Just curious, what is the best equipment in the game?

  1. I have equipped currently the following items:RH: CrissaegramLH: Power of Sire (3)HI: Dragon HelmBI: God's GarbCI: Twilight CloakO1: DuplicatorO2: Ring of VardaI think I have everything at it's max, but is there anything better without using cheats or glitches? Alistor53259 - 10 years ago - report
  2. Yeah, but have you tried the Power of Sire+Duplicator set? At Lv. 60 or higher, you are practically invulnerable! Not only does it's first flash do a lot of damage, but it then does a rapid 150+ damage light show, doing about 1200 dmage total. Pretty powerful... Alistor53259 - 10 years ago - report

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  1. The best set up for this game bottom line is:

    1. Shield Rod for initiating shield power( you can use Mablung sword but no need plus you get Shield Rod early)

    2. Alucard Shield (hands down the most powerful weapon in the game)

    3. Wizard Hat (improves your magic)

    4. God's Garb (does enough defense no need to spend forever on walking armor)

    5. Twilight Cloak (just the best Cloak)

    6. Two Ring of Vardas for the last two slots

    Ok so this set up is the best, let me explain, the Alucard Shield is the only piece of gear that's important coupled with the Shield Rod, all the rest is really up to you, the Alucard Shield does 255 damage rapidly as long as your magic lasts, when your magic runs out just use Shield Rod again, simple as that, no enemy can withstand that assault, Galamoth and Dracula himself can last maybe 3 seconds and that is a long time compared to the other enemies, plus when you attack enemies you are rapidly being healed, you are invincible and decimating everything! No need for all the power of sire, the duplicator, the muramasa nonsense, I just got all those items to be a completionist. Just a side note the Ring of Vardas can only be retrieved by killing dracula once, so you can get two Ring of Feanors instead, hope this helps someone.
    Godmode777840 - 11 months ago - report 2   0


  1. This Setup is very good, but the optimal set would be:

    RH: Crissaegrim
    LH: Alucard Shield or Fist of Tulkas (or Another Crissaegrim)
    HI: Dragon Helm
    BI: Walk Armor
    CI: Twilight Cloak
    O1: Ring of Varda
    O2: Ring of Varda

    Lord_Maninho (Expert) - 10 years ago - report 4   3
  2. My mistake, I didn't realize that you find a more powerful one in the inverted caverns. Rhetticus - 10 years ago - report 1   2
  3. Right now this is my setup. I don't know if it's the best but I can annihilate everything with ease:
    Bat Pentagram
    Dragon Helm
    Walk Armor
    Twilight Cloak
    Ring of Varda
    Kwingster - 10 years ago - report 0   1
  4. Well, if you like to Blow up everything with Power of Sire, with don't you Equip two? Lord_Maninho (Expert) - 10 years ago - report 0   2
  5. Why is the Alucard Shield the best shield? I am getting +2 def with the Iron Shield =o Rhetticus - 10 years ago - report 3   7
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