Where can I find (Wisdom Fruit)?

  1. I'm on a cleared game file, but I used up all my wisdom fruits thinking I could find some more but now I don't know where to find any

    User Info: oodie5517

    oodie5517 - 8 years ago

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  1. This might not be all of the ways, but I know of at least 4 places you can find Wisdom Fruit in unlimited quantities:

    1) Gift Shop in the Faerie Colony, after fighting 91-200 battles. Set up the shop, and then fight at least 91 battles, and then speak to the faerie running the Gift Shop to recieve one.

    2) Exploration at the Faerie Colony. I'm not sure exactly what criteria you need to meet to find one, only that you can find it by sending out faeries to explore.

    3) From the Casino Guessing Game in the Faerie Colony, if you can guess the number in 2 tries (Before you clear the game) or in 3 or 4 tries (After you clear the game). It has to be exactly 2(before you clear), 3 or 4 tries (after you clear) otherwise you'll get a different prize. The prize is also determined at random from a list of possible items based on the number of guesses it took to get the number right, so you're not guranteed to get what you're looking for even if you do guess right in the correct number of tries.

    4) Tankbot in the Container Yard can drop them very rarely.

    In addition to that, if you have at least 1 Wisdom Fruit, you can use the copy shop to make a duplicate of the item. Just remember to save BEFORE you re-enter the Colony. If you save BEFORE you enter the colony after putting up an item to be copied, if you don't get the result you want you can reload your save and go back in and get a different result at random. This way, you won't end up getting a failure and losing your item.

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    Alltra - 8 years ago 2 0

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