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100 Secrets Guide by Shaftiel

Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 07/01/2000
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The 100 Secrets

Version 1.0.1
June 18, 2000
By Shaftiel (talkstogod@yahoo.com)

About a week ago I dug up Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and realized 
that I had never gotten all the secrets... in fact, I had never even 
tried. So I started playing again and went on the net, checking the 
FAQs and Lo! There wasn't a complete list anywhere! Worse yet, at 
the official site, ( all 
of the links to the graphics explaining the walkthrough were gone! 
What to do?

Well, here it is: all 100 secrets. 80% of the credit goes to Mr.Slam 
(andre.weber@tip.nl) for writing the 30+ page walkthrough that 
listed 88 of them. His is posted on GameFAQs.com, and everywhere 
else as well. Most of these are taken directly from him; they may be 
listed in a different order with slightly altered descriptions, but 
almost all are his. The last 20% goes to the (semi) defunct official 
homepage listed above; even without the graphics, the site helped 
quite a bit.

Oh, and thanks to Silicon Knights and Crystal Dynamics for making a 
game that's still fun to play after five years.

Using this Guide:

The secrets are listed in the order that you will encounter them 
assuming that you go straight from the beginning of the game to the 
end, taking bat form only when forced to do so. This is very 
different from the order that you will (most likely) actually get 
them in. For example, from the start of the game, the first secret 
that you can get is Secret 6, as 1-5 require enhanced strength or 
wolf form. Similarly, Secret 15 is one of the last you can get, as 
the third strength fountain is near the end of the game. The order 
that I have listed them in makes them very easy to find, however.

This FAQ only lists the secrets that the game registers as "Secrets" 
and show up on the Secrets: xx/100 on the Status menu. Lots of neat 
things, some of which can be a little tricky to find, are not 
included in this list because the game does not count them as 
Note that you need to get Secrets 1-97 before you return the doll to 
Willendorf. If you don't know why from the other FAQs, I won't give 
it away, but trust me on this.

You CAN screw up and make some secrets difficult, if not impossible, 
to get. At least three of the people you need to possess repop as 
ghosts when you kill them, and you can't possess a ghost without 
Spirit Wrack, the last spell you get. Oops. So make sure that you 
are throwing the correct spell when you try to possess them.


Location                  Secret

1.  Mausoleum         - In the first mausoleum you'll find two small
                        boulders lying in two symbols of blood. Push
                        the boulders off their switches (you'll need
                        increased strength) and a secret door will
                        open to your south/east.
2.  Cemetery          - East of the first mausoleum there can be
                        found a flay. Use Lupine form to jump over
                        the fence.
3.  Cemetery          - Same as secret 2, but walk south and take
                        the vial of blood.
4.  South-west crypt  – South of the first mausoleum is a crypt that
                        you need wolf form to reach. It contains a
                        teleporter that teleports you to the crypt
                        located east of here. 
5.  Ziegstuhl         - Behind the counter in the tavern where you
                        started the game is a red glow; there's a
                        button here. It opens a passage behind the
                        bar to a backdoor leading to the Flay Forge.
6.  Shrine of Light   - From the entrance, go right and walk into
                        the south-east corner. A wall will open
                        giving you a Blood Vial.
7.  Shrine of Light   - Almost at the end of the dungeon, when
                        you're heading south, you'll see a pillar
                        with a red glow around it. It's a switch and
                        opens the two doors at the sides of the
8.  Spirit Forge      - North-west of the Wolf Cave is a cave with
                        the Flay Spirit Forge.
9.  Brigand's Base    - Follow the bridges east from Nachtholm, then
                        jump up the ledges and enter the mooncave
                        when the moon is full.
10. Cave north-east   - Use mist form to walk over water and go into
    of Nachtholm        the cave. It's a teleporter to a stonehenge
                        location with lots of items.
11. South-east of     - Cross the water and enter the moon cave
    Nachtholm           during a full moon. It's a teleporter to
                        another stonehenge area.
12. Big Horn Brothel  - Enter the Big Horn Brothel in Steinchencroe.
                        Walk north and go up the middle passage.
                        There you'll see two chairs against the
                        wall; push the left chair to the left. Doing
                        this will reveal a secret door which is a
                        backdoor to the Spirit Forge of Implode.
13. Secret Feeding    - East of Steinchencroe is a cave. Simply walk
    Area                to the statue of the four-armed demon to get
                        the secret.
14. Secret Feeding    - From secret 13, break the statue with the
    Area                spiked mace and continue through the
                        dungeon. You will get the secret
                        automatically when you walk far enough.
15. East of           - Push the gray boulder and exit to the east
    Steinchencroe       (you need all three strength fountains).
16. Spirit Forge      - North of Steinchencroe is a mooncave in
                        which is the Spirit Forge of Implode.
17. Vasserbunde       - In this town there's a house that you cannot
                        enter because of a menhir blocking the door.
                        Simply smash it with the mace and go inside.
                        Go to the west room and move Kain over a
                        hidden floor switch in the north-west
                        corner. Now go back to the main room, where
                        you'll notice that the cage has moved to the
                        left, revealing a door. Behind it is a
                        backdoor to the Font of Putrescence Forge.
18. South-west of     - Smash the stone south west of Vasserbunde
    Vasserbunde         and obtain the items.
19. South/west of     - Change to mist form and follow the river,       
    Vasserbunde         exiting the map to the south-west. You'll
                        find a Symbol of Power and two other items.
20. Nupraptor's       - After the four tests, at the first crossing,
    Retreat             go south into the lower jaw and push the
                        lever. This will open a door to your north-
21. North of          - West of the magic cave is another menhir.
    Vasserbunde         Smash it with the mace and get the items.
22. Spirit Forge      - The putrescence Forge is located in the
                        mooncave south of Coorhagen.
23. Inspire Hate      - In order to get the Inspire Hate spell, go
    Dungeon             to the area with the female ghosts. Open
                        every door and then pull the chain (to open
                        the first door) again. Now a secret door
                        will open to the dungeon.
24. Malek's Bastion   - When you first enter the Bastion, step on
                        the grill directly above the teleporter on
                        the right; this will open a secret door    
                        to your north-east.
25. Malek's Bastion   - After going into the door of Secret 25, walk
                        all the way (just keep going up without
                        teleporting) until you come in a room with
                        four levers. Pull the first and the last one     
                        down and a door will open to your west.
                        Through that door is another lever: pull it
                        and there will be no more ghost-guards in
                        the Bastion.
26. Lost City         - Okay, the Lost City is huge, with 28 secrets
                        and literally hundreds of items. Every
                        secret is either a button or switch. To get
                        there head north-west across the water from
                        the Mist Dungeon. There you will come to an
                        island with a teleporter that will take you
                        to the entrance, but the entrance is blocked
                        by a huge gate that only opens when there is
                        a full moon. When you get in you will first
                        have to go into the building immediately to
                        your east. In the big area with the ice walk
                        there's a button in the north-east corner.   
27. Lost City         - Same as Secret 26, but in the north-west
                        corner. Having completed both Secrets 26 and
                        27 opens the door in the same area. 
28. Lost City         - In the area behind the door of Secrets 26
                        and 27, there is a statue of a snake in the  
                        center of the hall. It is a switch that
                        opens the gate south of where you entered
                        the Lost City, allowing you access to the
                        rest of the city.
29. Lost City         - From where you entered the Lost City walk
                        all the way south, then enter the first
                        temple you come to. It should have flame
                        guns inside. In that temple there's another
                        statue in the first right corner. 
30. Lost City         - Same as secret 30, but further north in the
                        same building.
31. Lost City         - Same as Secret 29 and 30, but yet further
                        into the building. Hitting the buttons of
                        Secrets 29, 30 and 31 opens the door in the
                        north wall. 
32. Lost City         - Go outside the temple of Secrets 29-31 and
                        go into the temple directly north of it.
                        Just inside the entrance there is a button
                        to the left. 
33. Lost City         - After you push the button at secret 32, walk
                        to the right and take control of the guard's
                        mind. Now walk north and push the button to
                        open the door to the teleporter. 
34. Lost City         - Still controlling the guard, walk into the
                        teleporter. North of the teleporter exit is
                        a button. 
35. Lost City         - Same as Secret 34, but push the next button
                        on your way.
36. Lost City         - Same as Secret 34.
37. Lost City         - Same as Secret 34.
38. Lost City         - Same as Secret 34.
39. Lost City         - Same as Secret 34.
40. Lost City         - Same as Secret 34. 
41. Lost City         - Go into the next temple to the east. Use the
                        control mind spell to take control of the
                        priest to the left. Now push the button to
                        the north. 
42. Lost City         - Same as Secret 41, but do the same thing to
                        the priest to the right.
43. Lost City         - Go north through the door that opened after
                        you completed Secrets 41 and 42. Go left and
                        take your first right. There should be a
44. Lost City         - Same as Secret 43; backtrack, but now go
                        right and take the first left.
45. Lost City         - Behind the teleporter is a switch on the
                        wall that unlocks the last building.
46. Lost City         - All the way in the north-east corner of
                        the Lost City is a building. This is it: the
                        Spirit Forge clearing house!!! There are
                        hallways to the right and the left, with
                        four doors off of each One door is open. Go
                        through it (eight doors... eight types of
                        items... eight Spirit Forges.... nah, it
                        couldn't be...) and hit the switch. It will
                        open the next door.
47. Lost City         - Same as secret 46 (OMG! It really is the
                        Spirit Forge clearing house!!!).
48. Lost City         - Same as secret 46.
49. Lost City         - Same as secret 46.
50. Lost City         - Same as secret 46.
51. Lost City         - Same as secret 46.
52. Lost City         - Same as secret 46.
53. Lost City         - Same as secret 46. Now dance around, 'cause
                        you have more items than you can lift and
                        you're done with the Lost City!
54. Control Mind      - When you enter the dungeon, head north. Walk
     Dungeon            on until you get the control mind spell. Go
                        back south until you see three guys on the
                        left with maces. Use magic to kill two of
                        them and then possess the remaining one.
                        Walk west and pull the switch. Still
                        controlling him, walk back and take the
55. Control Mind      - Same as Secret 54, but do the same thing to
     Dungeon            the guys on your right (three guys with
56. Control Mind      - Go to the location where the arrow-shooting
     Dungeon            skulls are. Pass them. Now pull the switch
                        and go back up. Turn right and take control
                        of the guy who is standing there. Walk
                        north, avoiding the axe, and take the Heart
                        of Darkness.
57. Control Mind      - Go back to the main room of the Mind
     Dungeon            Dungeon. Note the guy in the north-eastern
                        corner, the one with the switch. Flipping
                        this switch will alternately open a secret
                        door to the north and open the front door,
                        so if you want to come back, you'll need to
                        switch it before you leave. Enter the
                        aforementioned secret door. As soon as you
                        enter the new room, stand still and fire an
                        Energy Bolt. You'll hear it hit a switch,
                        opening the teleporter immediately above
you; this is a backdoor to the Antitoxin
58. Control Mind      - Now kill one of the two guys on the left and
     Dungeon            take control of the other one's mind. Walk
                        north and turn the switch. Now you'll have
                        access to the backdoor to the Energy Bank
                        Spirit Forge in the next room north.
59. Control Mind      - Possess one of the guys to the right and go
     Dungeon            due north. There you'll see another switch.
                        Pull it to lower a bridge so you can walk to
                        the teleporters (like you'd want to).
60. Spirit Forge      - In the south-west corner of Termagant Forest
                        (the area with the Control Mind & Flame
                        Sword dungeons) you can find an Energy Bank:
                        just turn to Wolf and jump up. But the
                        Energy Bank Spirit Forge is in the same
                        location. Change to Mist form and walk
                        through the crack in the wall.
61. Spirit Forge      - In the Termagant Forest, the cave north-east
                        of the flame sword dungeon contains the
                        Antitoxin Soul Forge. 
62. Vorador's         - At the second red triangle on the ground go 
     Mansion            east. Take control of the northern gypsy's
                        body and pull the switch. Now go back to the
                        triangle as Kain and the door to the left
                        will be opened.
63. Vorador's         - Having completed Secret 62, exit south
     Mansion            through the newly-opened door. Take any
                        items you want. Walk through the east door
                        in mist form and take the symbol of Power to
                        get the secret.
64. Vorador's         - At the first area with lots of floor spikes
     Mansion            and the two gypsies shooting at you from the
                        north there is a secret button at the third
                        pillar that opens a door back to the east
                        (you can see the secret area on your
                        overhead map).
65. Vorador's         - From the button that triggered secret 64,
     Mansion            walk north through the door. At the next
                        door there is a secret button to the left.
                        This button opens a secret door to the
                        south-east of here (again, look on your
66. Vorador's         - When you get the Chaos Armor, walk north.
     Mansion            There's a secret button near the pillar.
                        Then take control of the gypsy's mind and
                        walk through the secret door.
67. Vorador's         - Two rooms north of the Blood Shower spell,
     Mansion            in the room with the two gypsies, there
                        there is a secret button on the wall to the
                        north. This opens a door to the west.
68. Vorador's         - After Secret 67, exit through the door to
     Mansion            the west. You'll enter a room with two
                        ghouls and four meals (chained victims).
                        Again there's a button on the north wall.
                        This opens a door next to the button from
                        Secret 67.
69. Vorador's         - Continuing forward through the mansion,
    Mansion             you'll next find an ancient chronicle of
                        Vorador. To the right of it is a secret
                        button. This opens a door to the south.
70. Vorador's         - After secret 69, take control of the gypsy,
    Mansion             walk all the way south and finally exit.
                        There's a button in the NW corner of the
                        room you'll enter; this reveals a door to
                        the left of the chronicle (by Secret 69).
71. Vorador's         - In Vorador's dining room, after meeting
     Mansion            him, walk to the north-west corner. Walk
                        through the wall in mist form (there's a
                        part you can pass through).
72. Vorador's         - Still in his dining room, walk through the
    Mansion             door to the east. You'll see a green glow
                        next to the pillar to the north. That's
                        because there is a secret button here.
73. Janos' House      - In the middle of Uschtenheim you will find a
                        house with three rooms, but the doorway to
                        the east is closed. To open it go AAALLL the
                        way back to the first crypt and push all
                        three buttons (the ones where you originally
                        only pushed two to get past some spikes).
                        Now go back to Uschtenhei'm and the door
                        will be opened. There, you'll find a
                        backdoor to the Heart of Darkness Forge.
74. West of           - Here you can find one Implode. It's not   
    Uschtenheim         much, but it's a secret.
75. North-west of     - From Secret 74, continue north and then east 
    Uschtenheim         using lupine form. There are should be
                        2 Pentalich's of Tarot. Take the first
                        one for Secret 75.
76. North-west of     - Take the second Pentalich of Tarot from
    Uschtenheim         Secret 75, take get another secret.
77. Lava Cave         - Halfway between Uschtenheim and Dark Eden
                        is a cave filled with lava. Pull the    
                        switch in the NW corner.
78. Spirit Forge      - Also between Uschtenheim and Dark Eden is a
                        huge boulder, beyond which is a gate that
                        only opens under a full moon (the gate shows
                        up on the map), beyond which is a cave
                        containing the Heart of Darkness Forge.
79. Lightning Cave    - Between Dark Eden and Abernus, near a
                        beacon, is another huge gate that only opens
                        during the full moon. Behind it is the
                        dungeon where you can get the Lightning
80. Town of Abernus   - In the area where you encounter a gray demon
                        for the first time there is a house with the
                        door is half smashed (north of where the
                        demon stands. Enter the house in mist form.
                        There are two gray demons and a slow time
                        inside the house; the slow time is the
81. Town of Abernus   - From Secret 80, walk east through a crack in
                        the wall next to the door. Use mist form.
                        Exit south from the small room you enter.
                        Now you're in a big sewer. There is another
                        stairway in the NW corner; this leads to
                        another small room with a crack. Again walk
                        through the crack in mist form and take the
                        items. The energy bank is the secret.
82. Town of Abernus   – Go back into the big sewer from Secret 81.
                        In the SW corner of the sewer system is a
                        heart of darkness, which is a secret.   
83. Town of Abernus   – From secret 82, exit through the door to the
                        south in mist form. In the second sewer area
                        there is a secret slow time to the east.
84. Town of Abernus   - In the second sewer area of secret 83, exit
                        by taking the other stairs. Walk through the
                        crack (I think you know how by now). The
                        slow time in the chamber to the north is the
                        secret. Also, this is a great place to exit
                        the sewer, as you are in front of the
85. Abernus'          - At the northern end of the first section of
    Cathedral           the cathedral (before you get soul reaver),
                        at the last room you teleport into, there's
                        a passage to the south out of the room. This
                        is one of the coolest secrets in the game.
86. South-east of     - When travelling from Abernus to Willendorf
    exit from Abernus   you pass two huge boulders to the south
                        blocking a passage to the lake to your
                        south. There are four Hearts of Darkness
                        there, one of which is the secret.
87. Gypsy Cave        - This is the cave directly east of Secret 86.
                        When you enter the cave walk until you see
                        two gypsies throwing knives, one to the
                        right and one to the left. Control the mind
                        of the one to the right and lead him to a
                        floor panel; this opens a door in the north
                        end of the cave.
88. East of Willendorf- Push the large brown boulders, then walk on
                        and push the large gray boulder. At the end
                        are a few Pentalich's of Tarot.   
89. South-east of     - If you go south until you can't anymore, you
    Willendorf          come to an area where the map shows a beacon
                        and three caves. One of the caves contains
                        those jesters that summon zombies, as well
                        as some items, and is a secret. 
90. Spirit Forge      - South of Secret 89 is a mooncave. This
                        contains the Slow Time Spirit Forge.
91. Willendorf        - There is a house on the western edge of the
    Village             town, overlooking the lake and separated
                        from the rest of Willendorf by a cliff.
                        There you'll find the backdoor to the Slow
                        Time Spirit Forge.
92. South of          - Walk to the island in mist form. There are
    Willendorf          four Hearts of Darkness and a magic orb.  
93. Island south of   - South of Elzevir's Mansion is a small island
    Elzevir's Mansion   covered with ice. There you will find a few
                        items, one of which is a secret. 
94. South/west of     - From the Secret 93, walk west, then follow
    Elzevir's Mansion   the coast south. You'll see a magic orb and
                        some items.   
95. South of          - From Secret 94 continue to follow the coast
    Elzevir's Mansion   counter-clockwise and you'll find another
                        magic orb and a heart of darkness. 
96. South of          - From Secret 95 continue to follow the coast
    Elzevir's Mansion   and you'll find a blood vial with yet
                        another magic orb. 
97. Spirit Forge      - To the west of William the Just's Stronghold
                        you can see two caves, one of which is a
                        mooncave. You get there by heading north-
                        west from just outside his stronghold. This
                        contains the Pentalich of Tarot Forge. Note
                        that there is no backdoor to the cave.

-Return the Doll-

98. Spirit Forge     - Go to the Pentalich of Tarot Forge again.
                       Yes, it counts as more than one secret.
99. Stronghold of    - As you journey through the stronghold you may
    William the Just   witness a conversation between Mobius and
                       William. This is the room with the secret. To
                       get it, continue on until you come to a room
                       with three hallways running north to south
                       and four switches along the north wall, two
                       in the center hall and one in each side hall.
                       Flip the switch to the immediate left of the
                       door and exit the room through the now-open
                       door in the south-east corner. The switch
                       that is the secret is to the east of the door
                       in the room you enter.

-Fight William the Just-

100. Spirit Forge    - Wait a while (it's good to have a book), then
                       go back into the Pentalich of Tarot Forge.
                       Congratulations! You got all 100 secrets!

Some final notes:

Some of the secrets are described as backdoors, a phrase used by 
Mr.Slam. These are teleporters that lead directly into the Spirit 
Forges. These are the fastest ways to get into the Forges; much 
faster than, for example, waiting for a full moon. In his FAQ he 
covers this; what he misses, however, is that the cool thing about 
the backdoors is that they allow you to possess and send normal 
peasants to the Forges. Try it, it's pretty cool.

The moongates open only on full moons. A full moon occurs once every 
two hours of real time, so keep track of them. Luckily, there are 
only five moongates that don't have backdoors: Secrets 9, 10, 26-53 
(the Lost City), 79 (the gate to the Lightning spell) and 97, 98, 
100 (all three are the Pentalich Spirit Forge). Sadly, one of them, 
that is the Pentalich Forge, must be revisited three times, and you 
end up waiting for a couple of hours the last time. Other than that 
you should be able to hit more than one moongate with each full 

Something to note is that having a list with all the secrets makes 
the game very, very easy, and it isn't terribly hard to begin with. 
If you get all the secrets you will spend most of the game with 
between 60 and 99 of each item, even using them as fast as you can. 
The Lost City alone has about 50 of each item; the last building 
there is essentially a Spirit Forge K-Mart. So goof around a little, 
try to use the axes a lot, or see just how long 99 Spirit Batteries 
last if you use them non-stop.

One final thought: as you get these secrets, if you're going for all 
100, MARK THE ONES YOU GET. There's nothing more frustrating than 
having 96 and not knowing which one you missed... trust me on this.

Have fun.


Version 1.0.1 (6/28/00): Corrected the Conditions of Use statement

This document copyright 2000, Matthew Barker.
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain copyright 1996, Crystal Dynamics.

This document is not meant to be used in a for-profit manner, and 
nobody, other than gamefaqs.com, has permission to 
reprint/reproduce/distribute/post it without first obtaining my 
express permission.

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