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Guide and Walkthrough by JHealy

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/15/1999

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Guide
Version 1.3, 4/15/99 (TAX DAY in US)
Written by John Healy (johnhoops2@aol.com)
Visit the HTML FAQ: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Alley/2658
Thanks to:
Craig for several times and hints and 
solving the Mad Bombers puzzle. Also, thanks for getting the first developers' 
NickWhiz1@aol.com, for getting all platinums (not verified) and giving me tons 
of times for the Wall. Also for getting developers time on five levels! 
I also thank england@netlinkcorp.com for beating some of the nickwhiz's times, 
and for showing me a screenshot of 30 platinum relics!


This document (c)1999 John Healy. All rights reserved. This file may only be 
posted by electornic means and only if this disclaimer is intact. It may be 
printed for personal use only. Its use in any publication or their websites is 
not permitted. Crash Bandicoot, Crash: Warped, and all Crash Bandicoot-related 
material (c)1996-8 Naughty Dog Entertainment. All rights reserved. Sony, 
PlayStation, and all PlayStation-related material are (c)1995-9 Sony Computer 
Entertainment America, Inc. All rights reserved. All of the content here is my 
own, with the exception of the relic times and the Super Combo which I got from 

The latest version of this FAQ can be found at the following fine websites:

The Unofficial Crash 3 FAQ (internet home of this FAQ):


Console Gamer

If you got this FAQ from anywhere else please have them email me, so I can put 
them on the mailing list for this FAQ.

Contents of this guide:
1. Intro and Revision History
2. General Hints
        A. The Super Combo
        B. Tips for riding vehicles
        C. Special Powers
        D. Death Paths
3. Walkthrough
        A. Toad Village
        B. Under Pressure
        C. Orient Express
        D. Bone Yard
        E. Makin' Waves
        F. Gee Wiz
        G. Hangem' High
        H. Hog Ride
        I. Tomb Time
        J. Midnight Run
        K. Dino Might!
        L. Deep Trouble
        M. High Time
        N. Road Crash
        O. Double Trouble
        P. Sphinxinator
        Q. Bye Bye Blimps
        R. Tell No Tales
        S. Future Frenzy
        T. Tomb Wader
        U. Gone Tomorrow
        V. Orange Asphalt
        W. Flaming Passion
        X. Mad Bombers
        Y. Bug Lite
4. Load/Save Warp Room
        A. Ski Crazed
        B. Hangem' High
        C. Area 51?
        D. Future Frenzy
        E. Rings of Power
5. Secret Levels
        A. Hot Coco
        B. Eggipus Rex
6. Time Trials
        A. Sapphire Relics
        B. Gold Relics
        C. Platinum Relics
        D. Developers' Times
        E. Extra Gem
7. Boss Strategies
        A. Tiny
        B. Dingodile
        C. N. Tropy
        D. N. Gin
        E. Neo Cortex
8. Wall of Fame
9. No Running Shoes!
10. Conclusion


1. Introduction
        Welcome to the third installment in one of the greatst series ever! Crash 
Bandicoot: Warped features all of the things that made the first two games a 
success, plus all new moves and a new time trial mode! If you don't already own 
it, you need to go out and get this game! Also, if anybody can beat my times, or 
the ones already on the Wall of Fame, send them to me at johnhoops2@aol.com and 
I will put them up (with credit, of course). NOTE: The following three 
paragraphs are the updates included in Pre-release 1.3W.
        The website has been launched! Please find the address at the top of the 
FAQ. Featured on this website is the constantly-updated Wall of Fame, an HTML 
version of the FAQ, and versions of the FAQ before they are launched! This 
version is an early release for my website only!
        New in version 1.3W are the two missing Developers' Times (levels 23 and 
30), plus a side note on the Secret Levels and their relics. I have also removed 
crystal locations, since nobody needs them. Also in this update is the usual 
times on the Wall of Fame, and a revision of my times.
        Gosh, there's so much new stuff! Here's one more. Nickwhiz has given some 
tips in order to help others beat his times. They are scattered throughout the 
FAQ. Thanks, nick.
        Other that the stuff included in Pre-release 1.3W, I have again revised my 
times and the Wall of Fame. I now have only 1 platinum to go until I get 30 
(Level 18)!

1.3-    Updated my times and wall of fame       
1.3W-   Created website!
        Added nickwhiz's tips
        Added missing Developers' Times
        Added note about Secret Levels
        Revised No Running Shoes! section
        Removed crystal locations
        Revised Wall of Fame
        Revised my times
1.2-    Added nickwhiz1's times
        Added times from england@netlinkcorp.com
        Added the No Running Shoes! section
1.1-    Revised my times
        Added the rest of the Developers' Times
        Added a few more times to the Wall of Fame
        Added recognition 
1.01- 2 Developers' Times added
        Clarified some stuff about Hangem' High and Future Frenzy
        A rushed update, so some things might be incomplete (*cough* Wall of Fame 
1.0-    The beginning of the FAQ with a great deal of information.

2. General Hints

A. The Super Combo

        So named by Game Informer, the Super Combo is the longest possible jump 
possible in Crash 3. NOTE: You must have already beaten the first three bosses 
in order to do this. Now that you've done that, here's how to perform the Super 

1. Run up to an edge.
2. Slide and jump while still holding forward.
3. At the top of the jump, press jump again to do a double jump.
4. Do a Super Tornado Spin while still holding forward to float.
5. Land and you have done a Super Combo.

If you have the speed shoes or you are invincible, then you will run faster and 
add a few more inches to your jump.

B. Tips for riding vehicles

        Many of the vehicles in Crash 3 are hard to drive and can lead to 
frustrating results. If this sounds like your problem, read on. For those who 
have mastered the vehicles, skip to the walkthrough.

Underwater jetski thing: Pressing either X or Square will fire a torpedo, while 
pressing Circle will give you a speed burst which will break boxes but not kill 
enemies. Also, you will NOT be able to fire torpedos after a speed burst until 
you are back to normal speed which can lead to some frustrating crashes. 
However, if there are a bunch of wide open areas, then use the speed burst 
constantly in order to help your time trial. There is one other thing that might 
be confusing to some of you. Have you ever wondered where those otehr boxes were 
when you want the gems? When on the jetski thing, shoot torpedoes at the bunches 
of red coral. under them you will find boxes!

The Tiger: Holding either Circle or R1 (maybe its R2?) on the tiger will double 
or triple your speed, and X will jump. For crystal/gem runs, go slowly and hold 
off the speed button as much as possible. For time trials, keep it held down the 
entire level. As you go through and learn the position of the obstacles and 
boxes, you will eventually make it to the end and you will have at least a Gold 

The regular jetski: X will speed you up, Square will slow you down. Use the 
anolog stick to move/turn around. Jumps will take seconds off the clock, so 
don't take them unless there are time boxes on top. Also, since you can turn 
around, you should be able to get all the boxes in these levels (there is one 
execption discussed in the walkthrough). As for other stuff, the water will 
occasionally bounce you, and to get boxes underwater, take a jump and press Up 
halfway through it.

The Hog: X accelerates, Square breaks. Let go of the accelerator on sharp turns. 
Use the jets to speed you up (the green arrows). Also, you can drive on the 
extreme edge of the road (the cracked pavement). This is useful for getting past 
the cops.

Thy By-plane: Hold down Circle at all times for machine guns. When the enemies 
fire at you, do a barrel roll or two to evade them. Shooting a balloon with a 
red cross on it will give you 50% health back. Yes, I know its hard. Also, 
enemies will not shoot at you unless you are facing them, so try to not face 
them as much as possible.

C. Special Powers

The Super Belly-flop: The Super Belly-flop gives the Belly-flop a fancier 
animation and lets its power extend further. It has very limited use.

The Double Jump: A very useful move, the Double Jump gives you a few extra 
inches at the top of your jump. It will help you clear many an obstacle 
impossible without it. However, it does take up a bit of time so don't use it 
excessively on time trials.

The Super Tornado Spin: Another useful move, the Tornado Spin will let you enter 
a continuous spin which lets you float above obstacles for a short time. Just 
don't land on TNT!

The Fruit Bazooka: Because of the extreme lack of speed in the Fruit Bazooka, it 
is almost entirely useless on time trials. However, When completing a level to 
get the Crystal or Gem, it will make you nearly invincible since you can take 
everything out from a distance!

The Speed Shoes: They have time trial written all over it. Speed Shoes let you 
convert Sapphires to Golds and Platinums on any level where you're not on a 
vehicle. Since you get them after you get all the crystals, thats about all you 
CAN use them for.

D. Death Paths

        Sometimes during a level you will find either a platform with a skull-and-
crossbones on it or an outline of a platform. This is what will be referred to 
as a Death Path. You will only see a skull-and-crossbones if you have made it to 
that point in the level without dying. NOTE that you must eventually take these 
paths since they lead invariably to colored gems.

3. Walkthrough

A. Toad Village

Gem: Get all the boxes and don't forget the bonus!

Bonus Level: If you can't figure it out, you should return the game.

Sapphire Relic: 1:03:00-Go through the level without the speed shoes and get all 
the yellow boxes.
Gold: 0:57:53-Get an average run with the speed shoes, it should be easy.
Platinum: 0:44:06-Take the shortest path possible with the Speed Shoes, get all 
the yellows, ignore the Aku Akus unless you can get all three. My time: 0:43:36.
Dev. Time: 0:39:93-Such a hard differential to make up, I don't think its 

General Difficulty: *

B. Under Pressure

Gem: You will need to blow the red corals in the water in order to get all the 
boxes. They can only be destoyed by the underwater jetski thing's torpedos.

Sapphire Relic: 1:46:00-Swim through the level. There is a huge margin for error 
and you almost can't lose.
Gold: 1:17:93-This one's kinda tough, but if you use the speed burst on the 
jetski a lot, you sould be able to finish it. Also, press 'X' repeatedly while 
swimming in order to get some extra speed (thanks to Seth011369@aol.com for this 
Platinum: 1:10:50-Use the above tip to get this one. However, now you have to 
have a perfect run. I got 1:10:60.
Dev. Time: 0:57:83-Whoever did this is a God.

General Difficulty: ***

C. Orient Express

Gem: Go slow and get every box. Make sure you take the correct jumps or you will 
miss boxes.

Sapphire Relic: 0:41:00-I never got it. You shouldn't either.
Gold: 0:27:80-A ridiculously easy time that you should have no problem 
oblitterating. Just keep your finger on the Speed button.
Platinum: 0:18:10-YOU MUST GET EVERY YELLOW BOX ON THE COURSE. Did I make that 
clear? Ok. It will take some tries, but I have a time of 0:17:60 that I'm proud 
Dev. Time: 0:16:96-Do a run just like the platinum run, but now concern yourself 
with the straightest path. With a little luck you will beat the developers.

General Difficulty: **

D. Bone Yard

Gem 1 (Req. Red Gem): Complete the Red Gem path (extremely hard!) for a clear 

Gem 2: Break all the boxes. There are none on the Red Gem path.

Bonus Level: Its easy, just don't bust the bouncy box until you have used it.

Sapphire Relic: 1:45:00-Complete level without speed shoes. 'Nuff said.
Gold: 1:40:21-Though not required, you should have the Speed Shoes (I have 
gotten close without the shoes before, and someone who emailed me had gotten it 
for real). Complete the level and break most yellow boxes.
Platinum: 1:21:00-Stay on the right through the first chase. Get all three Aku 
Akus so you can get invincibility. Break all the yellow boxes that are not in 
the chase (the dino will take care of all boxes during the chase). Jump the 
grass as much as possible (don't spin it). You will find it hard to achieve a 
time of 1:20:70 like I did.
Dev. Time: 1:15:36-All hope abondon, ye may attempt this.

General Difficulty: **1/2

E. Makin' Waves

Gem: Break all boxes, its straight-forward. Remember that you can go back and 
break ones that you missed.

Sapphire Relic: 1:08:00-This is for beginners on the jetski. You don't even need 
to break all the yellow boxes.
Gold: 0:58:23-Gun it and break all the yellow boxes. You need a good deal of 
experience in order to get it (I recommend going to at least level 18 before 
Platinum: 0:53:26-You must break every yellow box and take the straightest path 
possible. Going out of your way for an Aku Aku is ill advised, only get them if 
it is on your path. My time of 0:52:36 was (and I'll admit it) lucky.
Dev. Time: 0:50:66-This is entirely possible, because 2 seconds is a 
differential that can be made up. Though I haven't done it, try this: whenever 
you get an Aku Aku, use it to ram something and take a straghter path (eg. a 
bomb is in the way; ram it!). Since there are two (and I assume that they are 
both in your path), you have two chances. Search the course, find the places 
where you will sacrifice, and then do it and hope for luck.

General Difficulty: *

F. Gee Wiz

Gem: Break the boxes.

Bonus Level: Easy. At the end, don't hit the exclamation boxes until you've 
gotten the box under the bridge it creates.

Sapphire Relic: 1:35:00-Complete level without Speed Shoes. Easy.
Gold: 1:22:73-Even easier since you have the Speed Shoes.
Platinum: 1:05:93-Guess what? The PLATINUM is EASY! I never thought those two 
words would be in the same sentence. It only took me three tries to get a time 
of 1:04:93.
Dev. Time: 0:58:66-Only now does the difficulty show itself. Just like level 1, 
this differential is way too much, but you're welcome to try it. If you got a 
time of 1:00:00 or less on your platinum run, this might be something to try. 
Otherwise, stay far, far away.

General Difficulty: *

G. Hangem' High

Gem: Get all the boxes, and make sure you check on top of ALL bouncy carpets for 

Yellow Gem: See section 4b. If I didn't make it clear, you have to enter through 
level 27 to get the yellow gem.

Bonus Level: Bounce on the flashing box when it's TNT in order to hit the ! 
switch at the end and get all the boxes.

Sapphire Relic: 1:24:00-This Sapphire isn't that easy. There is a bit of skill 
involved in getting this time without the Speed Shoes, but you should be able to 
get it without help.
Gold: 0:52:66-This time is easily beaten. However, you do have to run and 
invincibility is a good bet.
Platinum: 0:43:80-Gun it, avoid spinning as much as possible, get invincibility, 
take long, shortcut jumps (from carpet to carpet on the rotating ones), and use 
Super Combos to clear the pits. I got a 0:43:43 with this strategy.
Dev. Time: 0:34:36-The gaming gods strike again. This may be the largest 
difference between platinum and developers time in the game. You know what that 

General Difficulty: ***

H. Hog Ride

Gem: Take it slow and get all the boxes. Speed up for jumps.

Sapphire Relic: 0:45:00-Definitely not easy, and quite hard in fact. All of 
these relics come with practice, and thats the best advice I can give.
Gold: 0:41:46-Harder, but just keep practicing. Take a straight path and only 
the jumps that put you over pits or give you boxes.
Platinum: 0:35:06-You have to ride a wheelie from the first turbo pad to the end 
of the level. This is very difficult but the results are astonishing (a time of 
0:34:20 like mine). Make sure to be subtle with your turns and keep your finger 
on that 'X' button!
Dev. Time: 0:33:96-Repeat the performance for above and wish for luck. Three 
poeple have done it so far.

General Difficulty: **

I. Tomb Time

Gem 1: Take the Purple Gem Path (Purple Gem not required, explained below).

Gem 2: Get all the boxes, including the ones on the Purple Gem path. To get to 
this path without the Purple Gem, go to the last snake in the level and do a 
Super Combo to the left. If it is long enough, then you can continue left and 
then toward the screen for the Purple Gem path. It is much more difficult this 
way, but it is possible.

Bonus Level: Very easy.

Sapphire Relic: 1:42:00-Pretty easy, even without the shoes.
Gold: 1:10:00-Have a really good run with the shoes, but you don't need to be 
perfect. Try to keep your Aku Akus (there are 4 on this level in time trial) so 
that you can get invincibility.
Platinum: 0:53:93-I finally got 0:53:76 on this level, using nickwhiz's tips. 
The following is a quote:
        You have to try to slide across the slippery slick.  You can also quickly 
hit the two exclamation boxes instead of using a time-consuming double jump or 
Super Combo.  Of course, you must also get invincibility.  It also helps to use 
the sliding trick to get that high -3 box before your invincibility wears off.
Dev. Time: 0:50:63-This level's not all that fun; I don't want to devote time to 

General Difficulty: **1/2

J. Midnight Run

Gem: Get all boxes. Very difficult, as you will have to use the speed burst 
button to get some of them.

Sapphire Relic: 0:53:00-Never got it.
Gold: 0:38:23-It is pretty easy to get near platinum, but never finish the 
course. Most people I asked had the same difficulties that I had with this. But, 
practice long enough, and you will eventually finish the course and get...
Platinum: 0:18:20-...this. For those that have gotten times of 16 seconds, GET 
OFFA MY WALL OF FAME! How about beating 0:13:73?
Dev. Time: 0:13:20-Or maybe beating this? This is probably the easiest 
Developers time to beat (other than Eggipus Rex), so I expect someone to do so.

General Difficulty: ***1/2

K. Dino Might!

Gem 1 (Req. Yellow Gem): Finish the yellow gem path.

Gem 2 (Req. Yellow Gem): Get all boxes. There are many on the yellow gem path.

Secret Level (Req. Yellow Gem): Get on the yellow gem path and get to the chase 
part. Now, crash into the second pteryodactyl during the chase. Make sure you 
don't have any Aku Akus when you do this! It will take you into Level 32, 
Eggipus Rex covered in section 5b.

Bonus Level: Nothing to it, very easy.

Sapphire Relic: 1:34:00-A toughie, since you'll probably get caught by the dino 
a few times. Jump the grass (double jump if necessary) and you should be fine.
Gold: 1:25:76-Like most levels, follow the sapphire strategies when you have the 
Platinum: 1:03:00-Gun it, break all yellow boxes, get three Aku Akus (very 
important!), and don't get slowed up from boxes in your way. Also, all boxes 
that the dino runs over count as broken, so let him break the yellow boxes 
during the chase while you concentrate on getting to the exit. I got a 1:02:20, 
which wasn't too hard.
Dev. Time: 0:55:00-Well, someone has done it, but I still don't know how.

General Difficulty: ***

L. Deep Trouble

Clear Gem and Red Gem: Break all the boxes. Make sure you blow all the red coral 
away. Also, you will eventually find as you go through the level an impassible 
barrier. Swim up and to the end of the level and hit the ! box. Then, go back to 
this impassible barrier. It will now have TNT in front of it and you will be 
able to proceed by blowing it up. Get to the end of this path and you will have 
two gems for one; the red for completing the path and the clear for getting all 

Sapphire Relic: 1:47:00-Its easy, if you do it while you're still familiar with 
the level.
Gold: 1:25:16-Go quickly and do your best. When you reach the electric wheels 
which turn the wrong way, try jetting through just as it turns past the opening 
to save time. 
Platinum: 1:18:36-Use the same strategies as above, but be perfect. Also, make 
sure you repeatedly hit 'X' to go faster. This is one of the hardest relics in 
the game to get, but I got it with 1:16:76. 
Dev. Time: 1:00:46-If the clipping gets you stuck (and it does a lot), then 
restart trial, because you can't win. This is guaranteed to be frustrating.

General Difficulty: **

M. High Time

Purple Gem: Take the Death Path (see section 2d.). At the end you will find the 
Purple Gem.

Clear Gem: Get all the boxes.

Bonus Level: Again a ridiculously easy bonus.

Sapphire Relic: 2:12:00-This ones EASY if you know how to play. However, you 
will see that it is just an appetizer to...
Gold: 1:04:12-...this!!! The absolute hardest Gold Relic in the game, you need 
to time your run correctly in order to get it. Take off just as the second flame 
lights at the beginning, and everything should be set up for you if you are 
fast. Use super combos to clear the pits with floating carpets, and only let up 
on the speed to grab onto the overhang. Invincibility is NOT a must, but it 
Platinum: 0:56:96-Now you must get invincibility. If you lose an Aku Aku, 
restart your time trial, because mark my words IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO WITHOUT 
IT! And you know what, I finally got it with 0:55:20. YES!!!
Dev. Time: 0:45:10-Are they NUTS? The Gold is hard, the Platinum means 
perfection, and this is what they get? But, again, someone has beaten it, so I 
can't say its impossible.

General Difficulty: ****

N. Road Crash

Gem: Take it ultra-slow and get all the boxes. Speed up only for jumps.

Secret Level: Crash into the road sign with the alien on it and you will be 
warped into Level 31, Hot Coco which is covered in section 5a.

Sapphire Relic: 1:25:00-Rather difficult but all the road levels have difficult 
Gold: 1:20:73-Practice, practice, practice. Nothing else will get you a faster 
Platinum: 1:17:10-Use the same advice as above plus the wait in front of the 
clock trick and you should make it eventually. Riding wheelies is very hard in 
this level, but it will cut time. This was the second-last level I got platinum 
on, with 1:16:83.
Dev. Time: 1:15:53-No tricks here, just plain old speed. If you made platinum, 
you should be able to make this eventually.

General Difficulty: ***

O. Double Header

Gem: Get all the boxes. Don't forget the...

Bonus Level: ...very easy bonus level. Don't worry, though, it goes uphill from 
here, as you will see.

Sapphire Relic: 1:27:00-Difficult without the shoes, a breeze with 'em.
Gold: 1:21:16-You should have no trouble beating this time with the shoes. Its 
probably possible to get without them, in fact.
Platinum: 0:59:43-Very possible but you must be absolutely perfect. Don't get 
tripped up by the giants and be sure you get invincibility. The time to beat is 
Dev. Time: 0:56:00-I'm close, so I will attempt this. You'll get an update on my 
progress May 1.

General Difficulty: ***

P. Sphynxinator

Gem 1: Get the four boxes behind your starting point then beat the level using 
the right path. TIME TRIAL TIP: Go to these boxes before hitting the clock, 
shoot the clock, then spin the boxes. It cuts 3-4 secs off the time.

Gem 2 (Req. Blue Gem): Complete the blue gem path. Very difficult.

Bonus Level: Make sure you hit the TNT at the right times or else...

Sapphire Relic: 1:42:00-Ray Charles could get this time.
Gold: 1:22:66-A bit harder but basically the same as sapphy once you get the 
Platinum: 0:56:70-I just recently learned how to get this, and a key is to use 
the trick listed in section 3i. (Tomb Time). Also, shoot the TNT boxes when you 
get to the stackes of six, its easier than careful spinning. If you have an Aku 
Aku, you can tornado spin through these hazards. I got a 0:56:40 for my time 

General Difficulty: ***1/2

Q. Bye Bye Blimps

Gem: To break the boxes, 1) shoot the balloons, 2) shoot the boxes, or 3) crash 
into the boxes. Break them all then bust the blimps for a gem.

Sapphire Relic: 1:09:00-The HARDEST SAPH IN THE GAME. You have to go extra fast 
and since you are just learning the plane, it compounds the problem.
Gold: 0:58:43-Go for it once you've learned the plane. 
Platinum: 0:51:50-It seems that others have provem my previous comment wrong. I 
got a 0:51:46 after extensive practice, but Craig has the 
following hint: 

"For these two [levels, Mad Bombers and Bye Bye Blimps], accuracy saves ALOT of 
time, so keep on target as much as possible.  The order you go after the targets 
is important as well. Fly through the clock, and start shooting at the target 
strait ahead. For the blimps, hang a sharp left, targeting the leftmost blimp 
next. For the rest of the targets, head for the closest, being as accurate as 
possible.  It is especially important to be accurate for the planes, since there 
is only a short time when they are in sync..  (Sync, as in the next closest 
plane is close.)"

Dev. Time: 0:38:63-It's possible becuase its been beaten. The same guy that 
wrote the above hint emailed me a week leter with the time of 38:53, and a 
screenshot to prove it. I will list all of those who duplicate this feat on the 
Wall of Fame. 

General Difficulty: ****1/2

R. Tell No Tales

Gem: Break every box. Note that there is a fork in the road halfway through the 
level in which you will have to take both forks. Keep your head up or you won't 
even see it. It proceeds the series of three jumps followed by the extra life 
underwater. Take the right path here for five boxes, then come back and get the 
rest of the boxes you missed.

Sapphire Relic: 1:42:00-I can beat it anytime, and you should too since you've 
done it before (Level 5).
Gold: 1:25:66-Takes a bit of skill but we should all be able to get it in a few 
tries. I did well with 1:17:33.
Platinum: 1:05:26-What can I say. Be perfect. We all know what this means: every 
yellow box, straightest path, and take the right fork for some more 3's.
Dev. Time: 1:01:70-Nickwhiz got a platinum on this level, and this is what he 
says (quote):

The water plays an important role in this section.  When you first enter the 
stage,  face toward the clock and wait until the tide is down.  Now start the 
stage.  If your timing is off, you will lose about 2 seconds in time.  There is 
a floating ramp near the two boats circling the island.  If you timed it just 
right, the tide will be up, allowing you to get the -2 box.  If not, you'll 
probably only get the box below it.  Here's something interesting:  You don't 
need to take the right fork.  It will take you over 15 second from the turning 
right to getting back on track.  Just take the normal way.  Near the end, there 
are three ramps, each with two bombs on the opposite side.  To save some 
fractions, just barrel through them if you have an Aku Aku.

General Difficulty: **

S. Future Frenzy

Gem 1: See section 4d.

Gem 2: See section 4d.

Bonus Level: The signs say it all. Just think about how to use the appropriate 

Sapphire Relic: 2:01:00-Are they serious? There is NO WAY that this should pose 
difficulty to ANYONE.
Gold: 1:34:00-Same as above but now you have the shoes!
Platinum: 1:19:66-The following is specific instructions on how to really bust 
up this time: Grab the clock just as the first laser turns ON. Lasers last 2 
seconds and your run to it lasts 1.8, so get this right. It should be set up for 
you so you can run right past most of the lasers. When the boxes are in the air, 
do a jump and spin for the two in your line and ignore the other one. Also make 
sure you spin the '3' that is hidden behind the Nitro by hitting it from the 
back. When you get to the second-to-last laser in the area, you have two 
choices, 1) If you've been perfect so far, spin the bulb and go through the 
laser AT TOP SPEED. It should turn on once you're through it. Or, you can 2) 
Wait in front of the laser until it turns on and shuts off. You lose 2 1/2 
seconds on the laser, but you can still get the platinum. Either way, you will 
have to wait for the last laser then jump on the platform.
When you get to the side-scrolling, DO NOT GET HIT. NOT AT ALL. Use double-jumps 
to hightail it over the spiked things, and tornado-spins to jump gaps while the 
platforms are red. Get all three Aku Akus and go all out until the end. Be 
reckless on the last jump (2 Aku Akus to waste) to gain extra time. I got a 
1:16:13, which is very good.
Dev. Time: 1:07:47-Jump around the lazers is the advice that I have heard, but 
it has not gone through its rigorous testing by me yet, so it is not certified.

General Difficulty: ***1/2

T. Tomb Wader

Clear Gem: Break all the boxes in the straight-forward path laid out for you.

Blue Gem: Complete the Death Path halfway through the level.

Bonus Level: Go a screen or two to the right each time you see a ! before 
hitting it or you will not get all the boxes.

Sapphire Relic: 2:44:00-This is a lot of time. You can stop on every platform 
and still make it. For beginners who don't know how to get past the water well.
Gold: 1:45:06-You have to have the shoes (of course) but you also need to know 
the course pretty well.
Platinum: 1:24:00-Take off when the bug is approaching the righ tside and the 
course will be laid out for you. You don't even have to get all the yellow 
boxes, its that easy. I will let the readers figure out the exact sets of jumps 
and super combos to make. I got 1:20:93.
Dev. Time: 1:11:16-This is also not unreachable, but you must take some 
unbelievable risks in order to get it. Lots of Super Combos are needed here.

General Difficulty: ***** (First of 3 in the five-star category)

U. Gone Tomorrow

Gem 1 (Req. Green Gem): Complete the Green Gem Path.

Gem 2 (Req. Green Gem): Get all the boxes and yes, its very complicated. Break 
every box up to the point with the bouncy box; make sure you hit the ! then 
backtrack to get five boxes. DO NOT BREAK ANY BOXES IN THE AREA OF THE BOUNCY 
BOX!!! Continue and target the !'s off to the side, breaking the boxes they 
create. Continue to the Green Gem path breaking all boxes EXCEPT any TNT and the 
'C' box right at the beginning of the side-scrolling part (save for later). Once 
at the Green Gem path, take it to the end and break every box for one Gem 
(above). Make sure you hit the ! at the end of this. It will leave you near the 
beginning of the level. Now, use the bouncy box to break the now-solidified top 
box in the stack then break all those boxes. Also, hit that 'C' you passed by 
then bounce on the TNT you passed by. It will break a box under the bridge. 
Finish the rest of the level breaking all other boxes for the second Gem. 
(sigh). Also, DON'T FORGET THE BONUS!!!

Bonus Level: Use the Bazooka on EVERYTHING, especially nitro.

Sapphire Relic: 2:05:00-Not a cinch w/o the shoes, but it shouldn't take you too 
Gold: 1:25:60-A drastic difference shows you what speed shoes do for you. I was 
able to, after a few tries, get 1:05:70.
Platinum: 1:02:13-Here's a great time-saving trick: jump AROUND the lasers. It 
can be used in Future Frenzy as well, but doesnt save as much time. The key is 
that here, the lasers aren't on as predictable a timer as in Future Frenzy, so 
now is where it comes in real handy. Do the same for those mechs that turn their 
butt at you. After that, just be careful.
Dev. Time: 0:55:46-Remember when I couldn't do level 9? Level 16? Level 24? 
People told me and now I can do them (for the most part). Get the hint?

General Difficulty: ****

V. Orange Asphalt

Gem: Super-slow for ground boxes, speed up for jumps. Try to avoid turbo pads.

Sapphire Relic: 1:36:00-Follow the same advice as for the other racing levels, 
which is practice.
Gold: 1:31:30-Read the Sapphire Relic, above.
Platinum: 1:21:80-Try to hold wheelies as long as possible and use the waiting-
in-front-of-the-clock trick. This is for the truly adept at Crash Bandicoot. 
However, I obliterated the time with my 1:20:40. YES!!
Dev. Time: 1:16:70-No, THIS is for the truly adept at Crash Bandicoot! Since 
there are no hints, codes or tricks for racing levels, you just have to learn 
how to get this much speed. 

General Difficulty: ***1/2

W. Flaming Passion

Green Gem: Take the Death Path (you know the reference).

Clear Gem: Get all the boxes. I wish I could offer some more helpful info on 

Bonus Level: Use the bazooka on nitro and the bouncy boxes, then super combo 
over the pit.

Sapphire Relic: 1:43:00-All of this levels' relics are tough, and of course this 
is the easiest.
Gold: 1:13:10-Just like the above with the shoes. Go through the level and you 
should get it easily.
Platinum: 0:59:40-Breaking seconds gets you a platinum. It isn't THAT hard, but 
it will take a few tries to break. I got a time of 0:57:46, which I did by 
hitting the '3' above the last molotov cocktail.
Dev. Time: 0:51:10-Someone will do it someday.

General Difficulty: ***

X. Mad Bombers

Gem: Destroy all 26 boxes then destroy the engines on all five planes.

Sapphire Relic: 2:08:00-Even though this is an air level, time is easy just 
cause its so much time.
Gold: 1:55:23-Probably the third hardest Gold in the game (behind level 12-13). 
Practice, practice, practice! 
Platinum: 1:38:16-See section 4q. (Bye Bye Blimps) for a tip on how to get this. 
I finally got 1:37:36 using that tip.
Dev. Time: 1:24:10-People have gotten very lucky and done this, but I still 

General Difficulty: ***** (2 of 3 in the Five-star club)

Y. Bug Lite

Gem 1 (Req. All Colored Gems): Ride the Blue Gem then complete the path riding 
each new gem as you reach it.

Gem 2: Get all the boxes. Extrememly difficult, explained below.

Bonus Level: ITS IN THE DARK!!!! YOU CAN'T SEE!!!! My best advice is to 1) Aim 
around with the bazooka to get rid of Nitro or 2) Buy a copy of the November 98 
issue of PSM which has maps of the bonus level.

Sapphire Relic: 1:49:00-Why? You won't be doing this without the shoes.
Gold: 1:34:86-Its formidable but once you know the layout of the level its burnt 
Platinum: 1:14:93-Fine tune your run and this should not present difficulty. I 
got 1:10:40 which is very good.
Dev. Time: 1:08:00-I have been making attempts at this easy time for almost a 
month, but I got bored each time and shut it off. When I get it, I will write it 
here. However, someone got it and they are now in the wall of fame.

4. Load/Save Warp Room

        If you don't know, you get to this warp room by way of a platform in the 
load/save area. It appears after you have five relics. From there, each level 
requires 5 additional relics to enter. This amount is denoted next to the name 
of the level.

A. Ski Crazed (5 Relics)

Gem: Get all boxes. Some backtracking needs to be done.

Sapphire Relic: 1:16:00-I have never had a run slower than this time. It is so 
easy that you should go for gold immediately.
Gold: 0:50:50-Since there are so many yellow boxes, this should be easy as well. 
I went straight for Platinum (!) after surveying the course and wound up getting 
a gold, but that soon changed...
Platinum: 0:33:33-Get all the yellow boxes and this should be broken in no time. 
But, that means that you need ALL of the yellow boxes, especially in the first 
half of the level, becuase once the clock ticks past 33:33, you should just 
restart. I got 0:31:90, which is the same time I had when I reached the three 
boxes clumped together in the water (two 2's and a 3).
Dev. Time: 0:28:63-Wish for luck. Again, another person got this time without 
telling me how.

General Difficulty: ****

B. Hangem' High (10 Relics)

NOTE: This is NOT accessed through level 7. You have to get 10 relics then get 
on the platform near the load/save area to get here.

See section 3g for Clear Gem, Bonus Level, and Relics.

Yellow Gem: Complete the rather short path laid out for you by jumping some 
nitro and you will get the yellow gem.

General Difficulty: *1/2

C. Area 51? (15 Relics)

Gem 1: Place first.

Gem 2: Get all the boxes. Take it slow and keep a UFO in front of you so you can 
use its lights for extended sight distance.

Sapphire Relic: 1:53:00-Don't forget the advice given to you in the other 
levels! You must practice!
Gold: 1:49:83-Bust up the course and don't hold the wheelies, because it will 
send you flying off the side.
Platinum: 1:44:50-Now you have to hold the wheelies. Every time you get one, 
hold it until you can't anymore. Also, touching the UFO's is throwing your time 
out the window. I got 1:44:40, and I'm proud of it.
Dev. Time: 1:38:96-All of these levels are the same. No shortcuts at all. How 

General Difficulty: ***1/2

D. Future Frenzy (20 Relics)

NOTE: This is NOT accessed through level 19. You have to get 20 relics then get 
on the platform near the load/save area to get here.

For Bonus Level and Relics, see section 3s.

Gem 1: Finish this area.

Gem 2: Break all the boxes in this area and get the first gem. When it lets you 
off in level 19, go to the right and get the 'C', then go left and backtrack the 
entire level to get those boxes. Now, complete the level and Bonus Level getting 
all boxes for the Gem.

General Difficulty: *

E. Rings of Power (25 Relics)

Gem: Place first. The key to all of this level's items is to press square as 
your going through the rings to gain maximum velocity. Use your judgement as to 
when to do this so you don't miss a ring.

Sapphire Relic: 1:20:00-Just like placing first. Do this and the gem at the same 
Gold: 1:01:46-Spin through most rings and you will get enough time to get this 
Platinum: 0:51:76-You need to spin through all 30 rings. Also, you can cut 
corners (again thanks to Craig). Guess what? I now have this relic with a time 
of 0:50:96. Yes!
Dev. Time: 0:47:93-The closest anyone has gotten is on the Wall of Fame, and its 
still three seconds away.

General Difficulty: ****

5. Secret Levels

        These are accessed like the hidden warp room in crash 2, from inside a 
particular level. These are not in the load/save warp room. BTW, someone has 
informed me that it is possible not to get a platinum relic on these levels. I 
will confirm this, but even if it is true, they will still be regarded as 
'auto'. Why? Becuase you have to try real hard to make it not automatic.

A. Hot Coco

How to find: See section 3n.

Gem: Get all 70 boxes in this nonlinear level. Start with the yellow buoys on 
the right and make your way around. Keep in mind that there are no Aku Akus and 
only three 'C' boxes.

Platinum Relic (auto): Ride those yellow buoys down the right side until you 
come to a jump with the green ! switch. Hit it and jam back to the exit. My best 
is 0:44:26.
Dev. Time: 0:14:60-Another quote from Nickwhiz:

My method:  Hit the clock, then get to those three boxes immediately on the 
right, then go get those two boxes between the bombs just in front of the goal.  
Now head clockwise around the island.  The Nitro ! box will be right there, so 
hit it, and get as many time boxes as possible while going clockwise around the 

General Difficulty: ***** (No. 3 in the 5-star club)

B. Eggipus Rex

How to find: See section 3k.

Gem: Complete the level.

Platinum Relic (auto): Just stay on the dinosaur and make sure you don't get 
hit. BTW, doing time trials and restarting near the end is a great 1-up loop. My 
best time is 0:45:93.
Dev. Time: 0:41:10-Its easy to do but it gets boring after a while trying.

General Difficulty: *

6. Time Trials

A. Sapphire Relics

        Sapphire Relics are easy to earn, just beat the level while you remember 
it. You never need any kind of accessory or item to get a Sapphire Relic, just a 
general idea of how the level lines up. Break any yellow boxes in your path, but 
don't fret if you miss one.

B. Gold Relics

        Gold Relics are a bit more difficult than sapphires but can usually be 
earned by using the Speed Shoes. However, this is not so for levels in which you 
are riding something, like the tiger or the plane. There, it just takes skill. 
The most notable Gold Relic in the game is Level 13, because you have to have 
such impeccable timing to get it.

C. Platinum Relics

        Well, other than the two free ones you get for beating the Secret Levels, 
these are hard. You have to run in a straight line, break all yellow boxes, and 
get lucky. In levels with moving water or moving carpets, if they do not line up 
for you, you probably will not get the relic. Therefore you have to use 
something at the beginning as a metronome, like an enemy (or the flames on level 
13 and 23). Getting all 30 platinum relics was considered the elite when Crash 3 
first came out, but now it is commonplace.

D. Developer's Times

        The pinnacle in time trial mastery, Developer's Times are so hard that 
they are not evel shown as you enter the level. You only see them when you get 
the perfect ending (100+ percent). As for as I know, all you get for beating a 
Developer's Time is your own satisfaction, but its a whole lot at that. Anybody 
who sends me a screenshot of even ONE beaten developers time will get 
recognition and a place on the Wall of Fame. If you don't have a scanner, send 
me an email stating that you have done it then go use your friends scanner. I 
will keep you up on the wall, but it will not be marked as verified. 

E. Extra Gem

        Getting 30 Gold Relics gets you an extra gem, bringing your grand total to 
105%. You cannot get 106%, becuase getting 30 platinums does nothing extra.

7. Boss Strategies

A. Tiny

        Run around and when his fork is in the ground, spin him. Then, dodge the 
lions (or kill them; every five you kill gets you a life). Repeat three times. 
You get the Super Belly-flop.

B. Dingodile

        You can see where his fireballs are going to land so move away. Then, 
dodge his gun when he shoots it. To hurt him, wait until he has destroyed the 
barrier then go in and spin. Watch out becuase on the third repeat, he will 
overcompensate for your movement and therfore fry you, unless you cut back in 
the other direction. You get the Double Jump.

C. N. Tropy

        Use the double jump to get over the first fireball, the single-jump the 
energy waves. When he is done, get across the platforms and spin him. Watch out 
for the second and third repeats becuase you have to DUCK the second fireball 
each time. You get the Tornado Spin.

D. N. Gin

        Shoot the body parts when they flash yellow. I can't offer much more help 
execpt that the second part of the boss is much harder. When you beat him, you 
get the Fruit Bozooka.

E. N. Cortex

        Aviod Aku Aku and Uka Uka while dodging Cortex's fireballs and bombs. Once 
the first bombs explode, get to the back and spin Cortex into the hole. The 
second and third times are the same except that Aku Aku and Uka Uka will create 
a whirlwind the second time and explosions the third time. Congrats on beating 
the game. After the sequence, you get the Speed Shoes.

8. Wall of Fame

        The following are the best times I know of (other than developers' times) 
for levels in Crash 3. Sorry, but if someone does better than you on a level, 
your name is gone :-). People have had reigns on the wall as short as an hour! 
All times that were verified with a screenshot have an asterisk (*) next to 

Level                   Time                    Email Address

Toad Village    0:42:53         nickwhiz1@aol.com
Under Pressure  1:07:06         nickwhiz1@aol.com
Orient Express  0:17:36         nickwhiz1@aol.com
Bone Yard               1:16:60         laurams@super.net.uk
Makin Waves             0:51:70         nickwhiz1@aol.com
Gee Wiz         1:01:93         nickwhiz1@aol.com
Hangem High             0:35:90*                england@netlinkcorp.com
Hog Ride                0:33:93         nickwhiz1@aol.com (Developers' Time!)
Tomb Time               0:53:00         nickwhiz1@aol.com
Midnight Run    0:13:23         nickwhiz1@aol.com
Dino Might!             0:54:96*                england@netlinkcorp.com (Developers' Time!)
Deep Trouble    1:10:26         nickwhiz1@aol.com
High Time               0:45:00*                england@netlinkcorp.com (Developers' Time!)
Road Crash              1:16:43         nickwhiz1@aol.com
Double Header   0:56:60         nickwhiz1@aol.com
Sphinxinator    0:53:96         nickwhiz1@aol.com (Developers' Time!)
Bye Bye Blimps  0:38:53*                acru@home.com (Developers' Time!)
Tell No Tales   1:01:10         nickwhiz1@aol.com (Developers' Time!)
Future Frenzy   1:08:80         nickwhiz1@aol.com
Tomb Wader              1:15:36         nickwhiz1@aol.com
Gone Tomorrow   0:55:43         nickwhiz1@aol.com (Developers' Time!)
Orange Asphalt  1:19:93         nickwhiz1@aol.com
Flaming Passion 0:50:66         nickwhiz1@aol.com (Developers' Time!)
Mad Bombers             1:21:63         nickwhiz1@aol.com (Developers' Time!)
Bug Lite                1:06:72         ice666@geocities.com (Developers' Time!)
Ski Crazed              0:31:50         nickwhiz1@aol.com
Area 51?                1:41:06         nickwhiz1@aol.com
Rings of Power  0:49:50         nickwhiz1@aol.com
Hot Coco                0:19:70         nickwhiz1@aol.com
Eggipus Rex             0:43:03         nickwhiz1@aol.com       

9. No Running Shoes!

        I just heard from nickwhiz that it is possible to get gold on ANY level 
without the running shoes! He has a list of times to prove it! He says that the 
trick is to do a series of slide-jumps as opposed to a normal run. This even 
works on such levels as High Time!

10. Conclusion

        Well, I hope I helped your enjoyment of Crash 3! I certainly enjoyed it 
myself and I am one of the few who can honestly say I didn't use a strategy 
guide. I purposely wrote this in an open-ended format so that you can think of 
your own strategies as well. Also, you are all welcome to send in your times 
whenever you want so I can add to the Wall of Fame!

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