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FAQ/Strategy Guide by AKwong

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/24/98

    The Bushido Blade 2 Complete FAQ 1.1.
	    The Most Tactical Analysis FAQ to BB2!
		     By Arlen Kwong (armorMODE@thekingoffighters.com.)

Bushido Blade 2 is arguably one of the coolest fighting 
games on the market. Well, I couldn't wait to get my hands 
on the U.S. Version, so I imported mine from Japan. Well, 
Bushido Blade 2 is one of those games that you will either 
hate or love..frankly, I loved it. Even though doing 
sidesteps, sidestep attacks, and leaping air moves were 
removed, I'm thankful for what they put in. Crisp graphics, 
tight controls, new features, and the classic Bushido Blade 
gameplay is what this game is all about. The roster was 
geared up from a mere seven (including Katze-gotta think 
that guy's cool) to a tight 22!!! (more on that later).

My guide will tell you all the tactics you'll need to know 
for winning a duel in Bushido Blade 2. It will also tell how 
to acquire all the secret characters, as well as which 
weapons I think are the best, and which characters I think 
are the best. It also tells how to play each mode 
effectively, so you will build up your samurai skills. 
However, I do somewhat, no HIGHLY suggest that you do NOT 
use a GameShark to play this game. Since most fighting games 
nowadays are plagued with little replay value (with the 
exception of Namco and Capcom fighters, mind you,) it's best 
to earn the secrets fairly so you will get the most out of 
your gaming buck ($39.99 for me..exact). If you are looking 
for a complete movelist on Bushido Blade 2 in here, well, 
not yet. If you were hoping for that, I suggest you take a 
look at some of the great FAQs at [http://www.gamefaqs.com] 
that have them. However, soon they will probably be 
implemented in my FAQ.

Final Note: This guide was based on the JAPANESE version of 
Bushido Blade 2. We did not change any of the names of 
characters that may have been changed for the U.S. version, 
as well as any of the mode names that have been changed 
(maybe). However, as I can tell, everything in this guide 
will be applicable to the U.S. version of Bushido Blade 2. 
Hey, some of the info in here may be wrong, since I'm living 
in the U.S., can barely read Kanji, and only know so much of 
Katakana!!!! But probably should be right. Again, e-mail me 
for bug fixes. Credit will be given for all submissions to 
my FAQ.

[Legal Information]
This FAQ is Copyright (c) 1998 Arlen Kwong. No one 
may reproduce this FAQ without my prior consent-you heard 
me. You may reproduce this document for personal use, but 
commerical use and use for profit is strictly prohibited. 
Unauthorized modification is also very illegal, plagurizers.

`Bushido Blade 2T,' and it's characters are property of 
Squaresoft Inc.

E-Mail armorMODE@thekingoffighters.com for any fixes, etc, that you find
in this FAQ. ;)

[Version History]
Version 1.1.: Added more on Chambara Mode Strategies, First-
Person Prespective Strategies, Katze Individual Character 
Analysis, Added Translation for Japanese Import Menus.

Version 1.0.: First version of FAQ. I hope to update this 
FAQ when I feel it is necessary.

[Table of Contents]
I.  Character Rankings
II.  Individual Character Analysis
III.  Weapon Rankings
IV.  Individual Weapon Analysis
V.  Battle Tactics
VI.  Story Mode Strategies
VII.  Vs. CPU Strategies
VIII.  2P Mode Battle Strategies
IX.  Tournament Mode Strategies
X.  First Person Prespective Strategies
XI.  Chambara Mode Strategies
XII.  Unlocking the Secrets of Bushido Blade 2
XIII.  Japanese Import Menu Translations
XIV.  Credits
XV.  Future Prospects

[Character Rankings]
Strength: How powerful I feel that character is. 
Speed: How fast I think that character is.
Control: How well is that character playable.

All rating criteria are measured on a 1-6 scale. 

Name		Strength	Speed	Control		Total
Kannuki		6.0		3.0		4.5			13.5
Mikado		4.0		4.5		4.5			13.0
Tatsumi		3.5		5.5		5.0			14.0
Utsusemi	4.5		4.5		4.5			13.5
Hotarubi	3.5		6.0		4.0			13.5
Matsumushi	4.0		5.5		4.5			14.0
Suminagashi	6.0		3.0		4.0			13.0
Night Stalker	4.0		6.0		3.5			13.5
Sazanka		3.5		3.5		4.5			11.5
Machine Gun Girl4.5		5.5		4.0			14.0
Meikyo Kabuki	n/a		n/a		n/a			n/a
Gengoro		4.5		3.5		5.0			13.0
Kaun		4.0		3.5		4.0			11.5
Jou		4.5		5.5		4.5			14.5
Chihiro		3.5		4.5		4.5			12.5
Isohachi	5.0		4.5		4.0			13.5
Utamaru		4.5		3.5		3.5			11.5
Hongou		5.5		3.5		5.0			14.0
Tony Umeda	4.0		6.0		3.5			13.5
Highwayman	4.0		4.0		4.0			12.0
Katze		4.5		5.5		4.0			14.0
Shainto Kabuki	n/a		n/a		n/a			n/a	

Best Character Overall: Jou
Worst Character Overall: Sazanka/Utamaru	

[Individual Character Analysis]
These are basically what I think of each character, and what 
strategies you should employ, if I have any. This will 
probably be updated in Version 1.1., if I have the time to 
update my FAQ.

Kannuki: Kannuki is one of the most powerful characters in 
Bushido Blade 2. Therefore, you should use the power 
weapons, like the Nodachi and Naginata, to take full 
advantage of his strong points. However, Kannuki should be 
played defensively. Wait for an enemy to be ambitious and 
strike too early, dodge, and then go in for the victory.

Mikado: Once again, Mikado comes as one of the more well-
rounded characters of the game. She has pretty good speed to 
employ, in addition to her above-average power. Like most 
lightweights in the game, you can play Mikado either 
offensive or defensively. Use weapons like the Long Sword or 
Katana, but steer away from the larger weapons that make her 

Tatsumi: Haha.. From the original Bushido Blade cast comes 
Tatsumi, my personal favorite. Tatsumi has the good speed 
needed, but he is somewhat lacking in terms of power. But he 
chain lots of hits together, so use him with the Katana or 
Long Sword. Since he is not too powerful, stay on the 
offensive with him. You will need to.

Utsusemi: Again, like Tatsumi, Utsusemi comes back from the 
original cast of Bushido Blade. Much more improved in my 
opinion, Utsusemi has very good speed, in addition to 
excellent power. He is pretty much universal in terms of 
weapon choice, but you shouldn't use a weapon like the 
Naginata. His best weapon could be the Broadsword or 

Hotarubi: Hotarubi has very good speed in the game, but her 
control could be better. Hotarubi seems to remind me of Red 
Shadow from Bushido Blade, but her speed has greatly 
increased. Again, like Tatsumi, stay on the offensive and 
use the weapons sutible for lightweights. However, since her 
speed is naturally very fast and controlling her can be 
somewhat unpredictable, only advanced players should stick 
to using her.

Matsumushi: Matsumushi got my attention by how he smokes a 
pipe. But he is more than just an Ebisumaru look-alike: 
Matsumushi is one of the most excellent characters in the 
game. His speed is surprising, especially for an old man. 
His weapon skills are alright, making him a good beginner's 

Suminagashi: For the hardcore Kannuki player, we have 
Suminagashi, the most powerful of all characters in Bushido 
Blade 2. He is good with any weapon, which is a good thing. 
Even though he is not that quick, he can take some pretty 
good hits before going down. He is very controllable, which 
is why Suminagashi is a good choice. Just remember-you are a 
powerful, vicious samurai : ).

Night Stalker: Night Stalker is the coolest ninja I've ever 
seen, and he's one of my favorites in Bushido Blade 2. For 
one thing, he is extremely fast. This is a huge plus in 
terms of offense. Since he is very fast, you should play 
Night Stalker offensively and never let up, only to throw 
shurikens or when your arm is cut. He does have a huge 
drawback, though: only advanced players can truly play Night 
Stalker right. If you are a beginner, I suggest you start 
off with Suminagashi.

Sazanka: Never have I EVER seen such a crappy character in a 
fighting game. Sazanka just.well..sucks. He's too slow to be 
offensive, and his movements are too sluggish. Pass this guy 
up. BUT, if you are using him for bragging rights, better 
use the Naginata and play defensively.

Machine Gun Girl: Machine Gun Girl is an excellent choice 
for ending it `executioner' style (no duh!) Just play keep 
away and use your gun when you get far away. However, what 
kinda sucks is that when you play as her you shouldn't keep 
firing like there's no tomorrow. Why? Because you CAN run 
out of ammo. After that, you must reload with the Square 
Button, which will freeze you for a few seconds.

Gengoro: Gengoro is the average ho-hum character of Bushido 
Blade 2. Probably the best weapon for him is the Katana, 
since sheething his sword and unsheething his sword is 
probably the best when using that weapon. He is not that 
quick, so play defensively, and only play offensively when 
you are playing for bragging rights or against a person that 
really sucks. Be careful of using the Low Stance too much-
when sheething your sword.

Kaun: Another mediocre Bushido Blade 2 character, I can't 
think why a lot of people would play with this guy. Well, 
only advanced players should pick him, since he has average 
speed and average power. However, he is deadly with the Yari 
and can be played very good defensively.

Jou: Jou is a very good character in Bushido Blade 2. In our 
rankings, she earned the highest ranking out of all the 
characters-14.5. Jou has the speed and good power to win a 
fight. She is also very good with the Katana, but can do 
with other weapons, as long as they do not make her too 
sluggish. Good choice for advanced or beginner players.

Chihiro: She is a pretty good character, but you cannot 
depend on her. Like many other characters in the Shainto 
Clan, Chihiro is mediocre, but not as mediocre as others. 
You should stick to the Katana, and perhaps the Yari or Long 
Sword, but play offensive. Her middle stance is good for 
fighting, especially in Chambara Mode.

Isosachi: Isosachi is a pretty nice character to use for 
Bushido Blade 2. Like Chihiro, his middle stance is good for 
fighting in Chambara Mode. Isosachi can use any weapon 
alright, so keep that in mind when selecting a weapon. Use 
him in Tournament Mode-he can be a great addition.

Utamaru: Really mediocre-just like Sazanka. He sucks at 
controlling even the most simple of weapons, the Katana. 
Utamaru shouldn't have been in Bushido Blade 2. His speed is 
only average, and you shouldn't use him in Tournament Mode 
unless absolutely necessary.

Hongou: Hongu simply kicks butt in Bushido Blade 2. He is 
another one of my favorites in the Shainto Clan. Besides 
being able to use ANY weapon practically useful, he can also 
be very strong and take plenty of hits. Anyone, beginner or 
advanced, should use Hongou regularly. It will gain you 
plenty of wins. Great for Chambara Mode-the best for the 
Shainto Clan!

Tony Umeda: Tony Umeda is essentially the Night Stalker of 
the Shainto Clan. Too, too, TOO fast. His blade can be quick 
and can slice easily. Use Tony Umeda in any mode you want, 
especially in Chambara Mode, since he can take out the first 
half of the characters quite easily, but it gets pretty 
harder later on. Overall, like Night Stalker, only advanced 
players should use him.

Highwayman: I guess anyone could say the Highwayman is 
pretty average, but you can still take out people with him, 
especially with his twin sword stance. I like how you can 
have the two swords drawn at once, and how he can easily 
stab someone with those toys. But again, his speed ain't all 
that, and he certainly cannot hold his own very well against 
Hongou or Kannuki.

Katze: Shinina! That's Katze quote, meaning "Die!" Katze is 
extremely effective far away.There's not much tactic on this 
one. Just go far and unload.... But he sucks in Tournament 
Mode, due to the small area. Even in 2P Mode Battle, better 
make sure that you don't fire off like a wild dog. You'll 
run outta ammo, have to reload, and BAM!!! Someone gonna get 

[Weapon Rankings]
Here are my rankings for the weapons in Bushido Blade 2. 
Keep in mind that not all characters can use weapons as good 
as others, and vice versa. These are the criteria the 
weapons are rated on:

Power: How powerful is that particular weapon
Speed: How fast do those attacks come out
Control: How much control do you have on your weapon
Range: How much range do you have on your weapon

All criteria are rated on a 1-6 scale. Also, since there are 
only six weapons, even though the worst may not seem like 
the worst, I'd probably agree unless I did a really good 
analysis of the weapon. I think that all the weapons are 
cool, but when it came down to ranking them...

Weapon	        Power	        Speed		Control	       Range	        Total
Naginata	6.0		2.0		2.5		6.0		16.5
Broadsword	4.5		3.5		3.0		4.0		15.0
Katana		4.0		4.0		4.0		3.5		16.5
Nodachi	        5.5		3.0		3.0		5.5		17.0
Long Sword	3.5		6.0		4.0		3.0		16.5
Yari		6.0		2.0		2.5		6.0		16.5

Best Weapon Overall: Nodachi
Worst Weapon Overall: Broadsword

[Individual Weapon Analysis]
Here is my personal, in-depth analysis of each weapon for 
Bushido Blade 2. Probably will be updated in Version 1.1. or 
Version 1.1. of my FAQ.

Naginata: The Naginata is one of the most powerful weapons 
in Bushido Blade 2, period. It has very good range, very 
good power, but it kinda fails in terms control. This weapon 
works especially well for strong characters in Story Mode 
and Vs. CPU Mode. Overall, a good weapon, but only if you 
can handle it.

Broardsword: This is a pretty good weapon to use, but it got 
rated kinda mediocre by my ratings compared to other 
weapons. Don't get me wrong, it's a good weapon to use an 
all, but it is kinda sluggish. It's good to use for 2P Mode 
Battle and Tournament Mode, but other than that, don't even 
bother with this.

Katana: Ah yes..the Katana. Perhaps the most used weapon in 
all Bushido Blade games, there's nothing I can say about 
this weapon other than it is pretty cool. It has decent 
range and damage, and just about anyone can use this weapon. 
It's also usable in all modes adequately. My final verdict: 
Use it when you wanna, since it can grant a good victory.

Nodachi: Tight, tight, TIGHT weapon. The Nodachi is an 
extremely powerful weapon, not to mention the fact that it's 
usable efficiently with a lot of the characters in this 
game. There are many good attacks you can use with it, and 
the "reflect" attack with Kannuki is just too tight! Use 
this weapon and try to master it-it'll do ya good.

Long Sword: I don't know why, but it seems like the Long 
Sword has been transformed in the Saber of Bushido Blade 2. 
It plays almost exactly the same as the Saber of the 
original Bushido Blade, except that you can't do sidestep 
flips with it. Overall, practically anyone can use this 
weapon, and it's a good one to use in most modes.

Yari: Really good weapon for the Shainto Clan. The Shainto 
Clan has a lot of good points in the game, and the Yari is 
one of them. It has very good range and very good attack 
power, not to mention the fact that you can easily do 
spectacular combos with it! It's best used with Hongou-then 
it's the best combination of a character and weapon you can 
get to.

[Battle Tactics]
These are basically strategies on offense and defense, and 
what kind of things you can do in a heated battle between 
you and the computer. Or someone that you invited over to 
beat the seven shades crap out of. Note: In techniques 
available, I have put a >> to signify that you must combo 
into that particular button or whatever.

Throw Sub-Weapon
Press R2 >> Circle quickly. Depending on the character, some 
can throw sub-weapons, and some cannot, while others can 
only throw in a certain stance. Gotta experiment.

Throw your Opponent
Press away from your opponent with the X button also. You 
will do a throw. Some characters can only do these, but the 
end results are cool. Gengoro can break your neck!

Press R2 >> R1 quickly.

Reflect Attacks
Sometimes when fighting in Bushido Blade 2, you will see 
some white sparks. This signifies a reflect attack can 
occur. Simply press any attack button as soon as this 
happens, and your character will perform a powerful attack 
that seems to come out of nowhere. Really, really cool!

Guarding Attacks
There are basically three ways in this game to guard 
attacks. A) Simply stand there and hope your weapon in place 
will block off the attack, B) Press the X button to block an 
attack made by the Circle button, and C) Press the Circle 
button to block an attack made by the X button. Now, for the 
latter two, you may be confused on how to tell when you can 
tell which button was pressed to attack. Well, a Circle 
button attack will always be kinda like an overhead attack. 
Better put, an attack that is coming from the back of the 
attacker to the front. A X button attack is tell-tale 
because it's kinda like a stab attack. It can come from the 
side of the attacker to the opponent. Well, experiment to 
find out better. I can only show you throw pics of Bushido 
Blade 2, yet, I don't have a scanner yet, so it's 

When you try to guard an attack with another attack, it will 
show one of three things. A) A blue spark, meaning you used 
the correct button to block, and you have little recovery 
time, or B) You got a green spark for using the wrong button 
to block, and you may get hit since your recovery time is 
longer than a blue spark appearing, or C) A white spark, 
meaning a reflect attack may occur.

Creating Combos
Essentially, it can be said that in Bushido Blade 2 you can 
create your own combos. Simply cancel attacks like this:

Attack >> Attack >> Attack

There are more ways to do this, but that's pretty much a 
simple formula to build combos. Keep in mind that this will 
not always work with a character, and it varies with the 
character with the weapon in hand. You may occasionally need 
to delay attacks also.

Offense in Bushido Blade 2
Offense is pretty complex in Bushido Blade 2. First off, you 
should always start a match
by dashing. Dashing is a good way to start off a match since 
it pumps you up to be offensive minded. Since not that many 
weapons can hit a good dashing opponent, you can start to 
look for openings in your opponent's weak defense. 

Use the formula to create combos when fighting a weak minded 
opponent. As always, it may not work correctly, but it can 
get your opponent too ambitious and start to attack wildly. 
After this, go in for a victory.

Appropriately, never use an attack like this:

Jump >> Attack

For one thing, you'll never be able to attack mid-air. 
Second, as you land, you'll do an attack, which is 
predictable and will leave you open afterwards. Only use the 
above technique unless you are sure the person you are 
playing sucks at the game.

The best technique to win a fast fight is to do this:

Dash >> R2 >> X Button >> Circle Button

This attack especially works good in Chambara Mode, since 
you can easily defeat sub-bosses. You're character will need 
to be in a stance that will allow their attack to hit an 
opponent on the ground quickly and easily, so you can defeat 
your opponent easier. This technique usually works always 
with a Katana, but I haven't really tried it with other 

Finally, when you see your opponent to spin a Yari or 
Naginata around, wait for them to stop. As soon as that 
occurs, attack. Don't use throws too often, since they can 
leave you open to attacks. Also, when fighting against Katze 
and Machine Gun Girl, don't EVER use throws and don't EVER 
go far range. It's just too easy for them to defeat you 
these ways.

Defense in Bushido Blade 2
Well, reading the offensive part of this FAQ, you will 
probably think that you will simply need to improve on those 
aspects and not jump in too quickly, and you will be fine, 
right? Well, you're really wrong. That's just part of it in 
Bushido Blade 2. There's also much more to employ.

Well, you've got to REALLY learn how to guard efficiently. 
If you can't, don't bother trying to be an expert in Bushido 
Blade 2. Got it? It won't work this way since, when you play 
2P Mode Battle with gun-totting characters, you will need to 
learn how to parry their attacks efficiently.

Learn to wait for your opponent to get too ambitious and 
excited. When there's an opponent, do a quick stab attack. 
For fun, take out an arm to make your opponent even more 
frustrated. It will keep them from making attacks fast and 

Read the offense section and read about what players on 
offense use against players on defense. This should give you 
a general idea of what to do. Get it? Got it? Good.

[Story Mode Strategies]
In Story Mode, you must fight plenty of ninjas and other 
cronies before fighting a main boss. This is for each area. 
There are multiple areas before you fight a boss. Along the 
way, you will also be able to control alternate characters.

Well, fighting the ninjas should be too hard. Just dash and 
do a standard stab attack to take them out.

For sub-bosses, it's safe to say that using the technique 
for Chambara Mode I explained in the Offense in Bushido 
Blade 2 section will help you greatly. Add in some skills 
and swordsmanship, and you should be fine.

For the Shainto Clan's Boss: As you will notice, each time 
you hit him, he will get closer to you. Keep doing this 
until he gets pretty close. Then, do a combo when close-it 
will hit him as soon as he reapears.

For the Meikyo Clain's Boss: This guy is hard. The only weak 
spot is on his back. Knock him down and then hit his back 
for an easy win.

Last minute Note: Don't die when you get an alternate 
character! More info on the section Unlocking the Secrets of 
Bushido Blade 2.

[Vs. CPU Mode Strategies]
This mode has pretty much has you fighting all the main 
characters you've earned. It's kinda cool, cuz you getta 
practice fighting everyone. What's cool though, is, I think 
it shows how long it took you at the end of the mode. 

For strategy, there's not much to it. Pick a character, any 
character, and just, well, fight. Use your standard 
judgement as well as our strategies on offense and defense.

This mode is kinda like Kumite from Dead or Alive, except 
that I don't think your status carries on from one battle to 
another. But this is my all-time favorite mode (at least one 
of my favorites), simply because I get to practice against 
all my characters I've earned. 

[2P Mode Battle Strategies]
Ah yes, multiplayer. What more does a game like Bushido 
Blade 2 need. A four-player mode on one T.V.? What a dream. 
Even though it might require 4 MB RAM Expansion (which, BTW, 
I'm STILL waiting for,) it'd be ever so cool. Well, until 
then, a standard 2P Mode Battle will have to do.

Play mind games against your opponent. Wait for him to 
choose a character before choosing yours. Do the same for 
weapons. Make him/her afraid when the fight starts be 
running-in, then faking out and running away. This will 
cause your opponent to attack, which you will then be able 
to attack and win.

Use weapons that suit your opponent's dilemna. A beginner 
will have lots of trouble against a weapon like, oh, say, 
the Nodachi or Naginata. Well, for advanced players, a more 
controllable and combo-heavy weapon like the Katana or Long 
Sword should do it. Experiment who you play against and see 
what they hate to figure out what you're going to use.

Last, but not least, pick a stage that suits your fighting 
style. Like one-on-one, deathmatchs? That stage that is only 
left-right with the fishes at the corners is a great choice 
to defeat your opponent easily in a tight situation. Or how 
about a more strategic fight? Long, more drawn out and 
larger battlefields will do.

[Tournament Mode Strategies]
There's finally a Team Battle Mode for Bushido Blade, and 
frankly, it's pretty cool. You can choose characters and 
select their weapons, and duke it out with your teammates.

Choose a character that's powerful for the beginning and 
last parts of the fight. That way, you can get an offensive 
start at the beginning, and a strong finish at the end. Or 
if you're really desperate, having all the strong guys at 
the end will defintely help you.

Don't rely on some of the dashing tactics we've said before-
the arena is way too small for those. The longer, more 
sluggish and powerful weapons are perfect for this mode. You 
shouldn't worry about who gets which weapon, since the 
fights will be quick.

What also sucks for fast characters like, say, Tatsumi or 
Night Stalker, is that when you try to be offensive and 
start running around really quickly can't have too much 
range to run in, and often get disqualified when they run 
out of the ring.

[First-Person Prespective Strategies]
Akin to Tekken 2's "Quake" Mode, Bushido Blade 2 gets this 
mode, just like in the original. And it lives up to it's 

Actually, this isn't really a mode. It's a selection you 
make for certain modes that let you play it in a first-
person prespective. It's actually harder to play in this 
mode than in a normal mode's prespective, since you must 
constantly try to find your opponent to fight. Sometimes, 
they even get cheap wins against you.

But. if you really wanna play in this mode, then you better 
start practicing with it a lot. For one thing, you'd better 
get used to the "find-your-opponent" technique. This is done 
by pressing a X/Circle+Left/Right. This will direct you to 
your opponent. It's not even harder to time your stabs, so 
make sure you will get your opponent absolutely when you run 
up to them and try to stab them. Many times, I'd try to do 
this, yet as soon as I did stab, it was just inches away 
from a ninja. Iksui, and then they got me.

Also, start getting used to choosing powerful characters 
will long weapons. Playing as, say, Jou or Tatsumi is nearly 
suicidle in this mode. Apparently, since it's so hard to 
directly find your opponent, you'll need to constatly do the 
"find-your-opponent" technique when you play quick and 
offensive. With Kannuki, Hongou, or even Suminagashi, you 
can use the Nodachi, Naginata, or Yari to get lots of reach 
towards your opponent, make it a lot easier to stab them.

I wouldn't play with this option in any mode, personally. 
Only a POV Mode against my opponent on a Link Cable could be 
considered. But then again, who has 2 PlayStations, a Link 
Cable, 2 T.V.s, 2 Bushido Blade copies, 2 controllers, and 
another friend readily available? Not this kid who's writing 
the FAQ..

[Chambara Mode Strategies]
Note: Chambara Mode is a special mode. For more info, look 
at Unlocking the Secrets of Bushido Blade 2.

Chambara Mode is pretty much the Slash Mode of Bushido 
Blade, which, though thought to be gone, is back again in 
Bushido Blade 2 as a secret mode!!!

The Chambara Mode technique is the following combination:

Dash >> R2 >> X Button >> Circle Button (stance for combo 
must be so opponent on ground can be hit quickly and easily)

For the most part, use the run n' stab technique for the 
ninjas and people in the middle of boss fights. For the 
bosses, use the Chambara Mode technique above.

Also, for the opponents #81-89, run just so that you're 
behind them and do a stab technique on them. 

For this mode, use strong characters. Not Tatsumi, Jou, 
Mikado, or anyone weak like that. You should also use 
characters you can actually control. Night Stalker and Tony 
Umeda, though they may seem to be pretty slick and quick, 
and may get you far, simply just don't cut it because: A) 
They are too quick to control, and B) Because they have weak 
attacks and will have serious trouble against the later 

My top picks for Chambara Mode: Suminagashi, Hongou, and 

[Unlocking the Secrets of Bushido Blade 2]
Acquire all the Alternate Characters
To do this, when you playing Story Mode, do not die while 
using your Sub-Character. When you finally beat the mode, 
you will gain a sub-character(s). There are two to gain for 
each main character-for a total of 18 characters after 
getting earned.

Acquire Chambara Mode
Earn all but one Alternate Character, and Chambara Mode 
should appear before POV Mode on the Mode Select Screen. 
This is pretty much the Slash Mode of Bushido Blade, but 
it's called Chambara Mode, and it's way easier!!! (At least 
in the Japanese Version it's called Chambara Mode).

Acquire Katze and Machine Gun Girl
To do this, simply beat Chambara Mode in under 15 minutes. 
You will need to beat it with a Meikyo Character to earn 
Machine Gun Girl, and Shainto Clan for Katze. Both are only 
playable in 2P Mode Battle and Tournament Mode.

Acquire Freaky Kabuki Guys
Beat Chambara Mode without dying. Again, you must beat it 
with both Shainto Clan and Meikyo Clan to get both of them. 
Both are only playable in 2P Mode Battle and Tournament 

[Japanese Import Menu Translations] 
For those of you in the U.S. who, well, really wanted the 
original version of the game and imported the Japanese one, 
I can tolerate that. Well, being the nice guy I am, I've 
decided to make a basic translation of all the menus. Enjoy!

(nothing is here ... why?
 my translation was quite wrong
 therefore, read the translation faq for this game
 available at gamefaqs.com)


armorMODE@thekingoffighters.com.			For writing entire V 1.1.


-Plan to add more in-depth look in Offense
-Plan to add more in-depth look in Defense
-Plan to add some combos for the weapons
-Plan to make FAQ better overall
-Plan to add Meiyko Kabuki into guide
-Plan to add Shainto Kabuki into guide


This FAQ was last updated on:

November 24th, 1998.



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