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Guide and Walkthrough by DXie

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/25/2000

  ####  ##   ##   ####     ####    ####   #####    ####  ###  ####
 ##  ## ##   ##  ##  ##   ##  ##  ##  ##  ##   #  ##  ##  ## ##  ##
##      ##   ## ##    ## ##      ##    ## ##   # ##    ## #  ##
##      ####### ##    ## ##      ##    ## #####  ##    ##     ####
##      ##   ## ##    ## ##      ##    ## ##   # ##    ##        ##
 ##  ## ##   ##  ##  ##   ##  ##  ##  ##  ##   #  ##  ##     ##  ##
  ####  ##   ##   ####     ####    ####   #####    ####       ####

######  ##   ## ##   ##   ####  ######   ####   ##   ##      #####
##    # ##   ## ##   ##  ##  ## ##      ##  ##  ##   ##     ##   ##
##    # ##   ## ###  ## ##      ##     ##    ## ###  ##     ##   ##
##    # ##   ## ## # ## ##      #####  ##    ## ## # ##         ##
##    # ##   ## ##  ### ##  ### ##     ##    ## ##  ###       ##
##    # ##   ## ##   ##  ##  ## ##      ##  ##  ##   ##      ##
######   #####  ##   ##   ####  ######   ####   ##   ##     #######


AUTHOR : Desmond Xie
E-mail : xiedata@magix.com.sg
Website: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Avatar/5698
ICQ NO.: 16933155
DATE   : 1/12/00

           Please do not Rip off my work, and I serious about this. Feel 
free to spot my mistake and E-mail me. This document is copyright 2000 
by Desmond Xie. Please show some respect to my work by not doing 
anything funny. Please do not publish this document. If you want to do 
so, you may ask for my permission. I might agree to it, who knows? If 
you want to, you may print a copy for your individual use or for a 
friend's use. Let's keep this short. Enjoy my Guide!!!

Version 1.0 - What you see now.
Version 1.1 - Add bonus dungeon guide and gameshark codes. (1/21/00)
Version 1.2 – Correct some mistake
Version 1.3 – Added Dungeon Guide
Next version- Add items list and feather list, maybe stones list.

NOTE: Some quests are not available until you complete a new dungeon. 
Don't worry, you get to stay at the village for a long time, you won't 
get to a new village if you complete a dungeon. The village tour is at a 
clockwise direction. Be patience, the quests would be available 

At the top left, there is a small house with a Red Cross at the 
entrance. You can't do much here because there is a drunk malboro in the 
bar. It has been chasing away all the customers.
The barkeeper is a tonberry. If you approach the Drunken Malboro when 
you have at least 10 Thunder books, he will call you to cast Thunder on 
him. Keep casting until he changes to Ramuh!!! You will get a 
feather!When the imps are in the bar, give the male goblin a summon 
stone (Like Shiva for example). He will give it to the female goblin. 
She won't like it and gets mad. Tonberry wants to make a great sauce. 
Give him a Worm Essence and he will cook them a meal. On your next visit 
there will be a bar underneath with a Lamia. She will ask for a Plant 
Essence. Give her one, and in return, she'll give you a Dragon essence. 
There will also be a jukebox with the songs of the game there. She can 
also help you out and give you information on the Essences that are in 
your stock. 
When you enter, you will find five wizard there. 

If you talk to the Head Magician, You can get a feather for the cantrip 
book if you say 'Yes' to his question. He will give you three feather to 
choose from. The three feathers are sleep, confusion and silence 
SUGGESTION: You should choose Sleep cause confusion cause the enemy to 
mess up the direction, sometimes you can't catch up with him and you 
waste one cantrip book. Silence is not good also because some monster 
physical attack is stronger then it's magical attack while some don't 
even has a magical attack. Although Confusion and Silence may be good in 
some dungeon but I can say that Sleep is GOOD in every dungeon.
Don't worry, you can get the other feathers later on in the game also. 
After you get the feather, he will ask you to test the feather and tell 
him about it. You don't actually have to use it to test it, just enter 
the dungeon and exit.
He will then give you three more feathers to choose. This time the 
feathers will allow you to attack a range when you use a book.
Just press L1/R1 after you select 'use' in the menu then you can attack 
a range. Afther you choose the feather, again he will ask you to test 
the feather again.
Come back again and you can receive a feather for the spells book. This 
is the last feather you will receive.
Talk to Jessie and she will talk about essence. Next time come with a 
essence and she will ask for it. Give her and you can use the dispell 
tonic in the pot for 100 Gil.
Note: One possible essence that you can get quite early in the game is 
the Octopus essence. You can get it for 3000 Gil from a device in the 
Old man's tower.

Talk to Biggs and he is having trouble with his stove. Come back when 
you have a thunder or fire book and give him the book. He will give you 
a feather that allow you to attack a range when you use a book. He let 
you choose one out of two that is Quake All and Aero all.

There is a black magician blocking the stair to the monster museum.
After some time, you will notice that you can access the monster museum 
by a stair in the academy. 
NOTE: You can also enter the museum through a stair outside the academy.

At the top right is a small green house. This is where the behemoth's 
family lives. When you first enter, the behemoth mother won't be here 
and only a child behemoth will be here.

If you talk to the child, you will get nothing out him. His father, Ben 
had go out to the statue area. Refer to the statue section to learn 
more. After you get Titan, come back here and father behemoth, Ben is 
back! He say that he wants to clear up the mess. Give him a Nitro to 
him. After sometime mother behemoth, Barbara will be back. She wants to 
cook for the child. Again, Ben will be off to examine a mysterious 
statue that appear out of no where.

At the bottom right is a small house. This is where Shiroma lives but 
she seldom stay here because the village's creature hate human.

You can save here if you want. There is nothing to do here. Only thing 
is that if you come here after some time, Shiroma will tell you that she 
has made a doll. The doll is on the table.

Beside the shiroma's house is a house where the bomb's family lives. 
This is the family that hates Shiroma the most. Mog stay here also.

You can also save here if you want. This is the place that you will end 
up if you get kill in the dungeon.
NOTE: You can get iron craw, iron saddle and a teleport from mog if you 
get kill.

Beside the bomb's house is the warehouse. 

You can pay 1000 Gil to buy 10 storage spaces which I felt is too 
little. After The Weapon had crashed onto the mountain, a stair will 
appear in the shop. Climb down to find a hamster named chip. Give him a 
teleport and off he go. He will appear in here, pay 3000 Gil to him to 
buy 30 storage spaces and also pay 20 Gil to the Turtle and you will 
have 20 more spaces.

At the bottom left is the item shop. You will find Chubby Chocobo here.

If you want to buy/sell items, just talk to Chubby Chocobo. There will 
be a stair here after the Weapon had crashed.
NOTE: The items sold here will change after you complete a dungeon.
Note that there will be a stair to lead to a secret dungeon here if your 
play the bonus part.

Examine the statue and you will find a behemoth here. This is the father 
of the child in the behemoth's house. You will find out that he is 
called Ben. He is the one who make this statue.

During some time early in the game, he will ask you a question, say the 
statue is lack or earthly power and exit the area. Come back next time 
with a Quake book and give him when he ask for it. Next time you come 
back here, the statue will become titan. Ben tell him that you were the 
one who help him and titan will join you. You will receive titan 
feather. You can call him to fight by your side in the dungeon by using 
the feather. Your initial partner will disappear when you summon him 
out. Don't worry, if Titan get killed or you ask him to go, your initial 
partner will be back. 
Note: After you get Titan, a new statue will appear in front of the 

When you first examine it, there will be no one. Come back later on, You 
will find Ben again but he will just say "I can't believe this came out 
without my knowin...As soon as I carved a titan, he appear." Give Ben a 
Strong Summon Stones, He will carve out Asura. Come next time, You will 
fing Asura, and you will be awarded a feather.  

You will find two Golem here, give him feathers to use on the tree, you 
will get some seeds, nuts and feathers. Don't do it, it is not worth it!
Even if you get a feather, it is in exchanged for a few feathers.

Treasures will appear here, take them, after you have taken a few, Slyph 
will appear and you get another feather.

Mountain Dungeon
Total Floors: 10
This dungeon is meant for beginners, and you should waste more time here 
collecting items and experience while familiarized yourself with the 
battle system. Despite being the first dungeon you encounter in the 
game, you will find some pretty strong monsters lurking around on the 
lower floors. Therefore, it is important for you to build up your levels 
early in the game to gain some battle advantages.

Once you reach the 5th floor, you and Mog will start off in a room with 
a large switch. Thinking that the switch is a level to open up a path 
leading to some lost treasure, Mog pulls the level which send Chocobo to 
fly off and exit the dungeon. Chocobo will then meet Shiroma, a white 

Then upon reentering the 5th floor of the dungeon, you will encounter 
Shiroma who is exploring the dungeon with Clubby Chocobo. Follow her to 
the next floor.

On the 6th floor, you will run into the white mage again who decided to 
join up with you since the fat 'chicken' is too afraid to explore the 

Feel free to explore BUT stock up on potion and fire spells before 
proceeding to the 10th floor. On the 10th floor, you will find the boss!
This guy is no other than Skull hammer.

Skull hammer

Recommended level: 9~10

Skull hammer is a pretty tough individual. You may kick some Potions at 
him to lower his HP. Remember he is an undead. After Skull hammer is 
damaged enough, he will split into four parts, the head, the heart and 
two arms. This is where your fire spells is useful here. Concentrate all 
your attacks on the heart that keep running away from you. If you want, 
you can kill one by one then kill the heart.

On the bottom floor, you will encounter Mog who has managed to make it 
all the way by himself to this point. Mog enter the door, thinking about 
lost treasure that lies behind the door again. Although Shiroma had warn 
him but he ignore the warning. He is determined that the blue crystal 
sitting in the center is the treasure he has been searching for. Mog 
attempts to take the crystal out which cause the crystal to start 
spinning uncontrollably. You remember seeing some weird force that 
destroyed the dungeon before you became unconscious. 

Since Shiroma hut is also destroyed in the incident, Mog, Shiroma and 
Chocobo travel to the local village.

There are many interesting things to do in the village so explore 

Things to do
You can pick up some magic feather in the Wizard Academy by letting the 
head magician to experience on you.

You can store up to ten items at the warehouse if you pay 1000 Gil to 
rent ten spaces.

Mog will be staying at Auntie Bomb's house. It seems that he is 
determined to get the blue crystal that has sink to the bottom of the 
ocean. Auntie Bomb tells Chocobo that a old man living at the tower has 
a submarine which you can use to get to the sunken dungeon. Mog begs you 
to get the submarine in order to get his crystal.

Talk to the Fat chocobo in the bottom left house. He will open the gate 
to the tower.

If you search the area next to the bar, you can find a tree that is 
tended by two Golems. They explained that the tree is weak and needs 
nourishment in the form of feathers. Give the Golems a few feathers to 
nourish the tree. In return, you will get special seeds, nuts and even 
feathers that the golems have harvested from the tree. Check here often 
to see what the Golems have for you.

Upon entering the bar, you will find a upset tonberry who is bothered by 
a Malboro. This malboro has been scaring away customer. When you speak 
with this malboro, he told you that he need to return to the 'true' 
form. Use seven lighting magic on him and he will reveal himself to be 
Ramuh! Nothing special, another feather for you.

Total floors: 15

A mysterious old man lives in this tower. He is a great inventor. One 
great invention is the tank that he will be using in the final floor to 
help you fight the boss. Unfortunately, his tower has been taken over by 
a bunch of imps. He asks for your help.

On the 3rd floor, you will run into the old man, who accepts your help 
to win back his tower.

Upon reaching the 10th floor, you will reach a area that asked you to 
move into the next area map. You will reach a lightened platform. Here 
you will have a conversation with Bahamut who appears to be time keeper. 
He is trying to find the source to the unnatural power that plaguing the 
land. There is a device here, at the right side selling Octopus Essence 
for 3000 Gil. Buy one if you can afford because you will need it later. 

On the 14th floor, you will find the tank which I mention earlier on. 
The tank is actually called the Cidtank. You will automatically follow 
Cid into the next floor.

As you should be expecting, on the 15th floor is the bosses that awaits 
you. You will find three imp in a metal suit which is better known as 
Robo. One of them is the imp boss. The imp Robos has far more HP than 
the ones you encounter in the dungeon.

Imp Robo Boss

Recommended level: 20~25

Who want some smashed imps. This battle will not be too difficult with 
Cidtank. Cid and his tank will actually do most of the damaging. Start 
off by sending lots of lighting spells to the Robo boss. They will deal 
about 75 HP damage a piece which make this battle a piece of cake when 
combined with cidtank's smashing. Concentrate all the attack on the Robo 
boss and let the tank do the job of taking out the little ones. Keep in 
mind that Cid, in his Cidtank must not be defeated to the imp Robo or 
else they will level up. They are more difficult to defeat at level 2. 
So kick some Potions at Cid to keep him useful.

After a scene, you will now be able to explore the sunken dungeon 
freely. Don't leave just like that. A few more quests awaits you in the 

Thing to do
Do stop at the wizard academy to earn two more feathers of your choice. 
Get one from the head magician and other from Biggs by helping him in 
making a stove. Just give him a fire or thunder book. You can use the 
stove for a neat 300 Gil after he finished it.

Check up Fat chocobo's shop to buy some items. Be sure to come back 
occasionally to check for new items.

Check the beach for random item. Be sure to check for items that had 
been wash onto the shore. Don't be surprise to find Sylph there if you 
had collected a few items.

There is a behemoth called Ben who is carving a rock statue. Give him 
advice and watch this statue take shape. He will ask you to give him a 
Quake book. Waste no time, give him to him. When he has finish, you will 
be awarded a Titan feather.

In the wizard academy, is a female Mage called Jessie who need a essence 
to finish her brew. One way to get a essence is to go to the 10th floor 
and go into the next area. This is the area that you met Bahamut. There 
will be a small rectangular box at the right side which you can pay 3000 
Gil to get a Octopus Essence from it. After she had finished her brew, 
You can use the Dispell Tonic for 300 Gil.

Underwater Dungeon
Total Floor: 27

Enter the dungeon that has been covered by water if you are ready. As 
you should already know, most of the monster encounter here will be 
water-type monster. Use lighting against them or arm yourself with a 
lighting claw. Be sure to have a lot of Potion and Peanuts with you 
because there is 27 floor on this dungeon. Make sure you stock up a lot 
of magic books on your way to the 27th level especially Drain Book.

On the 15th floor, you will run into your good old dragon friend, 
Bahamut. Telling you little things, he left you to your imagination of 
what's going on. However he give you a hint that something is wrong with 
the Space-time continuum.

Bahamut awaits you again at 22nd floor. This time he explain more of 
what's happening. He told you that this dungeon is some how associated 
with the future.

Just before the 25th floor, Shiroma is wounded. She will tell you a few 
things about herself to you. Lend her your ear, what's she is telling is 
relevance to the story.

When you reach 27th floor, You will meet Ultros, this dungeon's boss. He 
plans to have you for dinner. Show him that he is wrong and have him for 
dinner instead.

Ultros, Two tentacles

Recommended level: 35~40

First thing to remember is to stay away from its tentacles, major damage 
is inflicted by the tentacles. Stays away from the edge of the water. So 
how are you going to kill him if you must not get near the edge of the 
water? Well, use magic against him. To inflict the most damage, Use all 
your spells in this order: all Lighting, then all Blizzard and then 
finally use all your drain books. If its tentacles is defeated in the 
usage of magic, count yourself lucky because you can now get near the 
edge to hurt him with physical damage. Each of his tentacles had about 
600 HP and Ultros has about 1100 HP. Be careful of the drain spell that 
this boss like to use but there isn't any way to avoid this but you can 
defeat him as fast as you can and pray hard.

After 'having' this Octopus for lunch, You and Shiroma will end up in 
the floor that lies the crystal room. While trying to open the door, two 
imps appear and grab Shiroma into the Crystal room. Angrily, Chocobo 
tries to kick the door down. Shiroma is teleported away before Chocobo 
get a chance to save her. Shiroma drops her pendant behind which was 
picked up by chocobo. Knowing nothing to do now, Chocobo returns to 
auntie Bomb's house and explains the situation to Mog and Cid. Cid reply 
by saying that the path to save Shiroma lies far beyond the outer forest 
and in the snow covered monster.
Forest/Mountain Dungeon
Total Floor: 23

The patch of green land in front of the mountain is the forest that you 
must get pass in order to reach the mountain. The forest dungeon is 
filled with strange and mysterious monster that appear to be a threat if 
your level is too low. So be wise, run if they proved to be a threat. If 
you are around level 40, the monsters won't prove too much threat. Some 
monsters here can turn you into a frog. Be careful of the monster 
turning your partner into a frog. If your partner is turned into a frog, 
It will have very low HP. So it can be very vulnerable to the monsters. 
If the monsters here managed to kill the 'little' foggy, it will level 
up. Be sure to be pack with fire or flare spells before entering the 
23rd floor. The boss that awaits you won't be a piece of cake. However, 
If you are weak, you will be a piece of cake for him.

On the 13th floor, a unbreakable ice is blocking your way. Luckily, 
Auntie bomb happen to wander around the dungeon as well and she had 
followed you to this point. She used her ability: self-explode and this 
caused her to divide into two. Thank her and proceed.

When you reach the 17th floor, you will have to cross a bridge spanning 
a small chasm which will reach you further into the dungeon.

On the 23rd floor, you encounter your biggest threat in this dungeon.
Glass Goth awaits you here. He was here to stop you from reaching the 
snowy mountain. 

Glass Goth

Recommended level: 45~50

Glass Goth is a tough cookie. Start off casting out all 'big' spells on 
him. Flare and fire is a good spell to use. Try to stay away from him 
because he had some physical attack that can lower your HP rapidly. Use 
haste if you can so that you can strike in two attacks before he does 
one. He is easy if you had ten Flare spells. Keep in mind that Glass 
Goth had around 1500 HP.

After the battle, you run into Bahamut again. He explains a little bit 
more about Glass Goth and the underwater dungeon.

After finishing wandering around the snow mountain dungeon, the game 
will treat you with another cute FMV. Shiroma had decided to travel back 
to the future to save the world. But... Let be leave you here to decide 
what's will be going on.

Cid Tower
Total Floor: 15

Exploring this tower can be rather tough due to a number of tough 
monster living in here. Make sure you have plenty of healing items with 
you to keep you alive in this tower. Lighting Book is one item that you 
have to collect on your way.

You will find Bahamut again on the 10th floor. Why is this dragon keep 
pestering you? He warns you to be careful. Then Chocobo and Cid carry on 
with the dungeon.

Cid find his tank on the 14th floor again. Automatically, you will take 
the elevator up into the next area. 

You'll meet up with the stupid bunch of 'monkeys' again on the 15th 
level. This time they are tougher.

Imp Robo Boss

Recommended level: 55~60

Use the same way that you used to defeat them earlier on. You are lucky 
if your Lighting magic is at level 14+. Concentrate your attacks on the 
Big 'monkey'. This big 'monkey' deals the most damage. Take out the imp 
Robos with Quake. They like to drop bomb so stays away from the bombs. 
This battle won't be hard if you follow the same pattern that you used 
to defeat them earlier on.

After this battle, you will obtain the airship. Chocobo and Cid pilot 
the ship towards the floating dungeon. A cool FMV follows. Chocobo, Cid,  
Bahamut and Titan along with the villagers, Black Mages, Golems and even 
the 'chickling' Chubby Chocobo gathered together in the attack against 
the floating dungeon. The airship is lost in the attack but the plan 
worked sending the dungeon down from the sky and crashed near the 

Final Dungeon
Total Floors: 26
This dungeon consist of 5 different dungeon, the forest, swamp, 
underground, mountain and this dungeon you see. The monsters here are no 
joke especially on the lower floors. Be sure to raise your level above 
65. As you always do in other dungeon, be sure to collect a lot of magic 
book on your way and collect healing items like you are collecting for 
hobbies because you need them to heal yourself. Make sure you combine a 
good claw and a good saddle so as to get through this long dungeon.

Reaching the 14th floor, you will find yourself outside of the crystal 
room which in term tells you that you have enter the fallen dungeon.

You will encounter Glass Goth in its final form on 26th floor.

Final Boss
Glass Goth Z

Recommended level: 70~75

Your nightmare awaits you at 26th floor. Starts off by casting haste. 
Hack Glass Goth with your biggest spells. Keep your stones first, you 
will need them in the 2nd round. Holy, Meteor and flare woke well on 
this boss. Keep away from him and use magic. In this way you can avoid 
its 'deadly' physical attack. Glass Goth have 2200 HP in his first 
round. After inflicting 2200 HP damage on him, The screen will shake and 
fade. Glass Goth make use of this time to fully recover and this time it 
regain more HP than usual. He has now 4000 HP. Now use all your 
remaining Spells and Stones but cast Haste first. There is no strong all 
weak stones against him so just use any stone you have. They do the same 
damage. Use drain and Healing items if necessary. Don't show any mercy 
to him, kill him as soon as possible.

You will meet up with Shiroma in the crystal room after Glass Goth is 
defeated. Suddenly, the dungeon shake and collapse causing you all to 
run for your life but you cannot escape, you dropped from a tumbled 
floor. You wake up in Shiroma's house accompanied by Cid and Mog. Aftet 
some chatting, shiroma enter with the guz that has been turned into 
Glass Goth. Being ashamed, guz offered himself to be transfer into one 
of Shiroma's dolls. When the sun is setting, Mog leaves his friends in a 
cart full of treasures. Then Chocobo decided to leave with Mog. They bid 
farewell and leave on their new journey.

This isn't the end, Let the credits scroll by and you can continue the 
game! Chocobo and Mog had return for a visit. This time, the dungeon had 
been fully restored and only certain character can enter centain 
dungeon. They will always begin at level 1! It appear that the four old 
dungeon has all been taken up by Shiroma, cid, Mog and Kuz, the stuffed 
doll. So where do Chocobo enter? Well, there is a secret dungeon 
somewhere that Chocobo can enter with a partner of youe choice. The 
entrance is somewhere in the village. Find the entrance yourself, and 
you will be surprise what you will see after you complete the four 
dungeon and the secret dungeon. Good Luck.


For the four dungeon, Try your best to survive, because every time you 
will start off at level 1. Once you reach a level, you will find that 
the dungeon in no more a problem.

When you use kuz, the puppet doll, try to change yourselves to a 
stronger monster by pressing L1 when the yellow beam hit the monster, 
you will be transformed into that monster. This way, you will not die so 
easily. When your level is high enough, stop tranforming yourself, 
because you will deal more damage than most of the monster. When you are 
in a monster form, mkae full use of the monster's ability. The malboro 
is a good monster to transform, so do the worm because of their confuse 
and sleep ability. Try to use more magic. It is useful against the boss. 

When you use Cid, you will be easier in defeating enemy, Cid has high 
attacking power, just hack the monster as fast as you could or you can 
'run'. Try to use magic often so as to level up your magic because you 
might need to use some magic to defeat the boss.

When you use Shiroma, Take advantage of her strong magic ability. use 
magic books against a group og enemy. Use magic as much as you can. When 
you run out of HP, use drain. She has 'drain more' feather which allow 
her to drain more life out of the enemy. Note that drain magic won't 
work against undead creature unless you are so miserable that you need 
the 1 Hp that you get when you use Drain on undead. If you can't defeat 
a monster, RUN. This stagegy may be a 'rat' way of surviving but it will 
make you survive longer enough to see the boss. But i encourage you to 
kill every monster you see in order to level up. 

When you use mog, Use the same stragegy as Cid but if you are going to 
die, try stealing from enemy by pressing L1. Most monster here will give 
you a Hi-potion or X-potion. This way you won't die easily. Mog is the 
easiest character to use in the game if you ask me. Mog won't die too 
easily. If you are a high level, Even a doom can't kill him.

And for the secret dungeon. It has many level. It won't be of too much 
trouble because it is just like normal dungeon that you enter with 
Chocobo. But this time you get to choose your partner. If you have yet 
know, The entrance to this dungeon is in chubby Chocobo's shop. At the 
top right corner of the shop is a stair.
You can choose a partner. I suggest that you choose Cid. He has high 
physical attack. Kuz is also a good partner because he can shoot yellow 
beam from a distance to hit an enemy which might be helpful. Shiroma may 
have a low physical attack, but she made a good 'support' party because 
of her healing magic. Mog is as damaging as Cid, so you can choose him. 
Choose well. Note that Chocobo will not start off at level 1. It will 
start off at the level that you were last at. If you are at low level, 
Choose Shiroma, coz she can heal you. If you are a high level, choose 
Cid or Mog because they will be of the same level as you and they can 
deal high damage to enemies. Use your best Claws and Saddle in this 
dungeon because this dungeon is long and you will fight all the bosses 
you fight before in this dungeon. Only thing is that you fight a group 
of the bosses! You must be strong in magic in order to survive in this 
dungeon. I suggest you attempt this dungeon first, because you can get 
50 more storage spaces after you give a teleport to the hamster.

Chocobos Codes
Infinite HP                                      801026B8 03E7
Max HP                                           80102FB2 03E7
Quick Level gain                                 801026D6 0000
Infinite energy                                  80103FAE 6464
Max Attack                                       801055FA 0063
Max Defense                                      801055FC 0063
Max SpellDefense                                 801055FE 0063
Max Stats (GS 2.2 Or higher)                     50000302 0000
                                                 801055FA 0063
Max Level                                        301026BB 0063
Quick Level Up all Spells (GS 2.2 Or higher)     50000302 0000     
                                                 80104022 0000
Quick level Up Fire Spell                        30104022 0000
Quick level Up Blizzard Spell                    30104023 0000
Quick level Up Aero Spell                        30104024 0000
Quick level Up Thunder Spell                     30104025 0000
Quick level Up Quake Spell                       30104026 0000
Quick level Up Drain Spell                       30104027 0000
Max Level All Spells(GS 2.2 Or higher)           50000302 0000       
                                                 8010401C 6262
Max Level Fire Spell                             3010401C 0062
Max level Up Blizzard Spell                      3010401D 0062
Max level Up Aero Spell                          3010401E 0062
Max level Up Thunder Spell                       3010401F 0062
Max level Up Quake Spell                         30104020 0062
Max level Up Drain Spell                         30104021 0062
Partner Codes
Infinite HP                                      80102844 03E7
Max HP                                           80102860 03E7

Misc Codes
Max Gil                                          80103FA8 967F   
                                                 80103FAA 0098
Infinite Spell Books/Stones( On pickup)          800282D2 2400
                                                 800282E6 2400

-Contributed on how to get sylph and Asura
-Contributed some quest that can be done in the village

                    Copyright 2000 by Desmond Xie


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