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Guide and Walkthrough by dark52

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/05/2015

             | This guide has a 73.38% GameFAQs approval rating. |
             o----------------o                 o----------------o
                              | 113 Yes / 41 No |  (01/06/2018)

                       ,,,,       |''''''\          ,....,
                ,,,''''    '      ,'      \      ,'       ''..
        ,...,  |            \    /         \    (        ,.,./    .,,,,,,
     ,'      |  \    .//    /    '    /\    \    ',     ',.      /      /
   ,'        |  |    ''    /,   /     ''     \      ',     '',  /      / ,,
  /           \ \             '.'       .    \   /'\   \      \/      //   ',
 |        ,'.,| '      ,        /      / \    \/     ','       /     //     /
 |       /       \    |  \    //    ,./   \....               /       '    /
 |       |     , |,_'''_  '''' '''_'  ___   __ ',_,  _   ___ /    ...     /
  \       \,,,/ '.|_/ /_\  |\ |  | \  ,|,,,/    / \'/ \,, | |    /  /    /
   \              |_\ | |  | \|  |_/''_|_  \__'.\_/'\_/'' | \   |  /     /
    ',,         ,'    ,,  /     ,'      .       \   \         \ /  ',,  /
       ''',,,,,'    ,'   /     /       / |       \   \  /,'    '
                  ,'    /     |       |  |       |    \    '.
                 ,,'',  |      ''',,,/   /      /  _  |     /
                   ,,'  |    ,,,,       /      /  (_) |    (
                  )     |   /    \     /     ,'       |    (
                   \    \  |     |   ,'   ,'          /    \
                    |    \ \     /  ,   ,',,,'''     / ,''''
                    ',''' \ ',,,' ,'           /    / ',,
                       ,'  ',    '....        /   .' ,'''
             _  _   _ |,,'_   ',  _ ___''_'''',,''_ (_    _   _   _
            /  / \ | / | |_\\/, '|_,,|  | /,|'|/ |_\|_   |_/ /_\ /  |/
            \_ \_/ | \ | |_ /\    _| |  | \ | |\ |_  _|  |_\ | | \_ |\
                |                                            |
                |   Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back   |
                |             (Sony PlayStation)             |
                |                                            |
                |               Author: dark52               |
                |                Version: 1.0                |
                |              Started: 08/01/06             |
                |              Updated: 07/03/06             |
                |   E-mail: dark52 (at) darkspyro (dot) net  |
                |     Website: http://faqs.darkspyro.net     |
                | 1. Introduction...................[010000] |
                |     i - Introduction..............[010100] |
                | 2. Walkthrough....................[020000] |
                |       1 - Intro...................[020001] |
                |     i - Warp Room 1...............[020100] |
                |       1 - Turtle Woods............[020101] |
                |       2 - Snow Go.................[020102] |
                |       3 - Hang Eight..............[020103] |
                |       4 - The Pits................[020104] |
                |       5 - Crash Dash..............[020105] |
                |       6 - Ripper Roo..............[020106] |
                |     ii - Warp Room 2..............[020200] |
                |       1 - Air Crash...............[020201] |
                |     iii - Secret Warp Room........[020300] |
                |       1 - Snow Go.................[020301] |
                |     iv - Warp Room 2..............[020400] |
                |       1 - Snow Biz................[020401] |
                |       2 - Air Crash...............[020402] |
                |       3 - Bear It.................[020403] |
                |       4 - Crash Crush.............[020404] |
                |       5 - The Eel Deal............[020405] |
                |       6 - K. Bros.................[020406] |
                |     v - Warp Room 3...............[020500] |
                |       1 - Plant Food..............[020501] |
                |       2 - Sewer or Later..........[020502] |
                |       3 - Bear Down...............[020503] |
                |     vi - Secret Warp Room.........[020600] |
                |       1 - Air Crash...............[020601] |
                |     vii - Warp Room 3.............[020700] |
                |       1 - Road to Ruin............[020701] |
                |       2 - Un-Bearable.............[020702] |
                |     viii - Secret Warp Room.......[020800] |
                |       1 - Totally Bear............[020801] |
                |     ix - Warp Room 3..............[020900] |
                |       1 - Tiny....................[020901] |
                |     x - Warp Room 4...............[021000] |
                |       1 - Hangin' Out.............[021001] |
                |     xi - Secret Warp Room.........[021100] |
                |       1 - Totally Fly.............[021101] |
                |     xii - Warp Room 4.............[021200] |
                |       1 - Diggin' It..............[021201] |
                |     xiii - Secret Warp Room.......[021300] |
                |       1 - Road to Ruin............[021301] |
                |     xiv - Warp Room 4.............[021400] |
                |       1 - Cold Hard Crash.........[021401] |
                |       2 - Ruination...............[021402] |
                |       3 - Bee-having..............[021403] |
                |       4 - N. Gin..................[021404] |
                |     xv - Warp Room 5..............[021500] |
                |       1 - Piston it Away..........[021501] |
                |       2 - Rock It.................[021502] |
                |       3 - Night Fight.............[021503] |
                |       4 - Pack Attack.............[021504] |
                |       5 - Spaced Out..............[021505] |
                |       6 - N. Cortex...............[021506] |
                | 3. FAQs...........................[030000] |
                |     i - The Secret Warp Room......[030100] |
                |     ii - Coloured Gems............[030200] |
                | 4. Cheats.........................[040000] |
                |     i - Refight Bosses............[040100] |
                |     ii - 10 Free Lives............[040200] |
                |     iii - 99 Free Lives...........[040300] |
                |     iv - Timed Extension..........[040400] |
                | 5. Version History................[050000] |
                | 6. Thanks.........................[060000] |
                | 7. Contact........................[070000] |
                | 8. Copyright......................[080000] |

| [010000]                       Introduction                                 |

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [010100] |---------|                      Introduction                      |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/

Welcome to my complete FAQ/Walkthrough to the PlayStation game
'Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back'. The game was originally released in
1997 as the first sequal to Naughty Dog's previous game Crash Bandicot. Since
then they have gone on to create another two Crash Bandicoot games for the
PlayStation. After finishing their role in the Crash Bandicoot saga, they then
moved on to create the Jak and Daxter series of games on the PlayStation 2.

| [020000]                        Walkthrough                                 |

Upon starting the game, you are immediately brought into a cutscene that leads
directly off the previous game.



    "Hahhahahaha! Crystals! Of course! D'oh!"


N. GIN -
    "But Doctor Cortex, to reach full power we need not only the Master
     Crystal, but also the remaining twenty-five Slave Crystals on the surface.
     How do you expect to retrieve them when we don't have any earthbound
     forces left?"

    "You fool! Do you think I am unaware of the situation? If we don't have any
     friends left on the surface, then we need to find, an enemy."


    "Crash? Crash? Crash my battery is fried, make yourself useful big brother
     and bring an extra battery for me."

        o----------o    /===========\
        | [020001] |----|   Intro   |
        o----------o    \===========/

As long as you haven't skipped the cutscene you get to play this Intro level.
There's nothing to it other then smashing open the crates that litter the path,
just avoid getting hit by the relatively weak creatures that you come across as
well as making it over the large hole. Just walk into the swirling lights at
the end to finish it. You'll be teleported into the Warp Room where Cortex will
appear as a hologram.

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [020100] |---------|                      Warp Room 1                       |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/

    "Well, well, well, if it isn't Crash Bandicoot. Welcome. I apologise for
     the crude meaning used to bring you here, but I rather expect a written
     invitation would have been turned down. I need your help. Surounding you
     are a series of five doors. Through each door lies a well hidden crystal.
     The crystals look like this, bring me the crystals Crash. That is all I
     will say for now. We will speak again."

        o----------o    /==================\
        | [020101] |----|   Turtle Woods   |
        o----------o    \==================/
             |   LEVEL 1    |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 1 Blue Gem   |
             | 62 Crates    |

On the first run through this level, I suggest going for the clear gem instead
of the Blue Gem as the first requires getting all crates and the second
requires getting none, the only way of getting both on the same run requires
you to go through the level getting no gems, grabbing the Blue Gem, heading
back out and either jump down a hole (or any other method of killing yourself,
note that all Gems and Crystals gathered stay with you even if you die), or
just walk all the way back to the start (use the mushroom trampolines in the
holes to escape them backwards) so you can now play through getting all of the
crates and you'll be rewarded with the Clear Gem at the end.

Anyway, to start the level head forwards out of the room, smash the crate and
kill the armadillo enemy just ahead. Jump over the stone blocks and grab the
two striped bouncy crates which are set up so you bounce quickly between the
two to get all ten of the Wumpa Fruit from within. Next you'll be wanting to
just cross the mud, it does nothing more than slow you down a little bit and
prevents you from using your spin attack. Follow the trail of fruit, avoiding
the large hole just after them and continue on smashing crates and killing
enemies until you get to a octagonal shape on the ground with a face on it,
belly flop onto this to get to a secret area of the level.

Grab the crates on this first platform and head right, jumping on top of the
spiked tortoise and then spinning the shell away, do this again with a second
one to the right then grab the checkpoint crate and the other two normal
crates. Heading right again, you'll need to jump over and onto the back of the
large purple vulture that swoops towards you, this will kill it. Grab a few
more crates to the right before performing a slide jump over a gap with several
NITRO crates below, jump down to the next bouncy arrow crate, destroy it and
then jump up to the right.

Perform a slide jump onto the back of the large pink ostrich to get up onto a
high platform then repeat with the second one, make sure to jump off them
quickly as they will go into a crouching position which is too low to reach
those crates. If you missed getting them then they won't get back up, you'll
have to kill yourself to go back to the last checkpoint and try again. Go back
a little to get the crates inbetween the ostriches before going right, jumping
again to kill another vulture. Then go on right again smash the final crate and
activate the green exclamation crate, this will detonate all the NITRO crates
in the level for you as they do count towards the total. Jump on the thing to
the right to get back up and out of this secret area.

Grab the Aku-Aku crate just infront of where you arrive back and then the
checkpoint. Kill the spiked tortoises that follow the same way you dealt with
them in the secret area, then when you reach a second octagonal marking on the
ground, this time with a Question Mark, jump onto it to get to the level's
Bonus Area. Most levels will have one of these in which you get to collect a
few more crates. Dying inside doesn't affect your life counter (note that any
Aku-Aku masks will vanish however) and you'll just be sent back outside to try
again if you want to. Unlike the rather rare Bonus levels of the previous game,
the crates inside will count towards your level total, so make sure to smash
them all.

   | BONUS     |
   | 5 Crates  |
  | Head right following a short trail of fruit before   |
  | smashing three crates. Continue on to the right      |
  | smashing a further two crates before jumping on the  |
  | Question Mark platform at the end to finish, make    |
  | sure to have gotten the full five crates in here     |
  | before you do so however as you can't get back in    |
  | once you've used this.                               |

Move on along the real world again, smash the three crates just in front of
you, two of which are in mud so you'll have to jump onto them to smash them.
Just more enemies until you get to another checkpoint and a wall of crates
blocking your path. Smash all ten of them and the Aku-Aku crate just beyond
before jumping into the large pit just ahead. The only way to get out of this
is to kill the two racoons that appear out of the ground, once they're dead a
mushroom trampoline will appear which will allow you to get out. The next enemy
is a spiked tortoise, before killing it make sure to use it as a sort of
trampoline to grab the crate high up above it as it's otherwise unreachable.

Another three crates just ahead and a second pit, this time with four racoons.
Just afterwards is another mud hole, which has the level's final crate in, the
level's Crystal just beyond and the third pit after that, this one you can
escape from by doing a slide jump to the north edge, now just follow the trail
of fruit, jump over the hole and go into the room to grab your reward of a
Clear Gem if you managed to smash all 62 crates, then use the swirling lights
at the end to exit back to the Warp Room.

    "Well done Crash. I knew I could rely on you. Now listen carefully, this
     hologram is hard to maintain. During the course of my intellectual
     pursuits I have stumbled across a force that threatens to destory the
     world! Crystals are the only means of containing it. The fate of the
     world is at stake, it is imperative therefore that you bring them to me!"

    "Are you there Crash? Crash? Crash? Are you there crash? ... Are you there

If for some reason you exited without grabbing the crystal you would instead
get the following:

    "No, no, no, Crash, I said bring me the Crystals. Now get back in there!"

And after a second time:

    "No, no, no, Crash. To save the world I need Crystals. Crystals! One more
     time, they look like this. Crystals Crash! Go back through one of those
     doors and bring me Crystals!"

If you once again exit without a crystal:

    "Look above the doorways, above each there is a big Crystal shaped slot.
     Fill all five Crystal slots in this warp room by retrieving one Crystal
     from each of the five areas. Only after we have filled all of the slots in
     this room can we continue on our quest. This is the last time I will
     remind you."


Head back into Turtle Woods again, this time to earn yourself a nice Blue Gem.
Instead of smashing crates, this time you should avoid smashing any. The clue
to how to get it is that if you get to the end of the level again and have
collected any crates it will give the number of crates you've collected out of
zero. Such as 23/0, this isn't present in any other level of the game all of
which are blank once you've earned the initial Clear Gem for smashing all the
crates in the level.

It's simple enough to get through the level without smashing any crates, just
avoid spinning at all and at the crate wall jump over at the bouncy crate just
in case you don't quite make it over. Kill the racoons as normal but try to
avoid killing any other creatures as they might fly off and hit a crate. The
Blue Gem will be where the Clear Gem was, collect it and exit.

    "So, you are helping Cortex with the Crystals. Yet you have aquired a Gem!
     Interesting. Haha. Well Crash, huha, know this, as long as you are allied
     with C-Cortex you are my sworn enemy and I will do anything in my power to
     st-stop you! If the fate of the world is truely your concern you must
     g-gather the Gems, not the C-Crystals. If you obtain all fourty-two Gems I
     can use them to f-focus a laser, heha, a laser beam that will destroy
     Cortex and the Space Station. Until then I must use my forces to stop you
     from gathering crystals."

        o----------o    /=============\
        | [020102] |----|   Snow Go   |
        o----------o    \=============/
             |   LEVEL 2    |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 1 Red Gem    |
             | 74 Crates    |

Jump into the portal leading to this, the second level as numbered on the wall.
You won't be able to fully complete this level for a little while, but you can
obtain both the Crystal and Clear Gem so you should be trying to do so on this
run through.

Exiting the room, you'll see three crates, a NITRO, an Aku-Aku crate and a TNT
crate. TNT crates are activated by jumping on the top, this starts a three
second countdown until they explode, try not to be closeby when they do so.
Activate it and grab the Aku-Aku mask, ignore the NITRO as before. Moving on
you'll see a penguin, kill it by either jumping on its head or spinning into it
whilst it itself isn't spinning. Use the metal boucy box to smash the striped
crate before going on to some ice. Slide towards the stack of metal crates in
the middle, spin the crate just beforehand, and crouch jump and spin to smash
the crate at the top. Jump down to the left and then onto the TNT box and
quickly get out of its way. Smash any other remaining crates on the ice and
move along.

Another new enemy ahead, a sea lion. Just spin or jump onto it, they're not
very dangerous. After a second one you'll see a group of three of them sliding
down a slope, either time it so you are just ahead of them to spin into them or
go right after the go into the hole and avoid nearly all contact. The next bit
of ice has several NITRO crates on, so make sure to slide around them avoiding
them, don't go too fast or you won't be able to stop and you'll slide right
into one. Jump onto the platform at the end to be whisked away to a checkpoint.

Smash that checkpoint and the three crates to the right, kill the penguin and
two sea lions. Just after the sea lions is a crushing device which activates
when you walk under it, so go by quickly or you'll be squashed. Jump over the
gap to another couple of crates and another sea lion. Another gap, another sea
lion follows and another crusher. Checkpoint. Kill the sea lion and jump over
the gap. You might have noticed the large Red Gem hovering above, it's
impossible to reach right now so just carry on past it. Use the bouncy metal
crate and go up to a set of automatic crushers, they're on a timer to smash
down regardless of what you're doing so you'll have to time your trip under
them so you don't get squashed, just do one at a time here. Kill the penguin
just afterwards and grab the crate, then jump over the NITRO crate and down the
gap marked by a Question Mark, into the Bonus section.

   | BONUS     |
   | 10 Crates |
  | Jump over to the right onto an ice platform, smash   |
  | the two crates on here and carry on right. There are |
  | three crates in the air just after a bunch of Wumpa  |
  | Fruit, you'll need to crouch jump to get the one on  |
  | the left. Jump to the right and again to a striped   |
  | bouncy crate and a wall of four plain crates. Use    |
  | the platform to get out.                             |

The crate outlines just to the right now are made into proper crates by
activating the Exclamation Mark Crate just to the left of them. Smash all four
before going on to kill yet another sea lion. Just after that is an Aku-Aku
crate and then jump following the path of Wumpa Fruit down the hole. Before
getting the checkpoint, go backwards a little bit and activate the Green
Exclamation Mark Crate to detonate all of the NITRO crates in the level. Grab
the checkpoint and jump over the gap ahead. Kill the penguin and take out the
wall of twelve crates before obtaining the Crystal. Jump over the small gap,
kill the penguin, smash a couple of crates, slide over some ice, kill another
penguin and jump over another gap.

You'll notice those inivisible crates just here, but no activator around, you
can just about glimpse it if you jump around backwards though. Jump up the
metal bouncy crate and kill the sea lion up here before smashing the crate
above the next metal bouncy crate. Bounce as high as you can to hit the metal
Exclamation Mark Crate above you and then head back the short distance to the
two crates that were previously invisible. Smash 'em and move on. There are
another five crates up near the end of the level, smash them and go inside to
get the Clear Gem if you've managed to get all 74 crates.

        o----------o    /================\
        | [020103] |----|   Hang Eight   |
        o----------o    \================/
             |   LEVEL 3    |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 2 Clear Gems |
             | 74 Crates    |

Without a holographic speech of any kind, you're left to move on through into
Hang Eight, the third level. You can't get both gems at the same time here as
the extra one will require you to get through the level within a certain time
limit, impossible to do at the same time as collecting all crates thanks mainly
to the Bonus level which will stop the timer completely, though of course it
would still be downright impossible even if it didn't. The other Clear Gem for
smashing all crates is only possible to get if you've gotten the Blue Gem from
Level 1, Turtle Woods.

Move forwards out of the room and use the platform that appears out of the
water to jump the gap, make sure to time it well otherwise you'll end up
drowning. Continue up the steps on the left, jump to the right at the end of
the platforms and then forwards, avoiding (or killing by spinning) the pirana
and grabbing the four crates. Move along over the submerging platform, go to
the right and spin kill the large carniverous plant along the way to the
checkpoint. If you've managed to get here quickly a counter will start, ignore
that for this initial run through though.

Jump onto the motorised surfboard in the water and get used to controlling it
before moving further on. Crash into each of the crates in the water to get
everything inside, no bouncing required. You might also note that even if you
have a double mask whilst on the surfboard, getting a third one won't give you
invincibility like normal, in fact it won't do anything. Continue on forwards,
avoiding the large mines dotted around the water before manouvering around a
couple of whirlpools, these will kill you if you get into the middle no matter
how many masks you've got. Just carry on along avoiding mines and grabbing a
few more crates before getting to the jetty at the end and going into the gap
there to exit the board. You can't get back on as the board itself sinks. Grab
the checkpoint.

Kill the plants just ahead and hitch a ride to Bonus land on your left.

   | BONUS     |
   | 11 Crates |
  | Move forwards onto the platform then go right and    |
  | smash the two bouncy crates. If you're adventurous   |
  | you can try to get all three of the next crates      |
  | before the TNT explodes, but it's a lot safer to     |
  | just spin the bottom one or two and then move away   |
  | before it explodes. Jump to the right and slide      |
  | underneath the metal crates, you can just crawl      |
  | under here but it's a faster start if you slide the  |
  | first bit. Jump down and smash the remaining crates  |
  | before going along to the exit platform.             |

Jump off forwards and up the steps, then over a small gap. On your right you'll
notice a turning blue platform if you managed to get the Blue Gem from Turtle
Woods, jump on. Smash the four bouncy crates when you arrive and jump over the
gap, jump onto the moving platform and then onto the hippo, he'll submerge
himself shortly so quickly jump onto the solid platform ahead of him. Go up the
steps and kill the plant, then smash the nine crate wall. A tricky bit of
jumping is required now, make sure to bounce along to the next crate as soon as
you land and to get both of them. Jump over the NITRO crates and activate the
checkpoint before moving on again to another surfboard. Speed along past all
the invisible crates and then past a couple of mines before getting to a metal
Exclamation Mark Crate which will acivate those invisible crates, so go back
and get them, you'll want to charge up the ramps to get them all. Upon getting
off the board, detonate all the NITRO in the level and jump onto the spinning
blue platform ahead.

Back where you got on, jump past the pirana and smash the crate before using
the hippo to cross over to the Crystal. Use the next two hippos to get to a
checkpoint and another surfboard. Smash the crates and go through the middle
inbetween the two whirlpools, avoid a load of mines and use the ramp to grab
another crate. Just ahead is another ramp which you'll need to use to get over
the wooden fence blocking the way otherwise. Do so and avoid the two mines on
the other side, exit the surfboard and kill one last plant before going into
the exit room and collecting your Clear Gem.

    "Three crystals, not bad. I see you are getting the hang of it. I need to
     conserve power and will communicate with you again after you retrieve a
     fifth crystal."

Reenter Hang Eight again in order to earn the second of those Clear Gems. This
time avoid getting or doing anything that's out of the way or going to take
long. Every second counts on this run as it's going to be very close when you
reach the end. Use the charge of the surfboard as often as you can safely do
so, it really helps with getting to the Gem at the end. I'd recommend not
getting any checkpoints through the level as otherwise if you die you'll just
have to exit the level to start the timer over. Note that even if you can
actually see the Clear Gem as you approach it, if the counter reaches zero
before you grab it it will fly off leaving you to try the whole level again.
Head on out of the level again through those swirly lights.

        o----------o    /==============\
        | [020104] |----|   The Pits   |
        o----------o    \==============/
             |   LEVEL 4    |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 53 Crates    |

With no extra gems for the getting, this level might seem to be a straight-
forwards level, but no. It's a straight-forwards then backwards, then forwards
again kind of level.

Out the door and over the small hole to kill the spiked tortoise. Continuing
along smash the Aku-Aku crate and jump over another gap, a little further along
you'll see a large purple vulture hovering near some crates in the distance,
get ready to jump onto its back as you approach it. Then smash the crates and
activate the TNT if it hasn't already started. Gap jump and move on to another
vulture and some more crates, down the hill and over a gap to a third vulture,
which this time requires a quick jump upon landing after the gap. There's a
checkpoint just ahead, past a spiked tortoise of course.

Smash the bouncy arrow and striped crates as well as the Aku-Aku crate before
dealing with yet another vulture and tortoise with a saw on its back. Take the
lefthand route and jump over the two gaps, kill the several armadillos along
here and grab the checkpoint on the small platform. There's another tortoise
and vulture ahead, smash the crates just after them and active the Exclamation
Mark Crate to seemingly no effect, if you'd have gone to the right instead of
left you would've seen some invisible crates there. There's a pair of vultures
just ahead, followed by another crate and the level's Crystal. Time to turn

At the bottom of the first slope is a small gap and on the other side of the
building just afterwards is a gap on the right. A little way along is a larger
gap, the one with the checkpoint all by itself so jump again after very short
distance. There's another large hole on the right so stick to the left now
until you start going up the slope. Right at the top there's another large hole
followed very quickly by another to jump over. And that's that, you're back to
the split.

Go down the righthand path now. Take out the pair of tortoises here and the one
down the path a little further along, winding your way past a few large holes,
kill another pair and hit that checkpoint. Continue on forwards killing a few
more tortoises as you go. Approaching the structure ahead you might just
glimpse the invisible crates changing to sold life crates, either way grab them
and the two next to 'em. There's a vulture just outside to take care of, then
jump the gap and head down the slope to where the two paths join up had you
pointlessly gone on past the Crystal.

Kill the tortoise, jump the gap and smack that checkpoint. Jump down into the
racoon pit and earn yourself a mushroom trampoline outta there. The Bonus round
is just ahead.

   | BONUS     |
   | 23 Crates |
  | The first of the purple-bordered, strong crates is   |
  | in here, you'll need to belly flop these. Activate   |
  | the TNTs along to your right and continue on past    |
  | them. Slide underneath the metal structure past a    |
  | couple of invisible crates above you. Here I         |
  | recommend jumping onto the first crate, then onto    |
  | the third and onto the platform, this won't get you  |
  | the full 30 Wumpa but it's generally safer. Belly    |
  | flop onto the eight crates on the right, jump onto   |
  | another platform and then again to activate the      |
  | Exclamation Mark Crate. Head back, smash that new    |
  | crate there, bounce once on each of the bouncy       |
  | crates on the way up and slide under the metal       |
  | crates to get the two life crates. Now a single      |
  | bounce on that last remaining striped crate to get   |
  | the full 23 crates for the Bonus level and make      |
  | your way to the exit.                                |

Back out, follow the Wumpa Fruit along and jump down into the next racoon pit,
kill them all and escape. There's another couple of tortoises and a final
racoon pit. Jump on out and to the end of the level to claim that well earned
Clear Gem.

        o----------o    /================\
        | [020105] |----|   Crash Dash   |
        o----------o    \================/
             |   LEVEL 5    |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 44 Crates    |

Last level of the first warp room, here you'll be spending the majority of your
time running towards the camera, however you do get a larger view of what's
coming then when you've walked towards the camera in previous levels as this
one is special.

Walk towards the camera to exit the room and then along through an archway, the
level's safe-haven. As soon as you're ready get running. The huge snowball will
start rolling as soon as you exit the archway so don't stop to take a look.
Coming up on the right is the first hole, followed quickly by one across the
whole path. Then the next is on the left of the screen. You'll then come across
a few small mines on the ground, these won't hurt you directly, rather just
slow you down a little by hurling you into the air, though occasionally
straight into a hole. Avoid them and you're safe.

Straight away are another pair of mines, followed right off by a track-wide
hole. Avoid the hole on the left, then to the right and then it spreads to the
width of the track so jump over that too. There's a row of three mines a little
after that to jump over, followed by three sets of electric barriers, just
follow the Wumpa Fruit path to get round them and into a tunnel again.

Four mines then a wide gap with another right afterwards. Go to the left to
avoid the electric barriers, three in total to weave through here. Across a
short wooden bridge which the snowball eats up, and over a gap, keeping to the
right to avoid a NITRO crate or four. Another wide gap just after them then a
gap on the left followed by a longer wooden bridge. As soon as you're across it
you're safe. Grab the Crystal here and jump onto the Bonus platform.

   | BONUS     |
   | 17 Crates |
  | Forwards then right onto a metal crate platform.     |
  | Crouch jump onto the metal crate on a plain crate on |
  | a bouncy metal crate. When you're on the other side  |
  | smash the plain crate in the middle. Use the second  |
  | metal arrow crate to get up onto a small platform on |
  | your right, jump again and then jump following the   |
  | stream of Wumpa Fruit. You can try and get the life  |
  | if you want by standing a little way away and jump   |
  | spinning, though if you want to be safe just         |
  | activate the top TNT and run. The next bit either    |
  | requires you to be able to count to ten, on the      |
  | tenth bounce of each of the striped crates you       |
  | should move onto the next Question Mark crate. It's  |
  | a lot easier doing it this way this time as it can   |
  | be difficult knowing when the crates will stop       |
  | giving Wumpa if you move along them, and then you    |
  | might end up the wrong end too. Grab the other       |
  | crates and leave with 17 total from this Bonus       |
  | stage.                                               |

Moving towards the camera again, you'll come across a couple of arrow pads,
these speed you up temporarily though you have little control, they're going to
be quite useful for getting ahead of the snowball in a bit. Grab the checkpoint
and get running.

There's a hole almost right away, jump to the righthand side of it as the left
has a mine on, then quickly jump again over a second hole. A couple of mines on
the left, then one on the right just before a large hole with a crate to the
right side of it which the snowball will miss if you don't get it yourself.
Jump again and you'll get to a couple of those arrow pads again before a hole
on the right and a mine in the middle of the now tighter path. Quickly go to
the right and jump over the hole avoiding the electric barrier on the left.
Then a hole, and another before a short bridge. Quickly pass the electric
barier and smash the crates there, then a set of three past the next one, and
three more just after the next, and quickly into the end of the level, but only
go in if you got them. You should have 44 to get the Clear Gem.

    "Listen up. We are not without enemies, some of them you may even
     recognise. Although they cannot harm you inside this Warp Room, they can
     attack you on your way to the next one. To get to the next Warp Room, use
     the platform that appears in the center of the room. Good luck."

And with that you can now get on your way to the second Warp Room. Simply stand
in the middle of the room and Crash will put his thumb up. Press up.

        o----------o    /================\
        | [020106] |----|   Ripper Roo   |
        o----------o    \================/
             |    BOSS 1    |

You'll beam into Ripper Roo's library where he was doing some light reading.
Avoid the crazy kangaroo as he hops around on a pogo stick, making sure to
stick to the one corner where he doesn't place a TNT crate in the ground. He'll
repeat the process with NITRO crates next, again go to the place which he
misses out and wait for him to stop and detonate the NITRO, this will knock him
out giving you a chance to go up to him and spin attack him, this will take
away one point of his three point health in the top corner of the screen.

Again with the TNT, this time leaving the space in the middle of the edge
rather than a corner, and he'll do the NITRO again afterwards. Again with the
spin attack when he's down and do this one more time to finish him off. Dance
and you'll be in the second Warp Room.

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [020200] |---------|                      Warp Room 2                       |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/

    "Hahahahaha! I see that Ripper Roo failed to prove much of a challenge yet
     again. But back to business. There are crystals to be gathered, twenty to
     be exact. The planets will align shortly, all thirteen of them, and this
     will create a power great enough to rip the earth apart. Properly utilised
     however, the crystals can abosrb and contain the..."

    "Crash is that you? I've been looking everywhere. I don't have much time to
     tell you this, you have to be careful, trusting Cortex seems a little
     unwise. Crash! I can't keep the data path open much longer, Crash you need
     to find the..."

Instead of going into Level 6, Snow Biz, instead we're going to take a short
trip into Level 7 first, this'll be useful for getting through Level 6 in a
single go...

        o----------o    /===============\
        | [020201] |----|   Air Crash   |
        o----------o    \===============/
             |   LEVEL 7    |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 2 Clear Gems |
             | 102 Crates   |

This time won't be an attempt to get either the Crystal or the Clear Gems,
instead you're going somewhere so secret you've not been there yet.

Go through the door and out into the level, jump onto the first platform,
killing the plant there in the process, jump onto the moving platform and up
the stairs. Avoid the pirana and kill the next plant, grab the crates if you
wish. Use the two moving platforms to cross the water and go past a set of
three pirana, kill the plant too. Grab the checkpoint and get read for some
serious jumping. Instead of getting on the surfboard, stand on the top-right
post of the jetty. Jump onto the crate just north of you, then onto the one on
the right and again to the one up to the left, then jump on to the solid
platform on the right. If you're having difficulty, use Crash's shadow to guide
you about where you're landing.

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [020300] |---------|                    Secret Warp Room                    |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/

Appearing out of a portal labelled Snow Go, you've made it to the Secret Warp
Room. There are five places for portals but at the moment there's just the one
that you came out of. As you go through the game you'll be unlocking the other
four but for now just jump straight back into Snow Go.

        o----------o    /=============\
        | [020301] |----|   Snow Go   |
        o----------o    \=============/
             |   LEVEL 2    |
             |              |
             | 1 Red Gem    |

The rest of Snow Go has already been completed by you, it's just that
mysterious Red Gem, that you couldn't quite reach before, left to collect.

Moving right kill the sea lion and go up the slope, avoid the hedgehog and jump
over the penguin that follows. Kill the hedgehog down in the recess and jump
over large gap making sure you spin to kill the hedgehog on the other side.
There's an Aku-Aku mask in a cloud of Wumpa Fruit just ahead, it's not in a
crate though. Carry on killing stuff till you get to a sea lion with a couple
of lives above it. Make sure to use the sea lion as a kind of trampoline to get
up to those lives on the first bounce as sea lions die on one bounce.

Slide along past some invisible crates and kill the penguin, avoid the NITRO
crate and drop down to the Excalamation Mark Crate to bring the boxes into
life. Going back a little to those previous ones will allow you to get another
Aku-Aku mask and a free life. Use the new metal crates above where the
activator was and bounce along a series of metal crates through a cloud of
Wumpa Fruit. When jumping off the end to grab the Aku-Aku mask, make sure to
avoid falling straight off the ice again. Jump onto the metal crates that seem
to be forming some steps and meander through some NITRO crates. Kill the
penguins at the other end and jump over a large gap, if you land in front of
the metal crate make sure that you don't have too much momentum when you jump
up onto it. Jump over and along killing penguins as you go, avoid the crushers
and move along up a metal bouncy crate. Kill three more penguins and jump off
the far end, falling through the one and only Red Gem. Ahh... fun. Now just get
through the rest of the level to keep that Red Gem by using the end of level
swiriling lights. Warp Room 1 is now fully completed. Head up to that second
Warp Room and be getting on with the Crystal collecting.

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [020400] |---------|                      Warp Room 2                       |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/
        o----------o    /==============\
        | [020401] |----|   Snow Biz   |
        o----------o    \==============/
             |   LEVEL 6    |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 124 Crates   |

Without the Red Gem, this level's Clear Gem would be impossible to get, and
since you just got that Red Gem from the secret entrance to Snow Go, this level
should now be completeable.

Head out the door and jump over the gap in the ice, kill the sea lion and
penguin before taking out those crates. Move along using the metal arrow crate.
Jump over to the block of TNT crates, the far right one isn't a TNT so get that
if you really want to but otherwise just start the detonation and run. Further
ahead you'll see a trio of penguins sliding down a hill instead of the usual
sea lions, it's same thing really though. Slide over some ice taking out the
three sea lions along the way, jump over the gap kill another sea lion and then
get on the platform. Checkpoint.

Just to the right is the first of the hedgehogs (or porcupines, whatever) who
will raise their spikes upon seeing you, this makes them just about invincible
but they soon lower the spikes and you can then spin into them to kill 'em.
Carry on along killing the several hedgehogs around here before going up a
slippery slope to where there's a nice shiny twirling red platform.

Activate the checkpoint as you reach the top and smash the set of three crates
consisting of an arrow crate and two above. Move on right! Grab as many of the
Wumpa Fruit as you like and jump over the NITRO crate just past some more
crates. Take out that hedgehog on the platform above and another over the gap.
Belly flop the strong crates just a little further on before bouncing up and
activating those TNT crates above you. move on right as it also triggered an
Exclamation Mark crate too.

Use the series of metal arrow crates to get across, spinning at the not-so-
much-metal-more-like-wood crates, not forgetting to activate the TNT at the
end. Grab the two crates next to the next four TNT and then activate those too.
Get moving along, kill that sea lion and grab all the crates you find. Kill a
hedgehog again and jump over some NITRO crates. In jumping into the next area,
destroy all the crates in the air before getting the arrow crate and the
checkpoint. Use the metal arrow crate to get up and go right, avoid the stone
crusher and jump over two gaps, the second one more requiring a slide jump. Get
the crates above the next arrow crate before destroying it and then jump over
the next gap with a slide jump too. Go past the next stone crusher and over a
bridge which will collapse quite rapidly. Avoid the sets of crushers ahead
before jumping over a set of three NITRO crates, just a normal jump should

On the collapsing bridge ahead, just do a jump over the first, walk under the
next two and jump the fourth. Avoid the falling ice at the end and run under
the stone crusher, again avoiding some ice. A long jump following that Wumpa
Fruit is required, kill the hedgehog near where you land and slide jump over
the large gap after him. Activate the NITRO detonator and jump onto the
platform. Brought back just a smidgen before the red platform, there's no back
tracking required here. Continue on, just don't go dying just yet. Go around
the corner and time a jump to avoid that wooden crusher before going down an
icy slope with crates lining the air. If you miss some just slide you way back
up. At the end jump over and quickly get out of the way of that stone crusher,
time the next run to avoid that damn hedgehog and activate that checkpoint.

Down the slope, take care of the sea lion and jump at the end. Avoid the
falling ice and kill another sea lion. Run underneath another wooden crusher
and kill another sea lion. Grab the crates in the air behind the wall and move
along further. Avoid another wooden crusher on ice and some falling ice too.
Then jump down into the Bonus round.

   | BONUS     |
   | 18 Crates |
  | Crouch jump the first of the crates, then jump down  |
  | onto an ice platform on the right, quickly jumping   |
  | to the next as you go. Go on past the invisible      |
  | crates to get to the grey Excalamtion Mark crate and |
  | make them appear. Jump over the gap and up to a set  |
  | of three before walking down to a wall of crates     |
  | with some TNT in, don't jump as you'll hit your head |
  | and fall into the hole. Make sure to not be stuck    |
  | sliding to the right so that you can get away from   |
  | the TNT as it explodes. Spin the bottom two crates   |
  | on the left out and move to the far left of the ice  |
  | platform. Then simply mop up that last crate and     |
  | jump over the gap to the exit platform.              |

Head down the slope to the right, kill the sea lion and jump to grab the life
before falling down to the next section of the level. Grab the checkpoint.

Jump past the rolling stones as they get out of the way and take out all those
crates and penguins and stuff. After one with some ice before it is the Crystal
and a bouncy metal crate. Grab the Crystal and jump over the gap just next to
it. Kill the three penguins and get moving along. Jump over another rolling
stone place again and then over a gap in the ice before jumping another to get
to the end of the level. With 124 crates gathered, it's Clear Gem ahoy!

        o----------o    /===============\
        | [020402] |----|   Air Crash   |
        o----------o    \===============/
             |   LEVEL 7    |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 2 Clear Gems |
             | 102 Crates   |

We've been here before, just a brief visit however, this time it's for real.
One thing to remember is to not die once you've gotten a checkpoint. And the
Clear Gem for getting all the crates is impossible to get at the moment so go
the Pirate way.

Get up to the checkpoint where you went off to the Secret Warp Room already.
Instead of going to the Secret Warp Room however, climb aboard that surfboard
and smash those crates up the normal way. Avoid a bunch of mines up ahead and
meander around some wooden fences, though watch out for the mine on the third
one. Grab the crates above the two ramps here and then use a third to get over
a larger wooden fence. Avoid the dancing mines and go through the middle of
those NITRO crates to get to the Checkpoint.

Using the hippo for a platform, jump onto the submerging 'solid' platform (time
it right) and then onto dry 'land'. Onto the Bonus round I do believe.

   | BONUS     |
   | 8 Crates  |
  | Jump onto the metal crates on the right and activate |
  | that first Exclamation crate, smash a crate to get   |
  | to the second, detonate the TNT for the third and    |
  | belly flop a strong crate for the fourth. Use the    |
  | four plain crates to get up, then use the two        |
  | question mark crates to go down. Bounce on the metal |
  | arrow crate to get across the large gap and to the   |
  | end.                                                 |

Head up, kill the plant and grab the Crystal. Jump onto the crate in the water
and JUMP back to the left landing back where you started. Use the two
submerging platforms ahead to get along to a platform with an Aku-Aku crate on
it. To the left is either a solid platform with a skull and crossbones on, or a
white outline of the platform if you've died since grabbing the first
checkpoint of the level (Bonus level deaths not included). If you're wanting
the Clear Gem you're gonna have to be able to use this.

Jump off the Pirate Platform to the right, then forwards along to the end of
the platform. Jump onto the moving platforms on your left, making sure to jump
to the next long before it submerges. Several jumps later you should get to a
solid platform on the left. Go round to the end and jump over a set of
submering platforms and hippo, timing required so that as you jump off the
first platform and onto the hippo, the second should be coming up from under
the water. Jump onto the surfboard here.

Boost yourself over the fence avoiding all NITRO, then avoiding the three mines
make your way to the exit jetty. Use the trio of hippos to get to the end of
the level and Clear Gem prize, exit through the swirlies.

        o----------o    /=============\
        | [020403] |----|   Bear It   |
        o----------o    \=============/
             |   LEVEL 8    |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 48 Crates    |

Enter the portal with a small white polar bear out front. This is the first of
several levels where you ride Polar, it's non-stop so hold on tight.

Go out the door ahead of you and jump on. Jump the gap coming up and smash
through the set of three crates all lined up, avoid the icy holes as you wind
through them and a load of standing statues whilst following a trail of Wumpa.
Smash another crate and jump a pair of lying down statues, then quickly again
another water hole. A crate followed by a small patch of ice, jump over two
more ice holes again. Coming round the left corner you should position yourself
sort of half into the first crate in order to get all four of them, it you miss
one you can't turn around, you'll have to kill yourself to get back to them.
Grab the checkpoint after avoiding a couple of sea lions.

Quickly off to the right a bit (not too much) to smash the life crate, then
over some water again. Avoid a sea lion and grab the Crystal as you pass a load
of water on the right. Jump on the side that you see the killer whale initially
jumping as it'll switch sides for its next jump. There's a second killer whale
and then another checkpoint.

Follow a path of fruit again and jump over a statue, go through the middle of
two detonating TNT crates and slide through the middle of four NITROs. Jump
over the water just after them and wind around grabbing the four crates on your
way. As you approach the next bit of water, jump to the left over it to avoid
the killer whale, then over some more water and again and you'll reach another

Through a load of NITRO, go left then jump a bit to the left then right before
you land, smash the three crates as you go and over the statue wuickly jumping
again and again over the water. Now keeping left to avoid a TNT, jump over the
next bit of water as usual. Then a complicated swivel jump through some statues
before rounding a corner and seeing three spread out crates. Keep towards the
middle smashing the left then right then left as you go, again kill yourself if
you missed one as it's easily done. Another two water jumps and you're done. Go
back a little and detonate all the NITROs in the level. Exit through normal
means, picking up the Clear Gem as you go.

        o----------o    /=================\
        | [020404] |----|   Crash Crush   |
        o----------o    \=================/
             |   LEVEL 9    |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 57 Crates    |

It's another snowball chase sequence. Not much to say really.

Head forwards out the door and get moving. Jump a gap coming up really soon and
avoid a couple of mines on the right then left. Wind your way along around a
few holes, first go left, then right, then left again then right again (smash
some crates here) and left again avoiding a mine on the ground before jumping
over a gap to the right. Avoid another mine on the ground and jump over a large
hole, run over the bridge to safety. Checkpoint.

Slide under the electric fence here and when you reach an arrow platform go
down the righthand side of the split here. Going forwards for once, slide under
the first electric fence and then slide and jump the second. Grab the few
crates here and jump onto the platform at the end, it'll take you back to the
split again. Go on as normal, smash the wall of crates and checkpoint. Start
running again.

Straight away you'll need to slide under an electric fence before a gap, a mine
and another gap. Make your way over a small wooden bridge and go to the right
to avoid a load of mines before going left to avoid some others. Then it's
another gap and some NITRO on the left so go to the right, jump again and slide
to saftey and a checkpoint.

Use the arrow pad but go to the left to avoid the hole, go along the thin strip
of path jumping over the mine, and another mine just afterwards. Go through the
middle of the Nitro crates to another arrow pad and electric fence with a hole
right afterwards. There's another hole and then two sets of arrow pads before
getting to a large bridge. BONUS!

   | BONUS     |
   | 13 Crates |
  | Get the stripy crate on the left first then go       |
  | right. Jump up onto the top of the sold platform     |
  | using the metal crate, slide jump to the life on the |
  | other similar platform to the right and jump over to |
  | the right. Smash a few crates up here before         |
  | dropping down taking out a large tower of crates. Go |
  | to the left a little and activate the grey           |
  | Exclamation Mark crate to bring into existence some  |
  | metal crates on the right. Use these to reach the    |
  | final three crates and the exit.                     |

Grab the crystal just beyond the Bonus level and go into the final part of the
level. Straight away is an arrow pad followed by a hole to jump. Then another
couple of arrow pads with mines surrounding them, a third arrow pad will give
you almost no time to make the small jump required. Slide under the electric
fence and use any of the three lined up arrow pads then another two along the
way. Keep to the left a little then as a hole on the right appears go towards
it avoiding a hole on this left side. Quickly meander through here to a set of
four crates spaced out, one of which needs belly flopping so you need to be
quite far ahead of the snowball at this point. If you have all 57 crates feel
free to go in and collect your Clear Gem.

        o----------o    /==================\
        | [020405] |----|   The Eel Deal   |
        o----------o    \==================/
             |   LEVEL 10   |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 1 Green Gem  |
             | 79 Crates    |

Electric eel abound, avoid yellow water at all costs. This, the final level of
the second Warp Room will require some good timing.

Straight out you'll want to smash those three crates there, jump over the water
(or walk through, whatever) and into the tunnel ahead. Spin the weird little
bumper-car like thing spewing bubbles into the three pronged fan just ahead,
then go through the fan at the point just opened up. Kill the pair of those
things just out the end of the tunnel and take a gander at the water. With an
invulnerable eel in the corner, the water when yellow is electrifying and can
be the cause of unwanted deaths. Just jump over it when it's more of a blue
colour then yellow.

Jump through the slow moving fan just ahead, avoiding the blades, then onto a
platform in some water just ahead, again watch out for the eel. Jump to the
next and through into another tunnel. Smash the two striped bouncy crates and
the checkpoint too. Kill the weird little armoured rat and move on, kill
another then jump over some water to some more of those bumper cars. Kill them
and take the path to the right. Jump onto that Question Mark crate and work
your way to the other end of the room full of NITRO crates. Jump then walk
through the end like it isn't even there.

Kill the three rats along here then jump over some more water into another
tunnel, avoiding the barrel at the entrance. Jump through the next room full of
water via the platforms (they will sink after a while) and into yet another
pipe. Kill the two bumper cars here and grab that large Green Gem just ahead.
Now work your way back through to the NITRO room and out, take the left path
this time. If you happen to die on the way back out, don't bother going back in
besides to get the crate in the NITRO room. Avoid the barrel and kill the two
rats, jump the water and check the checkpoint before or after doing the bonus
level, it doesn't matter.

   | BONUS     |
   | 14 Crates |
  | Jump to the right and activate that Exclamation Mark |
  | crate, then use the new metal crates as steps        |
  | upwards. Belly flop the large amount of crates and   |
  | jump right. Smash the three stripey crates and go to |
  | the exit just to the right.                          |

Kill the rat and avoid the fan, take the left path followingt the Wumpa Fruit.
Grab the Crystal and smash all the crates in the room before heading back a
short way and going right instead. Avoid the barrel, kill the rat and grab
another couple of crates before jumping over some more water, careful to avoid
the NITRO crates. Down the tunnel avoiding the two barrels and killing the rat.
Smash the crates in here first before jumping down the hole. Smash the few
crates on the practice monkeybar-like blue grid before detonating the NITRO
crates and grabbing the checkpoint.

Make your way along the grid to where there is a patrol moving, wait for it to
get ahead of you a little way before going as fast as you can past it and to
the left to grab a crate. Continue on down a short way to another patrol, take
your opportunity as it goes to the right, then go along all the way to the end
of the grid and drop down. Avoid the floating metal guards as you jump through
the tunnel over the gaps, make sure to time the final one so that the two
guards are at the bottom. Go through to collect your Clear Gem and your ticket
outta here and the Warp Room.

    "Ten of twenty-five crystals, you're on your way. I'm running out of power
     so communication from this point will be difficult. Again, be wary of the
     pathways between Warp Rooms. Remember, I'm counting on you."

Use that centre platform to get to the next Warp Room, or whatever gets in your
way this time.

        o----------o    /=============\
        | [020406] |----|   K. Bros   |
        o----------o    \=============/
             |    BOSS 2    |

The Komodo Brothers are up, a pair of sword throwing komodo dragons. As the
smaller one, Joe, spins around wander about a little avoiding letting him bump
into you. He'll eventually stop spinning and fall to the ground flashing white.
This is your opportunity, spin him into the larger of the brothers, Moe, and
that's one of the three life points gone. Avoid the swords that Moe starts
throwing by just walking along after them. Joe'll start spinning again with Moe
in the center doing nothing much. As soon as he stops again spin him into Moe
again. Moe'll throw some more swords in a circle again.

The next time Joe starts spinning, Moe will start throwing swords out at you,
so move around more than before. And once Joe stops, spin him into Moe to
finish the boss level off.

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [020500] |---------|                      Warp Room 3                       |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/

    "Good show Crash, the Komodo Brothers obviously lacked your mettle. But
     now's not the time to get cocky, there's still many Crystals to obtain.
     Remember, the world is counting on you."

        o----------o    /================\
        | [020501] |----|   Plant Food   |
        o----------o    \================/
             |   LEVEL 11   |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 1 Yellow Gem |
             | 53 Crates    |

Despite it being less than obvious from the outside, this level is home to the
Yellow Gem of which requires a timed run through the level in a similar style
to one of the Clear Gems of Hang Eight in the first Warp Room. The first run
through here will depict getting the Crystal and Clear Gem.

Moving out the door ahead, jump onto the moving platform and jump to and kill
the plant on the left. Go up the stairs, smash the crate there and jump on the
moving platform, use a second to get to a small square of solid land with a
pirana jumping over it. Jump over the backs of the two hippos and make your way
to the first checkpoint of the level, just after another plant. If you've been
reasonably quick you'll see a timer appear round about now, this is what you'll
be racing against in order to earn that Yellow Gem but for now just go a normal

Jump onto the surfboard ahead and smash the four crates floating about in the
water, speed through the middle of the two whirlpools and avoid a couple of
mines going left to right. Coming up is a whirlpool and fence combo, just speed
right over the whirlpool, as long as you don't go through the exact centre
you'll be okay. Next get around a mine pairing and some whirlpools with NITRO
crates positioned annoyingly, forcing you to go closer to the mines. Do a flip!
Over the whirlpool of course and back onto 'land' and a checkpoint.

Jump forwards onto the platform ahead, then onto the hippo to your left and
forwards again. Activate the TNT and kill the plant and do the same for the
next TNT/plant combo. Bonus!

   | BONUS     |
   | 12 Crates |
  | Spin out the two bottom crates and run to the left a |
  | little, jump up to the right, then down over a       |
  | couple of TNT crates grabbing the life crate as you  |
  | go, remember to activate them if you didn't actually |
  | land on the TNT. Follow the trail of Wumpa and grab  |
  | those last remaining crates before exiting.          |

Forwards along the path to another surfboard, just manouvre around the plants
on platforms to avoid being eaten and charge into the final stretch as close to
the NITRO as you can without getting blown-up. Grab the Crystal. Jump over the
gap and kill the plant then pass the checkpoint going right, killing the plants
as you go along as well as grabbing the three crates along here. Once you've
cleared the way of plants go back to the checkpoint and tag it before getting
on the surfboard. Go along smashing crates and through where you just cleared
of plants. Speed up the ramp, then keep to the left to avoid a final plant on
platform and get to the final jetty. Jump over some NITRO crates and detonate
them with that old green Exclamation Mark crate. That's the level on slow.

It's a reasonable challenge to get the Yellow Gem here, you're going to need to
keep moving all the time, having perfectly setup platforms so you don't have to
wait for them to get into position. Jump over gaps where it would be shorter
then walking around and don't bother clearing the path of plants near the end,
as long as you have an Aku-Aku mask it doesn't matter. I'd recommend getting
both of the Aku-Aku masks available in the level in order to be safe though as
there's at least one other point which is also quite difficult to get past
safely. Either that or use the Extra Time glitch of course, but that'd be
cheating wouldn't it?

        o----------o    /====================\
        | [020502] |----|   Sewer or Later   |
        o----------o    \====================/
             |   LEVEL 12   |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 2 Clear Gems |
             | 57 Crates    |

With two Clear Gems, this level requires a bit of back tracking in order to get
both on the same run, you'll also be needing to have earnt the Yellow Gem of
Plant Food in order to gain the second Gem here.

Head forwards out the door and cross the inert water, avoid the NITRO as you
jump out and into the sewer pipe. Kill the two bumper cars there and stop as
you get into the next area, wait for the lab assistant to stop using his torch
before advancing and killing him. Just past him are two crates and a NITRO,
jump onto each of the crates making sure not to land on the NITRO and move on
through the pipe avoiding the bumper cars and barrel. The next room is filled
with water and a single eel in the corner, time it so you can jump down onto
the boxes and then onto the platform without the risk of being elctrocuted or
it taking too long for the moving platform to swing back around to take you
safely to the next area.

Again with the electric water, use the platform to get about halfway then wait
for it to go clear before jumping to the solid part at the other end of the
room. Grab the checkpoint (preferably before getting the mask above it) and
ignore the twirling yellow platform, instead exiting the room via the pipe at
the end. Avoid the barrel and jump through the fan, wait for the assistant to
stop flaming before going further along and killing him. Kill the rat and go
through a load of barrels and bumper cars to get to a Bonus level.

   | BONUS     |
   | 10 Crates |
  | Slide under the two sets of metal crates and then    |
  | again to revisulise some crates, they're on top of   |
  | NITRO crates so make sure you only bounce once on    |
  | them. Getting off the end, there are three more on   |
  | NITRO crates, jump to the right and slide into       |
  | another Exclamation Mark crate to bring some more    |
  | crates back into view. Use the bouncy metal crate to |
  | reach the top of the metal crates, smash that final  |
  | crate and jump down to the exit.                     |

Moving forwards, smash the Aku-Aku crate and spin the bumper car into the
really fast fan, the car will respawn a few times, each time you should spin it
into the fan until you feel you can get through safely, three times will remove
it completely. Go into the next room and jump over the platforms to get to the
other end without getting wet. Another fast fan, and another bumper car to spin
into it. On the other side spin another car into the TNT crates ahead to
detonate them. Belly flop the stronger crates and then start heading back to
the previous yellow platform as the one here is inactive. You'll need to watch
out for the water, barrels, respawned bumper cars and the slow fan that is
still active.

Once you've taken the yellow platform, go forwards up to the door and stop. The
next room is permanently electrified so there's no clear time in which it's
safe to touch the water. Instead use the platforms and bouncy crates to get to
the other side, making sure not to linger on the one just after the crates for
too long, time it well. Getting into the other end of the tunnel, kill the two
bumper cars circling the Gem and grab it. If you die from this point until you
get to the next checkpoint, don't bother coming back down here again as you've
already got the only thing down here. Continue on forwards, wait for the
assistant to stop firing the torch and slide jump and spin at him, the water is
always yellow in here too. Slide jump over the rest of the water and into
another pipe. Avoid/kill the two bumper cars circling it and jump through the
next room of platforms and water to get to the exit yellow platform and to
where you were earlier.

Check the checkpoint and go to the right, activate both the Exclamation Mark
crates and turn back to go left instead. Watch out for the assistant with a
torch again, kill him and move on through, kill the two bumper cars and use the
moving platform in the next room to get to the Crystal and crates at the other
end. Turn around and go back to the split again, going right again. Kill the
hovering assistant and go through the pipe at the end, grab that last crate.
Time your jump so that the assistant is about to stop flaming in order to kill
him, then just go through the exit doors and swirl away.

    "Crash, thank goodness. I hacked into Cortex's computer and found detailed
     schematics for an improved Cortex Vortex and a suspicious looking space
     station, I'm not sure but Cortex must be planning..."

        o----------o    /===============\
        | [020503] |----|   Bear Down   |
        o----------o    \===============/
             |   LEVEL 13   |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 42 Crates    |

It's the second of the bear levels. Yep. The only thing noteable about the
level is right at the very end; a portal to the Secret Warp Room.

Exit the room and jump down the two ledges to hop aboard the tiny bear, smash
straight into the four crates directly ahead before jumping over a small gap on
the right. A larger jump is up next, no charge really required, then some
statues to wind through followed by a water hole with killer whale. Quickly
after that is another jump to do, you should stay on the right for as long as
possible before jumping. Keep to the right again to grab the crates and do a
rapid sucession of jumps next. Wind through some more statues and avoid another
killer whale jumping up on the righthand side of the water. Then grab that
checkpoint just ahead.

Jump over the statue onto some ice, quite tricky getting both crates here,
you're going to have to jump from the left so that the boxes are more in a line
from where you're jumping from, landing on the righthand side of the first
crate smashing it and the next one. Jump over the crates the two assistants are
lifting, smash the two crates and jump over a statue. Continue underneath the
next set of metal crates and jump over the water straight away, charge jump
over the next large patch of water, keep away from the exploding TNT crates but
wind through the actual crates making sure to smash all of them. Jump over some
sea lions just up the slope, then jump over some ice and keep down below the
crates and hit the checkpoint on the other side.

Getting along, smash the crates here and jump over the small bit of water onto
some ice. Go round the corner on the left, jump over the metal crates and the
ice on the right, avoiding the killer whale as it leaps on the left. Keeping to
the left, smash the crate and grab the Crystal before leaping onto a small
island and off again. Then leap over some more water with a killer whale in,
over the metal crates and wind through another load of statues smashing the
crate in the middle of them and grabbing the checkpoint directly after them.

Jump over the first metal crates and stay under the second set, avoid the
killer whale and slide sideways into both the crates on the ice. Again avoid a
killer whale jump over some water on the right, over some NITRO and water
again. Go underneath the next metal crates and simply wait for you to get
chucked off the bear's back. Detonate all the NITRO in the level and claim that
Clear Gem. However, don't use the swirly lights to exit, instead go back out
the door and use the blue platforms in the water (they will sink if you stand
on them too long) and get to the larger white island in the middle.

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [020600] |---------|                    Secret Warp Room                    |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/

You're back in the Secret Warp Room again, the Crystal and Gem you just earned
will be claimed with them flying off to hover above the entrance to Bear Down,
but you've just exited a portal called Air Crash, Level 7. Time to get that
Clear Gem you couldn't get earlier.

        o----------o    /===============\
        | [020601] |----|   Air Crash   |
        o----------o    \===============/
             |   LEVEL 7    |
             |              |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 102 Crates   |

Jump aboard the surfboard and start smashing crates, though if you want to risk
your life getting three free ones, feel free to jump on top of those three
crates getting them and getting back, so don't jump ten times on each on the
way out. Either way  make your way through the wooden fences ahead, avoiding
the mines at the end. Circle round behind the second mine to grab some crates
then go along to the right past some NITRO and whirlpools, charge into the
jetty and detonate all those NITRO. You should have 46 crates at this point.
Time to get back to the real level, just walk along the path and you'll be
ported there.

Having been in here at least twice already I'll leave it up to you to get to
where the Pirate Platform was, if you're having difficulty for some reason just
skip back to the previous two visits in the guide. Just make sure not to forget
to do the Bonus level. I'll just pick up from where the Pirate Platform is in
the level, don't use it though. Oh, and there are no crates behind where you
arrive in the level, zero, so don't even bother backtracking the incredibly
short distance.

You can try to get all the non-TNT crates here, but I'd only recommend
bothering getting the life one in the middle before setting them all off. Kil
the plant and get the checkpoint. Just before getting onto the surfboard, slide
jump to the platform ahead and to the left. Slide jump to a second platform and
then to a third larger one with four crates on. Now go back and get on that
surfboard. Avoid the mine just ahead and wait for the two mines to go past, go
past them and collect the crates. Jump the fence using the ramp, though make
sure not to hit the mine on the other side. Get over the next fence doing the
same again. Exit the surfboard and wander along to the exit, collecting your
Clear Gem as you go. Another Warp Room well done.

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [020700] |---------|                      Warp Room 3                       |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/
        o----------o    /==================\
        | [020701] |----|   Road to Ruin   |
        o----------o    \==================/
             |   LEVEL 14   |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 2 Clear Gems |
             | 89 Crates    |

You can't get all the crates in this level right now, you'll have to use a
'Secret' entrance found later in the game, however to get the one Clear Gem and
Crystal you can get, try not dying, though it might be a blue gem platform...

Head out the door and into the harsh land of Road to Ruin, jump onto the
platform just ahead and jump again to the next bit as this one's not so solid.
Kill the rat just ahead and take note of the invisible crates on the left.
These are why you can't get all the crates in the level as you can't get over
to the other side of them. Anyway, moving on, jump over the gap ahead and
destroy the pile of five crates. Jump onto the rat sitting on its own platform
and then again jump forwards to some more crates. Going right, a statue will
watch you but do nothing, it does nothing. Kill the wandering rat, jump over
the crate and onto the next rat, destroy the crate and jump onto the next rat.
Start the TNT detonation and grab the Aku-Aku mask on the right. Slide into the
weird looking creature patrolling here before jumping to the first checkpoint.

Jump forwards onto the wobbly platform ahead before jumping and quickly sliding
into another of those lizard type creatures. Jump forwards again and cross a
short bridge with a couple of wobbly parts in the middle, then jump again and
slide to the right to kill yet another lizard. Get the crates and walk past the
statue blasting out fire, time it so you don't get hit. Jump to the right and
if you've managed to get through the level so far without dying, then you'll
see a Pirate Platform here waiting for you. As you can't get all of the boxes
on this go through, and the fact that when you finish the section you'll be
back only a short way ahead in the level, you should take this platform.

In a sort of similar situation as in the original game, there is a large
gorilla on the far left throwing logs over some platforms. Jump onto the first
platform on the left and wait for a log to drop down just in front of you.
Start moving, jumping along to the left timing jumps to jump over the logs that
appear. Once you get to the end, jump and spin at the gorilla and he should be
taken care of. Go on along the path and jump on the merry-go-round of
platforms, jumping onto another and then back onto solid platform. Grab the
triangle of Wumpa Fruit and dodge the logs which are now coming from the right.
There are wobbly platforms every other one, so quickly jump onto the next solid
one as soon as you land rather than waiting. Spin at the logs if you need to.

Once you kill the gorilla here, jump onto a set of tilting platforms, make sure
to stop yourself sliding by slowly walking up towards the highest point at that
moment before leaping off onto a second. Now walk towards the camera quite
slowly until the statue comes into view. Time your smallish jump so that you
avoid the flames, and repeat for the second statue here. Grab the Clear Gem and
the fruit around it before stepping on the Pirate Platform on your left.

If you're wanting to get the Crystal too, we're going to need a little bit of
back-tracking parts that you haven't tracked in the first place. Smash the
eight crates as you get off the platform and walk towards the camera slowly,
after two squares you'll need to leap to a wobbly platform and quickly onto
another. When you get there activate the Exclamation Mark crate and destroy all
the new crates. Jump towards the camera again and to a Checkpoint and the
Crystal. That's all the back-tracking you need to do. Go on back to the spot
where you got off the Pirate Platform.

Follow the descending platforms down, jump on the rat at the bottom and move on
right. Kill the next rat and then jump up to the platforms above to the right
and another checkpoint. Jump forwards, timing to miss the flames, kill the rat
and jump onto that Bonus Platform.

   | BONUS     |
   | 13 Crates |
  | Jump over the wobbly platforms, then again past the  |
  | initial outline crates before jumping up to the      |
  | solid Exclamation Mark crate. On the far right now,  |
  | one of the outlines has become another Exclamation   |
  | Mark, activate it, then the next and the next again. |
  | Now going right, spin the crate as you jump onto a   |
  | wobbly platform and then continue jumping till you   |
  | get to a load of crates on the last two platforms.   |
  | Exit via the platform as per usual.                  |

Get off the platform and time a run between the two heads making sure to avoid
their flames, the best timing is exactly as they stop. Smash more crates, then
jump to the right. Avoid/kill the monkey (jumps rather than rolls) and jump
onto the rat on the next platform. Initiate the countdown on the TNT and kill
the lizard before detonating all of the NITRO in the level. Not that you've
seen any. With your Gem from the Pirate section and the Crystal, go forwards
avoiding the monkey and go into the end-of-level swirls of light.

        o----------o    /=================\
        | [020702] |----|   Un-Bearable   |
        o----------o    \=================/
             |   LEVEL 15   |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 58 Crates    |

A new take on the snowball level, this time with a giant polar bear after you,
though it makes little difference in reality.

Head out the door and underneath the first tunnel. Quickly jump over the first
hole and to the right to avoid a couple of mines, keep to the right to avoid a
large hole, then go to the left as the track curves around another. Jump over
the gap at the end and keep to the left so as to avoid some NITRO crates. Slide
underneath the electric barrier just coming up, then spin your way through a
wooden trellis. Smash a crate just beyond it on the left then go to the right
and spin through another trellis to avoid some mines. Kill the blue and green
lizard if you like and jump over a gap. Jump to the left and spin through
another trellis avoiding another hole. Follow the fruit to saftey.

Heading out, stick to the right and spin through a trellis, hopefully ending up
on an arrow pad to boost you along a bit. Go to the left of the screen and as a
hole appears on the right, move towards it avoding another hole appearing on
the left. Spin  through another trellis and avoid a mine just after it. Use
another arrow pad and keep to the right until you get past yet another trellis.
Move through several mines, keeping as much to the left as you can, avoiding
the large hole on the right just before another trellis. Right afterwards is
another lizard or three and then finally a large wooden bridge which the polar
bear will fall down. Grab the checkpoint and leap into said hole.

Jump up to the left, smash all the crates there including the Exclamation Mark
one. Jump onto the hunter's head and onto a couple of boxes in the air, use
these to get to a high platform on the right with three crates on. Slide jump
over the large gap marked by a path of Wumpa Fruit in the air. Time a jump to
land on the platform further right just after a bullet passes and kill the
hunter right there. Jump up onto the metal crates and belly flop through the
strong crates. Moving right, jump up right after a bullet passes, jump over the
tortoises and dodge the bullets all the way to the hunter at the far end near a
checkpoint. Grab that checkpoint and jump down. As a side note, this is the
place where you can get as many lives as you want, it just takes a while.

Activate the Exclamation Mark crate and use the bouncy crate to get up to an
Aku-Aku crate above. Jump up to the right and crouch jump a couple of life
crates up there (they'll still be life crates every time you go here unlike
others in the game) just off the screen. Jump down to the left and take care of
the bounch crate before jumping to the right and, avoiding the constant stream
of bullets, kill or jump over the armoured armadillo (belly flop required) then
jump up next to a NITRO crate, jump over it and them smash three crates on the
next platform. Jump over the gap, spin into the tortoise and jump over the
armadillo to get to the hunter in order to kill him. Slide jump from the metal
crate over the large gap and kill the couple of racoons that appear. Jump up
onto a platform them down a little onto a solid stone block.

Smash the Aku-Aku crate and jump down, avoiding the bullet of course. Jump up
and then over a NITRO, kill the tortoise, jump over a second NITRO and kill the
hunter. Finally exit the area via use of the platform. Walk a little way along
the path and you'll get the level's Crystal before going into the Bonus Round.
Before going in though, you might want to detonate all the NITRO crates in the
level, but whatever.

   | BONUS     |
   | 8 Crates  |
  | Go through the place following a stream of Wumpa     |
  | till you get to a pair of striped bouncy crates.     |
  | Jump to the left and up, jump along up here 'till    |
  | you get to the Exclamation Mark crate, activate it   |
  | and go back to where those bouncy crates were. Use   |
  | the metal arrow crate to get over the NITRO (or if   |
  | no NITRO you can just use the metal crates there to  |
  | get over much more safely). Exit.                    |

Just along the path is a checkpoint and the next large polar bear chase
sequence. Go to the left and use the arrow pad, keep left but as you get to the
trellis, jump spin to the right a short distance to avoid falling into the
hole. Jump over the hole  and spin through the trellis on its left side. After
the hole on the right, go to the right and use the arrow pad. Avoid some
lizards and smash a bunch of crates. Spin through another trellis and quickly
jump the gap. Slide under an electric barrier and then slide through a trellis
and under another electric barrier in the same slide. Quickly dash into the
safe spot and grab the checkpoint. Barking?

Stepping out of the safe area will get you onto a small polar bear, this means
it's non-stop to the end of the level, it's not like the polar bear before was
willing to let you rest for a while anyway. Wind through a couple of holes and
then jump over one, keeping to the right to avoid a load of TNT crates (the
large bear will destroy them for you), jump over another gap and wind through
three electric fences (you can just about smash them yourself if you only hit
the very edge of the barrier but it's hardly worth it. Keep to the right and
then jump over the gap, jumping left. Quickly go to the right a bit to avoid an
electric fence, wind through another two and you'll be thrown off the bear to
land at the end of the level.

It's not quite the end though. Grab the Clear Gem if you've earned it and head
back outside again. Go up to the furthest forwards point you can get to and
slide jump over the gap to get back to where the polar bear ditched you. Walk
up to the little guy and you'll be teleported outta there.

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [020800] |---------|                    Secret Warp Room                    |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/
        o----------o    /==================\
        | [020801] |----|   Totally Bear   |
        o----------o    \==================/
             |   LEVEL 26   |
             |              |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 40 Crates    |

Might as well do this one whilst you're here, it's all there is left to do
before going for the next boss battle. This, as the name might hint, is another
of the polar bear levels, just a little more pitch black.

Walk out of the room and up to the bear to get onboard. Keep to the left and
jump to the right when you need to. Smash the line of three crates before
performing a series of several jumps from side to side. Charge jump over a
larger bit of water in order to smash the three crates in the air and smash a
set of four crates stacked up right afterwards. Charge jump again over a much
large bit of water coming right up. Jump on the right side of the next water to
avoid the killer whale and land on some land. Jump again right afterwards
followed by a few more immediate jumps, the last two avoiding a pair of killer
whales who will choose opposite sides to appear on, leaving you to wind through
them. Smash a few crates on the right and checkpoint.

Jump over a lying down statue and avoid the standing ones right after. Jump
over some water and again, keeping to the right and avoiding another killer
whale. Go to the left of the path to avoid a set of standing statues and charge
jump over a large stretch of water, smashing the crates in the air as you go.
Instead of keeping to the right of the next statue, jump to the left of it over
the water and slide into the two crates there. Quickly go to the right and jump
over some more killer whale infested water to get to another checkpoint.

Jump over the quickly approaching statue and stay down underneath the metal
crates a pair of lab assistants are lifting. Jump through the middle of a load
of TNT on some ice and charge jump under another lab assistant's metal crates
and over a large bit of water at the same time. Smash the crate as you land and
quickly jump to the right as you get to the water to avoid the killer whale.
Grab that checkpoint.

Jump over a pair of assistants, then to the right to avoid some statues, under
the next set of assistants and then under to the left but then jumping to the
right at the next set. Smash the line of crates on the right and perform a set
of jumps over some plain water before doing a charge jump over a little bit
larger piece. One more jump and you're done. Exit and you'll appear out of Un-

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [020900] |---------|                      Warp Room 3                       |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/

    "Crash my boy, you are more than halfway there. But I'm sure you've noticed
     that things are getting harder. The last ten Crystals will be the hardest
     to gather and my... *cough* ... our enemies will be sending their
     strongest forces to thwart you. I'll contact you again when you have
     completed the next..."

With that over, and a grand total of 56% of the game completed, it's time to
face the next boss.

        o----------o    /==========\
        | [020901] |----|   Tiny   |
        o----------o    \==========/
             |    BOSS 3    |

In order to defeat Tiny, you need to get him to be on a platform when it
collapses. They will flash red a few times before falling so you will have
enough time to either draw him there or to get off it yourself. It's generally
a good tactic to use the platform about to fall just before it does so, Tiny
will usually jump straight onto it unless you've jumped soon enough for him to
perform a diagonal jump or change direction. The only time when more will fall
before others have come back is immediately upon Tiny falling, so watch out
there so as not to be standing on one of the secondary falling platforms. Also
you should note that less platforms fall each step of Tiny's health, with the
third stage using only one falling. Though each time he does fall the number of
secondary falling platforms grows. Survive until the secondary platforms fall
on Tiny's last bit of life to win.

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [021000] |---------|                      Warp Room 4                       |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/
        o----------o    /=================\
        | [021001] |----|   Hangin' Out   |
        o----------o    \=================/
             |   LEVEL 16   |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 93 Crates    |

Another of the sewer levels, there's nothing especially great about this
level... though there is a portal in there to the Secret Warp Room.

Go up to the exit door and wait for the assistant to stop using the flame
before killing him and the two bumper cars circling him. Jump onto the moving
platform in the water, watch out for the eel though, and jump to the room exit.
Smash the two crates and carry on down the tube. Avoid or kill the bumper cars
that speed through there and avoid the rolling barrels till you get to the end
of it. Smash the crates then jump down the hole and grab the checkpoint.

Jump up onto the monkey-bars and climb along past a few of the metal spikey
robots that patrol. After you get the first crate on this thing, wait for the
next robot to come up just past you before quickly going where it just came
from and past to the next crate. Same thing with the next two of the robots,
once you've passed them you can drop down onto the grey grating at the end.
Jump over the pair when they go down and spin into the bottom few crates of the
large stack, setting the TNT ticking. Get out of the way and then carry on
past. Jump over another pair of robots and avoid the one right afterwards,
smash that checkpoint.

The next robot on the monkeybars here patrols in a square shape, so as soon as
it passes by just go along the path after it. Avoid another one after wards and
go through the circle to a second area. Here you'll find yet another square
patrol, then a very short straight patrol followed right away by a square
patrol. Jump off at the end. Jump over all the robots and smash the large
amount of crates at the end before jumping down through the hole to a
checkpoint and a Crystal.

You're now at the point in the level where you can either decide to collect the
Clear Gem or to exit without it and so open up  a secret level. I'm going with
getting the Clear Gem for now, though remember this spot as you'll need to
return to it later either way.

Go through the door ahead and enter the Bonus Round.

   | BONUS     |
   | 23 Crates |
  | Go off to the right then jump and spin attack the    |
  | tower of crates until it's just strong crates left   |
  | (or just slide underneath the bottom one), belly     |
  | flop them to get rid of 'em. Use the metal bouncy    |
  | crate to get up next to a NITRO, jump over it and    |
  | then jump over a large amount of them onto a pair of |
  | metal bouncy crates which you should then use to get |
  | over some more NITRO. Walk along the TNT crates and  |
  | jump up to the first one, this will most likely      |
  | start the TNT ticking so jump to get the second and  |
  | then jump over to a load of striped bouncy crates.   |
  | Spin out the top three as you bounce up and jump     |
  | along to the end one, then single bounce your way    |
  | back to the first of them, then back again with them |
  | most likely smashing straight away. Jump from the    |
  | last one as it smashes and exit the area.            |

Jump over some NITRO ahead and kill a pair of rats circling. Get past the
barrel and smash a couple of crates. Kill the next rat and detonate all of the
NITRO. Avoid a barrel and some rats, then wait for a moving platform to get
into a position so you can get on it without falling in the water first. Go
through the door at the end of the room as per usual and grab your Clear Gem if
you managed to earn it. Exit and reenter. Or, you know, backtrack a bit, either
way's good.

From the Crystal spot, head towards the camera and then jump down the hole.
Jump up onto the monkey bars and work your way along to the end, collecting
lives as you go. To avoid the robots here, you will need to crouch quite often
using the Circle button, this is because they go too fast to get past in one
go. It might be a little stop-start but whatever. Drop down at the end and
follow the Wumpa Fruit until you get ported outta there.

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [021100] |---------|                    Secret Warp Room                    |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/

Say hello to Level 27.

        o----------o    /=================\
        | [021101] |----|   Totally Fly   |
        o----------o    \=================/
             |   LEVEL 27   |
             |              |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 44 Crates    |
Again a level with roots in the first game, the firefly will stay with you
generally until you get to the next one, though if you dawdle around too much
it'll fly off well before leaving you in the dark meaning you can only really
guess where holes and enemies are. So keep on moving.

Head out of the door and pick up the firefly, jump over the hole, run along and
kill the rat before jumping over a second hole. Just before the next firefly is
a rat running around on the ground which you'll want to kill. Follow the trail
of Wumpa Fruit along and jump over the gap onto a rat, killing it. Right after
is one of those lizard guys you need to slide into. Jump the gap and get your
next firefly. Smash a wall of six crates just ahead and jump on top of a rat
then over a small wall of NITRO crates. Run up the hill and jump the gap to get
to the first checkpoint.

Avoid the floating spiked robot and jump another gap, after that are two more
robots each patrolling to hinder you jumps, just make sure that they aren't in
your way before you do so. There are loads more robots along the path now, just
dodge them and jump over the gap until you reach the next checkpoint and the
Bonus Round, don't bother taking the firefly in with you.

   | BONUS     |
   | 16 Crates |
  | A mad dash to the other end of the level, just keep  |
  | moving right spinning into the large towers and      |
  | walls of crates, try to avoid hitting any of the     |
  | NITRO crates too. If you get left in the dark you    |
  | might be able to use the dark shadows to help you    |
  | finish but it'll be difficult.                       |

Moving on in the real level, jump over the gap ahead and slide into a lizard
there. A little after him is another one, this time you'll probably slide it
into a load of TNT so make sure to stand back for that. Jump the gap right
after and stop. This bit's quite difficult if you're trying to get the Clear
Gem, which you are otherwise this level's rather pointless.

Avoid the firefly for now and belly flop around until you've smashed a total of
34 crates (including the one right next to the firefly) and do not go any
further then where you start picking up Wumpa Fruit off the ground. Head back
to the firefly and pick it up, if you missed any then you might just have
enough time to get one of them but more than that is pushing it. Jump over the
gap after the fruit patch and jump over the four close gaps to get to another
firefly. Slide into the lizard and jump over another gap with a rat on the
other side. Smash the four crates and grab the firefly before detonating the
NITRO crates. Use the exit as per usual.

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [021200] |---------|                      Warp Room 4                       |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/
        o----------o    /================\
        | [021201] |----|   Diggin' It   |
        o----------o    \================/
             |   LEVEL 17   |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 2 Clear Gems |
             | 95 Crates    |

The one thing to note about this level is that it has a Pirate Level, which
means that if you want to get that second Clear Gem you're going to need not to

Heading out the door, smash the two crates and watch the large snapper plant
ahead which starts spitting bombs out. Avoid the bombs it spits out and jump on
it's head when it cowers as you get close. A quick belly flop will then kill
it. You can just ignore them but you do get a few free Wumpa Fruit for their
deaths. There's a few more crates stacked up just ahead, and over the slope is
a second plant. Avoid the bombs as before and kill it, you're perfectly safe
from the other one right by it if you're bouncing up and down on the first one.
Kill them both anyway and grab that Aku-Aku crate then meander through the
mines. Jump onto the little platform just after a bomb explodes on it and then
kill the plant who threw it.

There's a large face statue in the middle of the path ahead, as you approach it
it will start sliding around and changing faces, just wander past it making
sure not to bump into it. Use the arrow pad, then jump over a gap, avoid some
mines and the bombs and kill another plant. Arrow pad follows again, avoid the
statue right after it and jump over the gap to the checkpoint.

Jump the next gap and wander along till you get to some NITRO and a mask crate,
jump on the crate and use the arrow pads to get along. Slide under the two
electric barriers, avoiding the bombs a plant is spitting out and time your run
through an electric fence so that it's not live. Again use the arrow pad then
go through another pair of electric fences, avoiding yet more bombs being spat
out. Sneak past another statue and kill another pair of plants. Jump into the
Bonus Round.

   | BONUS     |
   | 22 Crates |
  | Use the metal arrow crate to bounce up to three      |
  | crates on a platform above, drop down and belly flop |
  | through a load of strong crates. Jump up on another  |
  | metal crate to smash a couple of crates in the air,  |
  | then spin into a tower of crates, making sure to not |
  | smash the TNT, do the same for the second tower just |
  | after it. Jump over the wall of NITRO and get outta  |
  | there.                                               |

What were those metal crates up high? I hear you ask. Well if you use the
second metal arrow crate, you can jump onto the top of the first tower of
crates with TNT, onto the top of the second crates with TNT and up onto a small
platform of metal crates with Crash off the screen. It's home three free lives
but nothing more, so don't worry too much about getting up there. The way to
get enough jump from the arrow crate is to jump from walking onto the arrow
crate and straight onto the crate towers keeping hold of right the whole time.

Checkpoint. Directly after an arrow pad the path will split. One way is the
Pirate way, if you've managed to stay alive anyway, and the other is the normal
way. Unluckily the Pirate part also has some crates down it, so if you want to
get either gem you're going to need to go that way now.

Avoid the load of NITRO at the start (if you're having difficulty getting past
these, walk slowly through them, the gap is just about big enough to let you
through if you're very careful) and smash the two bouncy crates just after.
Time a jump so as to avoid the bombs, kill the plant. Now run past the beehive
on the ground here, avoid the mines and avoid the bombs being spat out by
another plant. Reaching the plant will put the bee off your scent so you're
safe to slow down and kill it. Arrow pad away to another of those bomb-on-
island jumps. Run past another beehive and once again do another bomb jump.
Smash some more crates and activate the checkpoint.

Follow the path of Wumpa ahead and avoid the bombs of a series of three plants,
kill the first two of them but ignore the third as you'll have a bee after you.
Jump onto the small island with the Clear Gem on and grab it. You can either go
on, exit the Pirate area and go through the other side backwards, or you can
turn around now and head back to the start of this area. I'll be doing the
second. You should have 54 crates by this stage.

Turn around and head past the beehive again, spinning into any bees that try to
attack you. Shortly after you pass the checkpoint remains, you'll have to to
the right and land on a small circle platform. Jump again to get to solid land.
You'll have a bee after you now so jump over the next gap and run past the
beehive, spinning if needed. Jump the gap right after the hive onto another
circle platform, then a quite long straight jump. Just after an arrow pad is
another gap, followed by another, some mines and another bee after you as soon
as you land. Avoid the mines and get past that beehive. A way after it is
another circle platform and second jump, you'll hear the NITRO as you land. Get
through the NITRO crates and walk to the waiting Pirate Platform.

Step off the platform and take the righthand path now, you'll be wanting not to
die until you get to a checkpoint as otherwise you'll have to repeat that all
again. Smash the two crates right away and run past a beehive. Jump a couple of
gaps till you get to a metal arrow crate, smash the bouncy crate above it and
run past the next beehive. Keep to the left then as you reach the mines jump
over them to the right. Jump over another gap to get to some arrow pads, the
bee'll stop chasing you now. Smash the crates at the end of the pads and time a
run through an electric barrier so as not to be sitting around waiting with the
beehive right there. Jump the gap and go through another barrier, spin the bee
if needs be, jump over the gap and check that checkpoint.

Over the gap you'll see some red flooring, this indicates that you can dive
down underneath it and it'll protect you from just about everything. To get
under the surface simply spin, and to get out just jump. Go under the surface
and kill the two plants at the other end using the spin attack which is still
usable underground. Jump out and grab the crystal before jumping over a gap.
Again jump and go under the surface of the red ground. Smash the crates then
kill the plants. Jump out of the floor and jump a gap, run past the beehive (no
real point in going underneath here) and jump a couple of gaps to safety. Smash
the crates and use the arrow pads. You might notice the exit to where the
Pirate Level was, carry on past here and activate a checkpoint.

Avoid the bombs of the two plants up ahead, but do not kill the first plant,
doing so will take you to the Secret Warp Room and waste your efforts of
getting all the crates. You'll need to come back here a little later though of
course. Kill the second one all you like, smash the crates and detonate all of
the level's NITRO. Run past the beehive, avoid the mines and jump the gap.
There's a new kind of enemy here. A lab assistant with a large wooden hammer,
just spin attack him whilst avoiding the hammer. Run along past another
beehive, through some more mines and over another gap. Through more mines right
away and avoid the bomb spitting plant right afterwards, followed by another
hammer wielding assistant. With 95 crates smashed, that's that. Well, just
about. You can now either decide to exit the level normally here, or backtrack
a short way and exit to the Secret Warp Room. I'm doing the second.

Two ways of doing this, either die and get there quickly, or the way I'm going
to describe for those of you who don't like dying all that much. Wander along
towards the camera until you get past a few mines, jump over the gap to the
left and avoid some more mines, kill the bee as it attempts to attack you. As
the beehive gets out of sight you'll need to jump over another gap and into a
mine field, avoid those mines and kill the bee as it attacks, go around the
beehive keeping right. Pass the metal crate on the floor and arrow pad, jump
onto the top of the plant on the little island on the left. Belly flop.

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [021300] |---------|                    Secret Warp Room                    |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/
        o----------o    /==================\
        | [021301] |----|   Road to Ruin   |
        o----------o    \==================/
             |   LEVEL 14   |
             |              |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 89 Crates    |

The last mop-up of the game, and the final level from the Secret Warp Room.
This'll finish off Warp Room Three once done.

Jump a couple of platforms and you'll end up next to a large mass of crates, 32
of them to be precise, though one is a TNT so don't just belly flop the whole
pile. Jump forwards and then over a small wall of NITRO, then go right, making
sure to wait for the flames to stop. Wait a little (not too long as it's a
wobbly platform) and avoid the flame of the next statue. Jump over to the
Exclamation Mark crate, activate it and get over to the start of the real
level. Instead of me going through the entire level again here, just read the
previous section for Road to Ruin and ignore the part about the Pirate Platform
as there are no crates down there. You might also wish to know that there are
no crates in the short part of the level before you get onto the main path.

    "Crash I haven't got much time, Cortex has almost completed the new space
     station, something is not right with this statement. Beware of the..."

Head back up the the fourth Warp Room and into the next level.

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [021400] |---------|                      Warp Room 4                       |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/
        o----------o    /=====================\
        | [021401] |----|   Cold Hard Crash   |
        o----------o    \=====================/
             |   LEVEL 18   |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 2 Clear Gems |
             | 155 Crates   |

Another snow themed level, this one requires you to stay alive at least until
you reach the Pirate Platform.

Head out the warp room and jump over the gap, the circular platform in the
middle of the gap does indeed fall after a short while. Smash the crates ahead
and jump over a small gap, spin the trio of penguins sliding down the slope and
then kill a set of three sea lions patrolling near several towers of metal
crates. You'll need to smash the crates on top of each stack of metal crates,
all of which you can reach from the ground by jumping and spinning. Cross the
gap ahead and kill the penguin. Jump over the gap and slide along the ice
spinning the sea lions if needs be. Jump over another gap onto more ice, jump
again and then onto the platform. Checkpoint.

From the checkpoint head right, quickly run under the wooden crusher and the
stone triggered crusher, stop before the icicles. Cross the bridge and run
through another setup of crushers, this time the other way around, watch out
for the icicles again. Cross the bridge and bounce up the set of bouncy crates
in order to reach the top question mark crate.

   | BONUS     |
   | 31 Crates |
  | Follow the path of Wumpa down to the bottom, jump to |
  | the right and detonate the TNT crates (grab the      |
  | other crates before they explode if you really want) |
  | moving on further right. Jump up and then down onto  |
  | a set of four TNT crates, just jump off them         |
  | straight away and jump onto the top of the pair of   |
  | bouncy crates and smash the hidden crate above       |
  | before smashing them. Grab as many crates as you     |
  | want before detonating the TNT crates her and        |
  | heading further right. Jump over the gap, then over  |
  | the TNT crates to get to a life crate, start the TNT |
  | off and wait for the counter to reach 31 crates,     |
  | then exit.                                           |

Smash the crate as you arrive back, then walking a little to the right, let the
icicle drop onto the TNT, step back then proceed as usual making sure to avoid
the remaining icicles. Go down as you get to a little split in the track, slide
into the two crates, taking out the hedgehog as you go and probably activating
the Exclamation Mark crate too. Go to the upper path now and smash the crates
in your way. Use the metal crates as steps to get up to the penguin, then go on
down to another penguin, a checkpoint and the Pirate Platform.

Arriving at the new area, slide to the right, jumping over the NITRO crate on
the floor then jumping up and dashing under some crushers. Jump the gap at the
end and to a place with some crates in the air as well as a single outline
crate for which there is no Exclamation Mark crate around. Going right, go
around the pillar and smash the three crates in the air, spin into the hedgehog
walking around on the ice and then jumping the gap and killing a second
hedgehog. Jump another gap and use the arrow crate to smash the crates above
before smashing it. Jump up and time a run through the crushers. Jump over the
metal crates and kill the sea lion, avoiding the icicles of course. Slide along
to the right and jump over the NITRO as you get to it. Underneath a triggered
crusher and then jump up and through a couple of NITRO crates arranged to trap
you. Slide under another pair of crushers and through three more NITRO crates,
a jump then stay down then jump again right away. Get under another couple of
crushers and finally at the end jump off into the Clear Gem. The only way to
actually get all of the crates and this Clear Gem is to now kill yourself so do
not get that checkpoint and just jump into the hole ahead of you.

Go through that whole Pirate area again up to the end where you're going to
want to activate the Exclamation Mark crate. Now instead of jumping down the
gap, head all the way back to the start of the area. Where the outlined crates
were next to the metal crates are now more metal crates allowing you back. And
near the start of the area is a single crate to smash, then hitch a ride aboard
the Pirate Platform again to get back to where you left off. Barring any NITRO
related mishaps, you should have 87 crates by now.

Go to the right and follow the path of Wumpa Fruit down the slippery slopes to
the bottom where you'll be wanting to destroy a stack of crates. Jump over the
gap on the right and kill the penguin. Around the corner smash a bunch of
crates and set the single TNT off before jumping to the right and killing
another penguin. Detonate another TNT and kill another penguin right after,
walk away from the camera and smash a pair of crates before sliding your way
through a series of three timed crushers, jumping over the gap in the middle.
Walk up to the hedgehog and wait for it to calm down before killing it, then
moving right you'll want to smash four crates and use a metal arrow crate to
get up to a penguin to kill. Slide jump over the gap to the right and activate
the checkpoint.

Jump up and kill the hedgehog, down and penguin, and activate the four
Exclamation Mark crates in the air as you pass by them. Smash the row of four
crates on the floor (previously outlines) and jump over the NITRO and kill a
penguin. Jump down to another NITRO and penguin pairing, smash the crate and
jump down again. Smash the crates and grap the fruit in the recess if you want.
Jump right and, keeping as close to the wall on the left, jump into the recess
avoiding the NITRO and jumping onto the single crate at the back. Slide on back
out again and jump right. Slide under the long row of five triggered crushers,
grabbing the life if you can, and smash the crates at the end. Go around the
pillar and jump down the hole to a checkpoint outside.

Jump over the gap and kill the penguin, then jump onto another island, avoid
some NITRO then jump again to reach the level's Crystal. Kill the hedgehog and
penguin, then detonate the TNT crates before killing another hedgehog. Jump
over a gap to yet another hedgehog, then again to get to a rolling disc. Smash
the bouncy crates (two at the top) and jump over a gap and by another rolling
disc to the checkpoint and the NITRO detonation switch. Jump past another
rolling disc and kill another hedgehog. Kill another penguin then jump past a
disc. Smash some crates, jump up following the path and jump all the way to the
end and your Clear Gem reward.

        o----------o    /===============\
        | [021402] |----|   Ruination   |
        o----------o    \===============/
             |   LEVEL 19   |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 2 Clear Gems |
             | 84 Crates    |

Nothing especially special about this level, aside from that second Clear Gem
of course, you'll be needing the Green Gem in order to get to it.

Out the door and jump forwards, obviously avoiding the flames of the statue as
you go. Watch out for the NITRO crate directly beyond the four stacked up
crates, walk around it and jump on to the rat ahead. Instead of dealing with
the next two creates, just jump over the rat and ignore the lizard stuck beside
it. Time a run past the next flaming head as the platform dirctly before it
will collapse if you stand too long on it. Checkpoint.

Heading right jump to the platform with a patrolling lizard, run past it and
jump onto the next platform, this time with a monkey and several stacks of TNT,
detonate the TNT and kill the monkey if you want. Jump down to the right then
over the NITRO and quickly over the NITRO right after. Above the metal arrow
crate is just a free-floating Aku-Aku mask for some reason. Jump forwards
towards the Exclamation Mark crate and activate it. Unfortunately all the
outline crates are now NITROs so walk along the righthand side to get past and
jump onto a platform with a jumping monkey. Get to the other end and to a
checkpoint. The Green Gem platform is on your left now.

As in the previous level like this, there are logs being thrown along on your
right. Time your jumps so that you miss them, waiting at the solid platforms if
needs be. Kill the purple gorilla. Continuing on right, jump down and run
through a load of flaming statue heads, timing your run between them not to be
too quick off the mark for the first one otherwise the second will get you. Now
it's time to jump forwards avoiding more logs. As before it's two platforms at
a time as every other one is wobbly. After the gorilla you'll need to jump onto
the leaning platforms ahead, walking towards the highest point slowly so as not
to slip off. Jump onto the platforms at the end and start going left. Jump over
the wobbly platforms and then go forwards to the Aku-Aku mask and Wumpa Fruit
field. And again another log area directly ahead. After the gorilla, proceed
directly to the Clear Gem, don't stop on the platforms before it as they'll
collapse on you.  Go left and hitch a ride on the Green Gem platform and smash
the two crates.

As always with these situations you've got two options, either backtrack or
jump into oblivion to get to the checkpoint with the Clear Gem still intact.
Unlike usual, I'll be taking the easier way, so jump off and sacrifice a life
if you really want to follow this guide's every word. Moving on from the
checkpoint, run through the pair of flaming heads starting as soon as they stop
flaming, naturally. Run along to the end of the platform, then jump aboard the
circling 'circle' platforms and get to the BONUS platform.

   | BONUS     |
   | 49 Crates |
  | Jump and spin the single breakable crate in the      |
  | block, then crouch jump onto the top of the three.   |
  | Jump to the right and belly flop through the two end |
  | ones, jump back up to the top of the three and belly |
  | flop through the two remaining stacks. If you do     |
  | manage to destroy the three level stack before the   |
  | fourth, just walk towards it and jump and belly      |
  | flop, you should just be able to get them. Activate  |
  | the Exclamation Mark. Jump onto the metal crates and |
  | smash a crate, then onto the next set of metal       |
  | crates and belly flop the strong crates. Use the TNT |
  | on the next platform to get onto the top of the      |
  | stack of crates and let them explode before belly    |
  | flopping. Do the same for the next platform, though  |
  | this time it's a lot more important to get onto the  |
  | top. Belly flop.                                     |
  |                                                      |
  | Jump up the steps of crates and get bouncing. You    |
  | should be able to react in time from when the bouncy |
  | crates smash as you'll need to jump one more time to |
  | get that normal crate underneath, so this won't      |
  | require couting out. Jump off the end and get on     |
  | that platform.                                       |

Jump forwards, avoiding the monkey, and smash the pair of crates on the right.
Time a run through the two flaming statues just ahead so that you get started
just before they stop flaming, giving you enough time to get to them as there's
one of those wobbly jobs in the way. Another run through required right after,
grab the checkpoint.

Jump over the NITRO onto the rat, then over the next NITRO. Start the TNT
ticking as the lizard starts walking towards it, it should time just about
right to kill it. If not, then slide into the lizard anyway, though not too
close to the TNT right after it. Going right now, use the turning tilting
platforms to get to a rather familiar pair of crates. Jump forward and finally
grab the level's Crystal. Jump onto one of the circling platforms, then onto
the Green Exclamation Mark crate and detonate all the NITRO in the level. Jump
again and activate the Checkpoint.

Walking down the steps to you right you'll notice some logs being thrown.
Slightly easier than the Green Gem area in that all the platforms are solid,
make your way to the gorilla and kill him. Jump forwards then into the end area
and grab your Clear Gem.

        o----------o    /================\
        | [021403] |----|   Bee-having   |
        o----------o    \================/
             |   LEVEL 20   |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 1 Purple Gem |
             | 92 Crates    |

As the name suggests, this level has a lot of bees in it. The Purple Gem is
also located within the level, you'll be wanting to get that I assume.

Right away as you exit the Warp Room you'll meet one of those hammer wielding
assistants, jump and spin him. Jump over the gap and go underneath the red
flooting, as before your safe from the bomb spitting plants under here, so kill
it and jump back out. Smash the crates and jump over the next gap. Just run up
to the assistant and kill him, jump over the gap and run past the beehive. Jump
the gap to safety, then run on past the beehive there. After jumping yet
another gap, go down underneath the red surface and move along past the NITRO
crates then jumping out and over the gap to get to the first checkpoint.

Run past the beehive and slide underneath the electric fence, jump over the gap
and then go to the righthand side of the NITRO crates and either carefully spin
or jump onto the crate behind them. Go to the next section and jump under the
surface yet again. Avoid a few NITRO till you smash a stack of crates, then get
out and jump over the NITRO blocking the path. Destroy the two crates here and
move on past the large head statue. Time a run past the beehive so that the
electric barrier doesn't shock you, then slide underneath an electric fence and
jump right away. Checkpoint.

Get past the beehive and jump under the surface, spin the bees away as well as
the assistant who approaches. Get to the far end and jump out again. Run past
yet another beehive and onto another red area, just spin attack the assistant
there and jump off again to safety. The tell-tale sign here is that the NITRO
crates aren't moving at all. They're just sitting there. Smash the crates and
jump up the NITRO crates to be ported away, this is of course the way to get
the Purple Gem.

Jump up to the right then from the top of the metal crate slide jump onto a
larger platform. Kill the pair of racoons that appear and use the resulting
mushroom to bounce out of there. Jump to the right, onto a metal crate and then
onto a stone platform with the rather large Purple Gem all ready for you to
grab. As there are no crates in here, and nothing much else to report about
either, you might as well kill yourself and get back to the main level, this
place will take you back to the Warp Room if you do indeed get to the end of it

Once back at the previous checkpoint, go on past the two beehives until you
reach the NITRO staircase again. Proceed past it on the left and go around the
large moving statue. Jump the gap and race past the beehive. Avoiding the bombs
of a plant get to it and then jump the gap avoiding the bombs of a second one
as well. Kill that second one (ignore the first, bees will attack) and get the

It's the usual little island with a bomb on, get past that then past another
beehive, avoid the plant and jump the gap to get to yet another beehive. Run
past that and use the arrow pads before quickly sliding under the electric
fence. Again run past the beehive and avoid the bombs being spat out by the
plant, jumping the gap at the end and going into the Bonus Round.

   | BONUS     |
   | 15 Crates |
  | Walk around the NITRO crates and jump onto the metal |
  | crates on the right. Smash the crates here and jump  |
  | on to the next platform. Again jump down, smash some |
  | crates and then jump up to the next one. You'll need |
  | to be more careful to jump just once on each of the  |
  | crates, sometimes the crates will themselves jump,   |
  | neutralising your jump. Just jump down and exit the  |
  | area.                                                |

Again run past the beehive and use the arrow pads to speed up a little. Jump
the gap and spin the assistant out of the way, jump again and grab the Crystal.
Running past the next beehive, you might want to go under the surface and to
spin off the bees from there. Then time a jump out to get over the bomb island
situation and run on past another beehive (underground preferably). Jump the
one last gap and detonate all of the NITRO crates in the level.

    "Crash I have discovered that the opposition is being masterminded by Dr.
     Nitrus Brio; the inventor of the Evolvo-Ray. Brio is responsible for our
     misunderstandings in the past. He forced me to assist him in his plot for
     world domination and he's at it again, he will attempt to stand in our
     way. Be on your guard Crash. Use the platform to deliver the crystals to N

Take the platform up the the fifth and final Warp Room, but of course there's
that little thing in your way, N. Gin.

        o----------o    /============\
        | [021404] |----|   N. Gin   |
        o----------o    \============/
             |    BOSS 4    |

N. GIN -
    "Dr. Cortex thanks you for giving the twenty Crystals you've collected to

Pressing either spin or slide will fire Wumpa Fruit towards N. Gin, these are
unlimited and will only hurt him when they hit an open area of his space suit.
First up are the two arms, fire into each of the hands of the arms as they open
up and flex for a while, move along trying to get as many in as you can before
they being their firing sequences. If you don't destroy them in time, they'll
start firing a laser beam which goes up and down, just move so that it goes
over your head and start firing at the arms again.

Once both arms have fallen off, his shoulders will open up and fire rockets
out. These will fly up and come down onto the platform, you can see their
shadows so stay off the two platforms they are going to hit. They alternate
between the two sides being not hit so you should be able to work out where to
go easily. Keep firing at the shoulders as much as you can. Once one side has
gone, the remaining rocket will start to function differently, now it'll fly
around and come in from the right along the ground, you'll need to jump over
it. Destroy that second shoulder and get to the final stage of N. Gin.

The middle of the suit will open up and fire at platforms, completely
destroying them, so quickly fire a couple of shots at him and get off the
platform. Repeat this until he dies.

N. GIN -
    "Master Cortex will be very displeased with your resistance. Prepare to
     suffer his wrath!"

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [021500] |---------|                      Warp Room 5                       |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/

    "Argh! What is your problem bandicoot? I will not ask you again to bring me
     the Crystals. Obtain the remaining five Crystals Crash and bring them to

        o----------o    /====================\
        | [021501] |----|   Piston it Away   |
        o----------o    \====================/
             |   LEVEL 21   |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 2 Clear Gems |
             | 69 Crates    |

A nice new style level for you to play. As with some of the previous level's,
you'll be wanting to stay alive at least until you reach a certain place.

Out the door and smash the crates, go under the metal crusher and jump up to
the right. I've no idea what that thing is, but slide into its legs to kill it.
Jump down to the right and kill the second one, then jump a distance to the
right, use the moving reverse metal crusher and run underneath the proper metal
crushers, they'll go in a set pattern which is perfectly easy and safe to see.
Jump and then to kill another new type of enemy, just jump onto the middle of
it. Wait for the raising platform to lift you up, then jump to the right and
kill another of the little guys. Smash a few crates, making sure to get the
ones above the second arrow crate before destroying either of the two arrow
crates. Jump up to the right, slide into the walker and run under the crusher,
kill the crawler and repeat through the next crusher. Checkpoint.

A slightly different breed of crawler, this time the legs are up and so your
only choice is to slide into it, or spin of course. Jump up and do the same to
the second one. Barely after introducing the upright version is another
version, this time it'll alternate between the two positions, so make sure not
to attack it wrongly at the wrong time. Jump through the two pistons and kill
another crawler. Under another piston and kill another walker. Slide under the
small gap straight into the next walker, then again into the next crawler.
Slide jump over the large gap and smash the crates next to the NITRO, being
careful of course. Jump over the hot pipe right onto the moving crawler, the
second one will be positioned differently so you'll need to time the jump
differently. Again jump up and kill another crawler, then jump between a pair
of pistons and grab the level's Crystal. Checkpoint.

Kill the two walkers and jump over the hot pipe, kill that third walker too.
After jumping over the pipe, if you've managed to stay alive so far you'll find
a Pirate Platform. Just your luck, this Pirate section has crates to be
smashed, so if you want either Clear Gem you're going to need to go in here,
just not right at this moment. Continue on past it.

Slide under the obstruction, careful not to time it wrong and kill that
crawler. Whatever you do, do not jump down and kill the next crawler, leave it
there and instead carry on past it. Stepping on the arrow tile will cause the
machine to the left to send out a blue pulse, being hit by this will shrink and
kill you, so try not to get hit. Smash the crate and jump the gap, the arrow
facing the camera will cause a pulse from above. Slide into the walker and jump
over the shrink-ray machine, then down into the Bonus Round.

   | BONUS     |
   | 16 Crates |
  | Jump onto the piston when it's down, then smash a    |
  | tower of ten crates before jumping to another        |
  | piston. Jump over the NITRO and try not to smash any |
  | of the crates on the other side just yet. Jump onto  |
  | another piston and over another load of NITRO        |
  | straight onto a fourth piston. Activate the          |
  | Exclamation Mark crate and start heading back. Jump  |
  | over the NITRO as before, and use the remaining      |
  | crates to get over the NITRO safely. Make your way   |
  | to the new crates near the start, then turn around   |
  | again and head back to the Exclamation Mark crate,   |
  | smashing any crates you didn't before. Slide jump    |
  | over the large final gap and smash the last two      |
  | crates. Exit.                                        |

Jump right and get out of the way of the shrink-ray, then slide jump over a
load of shrink-ray arrows. Checkpoint. Spin the assistant off the side, the way
to avoid rebounding is to only spin just after he's pushed the shield, and jump
down to the right, spinning the assistant off there too. Slide under the
piston, taking out the crawler and jump over the gap to spin the assistant
there a couple of times. Use the piston to get up, then grab the life by the
NITRO and smash the crate there. Tis the last crate of this part of the level.
Turn around now, there's no point going any further. As you reach the remains
of your checkpoint, there comes a tough part. You'll need a good slide jump to
get over this bit safely, it'll probably activate the first two arrows but you
should be able to jump up in time to avoid both of the blue pulses. Moving on,
as you reach the part where you left a crawler alive, jump down and use it to
get up above the shrink-ray machine. Then slide under the barrier and get on
that Pirate Platform. Arrr!

Smash the two crates in front of you and jump between the two pistons, follow
the path of Wumpa and jump over the NITRO crates until you reach a point where
there's an assistant with a shield on the other side. You'll need to spin the
shield so that he rebounds instead of you, this'll smash the NITRO crate behind
him so stand a little back. Slide into the walker and jump over another NITRO
and kill another walker. Kill the several crawlers and grab that checkpoint.

Use the static, alternating, floating crawler as a jumping pad to get over the
gap, obviously only when its arms are down. Smash the crates and jump over the
gap, make sure to get out of the way of the blue pulse fired downwards. Slide
into the walker and jump up above the second, this time horizontal, shrink ray.
Again use a pair of crawlers to get over a large gap, then as you land, collect
the Clear Gem. Use the crawler to get up and then slide into the walker. Jump
down onto the crawler and go underneath the piston, detonate all of the NITRO
in the level, grab your Clear Gem reward and exit.

        o----------o    /=============\
        | [021502] |----|   Rock It   |
        o----------o    \=============/
             |   LEVEL 22   |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 39 Crates    |

Another brand new type of level, this time you're flying around in a jetpack
the whole time.

I'm not sure what the point of the metal crate is, unless it's just to show
that there's no gravity, but as soon as you're equipped with the jetpack, move
forwards and smash the crate to the right. Carry on to the left side now, smash
the two crates and go around the large blue obstacle, smashing the crate on the
right. Avoid the large red beam ahead, it'll incinerate you if you touch it,
and just keep going. Go around another red beam and into a part of the tunnel
with windows. Fly forwards through the circling red things, going through the
centre as they get to their outer movement is the safest. Smash the crates and
go through the end, checkpoint.

Smash the floating crates here and touch the TNT, it'll start ticking right
away so get away from it if you want to be safe. The red lasers ahead will go
in a set pattern, fly forwards through the middle just after they make a cross
pattern. Go forwards and avoid hitting the red pipes, again these will harm
you. Avoid the red beam in the middle and meet an actual enemy. This assistant
will try to electrocute you, so spin into him after he sparks, do this a second
time and he'll fall into the firey barrier just ahead. The red wires in the
next room again follow a set pattern, as they go down just fly above them and
get the checkpoint.

This time you'll want to fly at the crate in the top-right when the red things
are closest together. Avoid hitting the NITRO crates and spin into it. Go
around another red beam and kill the assistant there, not forgetting to smash
the crates of course. Go through and grab the checkpoint.

As before go through the middle of the red lasers and smash the crate, avoid
the NITRO by keeping low and go through another set of lasers. Avoid some more
floating wires and keep to the left, grabbing the Crystal as you pass of
course. Make it so the assistant is positioned in the middle of the red things
and spin him as soon as the oppourtunity from both him and the red things
arises. Go through the door, get off the jetpack and detonate all of the NITRO
crates in the level.

        o----------o    /=================\
        | [021503] |----|   Night Fight   |
        o----------o    \=================/
             |   LEVEL 23   |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 2 Clear Gems |
             | 46 Crates    |

If you've followed the walkthrough, you'll have been in a level like this
before. Just pick up the fireflies as you go along and keep moving. This
level's extra Clear Gem comes from a Pirate Level, and yes you will need to
stay alive long enough to reach it.

Out the door as usual and collect the firefly. Jump over a hole just over the
top of the hill, then again over a second. Kill a rat and jump yet another
hole. Another rat, another hole and you're at the second firefly. Smash the two
crates and pick it up. Keeping to the right, attack the two rats and jump the
hole directly afterwards. Kill another, this time moving, rat and then another
sitting around ahead just infront of another hole. Jump it and grab the

Collect that firefly and jump a pair of holes. Now comes the Pirate Platform on
the left, that is if you've stayed alive of course. Going down the Pirate way
right now...

As you get off the platform, jump a series of very large holes, the firefly may
fly off a little before you get to the new one but it shouldn't be before the
last hole. Jump around the floating, metal, light thing and kill a rat just
before you descend a slope. Avoid another and slide attack a lizard, then get
through a pair of the floaty things and jump a hole, watch out for the lizard
though as you jump, kill it. Get the firefly and grab the Clear Gem. Now you
get to the tricky little bit. You can now either sacrifice a life and get back
to the previous checkpoint, just needing to grab a couple of crates down this
way or you can carry on and work your way back along the other path, or this
path. The second way is a lot more difficult as you end up walking through
darkness, so just do the first and end up at the previous checkpoint.

Instead of taking the Pirate path now, go to the right and slide into the two
lizards, jump a gap and slide into a third. Smash a few crates, the ones on top
of the NITRO crates should be spin-jump attacked as jumping on them doesn't
give you enough room to get off the NITRO. Grab the firefly and get moving. Go
around the stationary pointy floaty things and jump a gap going right. Again go
through some more of them and grab the Crystal, the checkpoint too.

Grab that firefly and get around the moving metal thing, then slide into a
lizard. Jump the gap and again avoid another metal floaty thing, jumping a gap
as you do so. Repeat and then jump down into the Bonus Round.

   | BONUS     |
   | 20 Crates |
  | Rapid running and smashing required here. Smash the  |
  | three crates first then as you lead to the right     |
  | pick up the firefly. Follow the Wumpa Fruit path,    |
  | smash the crate in the way, jump down and smash the  |
  | tower of four then jump over the NITRO and jump up   |
  | to a second firefly. Avoid it and smash the two      |
  | bouncy crates, then pick it up and get moving again. |
  | Spin your way through a load of crates, then slide   |
  | underneath some floating NITRO crates, make sure to  |
  | keep low until you're clear of them, then repeat     |
  | just with some crates to smash as well. Smash one    |
  | more crate on the way down to the exit and get out   |
  | of there.                                            |

This next bit will require a bit of fast running. Smash the crate and grab the
firefly, run down the hill and over the NITRO crates. Avoid the two floating
metal things and go down to where the two paths rejoin, run back up to the left
and as you get to the top of the slope, jump over a pair of large holes, then
just run up to the firefly and two crates to smash. Collect the firefly and
turn around again to go normally. Continue on down the normal path, go to the
left of the metal guards and kill the rat before smashing a crate and the next

Again with the firefly avoid the metal guard, kill the rat and run past a
lizard patrolling to jump over a gap landing on the right. Go through another
pair of those metal guards and slide into the lizard there, jump one final gap
and detonate the NITRO crates. Into the exit and collect your Clear Gem. Just
two levels to go now.

        o----------o    /=================\
        | [021504] |----|   Pack Attack   |
        o----------o    \=================/
             |   LEVEL 24   |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 1 Clear Gem  |
             | 46 Crates    |

Just about identically set out as the previous jetpack level.

Hop aboard the jetpack and get on your way. Avoid the red things by flying
underneath them this time, then up, avoiding the large red pipes of course.
Avoid some wire floating about ahead, smashing the crates on both the left and
right. Go under the blue pipe, smash a crate on the right and then fly through
the laser show. Avoiding the red beam in the middle keep to the right and go
through the large door, again avoiding yet more wire and reaching the first

Smash the crate just above it and fly through the lasers, keeping low to avoid
the killer stuff up high. On the other side of the door is an assistant, again
spin him when he's not preparing to shock you. Smash the two high up crates and
fly right though the centre of the NITRO and red circling things. You'll find a
wire+laser combo to avoid now, keep to one corner, make sure the wire isn't
going there and the lasers just stopped firing at that point. Smash the
checkpoint on the other side.

Smash that crate in front of you as well as the Aku-Aku one, follow the path of
Wumpa through to the next room. Each of the open areas is only open for one
laser burst thanks to the arrangement of them, so fly through whichever you
choose quickly. Smash the crate on the left and kill the assistant waiting just
after. Fly through the middle of this new combo, timing permitting of course.
Smash the two crates and get that checkpoint.

Follow yet more Wumpa, avoid the NITRO and smash the crate on the left. Again
with the assistant and red circles, staying in the middle as you pass through.
Go through any of the corners of the NITRO cross, avoiding the lasers as you do
so. Grab the Crystal on the right and go under a red beam in the next area. Now
simply avoid the red circles and red wire (I'd recommend going underneath them
all) and get to safety and the end of the level, not forgetting to detonate the
NITRO crates of course.

        o----------o    /================\
        | [021505] |----|   Spaced Out   |
        o----------o    \================/
             |   LEVEL 25   |
             |              |
             | 1 Crystal    |
             | 2 Clear Gems |

Final level time. In order to get that second Clear Gem, you're going to need
all of the Colour Gems.

Out the door and to the right. Jump up onto the platform and then up to some
bouncy crates on the right. Jump down onto the crawler, then down again
avoiding the piston which strangely can squash you despite there not being any
solid ground underneath it. Kill the crawler anyway. Repeat with a second
piston and crawler combo then jump up to the right. If you have the Blue Gem
there will be a platform waiting for you to climb on. Get on it.

Go right, picking up lives as you proceed, quickly jump between the two pistons
as the first raises. Then use the crawler to get across a gap, make sure to
time it with the piston you can just see across the gap so that as you jump the
crawler will be just about to raise its arms (not quite though) and leaving
just enough time for the piston to raise up letting you by. Again time another
jump with a crawler and piston on the other side of it. Jump aboard the Green
Gem platform. Running right, slide jumping the gap avoiding the shrink-ray from
above, then slide again to kill the walker and a third shrink-ray. Quickly jump
right and again and again to land just before a piston. Go under it and jump
off to kill the crawler on the other side of another shrink-ray. Leap onto the
Yellow Gem platform.

Wait for the moving platform to get close as the piston is up, jump onto it.
Leap off it and go straight through the pistons to another moving platform.
Wait for a second pass to go under the next piston, then walk onto the Red Gem
platform sitting there. Get off and go right. Time your run to spin attack the
assistant so that he isn't pushing and so that you get by the shrink-ray
quickly. Jump a gap, then again time a spin attack on the assistant. Jump one
more gap and then use the Purple Gem platform to get to the exit. If you're a
perfectionist and like getting the level done in a single pass, head back out
of there after picking up the Clear Gem inside and jump off the side. If you
like lives then use the exit and enter the level again, you'll be back at the
same point either way. I'll be using that first way.

Go through the short distance to the Blue Gem platform again, but ignore it
this time. Jump down as the piston rises and spin attack the crawler so as to
avoid death. Wait for the third piston to raise before jumping to the right. If
you want a free life then use the crawler here to bounce up onto the moving
platform above and then to crouch jump up to the life just off the screen (you
can reach the platform by crouch jumping too). Run through the pistons, jumping
on the crawler when the pistons above aren't going to come down on top of you,
then out the other side and to the first checkpoint.

Jump the NITRO crates following the Wumpa Fruit and get behind the screen. Kill
the crawler then jump another NITRO, and again kill the crawler on the other
side of it. Repeat again. Stay under the NITRO above and time a jump over the
next one so that you can immediately spin into the assistant knocking him
backwards a couple of times. Leap over the two NITRO crates and slide into the
walker. Spin attack the next crawler, don't jump as the NITRO crates will kill
ya, and exit the screen area to a checkpoint.

Jump down over the redhot pipe and slide into the walker. Again over the hot
pipe and straight onto the crawler, then under the predictable pistons and down
into the Bonus Round.

   | BONUS     |
   | 25 Crates |
  | Jump over the pison before it pops back up to slam   |
  | you into the NITRO crates above. Smash the crates    |
  | and jump onto the next piston. Whislt it's down jump |
  | underneath the NITRO crates then down off the second |
  | piston. Spin out the life crate and then crouch jump |
  | onto the top of the six tower of strong crates,      |
  | otherwise you can't reach the top. Jump right and    |
  | smash the floating crate. Now comes a tricky bit.    |
  | Jump through the bouncy crates and with perfect      |
  | counting to ten move on from each, you'll miss the   |
  | spare fruit dropped at the end of them but it hardly |
  | matters. Jump onto the platform and finish this      |
  | final Bonus Round.                                   |

You''ll get a nice little preview of ahead, but smash the Aku-Aku crate and
round the corner. Slide under both of the obstructions, careful not to stop on
the arrow pad, and then jump quickly between the two red pipes with arrow
inbetween (a slide jump is good for here). Jump down and quickly slide into the
walker before running underneath the piston and then using the next one to get
up. Again slide under the two obstructions at the same time and then sliding
into the walker too. Grab that checkpoint.

Instead of trying to kill the walker, simply jump over it timed with the piston
so you can get right through and again jump over the two pipes and arrow combo.
Kill the crawler, smash the crates, detonate the NITRO and grab the Crystal.
Jump onto the moving platform, then down to the shielded assistant, push him
over the edge. Jump the gap and then over the arrow under the piston. Finally
jump over the shrink-ray machine and walk into the exit collecting the final
Clear Gem, and item, of the game. Exit to the Warp Room.

    "Hahahaha hahahahah hahahahahahahar! Yes! My plan is nearly complete and I
     have you, Crash Bandicoot, to thank for it. N. Gin? What's happening?
     What's that? Something's stealing our signal!"

    "Crash! Cortex isn't going to use to Crystals to contain the planet's
     energy. He's going to harness the force and use it power the Super
     Cortex-Vortex he has built on his Space Station. One blast of the ray will
     cover the entire world, turning everyone into Cortex's mindless slaves.
     Crash, don't let him have those Crystals!"

    "N. Gin you fool, she's telling him everything! Ah yes, we're uh, we're,
     we're back now. What with the, uh, interruption, Crash, bring me

Just one thing left to do now, defeat the final boss, Dr. Neo Cortex.

        o----------o    /===============\
        | [021506] |----|   N. Cortex   |
        o----------o    \===============/
             |    BOSS 5    |

Equipped with a jetpack, you need to fly down the ringed tunnel avoiding the
obstacles and to spin into Cortex before you get to the other end, which isn't
all that far a distance. Keep holding down accelerate, spin any rocks or mines
out of the way and get as close to Cortex as often as you can, spinning as many
times as you can in an attempt to hit him. The fight is nothing more than
hitting him three times and it's over.

    "Noooooooo! You haven't seen the last of me Crash Bandicoot!"

    "Crash? What do you suppose happened to Cortex? And what about the
     Cortex-Vortex? It's still up there."


    "Heh, you have aquired all of the Gems, incredible! Heh heh ha! The
     Crystals are not the only means of harnessing planetary energy, the Gems
     have that ability as well, and with them I can destroy the Cortex-Vortex
     forever! Let me warp you to my complete laser installation. Heh."

As the man says, you've got everything so go watch that perfect ending.

    "We are ready Crash, would you like to do the heheh heh heh, honours? Heh
     hah ha!"


    "Hahahahahah hahahahaha!"

                               THE END

| [030000]                           FAQs                                     |

The following questions are here so you don't have a reason to ask me them. If
do you happen to email me about any of the below questions, I'll either just
quote the below answer right back at you or ignore your email entirely.

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [030100] |---------|                  The Secret Warp Room                  |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/

Q: How do I get to the Secret Warp Room?

A: There are several ways of getting there, each one unlocks a single portal in
   the Secret Warp Room the first time you use it. The levels which are home to
   portals here are:

Level 7: Air Crash
    - Jump on a platform using some crates floating in the first water with a
         o This will open up the second entrance to Snow Go
Level 13: Bear Down
    - Jump on an island at the very end of the level
         o This will open up the second entrance to Air Crash
Level 15: Un-Bearable
    - Jump back to the baby polar bear once you've been thrown off it
         o This will open up the new level Totally Bear
Level 16: Hangin' Out
    - Get to the end of an area down a hole near where you found the Crystal
         o This will open up the new level Totally Fly
Level 17: Diggin' It
    - Stand on a small platform that had a plant on it
         o This will open up the second entrance to Road to Ruin

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [030200] |---------|                     Coloured Gems                      |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/

Q: Where are each of specially coloured Gems?

A: Each lies within a different level, and those are as follows:

Blue Gem
  Level 1: Turtle Woods
     - Complete the level without smashing any crates
Red Gem
  Level 2: Snow Go
     - Get to the end of the secret entrance to Snow Go
Green Gem
  Level 10: The Eel Deal
     - Go down the secret path behind a room full of NITRO
Yellow Gem
  Level 11: Plant Food
     - Get to the end of the level within the time limit
Purple Gem
  Level 20: Bee-Having
     - Go through a secret section of the level reached by climbing a staircase
       of inert NITRO crates

| [040000]                          Cheats                                    |

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [040100] |---------|                     Refight Bosses                     |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/

To fight previous bosses, hold L1 + Triangle when you press Up to go to the
next Warp Room, instead you'll go into the corresponding boss fight.

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [040200] |---------|                     10 Free Lives                      |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/

Simply jump on the polar bear's head in Warp Room 2 ten times and you get ten
free lives.

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [040300] |---------|                     99 Free Lives                      |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/

In the level Un-Bearable, after the bear smashes through a large bridge, jump
down there and proceed through to the checkpoint. Jumping up just off the
screen on the platform to the right of the Aku-Aku crate will net you two lives
each time. As the checkpoint is so close, kill yourself and repeat, gaining a
total of one new life each time since you're killing yourself as well. It's
slow but it'll get you as many lives as you want.

o----------o          /------------------------------------------------------\
| [040400] |---------|                    Timed Extension                     |
o----------o          \------------------------------------------------------/

In timed levels, simply get to the Bonus Round, go inside and then die whilst
still in there. The timer will have vanished from the screen but will actually
have reset to the initial value when you started the level, thereby giving you
a little extra time to get to the reward Gem at the end.

| [050000]                      Version History                               |

Version 1.0 - 7/3/06
Finally completed the guide.

| [060000]                          Thanks                                    |

I'd like to thank Naughty Dog for making such a great sequal to their original
Crash Bandicoot game.

| [070000]                          Contact                                   |

If you wish to contact me for any reason, be it a question, praise, criticism,
reporting an error in the guide, whatever, use the below address. Make sure to
be clear in your subject line about what the email is about, and to include the
exact name of the game somewhere within your email or subject so that I know
what you're talking about.

                         dark52 (at) darkspyro (dot) net

| [080000]                         Copyright                                  |

Copyright 2006 dark52

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private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed
publicly without advanced written permission. Use of this guide on any other
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