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Aus saves with crash bandicoot? Tech Support 2 2 months ago
Why does my game keep freezing? Is there anyway to fix it?? Tech Support 1 3 years ago
My copy of Crash Bandicoot 3 keeps freezing. Please help? General 1 5 years ago
How to upload ps1 game saves for crash 3 into ps3? General 2 6 years ago
How do I beat The Double Header? Enemy/Boss 2 6 years ago
How can we open the purple gem gate in tomb time? Side Quest 2 8 years ago
Where is the yellow gem in the Egypt place? Side Quest 1 9 years ago
Is it possible that there are Platinum Relics in the game? Side Quest 4 9 years ago
How can I destroy nitro without dying OR using aku-aku? Build 1 10 years ago
How do i get colored gems? Side Quest 3 10 years ago

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