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Soul Bomb Guide by Deeshad

Version: 1 | Updated: 04/09/00

     BBBBBBB         AA   TTTTTTTTT TTTTTTTTT  LLL       EEEEEE     333333333 
      BBBBBBB      AAAA  TTTTTTTT  TTTTTTTT   LLL       EEEEEE    33333333333333
     BBB  BBB    AA  AA    TTT       TTT     LLL       EEE      33333333333333333
    BBBBBBB    AAAAAAAA   TTT       TTT     LLL       EEEEE    3333333   333333333
   BBBB  BBB  AAA   AAA  TTT       TTT     LLLLLLLLL EEE      3333333    333333333
   BBBBBBBB AAAA   AAAA TTT       TTT     LLLLLLLLL EEEEEEEE             333333333
         AA      RRRRRR       EEEEEE    NNN    NNN     AA           333333333333
       AAAA     RRRRRRRR     EEEEEE    NNNNN  NNN    AAAA           33333333333
     AA  AA    RRR   RRRR   EEE       NNN NN NNN   AA  AA               33333333
   AAAAAAAA   RRRRRRRRR    EEEEE     NNN  NNNNN  AAAAAAAA    3333333     33333333
  AAA   AAA  RRRR  RRRR   EEE       NNN   NNNN  AAA   AAA    3333333    333333333
AAAA   AAAA RRRR    RRRR EEEEEEEE  NNN    NNN AAAA   AAAA    33333333  3333333333
                      <<TAMING THE SOUL BOMB GUIDE VER.1>> 

                                 AUTHOR: Deeshad
                          E-MAIL: <hanzouds@hotmail.com>

             BASED ON: Japanese version of Battle Arena Toshinden 3



     This is a guide written for Battle Arena Toshinden 3, based on the 
Japanese version. Since this guide pertains to a trick in the game which I 
discovered through extensive play, this guide is unique and should stay that 
way. No one should attempt to copy and/or alter this guide in anyway and try 
to slap their name on it saying that it's THEIR guide. This guide, however, 
may be placed on a game site or homepage that relates to Toshinden and/or 
FAQs written on games. However, my permission must be gotten FIRST. If I find 
that it's being used without my permission, I will have to ask you to take it 
     Despite the fact that this is an old game, I still am against this being 
used for profitable means. This should not be sold for money or any other type 
of profit, nor should this be placed in commercial, profitable reading 
materials & resources (ie. a game magazine). Plagiarism, again, is a must-not, 
and will not tolerated with. I will have the rights to take action and am not
afraid to express my rights. 


This FAQ can be found at these sites:

Toshinden Forever History   -  <http://geocities.com/ryuusui/gateway.html>
GAMEFAQs                    -  <http://www.gamefaqs.com>




   -Kayin, Ten Count, and Naru
   -Sofia and Zola
   -Chaos and Schultz


                         A) NOTATIONS AND ABBREVIATIONS

Sq = Square button; Weak Slash Attack       X = X button; Weak Kick Attack       
Tri = Triangle button; Hard Slash Attack    O = Circle button; Strong Kick 

*Note that the directions for the following keys for the Directional Pad 
on the controller below is if you are using the 1P controller and/or are 
facing right during the game. If you are using the 2P controller and/or 
are facing left, then the keys will be reversed.

F = Right; Forward         U = Up; Jump          B = Left; Backward   

D = Down; Crouch           DF = Down-Forward     DB = Down-Back   

UB = Up-Back               UF = Up-Forward    

Special Ability = moves done with one-or-two-button press plus an attack 

Fatal Technique = other word for "Special Attack"

Secret Fatal Technique = other word for "Desperation Attack"

Toshin Secret Skill = other word for "Secret Move"


For those that play (or have played) Battle Arena Toshinden 3 thoroughly all 
know about its major highlight: the Soul Bomb. Whether used on its own or 
within combos, some special & dazzling effects can be seen once each one 
come into play, differing depending on which character is used. However, Soul 
Bombs are limited in uses depending on how many rounds each match was set on.
To compensate that, there is a trick that can be used to allow players to use
Soul Bombs for a limited amount of time. Circulating around in different FAQs 
already, I will also write it down here (mainly because it is the basis to 
doing the trick I discovered):

1) At the Title screen, choose Key Config mode
2) Set "Soul Bomb" on any of the L or R buttons
3) When you start any of the game modes and have used up all your Soul Bombs, 
   (indicated by the blue orbs above your character's Overdrive Gauge) press 
   the L/R button that has "Soul Bomb" set into it simultaneously with Sq + X 
   (the motion to do Soul Bombs manually). Your character can now do his/her 
   Soul Bombs as much to one's desire through this trick.

There is one limitation with this trick. While you can do Ground Soul Bombs 
just fine, there is no way to do Air Soul Bombs. In fact, if you attempt it, 
the game will hang, meaning you will have to reset your Playstation to play 
the game again. Still, this is a nice trick to do.

Fortunately, there is a trick to do Air Soul Bombs infinitely. It involves the 
above trick with a little more button pressing. Here's what needs to be done:

1) At the Title screen, choose Key Config mode
2) Set "Soul Bomb" on any of the L or R buttons
3) When you start any of the game modes and have used up all your Soul Bombs, 
   (indicated by the blue orbs above your character's Overdrive Gauge) hold 
   down the L/R button that has "Soul Bomb" set into it. 
4) Press any attack button (Sq, X, Tri, O) to do the Ground Soul Bomb

5) Do the motion to one your character's special attacks (Special Ability, 
   Fatal Technique, etc.) and press any attack button to do the Air Soul Bomb. 
   This will work while on the ground ONLY!

Remember that Air Soul Bombs cannot be done in the air with this trick. 
Instead, you character execute it while standing on the ground. Sometimes this 
may look weird; other times this may prove to be beneficial. 

While doing the Ground Soul Bomb through this is easy, it takes alot of 
experimenting with each character to figure out what will do his/her Air Soul 
Bomb. Usually, you can just do the motion to one of their attacks & pressing 
the same button used for that attack to do an Air Soul Bomb. (ex. D, DF, F + 
Tri with Eiji will do his Air Soul Bomb) Sometimes, however, this may not be 
the case. Other times you may need to press a different attack button along 
with the motion, or even do a totally unique motion in order to do an Air Soul 

In order to make this easy for those that are reading, I have added a list of 
each character's Air Soul Bomb motions with this FAQ (see down below). This 
way, you can start playing without spending countless hours to see which 
motion works and which doesn't. 

                         C) COMMANDS FOR AIR SOUL BOMBS


-Motions that come closes to doing a character's Air Soul Bombs are written 

-It is possible to add extra motions along with some of the ones written 
below and still be able to do a Soul Bomb. However, that becomes redundant, 
makes the actual motion longer, and just takes up too much space. 

-Not all of the Air Soul Bombs work perfectly. Those that have added effects 
will be indicated by an asterix (*) next to the character's name. 

-Commands with long motions will be continued to the next line under it. This 
will be indicated with "(cont.)".

EIJI             LEON                KAYIN                 TEN COUNT
----             ----                -----                 ---------
B + Sq           B + Sq              F + X                 F + X 
D,DF,F + Tri     B + O               D,DF,F + Tri/O        D + O
B,F + Tri        D,DF,F + Tri        D,DB,B + O            D,DF,F + Tri/O
F,D,B + Tri      F,D,B + Tri         F,D,B + Tri           D,DB,B + O
F,D,DF + Tri     F,D,DF + Tri        F,D,DF + Tri          F,D,B + Tri
B,D,DB + Tri     B,D,DB + Tri        F,B,F + Tri           F,D,DF + Tri
F,B,F + Tri      B,F + Tri                                 F,B,F + Tri
                 F,B,F + Tri

SOFIA            ZOLA                RUNGO                 ADAM
-----            ----                -----                 ----
F + Sq/O         F + Sq/O            DF + Tri              B,F + Tri
B + O            B + Tri             B,F + Sq/O            B + Tri
B,F + Tri/X      D + O               B + Tri               D,DF,F + Sq
D,DB,B + Sq/O    B,F + Sq/Tri        D,DF,F + Sq           F,D,B + Sq
D,DF,F + Sq      D,DF,F + Sq         F,D,DF + X/Sq         B,D,F + X
B,D,F + X        D,DB,B + Sq         F,D,B + Sq            F,B,F + Tri
F,D,B + Sq       B,D,F + O           D,DB,B + X
F,B,F + Tri      F,D,B + Sq          F,B,F + Sq/O
F,D,B,DB,B,F,B   F,B,F + Tri
(cont.)+ Sq/X    F,D,B,DB,
                 (cont.)B,F,B + Sq

BAYHOU           CUILING             MONDO                 TOUJIN 
------           -------             -----                 ------
F + Sq           DF + Tri            F + O                 D + Tri
B,F + Sq         B + Tri             D,DF,F + Sq           D,DF,F + Sq/X
D,DB,B + X/Sq    D,DB,B + Sq/X       D,DB,B + Sq           D,DB,B + Sq
D,DF,F + X       B,D,F + Sq          F,D,DF + Sq           B,D,DB + Sq
D,F,D,F + Tri    D,DF,F + Tri        B,D,DB + Sq           F,D,DF + Sq
F,D,B + Tri                          B,D,F + Sq/T          B,D,F + Sq
                                     B,F + Tri             F,B,F + Sq
                                     F,B,F + Tri

DUKE*            BALGA*              ELLIS                 ATAHUA
----             -----               -----                 ------
F + Tri          F + Sq              B + O                 F + Sq
B + Tri          DF + Tri/Sq         F + O                 B + Tri
B,F + O          B,F + Sq            D + Tri               360 spin + Tri
B,F + Tri/Sq     F,D,DF + Sq         D,DB,B + X            F,D,DF + O/Tri
D,DF,F + Sq/X    D,DF,F + Sq         F,D,DF + Sq/X         D,DB,B + O/Tri
F,D,DF + Sq      F,D,B + Sq          DF,DB,DF,B,F + Tri
D,DB,B + Sq      D,DB,B + Sq         B,F + Tri
B,D,F + Sq       F,B,F + Sq          F,B,F + Tri
F,B,F + Sq

GAIA             TAU                 TRACY                 RACHAEL
----             ---                 -----                 -------
F + Sq/X/O       B + Tri             DF + Tri              DF + Tri
B + Tri          F + Sq/X/O          D + O                 D + O
U + Sq/X         B,F + S             B + O                 B + O
D,DF,F + Sq      B,D,F + Sq          F,B + O               F,B + O
D,DB,B + Sq/O    D,DB,B + X          D,DF,F + O            D,DF,F + O
B,D,F + Tri      U + X               D,DB,B + X            D,DB,B + X
F,D,B + Sq/O     F,B,F + Tri         B,D,DF + Tri/X        D,D,DB + Tri/X
F,B,F + Tri                          B,D,F + Sq            B,D,F + Sq
                                     F,D,DF + Sq/X         F,D,DF + Sq/X
                                     D,F,DF + Sq           D,F,DF + Sq

CHAOS*           SCHULTZ             SHIZUKU               MISS TIL
-----            -------             -------               --------
F + X            D + Tri/X/O         U + O                 U + O
B + O            U + O               B + O                 B + O
D + Sq           D,DF,F + Tri/O      D,DB,B + Tri          D,DB,B + Tri
B,F + O          F,D,DF + Tri        F,D,DF + Tri          B,D,F + Tri
D,DF,F + Sq/X                        B,D,F + Tri           F,B,F + Sq
F,D,B + Sq                           F,B,F Tri             DF,D,DB,D,DF,
B,D,F + X                            DF,D,DB,D,DF,         (cont.)B,F + Tri
                                     (cont.)B,F + Tri

NAGISA**         VERMILION           DAVID                 JUDGEMENT
------           ---------           -----                 ---------
F + O            F + Tri             F + X/O               B + Tri
B + Tri          B,D,F + Tri         B + Tri               F + X/O
                                     B,F + Tri             D + Tri
                                     D + Tri               F,D,DF + Sq
                                     D,DB,B + Sq           B,F + Tri
                                     F,D,DF + Sq           D,DB,B + Sq
                                     F,B,F + Tri/X         F,B,F + Tri/X

ABEL             VEIL                SHO***                NARU
----             ----                ---                   ----
F + Tri          F + Tri             F + X                 B + O
U + X/Tri        U + X/Tri           B + O                 D,DF,F + Tri
D + X            D + X               D,DF,F + Tri/O        D,DB,B + Tri
B + O            B + O               D,DB,B + Tri/O        F,D,DF + Tri
D,DF,F + Tri     D,DF,F + Tri        F,D,DF + Tri          D,DB,B + O
D,F,D,F + Tri    D,F,D,F + Tri       B,D,DB + Tri
D,DB,B + O       D,DB,B + O          F,D,B + O
F,B,F + Tri      B,D,F + O           F,D,B,U,F,D,B + Tri
DF,D,DB,D,DF,    F,D,DF + O          DF,D,DB,D,DF,       
(cont.)B,F + Tri F,B,F + Tri         (cont.)B,F + Tri
                 (cont.)B,F + Tri

*Character will freeze in midair after attack, while the screen will remain 
black. Character will need to be hit in order to move again.

**Range is much longer than it seems. There's an invisible aura of some 
sort that will hit any character a distance away.

***It will not hit.

                           D) OTHER TRICKS & EFFECTS


Jump up and press any button while holding the Soul Bomb-set button. These
characters will suddenly go into a regular standing position while flying 
through the air! From here, you can do numerous things:

1) Do repeated air jumps using the same trick as stated above
2) Walk forward & backward, Dash, Sidestep, Backstep, etc.
3) Do any basic attack, (standing, crouching or jumping) or Fatal 
4) Do an Air or Ground Soul Bomb in midair with no problems!*
5) Do an Overdrive in midair without your OD gauge ever going empty!!

*In order to do Kayin and Ten Count's Ground Soul Bomb in midair 
successfully, you have to jump twice in the air, until you reach the 
ceiling. From there, make Kayin or Ten Count go into the Standing position
again in the air, and do their Ground Soul Bomb fast. If done right, they
will successfully execute this before they hit the ground. The bad thing 
about this, though, is they touch the ground a split second the moment they
attack, meaning the most this move will it is once.


Jump up and press any button while holding the Soul Bomb-set button. 
Depending on who you are using, the outcome will be different:

1) Sofia will start her Toshin Secret Skill, Salamander. However, she will
never complete it. This can be done repeatedly by doing the trick stated 
above. By depressing the Soul Bomb-set button, she can do any of her air
2) Nothing will happen if you do this with Zola. If the Soul Bomb-set 
button is held, she will not be able to do any of her Fatal Techniques or
Special Abilities.


Jump up and press any button while holding the Soul Bomb-set button. For
both characters, nothing will happen, while their Fatal Techniques cannot
be executed.

Jump up and press any button while holding the Soul Bomb-set button. He 
will start the motion for his Secret Fatal Technique, Daichi Hyaku Sai.
However, it will never hit, while the burst will not come out (since he
never comes in contact with the ground).

                              E) REVISION HISTORY

VER.1 (4/8/00) = Initial release. Added the old "Infinite Soul Bomb 
                 Trick", along with the new, updated version. Added Air
                 Soul Bomb moves list for all characters, along with the
                 additional effects that take place for some characters 
                 when the new Soul Bomb trick is done in the air.

                                F) ENDING WORDS

     This was nice and short!! I think everything's here, so there may, 
most likely, be no need for any addition updates (for the moment). If 
there are any questions, comments, and/or additions to this, (i.e. 
whether or not this will work for the English Version) feel free to 
drop me a line by e-mail. For you Toshinden fans out there, have fun 
with this!!


This is copyright (c) 1997 by Tamsoft and (c) 1997 Takara

This guide is copyright (c) 2000 Deeshad

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