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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Gbness

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    "Look at them yo-yos, that's the way you do it...
      For the Sony PlayStation
      An FAQ/Walkthrough
      Written by: Richard "Gbness" Beast
      Date: 6/18/06
    ...you play that guitar on the MTV." - Dire Straits
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Legal Disclaimer
    3. Contact Rules
    4. Basics
    5. Weapons
    6. Walkthrough
       6a. Escort Duty ................................................... ma.01
       6b. Valdemar... ................................................... ma.02
       6c. Covert Insertion .............................................. ma.03
       6d. Rebel Smugglers ............................................... ma.04
       6e. Insult and Injury ............................................. ma.05
       6f. Convoy ........................................................ ma.06
       6g. Retrieval ..................................................... ma.07
       6h. Convoy ........................................................ mb.01
       6i. Retrieval ..................................................... mb.02
       6j. Investigation ................................................. mb.03
       6k. Protection .................................................... mb.04
       6l. Hunting ....................................................... mb.05
       6m. Surgical Strike ............................................... mb.06
       6n. Thunderbowl ................................................... mb.07
       6o. Gang Warfare .................................................. mb.08
       6p. Protection .................................................... mb.09
       6q. Rescue Hilachet Ship .......................................... mb.10
       6r. Calculus 3 .................................................... mb.11
       6s. Seek and Destroy .............................................. mc.01
       6t. Tank Support .................................................. mc.02
       6u. Defend Refinery ............................................... mc.03
       6v. Genesis ....................................................... mc.04
       6w. Templecruiser ................................................. mc.05
       6x. Rescue Team ................................................... mc.06
       6y. Clear Path .................................................... mc.07
       6z. Thunderbowl II ................................................ mc.08
      6aa. Protect Cult .................................................. mc.09
      6ab. Kidnap Queen .................................................. mc.10
      6ac. Distress Call ................................................. mc.11
      6ad. Escape ........................................................ mc.12
      6ae. Robohunting ................................................... md.01
      6af. Capture Sha'har ............................................... md.02
      6ag. Solar Flare ................................................... md.03
      6ah. Protect Refugees .............................................. md.04
      6ai. Hostage Release ............................................... md.05
      6aj. Scavenge This ................................................. md.06
      6ak. Roadblock ..................................................... md.07
      6al. Thunderbowl III ............................................... md.08
      6am. Defender ...................................................... md.09
      6an. Necessity ..................................................... me.01
      6ao. Sabotage ...................................................... me.02
      6ap. The Hilachet Betrayed ......................................... me.03
      6aq. Infiltrate .................................................... me.04
      6ar. The Gauntlet .................................................. me.05
      6as. Destroy Red Sun ............................................... me.06
    7. Credits
      / \   1. Introduction                                                  / \
    -+ - +-=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~-+ - +-
    This is not a typical Richard Beast guide. I guarantee that you will very
    rarely read many guides by me that are laid out like this one. For one, ever
    seen me use a format quite like the one in this guide? I doubt it. Ever seen
    me use a search string? Before this guide, nope, you never did. Doing a guide
    like this is really new to me, so let's hope it turns out well enough. Colony
    Wars: Red Sun is an excellent subject for this new kind of stuff, so just sit
    back and enjoy the game, along with you enjoying the guide, which obviously
    NEEDS to be enjoyed. </ego>
    - Richard "Gbness" Beast
      / \   2. Legal Disclaimer                                              / \
    -+ - +-=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~-+ - +-
    You are NOT permitted to put this FAQ on your site without my permission first.
    All you have to do is email me or IM me saying you want this FAQ on your site,
    then you can tell me your site and the chance is high that I'll let you. But if
    you put this FAQ on your site without my permission I swear you will regret it.
    If I let you, not ONE word should be changed from this FAQ! NOT ONE! Got it?
    Good. Also, make sure that no money is involved. If you want this FAQ to be sold
    on eBay, then just forget about it, man. And don't sell this guide either, or
    pay people to use it, or you'll be in such big trouble you don't want to think.
    Another little note is that I will not have this guide hosted on many other web
    sites besides GameNotOver, GameFAQs, IGN, and Neoseeker. You need full-on
    permission if it's not one of the four above sites. I am sick of people ripping
    me off (I have been ripped off three times in the past), so if I don't like your
    site, I won't let my guide be posted on it. I am sorry, but this is how it has
    to be. If you ask politely and I like your site, you will definitely have the
    luck of getting it up there. Thank you very much.
      / \   3. Contact Rules                                                 / \
    -+ - +-=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~-+ - +-
    First of all, feel free to check out the stuff I've written on GameFAQs. Those
    include a guide for Mega Man 5, a few other Mega Man games, and tons of random
    PSX games. Honor to the PSX, yanno? Hopefully, that'll be added with awesome
    Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Wild Arms guides. As you might be able to
    guess, I'm a large RPG fan and writer.
    Alright, enough shameless advertisement about me. You can e-mail me if there is
    a question you wish to ask that hasn't been answered in the guide, but I REALLY
    don't want to bother answering questions that have already been done, answered,
    and done again in the guide, if it isn't too much trouble. Feel free to tell me
    if there's something I've forgotten, however.
    My e-mail address is richard_power1000 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Except, replace the
    [at] and spaces with a "@" symbol and the [dot] and spaces with a period; I have
    to write like that so I don't get a dozen spam bots e-mailing me and getting me
    viruses. Just be polite in the e-mail, don't talk like "omg wtf rich ur gides r
    t3h su><0rz & how du i beat pirte", and don't ask something that's already been
    answered in the guide, and I'll respond.
    And don't bother sending things like:
    "You friggin' idiot. Your guides suck, you suck, and everything about you
    sucks. DIE DIE DIE!"
    "What the hell did you think you were doing writing all that garbage, you piece
    of crap?
    "I hope you fall down the stairs and break every bone in your body!"
    "u su><0rz, eVrYtInG BoUt u sUx, dIe ass!!!!!!1"
    I will laugh at such e-mails and delete them. So... if you're not just playing
    a friendly joke on me or something, don't bother with that crap cos I've been
    through with it too much.
    Okay, that's enough for that. My AIM name is rbeast288; sorry, I don't have MSN
    or YIM. The list is closed, but I'll add you if you ask politely via e-mail. I
    like chatting with people, but try not to overdo it on AIM if I add you to my
    list. Since I am busy a majority of the time and all.
      / \   4. Basics                                                        / \
    -+ - +-=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~-+ - +-
    If you've played Colony Wars: Vengeance, this game will be a cinch as far as
    basics go, although controls are slightly altered. Taken straight from the
    default (and game options), here are the controls:
    Select Primary Weapon   - Square
    Fire Primary Weapon     - Cross
    Target Toggle           - Triangle
    Select Secondary Weapon - Circle
    Fire Secondary Weapon   - Hold Circle
    Thrust                  - R1
    Reverse                 - L1
    Thrust Afterburner      - Hold R1
    Reverse Afterburner     - Hold L1
    Roll Left / Roll Right  - L2 / R2
    Move Down / Move Up     - Up / Down
    Move Left / Move Right  - Left / Right
    Rear View               - L2 + R2
    Quick Flare Launch      - Circle + L2 + R2
    In a lot of missions, your objective will be to destroy enemy fighters, and
    this can be done with the corresponding controls above. However, it's important
    that you use the radar at the bottom, with green targets being allies, yellow
    targets being neutral, and red targets being enemies. You can pretty much line
    yourself up (you're in the center of the radar at all times), and enemies up,
    then use the afterburners to reach them. So that's pretty much that for the
    missions themselves.
    Outside of the missions, you can buy ships and weapons. With each increasing
    ship, heat capacities will increase, as well as power, defense, and various
    other things. Buying them does assume, however, that you collect CR from
    missions, which is the accepted form of pay here, with virtually no currency
    or anything. And in addition to that, there's also the rankings, which can be
    acquired by defeating enemies.
    You'll get one point for destroying regular fighters, two points for destroying
    medium sized ships such as escorts, and ten points for destroying large
    frigates or sentinels. You'll also get ten points for completing the
    Thunderbowl missions, which are three tournaments you may face during the
    process of the game. And when your rank goes up, there's a good chance new
    weapons will be unlocked. Anyways, here are the rankings:
    Beginner     - 0
    Traveler     - 50     
    Adept        - 100
    Independent  -
    Adventurer   - 250
    Professional - 400
    Specialist   - 500
    Master       -
    Grand Master - 850
    That's pretty much it. Just kick back and enjoy the game for what it is; it
    ain't that complicated.
      / \   5. Weapons                                                       / \
    -+ - +-=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~-+ - +-
    Although I usually add my editorial comments onto just about everything, with
    weapons especially, I'm going to refrain from doing that this time around.
    You'll probably see what the weapon is from the comment that is added to its
    right, and as for recommendations, they will be thrown into the walkthrough as
    it goes. As much as this contradicts my usual FAQ layout, you'll get to scroll
    down to the bottom quicker... so nyah.
     Laser mk I -- "Your inexpensive armament solution."
     Laser mk II -- "As recommended by the Thunderbowl Association."
     Laser mk III -- "The Choice of Aces."
     Shield Laser mk I -- "Resolved."
     Shield Laser mk II -- "The Shieldkiller."
     Hull Laser mk I -- "Affordable power and performance."
     Hull Laser mk II -- "Simply the  best, says Gun Jockey Magazine."
     Supercooled GP Laser -- "Reliable firepower - anywhere, anytime."
     Supercooled AS Laser -- "Composed."
     Supercooled AH Laser -- "9/10 Mercenaries prefer Jelua."
     Gauss Gun -- "Damages hull through enemy shields."
     Scatter Gun -- "Compensates for poor accuracy with high rate of fire."
     Plasma Cannon -- "Heavy damage to shields and hull, best used against slow
     BFG Primary -- "All craft in area of effect suffer massive shields and hull
     Sha'Har Arcweapon -- "Short ranged, but lethal against shields and hull."
     Grapple Gun -- "Demanding mission? Demand Delaprime."
     Cooling Vents -- "Confident."
     Heat Sinks -- "Can't stand the heat? Demand Delaprime."
     Recharge Boost -- "Your low-cost shielding solution."
     Shield Maximiser -- "Holes in the hull? Demand Delaprime."
     Stun Missile -- "Immobilizes target craft for a few critical seconds."
     Jamma Missile -- "Concentrates target shutdown in weapons systems for
                       prolonged effect."
     Stun Torpedo -- "Immobilizes larger targets, for longer."
     Two-Part Missile -- "THE One-Shot Kill."
     Plasma Missile -- "A Masterpiece - dogfight nirvana."
     Plasma Torpedo -- "Asset denial with attitude."
     Shield Missile mk I -- "Determined."
     Shield Missile mk II -- "Superior, according to Starfighter Weekly."
     Hull Missile mk I -- "A Classic - accept no substitutes."
     Hull Missile mk II -- "Uncompromising and dependable."
     Scarab HDW -- "A spread of six unguided rockets causing massive hull damage."
     Nanotech Missile -- "Experimental guided missile."
     Nanotech Torpedo -- "Experimental unguided Sha'Har killer."
     Phase Distort Beacon -- "Donachet Phase Beacon"
     BFG Secondary -- "Antimatter area-effect weapon causes heavy shields and
                       hull damage."
     Offense Pod -- "Behaves as a small, laser-armed fighter until destroyed or
     Repair Pod -- "Will restore shields and hull of locked target."
     ECM Pod -- "When the going gets tough, get Genemer."
     Decloaker Missile -- "They can run, but they cannot hide."
     Flare -- "The Original - and still the best."
      / \   6. Walkthrough                                                   / \
    -+ - +-=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~-+ - +-
    Not much to say here... I'll drop my usual editorializing and get on with it.
    Oh wait, I already did editorialize by saying that I wasn't going to and then
    lying about it. That's just my nature... but did that have anything to do with
    anything? Okay.
    -~- 6a. Escort Duty -~-~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 8000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ ma.01 -~-
    As soon as you start this mission you may or may not want to choose your
    perspective, as personally I like third person but it's default first person.
    When you begin, your objective is to defend the cargo stompers here, and for
    each stomper that remains when you finish the mission, you'll get some cash
    in addition to 8000 moolah that you'll get after finishing this mission. It
    all ends once the stompers reach the end of the path, which takes ages since
    they're slow as molasses.
    For a majority of this mission, there will be two raiders on opposite sides
    of the field, apart from the stompers. Those are very good kills, just so long
    as you don't get too far away from the stompers. It's very easy to take the
    Pirate Raiders out, especially if you have two GP Lasers, but eventually,
    Pirate Fighters will start showing up. In essence, they're pretty much the
    same as Pirate Raiders except a little smarter, and they take a little bit
    more firepower to take down. And a bit after that, Pirate Tanks will start
    showing up on the ground. They have the most ability to do damage to the
    stompers, so if you hear them show up, take them out first. Overall this
    mission is quite simple; let's just hope you didn't find it too bad.
    Once you finish that first mission you can go on to just about any others, but
    to get a superior aircraft, I recommend tackling Valdemar... before any of
    the other ones. Trust me, the new aircraft is worth it.
    -~- 6b. Valdemar... -~-~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 10000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~- ma.02 -~-
    A scene will start this mission off, and then your objective is to defend the
    General from the life-forms lurking around this area. Just accelerate over to
    his dropship, and although they aren't green targets, do not shoot them or
    you'll regret it. Soon enough, you'll see red targets all over the map, and
    those are what you need to destroy.
    These are large spider-like targets, which don't take a while to go down, but
    always keep an eye on their health bars. It seems they're not dead when they
    actually are, they'll just be collapsing. When that health bar is empty, just
    fly away because they're just going to die anyway. You'll have to repeat that
    process in destroying each of the tanks, and then after a little bit, Empiret
    Tanks will show up. These are relatively hard to take down, so try and move
    around a lot so that their lasers don't do too much damage, and soon enough
    the timer on the right will get to 30 seconds, and supposing you haven't let
    any enemies get near the General, his dropship will pick him up and the
    mission will end.
    Another scene will follow that mission, and you'll have three missions to play
    with before heading on to Convoy. Start with the highest paid one, that being
    Covert Insertion.
    -~- 6c. Covert Insertion -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 15000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ ma.03 -~-
    This mission has the potential to be slightly dangerous at times, but if you
    have the upgraded ship and weaponry, it'll be a cinch. If you really want to
    make it easy, enter this mission with three GP Lasers and enter a lesson in
    I will say one thing first, though, and that is that you should never go above
    the trenches. Your first objective here is to find four shield generators and
    take them down, and there is NEVER any reason to go above the trenches, because
    if you do you're likely to get shot down almost immediately by the SAADs. All
    you really have to do here is look for four yellow targets on the map, and fly
    towards them, taking forks that seem reasonable to get you toward them. And
    don't worry too much about all the red targets, because most of them are just
    the SAADs again... absolutely nothing to worry about. Just locate and destroy
    those four targets.
    After those four are wiped out, an auxillary generator will appear around the
    center of the area, but that really isn't any different from any of the other
    ones. Just shoot it down, and then a Rebel Base will appear. You can't destroy
    it (well actually, you can, but don't try), but if you want to make it less
    dangerous, destroy the mounted guns. And momentarily it gets bombed... heh heh
    heh. Owned, I say. Moving on... Rebel Smugglers was my next choice of mission.
    -~- 6d. Rebel Smugglers -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 12000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ ma.04 -~-
    This is a mission of a few firsts, but it's not bad at all. In fact, it can
    be the shortest mission so far (and maybe even in the whole game) if you want
    it to be. For one thing, all that you have to do is defeat the two Rebel
    Cruisers that are around here. But there's a little more to it than that.
    For one thing, you have a six minute time limit. When these six minutes are
    over, the cops're gonna come and bust a move up yo ass. However, you run very
    little risk of that. Like I said, all that you HAVE to do in this mission is
    look for the two Rebel Cruisers, which are slightly dangerous compared to most
    of the riffraff that you've encountered up to this point, but aren't anything to
    really worry about. And after they're gone, a jumpgate will appear. If you want
    to easily locate it, it's near the planet... just look around that direction
    and you'll find it -- it's a small blue portal.
    However, you can just jump in that now, but who wants to do that when you can
    just stick around and fight some ships? If you do that you'll get credit and
    can possibly be promoted sometime in the future, so stick around if you want.
    Just don't run under that time limit, and don't let the Empiret Battleship be
    destroyed... although that runs a very small chance of happening. When you're
    ready, fly into the jumpgate and let's do one of the more entertaining missions
    in the Magenta Station... Insult and Injury.
    -~- 6e. Insult and Injury -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 12000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ ma.05 -~-
    If you do this mission the correct way, it's one of the longer ones in the
    entire game, even. However, it has the potential to be even shorter than Rebel
    Smugglers, but that can be dangerous. You're immediately expected to follow the
    E.W. Pod towards the Insult and the Injury, which are two battleships... but
    hey, who wants to do that?
    So if you follow the pod, you'll basically just have to stay close to it, and
    wait a few eons for it to take you near the Insult, which happens to be the
    ship that Commander Yujold, the enemy whom this mission is after, is aboard. If
    you destroy the Injury, though, you'll get credit for it. In fact, you will get
    credit for it either way, so I personally chose to just charge at the two ships,
    but it is your choice. If you do charge through them, though, expect to be hit
    by quite a few passerby ships.
    The Insult and Injury themselves are both fairly dangerous ships... they have
    guns loaded on top of them, and you run a risk in the meantime of other ships,
    as well as defense systems, blasting you to oblivion. So try and finish this
    quick, by not holding down the button to blast your guns, but instead mashing it
    so that you get the quickest firepower out of them. That way you'll have them
    both take care of as quickly as possible, but you also have to try and move
    around a bit to avoid the missiles. Either way, it shouldn't last very long, and
    after the Insult is destroyed, the jumpgate will be open to the left of the
    planet in the distance.
    -~- 6f. Convoy -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 13000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ ma.06 -~-
    You may notice that there's an Engram link on this one, which means that it's a
    necessary mission, required to progress the story, so might as well do it now,
    before the end of the Magenta Station. And it's not exactly that hard either;
    pretty much as soon as you progress, you'll find about a thousand pirate ships
    approaching from behind you. Also, the Pirate Galleon will appear a bit in
    front of the allied ships, but we'll deal with that later.
    Take care of some of the ships behind you; if you have three GP Lasers, they'll
    practically be destroyed in a few hits. They're quite possible of firing
    missiles at you, however, so in the event that that happens, fire off a flare
    behind you. After a few of them are delayed, head towards the red battleship
    in front of the convoy. It isn't required that you destroy it, but I strongly
    suggest it, since it gives you ten bonus points; in fact, with a little luck
    and some records in the past, you might be promoted to an Adept after this
    The Pirate Galleon itself is one of the easiest battleships to destroy in the
    whole game, because it only has one turret, and although it might take a few
    hits to weaken it, it overall isn't a very powerful ship. And once it's
    destroyed, some more pirate ships will join in, but if you can get in front of
    an enemy jumpgate (and for god's sakes, they're purple, don't confuse them with
    the sun), you can just blast them as they come in, and they won't even get a
    chance to do anything. Then you can just sit around for awhile and wait for the
    convoy to get out of there.
    Also, enjoy the cutscene that follows this one, from now on I'll quote Valdemar
    on: "why don't you get some corneal implants, you moron".
    -~- 6g. Retrieval -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 24000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ ma.07 -~-
    Alright, here's the first mission in the game which might prove to be a slight
    bit of trouble. First of all, it involves destroying a large ship, and later
    defending a couple things. So... keep an eye out for that. However, later in
    this mission you'll be presented with the opportunity to be promoted to any
    extent that you wish. But anyway, your first objective is to target the mother
    ship's bay doors.
    The large sentinel in front of you, Morgan's Ghost, cannot be destroyed or even
    damaged yet, so don't try that. However, you can get rid of some of the guns
    that are on it, so you might wish to do that. But anyway, fly straight in the
    direction of Morgan's Ghost, and look for a door on the right. Destroy that,
    and an Empiret Decoder will come out. Your new "friend", Diva, is around here
    somewhere, and once it comes in contact with her, she'll grapple it and take it
    in the direction of the sun. Meanwhile, until she speaks to you via messages,
    you can just destroy enemy ships.
    Anyway, she'll take hold of the decoder and fly it in the direction of the sun.
    You need to protect her until she can get to her destination, and there are
    various ways to do this, but there are five Pirate Interceptor ships between
    her and the sun, and what I usually do is fly in their direction, blast them
    down, and then return behind Diva and shoot down anyone that might be behind
    her. That's not an exceptionally hard task, and once she stops taking damage and
    gets a little bit ahead of them, you really don't have to worry about her. Just
    keep fighting the pirates.
    Now, with Diva out of there (when she's gone she'll tell you that you're on your
    own), your next task is to destroy Morgan's Ghost. However, if you want an
    infinite amount of credit, there are an endless supply of Pirate Raiders that
    will come out of Morgan's Ghost's doors, so stick around for as long as you want
    to destroy them, although they're so stupid that some of their fire might touch
    Morgan's Ghost. But when you're ready, just blast Morgan's Ghost down, and
    you're done with the Magenta Station. Off to Marjorie's Kitchen!
    -~- 6h. Convoy -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 12000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mb.01 -~-
    Before you start this mission, there are some things to pick up, after all you
    DID move from one station to another. In the ship department, you've got ths
    H25 Cobra and Zu-15A Shinden to choose from. Although the Cobra's price looks
    a bit daunting at 110000 CR, you get 28500 CR for your current ship anyway, so
    you may be a bit broke after doing the trade, but you will survive, I promise.
    Plus you get more weapon slots.
    As for this mission, it isn't too bad. You will, however, have to deal with a
    lot of enemies simultaneously. Your main enemies here are Empiret Escorts, which
    will basically just try and lead the convoy you're defending off course, and
    grapple them out of this area. To prevent this, all you gotta do is destroy
    these escorts, but there are a lot of them, plus they can be hard to hit because
    they're thin and narrow as my soul. So basically, keep an eye on your map, for
    those red targets.
    Eventually, a whole lot of smaller ships will keep coming in with the escorts,
    but all that they'll really do is fire off a bunch of missiles at you that won't
    hit. Don't worry about that, and keep going for the escorts, since they ARE,
    after all, the enemies that can make or break this mission. Plus they're worth
    more points than the interceptors anyway, so if you're sure that there aren't
    any escorts around, go for the ships then. This mission isn't particularly
    dangerous, so you aren't in a whole lot of trouble.
    -~- 6i. Retrieval -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 12000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mb.02 -~-
    First of all, a Grapple Gun is required for this mission. You probably don't
    have the money yet, but if you get three GP Lasers mk II, those will own
    virtually anything you hit up to this point. And second of all, why are there
    two missions called Convoy and two missions called Retrieval? That's just
    something that boggles my mind.
    But anyway, this place is called subspace, and being here will cause your ship
    to heat up. And once the ship heats up, you'll steadily take damage until you
    reach a shadow asteroid, which will also cool you down and protect you from the
    heat. They're seen as allies all around the field here, so keep an eye out for
    them while moving towards the Donachet Idol. Also be ready to use the Grapple
    Gun, which is a secondary weapon used with the Circle button. Also, a Donachet
    Cruiser is around here, which may provide somewhat of a problem.
    If you want, there's absolutely no problem with destroying the cruiser. Stay
    inside the closest possible shadow asteroid, and just target the cruiser,
    trading hits with it, but trust me, you'll be the one to finish it off. And
    no matter how much damage you take, you don't have to worry since besides that,
    there's only one more enemy around here, who won't appear until you capture
    the idol. It's seen as a flashing target on the radar, so just move towards it,
    from one shadow asteroid to another, and grapple it.
    Once you get it, a pilot named Snakes Mahoney will show up to receive it, but
    I advise not fighting him. First of all, he's actually a decent opponent, and
    second of all, he'll just disappear into a jumpgate before you finish him off
    anyway. Just move into the jumpgate in the distance, keeping to the shadow
    asteroids if necessary, and get the hell out of here.
    -~- 6j. Investigation -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 13000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mb.03 -~-
    One of my least favorite missions in the game, but on a side note, you should
    by now have enough money to get something decent out of your weaponry. What I
    recommend is three GP Lasers mk II, and a Gauss Gun. You can keep the Stun
    Missiles for now, since you'll be needing them soon enough. But this mission,
    for one, isn't one that requires a whole lot of effort.
    Similar to Insult and Injury, you'll be escorted by the Dargothians as soon as
    the mission begins, but hey, who wants to do that? Your real mission is to find
    five Lifeform Tolrasaurs (basically large elephant looking creatures), and shoot
    off the guns on their backs. Do NOT target and kill the Tolrasaurs themselves,
    or you'll automatically be kicked off this mission and in a sense, the planet.
    Although I swear, some things in this game are just plain alien... and rules,
    strange. But I digress.
    As the fight progresses, some fighters will show up, so make sure that you don't
    confuse them with the Tolrasaurs. They go down exceptionally easy with three
    GP Lasers mk II, so don't worry about them at all. As soon as you have the guns
    off the five Tolrasaurs around here, a jumpgate will open up... geez, that was
    -~- 6k. Protection -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 32000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mb.04 -~-
    This is a necessary mission, with an Engram link on it, and also one of my
    personal favorite missions. Plus you've got a great bounty on it, so it's all
    good. Watch the scene at the beginning, to see that the League ships you're
    going to be facing in this battle are actually Navy ships flying League colors.
    It ALL makes sense now! But as for this mission, it's basically just defending
    Marjorie's Kitchen from roughly 14 League Ships.
    They will, of course, appear at different times, but they have exceptionally
    low health. All you really have to do is locate them and fire, but make sure you
    don't accidentally hit Marjorie's Kitchen, or you'll destroy it much faster than
    the League / Navy will. This may also turn out to be a fairly fast mission,
    since the League ships will really just appear one after another. So anyways...
    just take 'em all out. There's not that much more than can be said about this
    mission, except the fact I destroyed 14 ships, each of which have a 500 CR
    bounty on them, and this mission's bounty is 32000. So I got 39000 out of the
    battle... sweet.
    -~- 6l. Hunting -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: N/A -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mb.05 -~-
    This is one of those very few and far between missions that have no bounty, and
    this isn't exactly the easiest mission you've done since the beginning of the
    game either, so... oh well, you'll get lots of money from what you'll do during
    the mission. However, you WILL need Stun Missiles for this, so just be ready to
    use those.
    You basically have a large purple ship above you, that's hunting the Protoshelp
    around here (did I mention that this is illegal, and that it's also weird and
    very alien?), and to get them, all you have to do is stun them. There IS one
    jelly protoshelp in front of you, but you'll do some searching for the few and
    far between Protoshelp Cows that are around here, since there's absolutely no
    point in stunning Protoshelp Bulls, unless you want to stop them from attacking.
    These Protoshelp Bulls will ram themselves into you, so expect a fair bit of
    damage from that. And you may be attacked further as the mission goes on, so
    keep checking the ID screen for the Protoshelp Cows, and not the bulls. After
    you get a decent amount, you've pretty much succeeded in this mission, but just
    make sure that you have enough Stun Missiles for this mission, if you know what
    I mean. =) And yes, you will receive a bounty for the Protoshelps that you did
    Also, this probably goes without saying, but don't kill the Protoshelp unless
    you enjoy failing the mission.
    -~- 6m. Surgical Strike -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 22000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mb.06 -~-
    Alright... you thought LAST mission was illegal? Now THIS HERE is REALLY
    illegal! Of course, that means it's fun, but it's still awesome as hell. You're
    up against the cops, yo! Yep, the Police Enforcer and Police Precinct 3... fun
    fun fun fun fun. There are also plenty of Police Interceptors here, so eliminate
    them fast, or this can get a bit ugly. But it all REALLY gets fun when all you
    have left is the Police Enforcer and Precinct 3.
    Your real mission is to target the three tethers on the Precinct 3 so that the
    Solar Sails break off, and then the police drift into the sun and are blown up.
    Hah, told you that this place was absolutely fantastic. But anyway, it's in your
    best interest to target the Enforcer first; first of all because the credit you
    get for it rocks, and second of all, because it's fairly powerful and might be
    able to stop you when you're blasting that Precinct 3 into pure destructive
    gravity. So just destroy that, and now it's onto Precinct 3.
    There are three tethers on it, easily seen connecting the ship via ropes to the
    Solar Sails. Just hit the ends of the ship to break them off... target them all
    and destroy them, and the ship will go right into the sun and blast it away...
    heh heh heh. Classic. A jumpgate will open which you can take, and then you're
    outta here.
    -~- 6n. Thunderbowl -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 20000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mb.07 -~-
    You'll find three of these Thunderbowl tournaments in the game, and each of
    them (except maybe this one) have the potential to be extremely difficult... as
    for this one, it's not very hard. At all. Basically it's a tournament, and your
    opponents are three ships. And ALL that you have to do is destroy them. However,
    they have quite a bit of health compared to your average ship, and what's more,
    they're a lot more dangerous, constantly firing missiles to do you harm. So
    this one is a cautious one.
    As the fight goes on, the SAADs might turn on, which is both good and bad. First
    of all, get close to them and their guns will make you a total goner, very
    quickly. But second of all, they also target the enemy, so they might destroy
    them even more quickly than you can. But anyway, go for the large red ship
    first, because it's the easiest, and also the biggest and thus the easiest
    target. End with the long white ship, since it seems to be the most powerful,
    the hardest to hit, and the one with the most vitality. This won't take very
    long, however.
    -~- 6o. Gang Warfare -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 22000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mb.08 -~-
    I'm not going to go into a whole lot of detail into this mission, since it's
    essentially the same as everything you've been doing lately (except the
    Thunderbowl competition, but that was a different story altogether). You
    basically just have to defend your allies from a whole lot of ships. I will
    give this mission credit, though, and say that the name Godfather wasn't too
    bad... just wait until you get to the Cardinale station.
    You also don't want to destroy the ally robots by accident, since... well, do
    I really need to tell you? The Godfather ships will decloak very quickly next
    to each other, but they pack very little punch whatsoever. So whatever you use
    on them will have them sent right down to the kennel, very quickly. Shoot 'em
    down, about 14 of them in total, and you're out of this place... fairly easy,
    wasn't it?
    -~- 6p. Protection -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 20000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mb.09 -~-
    Not an extremely difficult mission, and one which I like the Gauss Gun, simply
    because it can hurt the hull right there and then, and you don't have to waste
    time shooting down shields, although it's certainly a good gamble as to which
    is the quicker alternative. But anyway, your only objective here is to defend
    the Civilian S.S. Angeli from the Donachet forces. And this isn't exactly
    difficult, being that the Donachet fighters are some of the weakest yet seen,
    not to mention there's only one battleship: a Donachet Cruiser.
    As soon as you see the Donachet Cruiser, just shoot it down. Don't bother with
    the Gauss Gun, although if you have any missiles handy, such as Shield Missiles,
    they'll work moderately well here. Once it's gone, there may be an abundance
    of Donachet fighters everywhere, but they're so easy to take down, it doesn't
    really matter. All that they can really do is fire off some weak missiles, and
    by the time they're done, the worst thing that might POSSIBLY happen is the
    Angeli's shields being down. But don't panic if that happens.
    -~- 6q. Rescue Hilachet Ship -~-~-~-~-~-~ Bounty: 36000 -~-~-~-~-~-~ mb.10 -~-
    Another one of the more entertaining missions of the game, in my very honest
    opinion. It's also one of the extremely few missions in this game that actually
    has two parts, so enjoy it while it lasts. You'll start the mission with Diva
    there as an ally, but she's just going to leave, going further into the field.
    And your task is to help the mining ship here.
    This mining ship is low on power and needs to find the crystals within the
    hidden crystal asteroids here to increase the power. There are about 4-5 of
    them here, cloaked, and you need to use Decloaker Missiles to get them out. So
    that's ANOTHER thing that you can get out of this mission, besides a massive
    bounty (from your perspective at this point, that is): you can get rid of
    something else and be free to use whatever you want. But I digress... back to
    the mission.
    Look around for some blue glittering around here, which hints at something here
    being cloaked. From there, approach it and use the Decloaker Missiles, simply
    firing them ahead and when they come into close vicinity, they'll make them
    visible. However, after you decloak each of them, some Donachet fighters will
    come in and attack, so just make sure you take care of them. You don't have
    forever to find all these crystals and then just let the shuttle find them;
    after a while, a gigantic asteroid will show up, and drift in the path of the
    mining shuttle. So if you don't get the engines charged up, and those 4-5
    crystals collected, you're a goner.
    Don't worry, though, if you decloak all of them, it DOES take a while for the
    shuttle to grapple them and pull them back in, but if you decloak all of them,
    they'll fire their engines long before the asteroid hits them. And then after
    you're done with that, you'll drift into subspace... wow, that's awesome. All
    you need to do, however, is find the jumpgate, and it's right in front of you.
    If you really must avoid the shadow asteroids, just charge right ahead and
    you'll make it before your ship expires. But if you want to play it safely,
    just move ahead slowly within the shadow asteroids. It's not hard either way.
    -~- 6r. Calculus 3 -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 40000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mb.11 -~-
    In my opinion this is the first entirely serious mission in the entire game. I
    know, ironic as it seems, because it's the 18th friggin' mission in the game,
    but I regard it as the finest one yet. Not to mention it includes the first and
    one of the only ships in the game which might be considered a "boss"... unless
    you count Morgan's Ghost. But I'm digressing from the point... I recommend a
    Gauss Gun for this battle.
    Your task is to defend the Calculus 3, and although it's very tempting to
    follow Diva at the beginning of this battle and attack the Red Sun, don't
    (speaking of which, enjoy the cutscene at the beginning that shows exactly WHO
    is in the Red Sun). Instead, head right for the Calculus 3, and notice that it
    has three escape pod couples on it, attached to the ship. What you have to do is
    shoot these couples off, since the Calculus 3 is going to be destroyed very
    quickly. When all three of them are shot off and the escape pods are off, now
    you can target our new enemy threats: the Sha'har.
    Their ships have a lot of shielding on them, so that's why I recommended the
    Gauss Gun. After three or so are destroyed, everything is blown up, and the
    Sha'har Syndarin appears. I regard this to be the game's first "boss battle",
    but it isn't very difficult. First of all, it has two weapons on either side,
    as well as a core in the center. You need to destroy all of these, and you know
    that you're doing damage if your GP Laser mk II is hitting it and making green
    marks. Keep on shooting those three targets up, and then it'll try and escape,
    but just attack it before it does and blow that baby up.
    And after that mission, you'll end up in the Cardinale Station, which is run by
    Bill Kane (where have I heard that name before?). And a whole new line of
    missions, baby. Also note the new ship, the H4E Magnum, and the new weapons. I
    like to have all of the Gauss Gun, Plasma Cannon, and Scatter Gun, but that's
    just me. When you're ready... Seek and Destroy.
    -~- 6s. Seek and Destroy -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 24000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mc.01 -~-
    Not an incredibly hard mission, but trust me that it gets a whole lot harder
    from hereon. In fact, I'd regard the Cardinale Station as the game's turning
    point, but Seek and Destroy is an easier mission to start things off with. As
    the mission name implies, this is pure destruction, and your enemies here are
    the Dirt Warriors. Whomever came up with such a creative name as that deserves
    a medal.
    But anyway, all you really have to do here is destroy the three Dirt Warrior
    Caldera bases, but that becomes a little more difficult when you have tanks
    and fighters everywhere. Although it's slow, the Plasma Cannon is pretty much
    a one-hit kill to them, so make full use of that. You can easily tell the
    Calderas apart from normal enemies by them flashing on the map, but note that
    they have turrets all around them, so don't just charge at them. Also, Dirt
    Warrior Fighters will be everywhere, so you might get hit a couple times by
    missiles. Just giving you a bit of a warning.
    This mission is really simple at heart... all you have to do is destroy them
    and you're done. It's also a good way to test out everything that you have; the
    Scatter Gun is extremely effective against the Calderas, and it isn't bad on
    anything else either. When the bases are destroyed, just exit through the usual
    -~- 6t. Tank Support -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 32000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mc.02 -~-
    This is one of the hardest missions you've entered up to this point, and you
    need to be a bit careful here, lest you want to end up dead pretty quickly. But
    I have to say, Valdemar must not feel very much loyalty to anyone; because after
    Bill Kane wanted to see him, he went along with Unisoft and destroyed the Dirt
    Warrior bases, and then the very next mission he'll helping the Dirt Warriors
    to destroy THE Unisoft base. I just find that a tad odd, despite the fact that
    Valdemar IS a mercenary.
    But anyway, there will be three Dirt Warrior tanks coming out of the trenches,
    and it's your job to defend them. You have three main enemies in this battle:
    Unisoft Power Tanks, which are complete, utter jokes, Unisoft fighters, which
    are the strongest ships yet par maybe the Sha'har fighters, and you have to
    keep an eye out for them, since they have the strongest guns you've seen yet,
    and there's nothing worse than having four of them swoop down on you, all
    firing missiles, cuz that's quite possible. However, the Scatter Gun works
    exceptionally well on them, so make full use of that.
    The other targets are Unisoft Battle Robots, which aren't very powerful but
    might possibly take some time to destroy. Feel free to use Shield Missiles on
    them, if you have them. You'll also have to be quick in this mission, since the
    Dirt Warrior tanks are very delicate, and if all of them are destroyed, the
    mission's failed. So try not to spend too long on them -- after the Battle
    Robots are gone, make sure you scout around and see if there are any fighters
    near you. There are only 2-3 Battle Robots to destroy, though, so don't worry
    about them too much.
    After some fighting is done, the Unisoft Base will uncloak, and it's honestly
    not that tough to destroy, although you may quite easily be getting swarmed by
    fighters. However, unless you're at critically low health, I recommend just
    sticking near the base and destroying it. It might also help to destroy as many
    of its turrets as possible to minimize its offensive strategies. When it's gone,
    the jumpgate appears, but feel free to stick around and destroy some Unisoft
    fighters... but not at a risk of life and limb.
    -~- 6u. Defend Refinery -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 22000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mc.03 -~-
    One of the most strikingly easy missions in the entire game, it's as if
    Psygnosis decided that Tank Support was way too difficult and they needed to
    give us a break... but anyway, Defend Refinery is Magenta Station-level
    difficulty. In fact, you're even treated to those old pirates, back from
    Magenta Station. And I'll let you know that they aren't very difficult to
    eliminate. You literally only need to fire your GP Laser mk II a couple times
    and they're dead.
    You will need to watch out if you want some extra CR, though. While the mission
    will end if the refinery is destroyed, that runs very little risk of happening.
    However, the Fuel Silos are very vulnerable, and the Pirate Raiders and Pirate
    Tanks tend to target them more than anything else. So it's in your best
    interest to eliminate them before they get too close to them, especially if
    you have three GP Lasers. There is NOTHING that will take the Fuel Silos down
    more quickly than you firing at pirates when they're right in front of the
    Fuel Silos. Just keep that in mind, destroy the pirates by air and by land, and
    this'll be over very quickly. Heh... easy. Time for an Engram link mission.
    -~- 6v. Genesis -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 40000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mc.04 -~-
    Hah... this mission is awesome, and yes, it is required to do this one to move
    on. But anyway, for NOW you're assisting the Dargothian Cruiser in defending
    the Genesis Device from the Cult. Wow, that's another incredibly original
    name... no normal human could POSSIBLY come up with that one! But anyway, the
    Cult Interceptors, right now, aren't very dangerous. Kinda fast and hard to
    hit, but not very difficult.
    If they start moving towards the Genesis Device, you'll be warned that they
    have it. And should that happen, rush way back to it and defeat the blue ship
    that's carrying it, or the mission ends in FAILURE. Argh. You might also notice
    that there's a seven minute time limit, but don't worry about that, that isn't
    against you or anything. After some Interceptor asses are kicked, Cult Fighters
    will start showing up. These are on the same level as the Unisoft fighters
    from way back in Tank Support, so watch out for them.
    There are a LOT of Cult Fighters that will start coming out of the jumpgate, and
    trust me that they don't take very long to destroy, but dear god... the sheer
    number of them. Plus their missiles are decimating, so it might not be the
    wisest idea to fly right near the jumpgate and blast them one by one. But either
    way, about five minutes into the mission, the League battleship will enter, and
    the Dargothian Cruiser is seen as an enemy. And because of that, oh hell, it
    would have been beneficial if the Cult did damage to it! Whodathunkit.
    Anyway, destroy the Dargothian Cruiser as well as any other Dargothian ships
    nearby, and it's back to dealing with the Cult. The League will take the
    Genesis Device, and you just need to defend them until they leave, which isn't
    exactly much of a task. Just blast everything to smithereens, laying low if
    necessary to let time restore your shields, but it gets easier right around now.
    Enjoy the cutscene that follows... for some reason the end is a bit... humorous
    overall, in my strange, messed-up world.
    -~- 6w. Templecruiser -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 30000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mc.05 -~-
    Around this point I personally got promoted, and the Scarab HAW became
    available. This is an extremely powerful anti-hull weapon, so I fully recommend
    buying 12+ of them, even if they do come at over 6000 CR a pop. Trust me
    though, you won't regret it, even if this long, tedious mission isn't exactly
    the best mission in the world to test them out on.
    First of all, you're defending a Dargothian Cruiser here, and if it's
    destroyed, your mission is a failure. And your enemy is the incredibly original
    Cult, which comes in bits and pieces. First of all, though, it might help if
    you have Decloaker Missiles here, since that's definitely a better alternative
    than to just fly right into blue lightning and try to get a Cult Destroyer to
    appear in it, which is really your objective here. And when you decloak a
    Destroyer this way, some Cult Fighters will appear as well, so... flush 'em
    The Dargothian Cruiser isn't the most withstanding ship in the game, if you get
    my drift. You'll need to keep an eye out for its defense, and meanwhile, when
    you meet a Cult Destroyer, attack it a little bit so it doesn't disappear,
    before a missile hits it. After 5-6 of them are past, the Cult Templecruiser
    appears. I really suggest going over to the Dargothian Cruiser when this
    happens, since the Templecruiser isn't going anywhere yet. Defend it with all
    your firepower from the Cult Interceptors that will show up, or you may end up
    with an instant mission failure.
    Once the missile hits, it's up to you to finish it off, so just abandon the
    Cruiser, since it's pretty much clear. Accelerate over to the Templecruiser
    quickly, and destroy its hull before it leaves. Personally I destroyed about
    3/4 of its health using the Scarab HAW, which finally comes to use here. So
    use that for some quick, destructive effects, and let's move on.
    -~- 6x. Rescue Team -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 40000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mc.06 -~-
    This mission starts out extremely slow... just wait as Unisoft pretty much sits
    there and waits for nothing. They're expecting a reading, but they don't get
    anything. And then nothing happens until the world ends, and then suddenly
    appearing out of nowhere...
    ...there were ninjas! Thousands of them! Okay, it's all a joke up to now. But
    it DOES seem like about a thousand Sha'har ships appear out of nowhere. And
    they're long kills, since they have such defensive shields. If you still have
    the Gauss Gun, use it or this might be a very long ride. You might also want to
    watch out for their missiles while you're at it, because those are extremely
    deadly. Eventually, all the Sha'Har are destroyed, and then you just have to sit
    around and wait for Unisoft to try and power up their engines. Told you this is
    extremely slow.
    After a little bit, though, some more Sha'Har start coming in, and trust me,
    this time they're REALLY endless. You literally have to fight them for 3-5 whole
    minutes while waiting for the engines to come back on, so take care of yourself
    while doing this. If you weaken their shields a bit, the Plasma Cannon is close
    to being a one-hit kill, and the Gauss Gun is powerful as always. I can't find
    much use for the Scatter Gun here, though, so stick with anything but. On a
    side note, I leveled up to Ace after this mission, and the B.F.G. will be
    unlocked. This weapon is so powerful it'll kill all your allies too, so use it
    at your own risk.
    -~- 6y. Clear Path -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 38000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mc.07 -~-
    Argh... more fun with the Sha'Har. Since there are a lot of allies here, it
    isn't the best mission to test out the B.F.G. in, but (one of) the first things
    you'll notice is a large Sha'Har cruiser exiting the area. Don't try and hit it,
    since its power is pretty much obliteration. Just let it leave, and you get to
    defend a convoy from a bunch of ships! Oh wow, we've never done that yet in the
    entire game.
    This is one of the simpler missions in the entire game, in fact, so I'm not
    going to go into a whole lot of detail into it. Just destroy the Sha'Har ships,
    and if temptation gets the better of you, you CAN use the B.F.G., if you have
    it. Still, this isn't very hard; some Haulers will try and exit at some point,
    and you need to stop the Sha'Har from destroying them. Easy, easy, easy... let
    us just move on, m'kay? In fact, the Thunderbowl isn't a bad place to go next,
    come to think of it.
    -~- 6z. Thunderbowl II -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 40000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mc.08 -~-
    Alright... you wanna use that B.F.G., now is the perfect opportunity. I will
    say right now that this Thunderbowl mission, especially without the B.F.G., is
    a whole lot harder than the last one. For one thing, there are Mini Mines
    flying out everywhere, and if those hit you... well, prepare for a whole lot of
    damage. Worse so, there are SAADs around the place which will come on a lot
    quicker this time than the last one. And also, your enemies here are very...
    alien looking, if you know what I mean.
    Regardless, this isn't the hardest thing that you'll do all game, especially
    with the B.F.G. You might end up with two or even three Thunderbowl contestants
    following you, and if you have the B.F.G., you can pretty much kiss 'em all
    goodbye. Remember that there aren't any allies in the Thunderbowl, so it doesn't
    matter WHAT'S destroyed... hell, you can even destroy the SAADs, that'll even
    help you out. This won't be extremely difficult even without, though, although
    some of these ships take a bit of firepower to destroy. Also, try and move
    around a little bit, so you aren't a sitting duck to enemies. This'll end
    quickly and easily, I tell ya.
    -~- 6aa. Protect Cult -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 38000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mc.09 -~-
    This is one of the quickest and downright easiest missions in the game. I'm
    serious; this mission took me 1-2 effortless minutes, then I was done with it.
    Rather disappointing for that kind of pay, but we'll survive. You're helping
    the Cult out this time around, which I would have thought unlikely, since their
    name IS the Cult, which doesn't sound very friendly, but they're under attack
    by a group called the Scavengers.
    You're defending a Cult Destroyer, and as was demonstrated from the
    Templecruiser mission, they aren't the most resistant things in the world, so
    it has the potential to fail the mission for you. There are two Scavenger
    Cruisers right at the beginning, but both of them fall to your guns very, very
    quickly. Not only do they have no vitality whatsoever, but they don't even have
    many guns to hit you with! Just destroy them both (each are worth 10 points, by
    the way), and then the remaining Scavengers will fall very quickly. Mission
    over... and it barely even started.
    -~- 6ab. Kidnap Queen -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 42000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mc.10 -~-
    Your basic mission here is to prevent the Jelly fighters (hah, how bad can
    these get) from taking a Protoshelp Queen. And you're helping out the Dirt
    Warriors here, interestingly enough. And as for the chance of the Jelly fighters
    taking it, it's very slim. Honestly, there are only a couple of Jelly Haulers
    here, although their fighters are very numerous. There are a lot of them
    immediately in front of you, so you might want to take care of them first.
    Behind you, near a neutral item called the Jumpgate Access Point, a crapload of
    fighters will start coming out. There might be some haulers around there too,
    so make that your primary point of target. You can get at such an angle that
    you can shoot them down as soon as they enter, but there will be a whole lot
    of ships that are right behind that point, and that's where you may get some use
    out of the B.F.G. Make sure that you're as far away as possible from the Dirt
    Warriors when you do this, however.
    Get near the enemies there, and fire off the B.F.G., so that the lasers will
    attack anyone there, but it's too far off to give the Dirt Warriors any damage.
    I know it does look like it's hitting a whole lot of things, and trust me it
    is, but nothing that will cost you the mission. And lastly, a lot of things may
    pop up on the info screen here, but don't worry about those. However, if you get
    a note that a Jelly Hauler is trying to transport the Protoshelp Queen out,
    immediately go back and destroy that hauler. They're very big targets and hard
    to miss, but make sure you eliminate them, and then after all threats are
    neutralized, just wait for the Dirt Warriors to leave.
    -~- 6ac. Distress Call -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 45000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mc.11 -~-
    This is quite possibly the hardest mission yet. And out of 27 missions, that
    kind of says a lot. But I'm dead serious when I say this mission is one of the
    most difficult you've yet to face. It starts off peacefully enough, though...
    you're charged with simply defending a Dirt Warrior ship from Unisoft. That's
    fairly easy... right?
    WRONG. This was all a complete trap, and every single thing here will be
    destroyed by about fifteen uncloaking Unisoft ships, and a Unisoft Cruiser. So
    it's basically you, outnumbered about sixteen times. Do NOT attempt to destroy
    all the small ships before destroying the cruiser, or you may end up dead very
    quickly. The Unisoft Cruiser is quite possibly the most difficult battleship
    you've yet to take out, and that includes the Sha'har boss from Calculus 3. It
    has strong shields and a strong hull, but it can be very easily taken down with
    the Scarab HAW. All the same, it has about five guns on its top alone. So take
    care of that first if you want to make it out of this mission alive.
    It doesn't exactly get safer as the mission progresses, though. You have over
    fifteen ships to take out, and while this seems like B.F.G. heaven, note that
    the B.F.G. requires shield energy to use, and you might end with none of that
    very quickly. So if you can use it, that's great, you should. But if you can't,
    don't panic. You will have to move around quite a bit, though, especially if
    you don't have any shields. The Hull missiles are capable of destroying you in
    one hit, or at least if you're a bit reduced. So keep moving and firing, even
    if you may take a little bit of damage in the process, but a little is better
    than a lot.
    Soon enough, you'll have them all nailed down. It ends there... right? Wrong.
    Four jumpgates will open, and 8-9 more Unisoft fighters will come in. Did I
    yet mention that they are the strongest fighters you have yet to encounter?
    That's right, better than the Sha'har too. However, these are widely spread
    out and not nearly as numerous, so not nearly as dangerous. Still, don't let
    you guard down. Keep moving, and damage them steadily. Also, the B.F.G. doesn't
    exactly work here either, since they're really spread out. But supposing that
    you succeed, you have one mission left... with an Engram link on it. Escape.
    -~- 6ad. Escape -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 42000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ mc.12 -~-
    Enjoy the cutscene at the beginning of this mission... basically Bill Kane and
    the Sha'har completely owning each other... you have to admit SOME people are
    rather stupid, however.
    I used to think this mission was really difficult, but now I just think it's
    kinda meh. You will be presented with another boss enemy here, this one called
    the Sha'har Cephalipid. There are some Sha'har fighters around here too, but
    they'll fall fairly quickly... not much. And you are charged with helping a
    Unisoft ship here, but that's not exactly gonna be very easy, when your boss,
    the Cephalipid, shows up. It appears as just a rocket, but you'll find that it
    is a bit more than that.
    Take some time out to defeat the fighters, and just wait for the Cephalipid to
    approach the Unisoft ship and then open itself up to reveal its tentacles. Each
    of these are lasers which are capable of doing immense damage, so take as many
    of them out as you can, before the core is completely visible. And don't worry
    about the Unisoft ship being destroyed, since that'll probably happen anyway.
    The Cephalipid will reveal itself sooner or later to be how many tentacles are
    left, and one core in the center. And once you get rid of that core, the whole
    thing is gone.
    The most idiotic thing you could possibly do is try to eliminate all of the
    tentacles before doing anything else... bad idea. You'll get blasted to
    oblivion trying that, and hey, is it really worth it? Just aim for the core,
    get rid of the shields, and fire off the Scarab HAW to wound it as much as
    possible. Sooner or later, this will end, and you're in the new station... the
    Aurora Station. I will now pose one question, however: what the hell is a
    -~- 6ae. Robohunting -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 32000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ md.01 -~-
    The first thing that you'll notice when you reach the Aurora Station is that
    there's a new ship available, but more important, new weapons. There's the
    GP Laser mk III, Shield and Hull Missiles mk II, Plasma Missiles and a Plasma
    Torpedo, plus some more ship stuff. However, for this and the following
    mission, you'll need Stun Missiles, and a Grapple Gun. Then you can really
    enter trigger happy weapon goodness for real.
    Your mission here is to find all the Robofighters in front of you, stun them,
    grapple them, and bring them back to the League ship. Sounds simple and easy,
    but they can fairly hard to miss with the missiles, especially if you don't
    lock on. Plus, as you do this and grapple them, you'll get attacked by
    Scavenger Raiders. And they aren't really that bad, putting aside the fact they
    fire off about three hundred missiles simultaneously. So just watch out for
    that one little issue.
    This really isn't very hard, aside from that... just grapple them and bring
    them in the vicinity of the League ship, and wait for them to be grappled by
    the ship before letting go. Let them take 'em in, and repeat this until three
    Robofighters are in the ship, and then you get to destroy the rest. They DID
    attack you all this time, but they weren't that bad... one B.F.G. shot will
    probably destroy all of them. Not hard... at all.
    -~- 6af. Capture Sha'har -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 52000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ md.02 -~-
    Don't start dropping the Stun Missiles and Grapple Gun, because there's another
    mission which requires them. And this one starts out really hard, but ends
    fairly easily. You're with Diva, right near a Sha'har fight, and then soon
    enough a Sha'har Cruiser appears. You've yet to see that, eh? Oh well, trust
    me that it's pretty dangerous. In fact, I'd go as far as to say it's even more
    dangerous than the Unisoft Cruiser ship... this one's got a LOT more resistance
    and not to mention even more guns.
    The absolute quickest way to finish it off is to use a couple Plasma Torpedos,
    and just a little regular firepower to rough it down. Make sure you eliminate
    it as quickly as possible, and keep away from its firepower. Feel free to
    destroy its guns while you're at it, since that IS what makes it so deadly.
    After it's gone, you're left with about five Sha'har ships, and also Snakes
    Mahoney will show up. Remember that guy, from way back in the Donachet Idol
    mission? Now he's with the League to capture a Sha'har... heh heh heh. So very
    Feel free to destroy him, although he'll get destroyed by the Sha'har himself
    fairly quickly. And from there, keep destroying Sha'har until you get a message
    saying that only two remain, and trust me that that won't take very long. When
    that happens, destroy one, and make sure that one and only remains. Lock onto it
    and fire a Stun Missile at it, and then grapple it. Then feel free to get the
    hell outta here.
    -~- 6ag. Solar Flare -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 35500 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ md.03 -~-
    I detest this mission in every way possible. I will say, however, that you
    STILL need that grapple gun. Plus you need a repair pod as an alternative to
    the stun missiles... blah. Told you, and it gets even worse. You need to find
    the habitats around here, and grapple them, bringing them to the purple
    jumpgate. However, it's possible for you to enter it yourself, and if you do,
    it's mission failed. To avoid this, wait until you start feeling some vibration
    and around then, let the grapple go. But do NOT enter the habitat's jumpgate.
    There are two Civilian Haulers around here, and if you lock on to them and
    fire off the repair pod, they'll help take the habitats out of here. They're
    not the best help in the world, but they will assist you in ending this inferno
    of a nightmare of a mission fairly quickly. Head for the habitats closer to the
    sun first, and get them into the jumpgate. There's not too much more that can
    be said here... but when you get an opportunity to leave via jumpgate, do so
    before you mysteriously fail the mission for whatever reason. And it's the
    blue jumpgate... not the purple one.
    -~- 6ah. Protect Refugees -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: N/A -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ md.04 -~-
    Heh... this is one fun mission. The beginning of it will get you a good idea
    of exactly what it is: two Scavengers are shooting at you at the same time!
    Hahaha, absolute brilliance. I'll say right now, however, that you don't need
    anything for this mission, so three GP Lasers mk III, Plasma Torpedoes, the
    B.F.G., and the Scarab HAW make me one happy panda. But as for the beginning
    of this mission, it goes without saying that those Scavengers are dangerous and
    need to be eliminated, but I think you knew that.
    Fight a few Scavengers around, kickin' their ass a bit, until the Scavenger
    Shark appears. This is one of the most difficult battleships in the entire
    game, since it's loaded to hell and back, and plus its shields take eternities
    to destroy. If you happen to have Shield Torpedos (which I didn't), make sure
    you use them, because this is one of the best possible opportunities. Even
    Plasma Torpedos don't really work on the shields too well, so get rid of those
    as quickly as possible. When you're done there, the hull is no problem. A Plasma
    Torpedo or Scarab HAW blast or two will have it gone in no time.
    And then here you'll be left with a few Scavengers to play around with. If you
    fire in the opposite direction as the refugees and cargo, it won't be any
    trouble at all to use the B.F.G. to destroy a couple. And then as for near them,
    just use the GP Laser mk III, protecting the cargo. It doesn't really run much
    of a risk, so if you can get rid of the Scavenger Shark, which should be your
    first priority, this will be an easy mission.
    -~- 6ai. Hostage Release -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 55000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ md.05 -~-
    Blargh, you're up against a Dargothian Dreadnought when this mission starts,
    and I know that it's extremely tempting to just fly up to it and blow it to
    smithereens, but that isn't exactly an option here, since some Unisoft people
    will be over to take some people inside it. And your task is to destroy all
    twelve turrets on it... and that means all twelve. It's easiest to tell where
    they are if you look where enemy fire is coming from.
    That isn't to say that Pirate Raiders will be coming in, but about two hits
    from your GP Laser alone will have them all destroyed. You can't destroy the
    Dreadnought, however, because then the hostages inside will die. So just search
    the edges of it, and make sure that all other enemies are defeated. And once
    they're gone, some Ubisoft peeps will be over to capture the people inside the
    Dreadnought, and you'll have to defend them. However, they aren't exactly the
    vulnerable people here.
    Make absolutely sure that the Dreadnought isn't destroyed until the operation
    is complete. The Pirate Raiders might assist in hurting it, so make sure you
    wipe them all out, very quickly (they're so weak it's painful, though). And
    after a while of defense, this'll be over, but just defend the Dreadnought
    above anything else. As for the next mission, it's back to games of grappling
    -~- 6aj. Scavenge This -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 49000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ md.06 -~-
    One of the most boring, and my least favorite mission in the entire game.
    Basically, there's a Booster Nuke in front of you, and you need to grapple
    onto it and wait a few hours for it to take you into the heart of Scavenger
    space, and then let it blow up there. You'll be attacked by Scavengers in the
    meantime, so get rid of those. And also, make sure you take out the debris and
    asteroids, since if you crash into those, you're a goner. This is the most
    strategy I will provide, but once it's done, fly fly away before you get nuked.
    That is all.
    -~- 6ak. Roadblock -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: N/A -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ md.07 -~-
    Not a very difficult mission, and also one that allows you to get a whole lot
    of money for it if you play it correctly... yes, it's one of those one in a
    million missions that are bounty only, but oh well. It's also reminiscence
    way back from Escort Duty so enjoy... you're helping out three Stompers and
    getting rid of obstacles, Scavengers, and such... hey, didn't we already nuke
    Scavenger space? That just kind of rubs me the wrong way.
    The first thing I recommend doing is accelating far ahead of the Stompers and
    blasting down the road blocks that are there. Just destroy them, they won't
    put up any opposition, or anything. When they're done with, return to the
    vicinity of the Stompers, because at this point they're probably being attacked
    by the Scavengers, who are at this point becoming incredibly easy enemies...
    just take 'em down, take names, and move on, it's not that hard. Well, until
    Scavenger tanks show up.
    Always keep an eye out for those occasional red marks everywhere, because they
    might be a tank that's right nearby. And those are by far the most dangerous
    things to the Cargo Stompers. Once you're absolutely sure that the vicinity is
    clear, keep going ahead of them, and blast down three more Road Blocks in front
    of you, and then it's clear up to the facilities. Just defend them, because
    right before they reach the end, they'll be attacked again. Oh well... this'll
    end fairly soon.
    -~- 6al. Thunderbowl III -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 60000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ md.08 -~-
    It's the Thunderbowl, plain and simple. And it is pretty much the same as
    before, right? Well... yes and no. There are still Mini Mines, and also those
    damn SAADs which just want to blast you into a different form of nirvana. All
    the same, I don't consider this to be an exceptionally difficult mission, even
    if it is easily the most difficult Thunderbowl. And I will say right now that
    your opponents are REALLY alien this time... always a good thing, I suppose.
    But anyway, onto the strategy.
    You can't entirely rely on the B.F.G. for this one, because your enemies this
    time around are a bit faster than that. Two or three usages out of it will
    suffice, but other than that, this might be a good time to lay low and track
    down the remaining people after that. One of them is particularly hard, so it's
    very advantageous that the radar will only display your opponents, and not the
    Mini Mines. So seek, and destroy... the usual pattern. And also, try to keep
    moving, because you might end up dead any second if you don't. Just the kind of
    thing I love. =)
    -~- 6am. Defender -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 64000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ md.09 -~-
    This is, in my opinion, the most difficult mission in the entire game. And it
    has an Engram link on it too, so it's mandatory... don't think you can get out
    of this one. You're faced with defending a refinery which pretty much dies in
    a few hits, so if you're at ALL worried about destroying it, just stay the hell
    away from it and fire in the opposite direction. That's what I did, and it
    worked pretty damn well, but you'll have to watch out or you'll be the one to
    deal the finishing blows to it, and not the the Sha'har.
    If defending the refinery gets too difficult, it might not be a bad idea to
    come into this mission with a Repair Pod, but I will also note that you'll
    fight yet another boss here, so just be wise about what you use. Destroy the
    line of Sha'har that come in the direction of the refinery, and then some
    ground forces, the Sha'har Tridens, will appear. They go down a lot faster than
    you would think for robots like those, so just seek them out and go trigger
    happy on them, and they're as good as dead. Moving on... but don't get too
    wrapped up in them, or you might get the refinery swarmed by the fighters.
    I will say once again that it's a horrible idea to fire in the direction of
    the refinery, especially with three GP Lasers. And if you use the B.F.G. that
    way, you deserve to be spat on. Try and fire in the opposite direction as much
    as possible, and keep away from it if it's at all possible. Then after that
    main line of offense is gone, the Sha'har Black Widow will uncloak. I think
    the name speaks for itself, but it's a giant robotic spider that hunts, preys,
    and kills. Worthy of being a boss.
    This actually isn't an extremely difficult boss -- the Black Widow has guns,
    advances, and might trample you and deal damage, but it really isn't anything
    to put a whole lot of worry about. To damage it, however, you need to destroy
    the four devices on its legs. You know, the red things... they don't have more
    resistance than regular turrets, so just take them out, and you can damage the
    Black Widow. Like I said, the Black Widow is absolutely nothing special, but
    you have an extremely unforgiving time limit to destroy it, or it'll have that
    refinery gone in no time. Plasma Torpedos, if you have them, will considerably
    speed this up, so make use of everything.
    If you get through this mission, you're on to Boreas Station, which is the
    game's last station, and if you actually finished this mission, you can pretty
    much finish anything else the game throws at you.
    -~- 6an. Necessity -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 68000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ me.01 -~-
    This is a particularly difficult mission, pitting you against the League and
    defending a Navy ship called the Necessity. And your opponents are about a
    million tanks and League Interceptors, and if you just charge at them, enjoy a
    quick and easy death. The best strategy would be line them up and head to the
    far left, destroy the tank there, and keep going, but even doing this may
    result in quite a bit of damage. If you got promoted to Grand Master during
    Defender (I did), then that WILL help a lot, though.
    Feel free to use Plasma Torpedos on these tanks and not worry about the cost.
    I don't recommend the B.F.G., though, since it requires a lot of shielding
    energy. Plasma Missiles always work, but those might not be one-hit kills. And
    it gets even worse when a huge swarm of League Interceptors show up. From here
    on out, I recommend going to the far back of their side of the field -- not
    close to the Navy Necessity, since that really takes awhile to go down. Get
    BEHIND these Interceptors and hit them as they come.
    I wouldn't recommend using torpedos on the interceptors, though, since they can
    very easily evade them. Normal GP Laser mk III fire will work. Then you can
    return to the Necessity and prevent it from being attacked by further enemy
    fire. Also, if you get past the beginning and maybe the middle of this mission,
    the pickup will be easy to get through, since it's just one or two fighters.
    Good luck.
    -~- 6ao. Sabotage -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 62000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ me.02 -~-
    This mission is already substantially easier than the previous two, but if you
    want a complete joke of a mission, come into this one with two Nanotech
    Torpedos. You'll notice that there's a fleet of about six ships here, as well
    as the Navy Research Facility. Approach that facility and the Sha'har ship
    you're after will be loaded into it. This facility is actually very deadly and
    if you play around you're going to get burned. However, if you want to destroy
    it in one hit, just blast it with a Nanotech Torpedo.
    Then the most difficult part of the entire mission ensues as you have to chase
    that Sha'har fighter down and destroy it. That's not very difficult; all you
    need to do is look on the radar for a flashing red target, shoot it down, and
    destroy it. Then all you need to do is destroy the rest of the Navy fleet, and
    if you got through that League fleet, this'll be a cinch. Just shoot them down
    and keep moving, since you WILL get targeted by a whole lot of missiles here.
    Easy as pie.
    -~- 6ap. The Hilachet Betrayed -~-~-~-~- Bounty: 60000 -~-~-~-~-~- me.03 -~-
    I know that from various impressions you'll get from looking at this mission,
    it looks like it would be really difficult, but really it isn't. You WILL need
    a Phase Distorter Beacon for this mission, though, and at least three of them.
    But anyway, the first thing you'll notice is a League Shipyard, which cannot be
    destroyed... yet. Behind it is the Hilachet Dreadnought, and you're required to
    enter the Phase Distorters into its stabilizers.
    If you're looking for those, they're the long pipes at the back with blue
    circles on them. Just find those, make sure you target each of them before
    firing off the Phase Distorters, and get them all in there. You might also want
    to get rid of some League fighters that are roaming around at the minute, also,
    because you may quite possibly get attacked while you're firing off the Phase
    Distorters. And yes, believe it or not, that was the EASY part of this mission.
    Now you have to defend the Donachet as they make it to the Dreadnought!
    While harder than the last part, this isn't as hard as you might think, but the
    Hilachet and League will make full efforts to stop you. Stay within a far
    vicinity of the enemy fighters, but nowhere close to the Donachet fighters, and
    with the sun right on them, you'll see the enemies easily. Destroy them all,
    and ESPECIALLY the Hilachet Kamikazes, which might very well damage you as
    well. Then eventually all that's left is to destroy the League Shipyard... and
    it has a lot more vitality than the Navy Research Facility, I'll let you know.
    With some consistent firepower and two Nanotech Torpedos, however, you can
    eliminate it. Then go out through that jumpgate. =P
    -~- 6aq. Infiltrate -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 80000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ me.04 -~-
    Heh heh heh... and for this one, you're going in a Sha'har formation, towards
    where the Red Sun will appear. This is the one and only mission in the game in
    which the Sha'har are actually allies, or you can use their Death Ray weapon,
    so make full use of that. Just advance, side by side with the Sha'har, they
    won't nitpick for silly errors like going a tiny bit ahead, or being a little
    bit behind. Eventually, they'll take you right to the Red Sun, who is also an
    ally... heh heh heh.
    You only have four Phase Distorter Beacons, so be careful with this one.
    Advance towards the three red cores, lock on to each, and put a Phase Distorter
    in there. Obviously, the Sha'har will notice that you're an enemy and will now
    be after you, but they don't really seem as powerful here as they were in
    whatever other battles you fought against them, so don't worry about them
    destroying you while you deploy the Phase Distorters on the Red Sun, although
    they WILL fire missiles... avoid.
    After you're done with the Red Sun, now you get to destroy pretty much the
    entire Sha'har fleet that's here... hah, fat chance, since close to unlimited
    Sha'har Feeders (?!) will be coming in through a jumpgate a little bit back.
    So try and destroy them quickly with your Death Ray, while minimizing the
    fighters as much as possible, until you're left with only those that are left
    coming out of the jumpgate. And it also goes without saying that you need to
    move around while doing this, or you'll get hit by missiles. When you're done
    with that, take a well-earned jumpgate break and prepare for what it is close
    to being the final battle.
    -~- 6ar. The Gauntlet -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 90000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ me.05 -~-
    This is the second to last mission, so give this one close to all that you've
    got. You'll be with Diva, and your mission as of now is to find the Navy
    SuperDreadnought and steal something from it. However, just ignore what you're
    actually supposed to do. This is also another two-part mission (see, told ya
    there'd be maybe one more!), and if you don't have Grand Master rank yet, now
    is your chance to get it. I will also say that you need a LOT of Nanotech
    Torpedos if you want that Grand Master rank, which, speaking of ranks, it's
    very easy to get about a hundred points here.
    There are Navy and League Dreadnoughts everywhere. There's also a League
    Battlecruiser, but that can be destroyed in one hit with a Plasma Torpedo. As
    for Nanotech Torpedos, those are reserved. It takes one to destroy a League
    Dreadnought and two to destroy a Navy Dreadnought, so concentrate all firepower
    on the League, unless you're being attacked by either the Navy or the League
    Interceptors. In that case, fire away with the GP Laser mk III, but I will say
    right now that you still need to be moving unless you want to be destroyed,
    really quickly.
    Believe me that constant League Dreadnoughts will be entering, and you want to
    destroy them all. And also, believe it or not, these battleships are all worth
    ten points, so make full use of that knowledge. And if you run out of Nanotech
    Torpedos, resort to Plasma Torpedos, or maybe the Scarab HAW if this kind of
    thing calls for it. The clock to the right isn't when you fail, it's just the
    time that you have to be playing around with the destruction of Dreadnoughts,
    so keep an eye on it. Eventually, Diva's craft will be attacked and the second
    part of the mission begins.
    You need to find Diva's escape pod, and grapple it. There are a lot of targets
    here, but all of them are either Navy and League Debris, or the Sha'har, who
    are here to stop this mission from being a success. Just find the flashing
    green object that is seen on the map, while meanwhile, destroying any Sha'har
    that you find. The hardest part of this mission, believe it or not, is actually
    grappling Diva's escape pod. Try and get as close to it as possible, and then
    grapple above the target. Also make sure you lock on to it, and that'll make it
    a little easier. Then the jumpgate opens... you're free, right?
    Wrong. Approach the jumpgate, and a Sha'har Cruiser will appear. You can easily
    destroy it if you have a few Nanotech Torpedos left, but even with just Plasma
    Torpedos, this shouldn't be incredibly difficult. Just attack it, and make sure
    that Diva doesn't sustain any fire from it, and soon enough it'll be destroyed.
    There are also other Sha'har around at the time, so just make sure that they
    don't interfere. After the Cruiser is destroyed, exit through the jumpgate. Now,
    are you ready for the final battle?
    -~- 6as. Destroy Red Sun -~-~-~-~-~-~- Bounty: 900000 -~-~-~-~-~-~-~ me.06 -~-
    Ignore the 900,000 bounty, since it's the last mission... you're obviously not
    gonna get paid for it. I would recommend three GP Lasers mk III, and at least
    eight Nanotech Torpedos. That's all that you need for this final battle, so
    get it ready for use, and enter this area. There are three vents on the Red
    Sun, which is moving forward at the moment, and you have to destroy them and
    cover the Donachet grapplers who are attempting to tow the Red Sun into
    Get at an angle where you can target the vents and destroy each of them as
    fast as possible, and then the Donachet fighters will move in. You can't let
    ANY of them be destroyed, so target all the Sha'har fighters around here and
    destroy them. Also, even if you still have it, the B.F.G. does NOT work, so
    don't try that either. Get rid of all the Sha'har you can, but if you see them
    attacking the Donachet Grapplers, make sure you cover them and stop the Sha'har
    as quickly as possible. Then the final boss battle of the game begins: against
    the Red Sun.
    Surprisingly, this battle isn't really that much, even if it is fought in
    subspace. With the ultimate ship, subspace won't even heat you up that much,
    but if you're really taking damage, don't hesitate to retreat into a shadow
    asteroid. The Red Sun has those three vents back again, in which you'll need to
    destroy if you want to damage it. However, you can pretty much charge ahead
    right here and destroy each of them, and then it'll be left attempting to hit
    you with a scatter gun.
    This gun is very powerful and might have you destroyed very quickly, and plus
    you'll have to move around a lot, since the Red Sun uses missiles, and a LOT of
    them. But if you can shake past that, it's possible to get to a certain point
    behind the Red Sun in which it can't hit you at all. You can just stay right
    behind it and hit it repeated times with Nanotech Torpedos until the shields
    are gone, and then the hull is even more vulnerable than the shields. Three or
    so Nanotech Torpedos and the Red Sun's hull will be destroyed, so couple that
    with some GP Lasers mk III, and you can enjoy the Red Sun's blast radius.
    Congratulations! You've beaten the admittedly inferior, but still quite decent
    sequel to Colony Wars and Vengeance! Give yourself a pat on the back, or
    whatnot... and enjoy yourself. Or if you didn't manage all of them, make a
    repeated effort to beat all of the game's 45 missions. Possibilities are
    endless from here on out.
      / \   7. Credits                                                       / \
    -+ - +-=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~-+ - +-
    Enjoy getting out of another one of my more random, out of nowhere guides. Hey,
    I did want to write for this game after having written for Vengeance, so I
    hope that in doing so, I've helped ya out, as well as anyone else who read my
    Vengeance guide. You can't shake past the fact I write these for personal
    satisfaction, but oh well, these guys have some help in the matter.
    - Jeff "CJayC" Veasey: For running the whole site of GameFAQs, the main site
    that I work for. It's an awesome site, and I must commend CJayC for running
    this great site for 6 whole years and posting this guide.
    - Stephen Ng: For being the FAQ editor for IGN, which is the other site that I
    write for. I am honored to write for IGN, since it is a great site. I was also
    very glad to do an exclusive for IGN.
    - Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, U2, The Eagles, Queen, Van Halen, The Beatles, and
    many others: You probably know why I'm thanking you, but I don't believe this
    guide would be up as quickly if it weren't for all of you.
    - All the guys who first got me started writing from GameFAQs and all of my
    best friends like SinirothX, Psycho Penguin, Meowthnum1, CVXFREAK, Karpah,
    ZoopSoul, Crazyreyn, Gobicamel, asa2377 (OH EM GEE YOU TROLL), Warhawk, Cyril,
    supernova54321, Minesweeper, AlaskaFox, me frog, RHarrison, masterzero99, Tom
    Hayes, wayalla, djg40, MTincher, NickBush24, BurningFox, AquaBlast, and
    definitely more that I'm forgetting: you are some of the best friends that
    anyone can have, and I may have quit FAQing/left FCB forever without all of
    you. Thank you for everything and for motivating me to get my ass in gear.

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