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Translation Guide by AChien

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 03/23/98

Subject: Bushido Blade 2 FAQ v0.1
From: rugal@home.net (Andy Chien)
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 08:39:17 -0800
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.sony

Hi all,
   I just quickly whipped up the menu translation for the game for those who 
needs it.  Although I'm calling it a FAQ, I'm not sure if it will really become 
one since I don't have as much free time any more. (that's why I never finished 
my BB1 faq)  If people want to work on move list for each character/weapon to 
put together, that will be great too.
   Just a very quick opinion about the game... 8)  Although, this sequel is 
less realistic than the first one, I thought some of the changes are for good 
than bad.  For instance, your weapons don't hit the walls any more, although it 
still would hit pillars and other objects.  This is not realistic, however, it 
makes the game so much more playable imo.  Now, you can use those other objects 
for your stradgy but not the cheezy wall any more 8)  I personally got really 
annoyed when people love to run next to the wall so they have less chance to 
get hit in part 1.  One other change is that your legs don't get hurt any more, 
thus you don't end up crawing on the ground any more.  I also like this change 
because even though it was cool in BB1 at first but it got frustrating after a 
while espeically if both characters are injured on their legs trying to kill 
each other, etc...  One last major change is that the parry button is gone.  
You would need to attack to parry, which imo isn't a bad thing.  A simple press 
of a button to parry everything was just a little bit too cheezy in BB1 imo 
because it was too effective.  Just about everyone could learn how to parry in 
matter of minutes and get easy/lucky wins.  (note, I'm not saying there were no 
ways around that)
   Of course, there are things I don't like about this sequel.  That is they 
took out most of the side stepping attacks which is a big disapointment to me.  
Also, even though they added many more characters in the game, each one of them 
seems to have less unique techniques than the first one so a lot of characters 
play very alike.  And there seems to be some problems with the collision 
detection...  More than the first one anyway...  It seems that your character 
get pushed back by the collision detection while attacking much more often than 
the first one, which gets very annoying some times because when you should win, 
you end up losing because your attack misses.
   Anyway, enough of my opinion, you decide whether the game is good or not 8)  
Here comes the faq.

		Bushido Blade 2 FAQ
		      v 0.1


            Andy Chien (rugal@home.net)

Menu Translations

	Story Mode
	   pause menu:
		Select Screen
		Title Screen

	CPU Vs Mode
	   pause menu:
		Select Screen 
		Title Screen

	Practice Mode
	   - Practice
	      start/pause menu:
	         CPU Verticle Attack  On/Off
		 CPU Horizontal Attack  On/Off
		 CPU High Attack  On/Off
		 Resume to Game
		 Select Screen
		 Title Screen

	   - Simulation
	      pause menu:
		 Select Screen
		 Title Screen

	2P Mode
	   pause menu:
		Select Screen
		Title Screen

	Team Mode (Like a Kendo Tournment!)
	   Number of Players:  3/4/5
	   Type of Game:  1/3 Round(s) per Character
	   Time:  60/120 Seconds
	   Title Screen

	   pause menu:
		Select Screen
		Title Screen
	Link Mode
	   pause menu:
		Select Screen
		Title Screen

	* Chanbara Mode (kill 100 people)
	   pause menu:
		Select Menu
		Title Menu

	   Color:  Color/Mono
	   Level:  Hard/Easy
	   Music:  On/Off
	   Memory Card Menu
	      - Load
	      - Save
	      - Exit
	   Key Config Menu
	   Title Screen

	* you will have to earn this mode by finishing the game with
	  certain amount of people.  I'm not sure how many but you
	  don't need to finish with everyone.

	Note: for Story, CPU Vs, Practice and Chanbara Mode, you can
	choose to play in normal view (left) or first person view

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