PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

  1. From eiji122333 (11/20/2008; 131KB) 1-kill beat and naked alucard challenge
  2. From smck1001 (06/02/2003; 131KB) 198% of the map completed
  3. From MTsuboi (06/04/2000; 131KB) 200.6% Completion Rate
  4. From Gwawainn (08/15/2002; 131KB) 201.3% complete. No cheats where used, no glitches either.
  5. From Shinobi_Phoenix (12/15/2001; 19KB) 208% Complete (thanks to Sword Familar glitch), Alucard-Level 99, great equipment and items including Crissaegrim, All Familars at Level 99
  6. From Exdeath (01/06/2004; 11KB) 208%, lots of great weapons, complete assortment of weapons, full castle and inverted castle cleared
  7. From Squall6Cloud (07/13/2002; 131KB) 210% Complete (Sword Familiar Glitch), All Relics, Alucard lvl 66, Bat and Sword Familiars at level 99, Ghost Familiar at lvl 49.
  8. From Darth Obi Wan 17 (05/03/2003; 131KB) A game save it the glitched save room in the uncompleted PSX Underground Gardens.
  9. From phoenix_OMEGA (11/10/2001; 131KB) Alucard at level 60-something with excellent equipment. Sword familiar at level 99. 204% complete (via the Cathedral/Sword Brothers glitch).
  10. From CT4EVER (02/23/2003; 131KB) Clear game data; Lv 76, all familars Lv 99; almost every item; timer maxed out; 200.6% map clear rate; very powerful Muramasa (about +220 power)
  11. From sorrowdemonica (11/30/2010; 131KB) Contains save point in the uncompleted PSX Underground Gardens, First save point of the game with the NoseDevil, with the Fairy2, and start with tons of Items, crazy stats, relics,and Uncompleted Map!
  12. From Fragnarok (05/27/2003; 128KB) First save point of the game with the normally inaccessible Nosedevil familiar unlocked.
  13. From L_Krieger (03/19/2020; 131KB) First save. All gear, weapons n' relics. All 5 familiars, combat stats and xp at lvl 99. 4683 HP, 470 MP and 251 Heart's (max. value without the power ups, based on 85HP+stats at the start). Enjoy!
  14. From Aether Knight (11/07/2002; 131KB) Game saved right before final battle with Dracula. Game cleared with 255% completion. Max level and abilities for Alucard and ALL familiars. Also contains max money & ALL items/equipment in game set to 99.
  15. From CW Boi 209 (07/30/2004; 128KB) In the beginning as Alucard. Have about everything with max stats and level.
  16. From rscippio (01/23/2002; 131KB) In the Inverted Castle before a cool boss battle. You have all but a few relics and at level 47. Demon familar in the 30's level.
  17. From Metallideth18 (07/31/2002; 131KB) Maximum percentage for both Alucard and Richter. No glitches used for maximum percentage. Alucard with best equipment.
  18. From KasketDarkfyre (10/07/2000; 131KB) Play as Richter Belmont
  19. From Darth Obi Wan 17 (04/26/2003; 131KB) This is a save of the 3rd Outer Wall, which is clearly stated in ZKeene's Second SOTN faq. Check the map if you don't belive me.

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From Tsuruke (05/27/2008; 19KB) (PSP PSV save) cleared game 187% with cissagrim, new save with all alucard items.
  2. From McGingerchops (05/20/2008; 1KB) 200.6% Map Completion, Level 65, All Familiars Level 99, All Relics
  3. From Kaluroth (02/11/2009; 1KB) Level 1 Alucard, Best starting stats, First Save Point, 0 kills, 0 items grabbed
  4. From alexandrestein (09/01/2013; 2KB) Perfect Save. Every item, weapon, relics, foods... everything! All friends at level 99! Alucard level 99! Plus the Supreme Muramasa 999... Have Fun!
  5. From KaosBootBoi (03/16/2011; 0KB) Play as Richter Belmont (Game save)
  6. From alexandrestein (09/01/2013; 18KB) PSP Save. Perfect Save. Alucard & Familiars at 99. All items, relics and weapons. Muramasa at 999. Have fun!
  7. From Rising_Adonis (02/12/2015; 1KB) Richter before Galamoth
  8. From WilHiteWarrior (01/24/2010; 1KB) Two saves, first is saved at earliest save point with Alucard max level and super stats and all equipment, Second is identical to the first but also has all relics

PlayStation DexDrive Save (Japan)

  1. From MTsuboi (06/04/2000; 131KB) 200.6% Completion Rate

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (Japan)

  1. From Mortal Pixel (03/17/2015; 2KB) 1st Run Cleared, 200.6%, Use this file to unlock new game+, Richter Mode
  2. From Mortal Pixel (03/17/2015; 7KB) Save files on New Game+ for the 4 different endings for Alucard

PlayStation DexDrive Save (Europe)

  1. From LorDBairoN256 (10/28/2009; 131KB) 200.6 ALL completed with no cheats,Alucard at level 99,ALL items except salable,all relics,all familiars at level 99,absolut power muramasa with 999 damage!
  2. From AstroBlue (12/07/2001; 131KB) 200.6% Completion Rate, Alucard at Level 70, All Familiars at Level 99 and at least one of every item.
  3. From Fragnarok (05/28/2003; 128KB) First save point of the game with the normally inaccessible Sprite familiar unlocked.

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From Udaius (05/31/2013; 1KB) (PSN UK) cleared run at 170%

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