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Scenario 2 FAQ by Lenore

Updated: 08/29/1998

From: Lenore1901@aol.com
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 13:00:05 EDT

"Clock Tower"
FAQ on for playing Scenario 2 (The Municipal Library)

This FAQ was written by Lenore. Feel free to email me with any
Questions/Comments at Lenore1901@aol.com. Just don't send me violations of
email (chain letters, advertising, etc). I won't read it.

If you want to put this on your web page…email me. I will probably say yes,
but I will only do so if you give me credit for it…

--Lenore :)

After Sullivan dies and Scissorman appears, go downstairs and make your way to
the clerk's desk. Move your cursor to the middle of it and click. Helen will
hide behind the counter. This is one of only two ways I have found to dodge
Scissorman in this scenario. Once he's gone, return to Sullivan's Office
(ignore the clerk hanging on the bookshelf on the way, unless you want to meet
Scissorman again). In there, check the spot on his desk where you find the
envelopes twice to get the "Collection Room Key". Next, check the locked door
in Sullivan's Office.
In the Collection Room, switch on the aquarium light. (If your luck is like
mine, Scissorman will be on the other side of the tank :P If Scissors is
there, beat feet back to Sullivan's Office and use the lamp on him. You can
only use that lamp once. So remember if you have or not.) In the collection
room, search the table to get the statue (that is if you had Harris leave it
with Sullivan in the Prologue). Then get out of there. 
By now, you should have heard Edward's voice. Go up the stairs and enter the
Gear Room. A chain of some sort will 'wrap' itself around Helen's ankle and
Scissorman will make another appearance. Hit the panic button like mad (the
Square on the D-pad) and she will free herself. To dodge him again, you can
use Sullivan's lamp in his office (if you haven't already) or hide behind the
clerk's desk. ("Oh yea!" If, at anytime, you run into Scissorman on your way
to the Clerk's desk where he blocks the way, and you already had used the
lamp, head up the stairs to the Gear Room and wait till he comes. When the
cursor starts flashing blue and red (which means near death) hit at your panic
button and attempt to head to the clerk's desk again.) When he's gone, go back
into the gear room and search the set of gears at the far left for Hint #5. 
Now head towards the clerk's desk and behind the desk is a door. Go inside and
the camera will show a clip of a chair moving. Inspect the chair and you will
find Edward. Helen will take him to the Reading Room. In the Reading Room,
check out the vent at the far left. Then go back to the Clerk's desk again. At
the clerk's desk, you notice the police have come! The camera angles change,
and inspect the door. Unfortunately, you are locked in :( Go into the room
where you found Edward and check the table at the far left to get the
Screwdriver. Beat feet back to the Reading Room and use the Screwdriver on the
vent. Helen will have Edward crawl through it. Now all you have to do is find
a way out. One more time, head back to the clerk's desk and on your way, Gotts
will greet you.

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