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The game that killed the series I loved. 11/29/04 Adori
Chrono Cross, a.k.a. BEST VIDEOGAME EVER! 08/22/00 CFClone
Broken systems and convulted runnings do not a good game game make. 10/12/07 EmP
A colossal failure 03/24/08 Loopmeister
It's not the worst game ever, probably, but I really can't stand it one single bit. 07/24/06 Psycho Penguin
One of the worst games you'll ever play, but at least it has nice music and pretty graphics. 09/27/10 UltimaterializerX
It had some potential, but it was ruined by terrible, terrible execution. 07/14/06 Viridian_Moon
Ignore the haters. This journey through time is timeless. 03/22/10 Archmonk Iga
The Scars of Time Bleed Anew 07/24/06 Ashley Winchester
Don't expect more Chrono Trigger here! 01/14/13 Bkstunt_31
A timeless RPG 07/12/12 Calamity
One of the most incredible RPG experiences ever! 05/02/02 Comfortably Numb
My LAST review for this game...I promise... 09/07/00 CVagts
A truly beautiful game that deserves the perfect score. Perfect is an understatement. 06/13/07 DaemonscharmII
Obviously the best PSX game to date. 08/30/00 DJellybean
Irredeemable 11/30/12 EmbraceChaos
An excellent game, but a doubtful sequel for some 09/16/03 Ethereal Blue
Chrono Poseur 07/29/03 FFM
Is it truly possible for something to appeal to everyone? 07/31/06 Gbness
Give it away give it away give it away . . . . NOW! 07/24/06 Genjuro Kibagami
Let's begin our journey through two parallel worlds! 01/30/00 Happy Matt
Chrono extremely good sequel that nonetheless could have been a little better. 09/08/17 hunnymoney1701
Hype: excessive publicity and the ensuing commotion (the hype surrounding Chrono Cross) 02/02/03 Kane
Differences between the expected product and finished product. 05/21/10 Kashell Triumph
Probably the best RPG on Playstation 01/05/03 Macolio
Gets a lot of hate from some Chrono Trigger fans, but is still a great game. 08/11/08 menschmaschine5
It doesn't suck. 12/05/06 MSuskie
Just a colorful game? 05/24/06 Mykas0
A "cross" between tradition and innovation, but some may not prefer the mixture. 06/23/02 Myzery_Clown
Not your typical day at the beach 04/21/14 nastynate3118
I don't know what their problem is, but this game is nothing short of perfect. 03/25/10 neo_underwear
Nailed to the Cross 08/28/09 Ofisil
Hands down, the best PlayStation game ever made, and a hands-down contender for best RPG and/or game ever made. This is it. 08/26/00 Ranma
It's great, but where's the airship? 07/07/04 Relle
Another on of Square's finest 08/31/00 roadkill
This is the kind of masterpiece that can send a person into clinical shock 08/02/02 rxfang6
Only the strong can survive against fate! 11/10/00 SCCAN85
A fitting continuation of one of the best RPGs ever 01/28/06 serados
Chrono Cross is the perfect model for what an RPG should be... 08/14/06 shabulia
Shneepshnop provides a truly unbiased review of the controversial game Chrono Cross. 04/01/04 shneepshnop
Thpontaneothry Combuthted! 01/23/06 Shotgunnova
Does a few things right, but only a few. 02/27/17 ssjdkcrew
An excellent game that any RPG fan shouldn't miss out on. 02/05/09 Super Slash
Quite overrated, tedious experience. 11/06/07 superzapper
A solid, but flawed RPG experience that does not live up to Chrono Trigger's legacy 11/07/06 twiggy_trippit
A truly regretable disappointment for Chrono fans... 09/26/00 Yamo
This game had a huge potential, but...... 07/09/07 Zylo the wolf

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