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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jai Stuart

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/21/07

         ..,.        .,:cl;.
       .cooolc'.    ,olcl,
     ;c.    .':ll:lo,.cl.
    .l'         .:o;.'l:
    'l.         'll..;o;                         ..
    ;:         .lo,..co'.,;,;. .;..';..,,c:::. .:cl,
    ';        .col,',ll.   ,c .cc..cl .;co:cl.;l..l;
     .       .;ddoolloc   ,l. .l' .l, .:o,....o'.:l.
             'ld,..'cd,  ;o.  :c  :l. 'o;   .:ol:'.
            .:o:   .oo. ;o:.'.l:.,o, .co,    :oc..'
            ;ll.   ;d: .;:::' ,:;::..;:;'    .;cc;.
  .;.      'lo'   .ll.
 'x'      .ld;    ;o:        .',,,'.
 'o'     .:dl.   .co:.     .;::coolc;.
  :o.   .:oc.  .;lool'    .'..,lo,,llc.      FAQ/Walkthrough
  .:l;,;od:.       ..       .'ld:..,lo;        For the Sony PlayStation
    .,cl;.                  .coc.  .;ol'
                            ,ol.    'llc.       Written by Jai Stuart
                           .:o;     .cll'
                           'll.     .:lo,
                           ;oc.     .:od;.';c:c' .,:cc.  .,;:: ..;:;c',c;. .:;,
                           :o;.     .:dx,':ol:lc.l:.,l..co:;o:..:ol;co:;c..:;.:
                          .co'     .'loc..tl..o,lc .m'.yc. ;b. u:c.bl' .b.y;ls
          ';;;,,..        'll.     .;ol..;l.   ,ol''..;o. .o,  ,l. :;  c:,..cc
         :l,...,:c:'      ,d;     .'ld;..lc.   ,ol. ,:cl..co:..l; .o. ;o;l; ,o.
        'l.      .:c;.   .cl.    ..:ol',:ol'   .cdlc:.;llloo,.:l,.co,,ll;;c;c,
        :c.        .,c:..:c..   ..:ol. ....      ....  .......... ..........
        .lc,         .;llc......'lxc.
         ...           'lc;,',;lddc.

 '...slumbering in the depths of the tower are the the eggs of monsters no man
                               has ever seen...'

   Table of Contents

   i. Legal Information
  ii. Revision History
   1. Introduction

   2. The Basics
       2.1 Before You Begin
       2.2 Handling the Tower for Beginners
       2.3 Handling the Town for Beginners

   3. Quest Guide to the Tower

   4. Familiar Guide
       4.1  Raising Familiars
       4.2  Fusion
       4.3  My Team

   5. Tips 'n Tricks
       5.1  Barong Guide
       5.2  Item Dupe

   6. Frequently Asked Questions

   7. Building Monsbaiya
   8. Girlfriends
   9. Item Appendix
  10. Monster Appendix
  11. End Stuff & Contact Information

    i. Legal Information

  Unpublished work © Copyright 2007 Jai Stuart.  All rights reserved.

  This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright
  Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only.  Editing,
  altering or changing this FAQ is prohibited.  It may not be reproduced or
  distributed in any form, in any way, without my permission.  This FAQ is a
  free document that may be accessed for private and personal use by the

  It may not be sold, for profit or otherwise, nor can it be used in any other
  commercial transaction.  Do not sell it.  Do not include it as a bonus gift
  to something.  Do not use it as an incentive to buy/purchase.  You do not
  have my permission to translate this FAQ into any other language, nor do you
  have my permission to HTML-ize it.  This FAQ was created and is owned by me,
  Jai Stuart <jai.douglas@gmail.com>.  All copyrights and trademarks are
  acknowledged and  respected that are not specifically mentioned herein.

  This FAQ may be found at the following web site(s):
    Twilight Industries <http://twilightindustries.blogspot.com>
    GameFAQs            <http://www.gamefaqs.com>

  This document may be uploaded on your web site has long as it is freely
  accessible, is left in its original .txt file form and no compensation is
  received or exchanged for its use.

  Breach or violation of this copyright can and will result in legal action.

   ii. Revision History

 v1.0  21/08/07   First submission.  Monster Appendix is incomplete, as is the
                  Quest Guide to the Tower section (monsters still need to be
                  filled in).  This will be finished in a later revision.

    1. Introduction

  Azure Dreams was released some years ago for the Sony PlayStation and a
  sleeper-hit that many never played.  It explains very little in and of
  itself which furthers the incredibly frustrating beginning experience of the
  game, when you keep dying and have no idea where all your stuff keeps going.
  However, when the game is stuck with for a small amount of time, its
  strengths show through and will win you over.

  In essence Azure Dream is a monster-raising game, made addictive by hunting
  for the eggs of these monsters in a huge tower and building them up as your
  familiars (pets) until they're awesome.  As your pets grow stronger you can
  advance further into the tower, obtain morepowerful items and possibly find
  rarer eggs to take home and hatch.  You canalso fuse monsters together to
  obtain unique and powerful combinations.

  You can also upgrade various aspects of the town which is fun in its own
  right, and flirt with a large variety of the women around Monsbaiya until
  they're waking you up with kisses every morning.  You play the game as Koh
  (one of the few main characters in an RPG I rename), a young boy who has just
  turned 15 and is free to enter the monster tower in search of the riches and
  precious monster eggs within.  Koh's father, Guy, was reknown as the greatest
  monster tamer of all, but one night he mysteriously disappeared inside the
  tower and never returned.

  Koh's family is small and poor, having sold all of the familiars Guy left
  behind to make ends meet.  Now Koh is 15 and ready to march into the monster
  tower, to bring gold back so his family can survive and to find out what
  happened to his father.

  And that's where the game starts.

    2. The Basics

    2.1  Before You Begin

  This will roughly run you through the beginning of the game, and help you
  understand various functions of it on your first play through.

  When you select New Game, an angel pops up asking you for your name.  Name
  your guy whatever (I'll refer to him as Koh from now on).  It's not real
  important.  The next few minutes are spent showing Koh's birth, his childhood
  and his father disappearing, with the tower erupting in bursts of light.  For
  your information, Guy's familiar that comes back in this scene is a Unicorn.

  Eventually you gain control of Koh.  The directional buttons move him (no
  analog support here).  Triangle is jump, Square opens up your inventory, hold
  Circle to run, and X is talk/confirm/action.  R1/L1 spin the map (but it's
  fairly useless here in town).

  In the next room is your mother and sister.  Mum is where you save your game
  and put items into your safe (two very important things).  As you upgrade
  your house, you can put more items in the safe, from 10 (right now) to 30
  (first upgrade) to 60 (second upgrade).  Talk to her before you leave and
  she'll give you a Pita Fruit.  Do this every morning, each time you wake up,
  for a free Pita Fruit every day.

    --- Day System ---

  Which brings me to the day system implemented in Azure Dreams.  Each time you
  go into the tower and return, you'll go to sleep, and wake up to a new day.
  This day system is important to keep in mind, as things around the town will
  change on every new day.  Girls will have different things to say, anything
  you ordered built will have been built, and basically any intown story events
  would have progressed.

    --- Saving ---

  After you've grabbed your Pita Fruit, save your game.  Azure Dreams uses a
  weird saving system.  Basically you can save here in town, and in the tower.
  However, if you save in the tower, *reload that save and die*, you cannot
  reload that tower save again to retry.  Instead, on loading it the second
  time, you'll wake up in town and all your items will be gone.  And you can't
  make that save multiple times.  Once you've saved in the tower, the game
  quits to the main New Game / Load Game / Options screen.

  This is why whenever you save in the tower, you save in a different block.
  One block for town, the other for the tower.  Because if you just use one
  block for both, save in the tower and then reload and die (or even if the
  game just locks up in there), you're stuffed.

  After you've saved in your house, head out the door and a little to the
  right, then follow the prominent path north until you come to a bridge.
  Attempt to cross the bridge and a blue dragon familiar with fly up.  This is
  Kewne.  Say you'll take him with you (you can't get out of it) and head into
  the tower doors.

  Kewne can take over on your first tower introduction here.  Just listen to
  him, grab the items and head up the elevator.  There's more to read about the
  tower in the next section, including how to get out (very important), so read

  2.2  Handling the Tower for Beginners

  The Monster Tower is where you're going to be spending the majority of the
  game.  It has 40 levels to it, with an elevator (green icon on the map) on
  each floor that leads to the one above.  The first thing to keep in mind is
  that each floor is randomly generated (not entirely, but there do seem to be
  dozens of variations), so providing a walkthrough for each floor is
  essentially impossible.

   --- Koh ---

  Koh always begins each time in the tower as level 1.  This means whenever you
  enter floor 1, you will be at level 1 again.  The way the game works around
  this is that your familiars retain their levels, so as you progress through
  multiple tower trips they get stronger and can eventually take on tougher
  monsters in there.  There is one way to retain Koh's power, and that is with
  Tempered equipment (read equipment section below for information on
  tempering).  You can only go into the tower with 5 items (items include

   --- Familiars ---

  Familiars are your tamed pets.  They are hatched at home as eggs, and brought
  with you as items into the tower.  They collect experience as you defeat
  monsters, but unlike Koh, they keep their levels when you leave and return.
  In this way they get stronger and can take you further into the tower.  There
  are 3 elements of familiars.  Fire, Wind, Water.  Fire beats Wind, Wind beats
  Water, Water beats Fire.  The genus (element) of a familiar can be changed,
  by giving it a certain seed.  Changing a familiar's element also changes the
  element of its spells.

  Familiars have four main stats.  HP, MP, Attack and Defense.  HP is your
  monster's total health, MP is his magic power, Attack his how powerful he is
  when he directly attacks someone, and Defense is how much damage is reduced
  when someone attacks him.  MP is important in that it is used whenever your
  monster attacks, uses mixture magic, and slowly while he moves.  When it is
  reduced to 0, the monster will go into MP withdrawal and fall asleep (he'll
  glow blue and won't blue).  You won't be able to continue using him unless
  you feed him a Pita Fruit so he regains his MP.  A familiar running out of MP
  is a good way to have to leave the tower, so it's important to always try and
  have a Pita Fruit with you.

  Your familiar might also have a spell.  Spells come with their own levels.
  The higher level the spell, the more powerful it is.  Whenever your familiar
  levels, his spell levels too - unless you have changed his natural element.
  A Flame, for example, is a Fire genus monster.  If you change him to a Water
  genus monster with a Sea Seed, or through fusion, his Sled spell will not
  level anymore until you change him back.

  Familiars have two ways of attacking.  They can add 'mixture magic' to your
  attack, which means whenever your weapon attacks have added damage, from the
  element of your familiar's magic.  They can also physically attack the enemy.
  Familiar AI can be set in the tower Menu under Line Up > Change AI.  You can
  also select where in reference to Koh the familiar will stand; at his side,
  at his back, etc.  When using a familiar for mixture magic, he should be set
  at your back.  When using one to directly attack, place him at your side or
  at your front, so he can gain the advantage quicker.

  You can feed your familiars things like Medicinal Herbs or Pita Fruit from
  Menu > Item, then selecting the item, pressing X and selecting 'Give'.  R2/L2
  switch between the selected familiar you want to give it to (if you have two
  out at once).  However, you can also feed them by selecting 'Have' and then
  throwing the item at them by pressing [Circle + X] when you're facing in
  their direction.  The item will hit them and be consumed (as long as it's a
  fruit and not, say, a sword).

  You can also feed things to enemy monsters by throwing them at em in this
  same manner.  Why would you do that, you ask?  Some items, such as a Tumna
  Fruit (turns recepient into a frog..don't eat it or feed it to your
  familiars) or an Oleem Fruit (when used on your familiar it will banish them
  forever and let you out of the tower..when used on a monster it will simply
  banish them so you don't have to fight them) can be used offensively.

  Kewne will be your first familiar, and is one of the best out of what you can
  obtain early.  He will help you scale higher into the tower as you search for
  more powerful eggs.  Other strong familiars in the early game include
  Manoeva and Flame.  Manoeva has good stats and a great spell, and Flame
  evolves at level 20 and ends up quite powerful.  If you end up with any of
  these two eggs, hatch them right away.

  (Note: You can also hatch eggs in the tower, by warming them up to 100%.
  These familiars will be the same as Koh's level, however, once you leave the
  tower they'll be gone for good, so it's the best idea to hatch them at home)

   --- Dying in the Tower ---

  Dying in the tower sucks (actually you don't really die, you just faint and
  your familiar apparently drag you out somehow).  Basically, you lose
  EVERYTHING you had on you except for the familiars you entered with.  Any
  items you entered with, any items you picked up on the way, all the money you
  picked up on the way, you lose it all.  For this reason it's important to
  never make a tower save over your save at home.  If you die after reloading
  that save, and if it is the only one you have, you will have permanently lost
  your tempered equipment and whatever else you took in.

  In short, don't save in the tower over the save you made at home, make it on
  a different slot.  And if you ever die in there and lose your tempered
  equipment, reload the save you made at home.

   --- Escaping ---

  There are three ways to leave the tower.  The first is dying, as explained
  above, but this is usually worthless except under certain circumstances
  because you lose everything.

  The second is to use a Wind Crystal.  Wind Crystals are hugely important and
  I don't think Kewne explains them.  They look like little blue crystals, and
  when you use them they transport you out of the tower and back to your home
  in Monsbaiya.  In the early game, whatever Wind Crystals you find, use one
  and bank any others you might have found at home.  Don't start going in with
  a spare one just yet, just bank them and focus on getting Kewne's level up.
  There is a reason for this: whatever items you have banked in the safe will
  show up more commonly in the tower.  When you have 3+ Wind Crystals in your
  safe, you are always going to be guaranteed to find one, basically.  And this
  will be very important when you start getting higher levels.

  The third way is to use an Oleem Fruit.  Basically, it lets you out of the
  tower, but whatever familiar you fed it to disappears FOR GOOD.  Don't use
  this as a way out, ever, unless you hatched an egg inside the tower (by
  hatching it inside the tower and not at home, the familiar will not come home
  with you and will remain in the tower when you leave either way).

  In short, Wind Crystals are good.  At the start of the game pick up every one
  you see.

   --- Items ---

  Throughout the tower you'll run into an abundance of items, shown as a blue
  icon on the tower map.  Most are self-explanatory.  They can either be 'Used'
  (which mean Koh himself uses them, or they occupy Koh's square on the grid),
  'Given' to a pet familiar, or picked up and held with 'Have' from which they
  can then be calmly placed down [X] or thrown at monsters [Circle + X].  That
  that items can ONLY be used in the tower.  Even things like seeds, and
  Red/Blue Sands.

   --- Equipment and Tempering ---

  Equipment comes in three flavours, swords, wands and shields.  Swords and
  wands are equipped by Koh in order to damage enemies, and come in different
  strengths (Copper, Iron, etc.) which are stronger than the last.  They each
  have different Attack Powers, and can be 'tempered' through Red Sands.  Red
  Sand is a rare item that adds +1 damage to your sword, making it stronger.
  However, swords have a smaller damage boost to mixture magic than wands do.

  Wands come in different types, such as a Fire genus wand, Water genus wand, a
  wand that paralyzes monsters randomly, etc.  They also do a large amount of
  damage when using a familiar's mix magic.  However, wands cannot be tempered
  with Red Sands, and thus have a base damage of 1 that cannot be improved (the
  exception to this is the Trained Wand, which can be tempered and is the best
  weapon in the game..but also extremely rare).

  Shields come with a +Defense rating, which enables Koh to take less damage.
  Some are genus shields; these shields take less damage from the genus they
  are strong against, but make Koh take bonus damage to the genus they are weak
  against.  Others have different effects.  Shields can be tempered with Blue
  Sands, which adds +1 defense to the shield, making it protect against more

  Tempering a set of weapon and armor is an important point of getting to the
  higher tower floors.  However, there are things called 'Rust Traps' which if
  you step on them, rust your equipment down a level (a +3 sword would become
  +2, for example).  These things are everywhere and will put your rare sands
  to waste.  The way around it is by finding a Gold Sword, and Mirror Shield or
  Diamond Shield.  None of these rust and so whatever sand you use on them is
  permanent.  Until you find one of these, save all your sands at home, and
  then start bringing them into the tower to use on your equipment.

  It's fun hunting for sand.

  2.3  Handling the Town for Beginners

  Monsbaiya is a great place to hang out.  There's a bunch of hot anime chicks,
  a cool furniture shop, and a multitude of other things to keep you
  interested.  Basically you're here inbetween tower trips to spend your money,
  get girlfriends, bank important items and upgrade the town.

   --- The Monster Hut and Item Safe ---

  The Monster Hut is the room leading out of Koh's bedroom.  In here is where
  you place your treasured monster eggs, and where you can hatch them into
  familiars.  You can also change their names in here and put them into your
  bag to take to the tower.

  The safe can be accessed by talking to your mother.  In here is where you'll
  put your important items inbetween trips to the tower.  The amount of items
  you can fit in the safe depends on your house size.  At the start of the game
  it is 10 items, then 30 items after the first upgrade, then 60 items after
  the second.  There is a secret with the safe in that, whatever items you
  store in there are more likely to show up in the tower.  For that reason you
  should always try to keep 3 or so of your favourite items in there.  Some
  good ideas are:

   * Wind and Water Crystals
   * Red and Blue Sands
   * Mazzar Seeds
   * Hazak/Shomuro Seeds
   * Big Pita Fruit

  Leave 3 of each of these type of things in the safe, and the amount you find
  in the tower will more than pay off.

   --- Upgrading the Town ---

  Upgrading the town is pretty much the only thing you spend money on in this
  game.  While you interact with the people around town, several will ask you
  for money to build various places, such as a Hospital, Library and Theatre.
  Building these things is usually a requirement to getting a certain
  girlfriend, though some things (like the Race Track) is good for making money
  (to..build more buildings).  By visiting the Carpenter's in town and talking
  to him, you can also build various other buildings, such as upgrading your
  house.  The Carpenter's is the building with the big hammer on it.

   --- Girlfriends ---

  In the game are various girls you can 'date' - mostly you flirt with them
  enough until they start to fall for you.  You can choose romantic answers to
  their questions, visit them, and give them gifts until this happens.  When a
  girl is in love with you she'll randomly wake you up and give you a kiss in
  the morning.  When you upgrade your house the second time, all the
  girlfriends you have will be there to wake you up in the morning.  This gets
  hilarious, it's also pretty cool.

   --- Tower Quests from Town ---

  Some people in Monsbaiya will ask you for help - this usually comes with
  getting something for them from the Monster Tower and returning it to them.
  Often this help comes in the form of grabbing some item from the tower for
  them.  These things are mostly found in the medium-to-high tower floors.
  Tell them you'll grab their stuff, but you can worry about it later.

    3. Quest Guide to the Tower

  The tower is made up of randomly generated floors, so giving a Walkthrough is
  impossible.  This section will list the more dangerous monsters on each
  floor, along with items you should be gunning for around these levels, and
  any special quest items that are found on these levels.


  Items to Grab: * Everything - with a focus on any fire-spell Balls (Flame,
                   Pillar, that other one) and if you come across one, a Wind
                   Crystal.  The aim is to try and have a Crystal everytime
                   before Floor 10.

  Trolls ~`~ Trolls are evil critters on your first trip into the tower.  They
  pack a wallop and can end your trip prematurely if you underestimate them.
  They also have the most HP of the monsters on this level.  You'll come across
  trolls all throughout the tower - at the higher levels they'll have different


  Ghosh ~`~~ Sometimes on Floor 2 you'll run into Ghosh (sometimes it will be
  his sister, Selfi).  If you answer 'I'll feel lonelier' and then 'I accept
  your challenge' you'll have to fight him.  He's strong enough to kill a level
  2 Koh without a shield in 2 hits or so.  Head diagonally away from him back
  towards your familiar (he'll wait at the entrance as you walk into the room)
  so you can both attack him.  If you beat him, he'll drop a Medicinal Herb and
  a Wind Crystal.  Whenever you refight him on Floor 2 it's the same deal -
  except the Wind Crystal is only guaranteed the first time you fight him (on
  my last playthrough it was the only time he dropped one, but I remember him
  dropping them multiple times in the past).

  If he beats you, no matter, you won't faint.  The elevator is in the top
  right corner of the floor.


  Flames ~`~ Flames are the fire knight guys.  They hit harder than trolls, but
  their main threat right now is their ranged magic attack, Sled.  It can hit
  you when you're not looking, and will be the first magical spell you'll come

  Cyclones ~-~ These guys hit pretty hard, and have more HP than Flames.  They
  can make your familiar 'Anorexic', but the debuff is pretty much pointless,
  so don't worry about it.


    Items to Grab: * Grab and save one Star Glasses or Treasure Loupe for Floor
                     12.  More info further down.

  Balloons ~~~ Very mean in your first couple of tower trips when you're not
  packing a shield.  Hit very hard for this level.  Also have a rather huge
  amount of HP.  Be very careful.  Make sure you wait [Circle + Triangle] when
  they're one square away, so they move to you and you get in the first attack.

  Manoeva ~-~ Manoevas are a huge pain in the ass for me the entire way through
  the game.  The first lot of Manoevas you encounter (this one) only attacks -
  later on they get other abilities, like transforming into items/other
  monsters and ambushing you.  They hit fairly hard, have high HP, and are
  Water genus, so they have the advantage over Kewne.  Also, whenever you
  attack one, there's a chance a second Manoeva will split apart from the one
  you just attacked.  Focus on the main one, because the copies usually only
  hit for 1 damage, and one attack will kill them anyway.


  Blumes ~--` Ugly plant things with a big face.  Lots of HP, and can also
  Brainwash your familiars.  Luckily Kewne is unbrainwashable (innate trait),
  but when you start rolling through here with different familiars look out.  A
  brainwashed Killer, for example, and you are goneskis.


  U-Boats ~-~ U-Boats are a perfect example of the way the tower scales in
  difficulty.  Basically you'll be peachy up until you encounter the next
  stepping stone of monster that will basically rape you.  The U-Boat is
  perhaps the start of this vicious chain.  He hits very hard, and basically
  will always get the first shot in - he moves around underwater (skill of his)
  and can't be hit until he pops out of it when he attacks you.  Be very
  careful.  (Kewne is also at risk because of his Fire genus.)


  Clowns ~`~ Clowns have overall low HP, and low physical abilities.  However,
  they are very annoying for one thing: their spell LoDown.  While it's a crap
  spell if you have your own Clown, it's something worth looking out for when
  you're fighting them.  It lowers the level of whoever it hits by 1 - dropping
  them within 5xp of regaining it.  However, if your level 28 Dragon is about
  to level, and he gets hit by LoDown, he basically loses an entire level that
  he won't get back without regaining all that exp.  LoDown is basically
  nothing to Koh, so make sure familiars stay out of range and you take Clowns
  down yourself.

  FLOOR 11

  Griffons ~~` These guys still dent through my Mirror Shield+20 (by dent I
  mean do more than 1 damage).  They are the toughest monsters you will have
  encountered by this point.  They also have a hard-hitting spell, Rise.  Get
  close so you don't have to eat one and then burn them down.

  FLOOR 12

    Item~!!  Blue Collar

  The second magical collar (blue in colour) can be found on this floor.  You
  will want to save a Wind Crystal for here, so you can run around and find it
  before hearthing out if it's too dangerous.  Hopefully you read my note above
  and held onto a Star Glasses/Treasure Loupe so you can run through for the
  blue dots and quickly find it.  After finding it monster fusion opens up for
  you, along with having two familiars out at once.

  FLOOR 15

    Item~!!  Oil Pot

  Guru's Oil Pot can be found here; it allows the windmills to be fixed in town
  and opens up the octopus dumplings' stand.

  FLOOR 20

    Item~!!  Blue Cape

  This cape belongs to a monster tamer that the bar owner used to love.  Take
  it to her at the bar; it'll upset her at first, but she'll come around.  It
  also lets you meet Vivian.

  FLOOR 25

    Item~!!  W. Medal

  The Water Medal can be found here, carried by a unique white Picket.  Kill
  him and grab it back, then take it to the guy at the swimming pool.  After
  returning it to him the pool will be reopened and you can find your
  girlfriends there.

  FLOOR 28

    Item~!!  Healing Herb

  The Healing Herb can cure Cherrl of her illness.  It looks like a normal
  Medicinal Herb, so may sure you pay attention when you look for it.  Take it
  to the doctor and he'll cure Cherrl with it.

  FLOOR 40

  The last floor of the Monster Tower.  What lies in store for you?

    4. Familiar Guide

    4.1  Raising Familiars

  Raising familiars is what the whole game is about, travelling up the tower,
  finding eggs to hatch at home, and raising them to kick ass ass you move up
  into the later levels.  If you faint in the tower, you lose every time you
  had on you and whatever gold you made up there on that trip, which can
  effectively cost you a tempered weapon or shield.  You also start at level 1
  each time you enter the tower.  However, a familiar's level doesn't reset,
  making them the constant thing that grows powerful and can help you ascend
  higher and higher each time you go in.

    --- Training ---

  Please read section 2. The Basics before going on, it contains a great primer
  for familiar training in the familiar section.

  At the start of the game you will have access to Kewne, the little familiar
  you meet just before you enter the tower for the first time.  Kewne is a
  great starting familiar, and you won't find better than him unless you luck
  out and find a Flame or Manoeva that you can fuse with something cool (more
  on fusion in the next section).  Kewne will also be the first familiar that
  can help you climb higher; as his level goes up, you will be able to make it
  further and further.

  Collecting eggs is HUGELY important, if you see an egg at the corner of your
  vision your goal should instantly be to get to it quickly and grab it.  If
  you are on the Viper floor levels, make sure you kill them, because they may
  be carrying an egg (they eat them).  If a Picket steals one, you must grab it
  back.  Truth glasses can be used on eggs in the tower to determine what type
  of monster they are without having to go home.  Note that if you pick up two
  types of the SAME monster egg, identifying one will identify the other.
  Never sell eggs, you can always use the monsters to help with fusion.

  Fusion is an important part of raising monsters, in that two monsters are
  fused together to create a single, more-powerful monster, with the resulting
  monster taking the form of the one that was higher level prior to the fusion.
  You must have obtained the second Collar off Floor 12 to fuse monsters.

  Genus is important.  Fire beats Wind which beats Water which beats Fire.
  Fire > Wind > Water > Fire  As in, a Fire genus monster is going to take a
  lot more damage from a Water genus monster, and not so much from a Wind genus
  monster.  Also, Fire is the most common monster type in the tower, followed
  by Water and then Wind.  What's this mean to you?  It means in general Water
  genus is a good genus to have your familiars, and Wind should really be
  avoided.  Also, familiars' spells have a natural genus.  If you change the
  genus of a familiar it also changes the genuses of its spells.

  if you change Kewne to a Water genus, his Brid spell will turn into NeaBrid,
  and will stop gaining levels.  Keep this in mind when changing genus.
  (Genus can be changed via fusion or special seeds.)

  Upgraded your monster hut is a necessity; as soon as it is closing in on
  full, it's time for an upgrade.  Eggs that you can't fit on the grid can be
  kept in your safe, but you won't be able to hatch them until you can fit them
  in the nursery.

  Finally, maximum HP and MP can be increased by feeding a familiar a Medicinal
  Herb (+1 HP) or a Pita Fruit (+1 MP) when their HP or MP is full.  You can
  only do this with Medicinal Herbs found in the tower, not those bought in

    4.2  Fusion

  Fusion is the act of fusing two monsters together to create a single,
  stronger one.  You need to obtain the Blue Collar off Floor 12 before you can
  fuse, as it requires two familiars to be out of the bag at once.  Once you
  have this, just pull both monsters out and select 'Fuse' from the menu.
  Depending on certain rules (listed below), you will get a new stronger

  When reading these rules, the 'dominant' monster refers to the monster that
  absorbs the other one, while  the 'recessive' monster is the one that got

  Here are the rules regarding fusion:

    1. The high level monster will always absorb the lower level one.  If both
       familiars are the same, the monster on the red collar will absorb the
       one on the blue.  (Kewne will never be absorbed; also, the familiar from
       the Ultimate Egg will ALWAYS be absorbed, and hence can't be fused with
       anything and remain the dominant fusion).

    2. The resulting monster will always have the Dominant Genus of the two
       monsters that were fused.  If a Fire genus familiar and a Wind genus
       familiar were fused, the resulting familiar would have the Fire genus.
       This is easily fixed with a Genus changing seed, if it troubles you.

    3. The dominant monster can absorb at max, ONE trait and ONE magic spell
       from the recessive monster.  Spells and traits are ALWAYS absorbed, if
       they are there.  If the recessive monster has two traits or spells
       (through fusion, as any monster only naturally has one trait and one
       spell), then he passes on his natural trait and/or natural spell.
       Likewise, a monster can only ever possess TWO traits and/or TWO spells,
       and since only one can be passed on, a monster would have to have a
       natural trait and his spell unlocked to have two traits and two spells.
       Just off the top of my head I can only think of a couple of familiars
       that could achieve this.

    4. If the dominant monster has a trait that is non-natural (he acquired it
       by absorbing a monster), and fuses with another monster, he will LOSE
       the trait.  If the new monster he fuses and absorbs has a trait, he will
       gain that one.  If they do not, he will end up with NO trait.

    5. If the dominant monster fuses with a monster with NO spells, he will NOT
       LOSE any spells.  Spells can only be overwritten, they don't just
       disappear through fusion like traits do.

    6. Every monster has a spell; if they don't have one naturally, their
       spells are 'hidden' and to unlock them you must fuse them with another
       monster, and they must be the dominant fusion.  They will then end up
       with their spell unlocked, which you can fuse into other monsters if you

  Here's a quick list of traits and the monsters that have them:

  Trait                    Monster             Effect

  Atrocious                Killer              Increases critical strike rate
  Strength Increased       Arachne/Ashura      Doubles current Attack Power and
                                               any Attack Power gained there-on
  Lowering Attack          Viper               Randomly lowers Attack Power of
                                               monsters the familiar hits
  Blind-Proof              Unicorn/Univern     Familiar is immune to blind
  Electric Shock Body      Kraken              Familiar counterattacks with
                                               electric shock when damaged,
                                               doing around 1/4 of the damage
                                               he was hit for
  Growth Promoted          Barong              I have no idea*
  Hard                     Block/Metal         Doubles current Defense and any
                                               Defense gained there-on
  HP Increased             Naplass             Doubles current HP and any HP
                                               gained there-on
  MP Consumption           Cyclone             All MP used by the familiar is
   Decreased                                   reduced by 50%
  Magic Attack Increased   Clown/Death         All spell levels of familiar are
  Paralysis-Proof          Zu                  Familiar is immune to paralysis
  Poison-Proof             Nyuel/Battnel       Familiar is immune to poison
  Quick                    Pickett             Familiar takes two turns for
                                               every one of yours
  Rust-Proof               Stealth             If given to a Troll, makes their
                                               Swords/Maces rust-proof
  Sleep-Proof              Dreamin             Familiar is immune to sleep
  Spell-Proof              Noise               Familiar is immune to all status
                                               changing magic
  Unbrainwashable          Kewne               Kewne is immune to brainwash
                                               (cannot be passed to other

    * Growth Promoted was rumoured to give you double exp, but quick tests show
      this isn't true.  It was also rumoured to give more HP, but, again, this
      isn't true.  Apparently Barongs WERE meant to have a double exp trait but
      as far as I know Growth Promoted doesn't function.

  Because of the restrictions of disappearing traits, and overwriting
  traits/spells, you have to be careful and plan what to fuse and WHEN to fuse
  it.  For example, take Nighty, my Ifrit/Flame.  I leveled him to 35 and fused
  him with a level 25 Manoeva.  The Manoeva had had its hidden spell DeForth
  unlocked, so when I fused him with Nighty Nighty resulted in a level 35 Water
  genus Ifrit, with the spells NeaSled (lv35, Water version of Sled) and
  DeForth (lv25, from the Manoeva).  Then I fused him with a Naplass, which
  gave him the Double HP trait, but DIDN'T overwrite any of his spells as the
  Naplass did not have one (I chose not to unlock it before I fused him out).

  By paying attention like this you can make successful fusions too.  It's all
  practice anyway, so just save before you go into the tower and have some fun
  with it.

    4.3  My Team

  Here you can view some of my familiars to see what I have done with them.


  Type:  Ifrit [evolved Flame]
  Genus: Water
  Level 35
  HP: 200
  MP: 80
  Attack:  72
  Defense: 56

  Spells: NeaSled (lv35)
          DeForth (lv25)


  Nighty was my main man on this playthrough.  I used him pure until the late
  20s/early 30s, and spent whatever Medicinal Herbs I found on him (boosted his
  HP by 20..I think), and later fused him with my Manoeva to give him DeForth.
  Next I fused him with a Naplass to give him twice his HP.  DeForth and
  NeaSled give the same mixture magic, and DeForth as a lone spell always heals
  your HP to full, so a level 1 DeForth would have been just as effective as
  level 25 here.  But what can I say, I had the Manoeva and like looking at
  rounded spell levels. :)  Nighty was strong enough to take me to the top of
  the tower without the Naplass fusion.  That was just for fun.

  Me and Nighty beat the tower when he was level 32 - but I also had a Trained
  Wand +19, and his mix magic was incredibly powerful with it.  So I fused him
  up and went at it again with a Gold Sword +18, putting his AI on direct
  attack.  Me and Nighty succeeded, and what's more is that I had raised him
  from very early in the game, because Flame's are found on floors 3-8.

  If I could have changed anything, I would have fused him with a Block or
  Arachne.  I'm pretty sure the Block fusion would have been at least 2x as
  effective..but I didn't have a Block. :)  The Arachne fusion would have put
  us up into the one-shot category again just like our mix magic was with the
  Trained Wand.  However, I wanted to use common eggs and raising strategies to
  beef him up, to show that it could be done.  The Naplass fusion was mostly to
  round him out after we had already gone through the tower - his main
  strengths lie in the buffed Medicinal Herb HP, DeForth, and the Water genus
  (one of the most important things).  No, he could not ramage through
  Killers/Dragons/Maximums like a Block+Arachne fusion could, but he was
  powerful enough to take me through the tower with careful strategy and use of
  items..which is what was important. :)


  Type:  Death [evolved Clown]
  Genus: Water
  Level 26
  HP: 70
  MP: 80
  Attack:  46
  Defense: 46

  Spells: LeDown  (lv52)
          DeRock  (lv44)


  I hatched Happy when I luckily came across a Clown egg on Floor..9ish.  I
  raised him up until level 20 where he evolved and then gradually built him up
  to level 26 as Nighty's backup while I moved up the tower.  Clown's have
  Magic Attack Up as a trait, which doubles all spell levels currently on them.
  Once he was level 26, his LoDown was level 52, so they make powerful mix
  magic support familiars, along with powerful magic users in general (except
  LoDown is rather worthless as a direct spell, so when you fuse a Clown out
  you're always going to end up with one douche spell).  I fused him with a
  level 22 U-Boat to get him lv44 DeRock, and kept him as Water genus.

  DeRock is a great all-round spell.  It creates a rock-thing in front of the
  familiar when you use it, and monsters usually focus on attacking the rock
  instead of you or the familiar.  The obstacles also have a huge HP, so you
  can easily kill the attacker before it goes down.  However, DeRock is also a
  hugely awesome mix magic spell, as it summons a snake called Seiryu whenever
  you attack with it.  Basically Seiryu sweeps the whole room and attacks
  whatever's in it for heavy Water damage.  You don't even need to be next to a
  monster to start it, you can simply command it through the Command Menu and
  hit an empty square.

  Later on I fused him with a Cyclone for the Double MP trait, and the fusion
  was pure in that the Cyclone doesn't have any spells that would overwrite the
  ones Happy already had.  My next plan for Happy is to start bringing him in
  with a Pita Fruit each time to buff his MP to 100.  There's nothing I would
  really change about him - he's great support and helped me climb the tower.
  Physically though he is very weak, and I had to be careful he didn't
  accidentally move in front of me where he could be 1 or 2 shot.  Again, Happy
  is an example of what can be done with low-floor monsters.

    5. Tips 'n Tricks

  ~-~-~ Monster AWAAY ~-~~

  Using an Oleem Fruit on one of your familiar sacrifices him to leave the
  tower.  However, if you throw one at an enemy monster, it automatically warps
  that monster out..meaning you don't have to fight it.

  ~-~-~ Holy Scrolls to the Rescue ~-~-~

  If you throw a Holy Scroll at an enemy monster, the monster will follow you
  around until you leave the floor and act as a second or third familiar for
  the duration of your stay.  This is an awesome trick on the higher floors,
  when you can throw one at a Dragon/Maximum/Golem.

  `-~-~ Ghost Ride Da Aura Bike ~-~-~

  Although most of the things bought at Fur's shop are for decorating your
  home, the Aura Bike you can buy from her is actually a bike that gets parked
  up outside your house.  If you move onto it you can zoom around Monsbaiya at
  top speeds.  You can also buy the booster pack thing, which makes the bike go

  ~-~- The Safe ~-~-~

  Although mentioned somewhere else in this FAQ, the safe is a very important
  part of your adventures, because items stored in it are more likely to be
  found in the tower.  You should ALWAYS have 3x Red Sand/Blue Sand and Wind
  Crystals in here.  Don't use those set of three, just leave them in there,
  because the amounts you'll pick up in the tower as a result will greatly
  outweigh them.

  ~`~~ Backing up Tower Data ~-~-~

  There's a way to get around the odd save system involved in Azure Dreams
  which - I think - was instituted so that you couldn't save/reload your way
  floor by floor to the top of the tower while vastly underpowered and just
  running for the exits.  Here's what you do (you need 2 Memory Cards):

  1. Save at home on slot 1 of Memory Card 1
  2. Go to the tower, get to the floor elevator of where you want to save, and
     save on slot 2 of Memory Card 1
  3. The game will quit to the main screen, turn off the PlayStation's power,
     and open the lid.  Turn the PlayStation back on, go into the Memory Card
  4. Copy the slot 2 data of Azure Dreams over to Memory Card 2.  Note each
     saved game of Azure Dreams takes up 3 blocks of data, so you need at least
     3 blocks spare on Memory Card 2.
  5. Turn the PlayStation off, remove Memory Card 2, slut the lid and turn
     PlayStation back on.
  6. Let Azure Dreams load, and load your tower saved game from Memory Card 1.

  Now if you die or whatever, go back to the Memory Card manager and delete the
  slot 2 data.  Then put in Memory Card 2 and copy its slot 2 data, back to
  Memory Card 1.  Rinse and repeat.

    5.1  Barong Guide

  The Barong is an odd monster you will encounter on floors 16, 26 and 36 of
  the tower.  Essentially he looks like a little orange man in a blue hat.  He
  doesn't really pose much of a threat.  However, there is something awesome
  about him.

  Whenever you throw an item at him, the Barong will spit out another item -
  which is usually better than the one you threw at him.  This also negates his
  turn for the round, which means he won't be hitting you inbetween.

  What's so great about this?  He's the best source for the RARE items in the

    * Trained Wands, Holy and Dark Swords
    * Mazarr/Hazak/Shomuro Seeds
    * Red and Blue Sands
    * Geropitas and Roache Fruit (!!!)

  Basically you keep throwing items at him until he runs out of MP (everytime
  he spits out an item he loses a chunk of MP).  After he's out of MP, you can
  feed him a Pita Fruit by throwing it at him (it'll be eaten, instead of
  swalloed and spat out, while he has no MP).  However if you don't have a Pita
  Fruit, you can instead throw any Herb/Fruit at him and it will give him
  enough MP to spit out one more item.  You can repeat this for whatever Herb
  or Fruit you have on you.

  IF he spits out a Roache Fruit, wait until he's out of MP, then throw it at
  him and he'll be turned into an egg.  Warp out with your prized egg and hatch
  him. :)  You can also find an egg of him in the tower of course, I was lucky
  enough to find one on Floor 16 (I was looking for the Barong himself and
  ironically ran across an egg..and no wild Barong).

  If you Roache him, or find an egg and identify it as a Barong, IMMEDIATELY
  warp.  It is possibly the best thing in the game, because of all the rare
  item possibilities.  Once you have him I recommend fusing him with a Cyclone,
  so he uses half-MP (and can therefore spit out twice as many items, before
  falling into MP sleep).  You can also bring some Manoevas in with you, and
  have them transform into him so they can spit out items too.

  Also, if you put the TRANSFORMED Manoeva back into your bag before his MP
  runs out by throwing too much stuff at him, he'll get his full MP back.

  Whenever you're passing by Floor 16, 26 or 36 it's worth having a look around
  for the Barong.  Good luck with it.

    5.2  Item Dupe

  To dupe items you need the following:

  1x Manoeva
  1x Picket
  1x Wind Crystal, to get out after you're done duping
  1x Item you want to dupe

  You also need the Blue Collar, so you can bring both the Manoeva and Picket
  out at the same time.  I would also recommend bringing in your tempered
  weapon or shield.

  When you enter the tower, collar both the Manoeva and Picket and drop the
  item to be duped on the ground.  Command the Manoeva to transform into the
  Picket, and then have the Manoeva steal the item on the ground.  Then open
  the Menu > Items > select the Manoeva and use the command 'Return'.  The
  Manoeva will switch forms back.  It'll still have the stolen item.  Command
  the Manoeva to transform into the Picket again, and throw the item up.  Then
  return the Manoeva.  You can repeat this until the Manoeva runs out of MP.

  Best done with Roche Fruit, though it may kill the fun of the game and I'd
  recommend holding off until you've climbed to the top of the tower.

    6. Frequently Asked Questions

  ?~` I died in the tower and lost all my stuff!  What do I do???

  In the beginning you are going to die up there a lot.  Before you can start
  banking Wind Crystals, you will go through a phase in the beginning where you
  won't be able to find one before you get killed.  This is normal.  While you
  do lose treasure and items, your familiars gains levels and keeps them, so
  your first few trips up the tower should be dedicated to levelling your
  familiar until he is strong enough to help you move out of this 'phase', and
  into the next phase of the game where you can actually make it far enough to
  get more than one Wind Crystal - and, therefore, the phase of the game where
  you can start tempering a weapon and shield and not losing them when by

  ?~` What happens if I save in the tower?

  You should always have two save slots.  One for home, and one for the tower.
  Never overwrite your home file with a tower save.  Because whenever you save
  in the tower, that's it: the game closes down, and upon reloading that save
  next time, it saves AGAIN, automatically.  If you were to die after reloading
  that saved game in the tower, you will end up back in Monsbaiya after losing
  all your stuff, and when you try to reload the savegame you won't be in the
  tower a second time: you'll be back home, as if you just died up there (which
  you did).  This is especially bad because you're also stuffed if you have a
  power outage or something.  This is a nasty saving system designed to make
  sure you can't just save on every floor and run to exits.

  ?~` Is there anyway to bypass that annoying tower save thing?

  Yep.  Like I said, save on two slots, and never overwrite that save you make
  in Monsbaiya.  The second way if you REALLY desperately can't play anymore,
  or you're worried, is to make a tower save (on a fresh slot of course) and
  then copy that save slot to a second Memory Card.  You can then reload this
  save on the second Memory Card and, should you die, immediately turn off your
  game, go back into the Memory Card Manager, delete the tower save on the
  second Memory Card and recopy it again from the Memory Card in slot 1.  As
  long as you never load the savegame in Azure Dreams from slot 1, you can do
  this again and again.

  ?~` What's some good fusion combos?

  The best is probably Block + Arachne with Block dominant.  Eventually it'll
  one-shot the top tiers (Golem, Maximums, Killers) while taking very little
  damage itself.  Killer + Arachne is fun, though can be taken out by the top
  tiers if it doesn't kill them first (though it probably will).  Cyclones with
  anything are great for their 50% MP consumption talent.  Basically it's all
  about using what you find...for example you may never find a Block egg, so
  it's about training and making the best of what you've got.

  ?~` I heard all these rumours you have to make it to the top floor of the
      tower with Kewne!  Is that true?


  ?~` What's a good familiar to raise early?

  Flames definitely!  But damn those eggs are rare, so probably 'whatever you
  can find'.  Avoid Balloons, Trolls are cute and nice if you can buff them
  with seeds (they are weak though; their high point is definitely the cuteness
  of the fellas), you can also temper their weapons with Red Sand.  Clowns are
  also great, as are Gryphons if you can find one.  Give Kewne some love too,
  he really is a great familiar to use, and a a well-trained Kewne should be a
  part of everybody's team.

  ?~` Can you really date Ghosh in the Japanese version?

  Apparently!  Though I don't think it was a 'dating' thing so much as a 'got
  to be buddies' thing, you know?  I came to like him more over the course of
  the game.

  ?~` Any last tips for climbing the tower?

  Temper a sword, temper a shield, get a strong team of 3 familiars behind you
  with good traits and fusions around level 15+ (18+ is great) and just go for
  it.  I'm not sure what + amount my sword and shield were at before I decided
  to go for the top.  I think it may have been around 25 each.  More is always
  better.  You just have to get to the phase of the game where you can start
  banking Wind Crystals, and then everything starts falling into place.  That
  phase is only a couple of tower runs in anyway, so good luck with it.  And
  when you start closing in on the top, remember if your goal is to make it to
  the top floor, start running for those elevators like a crazy person and try
  to take out the Killers/Golems/Maxims from range before they close in on you.

    7. Building Monsbaiya

  Money is really only good for one thing in this game: upgrading the town.
  There are a whole bunch of buildings you can upgrade, or build from scratch,
  and they all do a bunch of different things as well as making the townspeople
  like you more.  I first suggest upgrading your home for the extra safe room,
  and then your nursery at least once.  Then you can do whatever.

  ~````  Home ~````

  House Upgrade 1             Cost: 6000g

  The first house upgrade makes your safe hold 30 items instead of 10.  It's
  also a much nicer looking house, and you can buy more sorts of furniture at
  Fur's shop for it.  (If you bought any furniture previously, that's okay, it
  will be moved into your new upgraded house.)

  House Upgrade 2             Cost: 60000g

  The second house upgrade doubles your safe size again; it can now hold 60
  items.  It's also a mansion with a swimming pool on the roof (you can't
  actually swim in it like the pool though unfortunately).  Also, all of Fur's
  furniture can now be bought.  Finally, EVERY SINGLE GIRLFRIEND YOU HAVE will
  be in the house in the morning each time you wake up, and they ALL kiss you
  goodbye.  They fight over you too.  It's cool being a monster hunter.

  ~````  Nursery ~````

  Hut Expand 1                Cost: 4000g

  The first nursery upgrade expands the egg grid to 3x3, allowing you to hold 9
  familiars.  These upgrades are quite important; as soon as you are noticing
  your nursery filling up, you should upgrade it.

  Hut Expand 2                Cost: 6000g

  The second nursery upgrade expands the egg grid to 3x3, allowing you to hold
  16 familiars.  This should also be brought fairly early, as it is cheap and
  you will quickly need the room.

  Hut Expand 3                Cost: 20000g

  The third nursery upgrade expands the egg grid to 3x3, allowing you to hold
  36 familiars.  More expensive than the last two; only build it when you come
  to need the room.

  Hut Expand 4                Cost: 60000g

  The fourth nursery upgrade expands the egg grid to 3x3, allowing you to hold
  64 familiars.  This is the last nursery upgrade.

  ~````  Building Upgrades ~````

  Temple                      Cost: 4000g

  The Temple is available to build after you upgrade your house for the first
  time.  It is suggested by Jorda, the little town elder.  Give him 4000g and
  the next time you return to town from the tower, it'll be built.  The Temple
  is needed to build a Casino.  It also makes the townspeople like you more.

  Hospital                    Cost: 4000g

  The small Hospital to the west of your house can be upgraded by talking to
  the doctor enough times.  You need an upgraded Hospital to meet Cherrl.

  Library                     Cost: 8000g

  Dr. Hal is the guy with all the books that lives in the small house in the
  north-eastern part of town.  If you visit him regularly he'll eventually
  suggest building a library so that all his books will have a home and all the
  townspeople can read them.  You need a Library to meet Mia.

  ~````  New Buildings ~````

  Bowling Alley               Cost: 40000g

  Jorda suggests building this after you've upgraded the Temple.  In it you can
  play a bowling mini-game for some fun, you also get the last Water-genus
  monster added to Wendy's monster book.

  Gym                         Cost: 30000g

  Barry the Blacksmith suggests building the Gym if you speak to him behind the
  counter enough, you also have to make it a certain way into the tower so that
  he likes you enough to suggest it.  You can play a minigame in here involving
  throwing weights, the game itself is pretty basic and there isn't any reward.

  Racing Circuit              Cost: 30000g

  The old guy called Silver suggests this one; he lives in the northwestern
  part of town with a bunch of Nyuels (ostrich/horse familiars).  You can make
  a lot of money here by saving at mom beforehand, betting on the highest odds
  that don't include jockey 1 (you), and going out and throwing the race.
  Hopefully the one's you bet on will win; you can also try to veer the jockey
  you didn't bet on off the track by staying in front of him and not letting
  him past, furthering your chances of winning.

  Theater                     Cost: 8000g

  The hippy looking guy Fon suggests this (he stands outside the carpenter's
  building).  You can go inside and do some stand up comedy, but mostly the
  Theater is used for dating Vivian.

  Casino                      Cost: 100000g

  Jorda suggests this after you build the Bowling Alley.  In here you can play
  on a slot machine, or a roulette machine.  The slot machine can be timed, so
  once you start getting the timing down aim for the 7s.  You can win up to
  60000g if you nail the three 7s.  Also, you can save before you come in, and
  max bets on the roulette table.  If you lose too much there, just reload.

  Amusement Center            Cost: 3000g

  The assistant carpenter suggests this one.  It lets you play a couple of
  simple minigames (you don't win anything).  Like the gym you will also have
  to make it a fair way into the tower before he suggests it.

  ~````  Others ~````

  Town Fountain               Cost: 2000g

  Upgrading the town fountain is part of getting Nico as a girlfriend.  You
  have to donate 1000g two times to her, and then the fountain will be built in
  the middle of the town.

  Windmills                   Requires: Oil Pot from Floor 15

  The windmills along the south part of town are broken, and by grabbing the
  oil pot and giving it to the guy down there you can fix them.  Fixing them
  also opens an octopus dumplings stand (Fur really likes them).

  Swimming Pool               Requires: W. Medal from Floor 25

  A thief stole the Water Medal from the swimming pool staff, and by getting it
  back you can reopen the pool.  It's being carried by a white Picket on floor
  25, kill him and he'll drop it, then take it to the guy at the swimming pool.

    8. Girlfriends

  Throughout the course of the game you will be given the chance to interact
  with a wide range of females.  Woo!  Basically it's all a whole lot of
  flirting and choosing dialogue options, with some scenarios thrown in here or
  there where you meet a chick at the pool or something.  When you finally
  'get' a girlfriend, she will randomly come to wake you up in the morning,
  along with having her picture changed when she talks to you and her face will
  be added to one of the hearts in your save file.

  ~ <3 Nico <3 ~~

  Nico is the green-haired chick who wakes you up in the morning before you get
  any other girlfriends.  She's Koh's childhood friend, and a tomboy.

  Nico's house is the to the right of yours, so go in there and talk to her
  every day.  She mentions something about a fountain.  Keep visiting her until
  you start seeing her in the town square; she will be asking for donations.
  Donate 1000g two times (you can donate once a day) or enough money over time
  to equal 2000g.  Ghosh will show up and be an ass and donate 1g more than you
  each time.  He'll also start flirting with Nico.  Ignore him.  Eventually one
  day a musician will be at the fountain, speak to him and it'll start a scene
  where Ghosh will try to kick the guy out.  Defend the musician from Ghosh,
  and after visitng Nico a couple more times in town, she'll realise she likes
  you.  Bam!

  ~ <3 Fur <3 ~~

  Fur is the shop-keeper at the general store.  She starts off sort of shallow,
  but comes around when she falls for you.  I'm also pretty sure I saw Fur in
  Koh's childhood near the start of the game, but maybe I remember wrong.

  To start with buy something expensive from her store, and always talk to her
  behind the counter.  You'll start seeing Ghosh in the store.  One day she'll
  get pissed at him, and he'll leave.  Talk to her behind the counter and
  choose 'forget it'.  She'll get pissed at you too.  Next time you're in
  there, she'll still be upset.  Choose 'I don't like you anymore' and then
  'it's because you hurt me'.  She'll get upset.  The next time you visit
  she'll have fallen for you.

  ~ <3 Selfi <3 ~~

  Selfi's the sister of Ghosh, the blue-haired chick in the witch costume you
  sometimes meet on floor 2 of the tower.

  Most times you'll fight Ghosh on Floor 2 of the tower; however sometimes his
  sister will be there.  Eventually Selfi will start asking you questions about
  rumours being spread about you in the town.  Answer whatever you like to
  them.  Eventually she'll be attacked by a Pulunpa.  Save her, and she'll run
  off.  Keep visiting the tower until a strange scene happens on floor 2; Koh
  will be attacked by a U-Boat and start running around the room and Selfi will
  appear and save you.  Start visiting her at her home, and when she asks why
  she saved you, tell her it's because she loves you.  She'll laugh at you, but
  the next time you visit she will have changed her mind.

  ~ <3 Patty <3 ~~

  Patty is the waitress at the restauraunt; she'll always take your orders, and
  chase you if you leave without paying.  Patty takes a while to seduce.

  You have to buy everything on the menu at least once (if Koh describes the
  taste of the food, that's the first time you'll have bought it).  Then one
  day you'll visit and the restauraunt is empty.  Patty will offer to cook you
  a meal; order Shining Prawn, her speciality.  Tell her it's good.  Go in
  again the next day, Patty will ask you not to tell anyone about yesterday's
  visit, but Ghosh will overhear the conversation.  Say 'it's my and Patty's
  secret' and order Shining Prawn again.  Come in again the next day and Ghosh
  will argue with her again.  Order Shining Prawn, and Ghosh will walk out
  (without paying!).  Tell her Ghosh left when she comes back and tell her the
  food looks great.  In a couple more visits she will come to love you.

  ~ <3 Vivian <3 ~~

  Vivian is a dancer from outside Monsbaiya, that ends up working at the local
  bar.  To get her you need a Casino built, a Theater built, and you also have
  to get the Blue Cloak off floor 20 of the tower.

  Once you have the Blue Cloak, enter the bar.  The barkeeper lady freaks out;
  it was the cloak of some guy she used to know.  She gets depressed and closes
  down the bar.  Keep visiting her until she offers you something to drink.
  Choose whatever and Koh will faint, even though there wasn't any alcohol in
  the drink.  You'll cheer her up and she'll re-open.  The next time you come
  in, Vivian will be there.  Talk to her every day.  Eventually she won't be
  there.  Go to the Casino and talk to her there.  There will be a more scene;
  from now on start visiting the Theater.  Eventually you will see her dancing.
  Compliment her and choose option 1, then option 2.

  One day you'll see her alone.  Try to cheer her up, and then ask her to walk
  with you.  Ghosh will show up, and actually act like a gentleman.  Ask him to
  join you.  Convince her to go to the bar again; be nice to Ghosh, and you two
  will watch her dance together.  The next day go to the Theater and Vivian
  will be there again.  Be nice to her each time you visit.  Eventually she'll
  love you.

  ~ <3 Mia <3 ~~

  Mia is the library geek, but also pretty cool.  She is also REALLY HOT
  without her glasses.  To get her as a girlfriend you have to build a library
  and the pool has to be fixed.

  Start visiting her in the library.  She doesn't say much, but choose the
  options that are nice to her.  One day Ghosh will come in and knock her
  glasses off (check her out without the glasses on!  wooo).  Be nice to her
  and try to cheer her up.  Keep visiting her until she agrees to go to the
  pool with you.  Ghosh shows up.  Go to the library and talk to her again.
  Keep visiting her until you can catch her stalking you; tell her to stop
  following you.  She'll then fall in love with you.

  ~ <3 Cherrl <3 ~~

  Cherrl is the sick girl with the teddy bear.  To get her as a girlfriend you
  need to build the upgraded Hospital, and you will eventually need the Healing
  Herb off floor 28.

  After upgrading the Hospital, walk by the house just above it.  Cherrl will
  throw her teddy bear out the window.  Pick it up and take it inside.  Be nice
  to her and be her friend.  Keep visiting and eventually she'll ask you to go
  for a walk with her.  Go with her and Ghosh will show up and annoy the two of
  you.  Cherrl faints and you carry her to the hospital.  Talk to the doctor
  and he'll tell you about the Healing Herb.  The next time you visit Cherrl's
  mom will ask you to look after her for a little while.  Agree to do it.  Now
  you have to get the Healing Herb off Floor 28; once you get it, give it to
  the doctor, but ask to remain anonymous.  Keep visiting until she tells you
  she wants to become a nurse; tell her it's a good idea, and keep visiting her
  at the hospital.

  Eventually one day while she's out, you can talk to the doctor about her
  recovery.  She'll walk in and overhear the conversation and fall in love with

  ~ <3 ???? <3 ~~

  The last heart is filled in when you make it to the top floor of the tower.
  In the Japanese version it was apparently Ghosh, who you could befriend over
  the course of the game.

    9. Item Appendix


              Swords                                      Wands

  Swords are physically powerful,          Physically weak, but gain large
  but do not gain much bonus damage        bonus damage from mixture magic and
  from mixture magic.  Considered          have several unique effects (chance
  'metalic' in regards to the              on hit for whenever Koh strikes with
  Kraken's Electric Shock trait            one).  Cannot be tempered (with
  and rust traps (all swords rust          exception of the Trained Wand).
  except for the Gold Sword).              Cannot rust.

  Name       Comments            Atk       Name        Comments            Atk
 ------------------------------------     -------------------------------------

  Gold       Coated with gold.      1      Wooden    A wand made of wood.     1
  Copper     Made of Copper.        2      Gulf      A wand of wind.          1
  Iron       Made of Iron.          3      Scarlet   A wand of fire.          1
  Steel      Made of Steel.         4      Stream    A wand of water.         1
  Blizzard   Water genus.           5      Paralyze  Sometimes freezes        1
  Fire       Fire genus.            5                monster's mobility.
  Gulfwind   Wind genus.            5      Seal      Sometimes seals          1
  Vital      Prevents opponent      5                the special powers of    1
             from multiplying.                       monsters.
  Holy       Holy sword with        7      Life      Recovers HP slightly if  1
             divine protection.                      monster is hit.
  Seraphim   Guy's keepsake sword.  8      Money     Sometimes changes killed 1
  Dark       A cursed sword.       10                monsters into money.
                                           Trained   Can be tempered with the 1
                                                     Red Sand.

Notes!!:     Guy's sword Seraphim supposedly has the chance to turn a monster
             into an egg when struck.  I have personally never seen this
             happen, but you never know.
             The Dark Sword supposedly lowers your hit percentage, making you
             miss more.  Once again I'm not sure as to the validity of this
             rumor, I have not noticed missing more often when using my Dark
             The Trained Wand is the best weapon in the game, as it can be
             tempered AND provides a huge boost to mix magic.  It is also
             incredibly rare and you will probably never see it unless you
             start tower-hunting for Barongs (see 5.1  Barong Guide)


 Shields improve Koh's Defense, which means he takes less damage when he's hit.
Certain shields are immune to rust (Leather, Wood, Mirror and Diamond).  Mirror
   and Diamond shields are both great for tempering - the Diamond has +4 more
          Defense, while the Mirror often reflects spells cast on Koh.

                   Name             Comments              Def

                Leather      Tanned leather shield.        1
                 Wood            Wooden shield.            2
                Mirror     Shield polished into a mirror.  3
                Copper          A copper shield.           4
                 Iron            An iron shield.           5
                 Ice           Water genus shield.         5
                Scorch         Fire genus shield.          5
                 Earth         Wind genus shield.          5
                 Live   Sometimes retaliates when its hit. 5
                 Steel       A very tough steel shield.    6
                Diamond        Shield made of diamond      7


 Fruit are generally given to your familiars, or in the case of negative effect
                         ones, thrown at enemy monsters.

Name       Description

Pita       Restores 50 MP to familiar
Big Pita   Restores 100 MP to familiar
Geropita   Receipient loses all MP
Leolam     MP of recipient will not decrease for a set amount of turns.
Laev       Recipient expends MP faster.
Leva       Recipient will not change form after the next fusion (after that
           fusion, he will)
Limit      Target is more likely to do critical attacks.
Oleem      Sacrifices a familiar to escape the tower - familiar vanishes
           permanently and Koh returns to town.
Roche      Turns recipient monster or familiar back into an egg.
Tumna      Turns recipient into a frog for a set amount of turns.


 Herbs can be eaten by Koh, fed to his familiars, or thrown at enemy monsters.
              They heal various status alignments and recover HP.

Name       Description

Medicinal  Restores HP
Antichaos  Cures 'confusion'
Antidote   Cures 'poison'
Roeam      Cures 'blindness'
Wake-Up    Cures 'sleep'
Cure-All   Cures all status alignments
Hazak      Recovers lowered Attack Power
Shomuro    Recovers lowered Defense
Paralyze   Paralyzes recipient
Poison     Poisons recipient
Harash     Lowers Attack Power
Healing    Quest Item - can heal disease of Cherrl (found on Floor 18)


 Seeds can be eaten by Koh, fed to his familiars, or thrown at enemy monsters.
 However it is wasteful for Koh to eat them, as his stats and level reset each
   time he visits the tower.  Feed them to your familiars for maximum effect.

Name       Description

Mazarr     Increases the level of recipient by 1.
Hazak      Increases Attack Power of recipient permanently by 1.
Shomuro    Increases Defense of recipient permanently by 1
Tovar      Increases 'Luck'
Mahell     Increases speed of recipient (double moves).
Slow       Lowers the speed of recipient (half moves).
Lar        Lowers the level of recipient by 1.
Light      Changes the genus of a familiar to fire.
Sea        Changes the genus of a familiar to water.
Wind       Changes the genus of a familiar to wind.


 Wind Crystals are the only way to safely leave the tower, and the proper way.
  Water Crystals are very powerful restoration items, and Fire Crystals can be
 useful on the lower floors.  Priority should always be given to Wind and Water

Name       Description

Wind       Brings the player, familiar and items back safely from the tower.
Water      Recovers all active familiars HP and MP to full, and heals all
           status alignments.
Fire       Summons a Salamander for a short time, that attacks enemy monsters.


 Sands are items that look like small red bags.  They are extremely important,
  as they are the only way for Koh to retain power in-between tower trips, by
                           powering up his equipment.

Name       Description

Red        Increases Attack Power of a sword by 1.
Blue       Increases Defense of a shield by 1.
White      Increases the charges held in a Magic Ball by 1.

                              ``~~Magic Balls~```

 Magic Balls are Koh's only form of magic.  They are used and generally fire in
   a straight line in front of him until they hit a target.  They come with a
  certain amount of charges that is unknown until the Ball is identified, Koh
  leaves the tower, or it is shown as empty when he tries to use it and it has
                             run out of charges.

Name    Sell Price   Description

Recovery    800      Restores HP to target
Binding     500      Causes paralysis
Blinder     500      Causes blindness
Poison      800      Causes poison
Sleep       800      Causes sleep
Water       500      Target will be encased in a protective water barrier
Repel       500      Target will be encased in a reflect spell - spells cast on
                     this target will reflect to the caster
Acid Rain   800      All enemys in current room are hit for heavy water damage
                     (will kill anything except a Golem)
Fire        300      Shoots a fire arrow through the air for low fire damage
Blaze       500      Shoots a fireball along the ground for medium fire damage
Flame       800      Shoots a fireball through the air for heavy fire damage
Pillar     1000      Shoots a fiery pillar along the ground for heavy fire
Ice Rock    800      Drops an iceberg obstacle in front of Koh - blocks passage
                     and also gathers monsters' attention (they will usually
                     attack it before Koh or his familiars)
Weak        500      Lowers target's level by 1

(Balls sell for a lot of money - the prices listed above are what those balls
sell for when they are empty on charges, price is increased depending on how
many charges they retain)


  Scrolls are one-use items with various effects.  Holy Scrolls are one of the
 most powerful items in the game, as they give you a temporary second familiar
                     by throwing them at an enemy monster.

Name       Description

Alchemic   Replaces all items on the floor with gold coins
De-Curse   Removes any curses on equipped items
Flat       Flattens all terrain on the current floor
Holy       Creates beam of light on current square in which you cannot be
           attacked - can be thrown at enemy monsters who will then follow and
           protect Koh for the duration of his stay on that floor
Malicious  Creates beam of confusion on current square that confuses anything
           that passes through it - like Holy Scroll, can be thrown to be used
Restore    Revives a fainted familiar
Trap       All traps on current floor become reset, then visible


 Uncommon items that are useful in specific circumstances.  A Familiar Bell is
  extremely useful for when Koh steps on a warp trap.  Note Holy and Malicious
     Bells only affect the monsters and room Koh is currently standing in.

Name       Description

Familiar   Summons familiars back to Koh's side
Holy       Chases all enemy monsters out of the room it is used inside -
           useless when used in hallways
Malicious  Increases the level of enemy monsters in the room by 1 - also
           affects any of your familiars if they are confused


 Glasses are very useful - for both identifying eggs before you return home and
satisfying curiosity, to identifying the entire floor layout so strategy can be
     formed (note Star Glasses do not identify traps or monster locations)

Name          Description

Star Glasses  Makes the entire current floor visible.
Truth Glasses Identifies objects in blue text (what monster is contained in an
              egg, how many charges a Magic Ball has, whether a sword is
              cursed, etc.)


   Loupes quickly locate certain things on the map, so they can be rushed to
quickly.  Although useful it is not recommended that they be kept in inventory,
                       and instead used when come across.

Name       Description

Exit       Identifies the location of elevators
Monster    Identifies the location of all monsters on the floor
Trap       Makes all traps visible - but not disarmed
Treasure   Identifies the location of all treasure and coins on the floor

                              ``~~Quest Items~```

    Special one-of-a-kind items that are used for various quests obtained in

Name           Found on... Description

Blue Collar    Floor 12    Allows a second familiar to be collared
Oil Pot        Floor 15    Fixes the windmills in Monsbaiya
Blue Cape      Floor 20    A momento of the tavern owner's lover
Water Medal    Floor 25    Fixes the town pool in Monsbaiya (kill the white
                           Picket found on Floor 25 and he will drop it)

   10. Monster Appendix

Fire Genus

01. Kewne
    Habitat: Monsbaiya

A KEWNE is a dragon which was popular several hundred years ago for personal
protection.  However, it became extinct due to its poor reproductive ability.
The name comes from their cry that sounds like "KEWNE".

  Pros: * Great all-rounder             Cons: * May struggle at higher floors
        * Huge MP                               without a solid fusion
        * Useful mixture magic                * Not much besides that, c'mon
        * Unbrainwashable (lol?)                it's Kewne

  Comments: Kewne is the first little monster you get as a familiar.  He's
            strong, balanced, and has great MP (you will soon notice how great
            it is the second you hatch another familiar).  He can't be
            brainwashed, and is always the dominant monster in a fusion.  As a
            familiar Kewne can easily go to the 20th floor with you; with some
            good fusion he can easily make it into the team that takes you
            right to the top.  Fuse him with a good trait-passer and you'll be
            with him right to the end.

  Rating:   8/10

02. Dragon
    Habitat: Cave
    Ability: Eat Metal (eats anything metal to regain HP, including coins)

Its fame and strength won the name, "King of the Monsters."  A wild dragon
usually lives deep in a cave.  Its intensely hot breath and hard scales
distinguish it.  It is extremely difficult for a human to raise one.

  Pros: * Huge stats                          Cons: * None, this thing is a
        * Can be fed ANYTHING metal to                beast
          regain FULL MP (including Copper

  Comments: Dragons are my favourite monsters.  They are massively strong, have
            great HP, great defense, a strong spell AND they can eat metal
            items to regain..all of their MP.  This includes coins.  That's
            crazy, these guys are crazy.  I'd personally put them above
            Maximum and the like solely for that ability, but it's a personal
            choice really.

  Rating:   10/10

03. Kid
    Habitat: Cave
    Ability: Eat Metal (eats anything metal to regain HP, including coins)

The word "KID" in the Monsbaiya Region means an infant dragon.  Compared to a
dragon, a Kid's magical power is weaker.  Although it can be tamed by the
person who hatched its egg, it is still difficult to raise one since it has a
severe temper and it only eats metals.

  Pros: * Cute little buggers                 Cons: * Eggs are very rare :(
        * Packs a whallop
        * Evolves into Dragons, and can eat
          metals like them

  Comments: The unevolved version of Dragons, Kids are great familiars even
            before they change forms.  They're strong, with great HP and
            defense, and just like their older brothers they can eat metal
            items to regain their MP.  The only con is that the eggs are so
            very rare, and by the time you're on those levels where you might
            find one it can be very dangerous wandering around looking.  If you
            get one though, or manage to Roache one, you're in for awesome

  Rating:   10/10

04. Ifrit
    Habitat: Volcanic Crater

This is a malevolent deity that rules fire.  It is a spirit of fire when it
obtains a high magical power.  In its body is a compressed flame, and its punch
is said to melt even steel.  It is highly loyal, absolutely obdedient to its
master, but will never listen to others.

  Pros: * Great balanced stats            Cons: * Flame eggs are rare :(
        * Can be found at low-levels

  Comments: The evolved form of Flame.  Great familiar to have around.  I went
            through the tower with one called Nighty, who I fused with a
            Manoeva to give him DeForth, then changed him to Water genus.
            Ifrits have great stats considering they come from a monster off of
            Floor 3 - you can fuse him with an Arachne or Block for
            damage/tanking duties, or round him out with whatever.

  Rating:   8/10

05. Flame
    Habitat: Volcanic Crater

A kind of spirit of fire born from sparks.  It is a common monster which can be
spotted anywhere, and is used to build a fire in the Monsbaiya Region.  Its
appearnace looks like a fire dressed in armor.  Its knight-like appearance
represents its loyalty to its master.

  Pros: * Great HP/MP for low-level familiar   Cons: * Flame eggs are rare
        * Sled is a useful spell
        * Evolves at level 20

  Comments: Flames make a great first familiar.  They pack a whallop for low-
            floor monsters and come straight out of the box with magic, which
            makes them an effective choice even before fusion is possible.
            Their stats are fairly balanced, so you can basically do what you
            want with them.  They also evolve at level 20, at which point their
            stats start increasing more when they level.

  Rating:   8/10

06. Grineut
    Habitat: Rocky Mountains

A GRINEUT is a transformed GRIFFON which has lived with humans for an extended
period of time. It is sometimes called a GRIFONUTE.  Its wings are
metamorphosed into arms, and therefore it cannot fly anymore.  Still, its
strength and courage remain strong.

  Pros: * Good offensive strength up      Cons: * Defensively weak, will start
          to the mid-game                         getting rocked by higher
        * Makes a solid familiar if               floor monsters early
          fused properly

  Comments: Grineut's are the evolved versions of Griffons.  They lose the
            wings and gain arms, which looks sort of ugly, but what can you do.
            Like their little brothers they can bring on the offensive power a
            good way up the tower, but you must play them carefully as they
            can't take on too many hits themselves.  If you're attached to one
            though they are good enough to raise and train well.

  Rating:   8/10

07. Griffon
    Habitat: Rocky Mountain

This is a monster that originally lived in nests in a rocky mountain area.  It
looks down from the top of a cliff for its prey.  it will dive and attack with
its sharp claws even if its prey is several times larger than itself.  It has
both strength and courage.

  Pros: * Very strong at the lower levels       Cons: * Eventually, their
        * Rise is a good spell                          defense gets low and
        * Evolves to a Grineut at level 20              they become a liability

  Comments: When you start to encounter them for the first time, Griffons will
            probably rock you.  If you do manage to grab an egg, they are great
            little guys to have in the early to mid stages.  However, they do
            eventually end up a little weak, despite their transformation.

  Rating:   7/10

08. Troll
    Habitat: Mountains

This is a monster, curious about everything, and is very quick to learn how to
use the tools humans use just by observing them.  However, they can be a threat
to travelers going over the mountains.

  Pros: * Can use different weapons       Cons: * Mediocre stats
        * Cute ^_^                              * Weapons can't be tempered

  Comments: Trolls, while being a continual pain in the ass on your way through
            the tower until you temper up a shield, are not really that great
            as familiars.  Their stats are overall low, they're not really that
            strong, their spell is hidden, and they aren't gifted with any
            innate traits.  The different weapons are fun though, though they
            can't be tempered like some say.  If you fuse them with a Stealth
            they're immune to rust.  Troll eggs are rather rare, and I'd raise
            one just for the hell of it if you find one.  A side project to
            work on once you complete the tower, perhaps.

  Rating:   4/10

09. Balloon
    Habitat: In The Air
    Command: Fly (takes you up a level in the tower, you cannot save, and
                 cannot be used to go to a higher level of the tower than the
                 level of the Balloon itself)

A monster which floats in the air without its own nest.  Its shape resembles a
balloon.  A balloon-like portion is its exposed lung which enables it to
elevate by inhaling air.  It is sturdier than it looks, and is difficult to be

  Pros: * Hidden Breath spell is powerful      Cons: * Weak
          and good for being passed on               * Fly consumes huge
        * Uh..can Fly up to higher floors?             amounts of MP

  Comments: Balloons are weird ones.  They're ugly, which is no good, and
            they're not really all that strong, nor do they ever really get
            that strong.  They can use their command Fly to bring Koh up a
            floor in the tower, but this consumes a ton of MP and the Balloon
            also can't fly up to a tower floor that is higher than his level.
            All in all, don't bother - but their hidden spell Breath is quite
            nice.  BTW, they ugly.

  Rating:   5/10

10. Volcano
    Habitat: Volcano

This monster lives on a volcano in a group.  It is basically omnivorous, but
favors lava.  Once the lava is all consumed, the entire group moves onto
another volcano.  It excretes the stored lava from its behind to build a nest.
Its temper is violent, and is considered to be dangerous.

  Pros: * Strong for mid-level tower    Cons: * Hidden spell
          adventure                           * Not great and probably not
        * Can build obstacles that              worth bothering with if you've
          distract and stop enemies             already started work on a

  Comments: Some people swear by their Volcanos, but all in all they are
            basically mediocre.  Their command is useful in certain
            circumstances, but requires MP - and for you to actually have a
            Volcano that you're using.  They're out-classed entirely by another
            monster found on the same floors, Griffons, and are probably not
            worth bothering with if you've started work building up a familiar.
            Their stats are okay, but will probably not pull you through to the
            top of the tower.

  Rating:   6/10

11. Barong
    Habitat: Prairie
    Ability: Regurgitate - throw an item at him, and he'll spit out a better

A strange monster that consumes any substance, transforms it inside its body
after ingesting enough nutrients, and then vomits out a new substance.  Its
internal constitution is currently unknown.  It does not live in a pack, and is
a loner.

  Pros: * The easiest way to get rare items   Cons: * None, if you get a Barong
          in the game!!!!                             egg, Wind Crystal out and
                                                      save your game, these
                                                      guys are a must-have

  Comments: Barongs are amazing familiars.  Basically, if you throw an item at
            one, it'll chew it up and spit out another one (which is usually
            better than the one you threw in).  This includes things like Dark
            and Holy Swords, the Trained Wand, all sorts of Sands and the ROCHE
            FRUIT.  When it runs out of MP you'll have to feed it - either a
            Pita Fruit, or any sort of herb/fruit which will give it enough MP
            to spit out another item.  Section 5.1  Barong Guide goes into
            detail about getting items from the Barong.

            As a familiar, he hits moderately hard and has a lot of HP.  He is
            also the only monster in the game with Growth Promoted, which seems
            to increase the speed that he levels, and the only monster with the
            Poison spell (it's hidden).  But first and foremost he should be an
            item-maker.  See section 5.1  Barong Guide for more information.

 Rating:    10/10

12. Weadog
    Habitat: Monster Tower
    Command: Throw Meat - throws meat onto the floor that attracts nearby

A kind of monster that has been protecting the Monster Tower since the days of
antiquity.  Why it protects the tower is unknown.  It is skilled in taming
other monsters, and is said to be capable of pacifying even the most atrocious
of monsters at once.  Some people say that it is a "Servant of the God of

  Pros: * Strong                            Cons: * Useful up to the point of
        * Useful command ability                    the floors you find them in
                                                    the tower...so little point
                                                    to raising one

  Comments: Weadogs are sort of medicore.  They're strong, but not that strong,
            and their HP is good while their defense is average.  They can go a
            fair way up the tower if you took the time to raise one, but not
            much further than where you find them, making raising one

  Rating:   6/10

13. Naplass
    Habitat: Wetland
    Trait: HP Increased - doubles all HP

This monster loves to nap, and spends most of each day dozing.  It is, however,
very sensitive to the slighest noise, and will attack angrily if it hears a
loud noise.  A NAPLASS deprived of sleep is the most powerful weapon.  It
butts with its head which is harder than steel.

  Pros: * Massive HP                         Cons: * Randomly falls asleep
        * Can be fused with a Dreamin to
          stop the napping

  Comments: Naplasses are actually quite good, they have a solid attack power
            and their trait gives them massive health.  When fused with a
            Dreamin they become immune to sleep, so they stop napping, and
            can become a rocking familiar.  Probably best used to fuse out HP
            Increased, but they are good enough to use by themselves too.
  Rating:   8/10 (when sleep-proof)

14. Killer
    Habitat: Tropics
    Trait: Atrocious - increased critical strike rate

This monster has a giant axe-like hump on each arm.  The humps used to be nails
in ancient times, but are thought to have evolved to their present shape to
cope with their fighting nature and environment.  It can smash rocks with its
awesome destructive power.

  Pros: * MASSIVE Attack power          Cons: * Lower Defense than its rivals
        * Destroys stuff                        (Maximums, Golems, Dragons)

  Comments: Killers are awesome, and the first indication that you are up to
            the big boy levels.  When you see them coming you MUST be careful,
            and make sure they don't get the opening hit.  I had one take me
            down to 2HP one time I made a mistake, and because of the other
            monsters in the room I couldn't take the risk of not killing the
            Killer in one shot.  These things make awesome familiars, assuming
            you find an egg.  Compared to Golems and Maximums their defense is
            a little low, but they are offensively stronger.

  Rating:   10/10

15. Tyrant
    Habitat: Desert
    Command: Berserk - raises critical strike rate, but makes him attack both
                       monsters and friendlies

A violent monster also known as a "Desert Ruffian".  It is extremely greedy,
and is quick to jump to any feed given it.  Male TYRANT fight duels over
females.  Once this monster starts rampaging, even the most famous tamer cannot
stop it.

  Pros: * Quite strong                         Cons: * Berserk is dodgy, and
        * Cute points!                                 and not great
        * Like a little version of a Maximum         * Doesn't stack up to top

  Comments: Tyrants are great little things to have with you.  They're strong,
            both offensively and defensively, and if you find one you should
            definitely use it.  Well-balanced familiars, although they won't be
            able to take the damage of a Maximum/Golem.  Use Berserk at your
            own risk; give it a decent fusion and you have a familiar that will
            easily make it to the top with you.

  Rating:   8/10

16. Maximum
    Habitat: Monster Tower

A MAXIMUM was born in the Monster Tower, the strongest of a completely new
species.  Since it lives near the top floor of the tower, no one has seen it in
the past except the famous Beastmaster "Guy" from Monsbaiya.

  Pros: * Best overall stats in the game        Cons: * You may never find an
        * Huge offensive and defensive power            egg
                                                      * That's the only one

  Comments: Maximums are probably the best pure monster in the game, tied with
            Dragons because of the Dragons metal eating ability, but with
            better stats.  If you find an egg on the top floors you must go for
            it, and pray for one of these guys.  They are a bit ugly, but what
            can you do?  It's a damn MAXIMUM.  (Funny story, the first time I
            was at the elevator to the 40th floor I moved into the room just as
            a Maximum did, and even though I moved the best way I could to the
            elevator he was one step ahead and next to it when I was one step
            away and with only a quarter health.  Yeah, I had to Wind Crystal.)

Water Genus

17. Saber
    Habitat: Snowy Mountain

A grown up SNOWMAN is called a SABER.  Its name comes from its long sword-like
canines. The teeth, however, don't seem to give much edge in hunting prey, and
SABERS mostly use their strength for hunting.

18. Snowman
    Habitat: Snowy Mountain

This monster lives in the coldest and snowiest mountains.  Its body is covered
with hair, protecting it from the cold.  The monster is easily tamed, but has a
tough life force that allows it to survive in the severe weather condition, as
well as the power of a wild monster.

19. Ashra
    Habitat: Water's Edge

An ARACHNE metamorphoses into this figure over a long period of time.  It has 3
faces and 6 arms, and has a powerful attacking force.  Because of its
belligerent nature, it is often worshiped among warriors as a god of war.  It
only appears to brave boys.

20. Arachne
    Habitat: Water's Edge

ARACHNE is a monster which has 8 limbs, resembling a spider.  At water's edge,
a typical habitat of ARACHNES, one can often see an ARACHNE weaving a spider's
web on a tree to hunt prey.  It eats preys even if they are larger than itself,
but seldom attacks humans.

21. Battnel
    Habitat: Plains

A BATTNEL is a NYUEL raised for battles. Since a NYUEL has superior
adaptability, it will transform into this figure as long as it keeps fighting.
However, as its natural fighting power is poor, it is difficult to raise one
without it being killed in battle.

22. Nyuel
    Habitat: Plain

A domestic monster used for travelling through deserts and for pulling
carriages.  It is very friendly to people, and even a wild one is not much of a
threat.  It can adapt to almost any environment, and transforms differently
depending on how it is raised.  The monster represents the personality of its

23. Pulunpa
    Habitat: Streets

The weakest and most timid kind of monster.  It used to live on prairies and in
desert sa long time ago, but now lives in a city since it is such easy prey for
other monsters.  One can be sometimes seen in a back alley.

24. U-Boat
    Habitat: In the Sea

A monster submerged in the water like a submarine.  The periscope-like part is
an eye, and it also has countless small holes from which it inhales air from
above the water.  It mainly feeds on small fish.  In the Monster Tower, it can
also go underground because the ground has some magical properties.

25. Blume
    Habitat: Plateau

Although it is a insectivorous plant, it lays eggs.  Its males flowers release
pollen, and the pollinated female flowers lay eggs.  The pollen have a special
secent that control monsters as they wish.  The purpose probably is to make the
monsters carry their pollen.  Its flower language is "indiscretions of youth".

26. Manoeva
    Habitat: Marshland

An amoeba-like single cell life, the MANOEVA behaves as its instincts command.
It is capable of transforming into the shape of what it has seen and is capable
of dividing.  It attacks animals that approach marshes by pulling them into the
marsh and absorbing them.

27. Kraken
    Habitat: Deep Sea

A mollusk-like monster, resembling a squid.  It surfaces in the sea, and
occasionally attacks ships.  Its entire body is electrically charged and
generates intese electricity when it senses danger.  Since the electric current
amplifies as it travels through metals, use of weapons resistant to eletricity,
or attacking from a long distance is recommended when fighting against one.

28. Viper
    Habitat: Jungle

A monster shaped like a viper and human combined.  It hides in a dense forest,
and attacks invaders.  Its claws and fangs have poisons that paralyze nerves,
and the power of the attack is weakened by it.  This poison cannot be
neturalized with the common Antidote Herb.  Its favourite food is eggs, gulping
them down no matter how big they may be.

29. Mandara
    Habitat: Ruins

Incredible monsters that attack villages and cities in a group, and then live
in the ruins.  And yet, they are very territorial.  They have their own
language, incomprehensible to humans.  Spotted patterns on their body can make
humans go dizzy and fall over.

30. Glacier
    Habitat: Iceberg

Its characteristics is the crystal shaped wart on its back, which helps to
camouflage itself in its habitat: icebergs.  Despite its frightful appearance,
it is timid.  It exhales air that is chilled inside its body, and creates ice
walls to protect itself.

31. Takopoo
    Habitat: Tidal Pool

It is often seen in a tidal pool on a beach, or hanging along rocks in shallow
waters.  What differentiates it from an ordinary octopus is that its ink comes
out as a ball rather than liquid, as it tightly compresses the ink inside its
body. It is edible.

32. Mushroom
    Habitat: Pond

A stationary monster clinging onto a decayed tree trunk with radiating
foot-shaped roots.  It does not harm people, or harbor any malicious intent.
Still, it is hated as it glares at anything that comes close to them. It is
used as pins in bowling alleys.

Wind Genus

33. Death
    Habitat: Ravine

An adult CLOWN turns into this shape.  Its cruelty does not change, and is
feared by travelers.  Despite its doll-like appearance, swinging a sickle with
an expressionless face gives it an eerie aura.

34. Clown
    Habitat: Ravine

A monster that lives in a windy place, mainly in ravines.  It hovers in the air
in high speed, and cuts off the neck of a prey with a large sickle.  Its rather
innocent looks conceals its cruelty.  It is also called "Devil of the Wind,"
and is feared by people who travel through the valley.

35. Univern
    Habitat: Tree Top

A grown UNICORN is called a UNIVERN.  Its wings are solid enough to support its
body weight, and it can fly freely in the sky.  The bond between parent and
offspring is strong, and the parent will be protective to the death.

36. Unicorn
    Habitat: Tree Top

This monster has horizontal stripes all over its body.  It spends its childhood
in a nest built by its parents on a tall tree.  Since its wings are too weak to
fly, it is fed by the parents.  It lives exactly like a bird chick, but it
fights bravely against invaders.

37. Metal
    Habitat: Mine

This is an aggressive BLOCK monster. It is tempered in battles, and its guarded
body is like a sharpened blade.  It is a little more belligerent than BLOCK,
but still remains friendly to humans. It will be a reliable comrade in battle.

38. Block
    Habitat: Mine

This monster is a kind of magical one with a body made of metal.  Although its
movements are slow and heavy,its body is extremely hard and resistant to
conventional attack.  It is also very friendly to humans, and is indispensable
for tasks requiring physical strength such as construction work.

39. Noise
    Habitat: Forest

A music-loving cheerful monster.  The sound of the flute it plays can block the
magic of veteran magicians.  However, even if you run to their recital in a
forest, you should not be deceieved by the cheerful music and approach

40. Dreamin
    Habitat: Monster World

This monster used to be a devil that gave nightmares to humans, but its magic
is not as potent anymore and is just enough to put people to sleep.  It is
mainly nocturnal and active in darkness.  It is so dazed in the daytime that it
is difficult to believe it is a devil.

41. Cyclone
    Habitat: Wasteland

This monster has a large eye.  It is well known that anybody who meets its eyes
cannot swallow any food.  However, 12 years ago, it was discovered that if an
anorexic person looks at the eye of a CYCLONE, the disease is cured.  Since
then, its eggs have sold like hot cakes to women on diets or to anorexic

42. Picket
    Habitat: Bush

A monster that loves to steal.  It steals anything whether it be money or other
objects.  It often hides in an ordinary bush, and if you step on it, your
belongings could be stolen.

43. Stealth
    Habitat: Subterranean

This monster has a hard shell and a powerful pair of scissors.  It uses the
scissors like a drill and moves by drilling holes in the ground.  Since it
lives underground, its eyes have atrophied.  Its shell acts like the skin of a
chameleon, which can protect itself with its changing color.

44. Zu
    Habitat: Marshy District

This monster is like a mix of lion and bird.  It threatens its enemies with
loud barking.  Its barking seems to make the air tremble.  It usually flies
over wetlands like a dragonfly, but will persistently pursue prey, and expose
its violent nature.

45. Gardua
    Habitat: Monster Tower

This is a kind of monster that has been protecting the Monster Tower since
ancient times.  Why they protect the tower is unknown.  Its body is half
machine and is thought to be a magical life form created by a magician.  Once
it detects danger, it attempts to divide the enemy.

46. Golem
    Habitat: Monster Tower

This monster has been protecting the Monster Tower since ancient times.  Why
they protect the tower is unknown.  It is a magical life form created by a
magician, has no emotion, and it executes commands of its creator alone.  Its
movements are slow and heavy, but it has a powerful defensive force and endures

47. Maliling
    Habitat: Monsbaiya

A quiet monster which likes to change into a ball and roll around.  Since it
cannot roll by itself once it is in the ball shape, it is often spotted at a
top of a hill waiting for a wind to blow. As it generates electricity inside
its body from rolling, it is also used as a generator.

48. Soil Claw
    Habitat: Subterranean

This is a subfamily of the monster, STEALTH.  Since it eats garbage in the soil
and converts it into energy within its body, this monster is often used in
vacuum machines.  Since it is gentle, it does not get angry even if it is hit
in a "Hit-A-Mole" game.


49. Hikewne
    Habitat: Monsbaiya

This monster used to be an egg of KEWNE which was laid and left on the highest
floor of the Monster Tower where the magical power is strongest.  Over time, it
has become "the Ultimate Egg."  The legend of "The Ultimate Egg" which is said
to be capable of ruling the world, has now been unveiled in Monsbaiya.

50. Lazyfrog
    Habitat: Pond

The academic name is Monsbaiya Lazy Frog.  Just like the name, it is a new
species of frog discovered in Monsbaiya.  Since it does not protect iself from
enemies, it has earned this name.  The frogs are traded frequently as an
ingredient for magic.

    7. End Stuff & Contact Information

  Thanks for reading.  This FAQ was brought to you by Jai Stuart.  If you want
  to, feel free to e-mail me at rollthesevensbaby@hotmail.com  I'll try my best
  to get back to you when I can.  Azure Dreams is a great game, so good luck
  with it and goodbye.



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