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Rainbow Shell Location Guide by JMak2000

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/07/2001


Rainbow Shell Location Guide
Version 1.0

By JMak2000 ( JMak85@yahoo.com )

--- Statement --------
All these locations of the @Rainbow Shells are mostly found by me myself. But 
as you can see, I said "mostly", not all. Credits will be given to the 
appropriate person if I use an info that I take from someone's else FAQ/Guide.

As @Rainbow Shells are a rare object and can be found in the most amazing 
places (You'll understand what I mean if you read this Guide :), I alone can't 
find them all. I will always accept email from whoever that had found @Rainbow 
Shell from places not stated in this Guide/FAQ. When I get the email and after 
I verified it, I will add it to the List and appropriate Credits will be given 
to that person.

If you found one, email me not stated in this Guide, email me at 
JMak85@yahoo.com with the topic "Rainbow Shell Location". Other topics will not 
be accepted and if you send me a SPAM mail or anything, your name will be 
gratefully stated here with your email address to let everyone know what a 
great guy you are.

Also, send me any Feedback on what you think of this Guide/FAQ if you got time, 
same email addy, just with topic "FAQ Feedback" or just "Feedback".

And one more thing, if you attained this FAQ/Guide from a site not listed on 
the Site List (Section VI), send me an email and tell me which site you got it 
from. If you want permission to post it on your site, all you need to do is 
ask, I will be more than happy to give you the permission. Go to Site List 
(Section VI) for more info.

--- What is this Guide/FAQ? --------
This Guide/FAQ is to tell you where in the game you can get @Rainbow Shells. As 
you may all know, @Rainbow Shells is the "main" ingredient needed to forge all 
those much wanted or needed Prism/Spectral Weapons & Armors. The Ingredients 
for these Weapons/Armors are basically the same 7 Ingredients i.e. @Rainbow 
Shell, @Shiny Salt, @Shiny Sand, @Shiny Dew, @Shiny Soot, @Shiny Ember and 
@Shiny Leaf plus a few other common ingredients that you will have a lot to 
spare when you can forge Prism/Spectral Weapons and Armors.

All those "Shiny" things can be gotten by using a Summon to kill the enemy. 
Different Element Summon gives different "Shiny" object. The list is here:

It's written as:
Element Color (Summon) – Shiny ???

Red (Salamander) – @Shiny Ember
Blue (FrogPrince/BlueWhale) - @Shiny Dew
White (Saints) - @Shiny Salt
Green (Sonja) – @Shiny Leaf
Yellow (ThundaSnake) - @Shiny Sand
Black (GrimReaper) - @Shiny Soot

Those "Shiny" objects are quite easy (in a matter of speaking) to get compared 
to @Rainbow Shells as "Shiny" objects can be attained just by killing enemy or 
enemies with a Summon, unlike @Rainbow Shells which can only be found rarely in 
the game. This Guide will state out where to find those @Rainbow Shells so that 
you can easily (again, in a matter of speaking) get it to forge those 
Prism/Spectral Weapons & Armors you longed for.

--- Contents --------
  I. Version History
 II. Location of @Rainbow Shell
III. How/When can you start to forge Prism/Spectral things? 
 IV. Which is worth it and which is not? Why?
  V. FAQs
 VI. Site List
VII. Credits


6/8/2001 --- Version 1.0 ---

After a very long time, I am finally updating this FAQ/Guide! This may be the 
final update. I am now confident to say that I got all the locations of all the 
@Rainbow Shells that is located in the game. You are always welcomed to email 
me if I missed any in this update, but I don't think so.

11/17/2000 --- Version 0.6 ---

Updated it will even more Rainbow Shell Locations!! Yeah!! Also added the Site 
List where all sites that have permission to use this FAQ will be listed. Yes, 
there is more than 1 now. Woohoo! LoL

11/15/2000 --- Version  0.5 ---

Just started this FAQ/Guide. I just restarted with New Game+ and try to find 
out all the place where you can get @Rainbow Shells. Also setting a list (short 
one) on who you can steal @Rainbow Shells from, which will be uploaded on the 
next update of this FAQ/Guide, as I need to check who you can steal it from. 
For now, to know who you can steal it from, check the Location List, I'll put 
it there and also the Steal List once I put it up.


This List will tell you where and when to get the @Rainbow Shell, but it will 
be in no particular order, sorry. Most of the event/place to get @Rainbow 
Shells is a Sub-Quest by itself. Don't believe me? Read and see.

Rainbow Shell 1
Location – Arni (Another)
This is an easy @Rainbow Shell. When you first be able to use the "Astral 
Amulet" to cross Dimensions, get back to Home World and go to Arni. When you 
talk to the girl that works in the bar (you can call it that :), and tell her 
about her other self in Another World (I think you must speak to her other self 
in Another first), she'll laugh and say you're joking, but she will give you 
the Key Item "Book of Poems" anyway, and tell you to show it to her other self 
in Another World. Well, do that, and the girl from Another will give you back 
the "Book of Poems" but she'll also give you a @Rainbow Shell for your 

Rainbow Shell 2
Location – Termina (Another)
Now, this is the Weird one, as I said. After the event at Viper Manor with Kid 
being poisoned, go back to Termina and talk to the "Viper Churros" salesman. 
He'll tell you that his business is very bad and ask you for some suggestion. 
He says it cost 100G, and you get 3 answers to give him, which is (short 
answer, the long one I forgotten).

1.	It's too cheap.
2.	It's too expensive.
3.	It's just right

Now, answer him that it's too expensive, and he'll ask you to suggest a price 
for it, put it at somewhere around 60G, you put less, he'll tell you something 
funny, just try it, LoL. But, as I said, put it round 60G and he'll agree with 
it. You can watch an event now if you go to Skelly's grandmother's house and 
walk near the window, you'll see now that after he lowers the price, his 
business is very good. You can talk to him anytime and he'll give you some 
Viper Churros to eat for free. No @Rainbow Shell for now, still longer 
explanation to go.

Now, after the Lynx incident, where Porre soldiers took over Termina and after  
you get your body back, go to him again and he'll offer you some leftovers 
which you will automatically eat. When you eat it, it will say something like 
"You bit something hard inside", then you will check it and you'll get a 
@Rainbow Shell. Took long enough :)

Rainbow Shell 3
Location – S.S. Zelbess (Another)
Another easy @Rainbow Shell, you can get it anytime as Lynx. Just play the 
roulette game and get the Rank 1 prize, it's a @Rainbow Shell. You can play it 
again and get Rank 1, but unfortunately, they're all out of @Rainbow Shells and 
can only offer you @Denadorites :(

To attain Rank 1 easily, use this cheat. While the pointer is spinning, pause 
the game. If you see the pointer between S and W, press the X button, while 
holding it, unpause the game, the Pointer will stop at N every time and 
JACKPOT, double your points. Repeat it every round and you'll gain points fast. 
You'll need around 10,000 to get a Rank 1 Prize.

Message: I got this cheat from GameSages. Credits goes to whoever submit that 
cheat, which I didn't have time to check. If whoever reading this is the one 
that submit the cheat, special thanks to you for the easy @Rainbow Shell.

Rainbow Shell 4
Location – Earth Dragon Isle. (Home)
When you arrive at the Earth Dragon Isle., you will see that the Explorer team 
are unable to get in any further as they is no way in. The sand boil shoot them 
back up whenever they try to jump down and there is only a Quick Sand in the 
center. Well, go to the Quick Sand and you will fall down into a Cavern, you 
will find a creature blocking the way. Just go up again through the sand boil 
and talk to the Captain, he'll thank you for finding the way to get in and say 
they will take care of the creature blocking the way.

This part I don't remember that well. He will either give you the @Rainbow 
Shell now, either that or when you come later when you need to do the Dragon 
Gods Task, talk to him and he'll say he had taken care of the creature blocking 
the way, and thank you again and give you a @Rainbow Shell. 

Rainbow Shell 5
Location – Arni (Another)
Another easy one. You will notice that when you check the cart of the Element 
saleswoman in Arni (Another), it will say that "????? Found a @Rainbow Shell", 
but the woman says it's not for sale and you will just put it back.

Well, after you became Lynx and the Astral Amulet won't work meaning you are 
trapped in Home World for awhile. That is until you go to the Dead Sea and do 
the task there. Well, after the portal reopened, go to Another World and visit 
Arni, you will see that the village is deserted as all the Villagers had 
gathered in the Chief's House. Well, as the saleswoman isn't there anymore, you 
can check the Cart and get the @Rainbow Shell and she won't be there to stop 
you from taking it :) 

Rainbow Shell 6
Location - Viper Manor (Another)
In the armory, take the Décor Shield from the wall, put in on the Statue that 
doesn't have a Shield, fight them as they attack you (easy win). After that, 
check the pillar (left) and press the switch, then push the snake statue into 
square space/box that invites you to push the statue into it (It's so obvious 
you can push the statue there :). A secret wall will open and you can go in. 
There is 2 chest in the Room, one contains the "Viper Venom", Viper's sword, 
and the other one, our main goal, the @Rainbow Shell.

Rainbow Shell 7
Location – Fort Dragonia (Home)
Steal it from Dark Serge while fighting him!

Rainbow Shell 8 & 9
Location – Burning Orphanage (Another)
It's the part when you go back to the past to the Burning Orphanage in Kid's 
dream/nightmare. After defeating FATE, Kid will faint (yet again) and be in a 
coma. Go to Hermit's Hideaout and see her there. You must have either the 
Mastermune or Chrono Cross(?). In my case (Mastermune), the Mastermune will 
transport you and 2 party members to the Burning Orphanage with their (Masa, 
Mune & maybe Doreen too) powers and the help of the not completed Time Egg.

There are 2 @Rainbow Shells to get, one on the room you arrive in, check the 
side of the grandfather type clock after killing the LavaBoy, a kid will come 
out and thank you and give you a @Rainbow Shell.

The other @Rainbow Shell is also given to you by a kid after you saved him. I 
quite forgot which kid, either the one in the room up the right stairs or the 
one in the corridor outside the room. Just talk to the kids after saving them, 
one of them will give you a @Rainbow Shell while the others give you Nostrum 

(?) - Not sure, I used Mastermune, but I heard you can do it too with the 
Chrono Cross, but if you have both, like me, you'll use the Mastermune 
automatically. That's why I'm not sure if you can do it too with the Chrono 

Rainbow Shell 10
Location – Viper Manor (Another)
When Kid reawaken after the Burning Orphanage subquest, Radius will tell you 
that Luccia wants to see Kid at her lab in Viper Manor. Well, bring Kid along 
with you and go and see what Luccia wants at her lab (Viper Manor, duh). She'll 
give Kid a letter from Lucca. Once Kid open it, something shiny will drop out 
of it onto the table, but she won't take it yet. She'll read the letter, then 
tell you to leave her alone for a while. Once you have left (which is 
automatically), Kid will say something to herself and pick up the Shiny object 
that dropped on the table which turns out to be a @Rainbow Shell. Yeah!

Rainbow Shell 11
Location – Chronopolis (Another)
It's in a chest somewhere in Chronopolis (3rd floor, I think), hard to explain 
which, just explore every room and open all the chest you see, one of them 
contains a @Rainbow Shell.

Rainbow Shell 12, 13 and maybe 14
Location – Terra Tower (Another)
There's around 2-3 @Rainbow Shells located in chests scattered across Terra 
Tower. I have no definite location of which chest contains a @Rainbow Shell, 
but fear not, it is very easy to find!

Rainbow Shell 15
Location – Chronopolis (Another)
Steal it from PolisPolice while fighting it in Chronopolis. It's an automatic 
boss so you can't miss fighting him :) Many thanks to a few person who confirms 
this rare steal!

Rainbow Shell 16
Location – Earth Dragon Isle (Another)
Another steal! This time steal it from the Cronosphinx while fighting him.

Rainbow Shell 17
Location – Water Dragon Isle. (Another)
This island is all dry up and all you can find here are explorers. Visit them 
before you become Lynx and one of them will give you one of Skelly's bone which 
he said is giving him nightmares and stuff. After the Lynx incident (Serge-
Lynx-Serge back), and after you have finished collecting all of Skelly's bones 
and reassembled him, go back to Water Dragon Island and talk to the explorer. 
He'll say his nightmare has gone now and give you a @Rainbow Shell as a sign of 
apology or a sign of thanks I'm not sure.

By the way, you MAY get the @Rainbow Shell from the explorer even if you 
haven't completed Skelly yet, but I'm not sure about this since when I talked 
to him and he gave me the @Rainbow Shell, I have already finished assembling 

Rainbow Shell 18 & 19
Location – El Nido Triangle (Another)
There's 2 chest containing @Rainbow Shells on this area. You just can't miss 

That's about all the @Rainbow Shells that is located in the game. If there's 
one not listed here, feel free to email and tell me where it is and how to get 

To start forging, you need 3 things. 

Zappa – Recruit him in Termina (Home)
@Rainbow Shell – That's what this Guide is all about. You need at least 1
Master Hammer – Buy it for 10,000 G at Marbule (Home) after restoring it, and 
also after killing the Black Dragon. If you didn't kill the Black Dragon, 
or/and didn't restore Marbule (Home), you can never get the Master Hammer hence 
never get to forge Prism/Spectral Weapons & Armors. You can buy it in the place 
where you fought the Black Dragon.

Once you got all those, equip the Master Hammer to Zappa and with Zappa in your 
team, go to Termina (Another) and talk to the Zappa there. Zappa(s) will be 
surprised to see a @Rainbow Shell and they will both start to forge a Rainbow 
Axe. Once it is done, your Zappa will now know how to forge a Rainbow Weapon 
and you can forge it anytime you want using Smith Spirit or at Zappa's shop 
(Another). Unfortunately you won't get the Rainbow Axe they forged but you will 
not lose any @Rainbow Shells, as they forge the axe using a @Rainbow Shell of 
their own, where they found it I don't know, heh.

Remember, you'll need the 7 Main Ingredient to forge Prism/Spectral Weapons & 
Armors. Luckily only one of each.


Which is worth it and which is not, that is the question. Although Spectral 
Swallow has higher damage rating than Mastermune, Mastermune does more critical 
strikes therefore in term, more damage. BUT you can forge a Spectral Swallow so 
that when you start a New Game+, you'll start with Serge's 2nd most powerful 

And Einlanzer, definitely more damage than Spectral Sword, but if you forge 
Spectral Sword, you can start with Glenn's 2nd most powerful weapon when you 
play New Game+.

The Prism Mails are definitely worth it, as they add quite an amount of extra 
defense compared to Stone Mails. But according to my opinion, the Prism Helmets 
are not a good choice. Prism Helmets only add plus 1 Def and 1 M. Def compared 
to Stone Helmets, and it takes one @Rainbow Shell to forge it when you can use 
that @Rainbow Shell to forge other things that is more worth it. Only do it if 
you had the extra @Rainbow Shells (which is unlikely, even in New Game+, unless 
you concentrate on just a 3-5 chars).

--- V. FAQs ---

No Question as of now. If you got any Question, send it to me with the topic 
"FAQ Questions". Same rule as what I said about the other topic earlier.

--- VI. SITE LIST ---

These sites have my permission to use my FAQ/Guide on their site.

GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com
Video Game Strategies - http://vstrategies.about.com
NeoSeeker – http://www.neoseeker.com

3 Sites Listed. 

If you want my permission, send me an email with topic "FAQ Feedback". I kinda 
group it in Feedback section too, LoL.

--- VII. Credits ---

Squaresoft – Yet another great game.

GameFAQs – If this Guide is ever uploaded, it will be there. So if you read it, 
it means it is uploaded on GameFAQs, so thanks, GameFAQs, for uploading it.

DrkDivineDragoon - For reminding me about the Rainbow Shell you received with 
Lucca's letter. I forgot about that one :) 

Andrew (ellecil) – Another person that reminded me of the Rainbow Shell you get 
with Lucca's letter.

Jun (junpleasant) – For confirming that you can steal a Rainbow Shell from 

Elaine (polobear36) – For reminding me for yet another Rainbow Shell

Lisa (sailorearthshine) – For the amazing Rainbow Shell you get from Water 
Dragon Isle, which I totally didn't know until she told me.

Others – Others whose email I accidentally deleted and can't put your name here 
in credits, sorry, and thank you.

THE END, for now.

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