1. Eric Iwasaki Animator/Background Artist
  2. Bob Rafei Art Director
  3. Anthony Gomez Assistant Lead Analyst
  4. Pete Mayberry Assistant Lead Analyst
  5. Charles Zembillas Character Design and Art Direction
  6. Connie Booth Executive Producer
  7. Haruna Ikezawa Japanese Voice: Coco Bandicoot
  8. Shozo Izuka Japanese Voice: Dr. Cortex
  9. Mitsuru Ogata Japanese Voice: N. Gin and N. Brio
  10. Donovan Soto Lead Analyst
  11. Rob Titus Modeller/Animator
  12. Josh Mancell Original Music
  13. Mark Mothersbaugh Original Music
  14. Mark Cerney Producer
  15. Mark Cerny Producer
  16. Andrew S. Gavin Producer
  17. Shuhei Yoshida Producer
  18. Michael Gollom Sound Designer
  19. Ron Horwitz Supervising Sound Editor
  20. Clancy Brown Voice Actor - Dr. Neo Cortex
  21. Brendan O' Brien Voice Actor - N. Gin and N. Brio
  22. Vicki Winters Voice Actress - Coco Bandicoot

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