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Unleash the beast within...

Get ready to stake your ground and confront your destiny because you're in for a fast and fierce, one on one blood match. Ferocious 3D. Savage combos. Unforgettable characters. More ways to maim, crush and devour your enemies than ever! And as if that weren't enough, in the heat of battle, fighters transform into half-human beasts, unlocking all new brutal attacks!

* Morph into raging beasts in the heat of battle and unlock a whole new level of fury!
* Execute more than 200 unique moves for both human and beast forms.
* "Rave" feature unlocks more power, more speed, and even more moves to slaughter your prey.
* The play options are endless! Sharpen your skills in practice mode. Try kids or big heads options. And, if you have the nerve, attempt Time Attack or Survival Mode!

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