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FAQ/Move List by MLee

Version: 0.8 | Updated: 05/22/97

From: mikelee <mikelee@icomsim.com>
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.sony
Subject: Bushido Blade:  FAQ (Long)
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 06:05:59 -0600

Here's what i have so far, i'll be updating it as i get dig up new
info.  Let's just call it .8 (i'm missing only 1 weapon, but i haven't
even started on char specific moves yet).
I'll throw in Raysurx's excellent japanese text translations in the
final version as well.  I'm hoping to get translations of all the
speech during the Story Mode as well, but that might be beyond
version 1.0.

As always all help/contributions/translations are more than welcome.
email leem@icomsim.com

- The game will end prematurely with a black screen w/ text if you
  win any of your matches dishonorably.  An "honorable" game will
  take you all the way to the Practice Hall stage vs. the end "boss,"
  and a CGI movie.  "Honor" is difficult to define, but so far
  i believe that:
  * Secondary Weapons are not dishonorable
  * Striking an opponent while they are speaking, showing off at the
    beginning of a match IS dishonorable
  * Striking an already defeated opponent on the ground IS dishonorable
    (not sure on this, however)
  * Pounce-style (impale) attacks ARE dishonorable (again, unsure)
  * Attacks from behind are not dishonorable
  * Running away from opponents and not fighting them is not

- There seem to be two CGI movies for each character.  One of the movies
  is unlocked by finishing Story Mode on any difficulty level, with or
  without continues.  I am unsure of how to unlock the second movie for
  the characters.  Finishing Story Mode without continuing (as some
  have suggested) does NOT unlock the second movie.

- This mode ends with the death of 100 opponents.  Exactly what is 
  unlocked (if anything) by this is unknown (i've done it, but nothing
  seems to have changed within the game).


..f		inch forward
..b		inch backwards
..u		sidestep away from screen
..d		sidestep into screen
..f.f		step forward
..b.b		take two steps back
..u.u		inch back and away from screen
..d.d		inch back and into screen

direction+R1	run
running+.t	Running Slice
running+.o	Running Slash (stops running)
running+.x	Running Spin Slash (stops running)

..f+R2		crouch forward (will stand up again at end of crouch)
..f+R2, R1	crouch forward and then jump
..f+R2, R1, 	Jump attack
 any attack	
..f+R2, .o	throw secondary weapon
..f+R2, R2	throw dirt (may not work on all terrain)
R1+R2		climb

..b.f+.x		Jumping Impale

Lying Down
..u or .d	roll and face up
..b or .f		get up
..t		Low Slash (only when face up)
..o		Low Slice (only when face up)
..x		Sit, Low Slice, and fall face down

High Stance
..t, .o		Downward Slice, Slash					
..b+.t		Change Grip					
..b+.t, .t	Change Grip, Slice 				
..u+.o		Sidestep and Slash				
..d+.o		Sidestep and Slash				
..b+.o		Retreating Slice
..b.f+.o		Advancing Slice				
..f.f+.o		Reverse Downwards Stab					
..f.f+.x		Advancing Low Slash				

Normal Stance
..f.f+.t		Lunging Slice				
..t.o.o		Slice, Double Slash			
..t.o.t		Slice, Slash, Lunging Blow		
..b.f.t		Lunging High Blow
..b+.t		Change Grip
..b+.t, .t	Change Grip & Slice			
..f.f+.o		Lunging Stab
..o.o		Double Slash
..o.o.f+.o	Triple Slash
..b.f+.o		Blade Flick
..b.f+.o	,.o	Blade Flick & Lunging Stab
..b.f+.o,.t	Blade Flick & Lunging Blow
..b+.o		Retreating Slash
..u+.o		Sidestepping Slash
..d+.o		Sidestepping Slash
..f.f+.x		Lunging Slash

Low Stance
..b.f+.t		Sliding Slash
..t.x		Advancing Slice & Low Slash
..o.o		Advancing Double Slash
..b.f+.o		Sliding Upwards Slash
 .x.o		Upslice & Lunging Stab
..f.f+.x		Upwards Stab
..b+.x		Spinning Low Slash

..f+R2, .x	Low Slash
..f+R2, .t	Springing Slash (Mi,Ko,Ut)
High Stance
..b+.t		Retreating High Poke
..f.f+.t		Advancing Slice
..b.f+.t		Diving Upslice
..t.o		Slice and Thrust
..u(.d)+.o	Dodging Stab
..f.f+.o		Advancing Thrust
..b.f+.o		Lunging Thrust
..o,.o		Double Stab
..b+.x		Dramatic Sweep

Normal Stance
..u(.d)+.t	Dodging High Stabs
..f.f+.t		Advancing High Stab
..b.f+.t		Lunging High Thrust
..t,.x,.t,.o,.o	Flurry of Blows
..b+.o		Retreating Slash
..f.f+.o		Advancing Thrust
..b.f+.o		Spearing Thrust

Low Stance
..f.f+.t		Advancing High Stab
..b.f+.t		Spinning High Thrust
..t,.t		Advancing Double High Stabs
..u(.d)+.o	Dodging Slashes
..b+.o		Spinning Slash
..f.f+.o		High Stab
..b.f+.o		Lunging Stab
..b+.x		Ducking Low Slash
..f.f+.x		Lunging Low Slash
..x,.o		Low & Spinning Stabs

..f+R2, .x	Upslice (Ho,Ta,Mi,Ko)
High Stance
..b+.t		Retreating Slice
..b.f+.t		Running Upslice
..t.t.t		Double Chop & Slice
..u(.d)+.o	Dodging Slashes
..f.f+.o		Advancing Slash
..b.f+.o		Running Slash
..o,.o		Double Slash
..f+.x		Ducking Low Slash

Normal Stance
..t.o		Slash and Shake
..f+.o		Jab
..b+.o		Retreating Jab
..u(.d)+.o	Dodging Slashes
..f.f+.o		Ducking Head Swipe
..o,.x		Medium & Low Slash

Low Stance
..b.f+.t,.o,.x	Triple Jabs
..t,.x		Hi-Lo Slash
..u(.d)+.o	Dodging Slashes
..b+.o		Spinning Strike
..o,.o		Slash & Stab
..f+.x		Low Stepping Strike
..b+.x		Retreating Low Jab
..x,.o		Low Slash & Strike
High Stance
..b+.t		Smash and Retreat
..f.f+.t		Advancing Smash
..b.f+.t		Leaping Smash
..t,.t,.t,.t	Hammer Flurry
..u(.d)+.o	Dodging Swing
..f.f+.o		Advancing Swing
..b.f+.o		Lunging Backswing
..f.f+.x		Twirling Upswing (Ho,Ta fall)

Normal Stance
..f.f+.t		Advancing Smash
..b.f+.t		Mauling Smash
..t,.t		Double Smash
..b+.o		Retreating Backswing
..u(.d)+.o	Dodging Swings
..f.f+.o		Advancing Swing
..b.f+.o		Spinning Swing
..o,.t,.o		Swing, Smash, Swing

Low Stance
..t,.t		Double Smash
..u(.d)+.o	Dodging Hammerspin
..b+.x		Retreating Low Backswing
..x,.t		Low Swing & Smash

..f+R2, .x	Low Sweep (Ut, Ka)
High Stance
..b+.t		Retreating Slice
..b.f+.t		Lunging Slash
..t,.t,.f+.t	Slices & Jumping Slice
..t,.x		Slice & Upslice
..u(.d)+.o	Dodging Slash
..b.f+.o		Slash & Spin
..o,.o		Double Slash
..x,.t		Low Slash & Slice

Normal Stance
..b.f+.t		Lunging High Blow
..b+.o		Retreating Slash
..u(.d)+.o	Dodging Slashes
..f.f+.o		High Slash
..b.f+.o		Sword Flick
..b.f+.o, .o	Sword Flick & Slash
..o,.o,.f+.t	Double Slash & Overslice
..f+.x		Low Slice

Low Stance
..b.f+.t		Lunging Slice
..t,.x		Slice & Low Slash
..u(.d).+.o	Dodging Slash
..b.f+.o		Winding Slash
..f.f+.o		Advancing Slash
..o,.o		Double Slashes
..f+.x		Low Slash
..b+.x		Retreating Slash
..x,.t		Upslice & Downslice
 Long Sword
High Stance
..b+.t		Retreating Slice
..u(.d)+.t	Dodging Slice
..b.f+.t		Spinning Slice
..t,.x		Slice & Low Slash
..b.f+.o		Spinning Slash
..o,.o		Double Slash

Normal Stance
..b.f+.t		Lunging High Blow
..t,.x		Hi-Lo Slice
..f+.o		Lunging Thrust
..b+.o		Retreating Slash
..u(.d)+.o	Dodging Slash
..o,.o		Double Slashes

Low Stance
..b.f+.t		Impale
..t,.o		High Slice & Blow
..b+.o		Upslice
..u(.d)+.o	Dodging Spin Slashes
..f.f+.o		Spinning Thrust
..x,.t,.t		Up & Down Slice, High Blow
..b+.x		Retreating Upslice
High Stance
..b+.t		Retreating Slice
..f.f+.t		Advancing Slice
..b.f+.t		Springing Slice
..t,.o		Slice & Slash
..t,.o,.o		Slice & Slashes (Ho,Ta,Mi) 
..u(.d)+.o	Dodging Slashes
..f.f.f+.o	Roll Forward & Slash (Ho)
..o,.o,.t		Slash & Slice (Ho,Ta)
..b.f+.o		Thrust
..f.f+.x		Sweep

Normal Stance
..b+.o		Retreating Slash
..u(.d)+.o	Dodging Slash
..f.f+.o		Lunging Thrust
..b.f+.o		Springing Slash
..o,.o.,t		Double Slash & Slice
..x,.t,.o		Low & Spinning Slashes

Low Stance
..f.f+.t		Advancing Slice
..b.f+.t		Spinning Slice
..t,.t		Slice & Spin Slice
..b+.o		Rearing Thrust
..u(.d)+.o	Dodging Slash
..b.f+.o		Lunging Thrust
..f.f+.o		Advancing Slash
..o,.x		Slash, Rolling Slice (Ho)
..b+.x		Retreating Slashes
..f.f+.x		Advancing Sweep

..f+R2, .x	Jumping Upslice (Ho,Mi)
..f.f		Roll Forward (Ho,Mi)
..b.b		Backflip (Ho,Mi)
..u.u(.d.d)	Cartwheel (Ho)

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