Additional MusicScott Shelly
Cinematic Voice DirectorTodd Bonzung
Design ManagerAmy Hennig
DirectorDenis Dyack
Executive ProducerJonathan Miller
IGOT Tool SupportSean Vikoren
In-Game Voice DirectorMaddy Bascom
Lead ArtistDarren Cranford
Lead ArtistKevin Gordon
Lead ArtistKen McCulloch
Lead DesignerSeth Carus
Lead DesignerArmando Marini
Lead DesignerKen McCulloch
Lead ProgrammerDennis Dyack
MusicSteve Henifin
ProducerRick Goertz
ProducerLyle Hall
ProducerJoshua Marks
ProducerMark Wallace
ProducerJeff Zwelling
ProgrammerAndrew Bates
ProgrammerRick Goertz
ProgrammerDoug Tooley
Programming SupportAdrian Longland
Senior ArtistScott Collie
Senior ArtistScott Derby
Senior ProgrammerClint Lipczynski
Senior ProgrammerAndrew Summerfield
Supplementary ArtRoss Cutler
Supplementary ArtMike Tweedle
Voice - AnacrotheRichard Doyle
Voice - ArielAnna Gunn
Voice - AzimuthAnna Gunn
Voice - DejouleAnna Gunn
Voice - MalekNeil Ross
Voice - MoebiusRichard Doyle
Voice - MortaniusTony Jay
Voice - NuraptorRichard Doyle
Voice - VoradorPaul Lukather
Voice Actor - KainSimon Templeman
WritingDenis Dyack
WritingKen McCulloch
WritingSheatiel Sarao

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