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FAQ/Walkthrough by -Oompug-

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/26/01

Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time
Walkthrough & FAQ

v. 1.0

By: Oompug!

_Table of Contents_
Introduction and Legend
The Basics
Thanks and Legal Stuff


     Greetings fellow video gamer! Welcome to my Bugs Bunny: Lost in 
Time Walkthrough and FAQ, written for www.gameFAQs.com. This is my 
first FAQ (don't worry though, I am an avid gamer, usually Final 
Fantasies, and am quite thorough in virtually any game I play). I'm 
writing for several reasons: #1. It's summer... I'm bored... and I'm 
waiting for Wild Arms 2 to arrive in the mail. #2 gameFAQs.com has been 
a great help to me in my years of video gaming, and while playing 
through Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time (hear-after referred to as BBLIT) 
trying to pick up the one last Golden Carrot I needed to get a 100%, 
noticed that gameFAQs.com lacked an FAQ/Walkthrough for this game. I 
figured, "Hey, might as well give back to them a small portion of what 
they've given to me... and get the satisfaction of knowing that I, like 
so many other FAQ writers, have prevented one more controller being 
thrown thru the TV screen in agony :-). #3 Heck, this'll probably be 
good experience in typing, writing, and... whatever other skills I'm 
going to use in this endeavor. Well I know this introduction has been a 
waste... since nobody on gameFAQs.com ever reads introduction, unless 
there is some gaming information in it, so ON WITH THE WALKTHRU!

     BBLIT is an action-adventure game, much like Mario Bros. In fact, 
some reviewers say that its just Mario dressed up in a Bugs Bunny suit. 
So? Mario is a great game... probably 98% of all the video games 
published today were somehow influenced by the Great Italian Plumber. 
So what if this game is virtually a Mario game.
     I first played this game because my sister (who is NOT a real 
video game person) brought it home... just because it had Looney Toons 
on the cover. Now I have to play every new video game that enters this 
house... no matter what it is... and I quickly got addicted to Bugs 
Bunny, finishing the game in 3 days. I think that was about 6 months 
ago. As I said, I'm waiting for another game to arrive in the mail, and 
while I was waiting I figured I'd play through BBLIT again. When I 
finished, again three days later, I had completed 100% of the game. The 
last item I was trying to find took me half an hour to locate... just 
one stupid carrot in a small level. It would have saved me a lot of 
trouble if an FAQ had been posted on gameFAQs.com.
     Your next question may be, "Does this game really need a 
walkthrough/FAQ?". My answer would probably be, "Nah, not really, but 
this is fun!" Actually I fully believe in playing thru a game by 
yourself first. Using a strategy guide or walkthrough the first time 
(without good reason) is almost like reading the end of a book before 
the beginning. But this FAQ is for those people that are 
perfectionist... who must get each and every Clock and GC, 100% every 
game. Not that this is too difficult in this game either, but if I can 
save someone from tearing all of the hair out of their body. So that's 
what this is all about... lets get going!

A few terms I use throughout this document

    Lvl= level
    NME= enemy (or NMEs= enemies)
    X, [], O, /\, R1, R2, L1, L2 are all button symbols for the PSX 
    GCs stands for Golden Carrots, one of the items in the game.

The Basics

    O.K. I am NOT going to tell you that you need a copy of the game 
and an electronic device such as a PlayStation or computer to run it 
on, I am going to assume you know the basic operations of a PlayStation 
already... I always enjoy the game manuals instructions on setting up 
the PlayStation and the game before even turning the PS on... of course 
I enjoy the warning labels on toasters and hairdryers more, but this is 
an Walkthru/FAQ, not a Bill Engvall sketch.

Setup and Controls

    This game takes one block on a memory card to save, and make sure 
the memory card you wish to save on is in Slot 1 of your PlayStation. 
The one block can hold up to six saves of _different_ games you've 
started. Also in this intro screen you can mess with controller setup. 
The default game controls are as follows:
    Directional Pad or Left Stick: Pretty much self explanatory, up and 
down will also let you climb and descend ropes and poles. Directions 
referred to as _U_, _D_, _L_, and _R_ for up, down, left, and right 
    X button: Jump, also throw objects, _select_ when in menu screens.
    O button: Hold O+ D-Pad for the sneak ability, explained later, 
Jump and Hold O for the ears ability, also explained later
    [] button: Kick, this is used both on NMEs (my abbreviation for 
"enemies") and on switches, or throwing objects you've picked up.
    /\ button: First person Point of View camera, Hold /\ and use D-Pad 
to look around.
    R1 button: "Action" button. Used when a ! or ? appear above Bugs' 
head. Read signs (always read signs) use Magical abilities (always use 
magic abilities), push buttons (usually push buttons), push objects,and 
pick up or set down objects. Also used for the "Dive" action. Jump over 
one of Bugs' rabbit holes and, while still in the air, tap R1. Bugs 
will dive into the hole... if you are above it, if the hole is not 
directly below you Bugs hits the floor (OUCH!)
    L1 button: Roll Attack. Bugs rolls into a cannon ball and bowls 
down the NME. Control where he rolls with the D-pad or Left stick. This 
attack can also be used to roll through small holes in walls.
    L2 and R2 buttons: Camera controls. My biggest complaint about this 
game was the camera. It wasn't too bad, but it could have used some 
work, depending on how picky you are depends on how much you use these 
    Now, a few quick things about the difficulty of the controls. First 
of all Camera angle is a PAIN!!! A MAJOR PAIN!!! But that's sort of to 
be expected. But I want to complain about it anyway. The other thing I 
have to complain about in this game was the jumping... jumping from one 
object to the next could easily end your life if you aren't paying 
close attention. Bugs will auto jump when he hits a sudden drop, but it 
usually always works better if you manually jump. Also, watch your 
shadow for where you will land. This helps A LOT!!!

Carrots, Golden Carrots, and Clocks

     Carrots provide health for Bugs. If he is hit he usually has half 
a carrot of health taken from him. If all three health carrots are 
lost, Bugs "dies" (of course cartoon characters never die! He just re-
appears at the last checkpoint or entrance to the area. Each carrot 
that Bugs eats provides a half a carrot of health. If Bugs grabs a 
Carrot, but is full heath, it goes into his carrot stash. The carrot 
stash is used to buy Golden Carrots. When Bugs receives 99 carrots he 
can buy one of the five Golden Carrots in the Level select areas.
     Golden Carrots are basically just a way for the game to know 
you've explored areas, and are counted toward your "Percent Completed". 
They can also open a few of the bonus type levels. There are 333 of 
these in the game.
     Clock Symbols are the main item you're looking for. You need 120 
of these to complete the game... there are 134 possible in the game.
     ACME boxes are red boxes you find lying around in some levels, 
smash it and you get carrots. Big wow. Smash all of them in a level and 
you get an extra Clock! If you have already got all of the boxes in a 
level Merlin will not tell you at the beginning that you need to find 
the boxes.
     Health in this game is even less important than it is in a Mario 
game. In a Mario game you have lives which you loose every time you 
die, when you loose them all you have to restore from last saved 
position, or give up. In BBLIT however, if you die, SO WHAT? No big 
deal, you can't kill a Toon! (except for maybe with that stuff in "Who 
Framed Roger Rabbit") If you do fall off an edge or loose all your 
carrots you are simply transported back to the last entrance to the 
area you died in, or the latest checkpoint you ran thru. This can 
actually work to your advantage. If you have to go down a dead end to 
flip a switch or something and then have to backtrack thru a bunch of 
time-consuming obstacles to get back to where you need to be, just fall 
off the edge or die to get to the last checkpoint.
If any of this is unclear, try reading the manual, or waiting to go to 
the first area, NOWHERE, where everything will be explained to you and 


     O.K. the way this Walkthru is divided up is by each of the Eras 
Bugs visits, however, the first place Bugs goes isn't an Era... its 
NOWHERE... literally. But anyway, lets start at the beginning.

Grand Entrance... sorta

    What else did you expect from a Bugs Bunny game? He's trying to get 
to the beach and he takes a wrong turn at Albuquerque, (a special 
thanks goes out to Weird Al Yankovic and to my Word Processor, the 
first for trying to spell Albuquerque in his song, "Albuquerque" and 
the second for KNOWING how to spell Albuquerque) and winds up in some 
weird situation. (actually, all of you Looney Toons Fans out there, I 
mean the REAL fans who watch the whole June Bugs marathon on Cartoon 
Network, will notice a LOT of this game was simply taken from previous 
Bugs Bunny cartoons, maybe, one day, I will list them all in the FAQ... 
Bugs Bunny will have to make the CORRECT turn at Albuquerque first 
though). Bugs finds himself in a time machine, able to go to only one 
place... NOWHERE. Bugs is in the Era Selector screen, where you will be 
able to go to each of the five eras in the game... eventually. For now, 
just select NOWHERE, by pointing in the correct direction and pushing 
the X button.


     Bugs speaks with Merlin Monroe (affectionately known as Moyle) in 
his tower, and the wise Merlin explains Bugs' situation. NOWHERE is a 
training level that you must complete before continuing the game. There 
are 10 signs, outside of Merlin's tower. You must read each, with the 
R1 button. Merlin will explain one of Bug's abilities and tell you how 
to use it, and then you will use the ability in the upcoming obstacle. 
Once you conquer the trial you will receive a golden carrot. And as 
Merlin told you, you need ten of these carrots and then he will give 
you a Clock. Since each of the signs tell you what you need to do to 
get the Golden Carrot I will not be going into depth on this area. BE 
SURE TO READ THE SIGNS, the Golden Carrots will only appear if you read 
the signs. When you get all of the GC (Golden Carrots take too long to 
type. I'll use this abbreviation now) go talk to Merlin, get the clock, 
get back to the time machine (sitting by the trampolines) jump in, by 
pushing the R1 button, and off you go! Find the Stone Age in the Era 
selection screen and "POOF" you're there!

     The way I divide up the Eras and Levels may seem confusing at 
first, but you'll understand once you get far enough in the game. I 
divide them up by the Eras first, then by the levels, in the order of 
which level of that era you can reach first. So the first level is in 
the Stone Age, it's the first level of that era, so it's the first 
level listed. You'll figure it out. I'll make sure the titles stand 


     These are Elmer Fudd's levels. He's evidently fallen down the 
ladder of evolution (didn't think there was much farther to go...) and 
is now Bugs' cave-man nemesis. Well here we go!

Clocks: 9
GC: 22

    Jump in the hole like Merlin taught you, watch the little cutscene, 
and you find yourself in a prehistoric landscape with dinosaurs and 
little cave dudes. O.K. first thing you need to notice: little round 
shadows on the ground are one of three things, either objects that will 
fall on you if you dally under them too long, or a GC, or a Clock. The 
round shadow you see on the ground here is choice #2. Don't believe me, 
use the /\ button and look up. Now how do you get it? You see the 
tracks on the ground? They lead to the large boulder near the edge of 
the cliff. These tracks are a indicator that this boulder can be 
pushed. Do so until the boulder is directly under the shadow. Now you 
can get the carrot, but wait! You aren't done with the boulder yet. 
Keep pushing until it is close enough to the wall that you can jump 
from the boulder to the wall. There are more items up here (one Clock 
under a trampoline, and 3 GCs on the balanced rock and trampoline). 
Continue on down at the beginning of the lvl (another of my 
abbreviations, this on for level) by hopping on the dinosaur's head and 
on to the next area. Read the sign. :-)
     Watch out for falling anvils around here (insert comment about how 
anvils weren't available in the stone age) and you meet your first real 
NME. Dispose of him by doing the little trick Merlin showed you, jump 
on him, then kick or roll at him. He holds another GC! Another cave 
dude is up here, dodge the rocks he throws at you, and when you get to 
the rabbit hole dive in. The coward cave dude runs away. There's an 
easy Clock and GC down here, but another couple items are around that 
are a bit harder to get. By jumping on the Dino's head when he ducks 
you will be granted access to 3 more GCs and a clock. There's a GC 
hovering above the trampoline. CHECKPOINT! The wooden bridge is next. 
Be careful. Get the GC hovering above the trampoline on the other side 
by jumping onto the trampoline from the end of the wooden bridge. The 
only way to get it is from this high ground. If you miss, jump off the 
edge and start again from the checkpoint.
     There's one NME and lots of anvils around here. First, notice you 
can kick the large upright log so that you can get the GC at the end. 
You can then jump on the higher ground and get the other GC. Watch out! 
There's an anvil that will fall on you if you hang around too long with 
that carrot! Now, notice the rock with vines on it. There's a hole 
right there. Use Bugs' roll attack to make it through the hole. A 
Clock! Now, while still on this side of the rock, jump off the ledge to 
the right. You might have noticed that there's another GC over there.
     Continue by jumping on the next Dino's head, be patient, he will 
bend over for only a few seconds so you have to act fast. Continue 
jumping along the tree stumps. Don't get in a rush. CHECKPOINT! Now 
comes a _slightly_ epic battle. Fall down to the next level, grabbing 
the GC. IT'S ELMER! Lead him over to the opposite ledge, and jump on 
him. This Elmer is invincible, he is only used to jump on, and when you 
do, you use the bounce to get on the next ledge, where a Clock waits 
for you. Now there are two Dinos. Jump from one to the other. It may 
take a while before they both duck and bend over at the right times. Up 
here there are 2 GCs a Clock, and a door/cave.
     You are now in the Pterodactyl (again, thanks to my Word 
Processor) Cliff area. There's a GC above the Dino head, and then the 
path forks in two. Take the lower path first. Defeat the NME, he has a 
GC, and then grab the other GC and the Clock in the little bone cage. 
Notice... on the way back to the fork, there's a GC hidden behind a 
plant on the right. Take the higher path, and read the sign... do what 
it says, get both of the clocks up here around the Pterodactyl. BEFORE 
you jump in the rabbit hole, notice there's a platform you can fall on 
under the hole that holds the last GC. Ok, you can exit the lvl now. If 
you got all the Clocks in the lvl you will now be able to enter:

Clocks: 1
GCs: 5

     This is the first "Boss level" the process is simple. Let Elmer 
chase you to a rabbit hole, dive in, he starts looking in the hole for 
you for a few seconds, time enough for you to jump out of another hole 
and kick him in the rear. Each time you do this you get two GCs (one 
for the kick, and one for him hitting the wall), and after 3 successful 
times his health bar is depleted, and he drops the one Clock! Exit the 

Clocks: 1
GCs: 0
55 (?) GCs to open

     You should be able to access this level by the time you've gone 
through "What's Up, Dock?". This is a simple lvl where you run around, 
kicking the signs so that Daffy's face is shown on more signs than 
Bugs' face is. This convinces Elmer that it's Duck Season instead of 
Wabbit, err I mean Rabbit, Season. From this you get a shiny new Clock.     

Clocks: 14
GCs: 31
ACME boxes: 7
80 Clocks needed to enter this lvl

     Welcome to the last lvl of the Stone Age. Well sorta. This is also 
the first lvl of the Stone Age... with new areas, and puzzles, but if 
you remember WABBIT ON THE RUN well enough you'll do fine here too.
     Get the GC next to you (DUH!), then, move the push-able boulder to 
get the GC, Clock, and be able to reach the higher side area. Up here 
will run into something you may not have been able to do yet, the Magic 
Fan ability (you will also need to go back to the Medieval Period lvl, 
WHAT'S COOKIN', DOC? to use this spell). Use the plaque and jump onto 
the fan... don't worry it won't hurt. Fans will only last for a small 
amount of time, so be quick. Now jump from the fan onto the balancing 
boulder with the O button. Get the GC, the ACME box, and when you jump 
off grab the Clock. If you miss something just use the fan again.
     Go back to the fist little part and start working your way thru 
the lvl by crossing over the dino's head. Once you get past the guy 
throwing rocks by using the rabbit hole, get the GC, the Clock on the 
very narrow ledge, and the jump on the dino's head to get a ride up. 
Jump to the ledge without a scorpion on it first. Grab the two GCs and 
use the fan plaque. Jump straight up from the fan to get a Clock. Use 
the dino's head to cross over to the ledge with the scorpion. Get the 
GC, and then from this ledge jump to one of the trompolines. Get the GC 
on the highest trampoline and then get to the ledge with the 
     Make sure you jump on the trampoline on the other side of the 
bridge to get the GC! Then you can roam around down here. First 
dispatch the eggshell dude, he has a GC. Then you can go thru that 
little hole from the earlier lvl that the firefly is hovering above. 
There's an ACME box, and a Clock in the little side area to the right. 
Next, kick down the log to get to the GC, then jump up on the raised 
ground, let the anvil fall from the sky (preferably not on you) and 
then jump on it to get to another GC hovering up here. You can now 
cross by using the dino's head. At the end of the jumping there's 
     Down in the next area there are two guys. But there is also a GC 
on the step, and a Clock hiding around the other side. You don't need 
to kill these guys, just bounce from one of their head's to the next 
platform. Use the Fan plaque. When you fall on the bridge either use 
your Helicopter Ears or be prepared to run. There are 4 GCs here (I 
think! I'm not sure!) and a Clock and ACME box at the platform. Go 
ahead and kick the plank to get another GC, and, since the planks don't 
seem to want to return, to go back around the way you came. After you 
cross using the two dinos, there are a few items you can get. Grab the 
GC that is sitting on the ground. Then push the boulder blocking the 
door to the left. Jump up to get a GC. Then jump from the boulder to 
get that Clock. You will probably have to do this a few times since 
that cactus often interferes.
     You are now at Pterodactyl Cliff. Get the GC from above the dino's 
head, and then take the lower path. Get the GC behind the bush. When 
you get to the area with the eggshell head get the GC and the Clock in 
the bone cage, and then steal the GC from the dude by getting rid of 
him. You can now take the high road.
      Sneak past the Pterodactyl (doesn't he ever do anything besides 
sleep and pull poor rabbits by their ears?) to get the Clock and then 
fall down near the arrow sign to get an ACME box. Use the fan plaque to 
get across to the new part of the lvl that you've never been to before, 
and where there is a CHECKPOINT! Start climbin' and jumpin'.
     Get this moving ACME box by jumping into that rabbit hole, and 
then cross the balancing bridge while getting the GC. (I found these 
bridges a little weird because of the camera angle... I hope you fare 
better). Use the fans across here to get the last two ACME boxes in the 
lvl, and therefore, another Clock. Now continue on using another 
balancing bridge, don't forget that GC. Watch out for a LOT of falling 
anvils on the other side, and then once you are past them watch out for 
a guy throwing rocks at you while you try to get a GC and a Clock. Roll 
thru the little opening to find two more GCs, a Clock, and yet another 
small opening to roll thru. Do so. Get rid of the guy on this side and 
then use the fans to get to the last two platforms of the lvl.
      Ok, up here with the tree logs, all you got to do is get them in 
order from smallest to largest. Not too hard considering you can only 
push each two opposing ways. Once you are up on the last platform, get 
the GC and sneak to get the Clock. Then get in the rabbit hole without 
the Pterodactyl getting you and you're done with this lvl.

Need 5(?) Clocks

     Now you are in Yosemite Sam's domain. This place is where you 
encounter the first magic plate... which you cant use until you have 
gone through the first Medieval Period lvl. Anyway, lets continue with 
the first lvl, behind the "Treasure Island" sign,

Clocks: 9
GCs: 17
    There goes Sam again, making a fool of himself... this is the first 
lvl with ACME Boxes. When you smash all of the ACME boxes in a lvl (it 
varies from 5 to 7 to 10, depends on the lvl) you receive a Clock.
     This is a pretty straight-forward lvl. Just continue along the 
dock, however there are a few twists and turns. Oh, kick treasure 
chests to open them... a few chests here have GCs in them, however you 
have to jump as it pops outta the chest to get it, just like the second 
Treasure chest you run into. The crab NMEs in this level are annoying, 
but you should be able to deal with them... if they are throwing their 
claw at you and you cant get past try jumping a lot. As you go down the 
first ramp, notice there is another ramp that doubles back and goes 
down, follow that path to smash your first acme box (kick it or roll 
attack it). A little number will hover above where the box was telling 
you what # box it was. Continue on and you run into an interesting 
little puzzle, how appropriate, the seashell game while on the sea... 
activate the game with the R1 button and watch closely to get a clock, 
then, go around and kick the wheel to lower the bridge... you will be 
doing that a lot in this lvl.
     DO NOT IMMEDIATELY KILL THIS NEXT CRAB! He is the easiest way to 
get up on these boxes, just jump on him and then bounce off him to get 
the GC sitting up there. Now you get to mess around with blocks... not 
LEGOS... unfortunately. Push the stack over to the bunch of crates with 
an ACME box and a blue chest on top. Pick up one of the green boxes (R1 
button) and place it in front of the stack, you can now jump up to the 
ACME box(2). Go back down to get the other green box. Jump up to where 
the ACME box was, with the green box, place the green box in a position 
where you can jump up to get the blue chest. Continue on. After you get 
past the two crabs you find a large clam and, looking across the water 
you see a large target and a bridge. Well jump on the clam to get him 
to open up... OOOOOO! A pretty pearl... pick it up and throw the pearl 
at the target to get the bridge to fall. Wait, it's stuck... go back 
and do it again (the pearls regenerate), 2 more times, that'll fix the 
     Dodge the rolling barrels, kick the wheel, run back, cross the 
bridge. Now you learn a new trick. Grab the torch (R1) and run, again 
dodging barrels, to where the pirate is lobbing barrels at you... how 
convenient, there's a barrel of TNT sitting here right next to him. 
Light the TNT barrel with the torch (pressing the [] button will make 
Bugs light it), then run away. 'Nother GC, and you can jump across with 
the help of those barrels. CHECKPOINT!
    Now, there's a pirate dude hanging around here... Run around until 
he gets tired and then kick or roll attack him... twice... he drops a 
clock. Before you continue on by kicking that wheel, you should notice 
that the stack of crates can be pushed aside to reveal a nice little 
rabbit hole... go ahead and jump in... the results will make you happy 
     Once you get the 5 GCs continue. This here is another block moving 
puzzle. First, go around the bunch of block and explore, the one bunch 
with three of the little blocks surrounding it is the one you want to 
do first. Do like you did earlier with the blocks, and you are rewarded 
with a clock. Now you learn how to stack one block on top of another. 
The other bunch of crates (the one with an ACME box up there) requires 
three bricks to get to. Grab one block, jump on top of another, set the 
one you are holding down. The block should rest on top of the other 
one. If it doesn't try it again. These blocks will stay joined like 
this until you throw them, but you can pick them up as they are and 
move around with them. Do it again to make a stack of three. You can 
now smash the ACME box (3) and get the GC. 
     You can knock the next guy out, but it doesn't really matter, just 
continue until you get to a stack of crates... push the ones in front 
to the side. This allows you to roll through a small hole in the crates 
behind. Another wheel for you to kick. Backtrack to find the bridge. 
Get rid of the crabs and, CHECKPOINT! Another block puzzle. Not too 
hard tho, just use the blocks to get to the ACME box (4).
     Now, grab yourself a pearl from the clam and jump to the next 
island via the barrels. There are three targets you must hit to create 
more barrels... continue throwing until you've hit them all. Once 
that's done grab the torch and continue, lighting the TNT on the next 
island to get to the rabbit hole.
     You are now in the Shark Island area... one of the most annoying 
areas of the game. You'll find out why in a minute. First, there's some 
maniac throwing bombs at you that you need to take care of. Watch the 
bombs he throws at you as they're flying through the air. If it's 
blinking it will explode on impact. If it is not, you have time to pick 
up the bomb and throw it back at the pirate. This may take a bit of 
practice. Once you successfully hit him twice a bridge is created, but 
here comes the annoying part. (OH, you can turn around and go down the 
other barrel bridge, but there's nothing there... yet, DO NOT USE THE 
CHECKPOINT BACK HERE, YOU WILL REGRET IT) There is a fearsome shark 
patrolling these waters... and I guess he likes rabbits... well likes 
to eat rabbits. If you try to cross the barrel bridge he will leap out 
of the water and bite you... the bite itself takes away a full health 
carrot, but, after he bites you Bugs is usually knocked into the water. 
Now I assume you are supposed to kick one of those bones out of the 
bucket on the island, pick it up, and throw it out into the water so 
the shark will go after it instead of you while you cross the barrel-
bridge... this rarely works for me tho. The shark doesn't seem to 
notice the bone... Try it though... maybe it will work for you... if it 
doesn't just keep trying to cross until you make it. If you are going 
one way and the shark is traveling the opposite way it tends to be a 
bit easier. Oh, you get to the barrels by first jumping on the pole. If 
you used the Checkpoint on the other island you will always be brought 
there after you die, and you will have to deal with two sharks instead 
of one... bummer.
     Next you will come to crabs (get rid of them to get carrot and 
replenish your heath) and two rows of poles, some of which have pirates 
climbing on them. Time your jumps just right to get the 3 GCs the 
pirates are guarding. Before you do this, you may want to skip across 
to the next island... on the other side you can jump across some rocks 
to get to a CHECKPOINT!. This way, if you fall off you wont have to 
deal with Mr. Shark again. There is also a pirate on this island who 
holds one of those wheels... get rid of him and grab the wheel, and it 
will then show you where to put it. Use the R1 button to put it where 
it belongs once you get to the post (travel around the outskirts of the 
island to find it), then kick it. Before you eagerly jump down the 
rabbit hole go back and explode all of the TNT with the torch. This 
will open up all of the chests and you can get 3 GCs. Now go back to 
the rabbit hole and jump in.
     Those of you who used that checkpoint... CHECKPOINT!... I told you 
not to use will remember this place. Yes it connects to the first 
island, but now, that bridge you made allows you to get to this new 
area. Theres one clock and another wheel. Kick the Clock, and get the 
wheel... wait, strike that, reverse it. Get the Clock, kick the wheel. 
(sorry, it's late).
     Return to the island with the torch and TNT and use the checkpoint 
again. Continue along the rocks past the checkpoint to get to the next 
area. Another block puzzle! *sigh* here we go again. First, get rid of 
both crabs, then find the two chests with one GC each in them and 
another wheel for you to kick. Once you've found all of these you will 
know were all of the blocks are you will need. Climb up to the ACME box 
and kick it (5! If you didn't get a clock out of this one then you 
missed one!), then onto the blue chest with another clock. Nice view 
from up here huh... you can even see that other blue chest on the stack 
of crates over there. How to get over there... hmmm, go down and get 
that last green box. Bring it back up to the top here and place it as 
close to the edge of the big blue box that you are standing on as 
possible. Jump from this box to the blue chest and there you go... 
another shiny new clock for you.
     Continue on to the next island. And then to a big open area dock. 
Here you will meet up with more of those bomb-throwing maniacs. 3 of 
them. Dispose of them as you did the last one. Remember, it takes two 
hits to kill each one. After this, its on to the main battle against 
ol' Yosemite Sam himself.
    This boss battle is a little difficult, but once you are used to 
his patterns Sam isn't to hard... what's really hard is the number of 
times you might have to hear him say, "COME BACK HERE YOU MANGY 
MUTINEERING RABBIT!"... hard on the ears anyway. Sam's basic pattern is 
this. He fires to shots from his cannon at Bugs each hitting one of the 
platforms Bugs was standing on at the time the shot was fired. Then Sam 
throws a barrel of TNT at Bugs, which you immediately throw back at 
him. If your aim is true, your hand steady, your heart pure and all of 
that kind of cool sounding stuff :-) Sam will take a small chunk of 
damage, and, angry over this damage, will fire 2-4 quick consecutive 
shots at random, which you should dodge rabbit-quick. Then the vicious 
cycle starts all over again. You win a clock and a way out of this 
crazy level for doing all of that.

Clocks: 4
GCs: 9
11 Clocks and the Super-Jump ability needed to enter lvl

     This lvl can only be accessed when you get the Super-Jump ability 
in the lvl "WHATS COOKIN', DOC?". Go to the Super-Jump plaque and push 
the R1 button, having Bugs land on the upraised platform. Kick the 
wheel, and go through the mountainous Skull-and-Crossbones' mouth on 
the other side of the island.
     There is one very important thing to remember when entering this 
lvl for the first time. DO NOT SKIP THE INTRO CUTSCENE! Watch Sam 
closely to reveal the combination to open the door to the cave. Then 
copy his pattern to get inside. You will next arrive in a room with a 
transparent clock (transparent meaning, "HAHA! YOU CAN'T GET ME UNTILL 
I'M WHOLE AGAIN! HAHA!) sitting in the middle of a map compass drawn on 
the floor. To get the clock you must light up each of the points of the 
compass. First go in the room to the west by pushing aside the stack of 
     The crabs in these rooms are regenerative. This means two 
things... you'll spend a lot of time just getting them out of the way, 
and, you never run out of a health source for, each crab gives you a 
carrot when you get rid of it. Also, avoid the lava.
     In the room to the West, dispose of the crabs whenever they are in 
your way, which they will be when you are trying to put one of the 
green boxes on top of the other. Bugs speed is slightly reduced while 
he is carrying things. Jump up to the platform with the chest to open 
it up. Inside the chest is a GC and a wheel. Bring the wheel over to 
the post, attach it and kick to activate. This will reveal a platform 
in the lava... in the room to the East. Next, grab those boxes and put 
them close to the shore reaching the center island. What you are going 
to have to do is run over to the other side of the room, grab the torch 
in the other chest, light it at the burning pedestal, then jump up on 
the box stack, and from the box stack to the center island, lighting 
the torch there in the middle. This will cause the spotlight (or 
whatever) to be shown on the "W" symbol on the compass. One down, 3 to 
     The room to the North is next. Kick open the treasure chest on the 
small island. To get to the raised area in the center attack the pirate 
dude chasing you around from behind after he gets tired, and bounce on 
him. If you're close enough to the center area you can bounce from him 
to the top. Before you go up there make sure you have the torch, and 
that it's lit. Once you are on the top just light the pedestal and open 
the chest to get the GC and the wheel to put on the pole down near the 
entrance to the room.
     You can now go through the room to the east. Open the chest at the 
entrance, get the GC and the wheel. Bring it across the "bridge" and 
set it down. Bugs is gonna need to have his hands free to dispose of 
these crabs. Dodge their claws and get rid of all of them. Then you can 
mess with the wheel and the flame. The torch lights up the "E" on the 
compass, but the wheel opens the gate that you might have saw at the 
beginning of the lvl.
     Go back to the beginning of the lvl and grab the torch to light up 
the pedestal. Then you can go back and grab that Clock, since it wont 
be transparent anymore. The guy guarding this pedestal seems to be 
invincible however, so don't bother trying to kill him. Once you get 
back from getting the Clock, jump down the rabbit hole to find yourself 
in something of a maze. There is a magic plaque down here that you 
can't use until you get the Magic Password spell, so don't worry about 
it yet, and a one way door that wont open for you yet. Just continue 
     First, go straight down the corridor. Notice the blue chest? 
There's a pirate dude hiding in it, and when he hears you approach he 
jumps out and shmacks you. How do you prevent this? Be verrry quiet of 
course! Sneak right up to the chest and kick it. He'll drop a wheel for 
you to use at the post you passed up a second ago. You meet guys like 
this for the remainder of the lvl. Just keep going, getting rid of 
every pirate you see, grabbing the wheel and using it to create new 
bridges. The crabs usually regenerate, so only worry about them if 
they're in the way or you need some carrots.
     Pretty soon you'll come to a small area with places to walk on the 
sides only, lava in the middle and a wheel on the other side. Sneak on 
these side walkways. They will break if you run or jump.
     Next you will reach a point where there are 3 different new paths, 
one will lead to a gate. This is the last place to go, you will need a 
wheel to get through here. Another path will lead to a guy throwing 
barrels at you. This is where you get the wheel. The last way to go 
will bring you to a guy hiding in a chest. He'll drop a Clock after you 
kick him out of the chest.
     After you go through the gate go to the right where there's a crab 
throwing his claw. Get rid of him and kick the wheel. Now you can 
continue down the other path. You'll find yourself in a large room with 
a picture of Sam on the wall and a wheel in the center of the room. 
Kick the wheel. You'll notice that Sam's eyes in the picture point to 
the right instead of the left now. There is a vague hint below his 
picture to what this means. See the crossed swords. Just like the ones 
on the rock that is the door to the first cave. What you've done is 
that now, when you do the stomp combination pattern again you will open 
the door the opposite way, revealing a new room. Go out the door on the 
side of the room to get to a faster way back to the beginning of the 
lvl. Super-Jump back up to ground level.
     Do the jumping pattern again. The rock should now roll to the 
left, opening the right door. Now just jump across the lava (preferably 
using the platforms, but if you have enough health and want to save 
some time just bounce across the lava), grab the Clock, and get out of 
the lvl.
     The first time thru the lvl, without the Magic Password spell, you 
should be able to get 3 Clocks, and 3 GCs.

     Once you get the Magic Password ability you can complete this lvl. 
Do the whole West, North, East thing, but don't worry about lighting up 
the pedestals, you've already got that Clock. Once you open the gate go 
ahead and jump down that rabbit hole on the other side. You are now in 
the lower cave. Right inside is the Magic Password plaque. Use it. 
Inside are all of the treasures you will need to complete this lvl.

Clocks: 1
GCs: 2
35 Clocks needed to enter

     This is a kinda bonus lvl. Part boss fight, part puzzle, part game 
of reflexes. For the first round Sam will fire a cannonball from his 
ship to the one you are on. He will either fire it at the front, 
middle, or rear of the ship (sorry, I don't know the nautical terms 
that well, probably should). You must "catch" that cannonball in your 
cannon, and then fire it back, with the [] button, at the blinking part 
of Sam's ship. When you get Sam angry enough he'll go below deck, and 
start sending little barrels of dynamite, with little sails attached, 
across the water by blowing them towards Bug's ship. You get your 
little air pump thing, and blow them right back! You get a Clock for 
sinking Sam's ship, however, the means by which you get the GCs are a 
bit vague. I THINK, if you do one of the rounds perfect, or near 
perfect, to where you take little or no damage, you receive a GC. 
Either that or you just need to have full health at the end of a round. 
I usually have to do this lvl twice to get the last GC.

Clocks: 10
GCs: 41
ACME boxes: 10
100 Clocks needed to enter lvl

     The second most annoying lvl in the game. It's second because only 
half of it is totally annoying, the first half isn't too bad. If you 
can do ALL of this lvl the very first time you go thru it you are 
either divinely inspired (although why would God do that for you in a 
video game?) or are using a good strategy guide... :) Lets see. First 
go over to the chest by the signpost. There's a GC in it, but you have 
to catch it to get it. Ok, now grab yourself a pearl from one of those 
clams. Go under the waterfall by jumping from the barrel floating in 
the water to the small path on the side. Look for the GC to find the 
path. Now, see the picture on the wall. It tells you what to do now. 
Place three pearls in the pedestal sitting in front of the picture. 
After you put that first pearl in the pedestal don't leave for the 
other pearls right away. First go over to the other side of the pool 
and roll thru that small hole. You will find yourself in a small 
circular room with a flame in the center. Get the torch from the chest, 
light it in the center flame, and then light all of the wall torches to 
get the Clock. Go back to the pool room, and instead of leaving the way 
you came in go out thru the side path to get a GC, and jump from this 
ledge, around the wall, to the other ledge with the ACME box.
     Once you finish with the three pearls (each from the different 
clams) you can cross the "bridge". Be careful of the bomb-throwing 
maniac. Attach the rope that holds the tree down to get rid of him. 
Then there is another dude a little further on who throws barrels at 
you. Get rid of him by grabbing that torch and lighting the TNT that's 
sitting in front of him. He has now made a bridge across too (he is a 
bit hard to jump on, just keep trying).
     Across the water there is another pirate dude who steals the wheel 
switch. Get it back by making him tired and attacking him, twice. If 
you want use the CHECKPOINT! Put the wheel back, kick it to open the 
gate at the beginning of the lvl, and then get each of the 3 GCs in the 
chests around here. You could cross the stream by using the swinging 
rope (kick the peg out to use the rope) but if you follow the wall to 
the right of this rope there is a floating barrel in the water. Jump on 
it. It will take you thru that stream, and when you get under that 
Clock you can jump to get it. Then you can jump out, get the Clock that 
was behind the gate, and the GC in the chest. Now grab a barrel of TNT 
and put it in front of the big rock that blocks the entrance to the 
mine. You have to put at least two of these in front of the rock to 
explode it and get inside.
     Once you are inside the mine there are a few things you need to 
know. First, the controls. X is jump, the D-PAD <- and -> let you ride 
only one rail. There are more controls buy you don't need them yet... 
red barrels are dynamite, avoid these. Blue barrels have carrots. Get 
them if you need them. There are hanging targets around here. These are 
switches that change the track direction. Right before you get close to 
them an arrow appears above Bugs' head telling which way he will go if 
you do not hit the switch. There are 3 different areas in this mine.
     The first area is pretty simple. Hit the first switch when you 
come to it. It lets you go on a roundabout track which brings you right 
back to where you were, but there are 2 GCs and an ACME box. Jump to 
get them (you have to jump to get most of this stuff. As you continue 
some beams will fall into you path, jump over them. Right after these 
beams there is a GC and a red barrel right next to it. Lean to the left 
to get the GC. Right after this there is a switch. Hit the switch. 
There are two ACME boxes, but you can only get one for now. To dodge 
the rolling barrels that Sam starts throwing at you jump for the GCs 
hovering above the track. There are three of them. There are three more 
GCs you can get by dodging the holes in the track. Just lean in the 
direction of the GCs. You will now come to an exit that will bring you 
back to the beginning of this area. If you have missed anything that 
you had to flip a switch to get you can try again now. Just repeat the 
steps listed in this paragraph. If you got everything tho don't bother 
flipping any switches in this area, just concentrate on getting the 
items down the new path you have to take. When you come to the second 
switch, again, don't flip it, just go on. There will be that ACME box 
you saw earlier. As you go on there are some pirate dudes who will pull 
the track out in front of you. Jump over their little tricks to get 2 
GCs and a Clock. There are two more GCs in your path coming up. One you 
can get without taking damage, but you have to do a quick lean to the 
left and then to the right, and then another one you can get pretty 
easily. Then there is a Clock right before the exit (DON'T JUMP!). The 
first area is completed when you go thru the exit. If you have missed 
ANYTHING in this area you will have to start the lvl over again from 
the beginning if you want to get it. Go into your menu and select exit 
lvl if you wish. (you should have 5 Clocks, 20 GCs, and 4 ACME boxes 
after you go thru the door)
     Area 2. Flip the first switch. After you pass the branch in the 
track there are some pirate dudes who will hold big boards in front of 
you. If the hold them low, jump. If the hold them up high use the O 
button to duck under them. After the first of these boards there are 
two GCs and then another board. After that there is an ACME box, and 
you are sent back to the entrance to the area. Now when you come to the 
switch do not flip it unless you missed something (5 Clocks, 22 GCs, 
and 5 ACME. From now this is the order I list these) Flip the next 
switch, get a GC (this one is hard, you may just want to hit the 
barrels, then flip the next switch to go on a roundabout. There is a 
Clock, a GC and an ACME box here. The next door thing brings you back 
to the beginning. Now do not flip the next two switches if you have 
everything (6, 24, 6). After you pass the second switch there is 
another one immediately after. Hit it to go on a roundabout. There are 
3 GCs and an ACME box on this one. As you go on there are two more GCs 
you have to lean to get, and then another switch you should flip for 
another roundabout. There are 2 GCs and an ACME box here. Immediately 
after this roundabout there is another switch. Hit this one too for 
ANOTHER round about with 2 GCs and an ACME box. You will now enter an 
exit shaped like Sam's head with a Clock in the mouth. You should have 
7 Clocks, 33 GC, and 9 ACME boxes.
     Area 3. There are 7 GCs along this horrid area of obstacles. Once 
you see Sam in a mine cart check to see that you have 39 GCs. If you 
don't die somehow and go back to do this part again. To get rid of Sam 
bump him into the red barrels. He'll give you a Clock when you get rid 
of him. Also make sure you get that last ACME box to get the ninth 
Clock. If you have missed any ACME boxes you will have to do the lvl 
again (if you are a perfectionist like me that is). You should have 9 
Clocks, 39 GCs, and all 10 ACME boxes when you come to the boss fight. 
If you don't you might as well do the lvl again, if you want. The boss 
fight with Sam is pretty simple. When he speeds by just knock him by 
leaning into him. Dodge his trail of bombs and TNT, and try to get the 
last two GCs while you are at it by leaning out to the left. If you get 
low on health just knock one of the blue barrels on the side to get a 
carrot or two. You just have to knock him 3 times and the battle is 
over. Go around until you find the hanging switch (if you missed the 
GCs find those first) and hit the switch. There you go, you get the 
last Clock and no more of this painful lvl.
     I'll think about trying to make a simple map for this lvl... its 
not going to be for a while tho. Maybe that's a project one of you can 
take up and post on gameFAQs.com under the in-depth FAQ section.

_THE 1930's_
15 Clocks needed

     Your new opponents are Rocky and Mugsy (spl?). These crooks are 
just a couple of bungling crooks that Bugs has had fun with from time 
to time... the lvls in this area were fun... except for one... 
beware... when you get 90 Clocks... you'll have to enter... THE CARROT 
FACTORY!!! But for now you can have some fun in:

Clocks: 6
GCs: 15

     You see the pooch? That's not a very nice pooch... maybe if you 
feed him he'll like you... until he gets hungry again anyway. There's a 
lock on the doors in here. You have to step on the button, remember the 
light pattern, JUMP on the panels in the correct order. But first, 
before you jump on the button, grab a bone for the poor puppy. As Bugs 
steps on the button he'll automatically throw the bone. Do this twice, 
and don't forget to get the 4 GCs in the side vaults. No wonder Rocky 
and Mugsy could get in here so easy... oh well.
    Now comes an interesting little battle. Mugsy is here on the lower 
floor, while Rocky is up on the next floor. Mugsy runs after you, 
trying to shmack you and kick little boxes at you, while Rocky on the 
second floor is lobbing little bombs at you. Ok, first you need to 
notice the shadows on the floor. Have Mugsy chase after you until he 
runs under one of these shadows. Surprise! An ACME safe appears out of 
thin air, falling on poor Mugsy's head. Do this twice, dodging the 
bombs exploding around you. You can also grab the GC sitting there 
while you're at it. Once you've got rid of Mugsy, look around for one 
of those bombs. Find one that's not blinking and throw it at the 
windows on the sides. You see the Clocks and stuff in there. One bomb 
thrown at the windows on each side opens up a way to a Clock on each 
side (2). Now look at those shadows on the ground again. See the small 
circular one? That's the key you need to open that door. Start stacking 
boxes, again while dodging the bombs.
    Upstairs you meet some guys hiding in flowerpots. Oh yeah, these 
guys have some pretty automatic weapons. The best way to dispose of 
these guys is with the roll attack. Hide behind the other flowerpots to 
dodge the bullets... oh and two of the flowerpots, without the guys in 
them, contain a GC each. Get the GCs by kicking the pots. Watch out for 
the falling bookshelves. Flip the switch at the end to activate the 
elevator, and then jump back down off of one of the fallen bookshelves, 
to get to the elevator quickly.
     After you go up the elevator you find yourself in a new area of 
the bank. You are in a hallway that circles around. At the end of each 
corridor there is a door with a picture of a GC on it, there's a guy 
behind each door just waiting for you to get close and, every once-in-
a-while, fire off a few rounds at you. There are also a lot of boxes 
and safes littering the area. Break the boxes and open the safes with 
your kick or roll attack to get carrots and/or, dynamite. To dispose of 
the guys in the doors put the dynamite in front of the doors and kick 
it to activate it. Run away! Each of the guys has a GC (4 in total). 
Then go into the inner rooms through one of the doors. There's some 
regenerative dynamite in here, that if used will come back. If one of 
the dynamites outside didn't work, use on of these to get the GCs from 
the door guys.
     Also in the center room, there are some movable bookshelves, and a 
CHECKPOINT! One bookshelf reveals a door back to the outer corridor, 
another into an inner room with a guy... don't go in the room, he'll 
constantly shoot at you. Instead, pick up a dynamite and throw it in. 
It will explode and dispose of him and the safe will open and pop out 
the key to the locked door in the outer corridor. Then on the other 
side of this inner room there's a safe that, when exploded into with 
some dynamite, has 2 GCs in it, and, notice the shadow? Jump to get a 
     Now you can continue through that locked door. Do so. This area is 
kind of annoying. First off, get the clock on the pedestal. The 
pedestal is weight sensitive... Hmmm. Break into the safe to find 
yourself a nice bar of gold. Too bad you can't keep it. Set the gold 
bar on the pedestal and continue through the door. In the next room... 
hold off on getting the Clock. First SNEAK over to the police officer 
(that's the O button) and grab the key, then SNEAK over to the keyhole. 
You can open the door, but it will probably close again. You can try to 
get the Clock without setting off the alarm if you wish, but its easier 
to just get the clock, run over and use the key and get out of there 
before the officer tries to shoot you. You can knock out the officer to 
get his key (hit him about 3 times), but we wouldn't want to do 
something like that now, would we?
    Next room: ok kick the safe until it's empty, and then you can push 
it over next to the key held under glass. Now, run back to the previous 
room, and grab the mallet in the corner. Come back, jump on top of the 
glass case, pound it with the mallet (this may take a couple of tries 
to position yourself correctly), and there you go, your very own key! 
Now, kick the large white and red bordered square off the wall to 
reveal a quick escape route, but you shouldn't go through yet. Use the 
key to get in the next room. You can steal the key from that guard too, 
but the door will just lead to the beginning of this area. Grab the 
golden carrot and exit via the window.
     Run around the ledge of the building until you find Mugsy (if you 
don't run into him, try running around in the opposite direction... and 
by that I don't mean backwards!). Let him chase you to one of the 
shadows, and *BOOM*! Another falling safe. Or you can dispatch him by 
running until he's tired, and then attacking him from behind. He'll run 
away after this, escaping by a lift, follow him with the other lift. 
There should be a GC near that lift, unless you got it already while 
chasing Mugsy.
     BOSS FIGHT! Ok, this fight is a bit complicated... well, for a 
Bugs Bunny game anyway. Your first target is Mugsy, have him chase you 
until he tires, the whole time dodging whatever bullet Rocky shoots at 
you. When Mugsy tires, attack him by kicking or rolling. Rocky will get 
"hopping" mad at Mugsy and tell him to get up. This distracts Rocky 
enough for you to jump on him, dealing damage. Hide behind one of the 
obstacles immediately, for Rocky will shoot out a quick, rapid round. 
Repeating this 5 times ends the fight and you get a Clock and the end 
of this lvl for your troubles.

Clocks: 6
GCs: 15
ACME Boxes: 5
25 Clocks needed to enter

     This is the first lvl you will encounter where you will not be 
able to get ALL of the clocks and GCs the first time thru. If you 
recall the plaque on the island in the PIRATE YEARS level select area, 
that plaque was the one you stand on to use the Super-Jump spell. That 
plaque and others are also in this lvl. I'll divide this lvl's 
walkthrough up by things you can do, depending on which magic abilities 
you have.
     Ok, you are in a hotel. A very annoying hotel. First, avoid the 
spiders that drop from the ceiling. They are a pain to kill, and they 
don't give you anything. Dispose of the two guys shooting you from the 
flowerpots on the ground floor. There is a Clock in the crate, so break 
that open. And a GC to the left of the stairs.
     Next, up the stairs. You can break that ACME box for the carrots 
if you need health or a quick 99 carrots, but if you don't have the 
magic abilities needed for this lvl you don't need to worry about the 
ACME boxes too much. Continue around the first floor, being wary that 
the floor can, and does, suddenly break out from under you at times. 
Don't miss the GC up here. Now you run into Mugsy and his barrel 
throwing tactics. Just do your best to dodge him, it should be too 
hard, when he runs away don't be too quick to chase him up the stairs. 
Continue down that corridor. Notice the rug with the numeral "1" on it? 
Keep walking thru that door, even tho it looks like you are going into 
a pit of everlasting darkness...
     The game will now load up the First floor area. There is a lot of 
stuff you cannot do in here yet, but one or two things are possible. 
First, enter into the room and jump across via the floating platforms. 
BE QUICK! These platforms fall a few seconds after you touch them. Walk 
thru the little door, go around the corner and get the GC. You can push 
that box to get to the ACME box if you want, but again, unless you have 
the necessary magic abilities it really isn't worth it. Enter back thru 
the door, and jump across towards that red armchair, and from the 
armchair jump to that ground with the lamp. That lamp has a secret. 
Jump on it several times to get a Clock. You can go over to the 
CHECKPOINT! if you wish, but it's not really necessary, since you just 
have to turn back and leave the way you came in now anyway.
     Once you are back to the Hotel proper (where Mugsy is STILL 
throwing barrels down the stairs) you can continue up the to the next 
floor. Again, see the rug on the floor with "2" on it? Go into the 
Second floor area. Once you are here there is even less stuff to do. 
You can explore around the outer ledge and find the piano, but you 
don't know the magic tune yet, so there was no point to that. If you 
enter the main area and dispose of the dude in the flowerpot you can 
grab the GC... that's about it for in here. Kinda meager huh? Well, 
back to annoying Mugsy.
     Again, back in the hotel proper, chase Mugsy up the next flight of 
stair, but ignore him and go into the third floor room, you can get the 
ACME box by picking up the bricks lying around, but again, if you don't 
have the magic abilities there's really no need. Push the bookshelf to 
reveal a hole in the wall (you might have to move whatever bricks you 
set down to be able to push the bookshelf). Grab the GC, and continue 
by jumping and dodging the wreaking balls. When you get to the other 
side you can attack the flowerpot to get another GC, then go through 
the hole and get the Clock and GC. Return and chase Mugsy up the 
stairs, making sure you attack the flowerpot up there to get another 
GC. Then follow Mugsy thru the door and into another boss fight.
     Alright, this boss fight is more annoying than hard. Mugsy will 
chase you, occasionally throwing bombs at you when he can't catch up. 
When he does throw these bombs at you, pick them up and hold onto it 
for a bit. After a few seconds throw them back at Mugsy. He will catch 
the bomb, and hold onto it for a while, looking at it stupidly. If you 
throw a bomb back at him immediately however he'll have enough time for 
his itty-bitty brain to realize he's in danger, and to tell his arm to 
throw it away. You just have to time it right, and get used to the aim. 
Every time you successfully damage Mugsy he'll drop a GC. Do this 3 
times and you get a Clock, and the end of the lvl.
     If you got everything in the lvl you were capable of getting 
without Bugs' magic abilities you should have 4 Clocks and 11 GCs.

     Once you get the Super-Jump spell you can do a few more things in 
this lvl. Go to the first floor, back to the room with the couch. Get 
on the couch and use the jump ability. Two GCs. On the bed you'll get 
another GC, and, a shortcut. When you use the Super-Jump don't move 
around, just jump straight. You should be able to reach next floor, and 
pick up another GC while you're at it. Also, you can now break all of 
the ACME boxes in this lvl.

     When you get the Magic Melody from the "WITCH" WAY TO ALBUQUERQUIE 
lvl you can finally complete this one. Once you do this, go up to 
second floor find the piano with the Magic Melody symbol in front of 
it. Use the spell... then run. Use the CHECKPOINT! on the other side 
and continue thru the obstacle course. You'll get a GC and a clock.

Clocks: 4
GCs: 15
50 Clocks needed to enter this lvl

     This is you first "racing" lvl. You will direct Bugs along an 
obstacle course using a variety of vehicles. Just avoid Rocky and 
Mugsy, keep your eye out for Clocks and GCs, and remember: Practice 
makes perfect. You'll be getting a LOT of practice in this lvl, trust 
me. If you miss something, just die and start over to get it, or redo 
the whole lvl again.

Clocks: 1
GCs: 5
150 GCs needed to enter this lvl

     Another Bugs Bunny classic: the bullfight! This is a simple boss-
fight where Bugs has the stupid bull charge him, and then at the last 
second, move out of the way so that Mr. Torro will hit one of those 
target thingies on the side of the arena (what are those things 
supposed to be for in a real bullfight anyway). When he does this he 
drops a GC, and losses a bit of health. After five of these mild 
concussions the bull receives he's finally knocked senseless and you 
get you're Clock. If you get low on health break a barrel or two to get 
some carrots. Bugs can also dodge a little quicker by using his roll 
attack. (Little note: from what I remember from the last June Bugs 
marathon on the Cartoon Network, the bullfight cartoon this lvl came 
from was made because the producers at Warner Bros. said something to 
the effect that "There is nothing funny about a bullfight", and, since 
the animators and directors totally disliked the producers they set out 
to prove them wrong with a Bugs Bunny cartoon.)

Clocks: 8
GCs: 15
ACME boxes: 5
90 Clocks needed to enter this lvl

     This lvl is in my opinion the most aggravating lvl in the game. 
Other lvls have aggravating parts, but this whole lvl is annoying. 
There are just so many things about that suck. Plus this is going to be 
the most awful lvl to describe. Ug. Oh well... here we go.
     Watch out for the electricity traveling along the ground. You'll 
find a GC when you go the left of the starting point. There's a fan or 
something up here that prevents you from getting past it, but you don't 
need to go this way yet. To the right there's a switch and also a path 
that leads to a locked door. Just use the action button on the switch 
and cross the flipping platforms quickly. Use the counter-clockwise 
moving platforms to get up to the next path, but jump off as late as 
you feel you can. There's some sort of vacuum thingie here that will 
send you back to the beginning of the lvl. These waterspouts will try 
to push Bugs off the ledge, but if you keep moving you should be fine.
     Next you'll come to a moving platform with a long row of carrots. 
At the end of this ride take the path to the right first to find a 
CHECKPOINT! and then continue to the left. On the next crossroads 
continue in the same direction, dodging whatever the factory throws at 
you. At the end there's a waterspout with a cap on it. Stand on the cap 
until it blows. You'll be able to get to the next highest path and grab 
a GC in the process. On this next path just continue going straight. 
You'll hit a lot of conveyor belts and an especially dangerous one with 
some sort of big rolling pins with spikes attached. Once you pass those 
there's another CHECKPOINT!
     At this point there is a roundabout path with a hole in the 
center. Mugsy chases you around here. There are two places where a sort 
of hole in the path will form if you jump on it. It's not too hard to 
tell where. Try to see if you can get Mugsy to fall thru one of these 
holes. It is not necessary, and is probably more time consuming than 
it's worth, but if you want to go ahead. If he does fall thru you do 
not have to worry about him hitting the button again. (Ok, now I'm 
curious, do you really have to get him to fall thru the hole? Or do you 
just have to distract him long enough so that he doesn't notice you 
jumping on the switch?). Next, on the other side of this circular path 
there's a walkway with three red valves. Kick or jump on or roll attack 
each one and the caps will pop up so you can cross.
     As you continue you'll cross two moving platforms and then come to 
a red valve. Kick it and the waterspout with a cap will come down. Jump 
on it and wait. When you are sent up you can now get to a patform with 
a bunch of carrots, including one GC, a Clock, and another valve. Hit 
the valve after you get everthing. Jump to each cap and when I get to 
the second one just sit until it falls, then you can get to a platform 
with some more carrots and a CHECKPOINT! Continue along the conveyor 
belts, first along the way that the belt goes. You'll get to a GC and 
another button. Go against the flow of the conveyors now (easier said 
then done with those rolling pins) and you'll come to a large funnel 
shaped deal with the key floating above. However... now enters the 
stupid mouse. Before you dive in after him tho (oh and the floor around 
here is slippery, so be careful. if you do slip try jumping out of the 
funnel area) find the platform nearby with the dude throwing wrenches 
from it. There's also an ACME box on the platform. Don't worry about 
getting rid of the dude, just break the box, come back and jump down 
the funnel.
     Now you are in a large warehouse area (anything is better than 
where you just were in my opinion). Attack the mouse to get the key 
from him... harder than it sounds, but hey, this is the Carrot Factory. 
Everything in here is annoying. Follow the arrow above Bugs' head to 
find the mouse. Also while you are in here, attack any of those tall 
breakable boxes to find the stuff in here. There are 2 GCs and 1 Clock. 
Exit by using the action button on the control in front of the door.
     When you go thru the door you'll find yourself near the beginning 
of the lvl again. Jump back over and go to the door that Mugsy locked 
by the switch. Follow the one way to go until Bugs comes to a lot of 
little platforms that lead to the end. Just be thorough and make sure 
you get the Clock, the GC, and the ACME box. Exit to the next area now 
by using the key on the left side of the door.
     Witness your new torment. *SIGH* Well let's go. Little piece of 
advice. Dodge everything. Once you reach the CHECKPOINT! turn the 
camera to be able to see the rope. Jump towards it and hope you catch 
onto it. When you jump to the pole climb up and get the GC. Be careful 
of the electricity. Then jump to the next rope. There is a dude here 
you can get rid of quick-like if you lead him into the electricity. 
Kick the ACME box (#3) and fall off the edge where the Clock is to grab 
it. You should also push the button down here while you are at it. Once 
you are back at the CHECKPOINT! travel along the other conveyor belt to 
hit the switch to open the big gate.
     Travel back to the gate and continue along the path without 
conveyor belts. There will be a wrench dude and an ACME box. After you 
break the ACME box there is another funnel shaped place where *SHOCK* 
the mouse steals the key... AGAIN! Wow... talk about unpredictability. 
Chase after him again.
     Once again you are in a small warehouse. It's the same idea get 
the key from the mouse, find the 2 GCs and the 1 Clock, and get outta 
here. Once he goes thru the door Bugs is back near the funnel he just 
fell thru, but he can grab another Clock. Follow the path, along the 
obstacle filled conveyor belts, past the CHECKPOINT! Once you get past 
the conveyor belt with blowtorches there should be a side path you can 
go on to get a GC and the last ACME box. If there isn't this side path 
that means you missed the button that was across the swinging ropes. 
Now just continue along the path as you were before, dodging the 
obstacles, and thru the door to fight Rocky and Mugsy for the LAST 
     This boss fight is kinda annoying, just like the rest of the lvl. 
Just jump across the conveyor belts, dodging bullets, and when Rocky 
stands under one of the three weights push the corresponding button 
with the Action button (NOTE: be careful of the electricity on the 
ground or you may loose a good chance). When Rocky gets beaned go back 
across to where Mugsy awaits, grab a mallet, and hit poor Mugsy with 
it. Again, make sure you dodge the bullets when you have the mallet. If 
you are hit, you will have to pick up the mallet again. Grab any 
carrots you need off of the conveyor belts. You have to hit Mugsy twice 
and Rocky thrice to finish this battle. Bugs will get 4 GCs and a Clock 

30 Clocks Needed

     The Medieval Period's main big boss is Witch Hazel. She's the 
witch in the HAN-sal and Gretal cartoon. These lvls are some of my 

Clocks: 15
GCs: 37
ACME Boxes: 10
Jump on the hay-cart to get up to the lvl

     Another lvl where you wont be able to get everything the first 
time thru, because you wont have all of Bugs' abilities. However, you 
will get your first magic spell here, the Super-Jump ability. We'll get 
there eventually. First of all, lower the bridge and go after the 
knight on the other side, he has a GC. Dispose of him like you would 
one of the cave dudes from the first lvl. You can get the ACME box by 
the moat, but again, you wont be able to collect all 10 unless you have 
the correct abilities. OH, don't get the GCs hovering above the water 
just yet, wait until its safe. Climb up to where the big guy with the 
BIG battle hammer is. Dispose of him by making him tired and then 
attacking him. He has a GC. Then, see those barrels tied down over 
there? Jump on the stake holding them there 3 times. Now you can ride 
the barrels to the GCs. Watch out for piranhas tho. There are 3 GCs you 
can get doing that right now. Don't miss the one under the waterfall. 
Oh, and skip going in that rabbit hole up by the guy with the big 
hammer, you can do that later.
     Go back to where you fought the little knight who gave you the GC. 
Search along the perimeter until you find the rabbit hole with a 
warning sign next to it. Jump in here... this is the way to your first 
magic spell. Now you find yourself in the Forgotten Woods. And who else 
should be prowling around here but ol' Robin Hood/Daffy Duck himself... 
stealing GCs from rabbits and keeping them for himself. He doesn't need 
them tho. Attack Daffy with a roll attack when you get a chance, but BE 
CAREFUL! After he drops the GC he's holding he'll try to attack you and 
get you to drop FOUR of the ones you have, then he'll try to steal 
them! Then when you can safely do other stuff, attack the each of the 
three trees to get a GC out of them. That's 4 GCs in this one area! 
Cool. Then find the other rabbit hole, not the one you came thru. The 
new one has the sign on it that says, "To Sorcerer Tower". This is 
where you want to be.
     First find the hole by the witch's cauldron. This will lead you to 
a room with a Clock and an ACME box. After this continue over to the 
Merlin's Tower... I wonder what he's doing here. Before you cross over 
the water check near the water's source for a GC. Also there's an ACME 
box on the other side.
     Inside Merlin's tower there's one GC. Just start jumping on 
Merlin's bed to find it. There are also two chests in here near the 
bed. One has a bunch of carrots in it. The other one has a Clock! Now 
talk to Merlin to find out that Witch Hazel has stolen his precious 
Magic Cook Book. I bet he'd like it if you got it back for him. Go back 
outside and, *SHOCK*, how convenient, Witch Hazel is right here getting 
ready for rabbit stew. Well we'll just have to change her dinner 
arrangements... to something she can eat without teeth :-). Have her 
chase you around until you lead her to one of the shadows... you 
guessed it, falling anvils. After the anvil falls on her cranium the 
Magic Cook Book is dropped. Don't chase after it quite yet tho. Add 
insult to injury by kicking Witch Hazel while she's stuck under the 
anvil. You are rewarded for this by getting a GC. Now you can chase 
after the MCB (I got tired of typing Magic Cook Book, however, this is 
the last time I'll have to type it anyway). Once you catch it go back 
to Merlin's place to receive your reward, The *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* Super-
Jump ability.
     Return to the area where you started the lvl (again, avoid Daffy 
Duck) and cross the drawbridge. Go to the entrance to the dungeon (next 
to the top of the swaying chain, and with the sign next to it reading 
"The Royal Dungeon"), and enter. Have the guy in here chase you, but 
make sure he stays near the bars with the ACME box behind them. When he 
tires out kick the guy in the back, and grab the GC he drops. Now, jump 
on top of him. You will be able to jump high enough from this extra 
bounce to get over into the cell with the ACME box. Break the ACME box 
if you wish, but more importantly, get the Clock and Key in the chests. 
Jump out of here using the little boxes and insert the key in the 
keyhole opposite the guy, who should be sleeping again. This will open 
all of the little cells where you can get a Clock, a GC, and make sure 
you throw the switch to open the gate outside and get the GC behind 
bars. Go outside and have the barrels fall into the water again, so you 
can now get the GC. To continue on, go back up to where the dude with 
the hammer is sleeping, and knock him out again. Then jump in the 
rabbit hole and go under the gate to enter the castle. You ask, "Why 
can't I just jump in the rabbit hole in the first place and skip the 
guy with the hammer?" Well, if you are in the ground and Mr. Hammer Man 
pounds the ground you pop up out of the ground.
     You are now in the castle. CHECKPOINT! First, grab the little 
black balls and on the ground and place them on the raised switches. 
Once you get all three put there you can get the GC behind the door. 
There are a BUNCH of carrots and two clocks in this room... but you 
can't get to them yet. Notice the vulture sitting on the signpost, (I 
didn't know his name was Beaky Buzzard! He is one of my favorite Looney 
Toons characters!) Once Merlin teaches you the Magic Melody you can 
come back here and get the other stuff in this room, but for now, go up 
the small flight of stairs on the side of the room opposite the 
     If anyone who is reading this has played SuareSoft's Brave Fencer 
Musashi (The kingdom of ALLUCANEAT!!!) before, be prepared for a small 
flashback. You remember the steam engine thing that's about 4 or 5 
stories tall, and you have to climb to the top in a certain amount of 
time to stop the thing from exploding or something? Well that's what 
this place, The Spiral Tower, is sorta like... sorta. Jump on the 
switch to lift the cage at the top up off of the Clock. Now climb to 
the top as fast as you can without falling down, or... being scorched 
by dragon fire too many times. This may take a few tries. Patience. 
There's also an ACME box up there, and, if you can get a chance jump 
right without the dragons interfering, jump directly in the center of 
the winding staircase to get a GC that's just floating there... this 
jump can be very difficult sometimes. You don't have to have the cage 
up to get the ACME box or the GC, so don't worry about hitting the 
timer every time, and you can actually sometimes get the GC easier if 
you don't jump from the very top of the spiral staircase. Good luck. 
(Oh, it's kinda funny if you let Bugs get trapped in the cage.)
     Now, back to the room with Beaky Buzzard. Go in the other door 
nearest to the CHECKPOINT! You are now on the castle Ramparts. This is 
a pretty straightforward place with a few tricks and places that you 
can't get to without more of the abilities. The broom NMEs in this are 
invincible, but you can knock them out with a roll attack. When you 
encounter Witch Hazel dodge her magic attack while getting close enough 
to jump on that red button. Doing so will get rid of her and let you 
continue. In the next area, don't worry about that tower you cant get 
to yet, but do worry about the cannon ball rolling towards you. Dodge 
the cannon balls and the dragon flame as best you can. I've found that 
constantly using the roll attack in this area helps a little bit, but 
whatever you do get past these obstacles. The next tower you come to 
has a plaque you can't use yet, so don't worry about it, and keep 
going. Again, you come to an area with dragons and cannon balls. Get 
past here to receive a GC, and then continue through the door.
     "How did these lava pits get in the castle?" you ask... I don't 
know... but this area is sure hard to describe accurately. Be careful 
in here, if Bugs singes his cotton-tail on the lava a full carrot is 
taken away from Bugs' heath bar. First get the Clock and ACME box you 
see to Bugs' left as he enters the room, by going straight and waiting 
for the little sideways elevator platform thingie (hey, what do you 
propose I call them?) Get rid of each of the two knights in here, they 
both have a GC. And the play around on the moving platforms/elevators 
things to get 3 more GCs. It's pretty easy to get to the other two 
Clocks in the room, and by one of the Clocks there's another ACME box. 
Continue by waiting for the moving platform in the corridor directly 
opposite from the entrance to this room.
     The next knight you run into has a GC. Then continue on another 
moving platform. CHECKPOINT! and BOSS FIGHT.
     This boss fight is basically two upgraded forms of the big hammer 
knights you've been meeting in various places here in this lvl. You 
dispose of them the same way, make them tired, then attack, but when 
one goes down, the other goes totally berserk and continuously runs and 
attacks you. The trick is... run faster than they do. They will tire 
out eventually whether they are attacking you regular like, or berserk 
like. Grab the carrots lying around if you are low on health. Once you 
get rid of both grab the keys they held by bouncing on their tummies 
(somewhat close to what the Animaniacs do in some of their episodes, 
the guy even looks and sounds about the same). Put the keys in their 
keyholes and get yourself the Clock and then get out of this lvl.
     Going thru this lvl without the Magic Melody or the Fan Ability 
will let you get 7 Clocks and 24 GCs.

     If you have the Magic Melody spell you can do a bit more in this 
lvl. You still will not be able to get all of the ACME boxes, but oh 
well. Go to the opening hall of the castle, where Beaky Buzzard sits, 
called "The Royal Square". Use the spell on the plaque and Beaky will 
grab Bugs bye the ears (OWWW!) bringing him up to the to the rampart 
areas, and getting you 5 GCs in the process. You can break the ACME box 
if you want. Fall down the side doors to get two Clocks. Use the Super-
Jump plaques at the bottom to get back up. Then go to one side of the 
ramparts and find the broken wood that is sticking out of the wall. 
Jump across these (be careful, they bend when you step on them) to get 
another GC. If you fall off, just have Beaky bring you back up. When 
you get that GC come back to where the gate to the king's royal garden 
is, and enter by throwing the switch.
     In the kings royal garden there is an ACME box on the right side 
of the stair, and a GC on the other side. Make sure you hit the foolish 
hammer dude somewhere near the gate so that you can bounce off of him 
to get over the gates. He will also drop a GC.
     Once you are on the other side, with the apple trees start 
attacking the trees. They will drop apples, and sometimes an annoying 
duck... ignore the duck, and grab the apples to put them in the half 
clamshell. When this clam shell is weighted down you can do two things: 
One, jump up the steps created on the left side to get a clock, and 
Two, jump into the rabbit hole created by the fountain. You can use the 
rabbit hole to get to the GC behind the bars on the right side. If 
Daffy steals an apple from the fountain just put another in. Now over 
by the springboard with the anvil, you'll find a chest in the corner 
with a Clock inside. Now jump on the springboard and have it propel you 
above the apple trees. There are three GCs floating here. Two are a bit 
easier to get, but after a few careful tries you should be able to get 
the other one. Once you are done back here use the springboard to get 
above the gate. You should now have 11 Clocks from this lvl and 36 GCs.

     Once you get the Magic Fan ability you can finally finish this 
lvl. First, find ALL of the ACME boxes. Quick list. The two in the 
forest: one thru the rabbit hole near Witch Hazel, and one next to 
Merlin's Tower. Then one out in front of the castle, near the moat. 
Then one in the dungeon. Then one at the top of spiral tower. Then one 
in the King's square that Beaky Buzzard will take you to, and from 
there, one in the king's royal apple garden. These are the first 7. 
When you get to the tower with the Magic Fan plaque in it you can get 
ACME box #8, a GC, and a... flag? Grab the flag with the R1 button. Go 
back to place right after you drop the bridge on Witch Hazel, you know, 
where you might have had your first close encounter with the huge 
cannonballs and dragons hiding out up here. Go to the point where you 
can see another tower right across the way. If you have the flag the 
drawbridge will drop and you can now get a Clock. The last two ACME 
boxes are in the lava pits area which is just ahead. Congratz, you are 
finally done with this lvl.

Clock: 1
GCs: 8
10 ACME boxes
65 Clocks needed to enter lvl

     Another racing lvl. This one is a bit different tho. The way this 
one works is, you must get to a certain point in the race before your 
little time watch runs out. You can give yourself more time by grabbing 
the little watch symbols you find. Keep your eyes open for those GCs 
and ACME boxes. And then keep you eyes out for that witch. I'll mention 
the hard to find ACME boxes and the hard to find GCs.
     One of the pillar you come across right before the first ACME box 
has a GC hiding behind it.
     Once you get to the third area (the one with a kind of moat around 
an island) jump across to get the ACME box, then turn around and jump 
on the log that should be floating by soon. If it doesn't come by you 
might just want to save time and jump into the water to start over 
again. Stay on the log until you get to the other side. You will get 4 
carrots for riding the log (CONGRATZ! My pause screen says I've done 
50% of the game now, if you've done everything so far you should have 
about that now too.)
     Once you get to the end of this lvl MAKE SURE YOU TALK TO 
MERLIN!!! He will give you the Magic Melody spell! You can now use the 
tune on the music symbol plaques.

Clocks: 8
GCs: 20
ACME boxes: 10
73 Clocks needed to enter lvl

     It's snowing! This is one of my favorite lvls... sometimes. After 
you slide down the snow slide jump up on the tower to Bugs' left. On 
the other side is a GC. Then come back and attack the snowman with the 
top-hat. Go to the top hat and bounce on it. Then attack the remnants 
of his body parts. The biggest circle will have a GC, just like the 
other two snowmen, but be careful, the snowman with a beak looks kinda 
suspicious. Attack the other snowman first, then you can spend time on 
the other one. *SHOCK* inside was Daffy Duck! Get the GC from the 
snowman's lowest part, and the deal with Daffy. Daffy will throw 
snowballs at Bugs. Well just throw some icy missiles right back at him. 
You see the little blue bumps in the snow? Use the action button (R1) 
to pick up a snowball at these points. Try to hit Daffy the best you 
can. This can take a LONG time. After hitting him three times he will 
drop 2 GCs.
     Jump down to continue. On the left side of the steps to get back 
up there is an ACME box, and on the other side is Merlin's tower. 
Before you drop in to say, "Hi" make sure you go around to the back and 
get a Clock! Then drop in. Inside he will give you the Magic Fan 
ability. You'll be able to finish a few lvls now. Leave and lets go on.
      You will hit a little lake. When you try to jump on the cracked 
ice you will fall thru. Jump on it with the helicopter ears action. Get 
the Clock and jump across. On the other side, break the box behind the 
snowball stash and then start throwing snowballs at the target on the 
other side. Go thru the cave and use the CHECKPOINT!
      For now you can just jump across to the center island and find 
the path leading up. Dodge the falling boulders. Once you get to the 
top you'll meet Merlin again... how'd he get here so fast... well I 
guess since he's a wizard he can do anything... except use his thumb as 
a cigarette lighter anyway... Well talk to him and get your last Magic 
spell. The Magic Password! He'll also tell you about the Clock you have 
to get the 5 stars for. After he tells you this find the ACME box, the 
GC, and the one pillar you can push... it will have lines in the snow 
next to it. Under it is a rabbit hole. Jump in and slide down the 
slide. As you go down jump and get the carrots, the ACME box, and the 
GC. As you exit you get one of the stars you are looking for. And near 
the landing site there is another ACME box. Now start working your way 
around the area. You will run into 3 different dragons. After they 
start blowing fire at you jump on their heads. Each time you jump they 
drop something. The first two times they drop a GC. The third time they 
each drop a Clock. There are three dragons so you should get 3 Clocks 
and 6 GCs from the dragons. Next find one of the doors that you need 
the Magic Password for. Use it. Ok there are 4 doors, and I will list 
them going clockwise (left) from the entrance to the area, and I will 
give the sign that hangs above the door.
     The fist room is the one with tennis racquets on the sign. This 
area is interesting because you fall through the deep snow once you 
step on it. Stay away from the knights as best you can for now. Get on 
the other side of the ice wall, go and smash the ACME box and grab the 
snowshoes. You can now walk around in the snow. Start jumping on the 
knights. Each one will drop a GC when you get rid of him, you can now 
get the Clock and the Star. Now this place is finished.
     The next room has three geometrical shapes as it's sign. Ok the 
way this room works is there's a 3X3 square board with 9 squares in it. 
If you've ever played the game Memory this shouldn't be too hard. Heck 
this shouldn't be too hard anyway! Just match the pairs of shapes. 
Don't try and get more than two of the same. Once you get all three of 
the shape you will be able to cross over to the GC, the ACME box, and 
the Star!
     The next room has a timer as it's sign. Hit the switch at the 
bottom and start climbing up the ice slide. In a few uphill parts you 
need to jump, and to get across a few ice bridges you must sneak. Once 
you get to the top you get the Star and you can now jump down the other 
slide to get an ACME box and a GC.
     The last door has a picture of a rabbit with a quarterstaff. As 
you cross the path Daffy will steal the Star! When you come to the log, 
simply kick it, it will spin around, and then you will have a perfect 
shot at kicking Daffy to get rid of him. He'll drop a GC, you can get 
the Star, and break the ACME box (if you've followed this lvl's 
walkthrough you should get the Clock from this box).
     Once you finish the rooms go back to the top and get the last 

Clocks: 1
GCs: 0
255 GCs needed to enter lvl

     The last racing lvl is pretty simple since the only thing you have 
to worry about is beating the time. You'll get a lot of practice doing 
this lvl so don't worry. It won't take too long... just remember where 
the obstacles are after you hit them. You get the Clock and the 
satisfaction of laughing at Daffy one last time at the end of the lvl. 
Oh and use the [] button to go a bit faster.

40 Clocks needed to enter

     You are now entering another dimension... sorry. This is the most 
fun area in the game, and yet one of the hardest. Marvin the Martian is 
the greatest Warner Bros. Character of all time! Anyway, be prepared to 
wander around in one of the weirdest environments you've ever seen in a 
video game. It's just like in the cartoons!!! We begin in:

Clocks: 14
GCs: 26

     He stole my modulator... give me back my modulator... anyway. This 
lvl is going to be a pain to describe so bear with me. Ok, right now 
there aren't too many places to go. There's the garbage disposal area 
on the left, but there's nothing here to do, except an annoying 
checkpoint, so annoying in fact, that it doesn't deserve to be 
capitalized. (Note, you COULD jump from this place over to the platform 
with the switch, but you'll be able to get over there in a second 
anyway, so don't bother). To the right is the rest of the lvl. When you 
get down to the next... floor?... get the GC immediacy to Bugs' left, 
then turn around and go the other way, getting three more GCs and 
flipping as switch. My only advice towards dodging the blue lasers is 
"Wait to jump over them until they're coming towards you". The switch 
will activate a moving platform that you will allow you to get to the 
next area.
     Go up the elevator platform opposite from the one you came down. 
There will be a CHECKPOINT! up at the top, and the platform you set in 
motion. Use both. You will now see a small scene where a robot shoots 
one of Marvin's green bird-like aliens with some sort of freeze gun. 
Immediately attack the alien, while it's frozen. If you don't attack it 
fast enough it will thaw out, and you'll have to trick the robot into 
shooting it again. The robot will chase you and shoot at you. Have it 
shoot at you while running near the alien, and, if you are lucky, the 
ice bolt will hit the alien instead of you. If the robot catches you he 
will send you thru the garbage disposal unit, and you will end up back 
near the beginning of the lvl. (Follow up Note: jumping from the 
garbage disposal platform to the one below now will speed things up a 
little bit, and now you know why I don't like that checkpoint). The 
robot is impossible to kill, so don't bother trying, instead jump on 
that green platform.
     Ok, this is one of my most memorable moments in this game. Trying 
to figure out where I was supposed to go now, standing on this little 
green platform... "POOF!" Oh look! There's another one! "SHRINK!" oh 
look... the one that I WAS standing on is gone now... and I'm back at 
the checkpoint. *SIGH* This next part will take a while the first time 
thru. If you don't know where to expect the next platform to show up it 
can be quite heart stopping, but if you kinda expect them to be where 
the GCs are you probably wont do half bad. You get 4 GCs for reaching 
the next platform, and a CHECKPOINT!
     See that Clock and GC over there together? Go get those first, 
then, go around and wake up the robot so he can shoot those two foolish 
aliens, while you get that other GC. Cross over the other conveyor belt 
to get a GC and flip the switch to open the way to a Clock you will get 
a bit later down the line. After you go through the corridor with the 
falling weights you'll find that laser door you opened. Go thru, get 
the Clock and the CHECKPOINT!, then go thru the teleport to get another 
Clock and two GCs. 
     Once you go thru the next teleporter you can continue by working 
your way past some laser obstacles. Either roll under or jump over the 
green laser, depending on which it is at the time. When you come to a 
split path, take the branch to the right with the GC behind the laser 
obstacle (the other path leads you back to the 2 ton weights).
     In the next room, get the Clock and the two GCs before you get the 
robot all riled up. Then you can have him shoot the two aliens, as 
usual. This elevator will take you to a new area of the lvl.
     CHECKPOINT! Get the GC and continue down the ramp to get another 
three. Now, back up at the entrance, see those red things that have the 
electricity (or whatever) there? Just walk thru that, dodging the 
shots. The switch at the end will lift those three platforms you saw at 
the bottom of that ramp a few seconds ago. Go up those next.
     Ok, what this red button will do is very important. That white 
square you see in the distance will create a force field for a limited 
time after you step on the button. You have to walk on this force field 
to get to another area of the lvl, but Bugs has to get there quick. 
There is a checkpoint on the other side. Notice I do no capitalize 
"checkpoint" I would suggest that you don't use the checkpoint. If you 
want to get back across without having to push a button and get across 
the force field on time you can just fall off the side and be back 
across by the CHECKPOINT! on the other side. Anyway, just hit the 
button, get across and flip the switch, while picking up the Clock, and 
avoiding the eye thingie that tries to blow you off the edge. Now just 
get back to the laser door you opened.
     A new obstacle, woopie! This spinning laser trap is made all the 
more harder by the bad camera angle. Just make sure you get the GC as 
you go 'round and 'round. Next you wander thru falling 2-ton weights, 
finding another GC, and ending up at a CHECKPOINT! and computer 
terminal. Time to have some fun
     The computer terminal will let you control one of those little 
robots that have been giving you trouble this whole lvl. Basically you 
just have it go up the "Robots Only" elevator, and then, doing this as 
many times as it takes, have the robot shoot all of the NMEs up here, 
which will allow Bugs to go thru the laser door.
     Once Bugs can get thru the laser door, jump from the poles to the 
side of the door to the little platforms with a Clock on each of the 
two. Then use the Super-Jump plaque to get to the next platform, with 
two GCs on it, and then use the Super-Jump plaque on that platform to 
get from that platform to the next, which has a Clock and a teleporter 
to the boss fight with Marvin the Martian.
     In the space modulator fight Marvin is in a HUGE ray gun thing, 
and bugs is on some little dinky platform. The whole pattern to this 
fight is this. Marvin will fire a good deal of shots at you for a 
round, then, the space modulator ray gun will overheat. Marvin will get 
out, and you will run over and kick him in the rear while he's bending 
over trying to fix the darn thing. As you go from round to round the 
patterns Marvin uses in his shots get progressively harder. First he 
will just shoot out either a red or green laser. The red laser you jump 
over, the green one you roll under. The next round he'll do that and 
occasionally shoot out a large ball of electricity that will electrify 
one side of the platform you are standing on for a short time. Do not 
touch that half of the platform. Next round he'll do all of this and 
shoot out a bunch of plasma that will just fly out in a random pattern. 
The final round he'll do ALL of this, faster, and sometimes doing two 
of these things at the same time. Once you've kicked him four times tho 
you are rewarded with all four of the Clocks you've seen hovering 
around here. Now just find the red path and follow it to the 

Clocks: 4
GCs: 0
60 Clocks needed to enter

     A complicated boss fight where Marvin employs his green bird-like 
aliens to distract you. If you will recall, Marvin "grows" his aliens 
from little condensed pills that he adds water too. That's sorta how it 
works here. You are in a large circular donut shaped arena with Marvin 
in the middle on his flying saucer. Marvin will toss out an "alien 
pill", usually to the side of the arena opposite Bugs. Bugs must grab 
the pill and throw it back at Marvin before the pill starts to grow 
into an alien. If it does grow to become an alien Bugs cannot pick it 
up and it will chase Bugs around while he's trying to accomplish more 
important stuff. Marvin will occasionally fire out a laser you must 
dodge, but the aliens wont, so this will clean them up. If you need to 
dodge some aliens for a sec, jump across the break in the donut path. 
They won't follow.
     One last problem: Ok, you've thrown one of the aliens on the 
saucer, so it seems you've now done a bit of damage to Marvin. Not 
exactly. That bar in the corner is not a health bar as you would 
expect. It's a weight limit of Marvin's saucer. And since Marvin is 
pushing the aliens off of his ship he will regain a portion of his bar. 
So this means you must throw these pills faster than Marvin can push 
them off the ship.
     For this lvl you get 4 Clocks.

Clocks: 1 
GCs: 14
70 Clocks needed to enter lvl

     Another racing lvl, this time against the cheating little Martian. 
Grab all of the stop watches you see, and I'll point out the hard to 
find GCs. Also, the first couple of times you do this lvl, don't worry 
about the time, just get the items. 
     Get the GC at the end of the platform before going in any of the 
doors, then go in the last of the tree doors to get another GC. Fall 
down and go in the first door. As you exit go to your left (Bugs' 
right) and grab the GC, then go the other way. When you get to the two 
aliens with a rabbit hole in front of them do not take the obvious 
route thru the rabbit hole, instead fall off the edge. Get the 
stopwatch and the GC and go thru the door. Go thru the middle door, get 
the GC as you fall, then grab the GC to the left. Go back thru the 
middle door and jump across this time.
     Now you are at 5 different doors you can choose from. Go thru the 
first. Dodge the aliens to get the GC. Then go thru the fifth door and 
get the 2 GCs, and fall off the ledge to get some carrots, and another 
GC. Have Bugs fall off that ledge to get back to the 5 doors. Go thru 
the fourth one to continue (the other two don't lead anywhere). As you 
dodge the rocks there are two more GCs. When you fall off of the edge 
here there is one more, but you have to dodge a hopping alien to get 
it. Then push the red button to have the elevator come down. (NOTE: 
after you get this carrot down here you can skip going down here by 
just jumping around the corner from this ledge. You should have all of 
the carrots by now. If you don't have them all just start over. You get 
the Clock when you finally beat the miniature Martian. Make sure you 
hit the R1 button when you reach the X.

Clocks: 5
GCs: 21
117 Clocks needed to enter this lvl

     This is pretty much a purely puzzle lvl. I'm not going to help you 
solve the simple puzzles. I would hope you could do a memory puzzle. I 
might give you hints if I'm feeling nice :-). Well anyway, lets go.
     As you go thru the teleporter there is a GC and a switch. Flip the 
switch. You can now go thru the electric door.
     Your first puzzle is a version of the old Simon light game. The 
green Martian guy will do a constant light pattern that will get 
increasingly longer, up to about 6 buttons. Just keep it up and you'll 
eventually get it. You'll get a Clock and the door to one side will 
open, a switch and a GC are back here. If I mention a switch in this 
lvl just go ahead and flip it. Next there is one of those rotating 
electric things with the bad camera angle. You have to go ALL the way 
thru it to get the GC that's in there.
     On the other side there is a CHECKPOINT!, a GC, and another 
puzzle. This is a shape pattern puzzle. You have a limited amount of 
time to duplicate the red and green light squares. You have to do this 
three times to get the door to open. Jump on the green button on the 
ground to activate the pattern. Jump on a panel once to turn it red, 
again for green, and again to bring it back to blank. There is a Clock, 
and a GC for a reward, and a teleporter to bring you to the next area.
     On the other end of the teleporter there is another GC, and then 
another in one of those spinning laser things. This spinning laser is a 
bit different tho. There are 2 other exits besides the one you enter 
thru. Go to the one you that is right before the GC (if you really want 
that GC, and you just CAN'T wait grab it first, and then come back to 
the exit with the one green panel with the carrot floating above it). 
This next part is just like the one in the first Dimension X lvl. Jump 
on the Green panel and a new one will appear. Follow.
     When you finish with the green panels there is a CHECKPOINT! and a 
new puzzle. Green, Yellow, Red and Blank alternating lights flash on 
the ground, some of them with GCs floating over them. This is pretty 
simple... in theory. Walk only on the Green lights. Well its ok to walk 
on the Yellow ones too, but if you do there is a good chance they will 
change before you get off. Just don't walk on the Red squares, and you 
can't walk on the Blank ones... you will fall thru Run around on the 
Green and Yellow squares getting the 5 GCs, and then continuing on. OH, 
there is a point in the flashing pattern where it will freeze for a 
second longer without having any Red or Blank squares. This is probably 
the best time to start out.
     On the other side there is a switch to flip that will start a lot 
of elevator things going. Jump on one row of elevators and go to the 
second one. Turn the camera so that you can see to jump into the center 
area where there's a GC and another switch. You can now go back to the 
elevators, continue on, and get a Clock, and flip the switch which will 
let you go ALL the way back to the beginning of the area to do the last 
puzzle. Yes, you have to use the green panels again. Go all the way 
back to near the beginning where the spinning laser thing was and go to 
the teleporter that says IN under it when you are in it, and use it.
     Get the next two GCs, (again there is one in the laser spinning 
thingie) then exit thru the door and go to the CHECKPOINT! There is a 
small side area along some of those circular platforms where a GC sits. 
Next there are two sweeping lasers that you should probably dodge, but 
you don't really have to since there are enough carrots for a quick 
refill on the other side, including two GCs. Now you can do the last 
puzzle, a spoof on MasterMind... ACME-Mind! If you've never played 
MasterMind you might have some trouble, but here's the basic deal. The 
computer has selected 4 different colors in this row. You have to guess 
what they are. It will tell you which ones you are right and wrong. You 
get 6 tries (I think it is always Dark Blue, Light Blue, Pink, and 
Magenta the first time... but I'm not sure). Bugs gets a Clock, and is 
on his way to the race-track when he finishes this puzzle.
     Get the GC to the left of the teleporter, and then hop on the race 
scooter. If only this was as easy as it was in the cartoons... Bugs 
races this Martian, but there are a few difficult parts on the way. 
There are poles you have to gab onto, get to the top, and then time 
your release just right (this is the hard part) so that you fly towards 
where the track continues... I found this to be difficult. There are 
also little green arrows on the track that give you an extra boost of 
speed when you go over them. If you have gotten this far in the game 
and just want to beat it without worrying about a perfect score go 
ahead and exit and see the ending. But if you MUST complete the game 
perfectly go ahead and raise your blood pressure to the point where if 
you could somehow fit some coal into your veins you could make diamonds 
out of them. Good luck tho. Oh if you did the spinning off of fourth 
pole perfectly I will find some way to kill you... and I mean that in 
the nicest way possible :-).
     You will be thrown into a GC and a Clock, flip the switch after 
the alien leaves, and exit this horrid area... to the glory of the end 
of the game!

120 Clocks needed to finish game

     Ok, so the ending isn't tottaly satisfying, but were you really 
playing the game to see the ending? Or for the story? I doubt it. The 
ending actually comes from the same Looney Toons cartoon that Merlin 
Monroe was in.

_Frequently Asked Questions_
(actually these aren't frequently asked questions, they are questions I 
would think ppl would ask frequently)

1. I'm missing (insert item or spell), where is it?
     Ok, first if it's an item like a Clock or a GC figure out what lvl 
you are missing it in. Do this by visiting each era and walk near each 
lvl entrance. It will tell you the number of items in each lvl, and the 
number of items you have found. When you find the lvl you don't have 
everything in, look it up in the Walkthrough. You might not be able to 
get a certain item if you don't have certain magic spells you can get 
in the course of the game.
    If you are missing one of the spells look in the Medieval Period 
lvls, and read the Walkthru. Super-Jump is in the WHATS COOKING lvl, 
Magic Melody in WITCH WAY lvl, and the other two, Magic Password and 
Magic Fan, in CARROT-HENGE MYSTERY. You might not be able to get the 
spells depending on where you are in the game.

2. I opened a lvl after I got 11 Clocks, but I can't find it... how do 
I get there?
     You've opened up FOLLOW THE RED PIRATE ROAD in the Pirate Years 
era. You cannot get into the lvl until you have found the Super-Jump 

3. Why do you have so few Frequently Asked Questions?
     Well since I don't know what ppl I can't post the questions... if 
you have any questions (about THIS video game plz, not about one of the 
thousand of the other games out there. If it's not an FF or other 
PlayStation RPG I probably don't know anything about it. And DEFINATLY 
don't send me questions about things besides video games... PLZ) go 
ahead and send them to me at oompug@hotmail.com. Also if you have any 
constructive criticism about the way I wrote this FAQ plz send it to 
the same address.

4.Why the HECK am I playing this game?!?!?!
     Umm, I dunno... I think Bugs Bunny in one of the greatest 
characters in animation history, and I would probably play any other 
video game I could get my hands on (and time to play)... maybe I can do 
the FAQ for BUGS and TAZ... TIME BUSTERS!... not if it turns out to be 
as time consuming as this one... :-)


    One question... Why do you need codes for this game?... I guess a 
witty response to that would be "Why do you need a Walkthrough for this 
    There is only one code I have ever got to work for this game, but a 
few sites have listed other that I can't get to work. Oh and I don't 
condone Game-Shark codes... there are other sites you can get those 

All of these Codes I picked up off of IGN's GameSages website, thank 
you IGN


    In the Era selector screen enter this code to unlock all lvls!!!
    Hold L2 and R1 throughout the entering of the other buttons.
    X, [], R2, L1, O, X, [], [], []

    Same deal, hold L2 and R1 when entering the other buttons

All abilities
X, [], R2, L1, O, X, [], O, []

Extra Key
X, [], R2, L1, O, X, O, [], []

Full NRG
X, [], R2, L1, O, X, [], O, O

Loose Life
X, [], R2, L1, O, X, O, O, O

Maximum Carrots
X, [], R2, L2(L1?), O, X, [], [], O

View Complete Ending Sequence
X, [], R2, L1, O, X, O, [], O

View Incomplete Ending Sequence
X, [], R2, L1, O, X, O, O, []


     I want to thank gameFAQs.com and all the contributors for all the 
times they have prevented me from throwing my console into the TV in 
agony. If it were not for them I would probably not be sane enough to 
write this FAQ... of course writing an FAQ is arguable a sign of 
insanity anyway...
     The vide game manufactures b'heivje(r) and INFOGRAMES and the rest 
of the ppl who made the game. And the SuareSoft company for keeping me 
interested in video games for all time. 
     I would also like to thank my brother and sister, the first for 
the use of his PlayStation, the second for the use of her game, and for 
buying it in the first-place. Although why I should thank her for 
putting me through something like this is beyond me :-)
     Next I would like to thank my friends Rostani and Santharos for 
inspiring me to experience all things video game, Rostani especially 
for introducing me to the FINAL FANTASY series.
     My parents deserve thanks as well for not sending me to an 
institution once I got this crazy 33 page long idea in my head, just 
like all the other craziness I've ever done. And for allowing me to use 
their computers, TV, electricity, food, water, air, etc.
     And thank you Microsoft Word and the Microsoft Word spell Checker, 
especially on the word Albu... Albuque... Albuquerque (and Weird Al 
Yankovic :) )
     Finally all thanks goes to God in the end.

     Ok, thank you God, I'm done... now I'm gonna go play Wild ARMs.

This Document is 

Copyright (c)2001 by David Collier (AKA Oompug!)

Please do not distribute this Document in any format, hardcopy, 
electronic, or otherwise, without MY PERSONAL PERMISSION!!! You can 
obtain my permission by E-mailing me at oompug@hotmail.com and then 
wait for my reply, and the instructions contained therein. In fact, I 
want this protected so much I am going to use a lot of big words that 
you usually would only see in the front of books.

This document is protected by US Copyright Law. It is for private and 
personal use only- it cannot be reprinted in part or in whole, or 
reproduced in any way or in any form (written or otherwise). It is a 
free document that cannot be used in any sort of commercial 
transaction. This Document cannot be referenced, altered, or used by 
anybody (including webmasters, publishers, or magazine staff) without 
my express written permission. This Document was created and is owned 
by me, David Collier (AKA Oompug!). It can be found only at 

All characters mentioned from the game are TM of Warner Bros (c)1999
And the game itself is (c)1999 by INFOGRAMES NORTH AMERICA

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