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Strategy Guide by ShadowWangTang

Version: Final | Updated: 07/09/2001

                              *~Red Alert Aftermath Missions~*
                                    FAQ / STRATEGY GUIDE                               

                                    Developer: Westwood
                                Platform: PC, DOS/WINDOWS                         
                           Author: Joshua "ShadowWangTang" Kim

                                    Date: 7 / 9 / 01

                                      Version: Final
                             E-Mail: ryudohazuki85@hotmail.com









8. FAQ




This FAQ is copyright to "Joshua Kim" It may NOT be used in
any magazine or any type of publication without my permission. 
It may NOT be used for profit. This FAQ will only 
allowed to appear at the following sites:



If you feel that there is an error, please e-mail me at 



This is the 3rd FAQ that I wrote. I have to 
apologize for putting up a fake name "Jay
Kay" for myself. This is about the 
Aftermath New Missions and Units. I wrote this FAQ to 
help people beat these missions. I personally think 
that The Aftermath was well made and constructed. 
Now... to the FAQ! 


Stage 1: Harbor Reclamation

Objectives: Destroy all Soviet Units and Structures.

To start this mission, kill the Soviet Spy before she
reports back to base. Just shoot her with your five
riflemen reinforcements. Build Barracks, Power Plants, 
Ore Refinery and Pill Boxes. This would help destroy any 
"wandering" tanks. Also, train tons of soldiers. Build the 
War Factory and build lots of Medium Tanks. Put them in ore 
fields to kill any enemy Ore Trucks. Then do a "Tank Rush" 
and kill all the enemies in the North East of your base of 
north of the village. Then send some Engineers to do their 
job. Destroy another part or capture another base, which is west
where you previously destroyed/captured area. Then head north
East again and destroy the base. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 2: In The Nick of Time 

Objectives: Keep Bridge intact, rescue scientists.

When you start this mission, send all the your units to the north
to collect a group of soldier reinforcements. Then, with combined
tank power, destroy all soviet tanks. When you cross the stream to
your west, destroy the V-2 Rocket with your tanks and watch out
for those pesky Grenadiers who come from below. Then, as you head
south a little more a Tesla Coil will attack you, again used
combined power to destroy it. By then, a Transport holding a few
tanks and a Demolition Truck will come by. Watch out for the Demo.
Truck because it could take out your whole army if to close. Go 
North and go across the bridge. DO_NOT_DESTROY_THE_BRIDGE or 
your mission will fail. When you get near or cross the bridge,
two Chrono Tanks will come to assist. Use them to get rid of 
the two Hind Helicopters that come. Then, when you get near the
village, a few more reinforcements will come out. Use that Mechanic
to fix up your Chrono Tanks and other tanks as well. Then travel your
little army to the north where you will find more resistance. Destroy
and go west a little more to get more Chrono Tanks. Go west more until
you find a Soviet Base. Destroy the War Factory or capture it because
it will build more tanks for your suffering. Then go south more and
wait a little while for some scientists to escape. Go back where you
came from as fast as you can because if you stick around the base, a
reinforcement will come and 2 Soviet Transports will come, loaded to 
brim with Mammoth Tanks. Get the scientists safely to the signal flare
at the place you started your mission. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 3: Caught In The Act  

Objectives: Destroy All Soviet Units and Structures

In this mission, you start out with Tanya. You will get a reinforcement 
of a Transport and some Gun Boats. Tanya needs to destroy all the
Soviet Technology Centers. Load Tanya to the Transport and take her
to the closest island, which is the slight northwest one. When you get
there, a reinforcement of a Chinook helicopter will arrive and some 
soldiers. Unfortunately, Soviet MiGs will attack the barrels and if 
you aren't fast, it will kill your lovely Chinook. With the Chinook 
helicopter in your possession, fly (or swim) to the island just Southeast 
of there. You will get some reinforcements of soldiers and Engineers.
Wait a while and another Chinook will appear. Save it as you did last time
so you can utilize all weapons. Go north for some more reinforcements and
finish off any Soviets. During that time (or earlier) a Transport, holding 
some Allied tanks should land at the far north island. Now, back to Tanya's
crew. After you finish that island, then venture to the north island. They 
have some pretty strong forces and you could wipe them all out, if you do 
it right. Collect the Spy and take him to the Radar Dome and infiltrate it.
The final island, which is at the north your tanks should have some trouble 
with the Tesla Coils. Take them out with your two Destroyers. Then, plunder
with the remaining of your tanks, soldiers and Tanya. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 4: Production Disruption

Objective: Destroy Soviet Sub Pen

When you start this mission, you will have some soldiers with a Medic. Do not
go near the Tesla Coils and wait head north. When Enemy Soldiers come, kill
them. Head north until you see a Concrete Wall to your east. Enter there and
destroy the 2 Advanced Power Plants to shut off the Tesla Coils. You'll get
an reinforcement of two Demolition Trucks and three Engineers. Use the Demo.
Trucks to wipe out the two Flame Towers. Use the rest of your units and go 
northeast and kill the enemies and capture the Radar Dome with your Engineers.
You will get a reinforcement of three Chrono Tanks. Go east and then north with 
them. Since you will get instantly slaughtered when you enter the enemy's base, 
Chrono Shift to the tiny island just Northwest of the Sub Pen.  Finish off the 
Sub Pen. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 5: Negotiations

Objective: Rescue Hostages, Destroy all Soviet Units

When you start this mission, you'll start with Tanya. Slaughter the soldier 
to the North and head East until you see some SAM sites. C-4 them and three 
Longbow Helicopters will arrive and will destroy that Flame Tower that is 
blocking your way to the Southeast. Head north until you see some Enemy 
Soldiers attacking a town. Kill them all and a Civilian will tell you to 
follow him through the woods. He will lead you to the Hostages. Destroy 
the Technology Center and the Hostages will come out and will follow Tanya. 
Get her to the Southeast part of the map to the Abandoned Church. Take Tanya 
back where she came from, and she'll signal for reinforcements. You will get 
some Tanks and an Mechanic. Wipe out the rest of the Soviets. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 6: Monster Tank Madness

Objective: Infiltrate Soviet Radar Dome, Locate and Rescue Dr. Demetri

When you start this mission, you will begin with some tanks and soldiers.
Use the Thief and steal from the Ore Silo. Watch out for Flame Towers.
Next, capture the Sub Pen and build some Transports and put your units
in them. Next, head northwest and destroy the V-2 Rocket. Then take all 
of your units north, where you will find your outpost. Fix everything 
with some Engineers and build tanks and soldiers to help defend the base.
Build some more tanks and take out all of the bridges. Then, send a Spy to
the east and infiltrate the Radar Dome, causing the Super Tanks on their 
creators. Then look for a Church in the far southern part of the map and
send an APC there and load Dr. Demetri into the APC and go back to your base
and load him in to the Chinook Helicopter. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 7: Time Flies

Objectives: Destroy the two Missile Silos

When you start this mission, you will start out with two Chrono Tanks. 
After killing everyone on the island, Chrono Shift to the island in 
the Northwest. Destroy or ignore the Flame Tower and continue up. You 
will find to more Flame Towers, destroy them. When they are destroyed, 
blow the Radar Dome to kingdom come, so it destroys all the SAM sites 
in that particular area. ChronoShift again to the next island and do 
the same thing. When you do that, 2 Longbow Helicopters will take out 
the Tesla Coil and a reinforcement of Tanya will arrive. Kill all the
soldiers and blow up the barrels to take out the Flame Towers. Then use 
Tanya to blow up the 2 Advanced Power Plants for your MCV to arrive. 
Deploy the MCV and build the usual. Build tons of tanks . Then send those 
tanks to the Ore Fields to the South to kill the Ore Trucks. Then do a Tank 
Rush and destroy/capture the Soviet base. I recommend you capture the 
Construction Yard so you can build Tesla Coils. Deep in the base, you will 
find a Missile Silo. Annihilate it. Since you (hopefully) captured the Soviet 
Con. Yard, build some airfields and some MiGs. They are great to destroy any
Enemy Structure that you might have missed. Go north from your new base and 
annihilate the rest of the Soviets and the Missile Silo. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 8: Absolut M.A.D.ness 

Objectives: Destroy M.A.D. Facility, Destroy all Soviet Units and Structures

Start by fixing up your base. Then build some reinforcements and some
Spies. Send  one Spy to the Southwest corner of the map and infiltrate 
the Technology Center. Then send another Spy to the Northeast of the 
current Technology Center and infiltrate it. Finally, send another Spy 
to the North of that one. Then some Flares will surround a certain 
Information Center to the southeast. Take it out with some handy Longbows.
Then, finish the rest of the mission by destroying the rest of the Soviets. 
Mission Accomplished.

Stage 9: PAWN  

Objectives: Protect Fake Base, Destroy all Soviet Units and Structures

Start by training some infantry, just enough to protect your base. You can look
for money bonus crates around the area for needed supplies. Simply defend your
fake base. You have to sweat out 25 minutes like this, so be prepared. At the 
10 minute mark you will get some reinforcements inside the Soviet base. Explore 
and destroy as much as you can with those tanks. After you defended your base for
a good measure, a reinforcement of a some tanks and a MCV will arrive. When they
get to your base, simply sell all of the Fake Buildings and replace them with real
ones. Build all of the usual. Try building some more defenses when you get some
extra cash. When finished, simply do a Tank Rush to the Soviet base up north and
they will have no chance against you.


Stage 1: Testing Grounds

Objectives: Destroy all Allied Units and Structures.

This mission is pretty hard so get ready. Deploy your MCV and do the usual.
Then Build lots of Flame Towers at every part of your base so no place is 
unguarded. Build a Sub Pen and start producing Missile Subs. When you get 
enough cash buy some Tesla Coils to help you get rid of Chrono Tanks. Then, 
with your Missile Subs, head northwest and destroy all of the buildings in 
range, including those pesky Gap Generators. After that, build a lot of 
tanks and crush the rest of the Allies.

Stage 2: Shock Therapy

Objectives: Destroy all Allied Units and Structures

When you start this mission, use your Shock Troopers and send 
them to the SouthWest. Try avoiding Pill Boxes because they will 
easy tear your soldier to bits. Head east again and cross the 
river and approach the village and kill everything so you can get
a V-2 Rocket and a Demo. Truck. Then, go to the entrance to the 
enemy base and you will receive  reinforcement of Missile Subs and 
Tesla Tanks. Use the Missile Sub and destroy the base then use your 
other units and send them NorthWest and destroy the last base with
your arsenal. Be sure to destroy all Allied units. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 3: Let's Make A Steal

Objective: Steal Prototype Tank

In this mission, you will start out with Volkov and Chitzkoi. 
First, head south down the corridor and east and use Volkov 
to activate the buttons. Watch out for those Allied soldiers, 
they should be easy to kill with Chitzkoi. Avoid Pillboxes until 
later. Head north again and go east. Kill all the scientists and 
soldiers and activate all the equipment with Volkov and go east again. 
Kill everyone and go south at the junction. Watch out for the Pillbox 
because Chitzkoi might leap right next to it because of the soldiers.
Anyway, ignore the bullets and head South then west where the nuclear 
generator is. Feed everyone to the dog and go south to see Einstein, 
eat him. But activate the generator, it will give you a time limit 
of 45 minutes. Find all of the control panels to make explosions. 
When you stumble on a room with a lot of your trapped soldiers, let 
the Grenadier free himself and try to free the Shock Trooper. With 
those reinforcements, take out the rest of the Allies in that room. 
If not done quick enough, the Allies will use Toxic Gas to take out
the soldiers in their "Torture Chamber". Since Volkov has Self Healing, 
always put him in the front. When he gets hurt to much, run away and 
he will slowly repair himself, like Mammoth Tanks. Then find the place 
where a Healing Crate is and grab it if you must and continue west. 
Activate the final control panel and infiltrate the War Factory for a 
Phase Transport. Now you have to get out of here. Go Northeast through 
the exit. Mission Accomplished. 

Stage 4: Test Drive

Objective: Destroy all Allied Units and Structures

When you start this mission, you will begin with Volkov
and the Phase Transport. Put Volkov in the transport for 
now. Then head north. Attack the tanks. If you get low on 
health, retreat and wait for your tank to heal for a little 
while. Then, strike again. When you are destroying the two 
tanks, infantry might arrive. Then take Volkov out and let him
shoot them all down for tanks do poor on infantry. When you 
destroy the two tanks, you will receive a reinforcement of some Rifle 
Infantry and two Engineers so do not destroy the town. After that, 
head North with your Phase Transport. Don't attempt to attack a 
tank or an army of tank will come. Take your Phase Transport in 
and deploy Volkov. Use Volkov to kill the soldiers. Then C-4 everything. 
Then destroy the AA-Guns with your Phase Transport for some Shock 
Troopers and some FlameThrowers. Now your target is the Radar Dome
to the Southeast. Follow the road to the Southeast and enter and 
destroy all the AA-Guns for some more reinforcements. Use Volkov 
again to C-4 like crazy and take out the Allied infantry. Now send 
Volkov and his Transport north and destroy the defenses. After you 
take them out, concentrate on destroying the Allied Navy. Use
the Submarine reinforcements and send them as far as they could while 
being still in range with the ships. Then select each one individually 
and take them out. Finish off any surviving tanks/units. Mission 

Stage 5: Don't Drink The Water

Objective: Poison Allied Waterfall, Capture Chronosphere, ChronoShift MCV, and Destroy
all Allied Units and Structures.

When you start this mission, you will have five Engineers, 
a Supply Truck, and some Grenadiers and Rifle Infantry. Go 
immediately to the Northwest until you see a road. Follow the 
road while killing any Enemy Soldiers. At the end of the
road, a Ranger awaits and should be easily killed if all soldiers 
attack simultaneously. Then lead the Supply Truck up to the area 
where the road ends to poison the water. Don't venture yet. Watch 
all those Civilians and Allied Soldiers die. Then head southeast 
where you saw all those Allied Soldiers die. Then head North with 
your Engineers and capture the Chronosphere. Then an MCV should 
arrive. Patiently wait for your Chronosphere to charge. During that 
time, you should kill those tanks with your remaining soldiers which 
are to the West before they suddenly leap alive to kill you. When the 
Chronosphere is charged, Chronoshift the MCV to the Northwest island. 
But do not deploy it yet or you will some how fail the mission (another 
bug, probably). Then send your MCV to the North a little to deploy it. 
Build the usual. Then use some tanks to head north and destroy the four 
Turrets on the two hills. After that, get some MiGs ready, like six of 
them. Then build lots of Tesla Coils, due to large amounts of troops.
Same thing to where the Chronosphere is. Build some Tesla Coils over there 
to protect it from intruders. Then at the main island, build enough tanks 
for a Tank Rush. Then, take them all to the Northeast of your base and 
slaughter everything insight. Use Parabombs, ParaTroopers and MiGs to 
assist. Destroy everything but the Technology Center. Capture the 
Technology Center. After you do, make sure that no building is still 
standing, by exploring the entire base. Now, since you should have some 
more money, build a War Factory near the Chronosphere. Start producing tanks 
to get rid of any Allied buildings near that area. After that, destroy the 
Allied Navy with Submarines and MiGs. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 6: Situation Critical

Objectives: Destroy Power To Tesla Coils, Get Scientist into Bio-Research Lab, 
Destroy all SAM sites, Run from A-Bombs.

When you start this mission, you will begin with 
some Missile Subs and Submarines. Use the Missile 
Subs at a safe distance to take out Power Plants. 
Use the Submarines to destroy any other enemy 
Submarines. Keep on targeting Power Plants until a
reinforcement of Volkov and the Scientist come out. 
Head Northwest. Be sure that the Tesla Coils can't 
attack or you will be fried. Then head North and kill 
any Enemy Soldiers that will come to harass you. Go up 
the hill with Volkov first and kill all the Shock 
Troopers from a safe distance, then C-4 some SAM sites 
and head south and C-4 those SAM Sites as well. Take 
the Scientist into the Bio-Research Lab and take Volkov 
to C-4 the rest of the SAM sites which should be to the 
South of the Lab and Northeast of the Lab. Once done,
head as far as you can go from the Bio-Research Lab to 
be safe from the MiGs who drop Nukes. Survive through them. 
Mission Accomplished.

Stage 7: Brothers In Arms

Objectives: Eavesdrop the Molotov Brothers, Destroy the Molotov brother's base.

When you start this mission, you will begin with a Spy. 
Head northeast and enter the base. Get near the Molotov 
Brothers (you will notice them easily) and start the
eavesdropping. After that, they will retire into the H-Q 
Building. So infiltrate it as well. When they are talking
they will notice you. Then, take your Spy to the dropping 
point. It may be kind of hard because there will be dogs on 
your tail. So, when exiting the base, Daniel (one of the 
Molotov brothers) will shoot at you and miss, killing the 
dogs. Continue South. When reinforcements arrive, clean out 
the area. MiGs will get rid of the two Camo. Pill Boxes. With 
your surviving units and MCV, head a little Northwest where 
there is some more space. Destroy the two Chrono Tanks there 
and send the surviving units to the Northwest to find Tanya 
and some units. After the soldiers in that area die, then 
it's time to deploy your MCV. Build the usual and surround 
your base with Tesla Coils, about three in each open area 
enemies could get to. Build some V-2 Rockets to help reinforce
the base. This is also good because the Molotov brother's Ore 
Trucks are around the area so they could get zapped and shot 
at as well. Start building Submarines and send them Northeast 
to get rid of the Allied Navy, and the Destroyers and such, 
before they start making Cruisers. If you don't strike the Molotov 
Brother's base quick enough, they will  come after you. Your Tesla
 Coils, V-2 Rockets and Attack Dogs will finish them off quickly. 
Then do a Tank Rush on the main base and destroy. Then go east 
of their base and destroy the Advanced Power Plants. Finally, send 
all your units to the South East of the entire island where a few 
units and structures will be. Take them all out. Mission

Stage 8: Deus Ex Machina

Objectives: Destroy all Allied Radar Domes, Rescue Volkov, Terminate Volkov,
Destroy all Allied Units and Structures.

When you start this mission you will begin with 
some Mammoth Tanks and some Tesla Tanks and a 
V-2 Rocket. Send the Tesla Tanks to kill the Ranger
who signaled the Longbow Helicopters. Try to hurt 
them as much as you can with the Mammoth Tanks. Wait 
until another reinforcements to arrive. You will get 
some Tesla Tanks and an MCV. Deploy the MCV and build 
he usual. Send some tanks to the North and destroy the 
Demo. Truck. Then take all the tanks to the Northeast 
part of the map where they will encounter a pretty 
large base. Destroy everything in the top part of 
the base (or capture) so the bottom part of the base 
will be a lure for Volkov. Destroy the Radar Dome up 
there. Now, this part my be a little tricky. Send a 
Spy Plane to the Northwest and you will find another 
Radar Dome. Use Missile Subs or MiGs to take out the 
Gap Generator before it covers it up and use another 
Spy Plane to unrevealed everything. Use Missile Subs or 
MiGs to take out the Radar Dome. Now, take some normal 
Submarines and take out the two Destroyers, which are
next to the island you just finished off. Then, find 
the other island which is right next to it and do the 
same. Watch out, because there is a line of Turrets 
that you might want to get rid of. Use another Spy 
Plane to reveal the location temporarily and blast 
the Gap Generator again with your MiGs/Missile Subs. 
Then send another Spy Plane in and make quick work 
of the Radar Dome. Then, at your base, build a horde 
of Tanks and Attack Dogs. Send the Tanks to the Southwest 
corner of the map and go west and then a little North East 
to find the final frontier. When you find this, make a line 
of Attack Dogs where your base entrance is. Do the Tank Rush 
to wipe out the Gap Generator and the Radar Dome and flares 
will pop up around the Fake War Factory. Infiltrate it with 
a Engineer and Volkov will come out. He seems "unstable" so 
you have to exterminate him, but don't do that yet. Let 
Volkov C-4 that Allied base and when he continues Northeast 
let him C-4 that Allied Base and kill any tanks/soldiers
that you might have missed. When he starts coming to your 
base, send the horde of Attack Dogs and he will only kill 
a few. They will gobble him up and then find the rest of 
the Allied Buildings/Units and send MiGs, tanks, and whatever
to take them out. Mission Accomplished.

Stage 9: Grunyev Revolution

Objectives: Attack the Civilians, Signal for reinforcements, Destroy all Allied
Units and Structures, Destroy the "Unstable" Elite Units.

In this mission, you will begin with some tanks and soldiers . Go a 
little Northwest where a civilian called Special #1 will attack you. 
When you wear him down, he will run like a sissy into the church and 
another civilian will come out. Kill him quickly for he is a Kamikaze 
unit who can practically destroy your group of tanks. Then retreat and 
go north. Try not to destroy the tanks because the sooner the MCV 
arrives, the better. After you signal for reinforcements, destroy the 
annoying Allied Tanks/Units. Build the usual and build a lot of Attack 
Dogs and put them in the Civilian Village on "Guard" mode to kill any
Civilians that might be venturing near your base. Build enough tanks for 
a "Tank Rush" and send them Southwest where you will find a mini base. 
Destroy or capture it. I recommend capturing it because it is very useful 
when an Allied Unit comes near, you can fry it with a Tesla Coil. 
Then, with the rest of your surviving tanks head north where you should 
see a large crowd of civilians, venturing to your main base. Send Attack 
Dogs and tanks to kill them and run them over. When you kill them, Stalin's 
"Elite" Units will come. They will attack the Civilian bases but when they 
are done, they will attack you. Some Tesla Coils and V-2 Rockets will take 
them out nicely. Mission Accomplished.


Unit: Chrono Tank
Side: Allies
Tech Level: 7
Pre-requistiques: War Factory, Allied Tech Center
Weapon: Dragon (2)
Special: Chrono Shift 

Unit: Mechanic
Side: Allies
Tech Level: 2
Pre-requistiques: Service Depot, Tent Barracks
Weapon: Tankheal
Special: None

Unit: Demolition Truck
Side: Allies, Soviet
Tech Level: 10
Pre-requistiques: Missile Silo, War Factory
Weapon: Kamikaze
Special: Nuclear Warhead effect

Unit: Shock Trooper
Side: Soviet
Tech Level: 4
Pre-requistiques: Tesla Coil, Barracks
Weapon: TeslaGun
Special: Can't be run over by vehicles.

Unit: Tesla Tank
Side: Soviet
Tech Level: 4
Pre-requistiques: Tesla Coil, War Factory
Weapon: TeslaShock
Special: None

Unit: Missile Sub
Side: Soviet
Tech Level: 5
Pre-requistiques: Soviet Tech Center, Sub Pen
Weapon: AirMissles
Special: Can destroy aerial units and land units/structures if in range.

Unit: MAD Tank
Side: Soviet
Tech Level: 4
Pre-requistiques: Soviet Tech Center, War Factory
Weapon: Shockwave Kamikaze
Special: Can hurt all units except infantry.


Unit: Chitzkoi
Side: Soviet
Tech level: 9
Weapon: PowerDogJaw
Special: Can leap very far

Unit: Daniel
Side: Allies
Tech Level: 7
Weapon: Silencer
Special: One of the Molotov Brothers

Unit: Dr. Demetri
Side: Allies
Tech Level: -1
Weapon: None
Special: FraidyCat

Unit: Monster Tank
Side: Soviet
Tech Level: 15
Weapon: MammothFire
Special: Self-Healing , UltimateAtomicEffect

Unit: Phase Transport
Side: Soviet
Tech Level: 8
Weapon: DoubleMiniMissle
Special: Can carry one soldier unit, has cloaking device. Self-Healing

Unit: Prof. Einstein
Side: Allies
Tech Level: -1
Weapon: None
Special: FraidyCat

Unit: Scientist
Side: Both
Tech Level: 1
Weapon: HandGun
Special: Infiltrate

Unit: Special #1
Side: Allies
Tech Level: 12
Weapon: BombGun
Special: Civilian

Unit: Unstable Volkov
Side: None
Tech Level: 15
Weapon: ExplosiveHandCannon
Special: C-4, SelfHealing

Unit: Volkov
Side: Soviet
Tech Level: 9
Weapon: Silencer, FireHandGun
Special: C-4, SelfHealing

Unit: Yuri
Side: Allies
Tech Level: 10
Weapon: ElephantBlaster
Special: One of the Molotov Brothers

- = These units only appear in missions, not Skirmishes


Structure: Bio-Research Laboratory 
Side: Allies
Strength: 400
Armor: Concrete
Mission: Situation Critical

Structure: Forward Command Post
Side: Both
Strength: 700
Armor: Wood
Mission: In The Nick of Time, Brothers In Arms

Structure: M.A.D. Facility
Side: Soviet
Strength: 400
Armor: Concrete
Mission: Absolut M.A.D.ness

Structure: Technology Center
Side: Soviet
Strength: 500
Armor: Concrete
Mission: Negotiations

- = These structures are only appear in missions, not Skirmishes.

8. FAQ

Q: What is a "Tank Rush"?

A: A Tank Rush is when a lot of tanks, usually about 15 - 30+ tanks
attack a base at one time. This is how many people win through this 

Q: How do I kill those "unnaturally" strong units in the missions easily?

A: Simply stall them with a tank or something and move an Attack Dog in. Or
if you are the Allies, surround them with infantry, not clustered, to make
them shoot them off, one by one. But Allies shouldn't have this problem unless
somebody is cheating.

Q: How do I capture buildings?

A: Use Engineers to wreak the building until the health is red and send another
one in to capture it. Or you can select an attacking unit and lower the building
strength to red then capture it.

Q: What do you mean by "Build the Usual"?

A: Usual means (in my words) build everything you should regularly build, like Power
Plants/Ore Refineries/War Factories. You can have a different picture on building 
what you build. It is simply a something you must make up.

Anymore questions? E-mail me at ryudohazuki85@hotmail.com


6 / 16 / 01 - Added all of the needed information

6 / 24 / 01 - Final Version: Reformatted and spell checked
changed "Flame Turrents" to "Flame Towers", added some more 
stuff. Changed my fake name to Joshua Kim.


CJayC - for posting my FAQ and having one of the most useful video game site
in the world and teaching me how to write a FAQ.

Westwood - for making this really cool expansion.

Microsoft - for making Microsoft Word which helped me zero in
to spelling errors.

(c) Joshua Kim 2001

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