 24: Mad Bombers
Level 25: Bug Lite

Level 21: Gone Tomorrow
Collectables – Crystal, Box Gem, Clear Gem, Relic
Paths – Bonus Level, Green Gem Path 
Boxes – 88 (!)
Sapphire Relic – 2:05:00
Gold Relic – 1:25:60
Platinum Relic – 1:02:13

Level 22: Orange Asphalt
Collectables – Crystal, Box Gem, Relic 
Boxes – 20
Sapphire Relic – 1:36:00
Gold Relic – 1:31:30
Platinum Relic – 1:21:80

Level 23: Flaming Passion
Collectables – Crystal, Box Gem, Green Gem, Relic
Paths – Death Route, Bonus Level 
Boxes – 76
Sapphire Relic – 1:43:00
Gold Relic – 1:31:10
Platinum Relic – 00:59:40

Level 24: Mad Bombers
Collectables – Crystal, Box Gem, Relic 
Boxes – 11
Sapphire Relic – 2:08:00
Gold Relic – 1:55:23
Platinum Relic – 1:38:16

Level 25: Bug Lite
Collectables – Crystal, Box Gem, Clear Gem, Relic
Paths – 5-Gems Path, Bonus Level 
Boxes – 120 (!)
Sapphire Relic – 1:49:00
Gold Relic – 1:34:86
Platinum Relic – 1:14:93

Boss 5: N. Cortex

Relic Warp Room
Level 26: Ski Crazed
Level 27: Hang ‘Em High
Level 28: Area 51?
Level 29: Future Frenzy
Level 30: Rings of Power

Level 26: Ski Crazed
Collectables – Crystal, Box Gem, Relic
Boxes – 100
Sapphire Relic – 1:16:00
Gold Relic – 0:50:50
Platinum Relic – 00:33:33

Level 27: Hang ‘Em High

Level 28: Area 51?
Collectables – Crystal, Box Gem, Clear Gem, Relic
Boxes – 24
Sapphire Relic – 1:53:00
Gold Relic – 1:49:83
Platinum Relic – 1:44:56

Level 29: Future Frenzy

Level 30: Rings of Power
Collectables – Crystal, Box Gem, Clear Gem, Relic
Boxes – 33
Sapphire Relic – 1:20:00
Gold Relic – 1:01:46
Platinum Relic – 00:50:76

Super-Secret Levels
Level 31: Hot Coco
Level 32: Eggipus Rex

Level 31: Hot Coco
Collectables – Box Gem, Relic
Boxes – 70
Platinum relic is automatic with NTSC version.

Level 32: Eggipus Rex
Collectables – Clear Gem, Relic
Platinum relic is automatic with NTSC version.

15 levels down... 17 more to go. The rest is soon to come! Thank you 
for reading my walkthrough. I would like to thank the following:

- My parents, for obvious reasons

- You, for actually reading this

- Naughty Dog, for creating four amazing Crash games (P.S. – if any of 
you guys are reading this, please come back to Crash! The series is 
just not the same without you).

- GameFAQs for posting this walkthrough.

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