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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 10/18/04 SOng 1.13 311K
FAQ/Walkthrough 01/19/10 supermania23 Dryst 151K
FAQ 07/29/99 Dosferra 0.8 57K
FAQ 09/03/99 DSamson 2.2 68K
FAQ 05/11/00 Kain 1.6 84K
Strategy Guide WCHoue-XYangen 1.01 18K

In-Depth FAQs

Character FAQ 04/12/07 Gourry / Evil R 2.00 353K
Game Script 04/12/07 Gourry 327K
Monster FAQ 12/11/98 SVachal 1.01 15K
Quests FAQ 12/23/98 Luxion 0.90 17K
Recruitment Guide 04/08/10 Leland3 2.0 16K

Patch Code Lists

Game Shark Codes 02/14/07 SinisterxEQ 2.0 14K

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