Review by odino

Reviewed: 03/13/06

A Hidden Gem

I finally get the time to write about this well-forgotten game by Konami. To be frank, I only know about this game because it came with the PS1 when I bought it, and then I didn't pick it up until I ran out of other games to play. Then this isn't my kind of game and consoles were new to me as well, the controller for an action shooter just didn't gel too well when you are used to a mouse. Anyhow, after failing the first mission a few times I gave it another shot and came really far, only to notice how really great this game is.

Sound, I will start with that for a reason: Bruce Campbell. He makes the game. Sound acting fits superb, well you only hear him for most of the game but that is all that matters.

Then the graphics, they were good back then. It looks a little goofy now but they were top-notch when it was released. I'm not to keen on some enemy noises but then they are supposed to be creatures eh...hmm hard to write about this without spoilers. Either way, the sounds are great, not to mention the fitting music.

Gameplay. Ok not that easy with a controller, and often you get stuck in the tight corridors or even fall down in the later levels. This is especially annoying when the game gets harder and you try to avoid many enemies/dodge shots only to fall Then there is the protection stuff, very tricky. Fortunately it's only a very short part of the game. Cutting wires, controlling bots, shutting down turrets, releasing gas, finding data discs - great stuff.

Next: story. There are multiple paths to go and it splits very early, and you can still chose a different way late in the game. Each ending is worth playing for. You get different cut scenes, and different things to do - why wouldn't you want to replay a shooter for different events? It's even better than "Deus Ex"-style story choices, probably one of the best action shooters for its multiple outcomes. Just make sure you save before you make choices, because replaying the whole game just to make a different choice at the end is not that fun. If you have the time, then replay it much later in full so you soak in the total story with just a different POV at the end. So once you finish all four endings, you are pretty much done with the game, but then it's still better than many games out there you only play through once and pile 'em in your shelves.

To sum up, IF you can find this game, grab it straight away. It's totally worth playing even today.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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