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Japanese to English Changes Guide by Elranzer

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 10/25/00

Chrono Cross - English Changes Guide
by Elranzer
Email: elranzer2@hotmail.com
Version: 2.0

Welcome to Chrono Cross Guide to Japanese-English Changes 2.0

This FAQ is copyright 2000 to me. Don't copy or plagarise, it's naughty!

The point to this guide is so no one is confused with the already exsisting
guides at GameFAQs for Chrono Cross. Also, I want you all to see that the
names were better in the Japanese version of the game. Well, here's a list,
so you are all not left out.

This guide contains EVERY name change I can find, so naturally, look
only if you have beaten the game, or do not mind spoilers.

This is best printed with Microsoft Word, period.

I. The Players (Japan - English)
Serge - Serge
Kid - Kid
Alfador - Guile
Ishito - Norris
Slash - Nikki
Snakebone Master Jakotu - Viper
Riddel - Riddel
Karsh - Karsh
Zoah - Zoah
Marcella - Marcy
Korcha - Korcha
Lutianna - Luccia
Poshul - Poshul
Lazzuly - Razzly
Zappa - Zappa
Ocha - Orcha
Radius - Radius
Farga - Fargo
Mamacha - Macha
Grenn - Glenn
Rena - Leena
Mikki - Miki
Harlequin - Harle
Janice - Janice
Dragon Child - Draggy
Star Child - Starky
Spriggan - Sprigg
Lucky Dan - Mojo
Turnip - Turnip
Improved Seed Fio - Neofio
Gilbert - Greco
Skull - Skelly
Mushroom - Funguy
Irenes - Irenes
Mel - Mel
Leia - Leah
Van Cliff - Van
Sneff - Sneff
Stiena - Steena
Doc - Doc
Guardian - Grobyc
Pierre - Pierre
Orlha - Orlha
Plush - Pip

II. The Villains (Japan - English)
Yamaneko - Lynx
Sugar Lou and Salton - Peppor and Solt (nice spelling)
Ginger X - Criosphinx
Fate - FATE
Garai - Garai
Vinegar - Ozzie
Soy Sauce - Slash
Mayonaisse - Flea
Time Destroyer - Time Devourer
Lunar Dragon - Time Devourer (WHAT?!)
Doll Clay - Terrator
Doll Magma - Pyrotor
Doll Wind - Anemotor
Doll Gravity - Gravitor
Doll Shining - Luxator
Doll Aqua - Aquator

III. Things (Japan - English)
Elranzer - Einlanzer
Sarah Kid Zeal - Schala "Kid" Zeal
Delia - Direa (Huh-huh)
Bosh - Belthaser
Medicine Bag - Astral Amulet
Grand Lion - Masamune 
Grand Dream - Mastermune
Grand - Masa
Lion - Mune
Dream - Doreen
Invincible - S.S. Invincible
Zelbess - S.S. Zelbess
Shining (Serge's Ability) - Luminare
Steal (Kid's Ability) - Pilfer
Loot (Fargo's Ability) - Pillage

IV. Places (Japan - English)
The Tesseract - Darkness of Time
Ultima Thule of Time - Bend of Time
Snakebone Conservatory - Viper Manor
Elnide - El Nido
Gardove - Guldove
Telmina - Termina
Mabulle - Marbule
Evil Woods - Shadow Forest
Hydra Swamp - Hydra Marshes
Lunar Sea - El Nido Triangle
Aruni Village - Arni Village
Opasa Beach - Opassa Beach
Solitary Island - Hermit's Hideaway
Lizard Grotto - Lizard Rock
Cape Hope - Cape Howl
Island of Bones - Isle of the Damned
Death Volcano - Mount Pyre
Circle of Death - Sea of Eden
Chronopolis - Chronopolis
Dinopolis - Dinopolis
Dragon Shrine - Fort Dragonian
Star Tower - Terra Tower
Sky Dragon Island - Sky Dragon Isle
Earth Dragon Island - Earth Dragon Isle
Water Dragon Island - Water Dragon Isle
World's Naval - Gaea's Naval

Elranzer Stuff
- Thanks to everyone that helped, but I think it's done now
- No corrections are needed, as everything here is correct
- Send in stuff that I haven't even listed at all

The Ones Who Helped Me "Translate" this Game:
DingoJellybean (Rival Chrono Cross FAQ author ?)
Micheal Little
Neo Neoo
Ryan Burke
Kaeru Torama

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