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Reviewed: 01/02/04

One of the Best Horror Games Ever Made

Clock Tower is in my opinion one of the greatest horror game series in existence, seconded only by Fatal Frame. Clock Tower 3 was one of my favorite PS2 games of all time. So when I saw this game in the bargain bin at my favorite game store I did not hesitate to buy it. Before I start the review this game I have to clear up some confusion, this Clock Tower game is really the second Clock Tower game in the series, but the original game was never released the USA, so technically it is the first Clock Tower game, you can however download a ROM of the very first Clock Tower (I call it Clock Tower Zero). Now onto the review.

Story: (10/10)
In Clock Tower you play as Jennifer Simpson, a girl who had survived the attack of a mass murder named Scissorman, when Jennifer escaped this mansion called the Barrows mansion, and stopped the Scissorman, and his deformed brother Danny Barrows, she thought that was the end of her ordeal. But Scissorman has returned and he followed Jennifer to Norway, and has continued his murders. So now it is up to Jennifer and her guardian Helen, to uncover the truth of Scissorman and putting an end to the murders.

Graphics: (6/10)
The graphics in Clock Tower are a little bit on the iffy side, the backgrounds in the game just look a little bit too bland for my tastes. The characters also don't look all that great, their movements are just so generic, the only character I really liked was the main villian in the game Scissorman. Overall: not great but much better than some PS1 games.

Controls: (9/10)
The controls in Clock Tower are some of the most responsive controls I've seen in a game. The game is especially simply if you happen to own a mouse for your Playstation, if you do controlling the character is a breeze to control. Controlling the person with a controller is a little bit difficult but after you get used to them you'll be able to flee in terror with ease. Overall: Controlling the main character is simply.

Sound: (10/10)
Sound is where Clock Tower really shines. It uses a brilliant blend of silence and noise throughout the game. Most of the time the game will be silent with a little bit of music playing in the background. However when Scissorman appears the music speeds up and right when he's about to finish you off (or not if your any good) the music plays up to a fevered pitch then abruptly ends. The game even let's you know when Scissorman's going to appear with the metallic clanking of his oversized scissors. The voice acting however is a different story. Simply put, the voice acting is horrific, when they actually use it. Overall: The sound and music are good.

The Game As a Whole: (10/10)
While the core of the game isn't all that long, the game has five endings for each of the characters which will have you playing over and over just to see what they are. The game has enough scares and a great story to keep you enthralled to it's shocking (to say the very least) ending and perhaps playing over and over again.

Buy or Rent?
Chances are you won't be able to find any place that has this game for rent, if your able to find this game anywhere to buy I highly recommend you buy it, cause chances are you won't be able to find it again. You won't be dissapointed for buying this game especially since the game is now available for about five or ten dollars. So I recommend you buy this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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