Review by In_Eh_Nd

Reviewed: 06/23/08

Why do so many people hate this game?

There we were, my two friends and I reminiscing about old playstation games we played back in the day. We mention classics like Tarzan, Hercules and Rayman. Then I ask if either of them played Casper and my friend mentions that he had it somewhere. My ears pricked up as I said "We are getting that game"

We got it and tried it on my friend's PS3, finger's crossed that it would work because of the millions upon millions of scratches on the disc. To our enjoyment it worked first time. That was two days ago. For two days we played that game to death and we finally completed it yesterday but because of the condition of the disc we were forced to fly over the walls. Now on to the review.

Controls 10/10: The controls are very easy to get the hang of, the only bad thing is on some bosses you have to get close to the enemy and get half your health taken off.

Sound7/10: A lot of bad reviews for the music in this game, I for one find most of the music annoying until a point where the music changes to the 'Casper Theme' or something epic (such as halfway into the attic/basement music, the first half of it is terrible.)
When we played this game we seriously wanted to hear a creak or some sort of noise that indicates that something new had happened. But Casper's constant "I can't do that" can get on your nerves seriously quickly.

Story6/10: The story is based loosly on the movie in which Casper wants to make friends and then has to find missing pieces of his father's Lazerus machine so Casper can come back as a living person.

Gameplay9/10: The gameplay starts off slow but soon escalates into a puzzle/exploration game that can drive you insane, in a good way.

Graphics 10/10: When we turned this game on we marveled at the graphics of the manor. For a playstation game, the manor is detailed, whether it's the interior or the garden. The detail on the ghosts are amazing (Apart from Carrigan, her face looks like stale vomit) the only thing that annoys me about the graphics is the cheesy look on Casper's face. All these things are hurting him and he has a scary smile on his face.

Rent/Buy: Rent if you want to try the game once because with proper attention, this should only take a day or two. Buy if you plan on trying this game again at some point. Although at this time it would be really hard to rent this game.

I'd like to end on a story that happened yesterday. We reached the basement and found a white key. Remembering about a white door we found ages ago we set out to find the door. After half an hour of arguments of where to go, we find the door. We get up to the door, equip the key, press circle and BOOM! the door doesn't open, after a few "WTF"s we press triangle, highlight the white key and press square. It turned out the key was silver. We went nuts, yelling about how long we had spent looking for that door.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Casper (EU, 10/31/96)

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