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Reviewed: 01/27/03 | Updated: 01/27/03

The Novelty Wears Away After About an Hour

Bravo Air Race is a VERY short airplane-racing game: twelve airplanes and only four circuits means that players will likely not be spending a lot of time with Bravo Air Race. However, this game is definite a fun occasional diversion from other games, so it is definitely well worth keeping in the game collection to play from time to time, especially when one wants a 'fast, quick, simple' game to play or one does not have a lot of time to get into a long race, a role-playing game, etc.

Unfortunately, however, Bravo Air Race suffers somewhat significantly from a 'lack' of circuits. With only four circuits presented in Bravo Air Race, there is really not a lot available to 'explore' - especially since the game's circuits are VERY 'linear,' with NO room for diverging off the flight line to better explore an area. Some of the circuits do have one or two (very) minor shortcuts, and all four of the game's circuits also have a few power-ups available, but that is the extent of the circuits' features. However, the environments of the four circuits are quite compelling - perhaps not entirely realistic, but definitely quite compelling nonetheless.

The graphics in Bravo Air Race are highly reminiscent of the early Tomb Raider games - especially the beginning of Tomb Raider II (in China) when flying through the caves at the Mountain circuit - in terms of how the textures are rendered and presented. However, the sounds are even better than the early Tomb Raider games, although it is rather intriguing that when participating in a race, all eleven competitors have the EXACT same voice when they make comments over the radio!!!!!

Overall, Bravo Air Race is an interesting game... for a very, very, VERY short period of time; for most players, the novelty of the game will wear away in about an hour, or perhaps even less. Except perhaps for the youngest of gamers, there is virtually no replay value. This game is fun, however, and thus can be very nice to return to on occasion (perhaps every two or three weeks) for a quick run through the game. As such, Bravo Air Race is definitely a nice game to keep in one's gaming collection despite the lack of routine gameplay; in other words, this will definitely not see nearly as much use as, say, Gran Turismo 2 or Final Fantasy X.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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