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Guide and Walkthrough by DTran

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 02/15/2003

"When you kill one... it is a tragedy.  When you kill a million... it is a 
                                        - Joseph Stalin


           Command & Conquer Red Alert: The Aftermath Strategy Guide
                           By: Legomondo (David Tran)
                     Version: 1.01 (Last Updated: 02/15/03)
                            Game System: DOS/Windows


  1.  Version
  2.  Introduction
  3.  Basics
  4.  Allies
  5.  Soviets
  6.  Walkthrough
  7.  Multiplayer
  8.  Legal Information
  9.  Thanks

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[1. Version]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

02/15/03 - 1.01: Added IGN to the list of sites that are allowed to host my 
  FAQs and changed the format a bit.

12/04/02 - 1.00: Heh, I changed it from FINAL to Version 1.00 as it just 
  doesn't seem right.

08/13/02 - Final: Whew!  Two updates in one day.  Anyways, added just a bit 
  more to the AI.  This is the FINAL version, unless something really needs 

08/13/02 - 0.95: Added more to the Multiplayer section and fixed some line 
  breaks.  I will check for spelling errors before the FINAL version.

08/12/02 - 0.90: Finished the whole Walkthrough.  

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[2. Introduction]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Welcome to my Walkthrough for Red Alert: The Aftermath, part of the 
Command & Conquer series.  As you know, this game is an expansion pack and 
actually the prequel of the original Command & Conquer.  If you have any 
questions, or see a mistake, email me at Legomondo [at] yahoo [dot] com.

It is advised that you know at least a few things about this game, even though 
it goes over the basics.  I expect that you know what I'm talking about, when I 
mean build the usual, etc.  Other than that, you can find out stuff in this 

                                                - Legomondo

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[3. Basics]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The basics of the game are simple.  This is a RTS game and you direct your 
units and lead them to victory/defeat by planning and directing your troops 
into combat.  This section will go down through the basics.

  -=[Scrolling Around]=-

Use your Mouse Pointer to move your cursor around.  You should scroll around to 
direct your units to new locations, explore the terrain, or to get a view of 
the map.  


You should explore your surroundings for Gold/Gem and anything useful with some 
infantry.  With the territory explored around you, you have an advanced warning 
if an enemy attacks.  Build a Radar Dome to get radar to see a map of the 
explored area around you.

  -=[Command Your Troops]=-

To order your troops, you must first select them.  To select your troops, bring 
your cursor over the unit and select it with the mouse Button, or make a box 
around the desired unit(s) by holding down the mouse Button and dragging it. 
Once your desired unit(s) is selected, use your cursor again to click on a 
location.  The cursor appearance will differ between enemy units/structures, 
the terrain, and your own units and structures.  Press the right mouse button 
at any time to cancel your selected units.

  -=[Producing More Units & Structures]=-

To build more units and structures, you must have a certain requirement.  
However, the very heart of building things begins with the MCV (Mobile 
Construction Vehicle).  Some missions will start you out with one while others 
will require you to deploy one.  Once you have one set up, you can start to 
build your military buildings and use those to create more units.  Keep on 
building if your budget can handle it to have a continuous supply of troops.

Once you build a structure, you have the option of putting it down on the map.  
You cannot place the building anywhere though, instead, you must have another 
structure nearby.  If all the grids are gray, than you can place the structure 
down, usually right next to one.  If the grids are red, than you must move the 
structure somewhere else.  The only exception to this is the MCV, which you 
can deploy anywhere.  


To build a successful base, you must expand.  Due to limits of placing your 
structures however, you will have to continually build structures right next to 
each other.  Sandbags do not work, so your best bet is build some extra Silos, 
which are cheap and expensive.  You can also capture enemy buildings.


Weak, slow, and unarmed at first, they can be a very powerful unit in the 
game, if you know how to use them.  When used correctly, they can capture key 
enemy structures and render them helpless.  You can then sell them or use their 
unique abilities to your own advantage.  The best way to transport them is in 
an APC.

  -=[Ore & Gems, Your Money]=-

Your lifeline, without Ore/Gems or an Ore Truck with a Refinery, you are doomed 
to lose the mission.  Ore & Gems are your money source and your Ore Truck, your 
collector.  It is extremely important to guard your Ore Trucks from enemy units 
and make sure that they don't stumble into an enemy base.  Keep some units to 
follow it around and guard it to ensure it makes it out alive.  Be sure to 
build multiples of Ore Trucks and Refineries to ensure the money keeps on 

The Refinery can only hold up to 2,000 credits so you'll need to make sure that 
you can hold the excess money.  To do this, build some extra Silos which hold 
1,500 credits.  If you don't, your new credits will be lost.  


In the game, there are 3 different transport units you can control.  The APC 
and the Chinook, both which belong to the Soviets.  However, in some cases, the 
Allies will also has these vehicles.  

To load units (up to 5) into the transports, click on them and bring the cursor 
over the transport.  It will change into three down arrows, similar to the 
Engineers and Ore Trucks, and when you click, will order the unit to go 

  -=[Base Power]=-

Make sure you maintain enough power (check your bar) so that everything is 
working smoothly.  If power is low, building units will slow to a crawl, and 
some defenses may not operate, leaving your base helpless.  

If you're attacking, make sure to target the Power Plants (Advanced over 
regular) to ensure that they cannot build as fast as they normally would.

  -=[Capturing Enemy Buildings]=-

Capturing Enemy Buildings can cripple your enemy and provide extra income to 
you.  You can either sell it, use it to produce more units, build around it, 
and deny your enemy access to it.  Make sure that the building you capture is 
worth more than your Engineer, as you will lose money when you sell it.

  -=[Repairing, Selling, and Guarding]=-

Repairing your structures will allow you to help them last longer.  To repair, 
press the "Wrench" once to bring up a wrench.  Click on a structure that has 
been damaged to repair it.  It will take some time, but will thus return it to 
full health.  However, it is not guaranteed to survive if it is under heavy 
enemy fire.  You can also repair your vehicles by ordering them to a Repair 
Depot.  It will cost money, but is much cheaper than building a new unit.  

To sell structures, press the "$" Button twice to turn it into a money sign.  
Click on the desired structure to sell it, get money back, and some free men.  
Selling your structure will give you back half the money you bought it for.  
This is especially useful for selling something that is about to be destroyed, 
and surprising your enemy with the units that emerge from it.  NOTE: You can 
also sell your units, by placing them in a Repair Depot, than selling them when 
the money sign is green.

Guarding units/structures will tell the selected unit to guard it until death.  
The units will be highly aggressive, attacking anything it is supposed to 
protect and any hostile forces around it.  It will continue to guard the unit 
until it dies or you tell it to do something else.


When attacking, you should assign your units into groups, so they are quick and 
easy to select, and to assign each group to different targets.  You can put 
your units into four groups (CRTL + #).


When you think you have massed a large enough force, you should attack your 
enemy.  Plan accordingly to his layout of his base, and use a variety of units, 
mostly armored ones, as infantry can be easily taken out.  However, it is wise 
to bring some of them to lure some enemy units out or to sacrifice themselves.  
Try to attack in different groups, and maybe have one as a diversionary tactic.  
Attack key structures and defense first, and even their Ore Trucks.  Without a 
money supply, they are doomed to fail.  When attacking buildings, try to take 
out the Construction Yard so they will not be able to replace their 

If you're attacking other units, focus all of your fire on one unit, to ensure 
quick destruction and the prevention of it escaping.  Focus on weaker units 
around you to eliminate the quantity of firepower directed at you, and then 
finally on the stronger, more armored units.  

Think ahead, plan out attack patterns, use waves.  For example, build an air 
force and send them in to weaken the desired targets and follow it up with 
ground units.  If they're destroyed, used your side's super weapon to finish 
the desired target off.

Also remember to continuously build more units while you attack to ensure that 
you can attack them as soon as your first wave fails.

  -=["The Best Defense, is a Strong Offense"]=-

The best defense, is a strong offense.  Seriously, if you attack your enemy in 
waves and manage to cause some significant damage every time, your enemy will 
be helpless and will attack you less often.  However, building defensive 
structures that can support each other, followed by some units on guard, can 
also help defend your base.  Don't forget about your Ore Trucks too, and assign 
it some guards to help protect it.  Never infantry because they are too weak.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[4. Allies]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

As you know, the Allies were the good guys of the war; in this game, made up of 
Germany, Britain and France.  However, since World War II never happened, they 
were unprepared when Joseph Stalin started to takeover the Western European 
countries.  Under the command of German General Gunther Von Esling and Greek 
Colonel Nikos Stavros, they managed to resist the overpowering Soviet war 
machine.  It was only when the United Nations became aware that Europe was only 
the first step that they really became part of the war...
                                  Allied Units
Rifle Infantry
The most basic infantry, is ideal as a scouting unit in the beginning of games 
as it is cheap and easy to produce.  Armed with M-16 rifles, they are best put 
into groups using their combined firepower to take out enemies quickly and 
efficiently without heavy casualties.  However, they are easy pickings for 
armored units who will crush them.  Keep a few around your base and important 
structures to help ward off attacks from enemy Paratroopers.

While it has no weapons or any offensive ability, it is a great asset in 
battle.  When injured infantry are present, they can slowly heal them back to 
full health and make them last longer.  However, you must keep them well 
guarded as they are usually the first targets.  Best used in groups to heal 
each other and to heal faster.
Rocket Soldier
Carrying a Rocket Launcher, they make a great addition to any attacking force 
as their rockets can pound enemy armor with little or no fear of being 
killed.  They are quite slow and are easily killed by infantry units.  They 
work best however as a mobile SAM.  Keep a few around in your base to prevent 
some air assaults.

Like its name suggests, the Spy can sneak past your enemies undetected by 
donning on a disguise as one of their Rifle Infantry.  They can explore the 
terrain and infiltrate enemy buildings to give you information on how their 
base is operating.  However, if the enemy has any dogs, they will sniff the 
Spy out and kill him.

While slow, weak and pretty much useless at first, they can turn the tide of 
battle by capturing enemy structures that are near destruction.  When ordered 
to enter one of your buildings, they will automatically repair it back to full 
health, which can save it.

A special unit that is normally not buildable, it will make a cameo in 
missions that require his specialty: stealing enemy credits.  Just order him 
to enter a Refinery or Silo and he will automatically steal half of the 
credits inside.  Make sure that the path between his objective is deemed safe, 
or he'll be vulnerable to enemy fire.

Another special unit, in missions that have her star in it, you must keep her 
alive at all costs.  Carrying dual .45 pistols, she mows down infantry like 
there's no tomorrow, even doing it with a laugh.  She also has the ability to 
detonate buildings instantly by placing C-4 charges on them.  Keep her well-
guarded as she is dog meat for enemy vehicles.

AT Minelayer
The Anti-Tank Minelayer is a valuable unit to the Allies for one reason.  It 
can destroy most enemy vehicles with just one of their mines which can render 
a massive enemy force into mere scrap.  Their mines are invisible to enemies 
which give it the added advantage.  However, it the enemy notices their units 
being "mysteriously" destroyed, they'll force fire on the ground to destroy 
any mines nearby.  Infantry are not affected by these mines.  

Ore Truck
Being heavily armored, they harvest the gold in the surrounding area to bring 
back to your base.  They are your number one priority as they are your only 
source of income.  When under attack, they have the ability to regenerate 
their health back up to 50%.

A fast vehicle unit that can take down infantry with ease.  Best used if they 
accompany infantry and scouts.  They are poorly armored though, and a few 
direct hits will destroy it.

Light Tank
The Allies first response to an armored unit, Light Tanks are surprisingly 
fast.  When up against a Soviet Heavy Tank though, they are easily defeated.  
Best used in groups so that one can take the damage while others destroy the 

The Armored Personnel Carrier can transport up to five different types of 
infantry anywhere on the map.  However, unlike most transport units, the APC 
is heavily armored and armed with a mounted machine-gun.  If desired, they can 
also squash infantry.

Lightly armored vehicles that pack a punch, Artillery units can rain down 
destruction as they fire their 155mm Cannon onto unsuspecting enemies.  Their 
shells cause a "splash" damage which in turn can damage other units as well.  
Keep these well guarded with other tanks as they are easily destroyed.

Mobile Gap Generator
As with the Spy and Tanya, this unit is normally unavailable.  Their specialty 
resides in the ability to shroud friendly units from enemy eyes.  If an enemy 
is close enough though, they will see through it.  Take a few of these and put 
them together to create a bigger shroud. 

The Mobile Construction Vehicle is essential for the building blocks of your 
base.  When deployed, they turn into a Construction Yard which in turn is used 
to expand.  Keep at least one extra in case your original is destroyed to 
ensure the production of structures.  

No weapons at all, this a sea version of the APC.  Transport up to five 
vehicles/infantry.  Keep this guarded as enemy attack units will try to 
destroy it before it delivers its cargo.

A lightly armored vessel, their main purpose is to hunt and destroy submarines 
with their depth charges.  Good in groups, but are easily destroyed by 

An upgrade from the Gunboat, these ships pack a variety of weapons.  They can 
be used to destroy submarines, shell enemy land units, and defend themselves 
from the air.  Having a lot of these will ensure their survival.  

Slow moving death.  Able to fire shells from extreme distances, they can level 
an entire enemy base within minutes.  Their only drawback is their inaccuracy 
and the inability to defend itself from other sea vessels.  However, it is 
heavily armored and can take some punishment before your Destroyers arrive.

Apache Longbow
Armed with Hellfire missiles, these units are best used as support ones, 
during a main ground assault.  They fire fast and furious at ground targets 
and are heavily armored.  They are a little inaccurate at moving targets.

A new units for the Allies, the mechanic can repair vehicles in the field.  
Slow and unarmored, he is an easy target for Soviet infantry and tanks.  
However, his ability to repair any nearby friendly units more than make up for 
his lack of defense.  Like the medic, the mechanic takes time to repair a unit 
to full strength.  Also, position these units behind armored ones to have them 
continually repair them and extend the unit's time on the battlefield.  Best 
when used in groups.

The ChronoTank is the latest advancement in Allied technology.  When fully 
charged, the unit has the unique ability to Chronoshift itself, allowing it to 
appear anywhere in the battlefield.  Its missile launchers are accurate and 
fast, adding punch to any assault.  Unlike the regular Chronosphere ability, 
the ChronoTank will not automatically return to its original pre-shift 
location.  To activate the Chronoshift ability, select the unit, and click on 
it again.  You will receive a destination selector.  If you left click 
anywhere with the destination cursor, the unit will Chronoshift.  Note that 
the unit can only use this ability when all the pips on the unit are filled.  
Chronoshift these units behind enemy lines to cause massive mayhem.  They cost 
a lot, so deploy them where they won't be destroyed.  They also work well 
against Soviet Heavy Tanks.

Demolition Truck
These drone units carry an atomic bomb triggered to detonate on impact or 
destruction.  Targeting a Demolition Truck on any unit or structure, or force 
firing on terrain will make the truck move to its destination and detonate.  
Care in their use is advised-many a foolish commander has lost his base when 
an air strike destroyed the Demolition Truck before it could leave the 
confines of the base.  NEVER group Demolition Trucks together as they will 
cause a chain reaction.  Another thing, Chronoshifting them will automatically 
destroy them and using the Iron Curtain on them will only last a fraction of 
the time.

GPS Satellite
You must have a Tech Center to use this, when launched, it reveals the entire 
terrain.  A valuable weapon; however, if the Tech Center is destroyed, the map 
instantly becomes shrouded again, and the Commander is left blind.  Keep an 
extra one to safeguard from that fate.

Sonar Pulse
Acquired through crates or when a Spy enters the Sub Pen, the Sonar Pulse will 
temporarily reveal the locations of every sub on the map.  Good for planning 
naval assaults and devising ways to counter-attack the enemy.
                               Allied Structures
Construction Yard
Never built as a structure, it must be built from a War Factory as a MCV, then 
deployed.  Heavily armored, it can take care of itself until help can arrive, 
unless heavily fired upon.  Builds other structures, and the more you have, 
the faster production will go.

Power Plant
Supplies power to your base which is vital for running it, and quickly 
producing units.  Without power, your production slows and some base defenses 
cease to operate.

Advanced Power Plant
Supplies double the amount of power a regular one produces, but costs more 
than twice its amount.  Built to quickly increase power and conserve base 
space.  In on-line Multiplayer games, it is used to quickly expand the 
person's base towards an Ore field.

Ore Refinery
Holds and processes Ore up to 2,000 credits, it allows an Ore Truck to deliver 
its deposits.  Unlike Command & Conquer, capturing the Refinery does not mean 
you capture the Truck.

Ore Silo
Holds up an extra 1,500 credits, and can be used to expand your base.

Tent Barracks
Structure where Allied infantry units are produced.  When more than one 
Barracks is present, production of infantry increases.

War Factory
Produces all the Allied vehicles.  Lightly armored, it does not stand well 
against a barrage of fire.  Keep it protected with anti-air guns and some 

Naval Yard
When deployed, you can create naval units in which to attack your enemy.  It 
also serves as a repair depot for naval units.

Comes with an Apache when built.  It allows the construction of Helicopters 
and allows the Apache to land and rearm.

Dubbed because of its shape, the pillbox serves as a light base defense with 
decent armor, range, and machine gun firepower.  Best used in groups to take 
out infantry.  Under normal circumstances, Rocket Soldiers are able to take 
them out without being fired upon.

Camouflaged Pillbox
Serves the same purpose as the Pillbox, except it is camouflaged as the 
terrain, which makes it very hard to spot.  The advanced version also comes 
with heavier armor and greater range.

An anti-tank defense against incoming Soviet tanks.  Good in numbers, while 
weak against infantry.  Protect it with Pillboxes.

AA Gun
An extremely effective anti-aircraft gun, it has fantastic accuracy and 
firepower.  The only thing it really lacks is a range.  

Service Depot
Repairs all of your vehicular units to full health at a small price.  Can also 
be used to sell unwanted vehicles and reload mine layers.

Radar Dome
Provides radar while power is sufficient.  Can be used to plan your attacks 

Technology Center
Allows construction of the Allies most advanced units.  Also provides a GPS 
Satellite that when powered up, reveals the whole terrain.  

Gap Generator
Creates a shroud that hides selected units and structures from the enemy's 
eyes.  The only ways to spot things underneath is to send in a scout, or 
destroy the Generator itself.  Multiplayer games only.

The Allies superweapon, it allows any one selected unit to instantly move to 
the location without having to cross the space between it.  However, it only 
lasts for a few minutes, and using it could create a Vortex, something Albert 
Einstein warned about.

Fake Structures
Used to deceive the enemy of where your important structures are, or to 
perhaps create more than one target.  They only have a fraction of hitpoints 
of the original structure.  However, repairing them is free.

Missile Silo
Once built, it charges up a Nuclear Missile to be launched at any desired 
enemy.  The blast covers a large radius, although the power decreases with 
each distance away from the blast target.  Only available in Multiplayer, it 
is effective against almost everything except airborne units.

Sandbag Barrier
A weak barrier which deters some infantry units.  Can be crushed and blown up 
with one shot from an explosive.

Concrete Barrier
The most effective barrier of all, takes lots of shots to destroy and provides 
cover for some structures.  
                        Allied Super Weapon: Chronosphere
The Chronosphere is the Allies' super weapon.  While it doesn't cause mass 
destruction like in the previous game, it allows the player to move, or 
Chronoshift any one selected unit anywhere on the map.  They then can move the 
unit from that selected location.  However, the Chronosphere's effects only 
last for a few good minutes, and the unit will shift back to its original 
spot.  If you Chronoshift a MCV and deploy, it will permanently stay there.  
Good for sending in a reinforcement, or moving a certain/valuable unit 
quickly.  Be warned that using it on an APC with infantry inside will kill 

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[5. Soviets]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The Soviets, being the bad guys in the game have some of the best units 
around.  Under the leadership of Joseph Stalin, the Red Army has a powerful 
tank division and base defenses.  They are helped by the Ukrainians who play a 
small part in the game.  Having the advantage, will they win?
                                 Soviet Units
Attack Dog
Excellent at taking out infantry who have no adequate defense, they rip the 
throat out and kill them with one bite.  However, they are easily killed 
themselves, only taking one hit to down, and useless against any type of 
vehicle.  Good for sniffing out Spies.

Rifle Infantry
Standard infantry for the Soviets.  Share the same attributes as with the 
Allied one.

Packs a more powerful punch with a greater range.  Are explosive, as taking 
one out near other Granadiers could start a chain reaction.

Flame Infantry
Carries a flame-thrower which is effective against infantry.  However, like 
the Granadier, they are explosive and can start a chain reaction.

While slow, weak and pretty much useless at first, they can turn the tide of 
battle by capturing enemy structures that are near destruction.  When ordered 
to enter one of your buildings, they will automatically repair it back to full 
health, which can save it.

Ore Truck
Being heavily armored, they harvest the gold in the surrounding area to bring 
back to your base.  They are your number one priority as they are your only 
source of income.  When under attack, they have the ability to regenerate 
their health back up to 50%.

Heavy Tank
Armed with two 105mm cannons, this tank is superior to the Allied Medium tank 
in many ways.  The only thing it lacks is speed.  However, with its superb 
firepower and armor, it should have no problem with any Allied threats.

AP Mine Layer
An anti-personnel vehicle, it lays up to five mines before it has to head back 
toward base.  Any enemy infantry unit that steps over it will blow up, which 
is great for protecting against Engineer rushes.  If a vehicle rolls over it, 
no damage is taken.

V2 Rocket Launcher
A vehicular unit that fires a missile from far away, it is best used against 
infantry and any base defenses, as well as armor if it is stationary.  Lightly 
armored, it is easily destroyed and has a slow reload rate.

The Mobile Radar Jammer will jam enemy radar from producing an image of the 
battlefield when they are close enough to the dome itself.  Destroying it is 
the only way to restore your radar.

Mammoth Tank
As its name describes, this is the ultimate tank.  Two 120mm cannons can 
decimate enemy tanks, while its missile can handle infantry and air units.  
Capable of restoring its health back to 50%, this is a deadly unit, especially 
in groups.  Overwhelming numbers is your best bet.

The Mobile Construction Vehicle is essential for the building blocks of your 
base.  When deployed, they turn into a Construction Yard which in turn is used 
to expand.  Keep at least one extra in case your original is destroyed to 
ensure the production of structures.  

No weapons at all, this a sea version of the APC.  Transport up to five 
vehicles/infantry.  Keep this guarded as enemy attack units will try to 
destroy it before it delivers its cargo.

Only capable of engaging naval units, they have the ability to submerge and 
pop up out of nowhere to gain the advantage of the battle.  However, their 
torpedoes have the ability to inflict damage to other friendly subs if they 
are in their direct line of fire.  Submarines must surface to fire.

Dubbed the "Infantry Eraser" as it mows down infantry with its machine guns as 
it makes a pass.  Slow, they are easy targets for anti-aircraft guns and are 
best used as support.

Badger Bomber
Drops Parabombs and infantry units wherever you desire.  They are weakly 
armored, so make sure that the area is clear or else they will be destroyed.

Dropped from Badger Bombers, five Riflemen will parachute to the ground in 
hopes to cause some damage before they are eliminated.  Not good for anything 
except to provide a distraction or explore.  Comes free, so what did you 

Parachute Bombs
Bombs dropped from a Badger Bomber, they are terribly inaccurate, yet powerful.

Spy Plane
Charges after you build a radar dome, they explore a selected terrain by 
taking pictures, even through generators.  The area will stay unveiled unless 
covered by a Gap Generator.

Extremely fast airborne units that pack a punch.  Delivers its payload then 
returns quickly back to base.  Its missile has limited tracking as it will 
miss when attacking a moving target.

With its Vulcan chain-gun, it has the ability to pierce armor, as they will 
make short work of the target.  Great for infantry, and any other lightly 
armored structures.

Transport Helicopter
An airborne version of the APC, it can transport any five selected infantry 
anywhere on the map.  Its advantage over the APC is the ability to travel 
across any terrain, but does not have any weapons, or much armor.

M.A.D. Tank
The M.A.D. Tank, or Mutually Assured Destruction Tank, is a final-solution 
weapon.  Once activated, it builds up a powerful harmonic shock wave.  When 
fully charged, it detonates, destroying itself and damaging every unit and 
structure within a large radius around it.  However, infantry are unaffected 
by its detonation.  If the unit is destroyed before it detonates, the 
destructive effect is neutralized.  To activate the M.A.D. Tank for 
destruction, select it, then click on it again.  The warning siren will start 
the countdown to destruction.  Once the unit is activated, the only way to 
stop it from going off is to destroy it.  Another thing worth mentioning, when 
you set the M.A.D. Tank to detonate, a technician comes out, which you can 
control.  Nothing cool about it though.  Also, the M.A.D. Tank can also damage 
your own units and structures, so keep it far away when  detonating.  If you 
can, put a unit under the Iron Curtain, and then have that unit protect the 
M.A.D. Tank to keep from being destroyed.

Missile Sub
Realizing that their navy lacked first-strike capability, the Soviet Empire 
has developed a new class of submarine capable of launching attacks on inland 
targets.  The Missile Sub's weapons are nearly as powerful as the dreaded 
Allied Cruiser, with the added advantage that they can submerge and surface 
before the enemy knows what hits them.  As with the normal sub, they 
can't "submerge and surface before the enemy knows what hits them" because it 
takes too long.  If they are underwater and are trying to run, but gets fired 
upon, it will surface leaving it exposed to the many threats.  The one nice 
thing about it is that it has a longer range than the Tesla Coil, making it a 
perfect weapon to take it out from long range.  As with the Cruiser, it lacks 
the ability to fire upon other sea units.  A shame really.

Tesla Tank
Taking the Tesla Coil's destruction into the field, the Tesla Tank is a 
valuable addition to the Soviet's arsenal.  With its long range and powerful 
electrical discharges, the Tesla Tank is effective in both offensive and 
defensive roles.  As an added bonus, the electrical discharges from the Tesla 
Tank also jams enemy radar.  Used in conjunction with normal  Tesla Coils, 
Tesla Tanks provide an added security against allied assaults, and ensure that 
low powered conditions won't hurt Soviet defenses.  When it says that it 
ensures that low powered conditions won't hurt Soviet defenses, that kind of 
makes it sound like it will power the Tesla Coil whenever your power is off-
line.  That is not true though, and you will only hurt your structure if you 
force fire on it.  They really aren't hyped up on what they sound like.

Shock (Tesla) Trooper
Another use of Tesla's inventions, Shock Troopers are sturdy (if somewhat 
slow) infantry units that carry a portable Tesla generator, capable delivering 
large jolts of electricity to any unit or structure.  Well worth the price, 
Shock Troopers cannot be run over by enemy vehicles.  They are probably the 
best infantry yet, although they can be killed with one shot from Tanya.  
Using them effectively will almost certainly win you the battle.  Note, they 
cannot be used to power up Tesla Coils either.

Demolition Truck
These drone units carry an atomic bomb triggered to detonate on impact or 
destruction.  Targeting a Demolition Truck on any unit or structure, or force 
firing on terrain will make the truck move to its destination and detonate.  
Care in their use is advised-many a foolish commander has lost his base when 
an air strike destroyed the Demolition Truck before it could leave the 
confines of the base.  NEVER group Demolition Trucks together as they will 
cause a chain reaction.  Another thing, Chronoshifting them will automatically 
destroy them and using the Iron Curtain on them will only last a fraction of 
the time.
                               Soviet Structures
Construction Yard
Never built as a structure, it must be built from a War Factory as a MCV, then 
deployed.  Heavily armored, it can take care of itself until help can arrive, 
unless heavily fired upon.  Builds other structures, and the more you have, 
the faster production will go.

Power Plant
Supplies power to your base which is vital for running it, and quickly 
producing units.  Without power, your production slows and some base defenses 
cease to operate.

Advanced Power Plant
Supplies double the amount of power a regular one produces, but costs more 
than twice its amount.  Built to quickly increase power and conserve base 
space.  In on-line Multiplayer games, it is used to quickly expand the 
person's base towards an Ore field.

Ore Refinery
Holds and processes Ore up to 2,000 credits, it allows an Ore Truck to deliver 
its deposits.  Unlike Command & Conquer, capturing the Refinery does not mean 
you capture the Truck.

Ore Silo
Holds up an extra 1,500 credits, and can be used to expand your base.

Produces all of the Soviet's infantry units.  

Produces the Attack Dog, which is the only thing it produces.  If you don't 
use them much, don't build it.

War Factory
Just like the Allies, the War Factory produces all of the Red Army's vehicles.

Sub Pen
Serves a dual purpose as it produces their subs and missile subs, while 
repairing them at the same time.  

Allows the production of all of the Soviet's air power, and gives the 
Commander access to Paratroopers [and Parabombs].

Same as the Allies, except each Helipad comes with a Hind.  Construction of 
one of these will also allow you to build Chinooks, which are Multiplayer only.

Service Depot
Repairs all of your vehicular units to full health at a small price.  Can also 
be used to sell unwanted vehicles and reload mine layers.

Radar Dome
Grants you an overhead view of the battlefield.

Technology Center
Allows the construction of more advanced units and structures, such as the 
Tesla Coil.

Flame Tower
Shoots "great balls of fire" at approaching units.  When in groups, they can 
do significant damage against armored units.  Best against infantry however.

Tesla Coil
Charges up and shoots bolts of lightening at approaching enemy units turning 
them to dust in mere seconds.  However, heavier vehicles need more than one 
strike, and it is best to keep these behind Concrete Barriers to reduce the 
damage it takes.  Slow charge up time.

SAM Site
Shoots surface-to-air missiles at aircraft from long range.  Has a decent 
firing rate, although faster moving craft like MIGs will easily get past these 
with little or no damage.

Iron Curtain
The superweapon for the Soviets, once charged up, it renders one building/unit 
to be invulnerable for a few minutes.  This will ensure the safety of the 
vehicle from destruction, which is good to launch strikes, or defend an 
important structure.  It does not work on infantry units.

Missile Silo
Once built, it charges up a Nuclear Missile to be launched at any desired 
enemy.  The blast covers a large radius, although the power decreases with 
each distance away from the blast target.  Only available in Multiplayer, it 
is effective against almost everything except airborne units.

Barbed Wire
Provides more defense than the Sandbag, it provides limited cover and forces 
non-tracked units to go around it.  However, it can be destroyed and crushed.

Concrete Barrier
The most effective barrier of all, takes lots of shots to destroy and provides 
cover for some structures.  
                       Soviet Super Weapon: Iron Curtain
Possibly the best weapon, it makes one structure or vehicle unstoppable 
for a certain amount of time.  It does not work against infantry, and 
can be used to ensure the safety of something.  You can also pick this 
up in crates, as anyone who picks up the crate within one cell will be 

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[6. Walkthrough]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
                               Allied Walkthrough
Allied missions will range from retrieving and saving civilians to search and 
destroy.  All of the missions covered in this guide are based on the 'Normal' 
difficulty setting which means not everything happens according to this 
Allied Mission 1: Harbor Reclamation

Intel: General Stavros has elected you to lead an attack on a strategic harbor 
       the Soviets have overrun and fortified.

       You will have to move quickly, for the minute that the Soviets realize 
       that you are in the area, all hell will break loose.

       The nearby town is somewhat sympathetic to the Soviet cause so you may 
       want to keep close watch on them.  If any of them try to inform the 
       Soviets of your presence, you have permission to terminate the 

Your MCV will automatically deploy so build two Power Plants and a Barracks.  
Immediately build about three Riflemen and send them after the Spy.  If you 
don't kill him, you'll encounter a little bit more resistance.  Send your 
three Riflemen to attack the Heavy Tank Southeast of your base.  They should 
take it out with minimal casualties.  After you deploy your Refinery, build a 
War Factory and start to produce Medium Tanks, lots of them.  Set up anti-air 
defenses around your Construction Yard as the AI will send Paratroopers and 
Parabombs, eventually targeting the Tech Center when you build one.  

When you have a force of about 15-20 tanks, send them up to the base closest 
to you, the one up North.  It's imperative that they all cross the bridge 
instead of going around another way, so order them to do so if they turn 
around.  Attack the enemy Harvesters in the field to trigger some Mammoth 
Tanks to attack.  Destroy them and enter their base.  Resistance consists of a 
few tanks and V2 Rocket Launchers along with Flame Turrets and Dogs.  Destroy 
the tanks first, then go after the Turrets.  Wipe everything out and send some 
Mechanics up to repair them.  If MIGs start to attack you, send some Rocket 
Soldiers up to defend your tanks.  When your tanks are healed, go to the right 
and destroy the base there.  Take out the Flame Turrets first, and run over the 
Engineers around the Barracks.  Send a Spy into the Radar Dome if you wish, 
but it is not necessary.  If any of your tanks are destroyed, replace them.  
Send them far North and have them open fire on the Advanced Power Plants first 
to cut the power to the Tesla Coils.  With their defenses off-line, you can 
safely destroy their base and their Sub Pen.  
Allied Mission 2: In the Nick of Time

Intel: The situation is critical!  The Soviets have taken over a small research 
       base in the north.  During the conflict, a Chronosphere was badly 
       damaged.  We fear it could explode.

       Inside the base is a group of scientists that were captured during the 
       takeover.  They must be rescued before the Chronosphere explodes.  Fight 
       your way back into the base and retrieve them.

       Be careful -- there is only one way in and out of the base, a lone 
       bridge.  It must be protected to ensure evacuation.

Your troops come from the South, and have them follow the road in front of 
them.  They'll come across two enemy damaged Medium Tanks and a Heavy Tank.  
Order them to destroy it and cross.  You should see a small town North of your 
position which is where you want to be headed.  Go left and quickly destroy 
the Tesla Coil before it can do much damage.  Reinforcements arrive from the 
sea and by air.  Tell your reinforcements to go after the Mammoth Tank before 
it destroys the Chinook.  

Group your units together and leave the Demolition Truck a little behind.  
Destroy both churches in the towns to reveal Health Up crates.  Around this 
time, a cargo plane should air drop enemy troops where your starting point 
was.  Group your units and have them kill the Tesla Trooper first, than all 
the rest.  Cross the bridge, but leave it intact!  Enemy soldiers should come 
out of the house and have your units kill them releasing friendly prisoners.  
Tell the Mechanic to heal any damaged vehicles and have your ChronoTanks take 
out any choppers.  About this time, two Cargo Trucks should come from the 
South.  Destroy them for two crates worth 2,000 credits each.  Proceed North 
and deal with enemy Mammoth Tanks.  Reinforcements arrive by to air-dropped 
tanks.  Order them to destroy the barrels surrounding the Tesla Coil and the 
Tesla Coil itself.  Cross the waterway and two more ChronoTanks should 
appear.  Order all your units to take out all enemy units surrounding them, 
including another Tesla Coil.  Once destroyed, reinforcements arrive, but your 
infantry will be killed by an Attack Dog.  

Take out any enemy takes nearby and take over the Power Plant and Barracks 
with your Engineers.  Force fire on the ground that extends West to destroy 
any mines.  Two hits from one will guarantee the destruction of your tanks.  
Build Rocket Soldiers and Riflemen with the money and continue West once 
you're sure no more mines are present.  Take out the pillboxes and go inside 
the enemy base.  Destroy their Command Post and reinforcements arrive from the 
sea.  Order the scientists to run back to the flare and have your units from a 
blockade at the very tip of shore.  When two transports arrive, order them to 
fire upon them.  If not, Mammoth Tanks will come out and wipe them from the 
face of this Earth.  Two more transports arrive and deploy South.  If you're 
fast enough, the scientists will have already run by them.  If not, sacrifice 
your armor.  The mission ends when the scientists make it to the extraction 
Allied Mission 3: Caught in the Act

Intel: Soviets have discovered our attempt to hinder new weapon development.  
       Tanya in jeopardy.  However, mission must be completed.  All Soviet 
       Research Centers must be destroyed.

       Reinforcements will be provided when possible.  Expect some help from 
       forces among the locals.

       Complete mission, and get Tanya back in one piece.

A Transport arrives with four Gunboats.  Assign Tanya a number, and have her 
travel to the island Northeast of her point by sea.  The civilian village will 
be revealed, along with a friendly Chinook that is about to land.  Quickly 
direct it near Tanya to prevent it from blowing up, as an enemy MIG will shoot 
the barrels.  Take care of the enemy infantry, and make sure to notice the 
heal crate at where the village used to be.  Assign the Chinook a number.

Head toward the island next to you, Southeast of your position and follow the 
same procedure with the Chinook.  This ones a little hectic as reinforcements 
arrive from the village, and enemy troops land right next to them.  Make sure 
to notice another heal crate where the village used to be.  Go up to the 
island above.

Send your reinforcements to the safety of Tanya and have her take care of all 
enemy infantry.  Load them all in the transports, and have your ships go 
East.  Take care of the submarine, and reinforcements should arrive.  Not sure 
if you can save the next Chinook, but the Rocket Soldiers that come should 
destroy both Hinds.  Deploy your forces on that island and take out the enemy 
infantry.  When you get near the Tech Center, reinforcements should come out.  
Destroy everything on that island and have them all go back to the 
helicopters/transport.  Go up to the island North, and take care of the sub.  

Quickly get Tanya to the island as enemy infantry will attack.  Have her take 
care of them and lure two Hinds.  Have your Rocket Infantry ready or else 
she's dead.  Destroy all outer defenses except for the Flame Turrets and have 
the Rocket Infantry blast a hole in the concrete wall.  Go inside, eliminate 
any hostiles, and destroy the Tech Center.  Destroy anything else you find 
necessary and have them all go back in the transports.

Travel West and reinforcements should arrive in a Transport and two 
Destroyers.  Use the new tanks to handle first threats, than have Tanya move 
in and take care of the infantry.  To take out the Tesla Coils, use your 
Destroyers and move them to just out of the Tesla Coil's range.  They should 
automatically fire upon them and destroy them.  Use your tanks against their 
tanks, and your infantry as support.  Send your Engineers into buildings if 
you want, and then destroy the last Tech Center.
Allied Mission 4: Production Disruption

Intel: The Soviets are beginning construction of a new class of submarine 
       capable of launching sea-to-ground missiles.  We don't have to tell you 
       the amount of devastation these could cause.
       Take a small squad of troops and infiltrate their power grid.  When it  
       is down, additional reinforcements will be sent in.

       When ready, head north and destroy their sub pen, preventing further 
       construction of these subs.  If any are built they must not be allowed 
       to escape.

Reinforcements drop in, and you have a 20:00 minute time limit.  Head a little 
bit to the right to have some Rifle Infantry to attack you.  Kill them and 
keep on moving East until you come to their power.  Destroy any nearby 
infantry, and then destroy the Power Plants to trigger the reinforcements.

They arrive in two Demolition Trucks and three Engineers.  You are now ordered 
to capture their radar dome.  Send one truck at a time toward the Flame 
Turrets.  They should destroy them.  Move toward the Radar Dome and have your 
infantry overwhelm the two guards.  Send an Engineer in and ChronoTanks should 
arrive.  Send your infantry to the town, and try to get your ChronoTanks to 
kill the approaching infantry, but most likely or not, they'll be killed.  

You could go through the base, but Chronoshift the tanks to the small island 
Northwest of the pen and have them destroy it from there.  You should complete 
this mission in 10 minutes or less.
Allied Mission 5: Negotiations

Intel: A Soviet force has holed up in a small town, threatening to kill  a 
       hostage every 5 minutes until their demands are met.  We do not 
       negotiate with terrorists -- explain this to them.

       Locate the hostages, free as many of them as you can, and get them  
       safely to a nearby abandoned church.  Once done, return to your drop-off 
       point, signal for reinforcements, and finish off the Soviet forces.

Since when did the Soviets become terrorists?  

Anyways, you have Tanya.  Send her north and snipe the guy.  Continue right 
and blast the barrels for some dog meat.  (Do you like it burnt?)  Continue, 
kill the three guys surrounding the Flame Turret, and then move up to destroy 
the SAM sites.  Two Apaches will come and destroy the Flame Turret.  Move up, 
and shoot the barrels when the guards pass to take them out with one shot.  Go 
back down, and through the new path the Apaches opened.

Shoot the two guards attacking the building and a grateful civilian will lead 
the way.  Along the way, you'll come into a patrol, so shoot the dogs.  The 
civilian will then say it's safe, but get shot by the patrol.  That's just too 
funny!  Kill them all, and head north, avoiding the Heavy Tank.  Go west, 
ignore the barrels for now, and head for the Tech Center.  Enemy infantry will 
come out so shoot them and the guard.  The civilians will now follow you.

NOTE: There is a glitch at times where if you shoot the barrels surrounding 
  the Tech Center before you get the hostages to follow you, they'll remain 
  there and won't follow you.

Head back to the church as quickly as possible and go back to your starting 
point.  Reinforcements arrive twice, so wait before attacking.  Position your 
Artillery to fire upon the Flame Turrets and then have Tanya mow down the 
infantry.  Position your troops closer and then use your Artillery to pound 
their positions.  Becareful as there is a Tesla Coil.  Destroy all you can, 
and two ChronoTanks arrive.  Use them and your armor to take out the Tesla 
Coil, then send in the Demolition Truck to take care of the rest.  

When everything is destroyed, head East into a mini base and destroy 
everything there.  Eliminate any enemy units in the area, and then take care 
of the guy up north.  If you notice, he's dressed differently.  For your own 
guilty pleasure, have a ChronoTank shift north, right above the barrels, and 
fire upon them.  He should go down in flames.  *Insert evil laugh here!*
Allied Mission 6: Monster Tank Madness

Intel: Dr. Demitri, creator of a new Soviet Super Tank, wants to defect.  We 
       planned to extract him while the Soviets were testing their new weapon, 
       but something has gone wrong.

       The Super Tanks are out of control, and Demitri is missing -- likely 
       hiding in the village far south.  Find our outpost and start repairs on 
       it, then find and evacuate Demitri.

       As for the tanks, we can reprogram them.  Send a spy into the Soviet 
       radar dome in the NE, turning the tanks on their creators.

Use your tanks and infantry to kill any resistance, and any Flame Turrets you 
may encounter.  Send the Thief into the Silo and capture the Power Plant and 
the Naval Yard.  Produce a Transport, and load your tanks and infantry in it.  
Send them north to reveal the Allied Outpost.  Repair what is necessary and 
start to build tanks.  

Head down toward the village, past a Soviet Base and next to the flare where 
Dr. Demitri will pop out.  Reinforcement arrives in a Chinook.  Send the 
Chinook toward the island, and have your tanks go back to base, destroying the 
bridge along the way.  Once you load Demitri into the helicopter, 
reinforcements should arrive.  For some strange odd reason, your two Artillery 
reinforcements are stuck behind a ledge, so leave them there. 

Produce one Spy and APC and load the Spy in it.  Have all of your armor units 
surround the APC and group them a number.  Send them East, then go up the 
bridge.  Continue East, past some enemy units, and send them South where they 
will encounter a Flame Turret.  Send them inside the base and have the Spy 
enter the Radar Dome.  Destroy the three supply trucks for crates full of 
money.  Once your Spy has entered the dome, any Super Tanks attacking your 
base should start to turn around.  You get to watch the Soviets against the 
awesome power of the Super Tanks, and finally, they will all be destroyed.
Allied Mission 7: Time Flies

Intel: The Soviets are planning an A-bomb strike on London.  Their silos are 
       located on an island that has only one beach access point, which is 
       guarded.  We could airlift in units, but SAM sites on nearby islands 
       prevent this.  Our only option is the ChronoTank.

       Use the tank's ability to Chronoshift itself to destroy the radar domes 
       that control the SAM sites.  Once dealt with, Tanya will arrive to 
       soften the large island's defenses.  With power down, an MCV will arrive 
       to help you destroy the missile silo. 

Two ChronoTanks appear, so order them to destroy the Heavy Tank and Tesla 
Tank.  Notice the heal crate that appears where the building was destroyed.  
Destroy the infantry guarding the bridge with the barrels.  Send them after 
the supply truck and destroy it to get 2,000 credits.  Chronoshift them to the 
next island that you see.

Destroy the SAM site and go left to destroy another.  Head North, destroy the 
Flame Turrets, and continue in that direction until a radar dome is revealed.  
Position your tanks just beyond the Turret's reach, and destroy it.  Proceed 
to wipe out the SAM sites and the radar dome, which will reveal a heal crate.  
Use it if necessary.  Head right, destroy the Tech Center for an Engineer. 
Chronoshift to the next island.

Destroy the SAM site there, and head down.  Take care of the Heavy Tank, and 
the units across the bridge.  Take the SAM site out, and then proceed North.  
You'll see that same guy from the last mission run into a Chinook.  Destroy 
the Turrets and then the radar dome to have two Apaches destroy one of the 
Tesla Coils and Tanya airdropped in.  Chronoshift those two tanks next to 

Have them all go up and destroy the enemy infantry there.  Destroy the barrels 
in front of the Turrets to get rid of them and destroy the two Advanced Power 
Plants to signal the MCV reinforcement.  Have Tanya and the others meet up 
with the MCV.  

Build the usual Power Plant, Barracks, followed by your Refinery.  Construct a 
War Factory and produce another Ore Miner.  Then start to produce Medium Tanks 
and another Refinery.  You will be attacked from the East, as well as 
Paratroopers from the West.  The key to this mission though is to take out 
enemy Miners.  They should come by your base near an Ore patch.  Use your 
tanks to take them out, and retreat when they're all gone.  Heal your tanks 
with a Mechanic, and send them East, towards a Soviet base.  Have them wipe 
every defense out first, then focus on the critical structures, including the 
Missile Silo.  Build a Spy and have him scout the base down South.  

You should've gotten Demolition Trucks as reinforcements, and they will 
periodically give them to you.  Keep them for later, and build a naval force 
of about 8-10 Destroyers.  Have them take out the Tesla Coil south of your 
base, and then proceed towards the second Soviet base.  Have them eliminate 
any Soviet subs along the way.  Order them to take out Tesla Coils and Power 
Plants and any other defenses they can reach.  Then blast a hole in the 
concrete wall.  Send your Demolition Trucks through that wall, avoiding the 
leftover Tesla Coils and to the most critical structures.  Preferably the last 
group of Power Plants to cut their power.  With the Tesla Coils off-line, send 
in your tanks to finish the job.  
Allied Mission 8: Absolute M.A.D.ness

Intel: Covert Order 24-H: 

       The Soviets are developing a new tank that sends shockwaves throughout 
       the area, damaging everything around it.  We must halt development of 
       this weapon. 

       Direct your spy into all 3 Soviet Intel centers, which will reveal the 
       location of the tank's remote control station.  Once found, destroy it.  
       This will stop production of the tanks allowing you to destroy the 

       The Soviet tank's are protected by the Iron Curtain -- be sure to 
       destroy it.

Repair any structures that are damaged, and produce an Ore Truck and a 
Refinery.  Build up your defense with Turrets, and have some offensive units 
like Medium Tanks, as well as some Mechanics.  Sell your Repair Depot and use 
the money to build Rocket Soldiers.  Position them near the Chronosphere, 
particularly in the Northeastern corner.  Use the Ranger to explore around 
your base.  

When you've got the money, build a Naval Yard and one Cruiser.  Use the 
Cruiser to pound the base down South.  If you run out of money, tell your 
Trucks to harvest East towards the gold, and South towards gems.  When you 
have about 10 tanks, send them South, and have them clean up anything the 
Cruiser couldn't reach.  You might have to also repair it now, as M.A.D. tank 
assaults are lethal.  Capture the Airfield, and maybe the Helipad to produce 
MIGs, and gain Para troopers/bombs.  If you're running short of money, capture 
a Refinery and then sell it.  Wipe out everything in that base, and send your 
Spy into the Soviet Tech Center.  Destroy it when the spy enters.  

Take your tanks, and head East, towards another Soviet base.  Destroy the 
Weapons Factory to stop M.A.D. Tank production and proceed to wipe everything 
out.  Send a second spy into the Tech Center and Destroy the Iron Curtain.  As 
you may notice, it's got AP mines around it.  Explore the beach South of the 
base.  Chronoshift your Cruiser there and have it fire upon all the SAM sites 
on that base.  If it has time, focus on the infantry there too.  Drop 
Paratroopers on that island, and have them clean it up.  Destroy everything, 
or capture what you can.  Doing so will complete the main objective.  Build up 
a large army, and send them Northeast towards the last Soviet base.  Destroy 
everything inside and send another Spy into the Tech Center.  The location of 
the Control Facility is now revealed, but you already destroyed that.  
Continue to wipe out all remaining Soviet units/structures, including the 
group of Mammoth Tanks.  When all is gone, the mission is a success.
Allied Mission 9: PAWN

Intel: Acting on misinformation we provided, the Soviets have sent a division 
       into our area to deal with what they think is a heavy weapons facility.  
       It's not -- it's a fake, but we want them to believe it's real.

       Defend our fake base until reinforcements can arrive to assist you.  
       When they arrive, destroy their radar dome to prevent reinforcements, 
       then finish them off.

Your starting troops should be sufficient enough to withstand the Soviet 
attacks.  Build a couple more Rocket Soldiers and have them stand next to the 
North end of the base.  Repair the Fake Structures when needed and wait for 
reinforcements to arrive.  While you're doing so, destroy the bridges to the 
Ore Field on your left and on your right.  Mine heavily where tanks pass.  If 
you need some extra money, destroy the Oil Refineries East and North of your 
base to reveal money crates.  Also if you can, destroy the Supply Truck 
carrying angry civilians.  

Reinforcements arrive in two Destroyers and some tanks, as well as an MCV with 
Demolition Trucks.  Sell your Fake Structures when you run out of room, and 
deploy and build real ones in their place.  Immediately build a Refinery, 
followed by a War Factory and another Ore Truck.  Build tanks while you build 
another refinery.  Strengthen you position by placing lots of Turrets and 
Camo. Pillboxes at the entrances to your base and Ore Fields.  

When you're ready to attack, divide your forces into two groups, about ten 
tanks in each.  Send them North, and have each group focus on the Tesla Coils 
defending their base, as well as the Flame Turrets.  When the defenses are 
gone, tell them to attack any leftover enemy units.  Send them to attack the 
War Factory, which is critical to winning.  When destroyed, send them back to 
your base or have them wreck havoc.  With the base defense gone around the 
entrance, send your Demolition Trucks to the Construction Yard.  One will do 
it.  When it is destroyed, the enemy should sell all of its structures.  Build 
lots of Pillboxes if you haven't already, and wait for them to come to you.  
If the mission doesn't end, check the map for any infantry.  
                              Soviet Walkthrough
Unlike the Allies, the Soviets dominate the ground with their massive and 
powerful tanks.  Your strategy is mostly a straight-up assault.
Soviet Mission 1: Testing Grounds

Intel: The Allied pigs have developed a new weapon called the ChronoTank.  This 
       weapon appears to share technology with their despised Chronosphere, 
       allowing it to Chronoshift itself.  

       They are testing this new weapon on an island that rightfully belongs to 
       the Soviet Empire.  New weapon or not, this island will be ours.  

       Establish a base and deploy your troops accordingly.  The allies have 
       the advantage of a natural ridge barrier, but do not let it stop you.  
       Let no trace of the allies remain on our island.

Your MCV will automatically deploy, so build a Power Plant, Barracks, and a 
Refinery.  Once set up, build a War Factory and produce an Ore Truck with it 
before constructing Heavy Tanks.  The key to this mission is naval 
superiority, so focus on building subs, and fortifying your defenses.  Expect 
lots of ChronoTanks to attack your least guarded points.  Set up a perimeter 
of Tesla Coils around your base, and some tanks to help defend attacks.  V2 
Rocket Launchers are also good in this mission.  Construct an Airfield and use 
its Paratroopers to explore the terrain.  

Build about 10 subs and 3 Missile Subs.  Use the regular ones to take out any 
naval threat, including a Cruiser which sometimes heads toward your base.  
Explore the island, and use your Missile Subs to destroy the Gap Generators 
cloaking their base.  When targets have been revealed, use your Missile Subs 
to take out important structures like the War Factory, Barracks, etc. and have 
your regular ones attack the naval ships stationed at the Naval Yard.  Destroy 
the Naval Yard, and when all of their critical structures are gone, the AI 
will sell their buildings and a massive army of Rifle Infantry will come.  
Crush them with your tanks, shoot them down with Yaks, or let your defenses 
take care of them.  Either way, the mission ends when all Allied units are 
Soviet Mission 2: Shock Therapy

Intel: A small border town has been voicing support for the Allied cause.  
       These people are no longer soviets, but enemies to our great empire.  As 
       enemies, they must be destroyed.

       Take Stalin's elite shock troopers and show them the iron might of the 
       Soviet army.  No doubt, the rabble will seek help from the minute allied 
       influence in the area. 

       Whatever pathetic support they can muster, it will not be enough.  Crush 
       them all -- let nothing stop you.

You get ten Shock Troopers.  Head right and destroy the house.  Leave one man 
behind next to the heal crate for later use.  Head up, destroy the barrels and 
try to kill all fleeing civilians.  Reinforcements arrive in three Engineers, 
one V2 Rocket Launcher and a Demolition Truck.  Destroy the town.  Kill any 
Allied units on the way.  

Head West, and take out the lone Pillbox with your V2.  Continue, take out the 
Rocket Soldiers, and another Pillbox.  Continue in that direction until you 
come to a mini-base.  Clear it out of opposition and take over the Advanced 
Power Plant and Barracks.  Use the extra Engineer to repair the Barracks.  
Destroy everything else for another five Tesla Trooper reinforcements.  Heal 
if necessary with the crate.

Head South, and take out any units along the way.  Destroy the village and 
civilians, as another five Tesla Troopers are sent in.  Group them all and 
head right.  Destroy the lone building for another heal crate.  Use it if 
you've used the first one already or in desperate need.  Continue right, take 
out the Pillbox, and use your Tesla Troopers to take out the infantry.  Watch 
our for the Artillery.  Keep on heading in that direction, and take out the 
Pillbox.  Reinforcements should arrive in vehicles, subs, and more Tesla 
Troopers.  A Badger Bomber should also come and bomb them.  Kill the Artillery 
North, then wipe out the rest of the base.  
Soviet Mission 3: Let's Make a Steal

Intel: Our spy has informed us of a new technology the Allied forces are 
       developing.  Stalin wishes to acquire it.

       Use Volkov to steal this prototype vehicle, and make sure they will not 
       be able to reproduce it.  Destroy the production production facility 
       after stealing the plans for the vehicle, and then bring Stalin his new 

       Do not fail us.  

You have Volkov, which is like Tanya, except has a lot more health, and his 
dog, Chitzkoi, or something like that.  Head down, eliminate any Allied 
Riflemen, and towards the console panel.  Take care of any incoming troops, 
and then proceed right.  Take out the scientists and all other hostiles.  Go 
up and touch the panel which will cause a power loss.  This simply means the 
shroud regrows until backup power can work.  Go right, past the intersection 
and follow it down to the Tech Center.  Enter it for a full heal and the 

Go back to the intersection, go down, and to a console.  Push it.  Go past the 
Pillbox, eliminating any soldiers along the way.  Past the pillbox, you can go 
right to eliminate some scientists, but don't push the panel at the bottom.  
Doing so will cause a meltdown, which will leave you 45 minutes to finish the 
mission.  Head left, then down, past the Medium Tanks, and to another heal 
crate.  Kill the soldiers surrounding the War Factory and push the console at 
the very left to destroy the Pillbox you just passed.  Enter the War Factory 
to pick up the vehicle.

Go back to where the Pillbox was, and drive your way out.  You will encounter 
Allied Tanks, and some infantry, but have the Dog take care of them.

NOTE: If you also notice in this mission, there will be some troops guarded by 
  fences.  As of right now, I have no idea how to save them, as going near them 
  will automatically kill them.  
Soviet Mission 4: Test Drive

Intel: Stalin wishes to field-test a newly acquired vehicle against theAllied 
       dogs.  This vehicle is capable of bending light around its hull, 
       "phasing" out of the visible spectrum.

       Take this vehicle, and infiltrate the Allied base.  For this test, 
       destroy their radar dome and tech center, bringing their communication 
       down.  Once you have done this, reinforcements will be sent in to wipe 
       out the base.

       If you do not return with the vehicle intact, do not return at all.

Put Volkov in the Phaser Transport, and have him go North, past a small 
village, and to the small Allied base.  Have the vehicle park where there is 
light resistance, and unload.  Kill all enemy infantry, and use Volkov to use 
his C-4 to blow up the buildings inside.  Load him back up and continue to the 
other Allied base.

Do the same for the second base, as resistance is light.  Reinforcements 
arrive from the sea, as subs.  Use the subs to clear as much of the water as 
they can before they are destroyed.  For a better strategy, have them form a 
circle around the desired target.  Then press the guard button.  You will also 
get three Missile Subs.  After the ten minute countdown, reinforcements 
arrive.  However, it is probable that your naval force was eliminated, so some 
of the transports will not reach the island.  Five Heavy Tanks, some Tesla 
Tanks, and I believe Mammoth Tanks should come out of the three transports if 
none were destroyed.  Also, ChronoTanks should've come to attack.

Send them North out of the Cruiser's range, and destroy the church for a heal 
crate.  Men should've also come out of the buildings to assist you.  Destroy 
the base up North by taking out its defenses from long range, and the one down 
South the same way.  If you destroy the AA guns in each base, Paratroopers 
will arrive.  There is one last final base in the Northeastern corner which is 
guarded with Turrets.  You must be careful to destroy it.  
Soviet Mission 5: Don't Drink the Water

Intel: The Allies are developing a new Chrono-based weapon at a nearby  
       facility.  Crushing them would be a simple matter, but they are well 
       defended, and all our attempts at assault have met with defeat.  Time 
       for a new approach.

       Capture the Chronosphere, and use it to send an MCV to the large island.  
       Once there, capture the research facility, and destroy the base.  

       Use the supply truck to poison the water supply via the waterfalls above 
       the town.  With the base dead, it will be easy to capture the 

Send your infantry East, and follow the road, taking out any Allied infantry 
along the way.  Have your other troops follow them.  Keep on following the 
road to bypass a Pillbox, and to reach the river.  Destroy the Ranger guarding 
it, then send your Supply truck.  You'll see a sequence of civilians dying, 
then the Allied infantry.  Note the money crate in the village.  Capture the 
Chronosphere, and an Advanced Power Plant or two to charge it.  You can 
destroy the four Medium Tanks here as they will not fire at you.  Chronoshift 
your MCV and deploy it.

Use the Chronosphere to pick up the money crate, and another one down in the 
very Southwestern corner.  Defend it if you want, as Allied units will try to 
destroy it.  Build a Sub Pen and some subs to defend from naval assaults.  
Build your usual Barracks and Refinery, etc. and expand North, toward a large 
Ore Field.  The only entrance is a damaged bridge, so defend it at all costs.  
Try and build a secondary base there, as you will have an easier time 
attacking the Allied base.  

When you're good and ready, scout their base with a Spy Plane, and have some 
V2 Rocket Launchers to take out the outer defenses.  Then send in a force of 
about 20 tanks to take care of the base.  Be careful not to destroy the Tech 
Center as doing so will end your mission.  After you get past the defenses and 
units, the rest of the mission should be a piece of cake.  
Soviet Mission 6: Situation Critical

Intel: A radical faction in of our forces has stolen a biological weapon, 
       threatening to use it on Allied emplacements.  Since this weapon is 
       highly unstable, it could destroy us all if released.

       The facility must be destroyed, but the weapon must be neutralized 
       first.  Destroy the island's defenses, then use Volkov to assist our 
       scientists in reaching the bio-researchcenter.  If either are killed 
       before the weapon is neutralized, the mission is a failure.
       Once the scientist completes his mission, destroy the base.

15 minutes to complete this mission, but it will be an easy 15 minutes.  Use 
your subs to explore, and have your Missile Subs to destroy the Power Plants 
beside the Tesla Coil.

Reinforcements arrive from a transport.  Use Volkov to clear out any infantry 
and the Power Plants next to another Tesla Coil.  Go North, and have the 
scientist follow him.  Eliminate any infantry along the way, and continue to 
the bio-research facility.  Take out the SAMs and send the scientist in.  
Destroy the rest of the SAM sites to launch an atomic air strike at the 
facility.  Make sure Volkov isn't caught in the blast, or else your mission 
Soviet Mission 7: Brothers in Arms

Intel: The Molotov brothers, prominent arms dealers for our comrades inforeign 
       lands, are suspected to have dealings with the Allies.  Such an idea is 
       preposterous, but the Molotov brothers have access to sensitive 
       information, and we must know the truth of the matter.

       Use your spy to infiltrate the compound and observe the brothers 

       If they are involved with the Allies, return to your drop-off point, 
       signal for reinforcements, and deal with them as all traitors are.  Kill 

NOTE: There's a glitch in the game that will not allow you to play on "Easy" 
  setting for this level.

Send your spy North, but becareful of the watch dogs.  Have him follow the 
Molotov brothers to their Command Post.  Once he's been found out, head 
quickly back to the starting point.  Dogs should chase you, but they should be 
vaporized by the barrels.  Once at the starting point, your spy will probably 

Take out the beach Pillboxes, and any other hostile unit.  Go left, to an 
opening where you should deploy your MCV.  Build the usual things, and set up 
base defenses fast.  Tesla Coils followed by SAMs, as you will experience 
attacks from the air, sea, and ground.  The AI will periodically send 
ChronoTanks so be prepared and a Tanya.  When you have massed a ground force, 
send them East to destroy a Tech Center with two money crates.  Put them to 
good use.  Wipe out everything that you can, and heal the tanks.  

Build V2s, and have them take out the defenses outside of the base.  Then, 
send your tanks in to wipe out the base.  Expect them to rebuild, but keep at 
it and they should be destroyed.      
Soviet Mission 8: Deus Ex Machina

Intel: The Allies have captured Volkov in an attempt to learn the secrets of 
       his construction.  This is not allowed.

       Destroy the four Allied radar sites in the area, allowing us to 
       reactivate our tracking devices and locate Volkov.  Once located, send a 
       scientist into the structure to reactivate him. Guide him to our 
       Chinook, where he will be airlifted out of the area.  Once safe, destroy 
       all Allied forces in the area.

       Hurry.  If the Allies discover Volkov's control codes, he will have to 
       be destroyed as well.

Use the Mammoth Tanks to handle the Apaches, then deploy the MCV.  Build the 
usual, and station a Tesla Coil near the left entrance to your base to handle 
Demolition Truck attacks.  Build an Airfield, and a Sub Pen.  While you're 
building tanks, also build a force of 10 subs, and take them North.  Destroy 
the three Destroyers there, and then have the Missile Sub take out whatever 
the Spy Plane reveals; mainly the Radar Dome.  Continue right.  

Take out the two Destroyers, and then the ones on the right.  Shoot the six 
buildings for SIX money crates that are worth 2,000 credits each.  Again, have 
the Missile Subs take out what they can, but most importantly the second Radar 
Dome.  By now, you should still have 45 minutes left.  Maybe even less, but 
somewhere around there.

Use your Spy Plane and have it go after the Northeastern corner of the map, 
revealing the third Radar Dome.  Instead of trashing the base, send 
Paratroopers over there.  Have them ignore all threats, and focus on the 
dome.  It should blow before they are killed/squashed.  

The last and final Radar Dome is on the island where Volkov is located.  From 
your island, head right and take it out from the shore.  The location of 
Volkov will be revealed in a Fake War Factory.  Send your scientist 
reinforcements in there.  A Chinook arrives, so send your Chinook to the 
island where Volkov is, and have him board.  Send a small task force to the 
island where Volkov was located, and have them clean it up.  A heal crate 
should be under the Tech Center. 

Have them go around, and attack the main Allied base from the South, while 
another force that you've been [hopefully] building attack from the West.  You 
should focus on their defenses, then their productive capabilities.  A money 
crate is under the hospital building.  Destroy any other Allied units on any 
island to complete the mission.  
Soviet Mission 9: Grunyev Revolution

Intel: Citizens within the Grunyev province have been speaking out against 
       Soviet involvement in Western Europe.  Silence them.

       Take a force into the area and eliminate any dissidents.  We have 
       received many reports that the civilians may be armed, but against the 
       might of the Soviet Empire, no force they can muster will protect them.
       See to it that they serve as an example to others.  Eliminate them all 
       -- men, women, and children.  

Have your units go Northwest and attack the civilian named Special 1.  Retreat 
to the Northeast when the computer tells you to signal reinforcements.  Deploy 
the MCV, and have your units form a circle around it.  Build the usual, and 
send a force to wipe out the town.  This will eliminate attacks from them, and 
gives you a heal crate and a money crate.  

When you have a force of eight Heavy Tanks, send them North, then West.  Take 
out any Tesla Coils as you progress, and destroy the Ore Trucks coming to 
harvest.  Your main goal should be base defense.  After about 45 minutes, or 
when you do significant damage, the civilians plead to let their women and 
children go.  You could destroy the two supply trucks that leave the base, but 
I wasn't able to reach it in time.  When they escape, Stalin's personal guards 

Colored a pale red, they will come from the South, North, and the West.  The 
southern and northern forces will come to attack you, so have Tesla Coils and 
tanks waiting for them.  Draw your Ore Trucks back in to save them.  Once you 
destroy them, wait for the western force to take out the village and the enemy 
forces.  When they do, it's mission accomplished.  

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[8. Multiplayer]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

There are two types of Multiplayer for Red Alert, both of which will be 
detailed here.  Red Alert games will have a red R in front of them. 
Counterstrike with a green C, and Aftermath with a blue A.


The controls of the a Multiplayer game is exactly the same.  However, there 
are some differences.  

F1 - Allows the use of talking to another player in an online game only.  
  Sending more than four consecutive lines of message will flood the other 
  player and may cause the game to disconnect.  This method is used when 
  desperate players who are doomed to lose try to make the game unstable.  
  is severely discouraged, as Westwood monitors each game to see if you are 
  cheating.  You can and will be suspended if you do it.  

A - In both Skirmishes and online games, the A Button will ally you with 
  whatever side you wish to join.  Just select one of the player's units, and 
  press the A Button.  In return, the other player must select one of your 
  units and press the A Button to officially become allies.  Press the A 
  again to declare war.  

R- A resign button, pushing it will ask the option of resigning.  Push yes to 
  have everything of yours destroyed, allowing the other player to win.  In 
  online games, you cannot do this to purposely increase a player's point 
  total, as Westwood monitors the game.  

  -=Online Games=-

Online games are great for offering advanced players some serious competition, 
and the chance to trade strategies, become online buds, etc.  There is even a 
tournament system in which Westwood ranks each player by how many points a 
Commander can accumulate.  All players of online games must have a version of 
Westwood Online.  The program should come with your game.

                                  Standard Play

Standard play online do not count as tournament games, so they will not be 
recorded when the game ends.  This option also allows you to set up AI 
players, and play on your own map creation.  This mode is advised for players 
who first play online.  

                                 Tournament Play

Tournament games are highlighted in yellow, with the corresponding letter of 
the game before the game's name.  Tournament games restrict you to two players 
only, and no AI players.  You can set different options as what country you 
are, and the number of units, etc.  When the match ends, the data from the 
game is sent to Westwood, where they will judge the battle and determine the 
point value.  Point value which ranges, is judged on how high the players were 
on the ladder ranking.  Players who defeat an opponent that ranks high in the 
ladder will obviously gain more points.  


When going up against a human opponent, they will most likely perform a tank 
rush.  Simply put, it's when the player builds lots of War Factories for 
speedier tank production.  Using his tanks, he/she will rush your base with 
them.  Usually, a player will not have that many defenses up.  Be careful.  

Expanding is the key in these games.  Expanding will lessen the distance 
between you and an ore field.  It will also take longer for enemies to attack 
certain buildings.

Build another base.  This is really important, as key players will always go 
after the Construction Yard.  Build a secondary base and deploy it near an ore 
field.  Lots of Harvesters help.

For Allied players going against the Soviets, the longer the battle goes, the 
less likely you are to win, as they have superior base defenses and tanks.  
Unless there's water present, you're probably not going to win.  


A Skirmish game can be played at home with one computer.  You can set the 
usual options and choose what map to play on, even ones that you created.  
Once you're all set, push the OK button to play.

                                Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag presents a whole new way to play a Skirmish game.  Instead of 
building bases, you now control a set amount of units and try to destroy all 
other opposition to steal their flag.  When you steal an opponents flag, you 
win the game.  

                                  Special Maps

There are two special maps that I currently know of.  Special maps mean that 
there is an extra goody in the map; meaning that there are hostiles in the map 
that can attack you and you enemy.  There are automatically there, and are 
very hard to destroy.  They are: 'Circles of Death' and 'The Hills Have Eyes'.

Circles of Death: Basically and island with patterns of water, then land, and 
  water, etc.  Regular and Missile Subs reside in the water, waiting to blast 
  any unit that comes near the edge.  It is hard to destroy them since they 
  will attack your Naval Yard/Sub Pen before you can produce any units.  You 
  can launch an air raid on them if you know their exact position in the water.

The Hills Have Eyes: This one is very hard, as there is a civilian town which 
  continually produces armed civilians.  Unlike civilians in the single player 
  games, these are armed with flame-throwers, Tesla coils, and even nuclear 
  warheads.  Any use of an advanced weapon like Tanya against them will 
  immediately result in them focusing their attacks on you.  Be prepared.  
  Attack Dogs work wonders...

  -=AI Players=-

AI Players in online games are the best of the best.  You most likely have 
them on when you have an ally in the game.  Think they're easy?  Think again.  
These players build ultra-fast, and attack your base with astonishing 
numbers.  The key is to get help, or form a formidable defense.  

One thing you should notice, is that they never build any naval units.  A 
serious disadvantage for them, as you can easily destroy them with Cruisers or 
Missile Subs.  This also prevents expansion, if they are stuck on a small 


When you install The Aftermath on your computer, there will be some changes.  
They are: 

[1] You cannot ally with the computer anymore in Skirmish battles.

[2] You cannot play a Skirmish game unless you have the Aftermath CD in your 
  CD-ROM drive.

[3] The only good thing, they include Mega Maps.  


[1] If you get a spy into an enemy Radar Dome, you can view their messages if 
  they talk to an ally.

[2] Aftermath now lets Turrets fire faster, but are more costly.  

[3] You can build special units normally unavailable in single-player mode.  

During a Multiplayer game, attributes also change.  All the countries have a 
10% difference in certain categories.  For example, one country will have 10% 
less armor, and one will be 10% slower.  However, not all of them are bad.  

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[9. Legal Information]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

This document is copyright 2003 Legomondo, all rights reserved.  This should 
not be reproduced in any way for the sole purpose of profit and without my 
consent.  You may however, have a printed version of this, unaltered for home 
use.  This FAQ is only allowed on

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and should not be posted anywhere else without my permission.  If you see this 
FAQ other than the site listed above, email me immediately at Legomondo [at] 
yahoo [dot] com.  However, I do not want emails asking if you can post this 
FAQ or any others.  I will not let you, and I warn you not to post the FAQ 
anyways.  As always, the most recent version of this guide will be at GameFAQs.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[10. Thanks]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Thanks goes to the following:

- www.GameFAQs.com for hosting my FAQs and inspiring me to become an FAQ 

- Westwood for producing its fabulous C&C games.  Check out their official site 
  at Westwood.com.

- The e-docs that came with the game.


                        Copyright 2002 - 2003 Legomondo

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