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Reviewed: 10/10/00 | Updated: 10/10/00

Good but N-Gen Racing and Plane Crazy are better alternatives

Ok, I was browsing through the game reviews and I stumbled upon Bravo Air Race. Since no one has reviewed it, I felt it might be a good idea to post a review to help people decide whether to buy this game or not.

Ok let's get down to business.

Sound 7.0
Ok the sound is really good. The songs are mostly rock and a few of the tunes are even catchy. Overall a good soundtrack, however, the sound effects aren't anything great and the announcer is really annoying too. And to make matters worse everytime you pass another plane, the people in the plane make a stupid comment at you, like ''Hey slow down!'' or ''Who's that?'' Ok It may be funny the first time but after a while the voices get irritating.

Graphics 2.0
Horrid. I know this is an earlier game but I know people can do much better than this. There is lots o' pop up and slowdown. I don't understand why though, since the graphics are so pixelized and simple. The backrounds though, do look somewhat ok.

Control 5.0
Nothing special here. The controls are very simplistic but manuvering the plane is very difficult. I found myself more than once crashing into a wall. Maybe I just suck but trying to get around a plane or manuver under a plane is a chore.

Play Mechanics 3.0
Bleech. This is really bad. Apparently there is some stupid dome on the tracks so of course there are no shortcuts and trying to manuver over a plane has some harsh consquences. Also, you are automatically stabled at a fixed altitude so this game really doesn't feel any different from a driving game.

Replay Value 5.0
The problem is, there is nothing to unlock and no championship mode. That is pathetic. With only 4 courses. (which are kinda cool but still can't save this game's replay value.) you won't be playing this again and again.

Overall 5.0
Even though I dissed this game alot, it still has some charm. It may not be the best plane racing game out there (Plane Crazy and N-gen leave this game in the dust) it still is kinda fun to play. I say give it a try. Rent it for a night or pick it up in a bargin bin for 10 bucks.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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