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Move List by MBlanco

Updated: 03/20/97

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Bushido Blade PSX Move List
compiled by Mark Blanco

This is by no means a FAQ. It is just a compiled move list. Since I
don’t read Japanese, I’m not even sure about all the moves. If anyone
has any updates, please feel free to use this move list, you have my
full permission to use and edit it.

General Moves

	Square		Defend
	Triangle	High Attack
	Circle		Mid Attack
	X		Low Attack
	R1		Raise Stance
	R2 		Lower Stance
	L1		Run
	L2		Not Used

	Hold Forward, then R2, R1 to jump
	Hold Forward, then R2 to "lunge step"
	Hold Forward, then double-tap R2 to throw dirt
	Hold Forward, then R2, Circle to use "throwing weapon"
	Hold Forward, then R1 at ledge to climb
	Immediately when your weapon is knocked away, tap R2 to roll away

	Tap Back, Forward + X to pounce	

Character Specific Moves 
	all references to stance are not guaranteed
	(note, anywhere where I have the stance listed as ‘?’ it is possible
that you should attempt to do this move immediately after the "lunge

	"Haohmaru" looking guy
		Circle, Circle, pause, Triangle	(mid stance)
		Circle, Circle, pause, Circle, Pause, Circle	(low stance)

		B,F,Triangle	(up to 4 times?) (low stance)
		F,F,Triangle	(high stance)

		Circle, Circle, pause, Circle	(low stance)
		F,F,Triangle,Triangle, pause, Circle	(high stance)

	Other Girl (not the red ninja girl)
		F,F,Triangle	(?)
		X,X	(low stance)

	Teenage Boy
		B,F,Circlex5	(high stance)
		F,F,Triangle	(high stance)

	Red Ninja Girl
		F,F,X		(?)
		F,F,F,Circle	(high stance)

 Weapon Specific Moves

		Triangle,Circle	(high stance)
		F,F,Circle		(mid stance)
		B,F,Triangle	(mid stance)
		Circle,Circle, pause, F,Circle	(mid stance)
		B,F,Circle,Triangle	(mid stance)
		X,Circle	(low stance)

	Nodachi (looks like long katana)
		Triangle,Triangle, pause, F,Triangle	(high stance)
		X,Triangle	(high stance)
		B,F,Triangle	(mid stance)
		Circle,Circle, pause, F,Triangle	(mid stance)
		B,F,Triangle	(low stance)
		X,Triangle	(low stance)

	Long Sword (79cm, 1.4 kg)
		Circle,Circle	(high stance)
		B,F, Triangle (? stance?)
		F,Circle	(?)
		Triangle,X	(?)
		Up,Circle	(low stance)
		X,Triangle, pause, Triangle	(low stance)

	Saber (72cm, 1.2 kg)
		Triangle,Circle	(high stance)
		F,F,Circle	(?)
		X,Triangle, pause, Circle	(?)
		Circle,Circle, pause, Triangle	(?)
		B,Circle	(low stance)
		Triangle,Triangle	(low stance)

	Broad Sword
		B,F,Circle	(high)
		Circle,Circle	(high)
		X,X	(high)
		B,F,Circle	(?)
		Circle,Circle	(?)
		Triangle Triangle	(low)

		F,F,X	(high)
		B,F,Circle	(high)
		Trianglex2,pause, Triangle, pause, Triangle	(high)
		B,F,Triangle	(?)
		Circle,Triangle	(?)
		X,Triangle	(low)

	Naginata	(Kyoshiro’s weapon)
		Triangle, Triangle, pause, Triangle	(high)
		F,F,Circle	(mid)
		Triangle,Circle	(mid)
		B,Circle	(low)
		B,F,Triangle,Circle,X	(low)
		X,Circle	(low)

	Rapier (75cm, 0.9kg)
		B,X	(high)
		Triangle,Circle	(high)
		Down,Triangle	(?)
		B,F,Circle	(?)
		Tringle,X, pause, Triangle, pause, Circle, pause, Circle (?)
		Triangle, Triangle	(low)

Mark Blanco - mark.blanco@comm.hq.af.mil
   - signature files are a waste of time,
      that's why I don't have one :)
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