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Reviewed: 02/01/06

The oddball of Army Men games, but one of the best

Before Army Men: Air Attack, we were used to most if not all of the game play of an Army Men game to be on the ground. Not this one, however. This one takes completely in the air above the ground forces. Besides that this is pretty similar to any other Army Men game. You control the green army of plastic soldiers and you are fighting against the tan army, but what for I have no idea.

You play in a helicopter during the whole game. You can fly four helicopters, but you start the game with only one. Once you beat a certain number of levels, you get a new helicopter until you get the last one. All of your helicopters come fully equipped with a winch system, which allows you to pick up weapons, rocks, and other loose items laying around. You also come fully equipped with lots of awesome weapons like lasers, heat-seeking missiles, and paratroopers. All of the helicopters have different stats in winch, defense, power, and mobility. Each of them has their own advantages to using them but the best is the Apache.

There are a total of sixteen missions in the whole game. Most of them have different mission objectives but some are kind of similar. Most of the levels are also located in a different environment than the others. Some are in deserts, snowy regions, picnics, and hilly areas.

Average. There was nothing too stunning about the graphics. They were pretty standard for an Army Men game and for Playstation. The explosions are probably the highlights of the graphics. Sometimes though, explosions are done a little too much. If you shoot a flower with regular bullets, it will explode instead of falling over.

I found the sound to be very good. When a missile was launched, it sounded very realistic likewise the explosions. There was lots of dialogue with the co-pilot that can be quite funny at times. There was music in the game that sounded very good. They all went perfectly with the situation. If you failed a mission, you would hear sadder music and when you win, much happier music. Unlike in most Army Men games, the music wasn’t victorious in the middle of an ambush which was a lot better.

Game Play
The first few levels are way too easy and just show you the basics of the game. This was something that I didn’t like. In other Army Men games this is what boot-camp was for. If this game would have had boot-camp and started with a harder first few levels. Other than that, the game is very fun. The levels can get quite challenging towards the end of the game and it is addictive. Controlling your helicopter is very easy. There are only a few main commands you need to know during the whole game to become a good player. Most of the helicopters have about the same stats of controlling, but some are better than others.

Wars usually are over something, right? This one, well, I have no idea. I may have missed something or maybe it was in some other Army Men game, but why the tan and the green army are fighting I have no idea. You are fighting with Plastro, the head of the tan army. He is always making comments at the end of a level, but it really bothers me why these two armies are fighting and this definitely bothers me a lot.

Replay Value
This is a relatively short game. It is fun to play once and just as fun to play a second time. After that I don’t really play that game. Unfortunately, there was no great multi-player game like in Army Men II. I think it would have been great to add a multiplayer feature for this game.

This was definitely the oddball of the Army Men series but proved to be pretty good. There was a lot more interaction with you and other green men, which could be fun at times. The graphics were mediocre and the sound was amazing. Overall, this may have been the oddball but was one of the better Army Men games.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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